The Law Breaker & The Law Maker.

Rob Davidson like to be seen as the bad boy

The Police Managers’ Guild was represented by Mr Earle Cooper and Mr Rob Davidson, father of Christchurch Councillor Mike Davidson and Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziell.

Davidson was born after his father had an affair with a 17-year-old woman, a ward of the state who was living with Davidson’s grandmother. Davidson was secretly adopted back into his father’s family where he was raised by his father’s wife, believing she was his mother. Discovering he was adopted later on in life “rocked his adult world”. In the piece, Davidson said he believed his father’s wife “resented him, which would have contributed to what was a troubled upbringing within a working-class family, with beatings not only at home but also at school and at the hands of the police – nothing out of the ordinary for the 1950s”.

Over a period of three years before 1970 he was convicted of disorderly behaviour, burglary, willful damage, breach of probation. a long way from his “dedication to the Police Managers’ Guild Trust as its lawyer and confidant for 25 years”. Which has since his death led to it establishing a scholarship in his name upon his death. Davidson was also made a life member of the Labour Party and served 25 years as a board member and periods as chairman, on the Salisbury Street Foundation which aims to “rehabilitate and re-integrate serious offenders into society” including violent sex offenders (which as a result — to the glee of property developers — crashed house price near by). Other acts of his public service included serving on the board of community health centre Piki Te Ora and the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust.

Davidson bio also includes he was;

1. Suspect in Peter Ellis Case and listed on search warrants.

Gaye Davidson and other beat charges awarded damages. Ellis despite wide spread belief the allegations were absurd not so lucky.

2. Then married to Rob Davidson Gaye Davidson soon fingered Ellis (before being charge herself) after being approached by one of the creche mothers in 1991 around the time stories of the child trafficking ring started doing rounds in Christchurch. This is acknowledge by Christchurch criminologist Greg Newbold (prior to his recent memory lapse) in his review of ‘City Possessed’ by Lynley hood (who did not interview a single child involved ) and again in Queer Nation corroborated by Michael Laws

3. In 2000, Dalziel married Christchurch lawyer Rob Davidson. Lianne Dalziel saying Davidson proposal included the line “You’re the lawmaker, I’m the lawbreaker. You make ’em’, I break ’em'”.

Law Breaker & Law Maker power couple.

Their relationship began just three years after the Crèche investigation when Dalziel, who was a member of Parliament at the time and married to Mike Pannel, had been invited to speak at the Engineers’ Union about MMP ahead of the following year’s referendum on the matter. Wikipedia has Dalziel divorcing the same year in 1995 and citing the stress of parliamentary life was a major factor. She claims to not have met Davidson before hand. Dalziel was however related to one of the parents of children at the Crèche.

It is alleged, by pro Ellis protractors, that relationship shaped Detective Colin Eade’s perception of what went down at the Creeche that Ellis was the ring leader along with Liane’s future husband wife Gaye.

True or False?

Will it can reported – based on publicly available information — that Eade was also having sexual relationship with another woman (an accepted fact but whose identity has never being fully made clear), who also had children at the crèche and who had attended or participated in the so called satanic ritual warning conferences – co hosted by government social workers and those with political connections. So if nothing else their was certainly a major conflict of interest taking place between Eade’s personal life and his professional role as a detective. Though to be fair to the pro Eade camp in at least one case the relationship appear to have take place well after the creche case occurred at least according to the person in question who insit that happened “years later”

For the recorded that satanic abuse story seemed to be something the group swarm onto only after stories of the Californian drug pedo ring had already surfaced. (Note the California drug paedophile allegations also featured in the Bert Potter Case (coincide in the era of Mr Asia’s America expansion – which was also derailed for seven years by a paedophile detective, later convicted, running interference on the original case against Potter).

Complaints of alleged abuse were said to have actually being made pre satanic claims first to the New Brighton police (whether these were made by the women who laid complaint against Ellis and second male worker is not known) who apparently chose not to act. Details alleging satanic abuse only arose after failure to get Ellis convicted during the first police probe.

Only when the rumours of a ring active in Christchurch was common knowledge (as Newbold and Laws confirm) and had become the stuff of standard Christchurch evening dinner talk (where people began to compare notes among themselves) is when the satanic claims against Ellis surfaced. Family of creche members seemingly steered towards this conclusion at a meeting organised by the original complaints which caused alarm among the family members which then led to the second investigation (Ansley, B. (10 July 1993). “Judgement in Christchurch”. New Zealand Listener). While in the mean time the original complaint against the alleged a male worker at a second creche was deemed false. Not that this fact was revealed to the now panicked parents of the children at the Civic crèche. The meeting would serve as a useful distraction potentially for actual abuses that may have taken place in Christchurch by paedophile ring which the public had become aware and of course also helped to brush under the carpet that the second complaint made by those crying ‘witch craft’ had proved unfounded (thus damaging the complainants credibility). However now stirred up by social workers and interviewers insistent of satanic sexual abuse and Eade’s support of the Ellis crèche accusers (with many unaware that Eade was having a sexual relationship with two of the accusers – though as noted in once case that fact seems to have had no bearing on the case itself– at least not directly), the other Civic crèche families remained unsatisfied at the outcome of the first investigation.

