DOWN THE FIVE EYES HOLE: Since then the US military exercises continue demonstrating just how far down the Five Eyes hole we went. Yesterday Rocket Lab launched four satellite one of these at least had military capacity.



Rocket Lab is financed by the US navy & Fay Richwhite Investment (amazed no one reacts to this). Especially the new the Rocket Lab sister Lanchsite in the Kodiak Islands experienced a detonation in 2014 after a failed weapons test. Meanwhile military communication fell under US control in 2012 with aviation traffic control now run by a US military contract firm since 2016.…/article_b9a53cf0-2d5b-11e4-b24f-…



Then we have laws which give greater control to Five Eyes mass surveillance arms including the power to determine in NZ who is and who is not a terrorist. While the Five Eyes cyber hub in Ohaka (part of the 2 billion out of 20 billion approved by key and continued by Jacinda’s administration) is t be run by Singapore Forces who have begun training in NZ as part of permanent contingent of fifty F16 to be based here.…/article_b9a53cf0-2d5b-11e4-b24f-…

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