WW3 War In Space & the launching of ‘USS CVN Aotearoa’ Weapons Platform that NZ is becoming.

Hi Folks I am fund raising for my next big story which hope to brig public attention on national scale to the above issues. So any one wanting considering chucking me some Koha who wants to know what they are supporting will I have just spent a week in Wellington going through.

1) The archives of peace researcher Owen Wilkes (about 25 boxes) of visa militarisation of our space in 50-80s (because of satellite telemetry orbit NZ is vip when it comes to space hardware and signal propagation. The things that give one side ‘air superiority’ over the other.

2) The WWII papers on NZ role in military based ionospheric and other nasty super weapons where we NZ war boffins where at the front of the pack making weapons that could kill from a distance.

Because of our size the usual rule of compartmentalisation did not apply and the war boffins (Leach, Searle, Pickering, Marsden & Rutherford) compared notes and learned from each other whether the job was A-bombs, artificial tsunamis, or turning A- bombs into E-bombs (electron verse atomic) creation or upper atmosphere manipulation. This and the fact we already had three ionosphere observatory meant NZ was at fore of post war science a fact not really appreciated. Wilkes papers covered a lot of the battles to stop university from getting involved in this (Long Bank, Omega, Mt John) and the disinformation tricks of the military to sneak the war research under the umbrella of civilian research (usually very compartmentalised so the research had no real idea what their work was being used for).

An idea first developed by Professor Thomas Leach (who went post war to work on the Snowy Hydro dam which however later turned out to be cover for Australia own shot lived idea of an Aussie Abomb project) who said cover for such military work would be done under the pretence of conducting civilian research at civilian universities. All going well this will form the major story of my annual magazine and map past and present military related space projects including Antarctic which is becoming one big military base and gets fuck all attention something (Wilkes also realised early on). Have spent the better part of the last year visiting these sites including Rocket Lab.

The ‘short list’ of this research project to date excluding Antarctica includes (Items 1-20;

1. Awarua track back to US navy propagation test as early as 1900’s, part of US military’s controversial HAARP Program active in Elon Musk Pentagon linked Star Link (which now has a NZ subsidiary).

2. Wanaka Nasa hub (most civilian). Also tied to B52 proposed visits. ‘Soft diplomacy’ Near by Leo Labs is tracking “space debris” during election night two bits of space junk flew over New Zealand and look to collide until one of them simply vanished. Space debris tracking is simply a nice euphemism for anti-satellite targeting systems.

3. Mt John Twizel long military history in Star Wars on the satellite telemetry orbit which goes out to 45 latitude.


4. Oamaru/Ashburton: East cost (extending out to Chatham’s) military ionosphere research as of 1950’s the papers were classified Top Secret (extend to Kaikoura). In 1970’s had a base tucked in behind Trotters Gorge on the 45th. God knows what they were doing cant find a thing but locals all agree on one thing the bas being raised literally to the ground when the yanks pulled out.

All Sorts of Dirty Secrets lurk declassified in the national Archives


Oamaru is also a training site for Middle Eastern pilots from the Emirates and Saudi Arabia using simulators that with little imagination could also replicate offensive armed drone suite for pilot flying UAV by remote satellite control. In addition NATO Military contractor Dawn Aero Space want to base itself in Waitaki and Oamaru.

Aotearoa was also doing work classified ionosphere work inland at Naseby at the site now used by NIWA last time went their you could see all the old junk piled up painted in that dark green the US military loved. Ran an open day to show local nothing wrong – did that at Long Bank and then shut the door on the journalist who was smart enough to turn up with ahis own signal expert (not so open after all). The back office (which you could see into via an open door) was covered in paper address as Washington DC. The site near this research begun at Lauder little MT Ida is believed to be NZDF owned (still confirming that) pretty sure the 45 MT plastered in all sort of shit other than cell phone towers. Today Oamaru and Waitaki Valley (which at the other end is just down the road from MT John) is in negotiation for Dawn Aerospace (which is NATO linked).As of 90’s 2000’s same area home of HOP1 Hop 2 HAARP related project involving Canterbury University and the RV Tangoroa. Most online papers have since edited out HAARP*1 but I have the originals which I screen shot early on.

*1 Not the infamous Alaska HAARP or more correctly that facility was just one cog in what is now a global net work.

