THE ENLIGHTENED ONES: Not so much A Satanist Cult & More A Case Narcistic Fascists Using Theatre & Mentalism to Manipulate Our Dogma of Choice.

“And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!” Scooby Doobie Doo.

CLARICATIONS of Terms & Intent:

I am not here to bash the occult (or anyones chosen belief systems whatever they maybe), or to be sanctimonious (If I had a halo it would a rusty and dull). When we talk of not talking of watching thirty years olds in school uniforms or ‘naughty nurses bondage outfits’ but full scale abuse of children and teens subject not to just with not just sexual abuse but extreme level of violence and sadism.

I am not an occult specialist of the arcane ( Im just a grubby muggle flat foot who hung out in some dodgy bars) which among other things requires a study of specialist languages, a study of quantum physics (not to be confused with quantum mechanic which all to often gets used to pedal pseudo science).

My post is written from the point of an academically qualified political scientist (since were talking mumbo jumbo black arts) and some one with over thirty years experience in writing about terrorism (and if orchestrated mass ritualistic terror is not terrorism what is then) who combined with my qualification experiences in history, media, studies and art symbolism, feeIs qualified to comment can comment that one of the reasons ritual abuse gets misreported is due a combined mis-definition of what the term satanic cult means to begin with an attempt to incorrectly report this as partisan issue when it is not. When I use the term satanic paedophilic I am instead talking of those who understand the power of theatre and mentalism (not magic). So in this context I use the term ‘Satanic Cult’ as defined as the use of ritualised abuse in which esoteric beliefs or prop’s are utilised or employed to bond offenders together or used to engage, enact, camouflage, or cover up an act of sexual abuse in an organised manner.


Mainstream is increasingly reporting that UFOs are not only real but even suggesting their a “Galactic Federation” meeting in secret with government officials. Though such claims are inevitably offered up with not a shred of proof. Further while the idea pushed by Pentagon Officials and politicians like John Podesta gathers speed that ‘aliens are here’ it has received zero scientific backing or provided any meaningful evidence that actual close encounters of the third kind (actual aliens encounter)) have taken place.

Jeremy Corbell the New Age pseudo scientist the Corporate media are taking seriously.

In contrast the same media seem reluctant to discuss the idea that yes their is a network of globally powerful individual who use ritualised ‘satanic’* abuse for the goals of self gratification, black mail and securing power over others.

This is despite the fact the actual evidence of such cabal operating is not that hard to find. Well at less when it compared against the volume of quality work which argues UFO’s are space ships for aliens who walk amongst us. Stories which have being promoted by Jeremy Corbell and Luis Elizondo.

Elizondo claims to have worked on a secret government project for the US government. There however is no evidence he worked for the government on a UFO program, much less led one. His claims he worked for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, known as AATIP is disputed by those who did. (Regardless Wikipedia attribute him as the boss of AATIP). The footage was released by a company called To The Stars founded in 2017 whose board of directors reads likes a whose of former intelligence officers including Jim Semivan, a senior Intelligence Officer with the CIA, Steve Justice of military contractors Lockheed martin (the chief financier of New Zealand based Rocket Lab), Christopher Karl Mellon (born of Mellon oil dynasty), a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Défense for Intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations and later for Security and Information Operations. Mellon formerly served as the Staff Director of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Mellon claims first in Corbell’s video that he met with an unnamed individual in the parking lot of the Pentagon and was handed a package containing three videos recorded by U. S. Navy pilots between 2004 and 2015 Gary Nolan Genetic Engineer who ‘discovered’ (Nolan acknowledges that its history is “a bit murky)the ‘extra-terrestrials’ specimen, discovered in the Chilean desert in 2003 known as Ata which eventually emerged as being simply a human foetus with genetic bone defects. It also included Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLOnge who names appears in the John Podesta, the former White House Chief of Staff, UFO wikileaks emails in the context of a proposed “Sekret” project to be aimed a the youth market and his promise to keep those advising him (Podesta) on how to market the story secret. The wikileak emails lists the media sources of those who were cooperating with the project as including Rolling Stones, Washington Post, New York Times.

See also STORM AREA 51 Spontaneous or Engineered Kool Aid? social media algorithm manipulation & social engineering.

Corbell’s own back ground is in quantum studies (the metaphysical belief or pseudo science that seek to relate spirituality, or mystical worldviews to the ideas of quantum mechanics), Jujitsu and “Warrior Yoga” and who other documentaries include Patient Seventeen a movie about alien implants, Bob Lazar the widely discredited UFOLOGIST who claims to have a degree from MIT & Cal tech is disputed by MIT & Cal tech who say they have no record of Lazar as having being a student. Similar background checks of the few names who have suddenly gained media credibility (as the US military and American Media believe not just in Aliens and Flying Saucers but that aliens actually walk among us) raise similar red flags as the corporate media selectively gloss over the fact that confirmation that the footage released is authentic does not mean the ‘ufologist’ analyst of that footage has being accepted by the authorities in itself.

Wikipedia ( aLWAYS useful measuring stick for what the primary dogma of the day believes) notes incorrectly The right wing conspiracy theory movement known as Q or QAnon, which originated on 4Chan in 2017, has “adopted many of the tropes of SRA and Satanic Panic. Instead of daycare centers being the center of abuse, however, liberal Hollywood actors, Democratic politicians, and high-ranking government officials are portrayed as a child-abusing cabal of Satanists”.

Convicted Hollywood sexual abusers include Harvey Berstein. Weinstein donated more than $1.4 million in political contributions to the DNC since the 1992 election cycle. Those donations are related to claims earlier allegations against Bernstein were washed under the carpet.

Bill Crosby raped over 34 women as Hollywood looked the other way as African American bands such as the Disposable Heroes of Hip Hop say Crosby represented a class of African American leaders who convinced African American to ignore the DNC adoption of right wing economic neoliberalism ad its impact on lower socio America in exchange for power and patronage of the DNC.

For example Andrea Constand says she was raped by Cosby in 2004, and her allegations aree the focus of a civil lawsuit after Bruce Castor, the former district attorney in Montgomery County, Pa., declined to press criminal charges. Constand has served a subpoena demanding “all documents relating to the campaign contributions made by you, your firm or William H. Cosby Jr. or anyone acting on his/your behalf to any campaign involving Bruce Castor since 2005 to present.” McMonagle admits to giving to Castor’s unsuccessful campaign to retake his position as DA of Montgomery County.

Contrary to the Democrat friendly press and the Republican slanted QANON propaganda machine Epstein Lolita was bipartisan it flew Democrats Republicans and even Royals. The only things its paedophile owner cared about was power and the means to obtain more power be it through knowledge or money.

Epstein close friend Kevin Spacey, Timothy Olyphant ( stars in Once upon A Time which revolve around the exploits of paedophile Roman Polenski and cult leader Charles Manson) are all proof that abuse occurs in high places but you can go deeper than that and it is not a hard task to compile a list of VIPs who were abusers but did so with the support of a bipartisan network of power hard wired into the very institutes of the status quo.

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE & OTHER SUPERCILLOUS EGO MANIACS – graduates of the ‘invisible college;.

The relationship between the University and the Patrician, absolute ruler and nearly benevolent dictator of Ankh-Morpork, was a complex and subtle one. The wizards held that, as servants of a higher truth, they were not subject to the mundane laws of the city. The wizards said that, as followers of the light of wisdom, they owed allegiance to no mortal man. The Patrician said that this may well be true but they also owed a city tax of two hundred dollars per head per annum, payable quarterly. The wizards said that the University stood on magical ground and was therefore exempt from taxation and anyway you couldn’t put a tax on knowledge.

The Patrician said you could. It was two hundred dollars per capita; if per capita was a problem, decapita could be arranged…The Patrician said he was talking about easy terms. They wouldn’t want to know about the hard terms. The wizards said that there was a ruler back in , oh, it would be the Century of the Dragonfly, who had tried to tell the University what to do. The Patrician could come and have a look at him if he liked”.

The Patrician said that he would. He truly would. In the end it was agreed that while the wizards of course paid no taxes, they would nevertheless make an entirely voluntary donation of, oh, let’s say two hundred dollars per head, without prejudice, mutatis mutandis, no strings attached, to be used strictly for non-militaristic and environmentally-acceptable purposes.

The Unseen University City of An- Morh-pork by satirist Terry Pratchett Disk World

Cases included;

1. NXIVM was an American sex cult who engaged in sex trafficking. Based in New York, the home of course to Jeffrey Epstein, the group was shown in court to have been a recruiting platform for a secret society that used pseudo new age beliefs called “DOS” in which women were branded and forced into sexual slavery.

As of April 2019, five people associated with NXIVM including co-founder Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty to various charges. Its founder Keith Raniere was convicted in federal court of sex trafficking and racketeering on June 19, 2019. On September 30, 2020, Clare Bronfman was sentenced to six years and nine months in federal prison. As of September 2020, it was estimated about 50 to 60 people remained “very loyal” to Raniere who was sentenced to 120 years in prison in October 2020. It followers included celebrities Alison Mack (Smallville), Kristin Kreuk (Smallville), Sarah Edmonson (Stargate), Nikki Clyne Battle Star Galatica, Grace Park (Haiwaii Five O reboot),

2. Epstein Orgy Island black book Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump.

Jeffrey Edward Epstein an American financier credited with designing the now disgraced Clinton Global Fund which has received FUNDING from both Labour National and numerous well known businessmen connected to the Christchurch Foundation. Convicted as a sex offender 2018. Began his professional life as a teacher before switching to the banking and finance sector in various roles, working at Bear Stearns before forming his own firm later linked to inside trading and money laundering.

In 2005, police in Palm Beach, Florida, began investigating Epstein after a parent complained he had sexually abused her 14-year-old daughter. Epstein pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2008 by a Florida state court of procuring a child for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute. Epstein served 13 months in custody having only being convicted of two crimes, as part of a controversial plea deal,; after federal officials had identified a further 36 girls 14 years and older who Epstein had raped or abused. Epstein was arrested again on July 6, 2019, on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York. He died in his jail cell on August 10, 2019 after camera in his cell where found switched off. The medical examiner ruled the death a suicide with Epstein’s lawyers having disputed the ruling.

Regardless upon hearing that news stand-up comics and many of Epstein’s friends in high office breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The ‘temple’ on orgy Island donned with a phoenix/owl.

Epstein had nurtured and developed an elite social circle assisted by his role in procuring women and young girls who were then sexually abused by Epstein and his inner circle which at one point included Donald Trump who like Clinton flew on Epstein now famous Lolita Express. Lolita being the name locals gave to the private aircraft which USA Federal prosecutors say that Jeffrey Epstein used to traffic women & underage girls to his residences in Palm Beach Florida and his private Island in the Virgin Islands.

Further the Clintons, Trump and Epstein, who had all being closed friends at one point, would also all banked at the NY branches of Deutsch Bank and JP Morgan Epstein had being affiliated with when working for Bear Stearn and first begun money laundering and cultivating a net work of powerful friends by making himself useful as he provided what they needed be it girls or tax evasion.

In 2019 a boat the Dancing Hare linked to Ghislaine Maxwell Epstein girl friend come pimp was spotted in NZ along with the jets and super yachts of other guest of Epstein Bill Gates, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos. The Epstein’s jet, got it nicknamed the “Lolita Express” by locals on the U.S. Virgin Islands hideaway where Epstein allegedly hosted orgies involving young broke women and rich old men. The name Lolita draws from The film/ book of the same name which about follows Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged literature lecturer who becomes sexually infatuated with Dolores Haze (nicknamed “Lolita“), a young adolescent and today is now a commonly known term for a paedophile.

Prince Phillip a third degree Mason (at less) at the Bohemian Grove

‘Orgy Island’ with it now famed mausoleum (in fact a music room) decorated in an Egyptian theme with the colors, design, and direction of the stripes are strikingly similar to the design in Tutankhamun’s Nemes headdress. In addition to a number of sculptures of speculative occult nature.

Though the conjecture of the gold bird sitting on top of the ‘temple’ being the Owl of Minerva linked to Bohemian Grove (Where Harvard Skull & Bones and Yale’s scroll & Key alumni meet and sing tectonic pagan beer songs and play ping pong with each other and their esteemed like minded guests like Price Phillip considered deep thinkers or alternatively have deep pockets) are valid. Especially when you consider Epstein’s known obsession with Harvard and Epstein’s burning desire to be seen as part of this club he perceived as a deep thinkers and part of the elite’s special club of enlightened folk.

The ‘temple’ (its golden dome and exterior added to the design and construction after original designs were submitted an approved by authorities in St Jameson) similarities to the Harvard affiliated MIT’s great dome Great Dome built in 1916, “a symbol of the classical ideals of education and excellence” and this  was not accidental gains traction when you learn Epstein other secluded property Zoro Ranch is named after the secret alumni of MIT The Z Society formed in 1892 and is the oldest still-secret society at UVA Harvard and other Ivy league institute in a complicated and inter woven hierarchy that orientate around the The Association of Greek Alumni of American Universities.

The fraternities effectively mimic the School Houses of the British private schools which (in the manner of Sorting hat JK Rowling’s fictional school for Wizards Hogwarts) lumped students together based on their abilities, social classes, and family connections to ensure those students were groomed for their place in society. These University Alumni’s in turn form the back bone to the sororities or fraternity (familiar to any one who has ever watched National Lampoon’s Animal House) who give birth to the ‘Ring Clubs’ who in style and packaging mirror ‘friendship’ or masonic gentleman clubs of the 19th century and they borrow heavily from the customs and culture of European universities (especially Cambridge and Oxford), including their secretive nature, secret usually esoteric in flavour rituals and secret hand sings or recognition codes that are in flavour based around Greek and Roman mythology and esoteric customs as interpreted by 17th 18th century scholars and romantic classical artist of the era.


