The 51st State of the USA

The 51st State of the USA: A quick break down of the massive build-up in Aotearoa by Five Eyes security forces since 2011.

“We have maintained a state of silence closely resembling stupidity” – Neil Roberts Whanganui Bomber.

A quick break down of the massive build-up in Aotearoa by Five Eyes based security forces, who seek ultimately to establish a corporate friendly Fijian styled republic. That is minus the current constitutional protections afforded to us via section 29 of the Magna Carta (a nice bit of forward thinking paper work which remain in place largely to its own wording which prohibits the state from lifting it out of the legislative books).

This build up at the time of writing includes;

  1. An armada of constitutionally questionable laws that have provided the US too basically take control of our security forces and decide who is and who is not a patriot or a terrorist e.g the mass surveillance 2014 Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill  which passed with little resistance by the opposition parties overseen by review board rubber stamped by Patsy Reedy. Reedy then the current Governor General, the protector of constitutional mechanics there to protect human rights, background is in privatisation worked for Brielry’s Investments whose former top executives incidentally seem to dominate the ranks of those behind the 2018 visit to NZ by Obama Barack, organised by US NZ Business Council the TPPA lobby group, sponsored by Air NZ/Westpac ANZ, where the pro TPPA Barack addressed New Zealand’s corporate elite in private.

2. Reedy also rubber stamped the Maori Land Court Review process which seeks to place Maori land in culture not based in public hui but corporate partnership and shareholders. The late Helen Kelly who was critical of both Labour/Green’s token opposition to this and similar mass surveillance legislation bill warned at the time “The Bill provides authority for the SIS to trespass onto private property in order to conduct covert surveillance (such as installing video cameras and listening devices). These powers will compromise citizens’ right to avoid unreasonable search and seizure and to privacy. The Bill also extends the ability of the SIS to conduct warrantless surveillance for 48 hours in situations where it would be impracticable to get a warrant and it is believed that information may be lost. Warrantless surveillance as fundamentally irreconcilable with expectations of acceptable government behaviour in a free and open society. The only public accountability for the use of this power is that the SIS must note the number of times this power is used in their annual report,”.

Artwork Peter Davey Rave

3. NZ defence spending in NZ now sits at a whopping 4% (officially 3%) of the national GDP. Neither Labour or the Greens, the so called opposition parties, showed any willingness to challenge the government on their 20 billion spend fest. Then why should they it has been Labour, supported by a Green coalition, which has more often than not led the ramp up of our defence spending ever since the Lange administration of 1984 got elected on the back of a no nukes policy and promptly built Waihopai. It then increased the NZSAS budget by a whopping 34% initiating the process where the NZSAS now threatens to become the senior arm of the armed forces and its paramilitary function threatens to drag us further into the corporate controlled conflict of of US Pax America as the NZSAS are used as the Long Range Reconnaissance forces of choice in dirty wars (in which Waihopi helps collect intelligence used to locate and destroyed selected targets) .

Ditto the Greens & Labour when in opposition paid only “lip service” to the Security Bill, whose goal is mass surveillance, as pointed out by the late great Helen Kelly before her death in 2017.

4. The 20 billion spend up includes a 2 billion upgrade of Ohakea. This is where 50 Singaporean (partner in the TPPA and a junior member of FIVE EYES) jets will be based along with support staff at Ohakea in Whanganui as proposed 2017 and not rejected by the Labour Green NZ First coalition now.

It believed the Singaporean support staff will include the establishment of Singaporean run cyber hub, also paid for out of the government $20 billion spend fest proposed 2016. The Singaporean New Zealand public paid for cyber hub duties will include ramped up mass surveillance and digital manipulation (so if you think FB tweeted with now you have not seen anything yet) for the purpose of manufacturing consent.

Whats can be confirmed for from quoting Defence a briefing for incoming ministers (2017 NZDF White Paper) is that the primary forum in the Asia regional security architecture is the “ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus), which is focused on enhancing regional security through closer integration. The 2016 Defence White Paper acknowledges that the ADMM-Plus helps to mitigate the risk of regional conflict by bringing states together, entrenching habits of dialogue and encouraging practical military cooperation. The next biennial Defence Ministers meeting will take place in October 2017. New Zealand currently co-chairs with the Philippines, at senior officials’ level, the ADMM-Plus Experts Working Group on Cyber Security. Five Power Defence Arrangements The Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) was signed in 1971 between New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Currently the key role of the FPDA is to enhance the interoperability and proficiency of maritime, air and land forces by exercising FPDA forces on a defence of Malaysia and Singapore scenario. New Zealand’s history of involvement in Asia security through the FPDA provides the credentials for our involvement in the contemporary architecture”. Singapore features heavily in the NZ cyber security future.