5. Chch Birding Flats US military at the site now being proposed for a new launch site dates back at less to 1940’s. Also part of HAARP HOP experiments (Awarua was about band width BF deal with ionosphere altitude) now the proposed Aerospace hub site (have a photo of Rocket Lab guys in Christchurch operating out facility under Art Gallery which opposite Tait Electronics and near the new NZSIS site, NZDF officers club and a hub of other military related sites clustered in this area).

Operation Deep Freeze from its role in SPAWAR (Space Warfare) to testing dodgey nuclear generators this facility has made a mockery of International law declaring Antarctica military free.

6.Chch Operation Deep Freeze – oh where to begin.

7.Chch Weedon Gunnery Range Ionosphere research 1970’s.

A glimpse of Craftcoft Caverns what other secrets lie within

8.Chch Craftcoft Tunnels (part of massive secret complex built under Christchurch by Fletchers in WW2. It even included a fuel tanks capable of holding tens of thousand tonnes of fuel only found in the 1980s. Government keeps say oh yes oh yes that old thing their nothing else their to find only for more tunnel and facilities to pop up along the road every few years begging the question what else is there. More importantly now houses a Canterbury physics department ‘atomic’ clock ( A ring laser gyroscope (RLG)) Has civilian military functions.

9. Chch University military funded aerospace at Canterbury University most of this physics department which Wilkes outed repeatedly for their clandestine acceptance of US military funded research behind closed doors often hidden in grant money or separate organisations like the National Science Foundation.

10. West Coast Ionosphere research and Uranium prospecting for A-Bombs 1950’s.

11. West Coast Canterbury Omega proposal an early version of what the Pentagons now doing with Star Link.

12. Operation Crow Flight 1950’s (NZ to Tasman ) ionosphere sampling for missile testing treaties also involved in geo engineering. NIWA admitted this at symposium on the topic held in 2010 at Te Papa (also where Lockheed has it weapon expos). That works now done privately by Snow Mt Hydro. Early press release (before it was deleted ) of the event talked of of an MOT task force doing “scientific research” on this topic in our skies involving stratospheric aerosol spraying. This is consistent with what I found in the archives visa MOT role in classified ionosphere research. Also believed to be linked to Project Clover Leaf the use of refractive nano particles built from barium and strontium used to assist radio propagation, conduct jamming, and mask signals from enemy detection.

13. Blenheim Long Bank Woodbourne RNZAF ionosphere research 1970’s classified at time as above top secret (Not even NZ government knew what this “geophysical warfare” research project did). The declassified Wellington archive papers talk of a need for two cover stories one for the civilians and one for the NZ military itself. Blenheim also was home to OPERATION RAIL which saw the CIA sell planes to NZ to break the seaman and wharf worker strikes of the 1950’s.

That had now become SAFE Air who ended up doing advance military electronic for a number to a western air force before being sold to an Australian company – Believe that was to get around NZ laws on who we can and cant sell too. The Blenheim site links to radar and propagation dates back to WWII where it hosted a secret code breaking unit, then Black Birch US Naval Ionosphere Observatory and finally the Waihopai base. Interesting side topic related to the sinking of the Mickhail Lermintov (whose spy credential date back to the 1970’s) and Lange paper found after his death. Reality is went nuke free but then went over time being America bitch on doing spying and paramilitary clock and dagger front (SAS) for the Iran Contra bunch (Colonel McFarlane the principal offender was in fact at one point a SAFE director)

14. Wellington Vic Uni (actually bugger all goes on their but has few minor links).

15. Wellington TePapa Host the annual Lockheed weapons expo. Also Wairarapa air show tied to B52 visits ‘soft diplomacy’.

16. The Tangimoana Station was opened in 1982, replacing an earlier facility at Irirangi, near Waiouru. US listening post near Ohakea Airbase which is getting a 300+ million upgrade and will include enhanced surveillance and satellite capacity as part of the proposed cyber security suite to be installed their and possibly will be run foreign personnel. Come as NZ military communications are now handles by US military satellites and NZ civilian airspace traffic control run by US military contractors as of 2015.

18. Mahia Pensiular Rocket Lab major share holder Lockheed Martin (who also run NZ base in Antarctica along with Serco given 334 million this year. Also run Operation Deep Freeze facilities via subsidiary Raytheon and the Marisat GOES satellite relay run by US Navy SPAWAR (Space Warfare).