The older and more connected those rings clubs were the higher their prestige wealth exclusivity and nepotistic became. In this they again mirror the hierarchy of ‘masonic’ based societies. Where the lower orders have little or no idea of their role as simply feeders to the higher orders who recruit selectively and carefully in a graded system. One aimed to wean out those who lack the qualities, blood lines, or disposition required of higher orders. As an example the blue lodges tend to recruit from working or blue collar or true blue ranks. In term of influence and sway in wider society such lesser lodges have little influence on society than say the bottom runs of rotary or lions clubs (which are not masonic but are often used by lodges as a recruiting grounds). It is not until you get into the higher Royal Lodges or Orange/Purple Black Lodges where its not just the issue that Lodges seem cultish and ‘spooky’ but the members of these kind of lodges are in their own right people of influence. These are people who got powerful by becoming experts on knowing how not to share power or let outsiders into your inner confidence (inner temple) with out careful vetting first.

The Duke of Kent Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

*The Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry and “is meant to increase a Freemason’s knowledge of the fraternity and the lessons that it teaches” disputes Charles was a Mason. However as their many aspects of the Scottish Rite that are disputed by others in turn the allegation is cited.

Senior members typically tend to come from old families. The older your family the higher your rank within the hierarchy of the lodges themselves. With lesser lodges providing a deflection to outsiders like the wall of a citadel ring interlocking to provide a multilayer of defence to counter infiltration or surveillance from the outside. Unsurprisingly Epstein’s friends the Royal family of England, whose own power base can go back literally thousands of years, has a long history of family members (not all royal members decide to join), who decide to become Freemasons, ending up as high ranking members. The Duke of Kent has been the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England for over 50 years making the Queen’s cousin the most senior Freemason in the English hierarchy of Freemasonry. Other Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England included George IV and Edward VII King.

King Charles II,  became allegedly an early senior mason when exiled in 1649*1. The origins of The Royal Society which James funded also lies in the idea of an ‘Invisible College’. An idea parodied in English Satirist Terry Pratchett ‘Unseen Universit’y and JK Rowley’s Harry Potter’s Platform 3&3/4 as the magic entry point for Hogwarts School of Wizardry. A magical place of higher learning, sanctum sanatorium, where enlightened folk practiced ‘true’ magic. An unseen world of intellectualism which remains blind to ordinary “muggles” (and even once inside not all the doors of Hogwarts open unless you come from the right blood line, house, or know the right spell). Whatever the slang term used for the Invisible College its in reality today simply a metaphor for the idea that knowledge and power should not be shared and that only some people have the required qualities and genetics needed to see and understand such ‘important’ knowledge. Its the kind of fascist elitist creepy narcissism which has since then given birth to the American fraternities reputation for toxic obnoxiousness including binge drinking celebrated vandalism and frat house date rape traditions. One which has helped entrench much of the greed, racist, bigotry, patriarchal and misogynism, that we have come to associate with both colonialism, unbridle capitalism, and right wing white supremist toxicity in the western world.

The Crypt Yale University Skull & Bones – one of the elite ring clubs of the Greek Society Phi Beta Kappa headquarters built to mirror a masonic lodge.

In fact these houses are only replaced in terms of their level of hubris and arrogance by the sense of Epstein sense of self entitlement which radiate from the inner temple of Greek Alumni’s invite only ring clubs. Especially the legendary founding secret societies of Yales Skull & Bones, Harvard University’s OWL Club, MIT’s Z Society, and the cross alumni post university Bohemian Club famed for its so called ‘Satanic’ rituals – which is simply a case of the uninitiated seeing members relive their glory days at the Ivy Universities (which Epstein the New Jersey chop shop boy so desperately wanted to be associated with), where they repeat the theatre and drama of the Ring Club rituals which as noted before tends to be rapped in esoteric fancy dress complete with ‘satanic’ looking ‘wizards’ robes.

Charles was like Epstein a patron (regardless of whether he was a Freemason or not) to a group of scientist, intellectuals, professionals, thinkers who met in secret to conduct observation and experiment, which we would now call science but back then would have been seen as black magic by the uninitiated. Making Charles in some ways the founding father of modern university alumni net work system which have feed the fraternities, the ring clubs and other interest groups, who have tapped into these alumni not to fulfil the original goal of advancing science and humanitarian interests but rather to advance their own ambitions.

Because many of the society’s founders belonged to Freemasons’ Lodges who during the terrors of the English Civil War (1642-51) and the rulership of James nemesis Oliver Cromwell were subject to brutal persecution. For this reason the discussion of politics was also off-the-agenda as several of the founding members came from the dynamically opposed sides of the political divide. One throw back from this period is that, 360 years on, the discussion of politics within Lodge rooms is not formally permitted. Though what happens outside the Lodges grounds where members recognise each other by their secret rites and hand shakes is between individual members – “wink wink nod nod say no more”.

Epstein used cash to open the doors where the old school tie or a posh blood line usually did the tricks

Epstein called himself a “science philanthropist” and he used his ‘charity work’ to get closer to this circle. So if he could not be part of this old boys net work then he could at less replicate it in a form that paid homage to the things he most admired about high society much like UK paedophile Jimmy Saville had integrated himself to the Royal family nearly sixty years ago.

Epstein brought his way in using sex and money as he donated handsomely to Harvard (and other prestigious old boy alumni and scientific bodies) and wooed the nerds on his own private myogenetic based fantasy island full of obliging young nymphs and hidden cameras. At one point, he was allegedly giving as much as $20m a year to fund scientists. Institutions and researchers continued to take Epstein’s money even after his 2008 conviction, like MIT. Epstein would even use his money and influence at Harvard to use the university’s name and art and theatre alumni connection to groom potential victim at his mansion, ranch and island from Harvard affiliated dance and art schools.

Logo of Bohemia Grove a private club an ‘invisible college’ affiliated with the private alumni of Harvard’s Skull & Bones and Yale’s Scroll & Key commandeered by prominent San Francisco-based businessmen, who provided the financial resources necessary to acquire further land and facilities at the Grove. However, they still retained the “bohemians“—the artists and musicians—who continued to entertain prominent international members and guests

In February 2006, Epstein applied to renew his Visiting Fellow status at Harvard. Epstein — a prominent Harvard donor with no educational qualifications wanted to continue his “studies” on “power, reputation, and deception”. The blog the Harvard Crimson notes his “application was approved — then, months before classes started, he was asked to withdraw, though not without a full refund. The would-be fellow had been charged for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl. His complete estrangement from Harvard appeared imminent and unavoidable. But it wasn’t”.

A decade later — following his conviction for yet another set of sex offense charges and Epstein’s death in jail — a review of the University’s ties to the disgraced financier reveals the extent to which Harvard was “actively complicit in Epstein’s pattern of abuse”.

Between 2010 and 2018, Epstein enjoyed a privileged position at Harvard. He held the keys to a private office on campus (complete with a Harvard University phone line), where he had meetings set up with Harvard academics upon his request. In 2014, following a request made by Epstein’s publicist “to boost his image”, Epstein was granted his own page on Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics website; a link was also set up to Epstein’s foundation website, which featured fraudulent claims about his charity work. Epstein so the Crimson reports “visited our institution over 40 times and as recently as 2018” — all while Epstein’s serial sexual abuse of minors, most of whom were 13 to 16 years old, was public knowledge.

A partial list of the biggest scientific names linked to Haravard who remained in Epstein’s orbit (according to the New York Times) after his initial arrest included best-selling author and frequent Lolita Express passenger ; evolutionary biologist Harvard’s Stephen Jay Gould; Harvard’s George M Church, a molecular engineer who has worked to identify genes that could be altered to create superior humans and Harvard’s Bill Gates. Gates endorsement of gene editing techniques is well known as the fact Gates’ willingness to meet and then socialise with Epstein when had already pleaded guilty to soliciting an underage girl in 2008 was a contributing factor in Gates 2020 divorce.

Eugenics and the Owl are old friends.

At the Zoro lodge Epstein would talk to the scientists he had wooed with his private mansion parties for rich listers and ‘beautiful people’ only and his self serving donation to ‘science.’

Topic Epstein like to discuss “race degeneration” and his plans to seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating women at his vast New Mexico ranch Zoro which like orgy island is decorated in pseudo esoteric flavours and very very remote. Dozen of his acquaintances on public record describe how Epstein desired to curry favour with accomplished scientists so as “to pursue his interests in eugenics and other fringe fields like cryonics”. Else where Epstein expressed openly his creepy desire to reshape the human DNA using only desirable DNA.

The most famous of which took place at a dinners attended by neighbours of the Dancing Hare (the boat Epstein Girl friend and co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell father Robert Maxwell) when the super boat docked at Auckland Viadock next to Michael Hill’s The Beast and included Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and Jeff Bezos. Bezos, who funds the alien ‘god like evolution’ scif Expanse. Themes discussed at the dinner included UFO’s and Alien Mind Control. The idea proposes that we were already living in cyberspace, a computer simulation constructed by God-like aliens.  Not so much actual science which Epstein was said to get bored quickly but the kind of pseudo science quantum studies (the metaphysical belief that seek to relate spirituality, or mystical worldviews to the ideas of quantum mechanics) being sold by Corbell and the To The Stars crew to sell the idea aliens are coming to both Republicans and Democrats

The guests at such Epstein dinner dubbed themselves as the Third Group.

The Third Group is a term used to referred to individuals who see themselves as the ‘cool’ kids literally part of a global elite whose education and global view placed them above the rest of the populace who are viewed as non magical muggles. Their access to money and knowledge opens doors to a circle of influence shut to most of us. It sought to be a 21st century round table of, scientist and tech lords of the forth industrial revolution. A new money, version, of the Bohemian Grove the first post university Club Ring established as an informal gathering of old money financiers and bankers: a privatised Invisible College..

The Cool KId’s On The Lolita Express & Billionaires Dinners represent the new Invisible College.

The Edge Foundation, whom Epstein patronised, states “third culture consists of those scientists and other thinkers in the empirical world who, through their work and expository writing, are taking the place of the traditional intellectual in rendering visible the deeper meanings of our lives, redefining who and what we are”. 

It continues the ideas presented on Edge “are speculative; they represent the frontiers of knowledge in the areas of evolutionary biology, genetics, computer science, neurophysiology, psychology, and physics. Some of the fundamental questions posed are: Where did the universe come from? Where did life come from? Where did the mind come from? Emerging out of the third culture is a new natural philosophy, founded on the realization of the import of complexity, of evolution. Very complex systems, whether organisms, brains, the biosphere, or the universe itself, were not constructed by design; all have evolved”.

The Edge Foundation confess in its own words to base itself on “the Invisible college” who emerged in the early seventeenth-century Invisible College, as a precursor to the Royal Family patronised Royal Society, an esoteric institution that provided an environment in which forward “thinking men” could challenge the received opinions of their day.

The College acted independently of church and state, and outside of existing academic institutions, it was the defacto mid-wife to what has since being refer to as ‘The Enlightenment’ which gave birth to the hybrid ideas of science and spiritualism entwined as a “Golden Dawn” a new age of science and spirituality.

The College based “on enlighten and knowledge” as it founder defined that term rose up at the time of the creation of the real life gnostic based Illuminati of the 15th century, assumed by or applied to various groups of persons who claimed to be unusually enlightened. The word is the plural of the Latin illuminatus (“revealed” or “enlightened”).

Another inspiration the Edge Foundation acknowledges, comes from the same pedigree of ‘enlightenment’, is The Lunar Society of Birmingham. The LSC was an informal club or Invisible College of new industrial age enlightened thinkers which included Freemason James Watt, Erasmus Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin. The Edge states it offers “the same quality of intellectual adventure” as LSC. 

The Edge acknowledges it was formed directly from a little known New York based The Reality Club that was likewise an informal gathering of well funded intellectuals and artistic bohemians who met from 1981 to 1996 in the spirit of San Francisco Bohemian Grove Bohemia Club. The motto of the Reality Club “arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves” It was created by its founding member the late artist-philosopher and self confessed mystic and occultist  James Lee Byars: who based his works on “the amalgamation of the ceremonial function of Shinto monks, the liturgical function of Catholic priests, and the ritual function of native American shamans”.

These are the people who will “rewrite” our global culture the Edges website booms.

Epstein convenient death precluded the possibility of pursuing criminal charges and a judge dismissed all criminal charges against him on August 29, 2019. Regardless Epstein, who had a decades-long association with daughter of Robert Maxwell a powerful media mogul (who taught Maxwell to use information and social connections as weapon of power), story is not over. On July 2nd 2020 Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by the FBI. Maxwell is named as Epstein recruiter maintained a years-long friendship with Prince Andrew, Duke of York to whom she had introduced Epstein, as she acted as Epstein Pimp.

Epstein would be to Prince Andrew what Jimmy Saville had being for Prince Charles.


3. Jimmy Saville and other ‘Reptilian’ Pedo mates of the Royals.

“Most of the narcissists are geniuses and masters of Psychology. But they are using their knowledge to eradicate, rather than to help humanity.”
― Mwanandeke Kindembo, Treatise Upon The Misconceptions of Narcissismille sexual abuse against children involved not just Freemasons but had “satanic” themes and involved UK based. celebrities.

