Kapiti Airport Paraparaumu - RARE 1st VISIT Dassault Falcon 50 ...
One of our latest VIPs Falcon 50 N115MF in Kapiti a year before the current press report

Two days I got sent a link regarding yet another mystery jet found flying into New Zealand

I replied after reading the fluff piece “Jet lands in chch no one knows why. But let write a whole bunch of crap that still ends up ‘we don’t know anything’. Lets mention Hollywood VIP’s who in fact have NO proven connection to the flights at all but make sure that no reference is given to all the tech lords and market manipulators descending down-under. Will take a look later and see what I can find when you take a proper look”.

Turns out this story is more important than I thought.

The Stuff piece published is not just a fluff bit by a junior journalist, as I first thought, rather its written to throw people off the aircraft true purpose here in New Zealand. By focusing on movie stars who might or might not be here in gushing tones; ‘Oh lucky Hobbiton – are we not so blessed to have all these famous beautiful people wanting to make their marvellous movies in little old New Zealand. Who needs tourism, small business and self sovereignty, when you can have Hollywood moguls building bunkers and making us all their waiters and waitresses instead. Lucky Hobbits now shut up and smoke some more pipe weed’.

Turn out the the jet being here more frequently than first suggested and in fact is one of several flights involving multiple jets.

The Falcon 50 N115MF was also in NZ last year June 25th around same time frame just before the launch of Rocket Lab US Defence satellite launch on June 29th. In 2007 Netjets won a five-year, fixed-price contract from NASA’s Space Operations Mission Directorate to replace three government-owned Gulfstream GII and GIII business jets. Netjets is owned by Berkshire Hathaway’s whose share holders include Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

N148QS was in the USA prior to coming here. This Net Jet craft left Christchurch Airport at 6.36am on Thursday, heading for Honolulu in Hawaii. It was then scheduled to travel to Los Angeles, then to the small island of Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean before landing in Washington DC. LA not just movie stars – Honolulu has a big fuck off marine base- Washington got no decent dining and Bermuda got a big radar tracking dish.

Thought we might take a look at what happening in Bermuda around this time.

US Consul General Lee Rizzuto visited the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Bermuda Tracking Station on Cooper’s Island for the first time to commemorate the 51st anniversary of Apollo 11 — the space flight that first landed humans on the Moon — and the 30th anniversary year of the Hubble Space Telescope….Mr Andrew Muender, Nasa’s Telemetry Technician from the Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops, Virginia, was on-site to host a tour of the facility, providing information about how the station is operated by a team of technicians when they are available to visit the island and remotely from Wallops. He also discussed recent rocket launch missions and the important role Bermuda plays in providing telemetry, radar and command and control services for space launch activities“.(Jul 20, 2020 at 5:32 pm). This is US Consul General Lee Rizzuto first official event since becoming the consul only six days ago.

Rocket Lab began flying from the United States in 2019 “The California” (e.g. LA based) company finished building its Launch Complex 2 (LC-2) at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) on Virginia’s Wallops Island not far from Washington.

At the start of this month Rocket Lab lost connection with one of its rocket, which was “carrying seven satellites”, a few minutes after take off from Mahia Peninsula. The company was launching satellites from Japan, the US and the UK a day earlier than planned, to avoid bad weather. It remains unclear what caused the loss as the company combs through flight data and works with the United States’ Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to determine what happened who were expected to fly into New Zealand some time in July.

The post launch story is marked by an absence of reference to the US Pentagon’s National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) satellite that was on board and it top secret mission brief.

Where as weeks earlier Stuff had finally bowed to public pressure and begun to examine and question those defence connections. In no small part also motivated by the USA’s own bungled attempt at secrecy, around the US NRO Rocket Lab launches, which promptly back fired as the company founder Peter Beck had earlier warned it would.

Can Russia with China defeat the USA? - Quora

The loss of the rocket is of concern and enhances the question does the facility make New Zealand a target.

Rockets do fail but it is equally true the latest launch comes after several tit for tat launches by the two superpowers the USA and China of satellites contain jamming technology. Operations conducted at a time of heightened tensions and as the USA military plans to piggyback upon the 5G network to give them a significant military advantage with an offensive capacity over their rival. A live stream of the doomed launch also cut out early when Rocket Lab said the signal from the camera had become too weak. After briefly switching to a shot of staff in the control room, the webcast ended. There was no sign at this point anything had gone wrong with the mission.

Big Message To China Amid LAC Standoff; US Sends 2 Aircraft ...

