Making A Difference Taste Nature Dunedin.

Earth will be fine… It is humans who are in trouble. But since we got ourselves into this fix, we should be able to get ourselves out of it.”― Stewart Brand Founder of the Whole Earth Catalogue.

Clinton Chambers owner Taste Nature Dunedin unique ‘refilled not landfilled’ board.

Taste Nature cafe is New Zealand’s only 100% gluten free cafe focused on promoting “healthy
nutritional foods grown locally and sustainably and making your meals with the best quality produce seasonally available.”
The cafe’s produce is grown at Taste Nature Organic Kitchen Gardens. Its
highlights include organic hemp granola, a ‘Big Breakfast’ with organic baked beans, vegan sausages and a cabinet filled with fresh gluten free cakes, slices & biscuits. Taste Nature’s serves Fair Trade certified roasted coffee or alternatively their tea bar offers “a range of health tonics and benefits for the tea seeking connoisseur”.

Taste Nature is more than a cafe its an eco-store offering organic range including but not limit to;
seasonal produce, frozen foods, bulk whole foods, chicken & red meat, non GMO & antibiotic free
salmon, sour dough and breads. Taste Nature is also home to the largest ecostore refillery in the South Island, Whatever Taste Nature sells in bulk, they don’t sell in packaging. Shoppers can return egg cartons, jars and bottles, and confidently know they will be reused and recylced. The eco-store has re-filled over 35,595 containers in one year, recorded on their unique ‘refilled not landfilled’ board (created by Dunedin artist, Claire Rye). Taste Nature owner, Clinton Chambers hopes the board will inspire other organic stores and refilleries. “Imagine if this was multiplied by even just 10 around the country…Consumers really want to make a difference.. And when they see tallies like this, they know they are” Chambers says. To raise further awareness on plastic packaging Taste Nature is asking patrons who purchase products, that do not meet the Dunedin City Council’s kerbside recycling criteria, to sign a letter requesting suppliers to review their packaging. Taste Nature will forward every signed letter to each supplier. If there are no changes to the product over a year, Taste Nature will cease to sell that product.

Taste Nature staunchly committed to making a positive difference.

Home Deliveries – Online Shop & Email Orders. Open for brunch Sat 9am-2pm.
131 High St, Dunedin Ph:03-474 0219


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