Saville in one of his legendary wizard robes he liked too wear and Saville mimicking Golden Dawn (who believed in Ayran Supermen the Vril) Magician Alister Crowley.
Prince Phillip hobbies included Free Masonry UFO’s and reincarnating as a “deadly virus, to contribute something to solving over population.”.

The Royal family has had close close and repeated ties with high society’s paedophiles. The most famous BBC kingpin Jimmy ‘the fixer’ Saville who, during his lifetime, was well known in the United Kingdom for his eccentricities his ability to help out his wealthy mates and was generally noted for his charitable work especially with children causes.

Saville, was knighted in 1990.

God save the queen she ain’t no human being
There is no future in England’s dreaming
Don’t be told what you want don’t be told what you need
There’s no future no future no future for you!!
The Sex Pistols Warned Us.

In late 2012 reports surfaced that documented how Savile had sexually abused hundreds of individuals throughout his life, with his male and female victims, ranging from prepubescent to adult.

By 11 October 2012, allegations had been made against Savile to thirteen British police forces, which led to the setting-up of inquiries into practices at the BBC and within the National Health Service. On 19 October, London’s Metropolitan Police launched a formal criminal investigation. It would be called , Operation Yew tree (also called the death tree named after flora preferred by Celtic druids and pagans into historic allegations of child sexual abuse by Savile and his inner circle spanning close to half a century. Gutter press not naming sources described this as a satanic ring. The claims lurid in description (but lacking even basic evidence) are solid on one count. They do make clear Saville whose abuse in the 1960’s and 1970’s was an open secret at the BBC got away with crimes due to his powerful connections. Of these only the International Business Times 2013 report has seemingly credible sources that the BBC star was alleged to have dressed in black robes during the rituals which allegedly took place in the basement of Stoke Mandeville hospital, in 1975.

The International Business Times, whose primary source was Valerie Sinason, the psychotherapist who interviewed children abused by Savile, claimed “Savile was not only abusing all children with or without disabilities in group settings or in hospital settings, he was also invoking belief systems, doing rituals, making children believe that he had extra powers and that if they didn’t obey him they would be published in an after life.”

The various accounts of Saville’s alleged ‘Satanism’ make it clear Saville was not serious about his satanic worship. Rather he saw this as simply as a means to heightens his victims anxiety and thus his power over them. Saville appeared more interested in the psychology of power and deception than in having any genuine interest in spirituality or the occult. IBT reported no action was taken by police to investigate such claims. “No Stoke Mandeville hospital spokesman was available when contacted” by IBT UK.

Police however did looking at allegations made against three doctors in hospitals with which Saville had been associated who had been involved in the abuse of young people in their care.

By 19 December 2013, eight people had being arrested for questioning, and would later bailed, as part of the Yew Tree inquiry. They included Gary Glitter, and Australian Entertainer Rolf Harris who like Savile were close friends of Prince Charles and post Yew Tree would be convicted for paedophile activity (Glitter Child offence convictions record dates bate to 1997 and extend to the 1970’s).

It has being alleged (but not proven) that Saville was a high level Freemason a claim Freemasons themselves deny. Saville’s friend Prince Charles like wise was accused of being a Free Mason. Though the New York Times reported in 1998 that Charles in fact declined the offer (when invited to join) unlike his father Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh who started his life in Freemasonry in 1952, at the age of 31.

Ditto another of Charles friends Arthur C Clarke was said to be a Freemason who own status as a celebrity paedophile was alleged by the Times in the 1990’s (but resulted in no legal action taking place) and who shared with Phillip and Charles an interest in ancient astronauts and esoteric spiritualist practices.

1* Phillip was initiated into Navy Lodge, No 2612, on 5 December. (On 6 March 1953, HRH Prince Philip progressed to the Second Degree of Freemasonry, before advancing to the Third Degree on 4 May 1953. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) issued his Grand Lodge Certificate on 7 May that same year and he has remained a member to this day)

Fact is not all secret societies or paedophile rings lead to Free Masons. While in turn the actual scale of Masonic influence alone (good or evil) on society is debatable in the context of how much power the general rank and file of Free Mason various lodge actually has in society. Masonry in my view sits only slightly above the status we reserve for say Rotary or the Lions. A club for wanna be ‘beautiful people’ as opposed to say the A+ lister Bohemian Grove or Epstein Edge Foundation where old money rubbed shoulders against billionaire tech dosh.

It also very important to realise that not all lodges are created equal.
For example in Eleanor Caton’s fictional Illuminaries the author writes “Moody was a Cambridge fellow, born in Edinburgh to a modest fortune and a household staff of three. The social circles in which he had tended to move, at Trinity, and then at Inner Temple in his more recent years, had not at all the rigid aspect of the peerage, where one’s history and context differed from the next man only in degree; nevertheless, his education had made him insular, for it had taught him that the proper way to understand any social system was to view it from above. With his college chums (dressed in capes, and drunk on Rhenish wine) he would defend the merging of the classes with all the agony and vitality of the young, but he was always startled whenever he encountered it in practice“.

The paragraph points out Moody in fact belongs to three separate alumni (Cambridge Trinity & The Inner Temple) whose entrance, membership and confidences would have being gained in chronological order based upon the candidates introduction and vetting of his application based on his education, class, family and other societal determined factors.

Yet regardless within the Common Wealth nations Freemasonry, with it robes pomp and rituals, is the base stone of entry into a alumni fraternity very much with its own pecking order and ranking system.
It was deemed a means by which the ambitious middle classers could climb the social ladder within the UK and it Common wealth colonies (while Catholics based nations looked towards elitist alumni societies such as Opus Dei and a young Jewish scholar at Yale might join the Shabati instead).

And in Saville’s England, in the era of his reign, the lodge (whether Saville was a member or not) reputation as bridge for nepotistic abuse would regularly be lampooned as a result by UK comics and Satirist including the Sex Pistols, Irving Welsh, Hale & Pace, The Two Ronnies and Monty Python. For example the “Architects Sketch” is a Monty Python sketch, first seen in episode 17 of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, recorded on 18 September 1970 and originally broadcast on 20 October 1970.

The sketch proper begins (on videotape) with ‘Mr Tid’ in an office with two City gents (Michael Palin and Terry Jones). On a table near the window stand two architectural models of tower blocks. Mr. Tid informs the City gents that he has invited the architects responsible to explain the advantages of their respective designs. First to arrive is Mr. Wiggin (John Cleese), who describes his architectural design and modern construction, and then explains his killing technique starting with a conveyor belt and “rotating knives”. It turns out that Mr. Wiggin mainly designs slaughterhouses and has misunderstood the owners’ attitude to their tenants. When Mr. Wiggin fails to persuade them to accept his “real beaut” of a design, he launches into an impassioned tirade against Freemasons. When they still reject his design, however, he begs the increasingly uncomfortable City gents to accept him into the Freemasons. Once Wiggin has been persuaded to leave, the second architect, Mr. Leavey (Eric Idle), arrives. As Mr. Leavey describes the strong construction and safety features of his design, a tall tower block, his model collapses and catches fire. The City gents assure Mr. Leavey that provided the tenants are “of light build and relatively sedentary” there should be no need to make expensive changes to the design. After his design is accepted, the model explodes. The City gents exchange bizarre Masonic handshakes with Leavey. Wiggin reappears at the doorway, breaking the fourth wall to tell the audience, “It opens doors, I’m telling you.” This leads into a filmed section about “How to Recognise a Mason”, in which Masons are shown engaging in such bizarre behaviour as hopping down Threadneedle Street with their trousers around their ankles. Finally, there follows an animation in which an announcer attempts to “cure” a Mason (an animated cut out of Chapman) through behavioural therapy with a picture of a nude woman; when the subject says, “No”, the enraged announcer crushes the mason with a giant hammer. The skit is a satirical reference to the Ronan Point was a 22-storey tower block  in East London, built on the The Freemasons Road Estate in Newham, which partly collapsed on 16 May 1968, only two months after it had opened. A gas explosion blew out some load-bearing walls, causing the collapse of one entire corner of the building, which killed four people and injured 17. It takes place 45 years prior to the June 2017, fire in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block that saw 74 people die as a result of the same sort of alumni based nepotism.

The Architect sketch was perhaps the first time in UK television history that Freemasons would be associated with the nepotism of the old boys or old school tie net work of cricket club and First 15 (rugby) cronyism. It was how ever following a series of public scandal involving the Lodges including the John Stalker Affair and The John Palmer Affair (where UK gangster boss John Palmer, was alleged by The Times to have been protected by a clique of high-ranking corrupt Metropolitan Police officers), the Hillsborough disaster cover up, the Alan Wright scandal and corporate media had to acknowledge the growing concerns by the public that Free Masonry, as a conduit for malicious activity, was a legitimate threat to law and order. Example: On one occasion Palmer’s companions avoided arrest after being discovered in possession of a silenced Uzi submachine gun and 380 rounds of ammunition.

The widely reported and varying masonic scandals eventually accumulated in Operation Tiberius (named after the Roman Emperor who use sodomise and rape boys and women during so called sacrificial ceremonies) and focused on police officers, who were Free Masons, who faced allegations of child abuse, fraud, physical assault, racism and murder.

Anova by DYRBERG/KERN the CEO an odd family stepped in pure hinky and esoteric
Fisher was also a key player in the UK psychic new age movement Golden Dawn.

PM necklace ANOVA by Dyberg Kern — an interesting board of directors at DB e.g. Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Billemember of the Board since 2008 CEO of Casalbi Aps. Chairman of the Board of 2Bm A/s .Deputy chairman of Odense theatre, member of the board of a number of other companies, including Dyrberg/Kern, coop A/s, Noir, Lego and Vækstfonde, plus Illuminati II.
According to Illuminati II offi
cial page “Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) derives from the Latin word Lumen, meaning light, shining star or torch.

According to the same website the word Illuminati was first founded in the 17th century by a group of scientists who challenged the conventional thinking and advocated reason as the primary source of legitimacy and authority. “This period is called the Age of Enlightenment. Inspired by a new way of thinking and challenging the existing way of consuming in the fashion industry”,

Illuminati II was created to offer an alternative to exploitation of the environment and poor labour conditions while still encouraging consumers to buy but with a conscience. That is why the concept is called Illuminati II: The second enlightenment period”

Caroline was until 2016 married to Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille of Egeskov Castle (Oak Forrest) where the family established a masonic lodge. Their family crest is based around druid worship.

The necklace Ardern wears is drawn from the mathematical symbol for variance or specifically an ‘analysis of variance’ (ANOVA): a collection of statistical models and their associated estimation procedures used to analyse the differences among group means in a sample.

ANOVA was developed by Ronald Fisher statistician, eugenicist racist and a founder of neo-Darwinian synthesis. Fisher was also a member of the Society for Psychical Research and the magical cult the Golden Dawn which drew heavily from the study of esoteric psychic phenomenon and the occult for many of his ideas for genetic evolution and statistics.
Danish Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille of Egeskov whose Castle (Oak Forrest) where the family established a masonic grand lodge reserved for aristocrats and old European clans. Their family crest is based around druid/Hercules figure associated with the Greek & Danish Royal family.

Tiberius would lead to further police reforms over seen by a former Freemason and fixer supreme Sir Ronnie Flannagan a member of the  Loyal Orders, the Royal Arch Purple the inner Lodge of the Orange Lodge*.

Flannagan resigned from the Masonic Order “so people would trust him to be impartial” (Irish News, 4.11.1996, p.1) would be assisted in this task by the daughter of high ranking New Zealand police officer, diplomat and Mormon Church elder who Flanagan was mentoring as she developed her own career as a fixer and master of spin. The so called socialist with a taste for expensive royalty endorsed jewellery Jacinda whose own education in the black arts of spin wizardry (Communications Waikato) had being paid for with a Masonic scholarship.

*The Royal Arch Purple recognises only two degrees, those of Orange and purple. It is a necessary prerequisite for entry into the Royal Black Institution.

The Arch was first used in 1795 shortly after the formation of the Orange Order and was the original system put together by the founding members of the Orange Order. The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland disliked the ritualism of the Royal Arch (which is rooted in more pagan based rites than other lodges. The Royal Arch Purple degree was practised in secrecy for a period after the Grand Lodge (in Dublin) deemed the degree illegal, however it was kept alive by the Lodges around County Armagh as it was the system of ‘travel’ closest to the original ritual put together by the founding members of the Orange Order in 1795. The Grand Lodge maintains their position in not recognising the degree to this day although it now, rather grudgingly, recognises the Royal Arch Purple as an official Order. It was granted its Royal title by the Duke of Cumberland, King Ernest Augustus of Hanover

The Duke of Cumberland Ernest Augustus had been Grand Master of the Orange Order in England until it dissolved itself at the request of the King William IV following a government inquiry into public disorder in Ireland caused by Orange marches the Royal Arch Purple Degree was established as a separate Order and is widely practised as a natural step of advancement from the Orange Institution to the Royal Black Institute the Imperial Grand Black Chapter Of The British Commonwealth founded in Daniel Winter’s cottage, LoughgallCounty ArmaghIreland. Members refer to each other as “Sir Knight”, whereas in the Orange Order members are referred to as “Brother” or “Brethren.” It is more closely linked to the Scottish rites and the origin of the name black-mouths, a derogatory name given to Irish of Scots descent (from where the nickname used in Dublin to this day for Northern Ireland is the ‘Black North’).

The Black Lodge in contrast has declined all request to open its archives to non initiates and initiates alike.

