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An Armed Police State ?

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Ben’s World Do We Need Armed Police. Sep 14 – 09 -19


DEADLINE TV Examines how NZ First & Labour blatantly lied to over 130,000 of their supporters and helped create a constitutional crisis by supporting the TPPA trade deal (which has it own ‘court’) which is to be ratified on December 30th as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). A qualified political scientist and historian Vidgen explains how the TPPA fits in with orchestrated neo-liberal goals which seeks to dismantle NZ Westminster style democracy bit by bit and replaces it with a pro globalist form of corporate republicanism, more military junta than a champion against colonial exploitation. The Indigenous community of Canada last minute court action caused the controversial s ISSD clauses to be suspended because they were in breach of Canadian and Commonwealth law and today NZ’s top academics now conceded yes the TPPA is unconstitutional as Vidgen first maintained in 2015.

The same ‘experts’ however still cant tell the public WHY exactly?

Vidgen believes if they knew the WHY then the TPPA can be still be halted or at the very least have the ISDS clauses not just suspended but remove completely regardless of ratification or not.

WHAT’s BEING OMITTED AS OLDBOYS TRY TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE 1. Not just about ouvea dross contains many toxins. As Edendale testing showed. See also Winton AB Fetiliser, Edendale, Lumsden sites. 2. Not just happening in Matura but through out south-land in flooded areas. 3. Why Ammonia in water levels is bad & encourages bowel cancer. Southland has top figures for the country already. 4. Only 22,000 tonnes bullshit. 5. District government Civil defence being contradicted by local witnesses and expert academics. 6. Why is Civil Defence speaking that agency no longer exist(Replaced by national Emergency Agency) . Sign of how PM avoiding government responsibility. 7. How this is serving those who want to privatise water andavoid responsibility for generation of poor environmental decisions which you children will have to now pay for: as for cast long ago. 8. A must view document 9. My report to date more to follow. 10. Slight tongue trip said no hazardous material given to volunteers and on trucks. Meant no hazardous protective clothing given to volunteers and no hazardous warning sings on trucks as material moved in wool sacks not sealed drums.

In addition to the radio shows the idea is to use this page to promote my GOOD CITIZENS PROJECT were one of the missions for 2019 is to get activists in NZ, especially anti toxin activists, to understand what a class action and how this is an immensely power tool in the activist armory with which to take down Corporate wrong doers and their paid lobbyists and pet corporate media.

Class actions or group litigation have being used over seas with resounding impact against a number of behemoths including Monsanto. The latter being a name well known to those who have campaigns against 1080, Round Up & Brodiafacoum (patented by Monsanto parent firm Bayer). New to NZ legal landscape it potency for the activist, who is often out gunned fiscally by the big boys. Let learn from Erin Brokovich success.

Which in my case I hope to focus on corporate media who have being a fine job of misreporting facts and twisting them with just the right spin.

This is step one in the process.

1080 is but one factor in our toxic nation poisoned by pesticide manufactuers who lobbying influences both sides of the parliament in a number of ways.

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A country where in the 1970 cancer rates were around one in seven today they are nearly one in two. Within fifty years health experts expect that figure to double. Meaning basically were all destine for a cancer certain future. I for one find that not only outrageous but an act of terrorism carried out on a genocidal scale by profit driven corporations who are literally making a profit from killing us and poisoning this beautiful environment under a form of phony conservationism. Time to call this lethal long con to an end.


My case taken to the NZ Media Council significant in that in one fouls swoop New Hubs Media works may have defamed over 50,000 people who in theory are all plaintive in future class action or group litigation assuming the idea catches on. Fairly certain once we start hunting wont be hard to find equally false ‘facts’ by an industry with to date little accountability or worry of being called to addresses their misreporting an absence of ethics.

Who push the idea science can not be argued against but mis the point its not science if your having to fudge your facts and spin your truths. Withstanding how the same parties cry foul and whinge science has become polticalised when they dont get their way as highlighted in the link below (pertinet to the TPPA as well).

In an attempt to demonize 1080 activist Newhubs reported 1080 activist tried to put 1080 in baby formula is false the culprit who cost NZ 37 million dollars and got 1080 activists branded terrorists ( a state of affairs not rectified since) was a pesticide and synthetic cannabis party pill manufacture Jeremy Kerr (pictured above).

Kerr in contrast to the deliberate demonetization of social activist in NZ is a man with links not only to the pesticide industry but to Hell Angels associate Karel Sroubek, Alex Swney, the disgraced former chief executive of Auckland’s Heart of the City, Dr Andy Lavrent (pictured below) also a pesticide industry insider and narcotic manufacture at the center of NZ Police Operation Ark who imported various white powders labelled as “corrosion inhibitor” from China to Lavrent’s lab.

But dont expect to get that side of the pesticide industry from our CORPORATE media any time soon.

Some of the Good Citizens we hope to have on the show shortly as part of Operation Good Citizen.

Jim Hilton Biologist & Anti 1080 Activist.

Carol Saywer Wanaka

Sue Grey Laywer campaigning against a number of pesticides including 1080 (invented by Monsanto still receiving royalty payments) Brodiafacoum which will eventually phase out 1080 (Bayer [Monsanto parent firm) Round Up (Monsanto).

Michelle Reid Awesome 1080 activist and researcher.

Pest Free NZ the Monsanto Bayer Fontera, Goldman sachs Nestle & Pepsi backed promoter of the idea we can achieve pest free because their no alternative.

This is a lie.

Rod Donald:

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Decease (wont be on the show) Green leader who maintained their was an alternative to use of toxin including creation of trapping fur pet food textile ecotourism industry to created a policy of reduction and containment. Sadly even the older Green go silent on this man legacy when confronted as to day the Green are led by James Shaw (linked profile below) a former conusltant to Bayer (the owners of Monsanto)

Game Keepers NZ Elizabeth Frankish solution focused activism and textile fur collective.

Alan Gurden Anti Toxin Ranger & veteran bushmaster.

Some toxin free sites DEADLINE Recommends:

At the moment this site is a bit anti 1080 heavy. But there are plenty of people out their who need their story told get in contact and we will see what we can do.

Cheers Ben Vidgen Ben’s World.

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