More signs Adern Government eroding NZ nuclear Free Legacy

 Just asked why Hercules flew from Sydney flew over Masterton and Carterton and then flew back to Australia after landing today (foreign military personnel have an exemption from quarantine).

Three reasons spring to mind;

One: its related to Helicopters also spotted over Whanganui today making eradicate low altitude flight paths mounted with Cameras which is part of the Geospatial mapping that is rolling out in coordination with 5G Internet of Things. Whanganui is where 100 soldiers from the New Zealand Army carried out urban warfare and counter insurgency exercise Operation Black Diamond in 2018 as part of upgraded NZ military training.

Two: its related to current testing of communication and targeting system testing that is currently taking place in relation to the roll out of Elon Musk Space Link (the current satellites are under contract to the US Department of Defence)) involving an expanded tracking facility in Awarura in Invercargill (Space Link NZ) and coordinated with the roll out of 5G.

The Hercules and helicopter Both flights takings place this week as the NZDF swapped the desert of Arizona for Alexandra for a parachute training exercise to be run across Central Otago for much of this month. The Otago parachute operations will also involve the testing of communication and targeting systems. In March Lockheed Martin’s Rocket Lab will launch the Pentagon’s Smoking Gun which will be a “demonstration” of “game changing” weapons targeting system for Lockheed Martin F35 in “a war theatre” and is linked to the Elon Musk Star Link network and the roll out of the 5G network.

Ironically occurring as Team Emirate & 5G’s Spark co sponsor Steinlager (a radical Islamic nation and a booze company you cant make this shit up) run adds suggesting they made NZ Nuke Free. Reality is were now more in Uncle Sam’s pocket than before hand.

Extended Vision 2030 Team: Joerg Gablonsky, Mori Mani, Robert Narducci, Philippe Spalart, and Venkat Venkatakrishnan – The Boeing Company. Robert Bush – Pratt & Whitney. NASA Technical Monitor – Mujeeb Malik. NASA Contracting Officer Representative – Bil Kleb. All attendees at the Vision 2030 CFD Workshop (May 2013), especially our invited speakers: Paul Durbin – Iowa State University. Sharath Girimaji – Texas A&M University. Brian Smith – Lockheed Martin Corporation. All who participated in the Vision 2030 CFD Survey

This not withstanding many of the engineers involved in The America’s Cup also are involved in Lockheed Martins Rocket Lab (as both seek to develop lightweight technology that work well in harsh environments) and equally of interest to the Emirates and Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 (also supported by Lockheed Martin, Boeing & NASA (and Air New Zealand)) militarisation of New Zealand skies. Part of the US’s Pacific Reset which plans to ride the publicity wave the government is proposing for Matariki (along with sporting events sponsored by the likes of Spark & Vodaphone) to warm us up into thinking our space industry and its related tech and big pharma cousins are all warm and fuzzy.
Do not expect to read about any of these on your corporate networks or any where media bias has being compromised by the deep pockets of big tech big pharma and its closely entwined mate the military industrial complex.

Logo of the 23rd bomber squadron makes the link between b-52 and nukes plainly clear.

Three: it is reconnaissance and preparation run for this month’s nuclear bomber B52’s flight to take place over NZ at the Wing over Wairarapa which takes place in late February. This will be the third attempt (media incorrectly say second) of a nuclear bomber flight which was blamed on Winston Peters (while Ron Mark MP for Wairarapa was Minister of Defence and met with US Secretary of Defence in 2020).

Antibase movement ABC’s Murray Horton said of the proposed 2020 B-52 visit (and its abortive 2019 flyover predecessor) was authorised by the Ardern Labour Coalition government. Horton said
“The US knows that it can keep on chipping away at NZ public opinion, aided and abetted by a sympathetic Government. The steady drip, drip, drip of soft power is intended to lead to the full resumption of ‘hard power’ i.e. NZ as a fully functional, albeit junior, US satellite once again (that is already the reality but it is not the perception that is peddled to the NZ people).… The US military propaganda announcing the B-52 visit was aided and abetted by a media headline saying: “US Bomber To Grace Airshow”. It doesn’t grace anything – it disgraces the country. Allowing a B-52 into NZ is particularly provocative and offensive. It is not just any old warplane. It is a weapon of mass destruction and terrorism directed at civilians in whichever country it operates, a veritable Angel of Death. ABC sees this as a dangerous precedent. B-52s have no place in New Zealand. Nor do any other US warplanes”.

Back in 2020 Adern supporters blamed the B52 visits on their “hand break” Winston Peters. However its not clear who they will blame this clear shafting of New Zealand’s nuclear free legacy on now. Labour is of course quick to claim kudos for New Zealand’s nuclear free stand as the Adern government compare their stance on climate change to this same movement. However it has being slow to preserve it or speak how many of the metals used in the green smart cities are ecologically destructive and stand to make firms involved in the nuclear warfare and arms industry like Lockheed Martin extremely rich and powerful. Another example of how Neo Liberal policies are subverting causes to build Trojan horses in which to hide corporate greed.

Ditto no one seem in hurry to ask how the US Reset Plans, which include 20,000 civilian and military contractors in Darwin, a heavy tank base and US naval port, plus the opening of Camp Blaze in Guam (5000 combat troops 45,000 supporting personnel plus aircraft, Five Eyes surveillance and satellite targeting and communication system), are in line with the Labour led Nuclear Free legacy with bipartisan support of kiwis of all political leanings after the 1987 terror attack by France on the Rainbow Warrior

Either option illustrates just militarise our airspace is becoming on behalf of the USA and its partners Lockheed Martin and Vision 2030 the Climate Changing initiative which the Emirates and Saudi Arabia hope will make them the smart weapon and biowarfare kings of the arms world.

As meanwhile Rocket Lab’s Hypersonic rocket (the back bone of research currently triggering a new nuclear arms race) blows New Zealand’s proposed carbon foot print to smithereens as it seeks to launch in the coming years more than two rockets (most carrying payloads financed by the US Department of Defence) each week. The ‘Green’ in the phase ‘clean green new Zealand obviously refers to shade of of Khaki green worn by US Marines as the phase nuclear free become free to bring their war toy research here and make us a nuclear target – Bravo Jacinda Adern take a bow for excellences in Neoliberal double speak .


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