As we get whale strandings in Northern Australia and earthquake lights over Philippines (same longitude as the Artemis /Elon Musk Olympic Defender satellite which pass over whales Scotland northern Europe arctic circle) were getting strandings in west Ireland, Norway. Different sky same satellite orbit as Starlink and both have powerful radar and are in areas of increasing competition between powerful military forces.

Submarine on the Clyde
Submarine on the Clyde 18th July 2016 Greenock Telegraph.

The Guardian ‘Beached whale increase may be due to military sonar exercises(Philip Hoare Mon 24 Aug 2020):

Experts say “An unusual series of strandings and sightings of 29 rare beaked whales has taken place around the shores of northern Europe. Experts have suggested the strandings may be linked to a military sonar exercise. The events, whose rarity indicates that they might be linked by a single cause, began two weeks ago with the sighting of two northern bottle-nose whales in the North Sea. They are the same species of beaked whale as the Thames whale of 2006.This was followed by seven bottle-noses that stranded, alive, on the west coast of Ireland, the largest stranding of the species recorded in Ireland. Six of the animals died, and one returned to the open sea. A further 11 animals stranded on the FAROE Islands in the past week – reports indicate that five of the whales were killed for their meat.On Friday two bottlenose whales were seen in Oosterschelde estuary in the south of the Netherlands, and on Saturday, at least three beaked whales were seen in the Firth of Clyde, close to Greenock. Over the past 10 days, three Sowerby’s beaked whales have also stranded and died: in the Netherlands, Wenduine in Belgium, and in Lowestoft, where an individual male, believed to be one of a pair seen off the Norfolk coast, was found dead. On Sunday a female Sowerby’s stranded close to Portsmouth in Hampshire, and died soon after…..a series of scientific papers have indicated that the use of military sonar and seismic surveys for oil may be to blame.

In February this year, an Australian paper found a “strong association” between military exercises using “anti-submarine” mid-frequency active sonar and the deaths of beaked whales. It is thought the sonar may scare the animals into surfacing too quickly, causing decompression sickness – a condition also suffered by human divers when they rise too fast.Earlier this summer a major Nato anti-submarine exercise named Dynamic Mongoose was carried out off Iceland. Although it ended on 10 July, conservationists are concerned that its after-effects may now be being detected in the strandings of the past two weeks.The Dutch whale researcher Jeroen Hoekendijk, who has been monitoring the strandings in the Netherlands, wrote in a blogpost: “It is very likely that the strandings that are reported right now are a direct consequence of the usage of [military] sonar. If so, the beaked whales that we are seeing washed up on our shores could be just the tip of the iceberg.”

Dynamic Mongoose allows Roosevelt to utilize its advanced sonar capabilities in a dynamic, high-intensity anti-submarine warfare environment, while operating with our NATO allies and partners to improve readiness and interoperability,” Commanding Officer Cmdr. Ryan Kendall said in a Navy news release. Dynamic Mongoose – a submarine warfare exercise involved five submarines focuses on nuclear-powered submarines in the open ocean.

Faroe Islands Mjorkadalur NATO Radar base.

The Faroe Islands are located halfway between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean but are controlled by Denmark. Islanders are known as Faroese. Nobody knows why sections of the archipelago have been blurred on Google but it has being speculated that it has something to do with fishing rights. Less widely known it also home to the Mjørkadalur NATO RADAR BASE (allegedly de-commissoned 2013).

On March 18 2020 Russian air force bombers probed airspace off the Donegal. RAF and NATO went to high alerted. The same paper the Irish Independent reported a confrontation between a Royal Navy warship and an Irish trawler off Donegal in the same area as the UK engaged in submarine warfare exercises.

The report says the HMS Lancaster ordered the trawler (MFV Marliona) to leave the area west if Tory Island. The warship was about to commence an exercise with a submarine. The Irish Air Corps sent a Casa 235 maritime patrol aircraft to the areas and two vessels of the Irish Naval Service were also involved. The area off Donegal has been noted for the activity of NATO submarines in the past operating within the Irish economic zone: This incident seems to be linked to the fact the UK declares vast areas of sea as military exercise areas and this time it seems they made an incursion into the territorial sea area of Ireland. The Donegal Corridor is a narrow strip of Irish airspace linking Lough Erne to the international waters of the Atlantic Ocean through which the independent Irish Government permitted flights by British military aircraft.

This event dubbed an exercise or sub hunt is believed to also tied to whale deaths.
The hows and whys of naval sonar role in causing standings is now fully documented.
Many of these events happen in areas where US Navy and NATO training exercises were or have recently taken place, and were described as ‘atypical’. Sonar distresses beaked whales to the extent that they end up with nitrogen bubbles in their blood. This can cause haemorrhaging and damage to their vital organs. Impacted whales can beach and their calls of distress lure in other members of the pods. EMF signals with similar signature including solar and seismic activity presumably has a similar affect.

At first glance the the North and South events,other than sharing loose common longitude perimeters, seem unrelated until you examine the events against the orbit of the newly launched Starlink telecommunication network. Which asides from assisting the roll out of 5G is being used by military to assist their own targeting communication and transmission needs.

Donegal and Faroe are also on the satellite orbit light link for Elon Musk Starlink WWII61.8926° N, 6.9118° W

As is the area in proximity to the Cebu or Philippines mass Australia Borealis sightings 12.8797° N, 121.7740° E.Starlink Donedgal.Star Link Philippines

Elon Musk launches 60 more satellites in race to create 'space internet'  despite coronavirus crisis

The Starlink satellite orbit also pass over Wales which DEAD LINE reported on in 2019 in relation to the light plane crash of 5G critics and UK defence expert Professor David Last, the downing of a Chilean Hercules and plane crash over Birdlings Flat New Zealand, the mass death of starlings and reported sightings of unusual lights and defence based geo-spatial mapping. This is also the same orbit used for Artemis and the related defence based network Olympic Defender.

