Its Not Rocket Science. Its War & We Need To Stop It.

My question is a simple one what’s the point of fighting climate change, disease, poverty and inequality when governments keep giving War the most ecologically and socially destructive industry on the planet a free pass.. We continue to spend ludicrous amounts of money on firing ever deadlier weapons into space and ignore the impact the military industrial complex is having on this planet. Fact is the planet cant afford war. Little alone afford wars fought in space. Rocket Lab is an utter hypocrisy and a total contradiction to this government alleged commitment to saving the planet and the UN 17 points of sustainability.

My Rocket Lab coverage, to date, which makes the above points clear include:

June 2021: WW3 War In SpaceUSS Aotearoa CVN Weapons Platform 2.0

March 2021: Media Hypocrisy – Team Emirates Rocket Lab Arms Sales

March 2021: Atomic Bomb 2.0Age of Electron Warfare

March 2021: Military Weapon Research Increase US China Cold War In Space

February 2021: Rocket Lab Rips Off Locals

February 2021: Adern Erodes NZ Nuclear Free Legacy

February 2021: Cold Flu & Cold War

December 2020: Militarisation of Aotearoa Skies

September 2020: Weaponised Space hard On Whales

July 2020: Rocket Labs Charm Offensive

May 2020: Rocket lab Tip of Much Larger Spear

January 2020: Helen Clark Supports US Space Militarisation & Their Tech Partners

January 2020: USS CVN Aotearoa Weapons Platform1.0

December 2019: Rocket Lab’s 10 Fingers Caught In the Cookie Jar of War

December 2019: USS CVN Aotearoa A Lockheed Toy

September 2019: Lords of War Down Under

July 2019: Australia Large Exercise Corporate Media Say Zilch Star Link & Pentagon + NZ

July 2019: Lockheed Coke Water & Jacinda

July 2019: I write (to make clear my view on this are unpartisan as hold contempt for all the political parties – left and right – who permitted this to happen.

NZ defence spending in NZ now sits at a whopping 4% (officially 3%) of the national GDP under Labour if you include the 20 billion borrowed by defence under John Key National government and signed off under Jacinda’s Labour (National’s partners in Five Eyes surveillance network and the TPPA). Neither Labour or the Greens, the so called opposition parties, showed any willingness to challenge the government in 2016 on their 20 billion spend fest. Then why should they?

Labour (supported by a Green coalition) has more often than not led the ramped up of our defence spending ever since the Lange administration of 1984. The year it got elected on the back of a no nukes policy and promptly built Waihopai. Labour said no nukes and then increased the NZSAS budget by a whopping 34% initiating the process where the NZSAS now threatens to become the senior arm of the armed forces and its paramilitary nature threatens to drag us further into the corporate controlled conflict of of US Pax America. The NZSAS are used as the Long Range Reconnaissance forces of choice in dirty wars (in which Waihopai helps collect intelligence used to locate and destroyed selected targets). Meanwhile the silence on thing like the defence capacity of Lockheed Martin Rocket Lab and the 2018 2019 invitation by this government (who often boast of their anti nuclear track record) to send nuclear capable B-52 bombers to NZ air shows is deafening.

Ditto the Greens & Labour when in opposition paid only “lip service” to Nationals John Key led Security Bill (something National seems to think we have forgotten as they now bleat on about civil liberties and democracy), whose goal is mass surveillance, as pointed out by the late great Helen Kelly before her death in 2017″.

January 2019: The 51st State of the USA

November 2018: Down The Five Eyes Hole We Go

At the end of this year to supplement this coverage, to bring attention to one of the biggest issue of our life time I plan to print my annual almanac (8000 magazine distributed nationwide) and my major story will focus not just on Rocket Lab but the entire militarisation of Aotearoa Space. I will explore how it threatens to drag NZ into a new cold war. One that present the greatest risk of trigger nuclear Armageddon seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

My report will include declassified material from the National Archive & Library Footage of New Zealand concerning the role New Zealand has played in military based space and nuclear research from 1940’s to the present day. Relevant material from some of NZ’s best peace researchers and scientists interview with leading experts and activists, my own field reports as I have visited relevant location New Zealand wide (having travelled 1000s of km to do so) and the best of my coverage and research since I began covering this issue back in 2017. The project is largely self funded but I do find my self 4000 (now 3220) short and am looking for donations to complete this project, Bank Details are Pay to: 060 901 0632814 00 ANZ bank Dunedin Ref Koha DEADLINE


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