Helen Clark & The War Pigs.

Spoiler alert: this is not a post about denying climate change, the value of well administrated properly manufactured vaccines, or the need to denounce hate speech. Rather its a page about whether we should trust the manner in which responding to the issues of climate change, social media and the ‘big issues’ when we consider where that funding comes from and what the motive and record of those providing that funding has being in term of environmental issue and humanitarian values and a general record of putting profits before people and the planet. Its is an issue of asking your self, once you know the full back ground, are these voice really speaking with the liberal credential they claim to represent or have those ideologies and ideals being hijack in the interest of marketing and an agenda that when put under the microscope if are from liberal but in reality right wing neo-liberal ideals.


Helen Clark with Canterbury's commanding officer, Commander Anthony Millar (left), and Commodore David Anson at the commissioning of the ship in Melbourne yesterday. Photo / Greg Bowker

Former peace protester and once a true champion of the left Prime Minister Helen Clark has launched her own foundation for independent research into the ‘big issues’ of the day, including climate change and drug policy reform.

Clark, who was Prime Minister from 1999 to 2008 ran the United Nations Development Programme for eight years. In 2009 Helen Clark became Administrator of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in April 2009, after serving three consecutive terms as Prime Minister of New Zealand. She is the first woman to lead the UN’s global development network and chairs the UN Development Group. The UN General Assembly confirmed her appointment by the Secretary-General to a second four-year term in April 2013. UNDP has an annual budget of US$5.8 billion annual budget and a staff of 8,000 in 177 countries.

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The Helen Clark Foundation’s board is chaired by her husband Peter Davis, a public health specialist. Clark says it will be non partisan organisation aimed at tackling big issues like health and climate change. The foundation’s first paper will be on climate change and green hydrogen, including looking at how New Zealand could export renewable energy. That’s lithium and the other material which are also used in smart weapons, military space technology and fuelling the propose plans to sea bed mine the Pacific and turn the Pacific into a technological sweat shop. The plan is outlined in the UN Food & Agriculture backed strategy known as SAMOA Pathways (PACER) trade deal. In Samoa many of those oppose it due the damage it pose to the environment have being silenced by the promise of big money and the crackdown on anti corporate activism which followed the out break in Samoa of Measles, in which those who oppose vaccination or big pharma were demonised or drowned out by the narrative of the corporate media who in turn benefactor big business dollars.


The Chief Negotiator for the PACER Plus trade deal, signed in June 2017, was the late Tessa Temata a specialist in smart city technology who served as Deputy High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea and also had assignments at New Zealand’s missions in the Cook Islands, Indonesia, Kiribati and Niue. From 2010 to 2012, Tessa was the Country Director for HOPEworldwidePNG, a NGO dedicated to delivering clinical and community based health care and projects in the education and agricultural sectors that has being plagued by corruption of funds designated for those suffering from disease.

HOPEworldwide which is part funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation and numerous pharmaceutical and tech companies, endorses the UN Global Migration compact whose first UN Envoy was former New Zealand Prime Minister Mike Moore (Moore is critical to understanding the true colours of the Global Migration Pact and its right wing fiscal nature) .

PACER was described by Trade Staff who interviewed Temata in 2017 as “a landmark catalyst for economic integration and development right across the Pacific. It is going to have a profound impact on all relationships and trade in our part of the world” Tessa told Trade staff “NZ businesses can also get involved, especially with projects that improve certain niches that Pacific nations don’t specialise in yet – lots of tech and agribusiness-related work”.

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Tessa was the founding Chief Executive of Esselars security company a high tech private military contractor. Esselar is one of series of intertwining security firms in the PNG linked to private security contractor funded by the mining industry such as Serco Sg4 and Paladin (a firm with a right pedigree) who have a raft of scandals surrounding them ranging from rape by prison guards, migrant abuse, phone hacks, corruption and brutality on Manus Island to the Sandline Mercenary affair involving former British SAS officer Tim Spicer, former Rhodesian and South African mercenaries and the highly sought after Boganville copper mines in PNG (linked in turn to Peter Monk the partner of Saudi Arms dealer Adnan Kassoggi). Firms linked to numerous human rights abuses and the exploitation of human labour and natural resources. 


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The official launch of the Helen Clark Foundation took place on March 21 2019 a week after the Christchurch shootings carried out allegedly by shooter known as Brenton Tarrant, who was allegedly motivated by the Global Migration Pact, the attack singled out the dangers of the right wing and a need to censor and control social media and the internet. The attack all so took place a week before Rocket Lab successfully launched an experimental satellite for DARPA R3D2, the US Department of Defence propagation antenna, which proceeds the launch of US military backed Starlink satellite net work heralded as the back bone of the “internet of things”. and is poised to turn space into a war zone.


