Can Bat Man Go Down On Cat Woman – World Shattering News Goes Viral.


In VIP News. The Important questions on the global world wide internet is it Okay for Batman to go down on Cat Woman. A news story with more than 32 million hits.

Ben’s Fun Facts: Well if he did Cat woman would be in for a treat. Bats have the longest tongue compared to its body of any mammal in the world. In fact, if your average fruit bat were a person, its tongue would be almost nine feet in length! The bat stores the extra-long licker in its chest until it comes across a flower with lickable nectar inside.

And on that note Batman and Catwoman’s sex life is not new turf to the bat bordello. The 1973 film Bat Pussy first covered the issue of Batman/Catwoman (Batpussy) sex life with a plot in which Batpussy’s “bat twat” gets tricked by an evil porn film maker into being their pawn star. Bat Pussy is not only officially the earliest known porn parody film ever known to have ever being made. It also has the kudos of being officially voted the worst adult film of all time. I guess the real question is did Batman and Cat woman do it in the bat lab or did it happen at the wet fish market. Holy Bat chlamydia Batpuss that’s one hell of a rash.

The Youtube clip for this movie is Must See!!
So bad its a classic.


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