So Saville may or may not have being a Mason. Yet just as Epstein was unlikely to have being a part of Harvard’s inner temple ring club (no matter how much he craved to be). Neither were ‘satanist’ in real sense of the word.

Yet the points moot in the context a child is unlikely to know the difference between a masonic robe, wizards clocks, bishop habits, or a Satanist or whether the nasty men doing nasty things to them are really Freemason/Satanist or just playing fancy dress as a means to add their goal of terrorising their victim and thus achieving power over them.

Regardless there were certainly close parells to the Metropolitan masonic based Operation Tiberius and Operation Yew Tree (which also documented wide spread abuse and collusion between the criminal classes and the police who simply used the lodge to camouflage their associations from prying eyes ). While the scale of Saville’s child abuse, be it Satanic, Masonic, or simply dress ups, was only made possible by his exalted position in high society. The protections afforded to him by those in power , those who not only belonged to the old school tie net work (apron and all) which serve to ensure the status quo is upheld, whose friendship Saville specifically sought out and cultivated. Those whom Epstein and Saville admired and sought to mimic.

The Metropolitan Police stated Yew Tree involved over 400 lines of inquiry, was based on the claims of 200 witnesses, via fourteen police forces across the UK. It described the alleged abuse by Saville and his high society friends as being “on an unprecedented scale”, that the number of potential victims of child abuse as “staggering”. By 19 December 2013 , Yew Tree interviewed 589 alleged victims, of whom 450 were allegedly abuse by Savile ( & 139 cases also involved his high ranking friends). The report of the investigations undertaken jointly by the police and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Giving Victims a Voice, was published on 11 January 2013. It reported 214 confirmed acts by Savile formally recorded as crimes, involving children as young as eight.

Prince Phillips Heraldry the druid holding a oak tree club (or is it a yew tree?) also a symbol of Hercules the superman. The Shield shows a combination of the Greek Royal Arms (a white Cross on blue for Greece along with a shield of the Danish Royal Arms (three blue lions on a golden background) on top to show their own descent from the Scandinavian Royal Family

During the ‘fixers’ lifetime, two police investigations considered reports about Savile. The earliest in 1958, but none had led to charges; the reports had each concluded that there was insufficient evidence for any charges to be brought related to sexual offences.

In October 2012 it was announced that the Director of Public ProsecutionsKeir Starmer, would investigate why proceedings against Savile ‘the royal favoured jester’ were dropped in 2009.

To date no answer as to why has ever being produced.

The Yew Tree scandal was however a major factor leading to the establishment of the wider-ranging Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, which would look at who else had assisted Saville was announced by then Home Secretary Theresa May in July 2014.

In February 2015, the inquiry was reconfigured as a statutory inquiry to be chaired by New Zealander Justice Lowell Goddard.

Goddad quit after her critics claimed she was incompetent.

Goddard maintains she was thwarted in her efforts. Dame Goddard said that she was prevented from selecting her own staff and pointed to the fact at how the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association withdrew from the Inquiry over concerns about its true independence.

Similar claims of being obstructed were made by her predecessors Baroness Butler-Sloss and Finoa Woods.

Little has happened since except in 2018 The Guardian (not widely known for it tin foil conspiracy tones) reported that Freemasonry hierarchy continues to block reform within the police force, prevented women and black officers progressing professionally.

The Guardian lay the blame for this at the feet of two specific lodges (as opposed to blaming all of freemasonry) “set up to recruit at the Palace of Westminster who are continuing to operate: one established for members of parliament and staff in the Commons and Lords, and the second for political journalists” whose function seem to be garner influence and recruit those who might act as lobbyist for the Freemason (and the other exotic orders hidden within some masonic chapters) inner circle of grand masters. The branches of freemasonry who tended to recruit from the older, wealthier and more connected families and established college house alumin of the old boy network. As opposed to the ‘true blue’ lodges filled with balding white overweight men from boring middle class suburbs who make up the majority of the lodges general rank and file and have as much to do with the illuminati as the recent spare of ‘UFO’ sightings has in fact to with actual aliens.

4. The disgraced paedophile bishop Peter Ball like Rolf Harris and Epstein also made himself apparently “impregnable” by cultivating friendships with the Royal family Prince Charles and other senior establishment figures who later rushed to support him when he was accused of sexual abuse. Ball, the former bishop of both Lewes and Gloucester who died last in 2019, boasted of his role as “counsellor to royalty”, Cliff James, one of his victims, says Ball cultivated friendships with Margaret Thatcher, peers of the realm, senior judges and headmasters of leading public schools, charities and orphanages.

Like Saville the former bishop was investigated by police in the early 1990s, which resulted only in a police caution. In 2015, he was convicted of sexual offences against 17 teenagers and young men and jailed for 32 months during which Charles continued to support his friend. Ball was released in February 2017 after serving only half his sentence. Ball would be included into the long fought for long denied and obstructed at every point inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA), which conducted a case study into how the Church of England handled allegations against Ball.

Like Saville’s Yew Tree few would actually be held accountable. The inquiry however documents and proved unequivocally how members of the establishment, including the heir to the throne, the then archbishop of Canterbury and a senior member of the judiciary, had rallied to give support and protection for Ball when he was outed as a paedophile.

Prince Charles told Ball in a letter in February 1995, two years after the bishop had accepted the police caution, which was read to the inquiry: “I wish I could do more. I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated.” In its report published the IICSA concluded that the church had put its “own reputation above the needs of victims of sexual abuse,” and that Charles and other members of the establishment were misguided in their expressions of support for Ball.

5. Christchurch & Institutionalised Pedo Rings

In New Zealand the Catholic Church has formally apologised to the survivors of sexual abuse within the church and said its systems and culture must change. Cardinal John Dew, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Wellington and Metropolitan of New Zealand, made the apology on Friday at the Royal Commission into Abuse in Care on behalf of the bishops and congregational leaders in New Zealand.

“Today, recognising the importance of this moment, I apologise to you, on behalf of the bishops and congregational leaders of the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand,” said Cardinal Dew, who is also the president of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference.

“I also apologise to you on behalf of those who preceded us as bishops and congregational leaders. We offer no excuses for their actions, or for ours, that have caused you harm.” Cardinal Dew’s comments in Auckland were part of witness statements being recorded from faith-based institutions at the abuse in care inquiry that is underway to resolve historic and current abuse claims.

The prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, set up the royal commission in 2018 said the country needed to confront “a dark chapter” in its history, and later expanded it to include churches and other faith-based institutions as the scale of offending became to be realised.

An interim report by the commission in December found up to a quarter of a million children, young people and vulnerable adults were physically and sexually abused in New Zealand’s faith-based and state care institutions from the 1960s to early 2000s.

In fact in New Zealand the first case of systematic abuse by the Catholic Church date back to the 1930’s. The social impact of this industrialised form of mass abuse has being massive. Matthew Epsom in his brilliant blog, ‘A conflict of interest?,’ on the schematics behind the orchestrated nature of the catholic Church industrialisation of abuse writes;

“One of New Zealand’s diplomatic relations is actually not with another country, but with a peculiar legal corporate person under international law called the Holy See. The Holy See is often mistakenly referred to as the Vatican. However, the Vatican and the Holy See are not the same things…Therefore, as New Zealand’s Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care looks into what happened to children, young people and adults at risk in the care of the Catholic Church in New Zealand, perhaps the commission could investigate the Holy See’s non-compliance with international conventions in respect of child abuse by its personnel, along with the role of the Catholic Church’s laws and internal regulations in impeding child protection, and even its insurance contracts being used to indemnify itself against legal liability from survivor complaints — not to mention how “Te Houhanga Rongo/A Path To Healing”, the NZ Catholic Church’s redress scheme for victims of clergy and religious sexual abuse, helps the Church, rather than the victims.”

In my 1999 best seller State Secrets I had written

Christchurch’s Latimer Square epitomises the street level impact of all that we’ve discussed in this book.
At night time the square is just not a very nice place to be: winos and glueheads compete for park bench space, hoping that the night will be free of harassment from skinheads who pimp underage street kids as
prostitutes, or the passing police patrols, that seem oblivious to the former who with their charges lean against the graffiti stained walls of the central city masonic hall.

I was told repeatedly then my claims in my book were bullshit as the prevailing feeling of the Peter Ellis case with its absurd stories of satanic child abuse cults was still raw in minds of Christchurch residents. As citizens were being asked to schizophrenically believe that stories of satanic child abuse were simply not true as simultaneously they were being asked to ignore how such a perverse miscarriage of justice had permitted Peter Ellis the creche worker arrested to rot in jail. In 2004 however even The conservative Christchurch Press had confirmed my own findings that satanic or not orchestrated trafficking of child sex abuse was taking place. This was followed by flood gate of academic and international studies which would single Christchurch out;

Christchurch to probe under-age prostitution problem

27 Feb, 2004 12:53 AM

Turns out I was right after all.

Subsequent academic studies confirmed street youth in Christchurch were being used as pawns by bigger fish after being groomed not just for sex but for other crimes as well be it arson burglary or pimping.

See also for background details regarding the money laundering background history (its connection to UK charities tied to the Royal family and the Epstein designed Clinton based Global Foundation) of the legal firms who facilitated the sexual abuse complaints in institutes run by the Catholic Church in Christchurch.

Photo (Above) Rob Davidson & Christchurch Mayor Liana Dalziel. You’re the lawmaker, I’m the lawbreaker. You make ’em’, I break ’em’”.

With that in mind lets take another look at the Peter Ellis Case in Christchurch where The Police Managers’ Guild was represented by legal facilitator Mr Rob Davidson, senior partner in Davidson Legal, father of Christchurch Councillor Mike Davidson and husband to Christchurch mayor Liane Dalziel.

Davidson, who passed away in 2020, was born after his father had an affair with a 17-year-old woman, a ward of the state who was living with Davidson’s grandmother. Davidson was secretly adopted back into his father’s family where he was raised by his father’s wife, believing she was his mother. Discovering he was adopted later on in life “rocked his adult world”. In the piece, Davidson said he believed his father’s wife “resented him, which would have contributed to what was a troubled upbringing within a working-class family, with beatings not only at home but also at school and at the hands of the police – nothing out of the ordinary for the 1950s”.

Over a period of three years before 1970 he was convicted of disorderly behaviour, burglary, wilful damage, breach of probation. a long way from his “dedication to the Police Managers’ Guild Trust as its lawyer and confidant of the police’s deepest secrets for 25 years”. Which has since his death led to it establishing a scholarship in his name upon his death. Davidson was also made a life member of the Labour Party and served 25 years as a board member and periods as chairman, on the Salisbury Street Foundation which aims to “rehabilitate and re-integrate serious offenders into society” including violent sex offenders (which as a result to the glee of property developers crashed house prices near by). Other acts of his public service included serving on the board of community health centre Piki Te Ora and the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust.

Davidson bio also includes that he was;

1. A suspect in Peter Ellis Case (before police were encouraged to look else where and focus on Ellis alone and listed on the original search warrants.

2. At the time of the Civic Creche investigation he was married to Civic Creche supervisor Gaye Davidson who raised the alarm (before being charged herself) after being approached by one of the creche mothers in 1991 around the time stories of the child trafficking ring started doing rounds in Christchurch. This is acknowledge by Christchurch criminologist Greg Newbold (prior to his recent memory lapse) in his review of ‘City Possessed’ by Lynley hood (who did not interview a single child involved ) and again in Queer Nation corroborated by Michael Laws

3. In 2000, Dalziel married Christchurch lawyer Rob Davidson. Lianne Dalziel saying Davidson proposal included the line “You’re the lawmaker, I’m the lawbreaker. You make ’em’, I break ’em’”.

Their relationship began just three years after the Crèche investigation when Dalziel, who was a member of Parliament at the time and married to Mike Pannel, had been invited to speak at the Engineers’ Union about MMP ahead of the following year’s referendum on the matter. Wikipedia has Dalziel divorcing the same year in 1995 and citing the stress of parliamentary life was a major factor. She claims to not have met Davidson before hand. Dalziel was however was related to one of the children at the Crèche.

While Ellis protractors claim one of the women who shaped Detective Colin Eade’s perception of what went down at the Creeche namely that Ellis was the ring leader along with Liane’s future husband wife Gaye. The suggestion is Eade was being led literally by his balls to reach the conclusion Ellis was guilty and the original claims made against Ellis had being true (despite a second replicate complaint made against another male worker at a separate crèche having proved unfounded). The timeline of this claim is disputed b the person in question.

True or False?

Will it can reported that Eade was also having sexual relationship with another woman (an accepted fact but whose identity has never being fully made clear), who also had children at the crèche and who had attended or participated in the so called satanic ritual warning conferences – co hosted by government social workers and those with political connections. So if nothing else their was certainly a major conflict of interest taking place between Eade’s personal life and his professional role as a detective.

For the recorded that satanic abuse story seemed to be something the group of people accusing Ellis swarm onto only after stories of the Californian drug pedo ring had already surfaced. (Note the California drug paedophile allegations also featured in the Bert Potter Case (coincide in the era of Mr Asia’s America expansion – which was also derailed for seven years by a paedophile detective, later convicted, running interference on the original case against Potter).

Complaints of alleged abuse were said to have actually being made pre satanic claims first to the New Brighton police (whether these were made by the women who laid complaint against Ellis and second male worker is not known) who apparently chose not to act. Details alleging satanic abuse only arose after failure to get Ellis convicted during the first police probe. Only when the rumours of a ring being active in Christchurch became common knowledge (as Newbold and Laws confirm on Queer Nation) and it was becoming the stuff of standard Christchurch evening dinner talk (where people began to compare notes among themselves) is when the Satanic claims against Ellis first surfaced. A fact which led to a theory raised in psychiatrist Ken Bragan Giving the Devil His Due: Demonology and the Christchurch Civic Creche Case (Giving the Devil His Due: Demonology and the Christchurch Civic Creche Case (Steele Roberts & Associates Ltd 2009)).