Like Waihopai much of the money in the 20 billion spend fest will go to items which ultimately were not in control of, which make the goal of Five Eyes and its corporate partner easier, while in NZ people starve, go homeless and gangs go unchecked due to unwinnable war on drugs (deemed by Frost & Sullivan a US contracted think tank as NZ number one security threat in 1987 see State Secrets Ben Vidgen 1999). Meaning like Waihopai we the NZ tax payer get to fund a foreign controlled monstrosity which has little to do with genuine national security from our own sovereign perspective.

The results of this parasitic relationship is defence budget have climbed from $NZ800 million (884) to currently over $NZ2 billion plus a year as buy for others or spend funds on equipment which has little application to a defense strategy based on our own foreign policy needs. This all ‘documented’ in an accounting system, unique to the defence department, which no longer list it GST costs publicly in released information. Whose accounting system gets the eye brow from intelligence analyst such as Jane’s intelligence who deem it politely to be a very “interesting” way to account to the public expenditure (see Postman budget breakdown of escalation of NZ GDP of defence budget an d funny accounting associated with it). Turns out Punk Rocker Neil Roberts (the Whanganui computer bomber) got it right and we have forgotten his warning about remaining “silent and being stupid in our complacency”.

Expanded domes at Waihopai and other locations in New Zealand. The same thing taking place in Australia. As explained by guest speakers at Waihopai 2017 protest who also confirm that sister stations like Pine Gap Australia and Menwith Hill UK are used to assist drones strikes again corroborating my allegation we need to stop seeing Waihopai as just a listening station. We need to see it for what it is a weapons targeting system. Waihopai is a not just a spy but an assassin.

Expanded presence of scientific operations with dual civilian military functions in Lauder, Wanaka, Operation Deep Freeze, Birdling Flats, Awarura Bay, Gisborne (the latter two include rocket project run by Fayrichwhite Investments funded by the US Navy called Rocket Lab– which DEADLINE recognised as military funded weapon from day one about five years ahead of the media corporate pack who accepted the initial lie it was civilian based start up.

Ditto Five Eyes/military expansion in Oz. The following section covers 2009 to ongoing. The late great peach researcher and investigative reporter Owen Wilkes wrote about the American military use of New Zealand civilian science projects for military goals in the 1970’s 1980’s so nothing new here. We have just forgot his valuable lessons as even experienced Labour Green aligned University affiliated groups like ABC bases, who should no better, mistakenly focus on just the Waihopai listening station’ and in turn have us blind to all the other domes, antennas, listening rooms ect that have popped up in recent years part of this aggressive military expansion in out back yard.

Barrack facilities for US Marine in Waioruru. Right now that is for around 300 Marines “wintering over” but expect that number to grow much in the same way Oz is finding out the 2000 marine to be based there are supported by 18,000 pay clerks, guards, cooks, mechanics, plus ships and planes and their crews. They were built around 2011.

In country permanently based US helicopters drones with sophisticated electronic warfare functions. Snuck in as part of joint nation exercises such as Operation Koru and Katipo whose job has being since 2011 to warm the public to the idea Yankee Doodle Dumb is back in town.

A vastly ramped up military presence in Antarctica including its SPAWAR (Space Warfare) activities, such as it SuperDARN related facilities (recently visited by John Kerry the US Secretary of State) which are in flagrant breech of international law, includes creating an entire new base Scott Amundsen on NZ soil connected to America now massive settlement McMurdo by recently completed 1600 km highway. Finished in February 2017 circa. Again Labour and Green the so called opposition party say nothing on these major developments. So much for their much taunted peace credentials. Least We Forget.


But don’t worries because NZ in response is down scaling its own base (simply called Scott) which will increasing be run by remote control via US military technology providers. Think SERCO but instead of screwing us with prison for profit they will be dicking the environment on the ice instead. This was front page news this year. When I spoke to the reporter he admitted he did not bother to ask any questions when he simply accepted the government press release at face value and ran with it version of events without speaking to other sources first.

The already enacted direct takeover of control of New Zealand military communications via the US military since 2012.

The top to bottom bugging of parliament by in service software companies with friendly US electronic spook connections (many of whom we looked at in SS1 in relation to the bugging and infiltration of NZ main political parties) as shown in part by the Andre Vance affair concerning DATCOM a firm with an increasingly murky reputation. I wrote about similar spook affiliated private firms interest in local politician in State Secrets in 1999 and many of those companies involved back in the 1980’s 1970’s show up on the linked in profile of software firms now contracted to Parliament.

This all comes on top of repeated military exercises since 2011 of Five Eyes armies in New Zealand where the primary exercises focus on counter insurgency and crowd control.

Radio NZ John Campbell also started to report of this escalating Five Eyes arrangement and the governments cosiness with big business interests and got canned from American owned Media Work soon after US base Oak Tree purchased TV3 100%.

