The Far Right Prepares to Crack Down on the….er Far Right. A Climate Emergency Global Migration Con Job using the usual suspects.

The Usal Suspects

The mayors of Christchurch and London met to discuss responses to “the rise of right-wing extremism around the world” in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack.

The civic leaders had flown over to London at their own expense, attending a launch for philanthropic trust the increasingly controversial Christchurch Foundation new enterprise the United Kingdom branch. The Foundation hopes to fund raise 2OO million dollars, marketed through tax rebates, took place on Thursday evening UK time. About 100 people attended the invite only launch.

Liam Dalziel in London for the opening is on the foundation’s board. The charity is proving to be some what of a magnate for the rich and self entitled and in last weeks post we covered it own suspicious links to money laundering, terrorism, ( Islamic and right wing) charity fraud and arms dealing.

The London meeting is chaired by London mayor Sadiq Khan who offered the support of his city when he met with Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel and councillor Raf Manji earlier in the week. A quick review of Khan gives a refreshing view of a politician who has for-filled his election promises and stayed clear of any sign of nepotism.

Dalziel was cabinet minister in the 5th Labour government, Dalziel became Minister of Immigration, Minister for Senior Citizens, and Minister for Disability Issues. In 1990 before coming to power she was Shadow Minister for ACC Shadow Minister of Customs under the Shadow cabinet led my Mike Moore the future controversial director of the WTO whose far right ideas concerning global governance and corporate patronage of global governance caused a left wing riot in Seattle in 1999.

The Fish & Chip Brigade Rogers Us Again:

Moore is the current UN Global Migration Commissioner. Moore was previously one of the architects of the Fish and Chip Brigade who introduced the right wing fiscal experiment of Rogernomics which saw the use of neo-liberalism result in mass privatisation and a widening economic gap between the poor and the wealthy.

Dalziel became mayor of Christchurch in 2013 beating incumbent mayor Bob Parker by teaming up with the highly popular Sam Josephson ( whose Student Army came to prominence in the earthquake after he organised a volunteer help brigade of student to help out Christchurch earthquake victims).

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel was the first mayor to sign up to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in 2017. The Mayor was originally invited to join the covenant by Michael Bloomberg, the former New York Mayor and the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change a Rockefeller initiative an a key Agenda 2030 policy along with polices advocating water and energy privatisation.

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The Bloomberg Bayer connection:

The Bloomberg Foundations is a patron of the UN Climate response Agenda 2030 pushed by corporation such Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont Nestles Rockefeller Foundation the driving corporate body behind the campaign for cities to declare a climate emergency. Many of whom have a dark past.

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Liar Liar Lobbyist Pants on Fire:

Dalziel’s was accused in 2004 when a minister of giving certain documents to the press to bolster the case for a decision her Associate Minister had made.

The decision, concerning the deportation of a Sri Lankan teenager who was seeking asylum but who had originally lied about the reasons, was controversial, and Dalziel leaked the notes of the teenager’s lawyer to TV3, attempting to discredit the teenager’s case for asylum. Dalziel tried to avoid admitting to being the source of the documents, but was forced to admit that the leak had been at her direction. There was also significant controversy about how Dalziel had obtained the documents in the first place. Dalziel offered her resignation which Prime Minister Helen Clark accepted.

Dalziel was president of the Local Government New Zealand a non government body which can be tied to the Bloomberg Foundation Mayoral Program for Climate Emergency which effectively is a charter for global governance by the U and its corporate patrons with their eye on water, energy, and food monopolisation and full privatisation.

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In March 2019 Mayor Lianne Dalziel failed to publicly disclose a potential conflict of interest over family connections to water bottler Cloud Ocean Water. Specifically a law firm run by her husband, Rob Davidson, represented the China-owned firm (and offered to use long-standing political connections) to lobby politicians on its behalf. She did not mention at any time until it became public that her husband’s firm is working for the company.

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After to flying to London Dalziel will be flying to Urban Resilience Summit in Rotterdam, it corporate patrons include Sandia National Nuclear Laboratories, the controversial WWF, The World Bank, and Siemens, all of who have their own interesting history.

Image result for Urban Resilience Summit

The Rise of the Forth Reich:

Rockefeller having the worse perhaps as a patron of Nazi white supremacist eugenic via funding the Eugenics Record Office, which was part of what became the department of genetics at the Carnegie Institution of Washington and which was financed also by railroad magnate E. H. Harriman a Nazi collaborator as these storys form the Guardian and New York Times show.

Eugenic research into heredity was ”equal portions of gossip, race prejudice, sloppy methods and leaps of logic, all caulked together by elements of actual genetic knowledge to create the glitter of a genuine science.”

Image result for hariman hitler

Harriman Brothers was charged at the time when George Bush father was a partner with trading with the enemy during WWII for collaborating for profit with Nazi Germany a pre war client and supporter of Hitler.

Image result for george bush operation paper clip nazi

Though those seized funds were returned after the WWII and used to launch to launch George senior political career first as Congressman in the 1950’s.

The return of funds a reward for helping US intelligence smuggle in immigrants specifically those guilty of war crimes to help the US work on it military and corporate scientific classified projects (in return for amnesty for war crimes, including genocide, committed during the war):

It includes The ASIA Foundation The “Committee For Free Asia” was founded in 1951 as a CIA operation.Its name was changed to “The Asia Foundation” in 1954

Image result for asia foundation CIA

It include PWC who miscalculated NZ carbon value spotting the “accounting error” after NZ ratified the Kyoto Protocols by six billion a year.

Accounting giants PricewaterhouseCoopers LP and KPMG LLP (bothe Chrostchurch Foundation donors) who were among Big Five accounting firms to have a role in the Enron Corp. meltdown. This was the famous ponzi energy investment firm involved in coal ad other fossil fuels which were invented by Enron and there partner coal magnate Sir Robert Ogden whose yacht the La Masquerade (photo below) was docked in NZ at the time the protocols were singed Enron first called carbon credits ‘weather trading” and pitched it as a derivatives market;

LUXURY DIGS: British industrialist Sir Robert Ogden's 55-metre superyacht, La Masquerade, arrived at Auckland's Viaduct Basin over the weekend.

It includes the British council closely aligned with British Foreign office.

It includes the right wing Asia Society the Asia Society was founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller III.

In April oddly enough The Rockefeller Foundation announced Monday it will disband 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) and transition its funding into three “separate pathways” as it decided to wind down the program as not being viable enough in returns of interest back to the Foundation: Since then its believed another patrons has stepped and agreed to continue funding the tax rebatable lobby group that runs as a charity but acts like a hedge fund.

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