Family of creche children seemingly steered towards this conclusion of Satanism (as absurd as it was) at a meeting organised by the original complaints. The fuelled alarm caused the creche parents to demmand a second investigation (Ansley, B. (10 July 1993). “Judgement in Christchurch”. New Zealand Listener).

While in the mean time the complaint of child abuse made by an original complaint against Ellis against a second male worker at a second creche was deemed false. Not that this fact was revealed to the now panicked parents of the children at the Civic crèche. The meeting had serve as a useful distraction potentially for actual abuses that may have taken place in Christchurch by paedophile ring which the public was becoming aware and of course the charges against Ellis also helped to brush under the carpet that the second complaint made by those crying ‘witch craft’ had proved unfounded (thus damaging the complainants credibility). However now stirred up by social workers and interviewers (friends and colleagues of the original complainers) insistent of satanic sexual abuse and Eade’s support of the Ellis crèche accusers (as Eade was having a sexual relationship with two of the accusers) the other Civic crèche families remained unsatisfied at the outcome of the first investigation. Abuse in one form or another was certainly being committed but it is doubtful Ellis was the perpetrator who himself had become a convenient scape goat and the victim of narcistic flying monkeys and malicious gaslighting.

In June 1993, Ellis was convicted of 16 counts of sexual offence involving seven children. The charges on which he was found guilty were that he had urinated on two children, made one masturbate him, put his penis in the mouths of three of them, engaged in indecent touching of three, and put his penis or an unknown associate’s penis against the vagina or anus of three. The following year he was acquitted of three charges involving the oldest complainant, who retracted her allegations and admitted her original statement was what her mother told her to say.

The case entered the Court of Appeal in July 1994 led by Graham Panckhurst QC. A key aspect of the appeal was that the seven children, whose evidence the jury accepted, had named 21 other victims – either as observers or participants. None of those 21 children confirmed any of the allegations.

On the fourth day of the hearing (28 July), the oldest child on whose testimony Ellis was convicted, and probably the most credible of the child witnesses, told her parents that her story was not true, that she had said only what she thought her parents and the interviewer wanted to hear. The Court of Appeal considered that it was not uncommon for child complainants to withdraw their allegations. The appellate judges believed the retraction may have been a case of denial on the part of the child and was grounds to overturn only those convictions relating to that child.[42] The child has continued to maintain that she fabricated her allegation

In March 2000, then Minister of Justice Phil Goff established a ministerial inquiry into the conduct of the interviews, headed by Sir Thomas Eichelbaum. This was undertaken in response to Justice Thorp’s report. It included those from National who had called for an inquiry and had family ties to the crèche and it included Lianne Dalziel the aunt of children abused and now married to the former husband of yet another accused member of the so called Ellis ring. While Gaye Davidson sided with Lynley Hood’s City Possessed (which took the role no abuse was conducted at all) and National pushed by Nick Smith (left) on the need for a Royal inquiry. No inquiry was ever to take pace as Gaye was let down by National and Nick Smith. Who instead cooperated with Labour, their politial rivals, on a minister probe in which those who needed to be investigated would investigate themselves. In the end with a very narrow scope (focusing only on testimony of those who had convicted Ellis) it was declared Ellis had just missed the threshold to prove his innocents. As the government Dalziel was a part of had already denied Ellis a privy council case saying it be too expensive. The ministerial inquiry ? “It fails by a distinct margin; I have not found this anything like a borderline judgment“.

In 2007 The New Zealand Law Journal recently published a two-part paper entitled New evidence in the Peter Ellis case, [1] by researcher Ross Francis. The author refers to the latest research into child sexual abuse and cites documents which have been released only in the last year. The report documents the lengths to which the then Attorney-General, the Hon Margaret Wilson, a Labour MP, went in order to prevent an inquiry into the Peter Ellis case. Wilson’s efforts may have been a factor in Cabinet’s decision to establish a ministerial inquiry rather than a Commission of Inquiry.

MP Roger McClay Roger McClay (National Party and later Children’s Commissioner) who had connections with Nick Smith family and was a was a vocal self appointed Peter Ellis executioner would be responsible for promoting Louise Sas as an “independent expert” to assist Eichelbaum, knowing full well that Sas could be relied on to to provide evidence against Ellis. Sas was not in fact independent having had contact with a representative of the ‘get Ellis’ faction at the second International Conference on Children Exposed to Family Violence  The conference was sponsored by the London (Ontario) Family Court Clinic, of which Sas was a director, an organisation that is on record as believing that Ritual (Satanic) Abuse is an “under-acknowledged” reality (see their publication, ). Again under this scenario the idea that Satan’s not actually real but simply a tool for manipulative folk to hold over their victims heads seems not to have occurred to the researchers.

Following Ellis death where hopes of justice seem to have died with him various media have presented witness of new evidence against Ellis. This inevitably takes the form of witness whose times lines don’t match or hide behind anonymity and refuse to explain the inconstancy of their accounts. Or why only after Ellis’s death they have chosen to speak up now. The stories are always distinguished by the journalists decision to omit key details from the Ellis case or raise the issue of the many conflicts of interest and inconsistency which occurred in the case. They In fact point to an orchestrated smear campaign against Ellis even though he is in the grave.

A further number of irregularities in the trial were publicised in a TV3 2020 programme which aired on 16 November 1997. The programme exposed how the jury foreman had been the celebrant at the wedding of the Crown Prosecutor Brent Stanaway 15 years earlier. It revealed how a female juror had also like Eade had a sexual relationship with a co-worker of the mother of one of the children. The programme also put forward statements that most of the children who made allegations of sexual abuse withdrew their accusations at various times during proceedings but that social workers (who in cases had personal links to the Labour party and crèche family members), conducting the interviews treated this as a symptom of ‘denial’. Such counsellors included Alison Locke of Avonside Girls High School whose head mistress was Marion Hobbs who post Ellis served a Labour Member of Parliament from 1996 to 2008. Locke was the first counsellor involved that convinced Detective Colin Eade to consider charging Peter
Ellis. His perception of Ellis guilt in turn affirmed by the mothers of the crèche children Eade’s was sleeping with.

Meanwhile the parents of the ‘abused’ children collected up to in cases five ACC cheques with a pay out close to half million. All paid out with no question asked and ACC even given a written endorsement from the police Davidson would go onto act for as their guild counsel shortly afterwards. Even in the case where one child claimed Ellis had murdered a giraffe he kept in his back yard ACC had not quibbled or questioned the absurdity of the claim.

Alsion saw Satanic sex rings and sexual abuse every where she looked and helped shape the police view Ellis was guilty

Locke, who at that time was based in Christchurch’s Eastside near Brighton, would zero in on the comment allegedly said to one of the children that he hated Ellis “black penis” (Ellis was a pakeha) which is widely now seen to refer to a black puppy. A few months before the woman, simply identifies as “a counsellor” had bought a black puppy from Ellis, who showed her boy how to tell the puppy’s sex. Eight weeks later, the 3-year-old told his mother the counsellor he didn’t like creche worker Peter Ellis’ “black penis”.

The ‘woman’ which Wikipedia identifies as a “counsellor” was herself, the author of a “handbook” on child sexual abuse, “who had recovered memories of being sexually abused” herself saw not the puppy she brought of Ellis but something more sinister.

The police case also included at one point Detective Mark Bouvet who had received a commendation for his work on the Morgan Fahey (Christchurch Deputy Mayor ) rape case which could not be denied after a media sting – Bouvet would be the future partner of Richard Freeman who had comanaged the Sign of the Takahe and the de-facto play pen of National and Cashmere beautiful people famed for its stain Glass Freemason window (showing off Christchurch water and mineral rich mountains). The building is built on Craftcroft estate where secret tunnels that had led under the Princess Margaret Hospital (where reports of child abuse by patients who committed suicide were ignored ) were discovered in 1987. The pair lost management of the historical old boys site after Freeman’s wife died under highly odd circumstances in 2019 and Freeman own links to the Head Hunters gangs and drug and arms rings had become public in 2016.

In 2019 in the weeks before the Chch shooting Davidson had represented Cloud Ocean Water offered to lobby politicians on the bottling company’s behalf. “Rob Davidson, who runs Davidson Legal and has been married to Dalziel since 2019, initially denied that either he or his firm had ever offered to undertake political lobbying for Cloud Ocean or any other client, when contacted by Stuff. That is a line we do not cross.” He later claimed to scrap that offer. Though his ability to access the Mayor ear was still listed on his website – complete with staff doing embarrassingly overt masonic hand signals

In 2020 it was found that his Davidson firm had handled donations exceeding the legal amount from Chinese firm for Dalziel re-election campaign. Shortly afterwards Davison died of cancer and media tune once more made the recidivist self declared law breaker into a man of the people. The SFO investigation and growing concern over charities he was linked to conveniently brushed aside forgotten. As Lianne Dalzeil also sought to dismiss growing concerns over the Christchurch Foundation (which Rolleston chaired) lack of transparency.

The SFO would clear Dalziel but frankly that means jack shit to any one who watched the SFO in action. Primarily since the SFO was itself set up in the 1990’s as Neo Liberalism set out to gets it grips into New Zealand by right wing (neo conservative and neoliberal) politicians who wanted to take the job of investigating high level fraud away from the Justice department for the crime of doing their job of going after white collar crime too well

Another key fact overlooked by those who insist no abuse was taking place at the Christchurch City council crèche, that the entire idea of a ring of powerful paedophile ring, was simply fiction is the fact the Christchurch deputy mayor (1989–1998) Morgan Fayhey was in fact a himself a rapist and a paedophile of women and young teen many of whom were in state custody at the time of his offences.

Fahey’s own offending spanned thirty years before he was caught. Fahey had avoided detection using his clout (which included being named as valued fiend at the National party’s 61st conference in Christchurch in 1998 the year he was convicted) to camouflage his whole sale abuse of young women and teenagers. For example one of Fayhey’s many victims would include Gwyneth Beard who was molested along with other girls by Fahey and other medical professions at Strathmore Girls’ Home in Christchurch.

Simlar claims made by other girls at the home were simply dismissed as lies when they tried to report their own sexual abuse experiences in and out of the state home. The case when it finally did become public revealed a litany of allegations made against “Feely Fahey” prior to TV3’s 20/20 1998 expose on Fahey. Once made public the case would then be over seen by Detective Mark Bouvet who also served it is believed on the Ellis case in a minor role. In the initial days when it looked like Fahey would beat the charges he had widespread support within the medical community and the professional classes of Christchurch such as Dr Roger Ridley-Smith. Ridley Smith, who would defended Fahey’s actions, himself had spoken of his Maori women patients as “dingbats”.

Fahey would in post sentence be paroled to his luxury home in Queenstown under the supervision of a former associated of his from Christchurch parole officer Mary Stamers-Smith whose married to Queenstown Lakes District councillor Simon StamersSmith’s who in 1981 ran for the National Party as an MP in Christchurch.

Only a sliver of Fahey’s full crimes have being publicly revealed. Enough to confirm his offending went back to the 1970s and include the rape and impregnation of a minor. For his crime of 13 sexual crimes involving 11 women Fahey would be sentenced to six years in jail. This equalled about six months for each offence. He would be paroled after serving just four years of his sentence. The detectives heading the case declared they would not try to trace the rape and sex victims examined by Fahey during his thirty years of offending including allegation that Fahey had made some of his victims drug addict to enhance their vulnerability.

In the same time Fahey was deputy Mayor of Christchurch the Christchurch City Council employed two skinheads David Crawford the chairman of the National Front (and co editor of the anti-Semitic magazine Heed*1) and Kyle Chapman the President of the National Front, the NZ branch of the British based National Front at the time in addition to funding Chapman trust for ‘homeless’ skinheads. New Way Trust was run by councillor, police and Kyle Chapman which Chapman was still using in 2014 when found dipping his hand into a similar charity set up in Hamilton.

  • *1 = By 1980 Crawford had founded with then self confessed Neo Nazi Satanist Kerry Bolton the New Zealand branch of the Church of Odin. Paul Spoonley quotes Crawford as saying that the Church of Odin was exclusively for whites, and specifically whites “of non-Jewish descent” and that “the main
    Odinic law requires loyalty to race” Crawford also had links to the WACL (World Anti Communist League) who recruited white supremacist and far right to act as mercenaries in US proxy wars against the Soviet Union.

The so called homeless skinhead of Christchurch included a man known as Gary Isherwood who in 2004 was jailed for 20 counts of abduction, rape, sodomy and administering a Class B drug. In 1999 Isherwood was jailed for eight years after forcing a 14-year-old girl to take heroin, making her an addict, and then forcing her into prostitution to pay him for her drug supply. Sherwood was just 21 when he was arrested in 1999 for running the prostitution racket, making the 14-year-old work on the city’s central Manchester St and Latimer Square (opposite the prestigious Christchurch Club [Photo Above] and the then open Masonic Lodge). Subsequent academic studies confirmed street youth in Christchurch were being used as pawns by bigger fish up the food chain after being groomed not just for sex but for other crimes as well be it arson burglary or pimping.

With that in mind there are three cases of arson allegedly carried out by youth with psychiatric problems which in hindsight deserve a second look.