Increased purchase of riot equipment for both the New Zealand military and the police much brought under the pretense of the world cup and Solomon Islands crisis in 2007 and 2009. Much of this comes as the pro TPPA Multinationals, whom FIVE EYE really work for (though we peons of course foot the bill), seek to carve up New Zealand water, agricultural, mineral and natural resources in a battle which the Australian Defence Department calls in a self for-filling prophecy the front lines” in the “coming battle with China”.

Something which has the Chinese fraction of the 1% club fighting back using economic warfare as it principal tool (America knock up a spy base China knocks up dairy factory. In this corner ladies and gentleman we have the TPPA and a big Yankee stick and in that corner the RECP and poo tipped carrot grown in Beijing.

So whats all this mean?

Thirty five years later I find myself write back at the headline of my first ever published article How Fast Can you Say Your Prayers. This was written for my school paper in a time when our national media actually kept us informed of the madness of Weapons of Mass Destruction instead of simply referring to unexplained but often used term of “missile defence systems”. which never spelled out what this term exactly meant and who/what it involved.

Murray Horton a veteran peace researcher who in general is exceptionally good researcher however is just wrong when he insisted at this years base protest that Waihopia had nothing to do with missile defence weapons a quick check of sister stations Pine Gap in Australia and Menwith in the UK’s Yorkshire region show otherwise.

“Yorkshire has been placed in the front line of any nuclear confrontation involving the United States because of the two military bases at Fylingdales and Menwith Hill that support the US Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system.

The United States has been developing an extremely expensive global weapons system over several decades now (see figure above) generally termed ‘Missile Defense’.  This system (consisting of missile bases and radar stations across the world and including sea-based components) is a constituent part of a first strike capability that provides the US with the ability to attack (or threaten to attack) other countries and effectively neutralise any military retaliation. So in fact, Missile Defence system is offensive and helps the US achieve a strategy of global military dominance – or, as termed by the US military  ‘full spectrum dominance’ – that gives them control of land, sea, air, space and information.  Trump has taken this to a new level with his plans to create a sixth branch of the US armed forces termed ‘Space Force’. In January 2019 he released plans titled ‘Missile Defense Review’.

Waihopia these days, without mentioning all the other Five Eyes assets
springing up down under, is far more than a listening station but plays, as does it sister station Pine Gap in Australia and Menwith Hills UK, a major role in Son of Star Wars as the targeting system for satellite deployed weapons ranging from the XB37 (armed with Rods of God), pilot-less drones, Super DARN, amid others toys deployed in space (controlled by the big aerial planted at the poles) which orbit over NZ regularly.

A state of affairs which takes place as nation states and non-state players battle to control air superiority from space, often controlled from ground relay stations, located in the earths polar geographic regions, using electron magnetic weaponry and a new brand of IBCM which are super-fast and super stealthy designed to get the jump on “missile defence system” using electromagnetic weaponry whose signal again runs pole to pole. Or that are alternatively deployed from deep water submarines, that use natural feature such as the Kermadec trench, which runs from Hawaii sub pens to the tip of the Cook Strait and lie in the center of underwater mining rivalry.

And little old New Zealand can in both these scenario to be found in all of this right at the spear tip literally.

Time we woke up to the fact Waihopai is not the only game in town and started giving the Greens & Labour a hard time for a two face-ness when in opposition that claims peace credentials and then once in power either
as the major coalition power (Labour) promptly jumps in bed with the hawks or as the minor coalition partner (Greens) pays only “lip service” to the issue maintaining a stance on Waihopai (its a listening station) that is out of date fails to acknowledge that Waihopai is much much more than a listening station (but is used as targeting system as it assist hit squads {such as NZSAS Long Range Reconnaissance teams}, drones and missile defence targeting systems) and it scope extend to a rash of facilities that the TPPA/FIVE Eyes partner have established in New Zealand and Antarctica as they strive to obtain dominance not just of the land but of the water, atmosphere, electromagnetic spectrum and space.

Back in 1999 in my best seller State Secrets correctly forecast the emergence of major threats to New Zealand national security (and its status as a genuinely democratic state) focused on the upcoming “threats which would come from the rise of multinational trade blocs intent on accessing New Zealand’s considerable natural resources. How their greed driven neo-liberal agendas would spread across the political spectrum left to right. Reducing the effectiveness of genuine liberal opposition.

It warned if we were not vigilant New Zealand would largely abandoned its anti-nuclear policy and that is what has happened. Proof of that has being the Greens and Labour to long maintained silence on this obvious military build up on our backdoor. For the current massive military build-up in the Pacific is deafening – so much for the idea of opposition political parties eh?.

As my favourite punk band sings it;

“The ammunition’s being passed and the lords been praised
But the wars on the televisions will never be explained
All the bankers gettin’ sweaty beneath their white collars
As the pound in our pocket turns into a dollar — This is the 51st state of the U.S.A.” The The Heartland Mat Johnson.


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