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Starlink uses civilian telecommunication to support the US ground and space defence networks and passes over NZ Australia it launch takes place as the 5G roll out begins. The Starlink network will eventually include over 30,000 satellites and be just one of several tech firms and will require a gigantic level of rare metals to exist. A quantity of metals which will not only drive the value of rare metal upwards but s destine to fuel further conflict and tensions regarding the competition for rare metal used in military and telecommunication purposes. The opening at the Auckland University for Technology (AUT) campus was followed by a seminar at AUT on April 3 on next generation energy issues.

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The Helen Clark Foundations include WSP AECOM, a construction a technology firm specialising in global infrastructure firm, who announced in August 2019 that it has begun construction of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at Fort Carson, Colorado, using Lockheed Martin’s (NYSE: LMT) GridStar® Lithium energy storage system. WSP are also involved in the California and Australian high speed rail projects which also involve Lockheed Martin..

Twelve years after California voters approved $9.95 billion (the initial bond funding) for a high-speed rail route with 520 miles of rail bed stretching from LA to San Francisco cost have ballooned to 44 billion and climbing . The agency responsible for the project, the California High-Speed Rail Authority, reported it would be finished in 12 years at a cost of $33 billion completion date has being pushed back to 2032.

Fort Carson Colorado was in January the centre of a mystery mass drone report that hit world headlines. Fort Carson is home to the General Atomic Gray Eagle, a massive drone with a 56-foot wingspan that packs four Hellfire air-to-surface missiles and can stay aloft for a full 24-hours. Fort Carson has authorisation for a dozen of the drones and they will soon be ready for war. The US army is currently working on drones packs that fly with out pilot and use artificial intelligence to target and attack multiple targets and can stay up in the air for hours. Currently that limited due to the size of electrical batteries with even the long term flight Gray Haws dependent on fossil fuels. The system developed to date include SKYNET (yes you heard that right), which have already being listed to the death of civilian and Afghanistan, will be supported by satellite civilian technology assimilated into military systems.


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The Helen Clark Foundation board includes Clark’s friend and confidante Joan Caulfield (former New Zealand Prime Minister Jim Anderton of Sydenham Christchurch first wife), who served as Clarks electorate agent, as well as accountant Geoff Pownall and lawyer Simon Mitchell. Mitchell worked in Clark’s electorate office and bought the painting at the centre of ‘Paintergate’ controversy after it was acquired by Caulfield. Clark had signed a painting that she had not painted, and it was auctioned for charity. Mitchell bought the painting from the original buyer and then gave it to Caulfield, who destroyed it.


The Helen Clark Foundation Chief Executive is Kathy Errington

Kathy Errington, a former New Zealand diplomat, Victoria political science, graduate is the executive director who managed a staggering levels of promotion after graduating and joining Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a very short time.

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Erringotn in the spirit of Clark post Christchurch shootings declaration It’s Time to ‘get real’ about alt-right extremism’ an umbrella term for white supremacists, hate groups and conspiracy theorists

Many of whom are immediately assumed to support Donald Trump. These McCarthy style label however has in reality being used in New Zealand to smear those who oppose corporate tyranny. The include individual from traditional left wing groups such as punks, anarchist and Maori sovereignty groups and in fact large swathes of a political Generation X whose long term political memory (which cynically thinks the whole left wing right wing labels are straw-man to begin with) is not marred by financial comfort experienced by ‘OK Boomers’ or the ignorance of social media addicted under 30 millennial’s who were not about to witness how Labour’s genuine liberal credentials got mugged by the right wing fiscal policies of Rogernomic in the 1980’s or Tony Blair third wave and Helen Clark adoption of corporate globalism in the 1990. Those who forget how Clark hissed at John Campbell calling hims “”sanctimonious little creep“, when her role in permitting big pharma to sneek in genetically modified crops into New Zealand, covered in Nicky Hager’s Seeds of Distruct, was broadcast on air in a face to face interview. Those who forget it was after all Helen Clark who introduced the pro corporate ‘magna carta’ the TPPA, which the left would march against in the thousands in 2015, to New Zealand in 2008. A policy which Jacinda’s government promised to walk away from in 2017 but did not. Mainstream corporate media has forgotten this fact but not the citizen journalist on line or on social media. These are the folk Helen want’s painted black.