As part of Olympic Defender Britain has sent eight personnel to the U.S. Combined Space Operations Center in California Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, U.S. which also serves as the corporate headquarters for Rocket Lab the start up begun by New Zealander Peter Beck now worth over 1.7 Billion and majority owned by Lockheed Martin.

Olympic Defender is now known as Space Command and include both US, Canadian, UK Australian and ad New Zealand members. In 2019 New Zealand space operations representatives attended CFSCC’s weekly Products Brief (CPB), the operational forum where Coalition space strategy is synchronized, and CFSCC’s Master Space Plan and Combined Space Tasking Order are communicated and approved.  This was the first time the CPB occurred at the truly “Five Eyes” level of integration. Five Eyes is a military term used to describe intelligence sharing and collaboration between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the United States.

The UK Whale standings took part as New Mexico residents have reported coming upon dead birds on hiking trails, missile ranges, and in other locations.

Multiple agencies are investigating the mass bird death occurrences, including the Bureau of Land Management and the White Sands Missile Range, a military testing area. “On the missile range we might in a week find, get a report of, less than half a dozen birds,” Trish Butler, a biologist at the range, told KOB. “This last week we’ve had a couple hundred, so that really got our attention.”

The multi events comes as Space Force deployed to the Middle East. A squadron of 20 “core space operators” has been stationed at the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, in the unit’s first foreign deployment. Their mission is to confront new threats in the region from Iran’s missile programme – as well as attempts to jam, hack and blind satellites.

Hours after DEADLINE first reported the UK Philippine North Australian phenomenon (at 10am 221/09/2020) Tasman experienced a mass whale stranding which shares the same longitude and Starlink correlation highlighted in the Philippines, the Wales and the Donegal corridor incidents.

Government marine conservation staff have been deployed to the scene to attempt to rescue the pilot whales stranded off the coast of Tasmania.

More than 300 are stranded at Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania’s west coast in what is believed to be one of Australia’s worst beaching events.

From Alaska to the South Pacific In One-Hop

Tasmania is in close proximity to Maquaries Island where a HAARP related station is based the La Trobe University TIGER network which is part of the Australian military Super DARN network and used for assisting the directional finding beam for the HAARP polar signals used to assist this task and for assisting the targeting/triggering of the signals transmission at set altitude via monitoring facilities at space tracking station Macquarie Island (photos below) at Awarura Bluff (where mass whales strandings took place in 210 and 2018), in Canterbury University’s Birdlings Flats (also used by Rocket Lab) transmitter and the Canterbury University Hop 1 & Hop 2 HAARP buoys located between Kaikoura and the Chatham Islands.

From Alaska to the South Pacific In One-Hop

HAARP is a controversial program for deep sea submarine communications and linked to geo-warfare via US military experiments in which HAARP focuses on Preseismic lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling 

This location in ionosphere (sometimes called the D-region) is also studied by Auckland University Quaketek and its partners at Rocket Lab who launch AUT seismic monitoring experiments. The APSS is led by American Dr. Neil E. Paton.

Dr. Neil E. Paton Retired Vice President of Technology Howmet Corporation), retired Aerospace Materials consultant who sits on the US Defence and NASA Natioanal Aerospace Initiative whose goal is to further the US space and military system with a focus on developing hyper-sonic space access which is once more escalating the nuclear arms race.

This in line with Rocket Lab’s increasing overt relationship with the Pentagon whose new board member headed the CIA’s venture capital firm and is a proponent of deploying high-powered laser weapons in space. Michael D. Griffin, who was until recently an Under-Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration, was welcomed onto the board of the aerospace and small satellite company in August. The 70-year-old aerospace engineer and physicist in the 1980s he held a senior role in then-president Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defence Initiative ballistic missile defence programme, and later headed NASA.

The whale strandings are also in relative proximity to where, on September 19th, as part of a joint effort between the Royal Australian Air Force, DEWC, Southern Launch and T-minus engineering, a DART rocket carrying a Defence payload was launched from Koonibba Test Range in South Australia. It marks the first commercial rocket launch to the edge of space from Australia. Royal Australian Air Force Air Warfare Centre Director Integration and Innovation, Group Captain Tobyn Bearman, said Air Force’s High-Altitude Program is exploring the delivery and employment of game-changing capabilities in the upper atmosphere. It comes as the RAF and the US Airforce have used Starlink to conduct battle awareness exercise, through out 2020 that link air-force and ground forces to the orbiting satellite network.

The launch coordinated with the end of the US led RIMPAC Hawaii naval exercises which focused on anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, maritime interdiction operations (operations, that aim to delay, disrupt, or destroy enemy forces,supplies and communications) plus live-fire events.

Two weeks ago Rocket Lab launched a Pentagon CubeSat into lunar orbit for NASA. This mission launched along the Starlink orbit is to supports NASA’s Artemis program which is public-ally focused at landing the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024. It is however also recognised (as is Starlink satellites) as part of the US military’s Olympic Defender/Space Force program.

While assisting in the creation of technology that can take us to the stars this same nuclear arms related space technology could be used to send us back to the stone age. It is becoming all to clear weaponised space is hard on whales.



  1. Been a long time since I visited the HAARP subject, Timely reminder that there’s more going on besides the COVID Plandemic.


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