The unexplained event comes at a time, just to illustrate the Cold War New Zealand now finds itself on the front line in, where virtually every major Serious Fraud Office investigation of New Zealand MP’s or politicians has had a Chinese state link. Equally true of Five Eyes law enforcement members current focus on major money laundering cases involving Chinese companies, which in turn come hot on the heels of the Cameron Ortis spy case, the Huawei spy allegations (also involving New Zealand politicians). In addition to the current dispatch of no less than four carrier groups, three American one British, to the Pacific in an unprecedented stand off with China.

General que estuvo a cargo del Estado de Emergencia en Chillán es ...
Major General Daniel Oritz dies while under taking mysterious trip to King George Island where Lockheed involved in magnetic field studies with military implications.

In 2018 the Chilean government sent delegates to New Zealand to examine “a UFO corridor” between the launch site in Mahia and Auckland. Behind the fanciful explanation, which most people would have laughed off, before returning to their breakfast ceral, was a far more serious side to the Chileans curiosity in our atmosphere. Namely a focus on the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling the interrelating electromagnetic connection between the earth and space which Rocket Lab has itself studied with the launch of Auckland University space program Quaketec nano satellites. In addition to launching less two Pentagon launches from Mahia where they also looked at how this natural phenomenon can be used for military purposes as a means of affecting satellites and communication an area of atmospheric warfare which China itself is also investigating.

In 2019 Chile lost a Hercules after it electronics failed suddenly while flying a ‘remote sensor’ researcher part of Chiles remote sensing program, accompanied by high ranking officers including Major General Daniel Oritz (who would of welded diplomatic clout well beyond what your ordinary science project would require),to King George Island in Antarctica. This is where similar research (also involving Rocket Lab ) into the earth’s magnetic field and its impact on technology was being conducted. Carried out by Lockheed the defence contractor on the UK section of the jointly held Island of the Antarctic continent where international treaties forbid military research but where it happens time and time again anyway. The Chilean disasters was marked by search and recovery assistance from Israel’s elite Unit 9900 , whose specialists include atmospheric remote sensors who focus on anomaly’s which might pin point possible crash sites.

The point is space is becoming hotly contested territory and the competition is becoming increasingly aggressive. But that is not a story that makes our space program appealing to the New Zealand public.

Yachting: Team NZ must 'improve each day' - NZ Herald

Rocket Lab this week gave Stuff “exclusive access to its Auckland factory as it launches New Zealand’s first space apprenticeship”.

That can be read as PR charm offensive and we can expect a lot articles to begin pumping out from Stuff on all the good Rocket Lab does and none on its defence connections.

However also of interest is the revelation, as part of that charm assault, is the fact “Many came from the aviation industry while others moved from the automotive or marine industries” including Team New Zealand technicians (who also train at Bermuda). This author imagines a lot of hardware is going to get flown into New Zealand this coming year and the next under the guise of Team NZ preparations – no doubt using Russian Antonovs who have their own interesting and extensive sordid New Zealand past (but that is another story) .

While the sport of billionaires was of course kicked off in kiwiland by tax evader Michael Fay (Fay Richwhite Investments). Fay is the original seed funder for Rocket Lab. Fay is also the marketing brains behind the use of branding/funding Pacific sports teams with tech firms to camouflage and market the Pacific Reset true intent. Which includes the slow but inevitable monopolisation of media control by the USA friendly Murdoch Sky (– a task it being assisted in by the New Zealand government owned but big business run Kordia) media empire.

Reset defence component is part of the USA pushing China out of the Pacific and part about making sure the UN Agenda 2030 model goes down the road of the US/Saudi Vision 2030 design and not Chinese/Saudi version of the Belt Road initiative. This is about securing the Pacific’s resources for US/Saudi energy needs (deep sea mining).

12/13/99The Battle of Seattle

The Pacific Reset will in addition permit the Pacific to be used as a source of cheap migrant Labour to help establish Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lockheed Martin, Rocket Labs principal investor, as leading developer of both smart weapons and biotechnology (including bio-weapons) in the 21st Century. It is like wise an abuse in turn of the Global Migration Pact – which in fact is simply former WTO/NZ PM Mike Moore’s 1990’s ‘free trade’ ‘world without walls’, Seattle deal repackaged and remarked as it seeks to give big pharma a monopolisation over food and water [See WTO Seattle and Codex Ailmentus],

Welcome to Aotearoa the 51st state of the USA.


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