To kill social media is to kill the voice and memory of those outside the circle of modern corporate control. And you cant any further from the ideals of left wing liberalism if you think that a fit and moral thing to do.

As for the word “harmful” the question not being asked or answered is ‘harmful’ to who?

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Errington writes “It took Facebook 29 minutes to respond to the live-streamed assault on innocent worshippers at two Christchurch mosques. As later confirmed by Facebook, the live streaming of the Christchurch terrorist attack did not trigger its current monitoring mechanisms and it was not until a user alerted Facebook to the video – 29 minutes after live streaming of the attack started and 12 mins after it ended – that it become aware of the issue. By that point approximately 4,000 people had already viewed the video.”

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Not mentioned is the viral nature of the spread (taking pace after a world wide shut down of Facebook and a 32 million dollar bit coin heist in Christchurch the month before hand) which indicates the viral spread was technology assisted.

Not mentioned the numerous red flags missed by security forces and the police which should have alerted them to Brenton Tarrant presence, nature and intent. Not mentioned how the gun man secured his weapons via a law passed due to a parliamentary committee (chaired by Jacinda Adern).

Not mentioned the numerous links New Zealand intelligence and private military contractors have to Christchurch right wing community; be it the $NZ35,000 gifted to the National Front ( which can be linked to the right wing mercenaries found fighting in the Ukraine) by the Prime Minister officer in 1994 by then PM Jim Bolger*, 1980s Ronald Regan Iran Contra based mercenary firms, the Head Hunters gang ties to former Sign of the Takahe ( party central for Cashmere and Sydenham’s beautiful people) directors which also included a former police officer linked to the controversial Peter Ellis child creche conviction.

*Page 219 State Secrets 1999 (Howling at the Moon) Ben Vidgen a full break down of the circumstances is listed below in Jarod Gilberts book Patched who attributes the funds to the Police Crime Prevention Unit who is over seen by the PM office special programmes.


Chapman of course did not mend his skin head ways Jarrod Gilbert Patched citing New Way Trust Establishment of Office System And Employment Strategy 2nd August 1994. The National Front leader Kyle Chapman was booted out of a Hamilton aid group (also run by New Way Trust) because of a dispute over its accounts The trust has had a high profile on the streets of Hamilton in recent months. Chapman was “removed from his duties” because the couple failed to produce financial reports as to where donations they were collecting were going. New Way Trust was registered on February 24, 1994 under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. Its objects are listed as – rehabilitating young people, “particularly skinheads”, educating and providing employment and rehab opportunities for young people and educating the public on how to work with young people.
Chapman returned to Christchurch and launched the Right Wing Resistance, which as since being linked to Australian skin head fighting as Mercenaries in the Ukraine where Brenton Tarrant also claims to have visited.

Not mentioned the police officers who arrested Brenton Tarrant had their own old boys links and connections (as company office files show) that Tarrant him self claimed to have links too.

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Not mentioned that the Christchurch Foundation (the charity that used the shootings to raise money it never gave to the victims – now accused of having dodgy Chinese ties) chairman Humphrey Rolleston once was director of arms dealing firm SM Andrews Ltd. A firm that not only reads like a whose who of National party cabinet minister and high level New Zealand military, but whose subsidiary Minerva ( a well known right wing white supremacist buzz word symbolised by centurions helmet and two swords or the laurels of Rome) was run by pro apartheid right wing South Africa Rhodesian mercenaries in the 1980’s. Just one of the merc firms in Christ Church with Iron Contra ties which were also shared by Gun City (Peace Link 1991), the firm who armed the killer with a bit of help from Labour online gun purchasing legislation.

Sssh Paint it Black.

Rolleston was also a share holder in a helicopter firm used extensively by mining firms, started by gun runners (according to the biography of it founder Alan Hubbard) that boasted it was the “worlds best” helicopter gunship tacticians. In the days following the shooting the police and embedded journalists (especially those who worked for the Christchurch Press owned by Humphrey Rolleston) seemed to be more interested in cracking down on those who opposed corporate greed. Rather than following up on genuine right wing white supremacist leads and the man who we know as Brenton Tarrant ties to Australia and New Zealand well established shadowy mercenary trade.

Sssh paint it black.