Abuse in one form or another was certainly being committed but it is doubtful Ellis was the perpetrator who himself had become a convenient scape goat and the victim of narcistic flying monkeys and malicious gaslighting.

At the time wild stories of pedophile ring run by powerful people began to circulate the Deputy Mayor Morgan Fahey was celebrity who ran on a safe Christchurch platform as he used his position of power to rape and abuse his patients.

Another key fact overlooked by those who insist no abuse was taking place at the council crèche, that the entire idea of a ring of powerful paedophile ring, was simply fiction is the fact the Christchurch deputy mayor (1989–1998) Morgan Fayhey was in fact a himself a rapist and a paedophile of women and young teen many of whom were in state custody at the time of his offences.

Fahey’s own offending spanned thirty years before he was caught.
Fahey had avoided detection using his clout (which included being named as valued fiend at the National party’s 61st conference in Christchurch in 1998 the year he was convicted) to camouflage his whole sale abuse of young women and teenagers. For example one of Fayhey’s many victims would include Gwyneth Beard who was molested along with other girls by Fahey and other medical professions at Strathmore Girls’ Home in Christchurch.

Simlar claims made by other girls at the home were simply dismissed as lies when they tried to report their own sexual abuse experiences in and out of the state home. The case when it finally did become public revealed a litany of allegations made against “Feely Fahey” prior to TV3’s 20/20 1998 expose on Fahey. Once made public the case would then be over seen by Detective Mark Bouvet who also served it is believed on the Ellis case in a minor role. In the initial days when it looked like Fahey would beat the charges he had widespread support within the medical community and the professional classes of Christchurch such as Dr Roger Ridley-Smith. Ridley Smith, who would defended Fahey’s actions, himself had spoken of his Maori women patients as “dingbats”.

Fahey would in post sentence be paroled to his luxury home in Queenstown under the supervision of a former associated of his from Christchurch parole officer Mary Stamers-Smith whose married to Queenstown Lakes District councillor Simon StamersSmith’s who in 1981 ran for the National Party as an MP in Christchurch.

Only a sliver of Fahey’s full crimes have being publicly revealed. Enough to confirm his offending went back to the 1970s and include the rape and impregnation of a minor. For his crime of 13 sexual crimes involving 11 women Fahey would be sentenced to six years in jail. This equalled about six months for each offence. He would be paroled after serving just four years of his sentence. The detectives heading the case declared they would not try to trace the rape and sex victims examined by Fahey during his thirty years of offending including allegation that Fahey had made some of his victims drug addict to enhance their vulnerability.

In the same time Fahey was deputy Mayor of Christchurch the Christchurch City Council employed two skinheads David Crawford the chairman of the National Front (and co editor of the anti-Semitic magazine Heed*1) and Kyle Chapman the President of the National Front, the NZ branch of the British based National Front at the time in addition to funding Chapman trust for ‘homeless’ skinheads. New Way Trust was run by councillor, police and Kyle Chapman which Chapman was still using in 2014 when found dipping his hand into a similar charity set up in Hamilton.

  • *1 = By 1980 Crawford had founded with then self confessed Neo Nazi Satanist Kerry Bolton the New Zealand branch of the Church of Odin. Paul Spoonley quotes Crawford as saying that the Church of Odin was exclusively for whites, and specifically whites “of non-Jewish descent” and that “the main
    Odinic law requires loyalty to race” Crawford also had links to the WACL (World Anti Communist League) who recruited white supremacist and far right to act as mercenaries in US proxy wars against the Soviet Union.

The so called homeless skinhead of Christchurch included a man known as Gary Isherwood who in 2004 was jailed for 20 counts of abduction, rape, sodomy and administering a Class B drug. In 1999 Isherwood was jailed for eight years after forcing a 14-year-old girl to take heroin, making her an addict, and then forcing her into prostitution to pay him for her drug supply. Sherwood was just 21 when he was arrested in 1999 for running the prostitution racket, making the 14-year-old work on the city’s central Manchester St and Latimer Square.