A) Arson conducted in Companies office files relating to firms under investigation during the Wine Box Inquiry in merchant bankers including Brielry Investment

B) Antonio’s house Riccarton Road burned down in the week after the Christchurch shooting previously used by police anti terrorist squads located next to the Spark centre believed to be used for internet traffic overseen by Kordia Ltd.

C) The fire that broke out at Princess Margaret Hospital used by police to conduct a counter terrorism operation built on the former secret headquarters of the southern Military headquarters (which is believed to connect to a mansion in the Cashmere suburb located near the Craftcoft reserve and the site of the Sign of the Takahe). Today the hospital used for youth with psychiatric issues has one of the worst record of conduct in the nation with over 600 arsons escapes and assaults recorded at the site each year. In 2010 a suicided patients complained of an sexual assaults conduct by staff which remain uninvestigated. 

I also wrote in State Secrets (published in 1999) my concerns of the far right in Christchurch which include Gun City (where the Christchurch shooter procured his weapons) owner David Tipple’s links right wing mercenary groups and the future chairman of the Christchurch Foundation charities link to South African Rhodesia (under the regime of Ian Smith) anti communist right wing mercenaries the former CEO of the Christchurch Press Humphrey Rolleston ;

Expanding on Christchurch far right and dark under belly of racism and political corruption I noted;

Kyle Chapman the Neo Nazi the Christchurch City Council loved.

“Current South Island far right wing organisations include Force 88, who popped out of nowhere in 1997, coinciding with Mike Moore’s (whose Wall Without Wall opposed by Left has since being repackaged as the Global Migration Bill which set off the Christ church attack) decision to make gangs a public issue. The sudden emergence of skinheads as the number one news story was assisted by a spate of “skinhead related attacks” within Christchurch, including an attack on a Somalian woman and ending with the attack on an African male at Sumner beach. The gentleman, who coincidentally turned out to be the head of the Christchurch Africa Association, was set upon by two skinheads who 218 then scarpered, leaving Police to charge a group of “petrol heads” who had gathered to watch the “entertainment”. One source, familiar with the group charged, described the group as “so stupid they wouldn’t know how to spell racism let alone know what it means”. The attack, which was said to have occurred for over ten minutes, took place within sight of a Police vehicle, but unfortunately the Police didn’t realise what was happening, and did not intervene until the original instigators of the attack had fled. The National Front today can in turn be linked to the heavier and infamous Harris brother clique who are in turn associated with the Epitaph, the Nomads and in Timaru the white supremacist gang the Road Knights, a nice little group renowned for its hobbies of murder and sodomy. The African victim’s rescuers were, in fact, an off duty Police officer and civilian whose own brother had been slain in a racially-motivated killing the year before. Subsequent investigations discovered that the Stormtroopers Gang could be linked to the National Front, led by a skinhead working for the Christchurch City Council who was being paid to rehabilitate skinheads. For his work, the skinhead received a grant of $15,000 from the Christchurch council and another $35,000 from the Prime Minister’s Office Crime Prevention Authority” (That in fact may be wrong and the agency in question was the police ministry).

As of 2014 Chapman claimed to be an active trustee of New Way Trust – the accounts were consigned by a policer officer and a Christchurch city councillor. Oddly the Christchurch Press who pre shooting took Tipple money and post shooting ran an investigation of white supremacy which only looked at the bottom feeders and has never bothered to investigate the trust or where the money went over two decades with the exception of a single glowing appraisal.

I worked at the time on this section of my book with now councillor Yarni Johanson to see what we could do to find more info on the MPs (Labour and National) we believed were using skinheads and street gangs to conduct dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Sadly we found heaps of smoke but not enough fire to name these senior MPs outright in the book or the TV news celebrity whose name came up time and time again when I spoke to street kids and sex workers. I am now beginning to realise however a lot of those abusers of street kids (operating at a street level) were themselves abused while under institutionalised care and were the products of institutionalised grooming and manipulation by those situated in higher strata of society on a grand scale in their own right.

And the idea of institutionalised abuse is not confined to Christchurch alone.

6. Firmiter et Fideliter “strength and steadfastness” aka Brute Force & Blind Obedience.

Dilworth school one of Auckland largest property owners produced 11 Paedophiles over 100 identified victims (to date) without any detection apparently by the rest of the old boys network at Dilworth (founded by Irish Freemason James Dilworth) And oh what a influential bunch of old boys they were made up of priests, celebrities, senior police, army, SAS, officers and MPs.

Former National MP and short lived dvance NZJamie Lee Ross Maiden speech “I recognise the fact that I am also the product of an amazing school, and one of New Zealand’s largest charities, Dilworth School. For those who do not know, Dilworth School was founded in 1906 ..I enter this House as the fourth Dilworth old boy, following in the footsteps of the Hon Harry Lapwood, the Hon Dr Michael Bassett—who is here today—and the Rt Hon Mike Moore. I am pleased to be able to even up the balance between Dilworth Labour MPs and Dilworth National MPs.”

Other old boys include;

*Sir David Beattie, Governor-General (1980-85) and Supreme Court justice*

*Professor Guy Dodson, scientist and fellow of Britain’s Royal Society and his twin brother Professor Emeritus Maurice Dodson of the Department of Mathematics, University of York* John Potter, former chairman Nestle New Zealand

*Garth Tapper, painter and his engineer brother Peter Tapper, senior executive and board director of energy companies including Shell*

Mike Moore of course with Bassett (who both acknowledged the violence of the school but seem to think it perfectly normal) helped create and sell Rogernomics plans for whole sale privatiastion and Neolliberalismbefore Moore went on to try and set a world with out borders which got his effigy burned by those against indigenous exploitation, environmental abuse by corporation and labour abuse.

The Dilworth Trust Board spends an annual $12 million running the school, funded largely by landholdings around Auckland, including the sites occupied by posh European car firms along Great South Rd near the school. The Dilworth Trust Board is one of New Zealand’s largest charity,

It was created in 1894 by the bequest of industrialist and farmer James Dilworth, born in Country Tyrone (in modern-day Northern Ireland) in 1915. The school student population around 900 is governed by the Dilworth Trust Board. The charity has $908 million in total assets, according to its annual return for the year ending January 31, 2019. Of those assets, the majority ($621 million) was investment property. It one of Auckland’s largest land owners. It also had $91 million in other investments. In 2019 it ran a surplus of $57 million, with $87 million in total revenue and just short of $30 million in expenses. By comparison Auckland University 43,000 students received $351.1 million from the government and earned $537.4 million – making it the top non-government earner out of the country’s universities. Otago remained the biggest in net asset worth at $1.39 billion but Auckland was closely behind with $1.33 billion

In 2016 A member of the Dilworth Old Boys Association has labelled the handling of a recent race-related incident “a disgrace” that exposes the Dilworth “brotherhood as a sham”. Four alumni have had their suspensions from the association lifted after they made comments about the school’s ethnic make-up, saying it was “unbalanced”. The Dilworth Old Boys Association did not agree this was the case,

Trust Board include chairman John Potter, former chairman of Nestle New Zealand and an old boy. *Trustee Frances Valentine (CNZM) previously CEO of the Media Design School. Frances serves as a director on a number of boards including Callaghan Innovation and Harper Lilly Ltd.

* Trusttee Peter is a property and investment expert who joined the Trust Board in 2017. He is an independent property investment and development advisor and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Peter has previously held senior executive roles at Auckland International Airport, Stride Property Group (Chief Executive), Goodman, Property for Industry and SkyCity Entertainment (Chief Property Officer).

* Jonathan Mason also serves on the Boards of companies including Vector, Zespri, Westpac and Air New Zealand. Previously Chief Financial Officer at Fonterra and the Chief Financial Officer at Carter Holt Harvey. Jonathan is also an adjunct Professor of Management at the University of Auckland, and helps to recruit New Zealand students to attend Yale University (Skull & Bones) in the United States* Brian Maltby joined the Trust Board in 1990. He is an experienced Director and a former owner of Maltby’s Limited, an Auckland-based quantity surveying firm. His family originate from Ireland. Maltbys is currently run by a management team comprising four shareholder Directors and three Associate Directors, who together manage a professional staff of around twenty five people through offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Queenstown. Past project by the company include Christmas Island inter-continental ballistic missile station and the Motonui gas to gasoline plant.Their clients include police, corrections, Food Stuffs, Dilworth College, Auckland Council, DOC, the ministry of education,

*Aaron Snodgrass is a Dilworth Old Boy who joined the Trust Board in 2013 He is Chief Financial Officer of Eastland Group, a Gisborne-based infrastructure company, and has previously worked as a Chartered Accountant at PwC and Deutsche Bank (The bank favoured by Rump, Epstein the Clinton and Mexcian drug cartels). Aaron was a member and Treasurer of the Dilworth Old Boys’ Association (DOBA) Council.

*Simon Curran Co-Founder and CEO of Shine Limited, an Auckland-based creative business consultancy seeking to bring sun shine into the hearts of those rich enough to afford it services. Simon works “extensively with entrepreneurs, enterprises, schools and communities to harness the creative potential of their people” Clients include Air NZ (John Key). ANZ ( John Key) Spark 5G who they helped show “what make the Emirates Team New Zealand boat go faster”.

Curran has a “mysterious” reputation in the world of marketing and his firm not so much into making adverts ( his competitor literally ask does he do any ads) but is more of net worker a enigmatic devil around town who can fix your issues and provide his clients with what ever they may desire. He is also a former partner in with Paul Franich and Lucien Law, in a number of Auckland night spots operating under the Savor Group which offer private screening rooms, champagne parlours (“Velvet Private booths, mirrored walls”), balcony secluded rooftop venues, and members only facilities. It includes Seafarers Members Club a modern twist on the gentleman clubs that coos “a place where we could bring together like-minded people who value creativity, whether they be bankers, lawyers or entrepreneurs. There there would be something interesting happening, with departments devoted to film, fashion, technology, wine and food”.

The Savor group also own Ebisu, Azabu, Tyler Street Garage whose licensed was suspend in 2015 after bouncer counted the age of a girl “wrong on his fingers”. Affiliated bar Snapdragon also had it its liquor licence suspended for 24 hours on May 29 for undisclosed reasons.) At the time this was announced as part of police crack down on Britomart late night bars ad club perceived by the police as encouraged under age drinking by failure to correctly police themselves.

The group also brought the Las Vegas on K Road (logo below of devil). The strip club hit the headline in 2015 pre buyout after decorated senior police office John Fraser applied for the estate of Las Vegas listed as owned by his best mate John Nicholson’s . The Estate included the Karangahape Rd night-spot, The Las Vegas Strip Club, a house in the Auckland suburb of Meadowbank, a VW car, a bank account with undisclosed balance, bonus bonds amount unknown, $6000 cash and guns.

Relative complained to police Detective Senior Sergeant Julian Rinckes about the claim and allegations were made to police that Fraser stole guns and a safe from Nicholson’s house following his death. Rinckes acknowledged the complaint but said ”at this stage we don’t see any reason for police action”, as the matter was being resolved by the courts. Fraser refused to comment, as did the Nicholson family. However, it is understood the family believes Fraser isn’t entitled to any of Nicholson’s estate. Fraser stated ‘Johnny regarded me as his son, I him as some sort of father figure, we cared for one another immensely.” The strip club owner and cop met in 1982, with Fraser became Nicholson’s main hunting partner, who also assisted him with the “smooth running and security of his strip club, managed his personal affairs and was his chief caregiver when he was dying”. The strip club was a favoured haunt of young Auckland police officers who knew they would be treated with a friendly face by the management and it even a nook where cops would sit out of the eye of the public in the “Policeman’s Corner” “a well-known smoko stop for cops on the beat.” Nicholson had made a lot of money out of the sex industry and Fraser had helped him as his facilitator.


“it had therefore come as a surprise to the New Firm that their latest client had come straight to them. This was worrying. It was also worrying that he was dead. Generally the New Firm had no problem with corpses, but they didn’t like them to speak. Mr Slant coughed. Mr Pin noticed that this created a small cloud of dust. For Mr Slant was a zombie. ‘I must reiterate,’ said Mr Slant, ‘that I am a mere facilitator in this matter— Terry Pratchett The Truth.

In 2003 Lee Robinson was one of the negotiating lawyers involved when Sister’s of Nazareth (above/below) brokered a deal with 17 people alleging abuse at its Christchurch orphanages. The men and women who complained to the Sisters of Nazareth about their time at Nazareth House and St Joseph’s Home between the 1930s and 1960s were they were violently and sexually preyed on. The Catholic church apologised to the alleged victims and gave away thousands of dollars in “gifts” to the victims: but did not go so far as issuing an apology. obinson is also a trustee of St John of God Rest Home and Hospital Board (Hastings) which has major links to both the Australian & NZ abuse cases involving sexually predatory priest from the UK Canada Ireland moved around as their offending became public. In Christchurch Catholic paedophile allegations Robinson was critical in getting victims to sign non disclosure agreements and maintaining a cover up on the scale of abuse for twenty years. Lee Robinson a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (due to his services to sports and children charities). Lee Robinson told press the beneficiary were given ‘gifts’ if they were in the care of the church for several years., were they’ve been “disenfranchised” and “compromised” as a result of all sorts of things including “they say” happened during their time at Nazareth House. Withstanding by the time Robinson said that statement the order had already being proven to have being binge buggering, beating, raping and murdering kids, on a global scale for over fifty years.