Author with then Rhodesian Minister of Defence Pieter Kenyon van der Byl. Photo / Supplied
MINERVA SECURITY (ChCh Dunedin) Major Michael Graham Rhodesian SAS with Rhodesian Defence Pieter Kenyon van der 

As for the Christchurch Foundation donations Abdul Azeem, the man who fought the person we know as Brenton Tarrant at the Christchurch Linwood mosque, told this author in August 2019 that the Linwood mosque remained puzzled as to where the donations had being spent. That while there were many officials “who wanted to be seen to do good”, once the camera switched off their interest in the victims waned as will. Of course that was not a message which has being shown on the main corporate controlled news out-let and is left to the citizen journalist and cyber-activists to report.

Voices which the Clark Foundation want drowned out and blacked out.


The author Ben Vidgen with Abdul Azzem Khan who has his own questions concerning the money donated to the shooting victims

The Helen Clark Foundation were the authors of the “Christchurch Principles” – a set of 10 broad recommendations for what Governments and social media companies should take into account when coming up with regulations and policies. The organisation pitched its idea at the second annual Paris Peace Forum, as the only Australasian project selected to compete for funding at the event funded by the UAE Bill Gates The Ford Foundation, Mohamme Bin Zayed, Quatar, Open Society (George Soros), Luminate (Ebay who along with Bill Gates help fund the Guardians newspaper Climate Change section) and variety of bodies who ultimate turn out to be financed by bodies with fiscal interest in creating censorship of those opposed to corporate draconianism.

Note no where in these bodies focused on opposing hate crime, stamping out fake news, is their a proposal to counter hate and disinformation with a campaign of educating people on how to discern and authenticate. The goal is simply to censor and fund the same corporate bodies which brought and sold the public the lies which ignited the first and second gulf war. No were do the generous patrons ask those involved to address the socio-economic source of such hate. The instructions are your with us or against and those who question authority or the agenda will be blacked out.

MINERVA & THE SILVER FERN Symbols of Christ Church Right Wing Fascism whose ties to the status quo were ignored by police embedded journalist and the Rogernomics hijacked Labour Party.


No mentioned how the original blue print for the Global Migration Pact was rejected by left wing anti corporate protesters. For far from being a plan for global cultural diversity, a means to combat poverty, disease and climate change, it was a blank cheque for un-bridal greed as a tool for workers abuse, subjugation of indigenous people and destruction of the planets environment. A plan created by the head of the WTO, New Zealand Ambassador to the USA, and the UN’s first envoy of global migration Mike Moore a former New Zealand Prime Minister and MP for Labour in Sydenham Christchurch. Paint it Black.

Sssh paint it black.

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Not mentioned how social media and online citizen journalism and cyber activism, such as Wikileaks has exposed human trafficking, tax evasion by the rich, organised crime, tyranny, on a level which the corporate media whose monopolistic nature continues to grow has never done beforehand.

Not mentioned how citizen journalism and cyber activism has stopped right wing genocide in Bosnia, exposed was crime in gaza by victim targeted by hi tech software and the military industrial complex, embarrassed the NRA after school shootings in the USA, exposed corrupt cops who have murdered and raped innocent people. Paint it black.

Not addressed how such proposed regulation would hamper whistle blowing, anti war efforts while subverting democracy for the benefit of those whose sole interest is the interest of their shareholders. Namely those invested heavily in big pharma, the military industrial complex and the kind of global finance which has spawned the Paradise Papers, transnational global money laundering and Jefrrey Epstein. Epstein and his mate who include the Clinton Foundation (which Epstein created), Prince Andrew and Bill Gates are of course another story which would not have broken without citizen journalism and cyber activism.

Sssh paint it black.

Not mentioned how corporate entities, sponsors of the UN Agenda 2030 program, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, have subvert the once genuine humanitarian purpose behind organisations like the UN and a free press via chequebook journalism. All to pursue an agenda driven by profit, for the military industrial complex and pharmaceutical companies, as opposed to selling a form of highly needed global sustainability driven by a genuine heart of altruism. The corporate media fear citizen journalism, empowered by online technology, so it must die a thousand deaths and its first death will be assassination of character. As on line sharing of information by common people is painted as the tool of the right wing haters. A replication of the propaganda used to paint conscientious objectors and pacifist as traitors and cowards in the wars begun by industrialist. The theme may have changed but the message the same if your not with us you must be against us.

Were told the idea of population culls (by those who try to warn us that Agenda 2030 is not what it seems) is absurd and such talk needs to be silenced as wheat and water prices continue to sky rocket with only one obvious out come, the rich get richer. Those with a dissenting view, who dare point out the emperor has no clothes, will be silenced and redacted – ssssh paint it black.