Christchurch Latimer Square home in the 1990s to the NZSIS, the toffy Christchurch Club and the Masonic Lodge oh and skin pimps selling drug addicted underage hookers to respectable gentlemen at reasonable prices dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Where I once saw a hooker get bashed with pool cue in a sock and despite three police cars nothing made the papers.

This is the same year my book came out where I wrote prior to Isherwood conviction;

“Christchurch’s Latimer Square epitomises the street level impact of all that we’ve discussed in this book. At night time the square is just not a very nice place to be: winos and glue-heads compete for park bench space, hoping that the night will be free of harassment from skinheads who pimp underage street kids as prostitutes, or the passing police patrols, that seem oblivious to the former who with their charges lean against the graffiti stained walls of the central city masonic hall” .

I was told that was bullshit in 2004 The conservative Christchurch Press confirmed in light of flood gate of academic and international studies

Christchurch to probe under-age prostitution problem

27 Feb, 2004 12:53 AM

Turns out I was right after all.

Subsequent academic studies confirmed street youth in Christchurch were being used as pawns by bigger fish after being groomed not just for sex but for other crimes as well be it arson burglary or pimping. See also for background details regarding the money laundering background history of those who handled the sexual abuse complaints in institute run by the Catholic Church in Christchurch.

I also wrote in State Secrets (published in 1999) my concerns of the far right in Christchurch which include Gun City (where the Christchurch shooter procured his weapons) owner David Tipple’s links right wing mercenary groups and the future chairman of the Christchurch Foundation charities link to South African Rhodesia (under the regime of Ian Smith) anti communist right wing mercenaries the former CEO of the Christchurch Press Humphrey Rolleston ;

Expanding on Christchurch far right and dark under belly of racism and corruption I noted;

Kyle Chapman the Neo Nazi the Christchurch City Council loved.

“Current South Island far right wing organisations include Force 88, who popped out of nowhere in 1997, coinciding with Mike Moore’s (whose Wall Without Wall opposed by Left has since being repackaged as the Global Migration Bill which set off the Christ church attack) decision to make gangs a public issue. The sudden emergence of skinheads as the number one news story was assisted by a spate of “skinhead related attacks” within Christchurch, including an attack on a Somalian woman and ending with the attack on an African male at Sumner beach. The gentleman, who coincidentally turned out to be the head of the Christchurch Africa Association, was set upon by two skinheads who 218 then scarpered, leaving Police to charge a group of “petrol heads” who had gathered to watch the “entertainment”. One source, familiar with the group charged, described the group as “so stupid they wouldn’t know how to spell racism let alone know what it means”. The attack, which was said to have occurred for over ten minutes, took place within sight of a Police vehicle, but unfortunately the Police didn’t realise what was happening, and did not intervene until the original instigators of the attack had fled.

The National Front today can in turn be linked to the heavier and infamous Harris brothers clique who are in turn associated with the Epitaph, the Nomads and in Timaru the white supremacist gang the Road Knights, a nice little group renowned for its hobbies of murder and sodomy.

The African victim’s rescuers were, in fact, an off duty Police officer and civilian whose own brother had been slain in a racially-motivated killing the year before.

Subsequent investigations discovered that the Stormtroopers Gang could be linked to the National Front, led by a skinhead working for the Christchurch City Council who was being paid to rehabilitate skinheads. For his work, the skinhead received a grant of $15,000 from the Christchurch council and another $35,000 from the Prime Minister’s Office Crime Prevention Authority” (That in fact may be wrong and the agency in question was the police ministry).

As of 2014 Chapman claimed to be an active trustee of New Way Trust – the accounts were consigned by a policer officer and a Christchurch city councillor. Oddly the Christchurch Press who pre shooting took Tipple money and post shooting ran an investigation of white supremacy which only looked at the bottom feeders and has never bothered to investigate the trust or where the money went over two decades with the exception of a single glowing appraisal.

I worked at the time on this section of my book with now councillor Yarni Johanson to see what we could do to find more info on the MPs we believed were using skinheads and street gangs to conduct dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Sadly we found heaps of smoke but not enough fire to name these senior MPs outright in the book or the TV news celebrity whose name came up time and time again when I spoke to street kids and sex workers. 

I am now beginning to realise however a lot of those abusers of street kids (operating at a street level) were themselves abused while under institutionalised care and were the products of institutionalised grooming and manipulation by those situated in higher strata of society on a grand scale in their own right.

Nick S & Dalziel taking the piss over water and what happened with Peter Ellis.

4. While Gaye Davidson sided with Hood (which took the role no abuse was conducted at all) and National pushed by Nick Smith (left) on the need for a Royal inquiry.