Robinson says it has taken two years for the women to get compensation which he believes amounts to about $500,000.“We haven’t made lump sum payments,” said Robinson. Thirteen men have also claimed they were abused – but not by the sisters. “They say” they were abused by two priests when they were in the care of the sisters. The negotiation led to a ban on such confidentiality agreements once their existence became publicly known. Brother Peter Burke, the Australasian head of the St John of God Order, saying “he was absolutely horrified about the secret deal”. His order has since instructed its lawyers on both sides of the Tasman to remove confidentiality clauses from future agreements. Which until that point had being global strategy employed by the church, often using the same law and accounting firms which often ran their trusts property or assets and was in accordance with the Vatican’s worldwide instruction for what to do in the event a case of abuse was at risk of being exposed.  The Little Sisters of the Poor or Sisters of Nazareth have emerged repeatedly into allegations of institutionalised child abuse and murder of children in their and the Christian Brother of Marist care in America, Australia, UK and NZ and obstruction of justice as nuns and offending priest were often moved to new countries or orphanage when events threatened to go public and expose the systematic world wide abuse of children by the church and its well connected allies.

In 2015 Lee’s brother Jon Winskill killed his wife Denise Winskill, an English teacher at Cashmere High school in a controversial farm accident. In 2016 a coroner has asked police to review their 2015 decision not to prosecute a man who fatally ran over his wife in his truck at their rural Canterbury property. To be precise when Mr Winskill realised he’d hit something, his response was to drive forward and run over his wife again.

Coroner David Crerar​ identified “outstanding questions” about the death of Denise Robinson-Winskill in October 2013″. The Coroner criticised the initial police investigation into her death as lacking “vigour, timeliness and diligence”.A serious crash unit report was not obtained at the time and “the serious nature of any action or inaction by [her husband] Jon Winskill should have been obvious from the time of his initial ‘scoping’ interview”. In 2015 the coroner unsatisfied with police findings commissioned an independent report from Auckland University of Technology where mechanical engineering professor John Raine examined the physical circumstances of Robinson-Winskill’s death. In tests with a mannequin, Raine found the truck would have had to have been travelling at between 3.6kmh and 5kmh – about walking speed – to run over someone.

Rain’s investigation could not explain as the Coroner noted:
– How Robinson-Winskill did not hear the truck approach and avoid being hit.
– The origin of a bruise on the crown of her head – “In my opinion this has not originated from a fall or being run over”.
– Why her spectacles were found near her body but one lens was “some distance away”.
– Why Winskill was not aware of bumping into his wife before she fell, “unless she was already on the ground before being run over”. Tests showed it was possible to hear a person call out from behind the truck with the engine running.
At the inquest, Detective Inspector Greg Murton spoke generally about the challenges facing police when investigating deaths involving a vehicle and the need to obtain myriad reports and other evidence under time constraints. A charge of careless driving causing death must be laid within six months of an incident. In a statement on Wednesday, Murton said police could not comment until they had reviewed the coroner’s report”.

Winskill told reporters he was “unaware of the coroner’s findings” and declined to comment further. Robinson-Winskill’s brother, Lee Robinson, said the family “received the coroner’s report some months ago“. Robinson accepted his sister’s death was “just a bizarre accident” and “were all just trying to move on”. Subsequent Christchurch Press reports revealed Winskill was excellent at moving on and he admitted meeting another woman through a dating website two weeks later. Denise Winskill’s death came just five months after Jo Winskill was blackmailed for $7000 by another woman, who threatened to reveal their affair to his wife. Its also reported he behaved “inappropriately” to members of the family for example he “hit on” his deceased wife sister at his wives funeral and reacted “like he won lotto” when he heard there would be an ACC pay-out. Crash investigator Hamish Piercy, a former member of the Canterbury serious crash unit, said police initially treating the case as a homicide and this may have caused a “miscommunication” on the need for a serious crash report.“That’s often where it comes back to, internally, the disparity between traffic and the crime units because the crash unit’s always treated as a traffic unit, therefore we don’t want to involve traffic because [a case may initially be considered] homicide.” Police said they would make further inquires following the 2015 Coroner findings over four years ago.

Little has happened since.

Robinson is solicitor for the Maori Land Office was given the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services which include chairing a Hastings boys’ home board taking an identical role he held as chairman of the Board of St John of God Health and Disabilities Hospital Board in Halswell, with a new board for the Holy Family Home in Hastings after it was acquired from the Little Sisters of the Poor in the mid-1990s.

Lee Robinson is also founding Trustee in Rainbow Children’s Trust he chaired from 1998 to 2003 Halberg Sport’s Foundation. In addition to chairing The Disability Sport Foundation Trust in Christchurch and the Akaroa Health Hub.

In 2007 Lee Robinson helped host VIP’s from Christchurch, Wellington and Akaroa toast The Global Party and The Akaroa Health Hub who had joined the world’s largest invite-only VIP charity event “strictly for rich-listers”. The event held at the New Zealand Akaroa Winery was hosted by a former Tory party treasurer and hedge-fund king ( linked to Prince Andrews short term handling of the Royal investments) and his business partner, entrepreneur David Johnstone. Johnstone founded the Lifestyle Management company: the Savile Row of Tailor Made England. Claims to have organised over 300 (79 in fact) parties during his four and a half years as Managing Director, including the Super Car Rally of 2000 from London, Germany, Budapest, Vienna and Prague, and according to his own PR “an event at the Palace for the Queen’s 80th birthday”. The UK duo told kiwis it aimed to host lavish parties for the rich simultaneously around the world and raise millions for charity world wide. Launched in 2011 at The Natural History Museum in London Global Party UK with its funky (and familiar) tattoo zen logo united the “luxury hospitality industry with thousands of invited VIP guests” in support of The Global Charity Trust and its hundreds of worldwide benefiting causes. Cause such as Boris Johnston’s Mayoralty (Below with Fink on the left) Fund for underprivileged children.

Prior to the Epstein scandal Prince Andrew had drawn criticism over his relationship with Tory treasurer hedge fund king and self confessed tax dodger Lord Stanley Fink whose hedge fund Man Group is audited by KMPG.“Pitch@Palace appears to have been a vehicle for Prince Andrew to enrich himself at the cost of the hardworking entrepreneurs he claimed to be helping”. Pitch@Palace was asking for equity from firms that managed to win funding after the event. The scheme itself had been funded by big business sponsors like Standard Chartered and Fink’s auditors KPMG. Since Andrews Epstein scandal  the Queen has kicked Prince Andrew’s Pitch@Palace out of Buckingham.

Fink, who is CEO of the New Forrest Company East Africa, has claimed the privatising of Mozambiques forest and water is alleviating, poverty in its host nations and combating climate change. Prime Minister Ngabonziza, Director General of Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority says “We started privatising state-owned forests, our assessment revealed that forests can be well-managed and maintained if they are privatised,”  However New Forest Company is accused separately by Oxfam of exploiting intimidating workers, displacing 22,000 indigenous tribes people and off scamming carbon credits in a virtual ponzi trade as they rorte the carbon trading scheme and climate loans get diverted to buy weapons. In schemes whose profits are then hidden in tax havens to maximise profits.

Some thing to think about retrospectively as you think about the privatisation of New Zealand Forrest and learn that on Friday 22nd November, the New Zealand Institute of Forestry hosted a small “round-table’ meeting with The Prince of Wales in Christchurch to discuss “opportunities” and challenges facing the forestry sector in New Zealand. Eleven forestry professionals; including the 2017, 2018 and 2019 recipients of The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry met Prince Charles. “The discussion covered the challenges presented by climate change, pest and disease incursions and the need to strengthen the forestry sector’s social license to operate. The potential contribution of forestry to the New Zealand bio-economy along with the promising and varied career opportunities offered by the forestry sector, were identified as significant opportunities”.

In April 2018 during his trip to Australia Charles also preached the notion of a blue economy to Corporate executives including Disney and Qantas “through which sustainable economic development is achieved via the wise use of ocean resources,” he said. As to what wise resources means? In August 2019 at the Pacific Island Forum held in Tuvalu (Tokelau nearest neighbour) in August, Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama floated the idea that a 10-year moratorium, on seabed mining across the entire Pacific Ocean, take place to allow for ”sufficient” research into the likely biodiversity impacts. The bid was supported by Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. It was opposed by the other member states including Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Palau, Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, New Zealand and Tokelau who just beame the beneficiary of 150 million dollars subsidiary from New Zealand that will allow then to build infrastructure to combat rising sea levels due to climate change. Coincidentally that infrastructure will also prove vital to the trillion dollar deep sea mining bonanza that the uber rich (who have the most to gain ) preach is the means of saving the planet and getting us to space. Tokelau who voted against the moratorium, New Zealand administrator is Ross Ardern father of NZ PM Jacinda Ardern.

10. The Catholic Church – Choir Boy Bums & Confession Blackmail For Every One.

Ross Ardern was previously implicated in the Paradise Paper affair in 2017 in relation to donations made to National party . In a case which resulted in defamation case against former Labour leader Andrew Little which ultimately saw Little not guilty. Not that made a difference to ultimate outcome of Jacinda’s rise to power, Labour not committing to its pre-election promise to walk away from the TPPA and the entrenchment of yet another Labour government committed to the values of the golden chalice of corporate neo-liberalism and global elitism. Yesterday Ardern was committed to stopping the TPPA today she committed to saving the planet and preventing Climate Change.

In 2019 The Christchurch Press ran a report on properties brought with money laundered from UrN affiliated fight climate change charity that was diverted to buy weapons. It reported the properties were co-owned by an individual named Nicola Frances Bell. Bell is sole shareholder of AJP Trustee Services and her registered address is the Merivale property. Bell is also a director of AJP Trustee Services with Anna Fox. AJP Trustee Services has a registered address at Christchurch law firm Saunders Robinson Brown (SBR), the firm who handled the Catholic Churches sexual abuse hush money, where Fox works as managing partner. Just like Ross Aedern’s mates AJP get a mention in the Paradise Papers data base relating to Mossack Fonseca under the names

IncorporationJurisdictionLinked ToData From

The two firms inturn are connected to a maze of nominee companies apparently all set up as shelf companies for purpose unclear.

Anna bio states she previously spent three years in London, working in the finance department of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, as well as in the in-house legal teams for Enron and its successor in the energy market, American Electric Power. Enron Corporation was an American energy, commodities, and services company based in Houston, Texas. Not mentioned Enron entered into bankruptcy after fraud on a biblical scale on December 3, 2001 due to colossal mismanagement, epic fraud and epidemic inside trading. All hidden behind a mountain of nominee companies set up to launder and hide transactions.

Anna is a member of several Christchurch organisations including;

  • Member of the Canterbury Women’s Legal Association
  • Former Chair of the Paparoa Street School Board of Trustees
  • Current Member of the Paparoa Street School Board of Trustees
  • Member of the New Zealand Law Society
  • Committee member of Christchurch branch of Women in Restructuring and Insolvency
  • Member of the Property Council.

 Anna was admitted to the bar in 1998 after studying Law and Arts (Psychology) at the University of Otago where she would likely have also being a member of the Otago University alumni the OWLS (Otago Woman Lawyers Society)

“The acronym was not just cute; it was chosen for the fact that the owl (Minerva) was the symbol of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. She was called Justitia by the Romans, who blinded her and gave her a sword and a set of scales, and plonked her on top of the High Court building in lower Stuart
St Dunedin, NZ. Who knew!”
 reports OWL member Janet Somerville a founding member of OWLS who chaired the OWLs first ever meeting and who refers to the OWLS as a “family”

IN MY FATHERS DEN: New Zealand’s Pioneering Families & their “family” of alumni clubs – They’re A Hoot.

“Colleges prefer to enrol wealthy students.. more likely to have parents who will donate large sums of money to the school. When the privileged students graduate, they’re expected to join the alumni association and also donate cash”. Ana Kasparin journalist

Again the keen eyes may also spot the Minerva Owl above the clock tower at Otago University and on the Thomas Edmonds, founder of Edmonds Bakery, Clock, a monument to Saturn, where the Minerva Owl appears on wealthy occultist Thomas Edmond’s Clock Tower in Christchurch opposite the Two Pillars of the Wellsely Baptist Church and the Twin Towers sculptures (built from 9/11 wreckage) which form a triangle of esoteric art and a nod to the two pillars found in any masonic lodge (Boaz & Jacob) located on Barbados and Killmore St.

the witch's pyramid of 4 pillars | Owl painting, Masonic art, Macabre

Somerville writes “In the District Court, OWLS had an increasing number of members appearing in the late 80’s, and decided to work on fostering relations with the bench. In 1988 Judith A-K [Abbot-Kerr] hosted an evening at her home (now Jenny Beck’s home – we OWLS like to keep things in the family…) for members to get up close and personal with Judge Willy. The idea was that younger members in particular would be introduced to him, and that we would all be able to ask him insightful questions on matters of procedure and practise and that he would graciously expound his wisdom.” The statement confirms how the old boys (er Girls) alumina was used as networking service to keep things inside the “family”.

Just to add to the picture of Dunedin freaky lawyers;

Catherine Davani, of the Supreme and National Courts of Papua New Guinea, gave the 2013 year’s address to the OWLS. Justice Davani topic sorcery in Papua New Guinea, 

“which encompassed the traditional and legal implications of sorcery As well as explaining how widespread traditional beliefs in sorcery are in Papua New Guinea, Justice Davani guided the audience through the applicable sections of the Sorcery Act 1971. This involved a general discussion of the distinction between ‘innocent’ sorcery and ‘forbidden’ sorcery. ‘Innocent’ sorcery is defined in the Sorcery Act 1971 as ‘protective or curative only’ with no intention to produce ‘any harmful or unlawful result, or to exert any harmful, unlawful or undue influence on any person.’ ‘Innocent’ sorcery is also ‘generally regarded … as being, by custom, legitimate or harmless and not offensive in all the circumstances of the case.’ All other kinds of
sorcery are deemed to be ‘forbidden’ sorcery”.

