“- Madeleine Swann: I see you left this final question blank. What is your occupation.
– James Bond: Well, that’s not the sort of thing that looks good on a form.
– Madeleine Swann: And why is that?
– James Bond: I kill people.”- Daniel Craig Spectre in which 007 discovers that the Five Eyes Network is controlled in reality by Spectre’s the council of the Nine Eye network. James Bond Spectre (Bond 24).

QUESTION? WHAT THE CARGO OF THE MV PEAR EXPRESS ?? (Singapore registered -s till working through company records to identify actual owner) Answer:Sodium Hydroxide and nitric acid

QUESTION WHAT INDUSTRY USE SODIUM HYDROXIDE AND NITRIC ACID? Answer: The major industrial use of sodium nitrate is in the explosives industry. The process involves the neutralization of nitric acid with sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide.

Then we get this: MV HELIOS RAY vehicle carrier, was travelling from Saudi Arabia to Singapore suffers explosion within the Gulf of Oman. Vessel inbound Singapore from Dammam Saudi Arabia when incident occurred Feb 27

Then we get this: March 31st Iran Says Container Ship Damaged by Blast in Mediterranean Sea By MV Yasna Haghdoost. Iran said one of its container ships was damaged by an explosion in the Mediterranean Sea this week, the latest in a series of claims that’s fuelling reports the Islamic Republic and Israel are targeting each other’s vessels. An explosive device slightly damaged the hull of the Shahr E Kord in international waters on Wednesday, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported, calling it a “terrorist attack.” The crew contained a fire ignited by the blast and no one was hurt, it said, citing the spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line Group.

A third incident (in fact just one of too many to recount) takes place the year before as the 4th of August twenty twenty plume of smoke looming high above Beirut ravaged port are still fresh in our mind. To remind you all this is the horrific explosion which took place days after a reporter with a reputation for being anti Hamas is taking specific care to photograph the cargo being loaded into Hangar 12.

This is the soon to be flattened warehouse loaded with nitrates from an old Russian Israeli owned ship: One which incidentally bear remarkable similarity to the ghost ships uses to arm waring Islamic tribal fractions in Libya (while UN looks the other way). The third incident has Iranian authorities investigating a blaze that damaged seven ships at a southern Iranian port, the latest in a string of fires and explosions that have raised suspicions of coordinated sabotage targeting the nation’s infrastructure and a nuclear facility.

Jahangir Dehghani, director general of local crisis management in Bushehr, told state television that a cause “would be disclosed once authorities concluded their investigation”. The fire at Bushehr’s Delvar Shipyard follows a series of incidents that have damaged facilities connected to Iran’s nuclear and missile programs and other important infrastructure. Bushehr, which lies on the Persian Gulf coast, is a key hub for Iran’s oil industry and home to the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.

Then of of course lets not forget: the famous dick pic incident in the Suez canal where the navigation computer literally drew a dick pic and crashed the ship into the Suez canal. Just days before a big ceremony showing off Egypt glory and modernization which Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli had pinned specifically on the Suez.

When the Evergreen megaship dick pic blocked traffic in the Suez Canal for almost a week in March, it triggered a new surge in container spot freight rates, Which had finally started to settle from the all-time highs caused by COVID-19 pandemic impact on the cargo container market. Jan Hoffmann, head of UNCTAD’s trade and logistics branch noted “About 80% of the goods we consume are carried by ships, but we easily forget this.”

Then there is this May 16 Twenty Twenty One – A Pro-Palestinian protest shut down a section of the Port of Oakland on Friday, blocking an Israeli container ship from being unloaded
Same day half a world away Two Israeli Ports Closed After Rocket Attacks

And yet for all these event the only word I can see is the words CARGO METRICS.

Cargo Metrics is perhaps the first public model of how geospatial mapping and AI combined can have a real world impact from the task of collecting data on a scale that almost defies human comprehension.

It is a walking breathing living example of just how dangerous geospatial mapping can be in the wrong hands. A terrifying hint at what quantum mechanics has for us just around the corner of a ‘tomorrow world’ which is looming up real fast. It is nothing short of a potential weapons demonstration of how algorithms let loose with power of quantum computing is not just going to analyse the market but shape the market in a real direct physical manner.

It is what happen when the Minority Report Precrime software get unleashed on the open market and ends up privatised.

What Epstein did for organised charity pillaging, in terms of being the architect for the Money Merry Go Round we all came to know and love as The Clinton Global Initiative, Ghislaine Maxwell’s new boyfriend, Artificial Intelligence programmer, Scott Borgerson has done for legitimising cyber based inside trading on an epic scale. Cargo metrics make the outlawed practice of toning in which ship captains use to bet their cargo against each other (and some times bet against themselves to win and collect insurance for a double pay out) seem well quaint in comparison.

And WOW Looking at the timing of all of this. Just when the Maritime version of Palantir the privatised form of TIA get snap up by Maersk one the world biggest container shipping firms.

Oh what is TIA?

For those who don’t know what that is it is Total Information Awareness was a proposed mass detection program put forward by the United States Information Awareness Office. It operated under this title from February to May 2003 before being renamed the Terrorism Information Awareness.

Long story short TIA was a brain child of whole bunch of former Iran Contra ‘Despicable Me’ types. Scum who avoided jail by being pardoned by their co-conspirators American Presidents George Bush and Ronald Regan for their part in the Iran Contra scandal. These charming guys came up with the idea of a big brother precrime software right after the Twin Towers attack and Congress took one look at these goons and promptly replied NO (capital letter emphasised).

So the bad guys undisturbed promptly ignored Congress. And when they were not allowed to do TIA by the front door they simply went around the back door and presented TIA as Palantir.

Palantir was still basically TIA under a different brand name but now it was privatised and soon the government came calling in need of their services.

CargoMetrics, the shipping version of Palantir, is still in its infancy plans. Yet given time it will do shipping what the Iran Contra goons plan to do with democracy. Using technology, including geospatial mapping, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, to produce the ultimate market edge. The advantage of in data terms being able to see tomorrow before tomorrow has arrived.

Specifically Maersk partnership of Cargometrics come as the one time ally of Nazi Germany Maersk can be seen prepping for a cyber infrastructure attacks well ahead of the pack and just prior to the main ports of the Middle East going up in flames so to speak.

Right about the time they then go an buy the equivalent of nothing short of Minority Report for shipping of Ghislaine Maxwell latest boy toy.

Their press release reads

“In light of the recent cyberattack, it’s no surprise that Maersk is investing in new tech to streamline its supply chain. After all, when Nyetya struck Maersk in July, it took weeks for the shipping line to restore operations to normal as it struggled to reinstate its IT systems. After reporting a projected $1 billion profit for fiscal year 2017 and a $300 million loss on account of the cyberattack (which also knocked out Merck Pharmaceutical production line leading to mass vaccination being sent hurriedly to US military where they sat around Washington all summer long breaking down in military camp where people started getting sick in neighbour hoods where old people started dying in military veteran old homes of a mystery virus) , Maersk seems confident enough to immediately invest in a technology hedge fund that will update its systems, implying it’s fairly optimistic about the state of operations going forward”

A.P. Moeller-Maersk stock jumped more than 5% on Wednesday May 5 twenty twenty one, as the Danish shipping giant launched a $5 billion share buyback program after record profits in the first quarter.

The company said its “exceptionally strong” performance in the first three months of 2021 was driven by “strong demand and surging freight rates. Global demand has soared in recent months as the economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis has gathered pace“.

HMM Why am I suddenly reminded of Arnim Zola famous last words “HAIL HYDRA!!!”



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