No inquiry was ever to take pace as Gaye was let down by National. Who instead cooperated with Labour on a minister probe in which those who needed to be investigated would investigate themselves.

This would be conducted and over seen by a friend of the prosecuting judge of Ellis case who had written his mate a gushing testimonial previously. It included those from National who had called for an inquiry and had family ties to the crèche and it included Lianne Dalziel related to children who attended the creche and was now married to the former husband of yet another accused member of the so called Ellis ring. In the end with a very narrow scope (focusing only on testimony of those who had convicted Ellis) it was declared Ellis had just missed the threshold to prove his innocents. As the government Dalziel was a part of had already denied Ellis a privy council case saying it be too expensive. The ministerial inquiry ? “It fails by a distinct margin; I have not found this anything like a borderline judgment” stated Phil Goff Labour;s Minister of Justice).

Meanwhile the parents of the ‘abused’ children collected up to in cases five ACC cheques with a pay out close to half million. All paid out with no question asked and ACC even given a written endorsement from the police Davidson would go onto act for as their guild counsel shortly afterwards. Even in the case where one child claimed Ellis had murdered a giraffe he kept in his back yard ACC had not quibbled or questioned the absurdity of the claim.

5. A number of irregularities in the trial were publicised in a TV3 2020 programme which aired on 16 November 1997. The programme exposed how the jury foreman had been the celebrant at the wedding of the Crown Prosecutor Brent Stanaway 15 years earlier. It revealed how a female juror had also like Eade had a sexual relationship with a co-worker of the mother of one of the children. The programme also put forward statements that most of the children who made allegations of sexual abuse withdrew their accusations at various times during proceedings but that social workers (who in cases had personal links to the Labour party and crèche family members) conducting the interviews treated this as a symptom of ‘denial’

Marian ‘Boo boo; Hobbes another Beehive Ellis connection .

6. Such counsellors included Alison Locke of Avonside Girls High School whose head mistress was Marion Hobbs who post Ellis served a Labour Member of Parliament from 1996 to 2008. Locke was the first counsellor involved that convinced Detective Colin Eade to consider charging Peter
Ellis. His perception of Ellis guilt in turn affirmed by the mothers of the crèche children Eade’s was sleeping with.

Alsion saw Satanic sex rings and sexual abuse every where she looked and helped shape the police view Ellis was guilty

Locke, who at that time was based in Christchurch’s Eastside near Brighton, would zero in on the comment allegedly said by one of the children that he hated Ellis “black penis” (Ellis was a pakeha) which is widely now seen to refer to a black puppy. A few months before the woman, simply identifies as “a counsellor” had bought a black puppy from Ellis, who showed her boy how to tell the puppy’s sex. Eight weeks later, the 3-year-old told his mother the counsellor he didn’t like creche worker Peter Ellis’ “black penis”.

The ‘woman’ which Wikipedia identifies as a “counsellor” was herself, the author of a “handbook” on child sexual abuse, “who had recovered memories of being sexually abused” herself saw not the puppy she brought of Ellis but something more sinister.

Sign of the Takahe Christchurch where National MPs and the old school tie boys like to party.

7. The case against Morgan Fahey, who was busy running around sexually offending on a grand scale in the same period as the ‘Civic Creche ring’ was alleged to have taken place included at one point Detective Mark Bouvet, Bouvet who had received a commendation for his work on the Morgan Fahey case (which could not be denied following the 2020 expose) would be the future partner of Richard Freeman who had comanaged the Sign of the Takahe and the de-facto play pen of National and Cashmere beautiful people famed for its stain Glass Freemason window (showing off Christchurch water and mineral rich mountains). The building is built on Craftcroft estate where secret tunnels that had led under the Princess Margaret Hospital (where reports of child abuse by patients who committed suicide were also ignored ) were discovered in 1987. The pair lost management of the historical old boys site after Freeman’s wife died under highly odd circumstances in 2019 and Freeman own links to the Head Hunters gangs and drug and arms rings had become public in 2016.

The back ground of these connections complete, with actual tunnels to be found, certainty make the creche ring stories more credible in term of accurately reflecting the close nature of Christchurch under belly and its cosy relationship with certain elements embedded in the police and politics. Links formed through old school ties and sports clubs. While they also provide an another solid empirical example of the undisclosed conflict of interests held by those in parliament who would get to decide over Ellis fate when he sought a pardon.