The Left once marched against the Rogernomics version of ‘A World Without Walls’, seeing it for the corporate spin it was. Now the Pro TPPA Labour market this right wing blank cheque for the exploitation of migrant workers, the environment and indigenous rights as an idea liberals should embrace to fight Climate Change. In reality its still a right wing turd pooped out by the same corporates burning the planet to a crisp.
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Former Labour Party president Mike Williams is an outreach adviser to the foundation, as is artist and long-time friend Helen Killser During, who was the photographer for the film My Year with Helen: The Helen Clark Documentary. A documentary which The NZ Film Commission agreed to contribute $300,000 to help fund with tax payers dollars, as the politician made her bid for the UN Secretary-General bid backed by then PM John Key of National. The Commission also agreed to match crowd funding and donations contributions 50-50. As to where the crowd funding came from your guess is as good as mine as virtually impossible to audit such donation and see where they originate from.

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The foundation is partnering with the Auckland University of Technology and The Policy Observatory while the Foundation becomes established. In 2004 Auckland University of Technology wars targeted by Israel intelligence in an event which led to an official complaint by Helen Clark six years before their 2010 operation in Christchurch were alleged agents (who got into a armed stand off with Christchurch police officers) were found showing a specific interest in Christchurch police data bases and the earthquake itself.

Dr. Neil E. Paton

AUT is the home of New Zealand’s Auckland Programme for Space Systems APSS whose funding aside from a declaration initial seed funding came from the Vice Chancellor’s Discretionary Fund is a mystery. The APSS is led by American Dr. Neil E. Paton Dr. Neil E. Paton Retired Vice President of Technology Howmet Corporation), retired Aerospace Materials Consultant who sits on the US Defence and NASA Natioanal Aerospace Initiative whose goal is to further the US space and military system with a focus on developing hyper-sonic space access which is once more escalating the arms race and cold war politics Clark herself marched against when a student in the 1970’s



AUT current technology donors with defence connections include include Apple Technology, Bill and Melissa gates Foundation, Colin Giltrap, Boeing, Great Mercury Island Limited {Fay Richwhite a Rocket Lab investor) While AUT representatives, to underscore the defence connection, attended a forum on defence industry opportunities held in Palmerston North on October 2018. This was also attended by ANZ Bank, Airworks Auckland, Datacom, Mainfreight, Callaghan Innovation, UniServices, Canterbury University’s Spatial Engineering Research Centre and Lockheed (An investor in Rocket Lab, an APSS strategic partner, also funded by the US Navy and Pentagon). APSS is also the home of QuakeTec which look at the link between the ionosphere and the tectonic plates that can be used for “societal needs” and was signed off by Labour’s David Parker, the Minister for Primary Industries in 2018.

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The New Zealand Herald reported last year that Russia and China were also interested in similar research into the links between the ionosphere and seismic activity, as studied by AUT, for scientific and “military purposes”. While Japan’s own research (led by Professor Kosuke Heki of Hokkaido University) has focused on the role that telecommunication system, such as those deployed by Starlink in support of the US military, may be used to study this relation between ionosphere and the ground as will. On January 11th 2019 China launched a further classified satellite (TJS 5), believed to be its own version of the Starlink satellite hub. While other countries including France Venezuela and Chile (also interested in New Zealand ionosphere) have also shown interest and express concern at such ionosphere technology and its link to seismic and ionosphere manipulation for scientific and military purposes. A 1998 report by the European Union condemning the US climate ionosphere heater in Alaska (funded by the US Navy and petroleum mining industry) as a weapon. ‘The Spin Off’, who Kathy Errington, ironically writes for as well does an excellent article on New Zealand growing space links and point out NZ relationship with firms like Lockheed Martin the principal share holder in AUT partner Rocket Lab is clearly one based on defence not science. A separate article by the Spin Off the expose a further Rocket Lab investor as a CIA owned investment firm, that turns out to also be involved in funding on line censorship and is clearly in the same game of information dominance (paint it black) as the Helen Clark Foundation is. With goals not so much aimed at stop hate crime but rather preventing whistle blowers exposing it sleazy secrets and the “ability to track activist protests on behalf of both corporate interests and police departments”. And in New Zealand’s case that includes namely keeping the fact that were up to our necks in space pig shit and a program of militarisation (hidden in the heart of AUT relationship with Rocket lab) out of the press which it does with a thin veneer of a concern for the planet and the help of few good mates like for example AUT graduate and Fulbright scholar beneficiary Eloise Gibson, a former environmental lawyer, ‘Stuff’ new Climate Change editor.

https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12178459 China and Russia band together on controversial heating experiments to modify the atmosphere


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Eloise Gibson biography states she is from from Auckland “is completing”her Master of Arts in Journalism which has her specialising in science, health and the environment at Columbia University in New York as a Fullbright scholarship. Eloise graduated with an LLB from the University of Waikato in 2002 and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from AUT University in 2007.


