Mega Meetings Ignored as media focus on soap operas and babies.

The same week the UN meet to discuss radical changes for humanity in relation to the threat of climate change as part of Agenda 2030. The bulk of the media focused on Jacinda kissing babies with lots of oohs and ahs but little reporting on the actual meeting.


In a similar vein the corporate media ignored a series of related meetings held by the enforcement arm of the UN the International Monetary Fund and its close ‘cousin’ the World Bank. The two are vital to understanding how 2030 will happen as they chiefly fund UN policy and are funded in turn by some of the most powerful and polluting corporation on the globe from Monsanto (a supporter of Pest Free NZ)  to the oil industry. Industries who record make dam clear they care little about people or the planet in comparison to their pursuit of profit.

Further just weeks after the World Bank IMF Super conference (ore than 2000 meetings involving 13 $billion in trade deals involving 189 nations) is the investment meeting
in Saudi Arabia which is also the primary precursors to the Saudi hosted G20 which again will be discussing Agenda 2030 and how Corporation can anticipate how the world public can pay for saving the planet as they subsidies the corporation profits.

Meanwhile this week saw the third reading of CPTPP (TPPA) in NZ ratifying TPPA (come into action in sixty days (Merry Christmas) again withstanding brief commentary ofn Radio NZ this significant event which saw 10,000 of people marching int the streets in 2017 went unreported as the media focused instead on the royal tours instead.


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