Vaccines Good Or Bad?

THE DEADLINE REPORT – VACCINE GOOD OR BAD? A View point bound to piss off both pro and anti vaxers alike.

The Constant Gardener, a John Le Carre best seller and later a movie is based on the Pfizer Trovan case.

In 1996, during a meningitis outbreak in Nigeria, Pfizer tested a drug, Trovan, on children there. About 11 kids died. The Washington Post: “Trovan was never approved for use by American children. The Food and Drug Administration approved it for adults in 1998 but later severely restricted its use after reports of liver failure. The European Union banned the drug in 1999.” The case resulted in criminal prosecutions and high lighted that many issues of posed by Vaccines today are not caused by the science of vaccine themselves but due the corporate goal of achieving ever larger profits.

This case and many like it raise the question is the public mistrust not of vaccines but of the pharmaceutical companies in reality based on the industry own record for putting profit before public safety. In this report for example we refer to the 2018 case where many of the same drugs company now making Covid vaccine (with protection from prosecution) lost billon dollar law suits in relation to falsely marketing the health aspect of opoid based pain killers, while deliberately down playing their health risks even when they knew their was danger.

While the need for vaccines as a tool to combat Covid 19 is not disputed the question is whether such firm should be entrusted with the legal protection the Covid crisis has given them and should our media reporting be mor balance n relation not to the science of vaccines but the record of their manufactures and in relation to the need administer the drug correctly if its not to go the road of polio vaccines and go from being a lifer saver (which at one pointedly eradicated polio completely) to vector which transmitted disease and ushered in a resurgence of the same virus which vaccine had once nearly eliminated.



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