Not highlighted is Waikato is where Adern got her degree in communication (and along with Victoria political science department New Zealand Neo-liberalism was sent out into the world too advise the likes of Tony Blair and up and coming US Neo-liberal political leaders).

More significantly back in the day, when people like anti war activist Owen Wilkes were exposing successfully the Pentagon’s war machine propaganda efforts down under, the Fullbright was a red light for Pentagon paid propagandist….oh yeah it still is. The Fulbright program (not to be confused with the anti propagandist Senator Fullbright) institute Pentagon political credentials are documented in such books (and many more) as;

‘Never a Machine for Propaganda’? The Australian-American Fulbright Program and Australia’s Cold War.

An American Tale: The Cold War and Propaganda – Brewminate
Jul 24, 2019 – Peacetime American propaganda efforts in Eastern Europe were formally launched with the passage of the 1946 Fulbright Act, which …
https://brewminate.com/brewminate.com › an-american-tale-the-cold-war-and-propaganda

Propaganda, Inc.: Selling America’s Culture to the World By Nancy Snow

You can’t call it bribery but as Wilkes and writers like Toby Truell (Wellington Confidential) pointed out such incentive cultured agents of influence to insure a certain view point was hammered home.

Fact is you take a look at any of the brand in the above image used in Nancy Show’s Proganda Inc (an image which was used repeatedly by the anti TPPA movement) to sell Hollywood dream of America and the Pentagon and you now enter the words UN Agenda 2030 the odds is you will find the same brands (still firmly in bed with the Pentagon) now listed as “strategic partners” or “investors” in the UN so called 17 principals of sustainability. Though once you read the fine prints terms and conditions behind those principals it quickly becomes apparent their very little sustainable or green about those goals. Not at less by they time they have being applied in practice by these high priest of capitalism, greed and war.


Image result for Shaikh bin zayed Mohammad lockheed
His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces,

The idea for the Helen Clark Foundation role in promoting New Zealand technology to deal with the ‘big issues’ can be tracked back to November 2015 when Clark attended Reaching the Last Mile, RLM, Forum, at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

During the event Clark singled out the role of 5G based technology and big pharma “I want to pay tribute to Shaikh Mohammad for conceptualising and hosting this important event, and for shining a spotlight on the world’s neglected diseases. His commitment in this way to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities is inspiring.. Investment in health is crucial to global development, and it is hoped to secure funding, share knowledge widely, forge new relationships in the global health community and ultimately accelerate the pace towards preventable disease elimination..Technology provides new opportunities – for example, through artificial intelligence and remote diagnosis, and we should continue to embrace innovative means of improving public health,” she stressed. She however also denounced the role of social media “The Internet and social media platforms can be powerful tools for good, helping to connect and educate communities,however, there is a downside to social media; for example, those campaigns spreading fake news detrimental to public health, such as the anti-vaccine propaganda in countries rich and poor,”.

Last Mile is an event promoted under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (who incidentally also part finance The Guardian Climate Change section). The UAE policy focuses publicly on fighting Climate Change and creating sustainability is called Vision 2030.

In reality Vision 2030 core is orientated around building a smart technology based defence industry. The UAE own vision 2030 document states “Abu Dhabi already has a core of infrastructure required to develop a successful aerospace sector. The Emirate will concentrate on developing its capabilities in the manufacturing and maintenance of civil and military aerospace equipment and parts, defence electronics and other equipment… There is also a good deal of synergy between the core economic sectors that have been singled out for investment and growth. For example, investments in education and healthcare will pay off in all sectors by improving human capital. In particular, education will help boost industries that require research and technical expertise, from pharmaceuticals and healthcare to telecoms, aerospace and defence….The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 was designed with advice and opinion from development experts in Norway, Ireland and New Zealand.