OWLs Magical Readathon | 2020 TBR – Zezee with Books

Hogwarts where all magician go to learn spell craft and study their for their OWLS in an invisible college made up of special magical families. Not unlike our IVY league universities where the more specialised the faculty is and the older and more prestigious the University the more exclusive the associated alumni become.

The address was reportedly “well attended as always by the judiciary, local practitioners, Otago University staff and members of the public alike, with approximately 180 people attending the address this year. The Otago Women Lawyers Society (OWLS) gratefully acknowledged the New Zealand Law Foundation (the primary sponsor of the annual Address) and the Otago Law Faculty.
All female Otago Faculty of Law academic staff (who have been admitted to the bar) and female Otago law students are welcome to join OWLS, which is a fun and informal way to meet
and keep in touch with local practitioners”.

Otago lawyers certainly seem to have a real thing about the occult;

The ODT Reports that “Like William Larnach and his castle, the tomb attracts stories and legends like a lightning rod”, according to art historian Peter Entwisle. The ODT continues “Dunedin historian and art curator should know, as he is implicated in one of the myths. I didn’t steal Larnach’s bloody skull but people believe that I did, so that’s the bottom line. And I certainly had a skull, that’s for sure, and that’s not a crime,”.

Back in January 1972, when Entwisle was a 23-year-old student, he was charged in the Dunedin Magistrates Court with improperly interfering with human remains, to be specific those of William Larnach. According to reports in both the Otago Daily Times and the Evening Star, he was not represented by a lawyer, pleaded guilty, was convicted and remanded for a probation report and sentencing. The police, acting on information received, had found a skull in his flat. Entwisle said it “was readily identifiable as Larnach’s by the gunshot wounds and it had been given to him about a year earlier by a friend, whom he declined to name”.

As a graduate anthropology student he had an academic interest in skulls, he said then. However, what is not widely known is that the case was dismissed on January 31. Entwisle was then represented by Ron Gilbert and changed his plea to not guilty. According to reports in the Otago Daily Times, magistrate Mr J. D. Murray said a corpse or human remains was not something that could be stolen so Entwisle could not be charged with receiving.

Oddly the crime acts 150 ‘Misconduct in respect of human remains’ notes “Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years who— (a) neglects to perform any duty imposed on him or her by law or undertaken by him or her with reference to the burial or cremation of any dead human body or human remains; or (b) improperly or indecently interferes with or offers any indignity to any dead human body or human remains, whether buried or not.

But what can we say Dunedin lawyers have an interesting interpretation of law especially when it comes to their alumni mates. As for Entwisle “Although he had kept the remains, occasionally polishing them and showing them to friends, he had not mutilated them, so there was no improper interference”. The rest of Larnarch’s body might have felt otherwise. The concreting over of the crypt in 1973 stopped further interference with the coffins but certainly did not stop vandalism to the building itself. In the meantime the original grave digger known as “Dr Voodoo” would turn out (according to those who were in the know at the time) as the son of prominent Dunedin legal family left New Zealand and went on to be a lawyer in Hong Kong.


Another case of grave robbing with occult links took place in 2018 in Nelson where the regions oldest Lodge Southern Star, No. 735, (English Constitution), established on the 4th of October, 1853.when a chap broke into a Nelson masonic lodge (that back onto Nelson major police station) and stole a human skull which he tried to use in a miserable attempt to extort money for drugs off the Free Mason in question.

The Nelson Mail reports “A Nelson man who stole a human skull and bones from a Masonic lodge said he would return the stolen goods in exchange for meth. Cayden John Minto, 27, pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary and another of blackmail when he appeared in the Nelson District Court… A police summary facts said overnight on December 1, Minto broke into the Southern Star Lodge on Collingwood St. Minto made contact with a member of a fellow Freemasons Lodge in Nelson via Facebook. He sent messages over several days, claiming he was acting on behalf of someone who had the stolen goods, but was willing to negotiate their safe return. ‘Tell them be as fast as possible as the person with it will destroy it and dispose of it if he doesn’t get 7 gram’, one message read”. 

Many of the lost Maori tattoo heads are believed to have ended up being used in Free Mason ritual here in New Zealand and over seas.

While the idea that people were playing with a real life life skull did not raise any question within the Nelson police (whose members include lodge members of the lodge in question) or in the subsequent reporting of the affair in the Nelson Mail. While in contrast New Zealand is working with overseas institutions to repatriate kōiwi tangata through the Karanga Aotearoa Repatriation Programme. In 2016, the Metropolitan Grand Chapter of Freemasons in London proactively repatriated kōiwi tangata back to New Zealand.

Records show they were found in a cave near Okere, Bay of Plenty. Now, the Metropolitan Grand Chapter London has agreed to repatriate them. A skull believed to have been taken from Waikouaiti in Otago, was donated to the Falconer Museum in Forres, Scotland, in 1883, by a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, John Hugh McKenzie, via a Mrs Edmonds, of Carisbrook, Blackheath. A further 5,500 human remains of Pacific and African victims, owned by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which runs a number of museums, archives and libraries in Germany. In 1930, a Freemasons lodge in England was given a single Maori skull along with two crossbones.

Other Maori skulls exist in Paris where again such trophy proved in demand from wealthy private collectors and occult based lodges seeking props for their grisly rituals whose origins is steeped in some of the oldest known form of mentalism recorded in occult history. Repatriation researcher Amber Aranui said the Programme is now working on confirming the provenance of this ancestor “so that he may now be returned to his people”. Aranui believes it is possible that Freemason lodges in New Zealand and internationally may have some record of the origins of the human remains they hold in their lodges and encourages them to make contact to repatriate these remains. The Skull & Cross bones is of course is the international symbol of piracy to most of us. It is actually very much a masonic symbol known in the Royal Black Lodge circles as the ‘the Blackman’s Crest’

The Royal Black in Ireland defend the use of the human skull having asked the United Protestant council, in its defence of its macabre custom of using human remains it its initiations: “Where in the Bible is this condemned [namely the usage of human remains in its secret ceremonies]?” 

This the Black Lodge say “is a question that needs to be answered by those who condemn its practice.” The ritual (which vary according to the Lodge but involves variation of the same rituals) a “lack CommunionThe Black candidate is asked to take a toast to the memory of Brother Joseph, being informed that this is his first Black toast. An artefact is then placed into the hand of the blindfolded novice called a “mystic cup.” He is informed, “This mystic cup is not fashioned by human hand.” He is told, “You have never drunk from it before.” He is then asked, “Can you tell what this is?” The candidate normally replies, “I do not know!” One of the lecturers then states: “It is the top of a human skull; it is properly cleansed and purified so that it can be used as a drinking vessel.” The Black newcomer is then assured: “Every Sir Knight who receives this degree takes a toast to the memory of Brother Joseph. The remaining brethren arise. The candidate then sups from the human skullcap. Whilst the mystic cup is customarily an actual human skullcap some preceptories that have no access to a skull (or are uncomfortable with using the same) use a coconut or shell as a representation of a skullcap”.

The Southern Lodge, home of the human skulls used as currency in the failed black mail attempt, is also believed to have links to Nelson Club which came under fire in 2018 when it decided to keep a member after he was outed for his affiliation with UK right wing politics of the same brand I would later encounter during the Christchurch shooting which leads right back to the New Zealand Freemason culture and mining industry.

The Maori Coucils press release on this issue is worth quoting in full. “The New Zealand Maori Council has called on the nation to address all forms of racism and not to shy away from an honest conversation about where it’s taking hold. The call comes after the Nelson Club decided to keep a member after his comments became public about Muslims and people of colour having a lower IQ than white people. The Nelson Club is a closed men’s only exclusive group that excludes women and has now made itself a “secret society”. “When you read through the content of the emails and what has unfolded you find a guy who was a member of a far right UK party who held some petty abhorrent views. He’s said, and his lawyer mounted a case, that people of color, black people have a low IQ compared to white people. You have others lamenting about how things would be better with white people leading countries and so on. Its pretty disgusting stuff and more to the point it has no place in todays New Zealand.” Matthew Tukaki has said. “More to the point just how is it that an exclusive men only club can operate like this – where they get to somehow ply their racist views, taunt all of us and then claim that they somehow have the right? That’s not good enough. We are already dealing with a Mayoral candidate in the Western Bay of Plenty who claims she’s not racist on the one hand but proceeds to tell us naughty Maori’s off on the other hand by saying we’d basically wreck the joint if we got our land back.” Tukaki said

“I am sick and tired of every day seeing more of these people emerge, or be pulled from the depths of their caves, to ply their trade. This is how Christchurch happened a white male emboldened by hate and influenced by the words of others – a license to somehow operate. Well I say now and the Maori Council says no. It’s time for this all to be bought to the surface and for us to deal with it.” Tukaki said “In the case of the Nelson Club rules and laws that it allow it to exist in its current form need to be reviewed. These old exclusive little men’s club need to go. A message should be sent that New Zealanders will not put up with this. In light of the former UK national who now resides in New Zealand – we don’t want people like that here. We should not be afraid to review the character test for new residents and we should certainly be assessing their social media to identify these views. We need to stop these people from landing in New Zealand an plying their hate trade here.” Tukaki said

“And I would ask the new Race Relations Conciliator to convene an Inquiry and National Conversation into racism in New Zealand – we need to see all the dirty washing on the table. We need to clean the house and by the way this is not freedom of speech – no one should have the right to pour hate on people of color or to ply this even trade. Tukaki said.” Well said Mr Tukaki

Stuff says of the now secret society “Stuff has seen an email from the club’s lawyer, sent to another member prior to Friday’s meeting, which appeared to support the statement about racial-based IQ. “On a personal note, I have to say that the ‘IQ question/ IQ race imbalance’ has to my knowledge been hotly debated (as to reasons) in the scientific community for more than 30 years and I regret to inform you that [the member] is correct in stating that some scientific research – as inconvenient as it might be – concludes that on average there are significant different per race for IQ (not intelligence by the way),” the lawyer said.”

In the course of Friday’s meeting, it’s understood a new rule was passed which banned members from speaking to those outside the club about the organisation. It’s was also reported that a proposed motion that broadened the definition of misconduct within the club to include hate speech was not allowed to be moved or voted on, and was ruled “out of order”. The member at the centre of the meeting was alleged to have made comments at a Christmas function last year stating “all Muslims will rape our wives and daughters and they are coming to take over New Zealand. Aa member who wished to remain anonymous said Friday’s meeting was a “beautifully stage-managed farce”, and he saw the meeting differently from the leadership’s media statement. “I heard no apology from [the member] – but I did hear him and others advocate for his racial views,” the member said. “I saw no expression that intolerance and bigotry had no place in the club and I saw no real expression that members have to be cognisant of community values – other than in the face-saving resolution”. The member said there was a refusal to address the white supremacist and anti-Muslim views within the club, and the comments the member in question had “admitted making” in the club premises. “I also saw a refusal to ban hate speech within the club’s premises and an acceptance of a rule change to make the club a secret society and to gag club members from discussing club affairs with others.” However, it’s understood that one member spoke about his experience in Africa, advocating for his preference for white leadership in his former country of residence, and this was not ruled irrelevant. The accused member was once part of far-right political party, the British National Party (BNP), when he lived in the UK. The member said that he hoped that the Nelson Club was an “old school” break from the “over PC norm of the modern world” and people could express themselves freely. To solve the club’s internal crisis, one member has even suggested appointing former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer to be appointed as a “one-man commission of enquiry”. “His brief will be to enquire into all aspects of the Nelson Club but in particular the issues and legalities of women members, the smoking room and recent complaint about a member’s conduct.” The current club chairman Scott Dodd did not respond to requests for comment.

Meanwhile, the comments have encouraged Nelson MP Nick Smith to organise an information function at the Nelson Club with the Nelson Islamic Society. Dr Moayid Sherif, the Imam of Nelson Mosque and President of the Nelson Islamic Society will be a guest speaker at the club during a luncheon in September. He will speak on Islam, the Quran and the New Zealand Muslim community.

The Nelson Club was founded by Nelson pioneering families in 1874 35 years after Freemason and child abductee Colonel William Wakefield worked with the conquering musket armed tribes to establish the New Zealand Company’s Wellington and Nelson settlement schemes. Coinciding as “Civilised men” … members established the craft: of Freemasonry in Auckland (the formation of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand in 1890 write of Masonry influence on New Zealand colonialism).

Carol Elizabeth Gardiner (Source Civilised Men … members of the craft: Freemasonry in Auckland to the formation of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand in 1890. A thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in History at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand.
2005), writes; The Reverend Samuel Marsden, the founder of the Anglican mission to New Zealand, used agriculture and trade as the first steps towards the civilising of the Maori before exposing them to the benefits of Christianity. Later, under the leadership of the Reverend Henry Williams, missionaries used their
endeavours to convert the Maori before addressing the question of civilisation. The proposals of the New Zealand Company to purchase Maori land at a low price, emphasising that the real benefits of the proposal would be in the gift of civilisation, would have been compatible with Bro. Jerningham Wakefield’s masonic beliefs, as would the proposal to offer every eleventh allotment to a Maori chief in the hope of creating a Maori gentry among the European gentry and thereby preserving the chief in his high station among his own people. