So were on a roll this week as both our investigations into the ‘Jeffrey Epstein boat Rupert Murdoch links and the dumping of over 100 tonnes of toxic waste at Tiwi point have being vindicated by the corporate media in stories we broke well over six month ago.

Now I am pleased to see what I wrote concerning the stink that is the Christchurch Foundation is also being scrutinised at last. Hopefully it is not to long before New Zealand’s dubious charity laws (which I believe are being used to facilitate money laundering and dirty politics) are also looked at.

The ANZ does not just back Cricket matches and charities in Christchurch. It also helps launder money for drug dealers, criminals and terrorist according to the data found in the Paradise Papers.

Its amazing how so many organisations and individuals, with New Zealand ties, named or associated with the Paradise Papers ‘Daphne Project’ (named after the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia who was murdered for exposing corruption in Gibraltar after publishing the Panama Papers), pop up with a New Zealand connection as my on going investigation keeps high lighting.

The full scale of corruption involved still has not permutated our local media consciousness yet. And yet even among these internationally news stories on money laundering shattering there are names emerging which I reported on in my two best sellers State Secrets & State Secrets II (– feel free to down load for a free but a small koha in recognition is always appreciated – see our donation box –) published two decades before those files on where the rich and notorious stash their dosh hit the headlines.

Those two books, both ignored by mainstream media (in fact both black listed according to Scoop Media) despite both being best sellers, continue to stand the test of time again and again.


These are the stories I wrote on the charity I wrote over two years ago. They cover the ties its Chairman Humpey Rolleston had to right wing mercenaries and white supremacist. Rolleston was also a key shareholder in the liquidated South Canterbury Finance which Rolleston had being involved with a year before it collapse. Rolleston has dismissed the report criticising the CF organisation’s lack of transparency and high costs, as “ridiculous”. Meanwhile his own ties a house literally full of sleaze and crime goes unreported or examined. And frankly that is absurd.

Rolleston former business South Canterbury Finance headquarters Scales House was until the Christchurch earthquake next to the Bridge of Remembrance where Price Waterhouse is now located. The building received an entire chapter in my 2006 book State Secrets II, prior to SCF collapse, for it extensive ties to organised crime.

As for Mayor Lianne Dalziel the woman defending the Foundation as above. Will yes…she (and her friends) features with increasing prominence into my investigations as well.

Lalziell defends the Christchurch Foundation in 2021 as “transparent” Back in 2019 in the weeks prior to the Chch shooting Dalziel had to come clean about her husbands role in using her political connection to woo business from those wanting to buy Christchurch water. It later emerges her political donations from such parties are also under scrutiny and less than transparent.

The Great Water Heist: we looked at how Christchurch and New Zealand’s water reservoirs are being subject to plunder in a task assisted by politicians. As an example we looked at Diane very cosy and questionable relations with some very questionable people. The gist of this story is to look at how Neoliberalism ideology has conned so many. How it has a habbit of associating itself with genuine causes such as environmentalism, climate change, for branding purposes. How it uses those policies as a vehicle (a trojan horse) for back door privatisation and the centralisation of power by the few.

Neo liberal

The issue of the Global Compact – its Neo Liberal links to globalised privatisation – buried under the horrors of the March 19 Christchurch shootings

The Right Prepares to Crack Down On The Far Right: Following the outrage of March 19th protest against the Global Migration Pact, used as one of the core motivating factors which inspired the Australian terrorist (whose links to far right Australian mercenary groups), died off. For no one with liberal leanings wished to be associated with the racist groups who had now being published as violent objectors of this policy.

Papers outraged at the murderous action of the Australian terrorist Benton Tarrant had no problem promoting the very same hunting rifle, an AR15, as war toy for those who sought to glamorise violence.

In contrast we found the same media seemed uninterested when the investigation moved away from street thugs and moved on to those in the board room with a history of associating with Iran contra right wing mercenaries types such as the Christchurch Foundation own chair Humphreys Rolleston.

Such as for example was the case the Christchurch Press – formerly owned by Humprhey Rolleston, who had for years had no issue running full page adverts ‘to Pimp your AR15’ (make your AR-15 [the weapon used by the Chch shooter] seem like a military weapon for ‘Gun City’ Gun City being the business now linked to more than three mass shooting and three separate terror events including arming right wing fundamentalist backed by right wing mercenaries in Central America in the 1980’s.

The Global Pac sold by Neo-Liberal as global cultural diversification was under a different name World Without Walls a s tool for sweat shop labour and whole sale free trade that exploited the developed wold and the environment back in the 1990’s

However we showed the Pact was not as liberal as it first looked.

In fact its the very same turd former Christchurch MP and New Zealand PM Michael Moore had first tired to sell unsuccessfully as an exploitive (against environment, workers and indigenous groups) asset for Corporate driven free trade. It was then however known as a ‘World Without Walls’.

This failed promotion of a ‘World Without Walls’ , which saw Moore’s effigy hung by largely progressive left wing protesters in Seatlle, taking place when Moore had sat on the Chair of the WTO in the mid 1990’s. This was just before Moore then became the current UN Global Migration Commissioner responsible for launching the Compact now marketed by neoliberal strategist as a left wing progressive liberal politics (though in fact its not).

Moore was previously one of the architects of the Fish and Chip Brigade who introduced the right wing fiscal experiment of Rogernomics’ which saw the use of neo-liberalism result in mass privatisation and a widening economic gap between the poor and the wealthy.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel a former colleague of Moore, was the first mayor to sign up to the Global Covenant of Mayors (who support the Compact) for Climate and Energy in 2017. The Mayor was originally invited to join the covenant of Mayors by Michael Bloomberg, the former New York Mayor and the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change a Rockefeller initiative that beneath its green credentials advocates water and energy privatisation. Once more Neoliberalism is using genuine liberal issues to enrich itself. As an example of this we looked at Dalziel and her husband’s role in water privatisation and how it benefited them personally. An issue which when first made public in March 2019caused outrage but was soon forgotten as the Christchurch shooting took place days later.

The Bridge of Remembrance bearing the Fasces (the axes to be used when citizen wont comply) upon which the term Fascism derives stands in front of where South Canterbury Finance use to stand. In 2005 this author investigated the tenants of this building and found a nest of sleaze, organised crime and money laundering. The same year Humphrey Rolleston dumped all his shares in SCF a year before it collapsed due to over valuation of assets. To day Rolleston is chairman of the Christchurch Foundation who increasingly are beginning to attract the eyes of the authorities and the media.

See also The Building of A Fascist Republic in which I compare Christchurch to the movie Edison as corrupt officials use sport franchise, private media ownership and charities to mask and launder ill-gotten gains and build an empire based on corruption nepotism and privatisation in the fictional Detroit like city of Edison. A city suffering from failing infrastructure and rising crime in the not too distant future.


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