The UAE Vision 2030 policy plan cites consultants including New Zealand Trade Enterprise diplomats Mr. Timothy Gibson; Chief Executive Mr. Jonathan Kings; General Manager Investment, Europe & ME, Mr. Cliff Fuller; Strategy Advisor, Mr. Guang Yang; Strategy Advisor, Mrs. Olga Speranskaia Strategy Advisor


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The UAE close ally Saudi Arabia UN Agenda 2030 policy is also called Vision 2030 and publicly states it plans to use smart technology as the means by which Saudi Arabia could being exiting the Fossil fuels industry. Like the UAE Vision 2030 its technology hub is partnered with New Zealand Australia for innovation and is viewing the Pacific as a manufacturing hub and source of migrant workers. The Pacific is also the front line of the emerging seabed mining industry hub for rare metals essential for the defence industry. However murdered journalist Jamal Kashoggi is one of the critics who has warned Vision 2030 real goal is to make Saudi Arabia the leading second generation smart weapons manufacture in the 21st century backed by arms firms such as Lockheed Martin and nations including New Zealand.

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 envisions creating 40,000 new jobs in the defence sector as the new state-owned defense contractor would produce half of the Saudi forces’ weapons requirements by the end of the next decade. The Saudi Kingdom in addition plans to start exporting to all parts of the world. In May 2017, US President Donald Trump and King Salman bin Saud agreed on contracts and memorandum of understanding worth $110 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and it strategic partners. Apparently war has no impact on climate change. Or more accurately no one in the Bills Gates and Full Bright Program backed corporate media is in a hurry to point out the absurdity of a global sustainability program being used to make weapon of genocide.

Image result for lockheedmartin vision 2030 saudi arabia

In 2008 Clark herself met with arms dealer Tony Teixeira and New Zealand electronic and technology industry captains including AUT sponsor Colin Giltrap.

Tony Teixeira was named in 2000 in the UK parliament as being involved in the trade of arms for resources in Africa where the battle for rare minerals used to making smart technology and smart weapons.

Teixira exploitation of the developed world is so well renown it inspired the plot for the movie ‘Blood Diamonds’ His interest included Energem Resources, with its head office in South Africa and registered office in Canada, used to be known as Diamond Works and employed former solider from apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia. Men who like Christchurch based Minerva carried out atrocity justified by their right wing white supremacy. Men whose links to sky piracy and arms trafficking involving New Zealand through out numerous Labour and National governments was the back bone of my 1999 best seller State Secrets and a follow up book State Secret II as I examined the dark side of crown collusion with the mining oil industry and military industrial complex .


Image result for blood diamonds teixeira movie

Texeria partner in this venture was Saudi arms dealer Adnan Kashoogi (Jamal uncle) who also featured in my book due to his extensive investments in the New Zealand and the Pacific since the 1970’s when Kashoggi Los Angelo’s bank provided the bridging finance for New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon Think Big Projects which was to be the back bone of New Zealand’s own energy sustainable industry before Rogernomic privatisastion put an end to that pipe dream in the 1980’s .

Image result for tony teixeira helen clark

Helen Clark in turn is not the first NZ PM to be rubbing shoulders with sleazy oligarchs with dubious arms and oil ties. In 2009 Moore, the architect of the GlobalMigration pact (his World With out Walls) became the chairman of the Altimo Foundation (as he sat of the Trilateral Commission along side trustee Jeffrey Epstein the architect of the neo-liberal lobby group the Clinton Foundation). Moore described as an “internationally recognised social entrepreneur” was invited to the trust “which aims to make social investments in projects which promote cultural interaction and the communication of values between East and West, with a commitment to supporting social cohesion and business expertise in developing economies.”
Moore ‘social entrepreneurship’ included of course being the marketing brain behind Labour embrace of Rogernomic right wing neo-liberalism. A policy which sold right wing ideal packaged in Trojan horse to traditional left wing voters with liberal sounding branding and jargon. PR duct tape that used black paint to cover up its true nature.

Image result for mike moore wto


It was no surprise, with this in mind, to then discover the altruistic Foundation was run by Russian billionaire’s Mikhail Fridman an Oil, banking and telecommunication tycoon Mikhail Fridman, worth NZ$26.2 billion. Fridman companies and interest including the Atimo Foundation established in Gibralta appear in the Paradise Papers which follow in from the Panama Papers, a collection of companies exposing money laundering and tax evasion by the rich. An expose which would see its author Gibraltar journalist Daphne Caruana killed in Car bomb in Gibraltar in 2017.

The appearance of the Altimo Foundation is just one of many Paradise Paper connections that link back to those involved in money laundering who have ties to the Labour Party and or UN backed programs. Programs that have being funded for altruistic purpose but in reality are slush funds for the exploitation of natural resources including the purchasing of arms used to take control over the world rare and precious metals used in telecommunications, space flight or military purposes.