Use to conduct research into hypersonic rockets (the back one of new nuclear arm race), launch spy satellites, military targeting systems, military propagation systems, IOT infrastructure to assist weaponised AI and military transmission, military communications and ethically questionable geospatial mapping systems. Workers are exempt from Covid quarantine (as are all military personnel domestic or foreign) and their infrastructure is heavily subsidised by the government.

Western Media warn the CSES Ionosphere heater and its Zhang Satellites have offensive military weapons. A quick read up of their schematics reveal they are exactly the same thing as the US military funded “HAARP” ionospheres and the Zhang satellites do exactly what the Waka 1 satellites are also seeking to do at AUT civilian based space mission control over seen by former Starwars hard liners and whose funding was assisted by the NZDF

19. AUT not only the new NZDF assisted Mission Control, AUT space program (run by former Sar wars policy hawk Neil Patterson), but also history of military research dating back to WWII and Thomas Leachs Tsunami invoking Bomb (Project SEAL).

Which did not as media often misreport close down but whose science went on to be incorporated in the Bikini Atoll explosions and William Picker subsequent research into ionospheric electron stimulation (electron arc bridging) and satellite communications. Induced by high atmospheric nuclear explosions [STARFISH HARD TACK AND PRIME ARGUS).

The Soviet’s responded with Mercury18 and Vulcan (I Kerimov) and now their defence funded ionospheric heaters mirror the US work with ASSP Waka 1 simply the western version of the Chinese Russian Zhang series of satellite which acts as the targeting system for these giant ionospheric heaters.

AUT mission control is also involved in geospatial mapping which if done openly and transparently can help climate change. However done with out transparency geospatial mapping is a tool of extreme tolitatarianism. Its power is not fully understood by a public oblivious to existence its purpose. During lock down NZ was geo spatially mapped by air in a clearly secret manner (and that facts a worry) with little explanation of what the government and those involved in the ask (mostly military contractors with links to the UAV industry) plan to do with this data or any conversation about this technology checks and balances.

19. Rocket Lab Auckland control site and factory.

British Contenders load upon Sky Train an Air Lie Run by Arms dealer Simon Spit who fled NZ in 1991 after embezzling 12 million via his firm Pacfic Express now fly weapons and cargo (some destine for those guilty of genocide and involved in terrorism) for the Saudi and Emirates when not doing logistic for the US military in Afghanistan and Iraq in their War on Terror..

20. Auckland Team Emirates many components research done for boats also have space functions.

While the encryption system used by TEAM Emirates boats have ended up in the hand of Saudi Brazilian military plus terrorist and gun runners (ditto the encryption system used by Liber Cell Auckland and NZF contractor Radiola).

Its No secret (especially since murdered journalist Jamal Khassoggi revealed the UAE Saud Lockheed martin supported Vision 2030 not about climate change but building next generation space weapons) Emirates wants a military prsence in space. And they are Rocket Lab client. A quick search of aircraft used to fly in the yachts used for the America’s Cup also revealed the same aircraft (literally) used in shipment of high tech weapons by Saudi Emirates and their Western allies. Weapons used in the genocide of civilian populations.

There are others sites I will also be looking at but that the ‘short’ list.

So that what you will be helping me research this year. And broad cast publish nation wide. I have budgeted $18,000 for the task of research, travel interviewing, publishing, distribution and find my self about 4000 short.

Pay to: 060 901 0632814 00 ANZ bank Dunedin DEADLINE. All donations big or small are most welcome. Regular AP or one offs are all good.

This is super important and I need your help S.O.S.


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  1. You seem to have it all covered there Ben. Glad you included the Weedons gunnery range. I found antenna there on Google Earth and driving out there with AM radio on in the car the pulses from the nearby US Navy antenna setup interfered with the signal.

    Been in the Carcroft tunnels above Princess Margeret Hospital to see the Ring Laser Project, back in 2002 I think. The size of those tunnels is almost cathedral-like in scale and there’s far more there than I ever saw.

    I’m aware of at least one paper written by a Birdlings Flat researcher relating to AMORC, SPEAR and HAARP that has vanished entirely.

    Something else that I find somewhat hypocritical from our current government with all their hand-wringing about “climate emergency” and carbon footprints is that they are so keen to turn NZ into a launch pad, with rocket plumes having considerable polluting effects to all levels of the atmosphere all the way up to the ionosphere.


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