For as Narka declares under the title ‘Liar Dalziel and her Peter Ellis connections’

“Now that she has gone from Cabinet Phil Goff and Helen Clark might now
find it easier to consider the call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry
into the Peter Ellis case. Now that Liar Dalziel’s influence might have been trimmed somewhat it might be the right time for Clark and Goff to accept that Dalziel
might have some odd connections that might have been hindering true
justice for Ellis and his mates. Might also be a good time for National to also come clean on the very close Ministerial connections and influences they had when the Ellis
debacle broke”.

While of course “In Government, Lianne Dalziel, Ruth Dyson and Phillida Bunkle all say an enquiry is unnecessary” Herald (Feb 7th)….

October 24 1999 Sunday Star-Times ‘Quite Right’ column, Frank Hade wrote “The essence of the Ellis affair is that he was convicted by small children and by the so-called experts who claim to have correctly interpreted their behaviour. Where was the medical evidence and scars of their physical injuries? Where were the tunnels, trapdoors, cages and weapons ? The truth behind the creche affair should be revealed by an inquiry with wide terms of reference. But closed minds won’t help. A pardon for Mr Ellis is not at all unthinkable.”

And that they did so with out revealing their own conflict of interest and personal stake in the Ellis Affair is the true crime that needs to be exposed.

Lauda Finem an underground website located outside of NZ police jurisdiction notes

The Peter Ellis case stands alone in many respects. Probably the first is the deliberate manner in which the state has conceal the identities of at least two major political players. Now when we say political players we are not referring to politicians who were at arms length. We are actually talking about two politicians, National MP Nick Smith and NZ Labour’s Lianne Dalziel whose immediate families number among those who falsely pointed the finger at Peter Ellis, although the political interference gets much much worse. The name suppression orders in that case are a classic case in point for the abolition of name suppression and the need to open justice. Far from being just and or deserved the suppression orders granted back in 1993 have over the years enabled further skulldugery and if not actual malevolent criminal wrongdoing, certainly the opportunity for it existed. Team LF are currently investigating issues surrounding Dalzials sisters time as advisor to the Labour Prime Mister Helen Clarke, during her term in office, concurrent with an appeal process which both Helen Clarke and then minister of Justice Phill Goff were involved.

The Christchurch Civic Creche case – Another Justice Minister fobs off “political hot potato”

For the record at the police request (following a personal visit on 20/5/2022) we note we don’t know what the accuracy of Lauda Finem and others are concerning which children where abused ( a correction on this issue has being made else where voluntarily) and by whom. We simply report that yes Labour and National minister had young relatives at the creche at the time of the allegations — which paradoxically the police visit confirms– against Ellis where being made and the fact alone should have being disclosed by both Labour and National when discussing the concept of pardon or Royal Inquiry as it represents a significant conflict of interest and potentially even a criminal miscarriage of justice. So at this point we expect the police to be knocking at Lianne and Nick’s door any day now (yeah right as the Tui adverts goes) to discuss the very serious of misuse of ministerial power. (yeah right as the Tui adverts goes)

8. In 2019 in the weeks before the Chch shooting Davidson represented Cloud Ocean Water offered to lobby politicians on the bottling company’s behalf. 

Rob Davidson, who runs Davidson Legal and has been married to Dalziel since 2019, initially denied that either he or his firm had ever offered to undertake political lobbying for Cloud Ocean or any other client, when contacted by Stuff. That is a line we do not cross.” He later claimed to scrap that offer. Though his ability to access the Mayor ear was still listed on his website – complete with staff doing embarrassingly overt masonic hand signals. 

9. Smith (who himself belongs to an old school ties based “Secret Society” the Nelson Club with its own links to the British Far Right and White supremacy ) and Alison Dalziel sister of Lianne was a consultant who also sat on the ECan review board which at Smith oversight investigated the “slow resource consent processing”, poor management framework for assessing natural resources and its relationship problems with other local authorities which effectively it can be argued shortcut the democratic process.

10. In 2020 it was found that his Davidson firm had handled donations exceeding the legal amount from Chinese firm for Dalziel re-election campaign.

Shortly afterwards Davison died of cancer and media tune once more made the recidivist self declared law breaker into a man of the people. The SFO investigation and growing concern over charities he was linked to conveniently brushed aside forgotten. As Lianne Dalzeil also sought to dismiss growing concerns over the Christchurch Foundation (which Rolleston chaired) lack of transparency.

The SFO would clear Dalziel but frankly that means jack shit to any one who watched the SFO in action. Primarily since the SFO was itself set up in the 1990’s as Neo Liberalism set out to gets it grips into New Zealand by right wing (neo conservative and neoliberal) politicians who wanted to take the job of investigating high level fraud away from the Justice department for the crime of doing their job of going after white collar crime too well. As for the legality of the old ‘law breaker’ actions? Will he is is conveniently dead so that ends that.



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