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Ben’s World has written extensively on Friedman this Foundation connection to the Paradise Papers and how Moore has simply repackaged the Global Migration Pact to sound liberal when in fact it the means by which corporation can continue to fuel war conflict human rights abuse and environmental destruction while pushing a policy of economic apartheid enhanced by their tax evasion and gross money laundering efforts. One pursued by the same forces who motivated by greed have driven global racism, sexual inequality and war for centuries.






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How is it folk from that scene like Murray Horton and John Minto,  who were educated at New Zealand Universities and who knew all this shit (and pointed it out to those who did not know), have suddenly developed amnesia to the works of people like Owen Wilkes, of whom both would be familiar, regarding corporate military industrial spin techniques. The seniors of the activist movement remain mum on the fact that the Climate Change issue has ceased to be about the environment but is now used as a bullshit excuse to stick war toys in space from NZ and justify deep sea mining in name of green technology using the same kind of branding and propaganda the anti nuclear movement faced in the 1980’s. Its now being used as the means to rip up the spirit of New Zealand’ hard fought for nuclear free legacy and do pr for those making a resource grab for those same rare metals. Metals needed to fuel not just green e-scooters and wind mills but very technology driving a space arms race, involving New Zealand’s universities, which is aimed at mining space for more said minerals which will ultimately;

A) Escalate the risk of war (and the use of nuclear weapons)

B) Cause further environmental vandalism.

Wilkes and people like former Green leader Rod Donald (who opposition to big pharma pesticide strategies is now forgotten as the Greens are now lead by PR specialist whose credential include working for Bayer ) had real sustainable non corporate controlled self funded solutions for the environment. Ideas not based on this neoliberal phoney form of green capitalism. Yet once again were forgetting the hippies (whose forecast inevitably turn out correct) as once again we put our faith in the junkies of commerce and war who have hijacked the medicine cabinet.

Sadly a lot of people, who should no better, are letting their former association with Labour get the better of them as they forget the lesson of Rogernomics. As they overlook the role of those pulling the string today in Labour turn to the right and its adoption of globalisation include many who rose to prominence under The David Lange and Rogernomics era including Helen Clark.

The ultimate irony we now have the folks who claim to be the liberals (cough) saying ‘hiss boo China’, the apparatchiks of Labour party politics, while staying ridiculous quite about the America own role in the resource rape of sea, earth and air in New Zealand Australia and the Pacific – as their bad behaviour is endorsed under the Coca-cola style (yes another Agenda 2030 strategic partner and rapist of Australian New Zealand water) branding of Climate Change . The irony we now have is the party who once revered Rewi Alley and were accused of hiding ‘reds under the bed’, as a consequence of their anti war anti nuclear credentials, is distancing itself publicly from China (while however continuing to sign draconian trade deals with them) and we have a largely pro American pro corporate press associating National, once the herald of anything anti Chinese, with Beijing, as Helen Clark gets into bed with the Pentagon.

It would be funny if it was not so tragic and sinister.


Closer scrutiny of the finance behind such ‘climate’ coverage and institutes funding it inevitably ends up at the door of big pharma and the war toy boys. There is nothing left wing or green about this at all!! This is not about being anti climate change. That’s not the point of this article at all. This is about seeing the same tactics, the same money trail, the same people and not clicking to how the sociopaths (the usual suspects) have spotted an opportunity out of crisis.

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Meet the War Pigs, the ultimate right wing swine flu of unadulterated fascism. Those who preach do as we say not as we do. The War Pigs whose gluttony for power and wealth fuels environmental collapse on this planet but who gets a free pass from the corporate media’s Climate Change editors . The War Pigs who solution to climate change is a strategy by which they alone corner and control the energy market as both the provider of raw materials and producer of consumer products. Thus giving them the means to maximise their profits all the while fuelling global poverty and continued environmental destruction and war.

It use to be something the young socialist Helen Clark really fought for and now she is living proof, as she lobby’s for the right wing Lords of War, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.



  1. You’ve got a supercharged mind Ben. A dizzying array of topics all woven together in extraordinary web of connections. All great knowledge for those awake enough or open-minded enough to read with their coffee (of which this reader consumes vast quantities)


  2. More information required on the alleged $35,000 donated to the National Front, who signed it and especially who received it.
    Left and Right Wing are both ‘controlled’ by a higher ‘power’ which may in turn consist of feuding forces.
    Fascism is a term given to Italian politics between WWI & WWII, basically direct decision making in the national interest as opposed to ‘democracy’.
    Democracy has been hijacked. Look at NZ the whole of parliament voted to take the guns and Zero Carbon. No debate.


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