July 4th Celebration Get Shakey at Secret Experimental Weapons Base Ground Zero for Los Angeles Quakes. And Yes We Have Being Here Before..

With Background data 1978- 2016 debunking notes – which can be debunked in turn. .

Ben Vidgen
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“The United States Geological Survey has confirmed that the epicenter of the series of recent, local quakes was on two faults that are located aboard Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake,” stated a post on the base’s Facebook page. “There is currently a team from [the U.S. Geological Survey] and California Geological Survey on the installation studying the event.”


Navy’s China Lake base closed, assessing damage after 6.4 magnitude earthquake

Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake is located 150 miles north of Los Angeles and just northwest of Ridgecrest, the epicenter of the earthquake. No casualties or injuries were reported, and all buildings are intact and standing.

Two quakes 6.4 10km // 7.1 .09 km//

Epi Centre China Lake

US NAVAL Experimental Weapons Site Ridgeway Carlifornia USA,

Two weeks earlier ABCNEWS.GO.COM

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Meanwhile down under.

A green streak left behind by a meteor streaking across the sky over north Brisbane last week.
Skywatchers hunting the auroras spot 'mysterious green streak' instead Provider: Leoni WIlliams Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-29/tasmanian-stargazers-look-for-aurora-australis-get-mystery-flash/10954110?fbclid=IwAR2LXNYUD2QHFnT6E7k0VL2lO8CTfheCtRXhNqa18UMpobl3-z8q3bDs1vE

Earlier China Lake microwave weapons testing public notice & quakes in same spot 2016


The Debunkers says not true but no actual reference provided just an assertion.

Included on basis of claim taking place before the event – it would be nice if the original author of this post had listed some of his sources – but yes their was GPS testing going on at that spot

And yes there were an earthquakes in the places claimed.


No photo description available.

And yes there was gps microwave testing as claimed.

China Lake Weapon Centre quakes epi centre LA,

https://g izmodo.com/faa-warns-of-gps-outages-this-month-dur…



FAA Warns of GPS Outages This Month During Mysterious Tests on the West Coast

“Starting today, it appears the US military will be testing a device or devices that will potentially jam GPS signals for six hours each day”.

We say “appears” because officially the tests were announced by the FAA but are centred near the US Navy’s largest installation in the Mojave Desert.

And not for the first time we see this pattern this in 1998

China Lake role in microwave wweapons experiments in fact dates back to 1978 Weather Modification China Lake Operation Pop Eye.



  1. […] The reverse of that for example the Area 51 and near by China Lake anomalies which clump around the China Lake quake events which goes back to just before Russian spy planes in January (That when Russia became interested in something specifically being tested in area 51 back in January according to MSM and major networks) and to reports of microwave weapons testing coinciding with recent quakes (a story which in fact dates back to 2016 with identical phenomenon taking place in same spot). These can be found in pages pushed offf the top twenty google searches by Area 51 popularity and subsequent search algorithm shaped as a result of the new trend. Intentionally or otherwise.https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/07/07/seismic-weapons-china-lake-2016/https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/07/06/july-4th-celebration-get-shakey-at-secret-experi…https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/07/09/batman-et-party-in-sydney-aliens-complain-of-shit-beer-batman-stiff-waiters/https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/07/04/australia-largest-exercise-ever-nz-there-not-one-peep-from-msm-command-conquer-trump-iran-f35-lockheed-microwave-weapons-rocket-lab/ […]


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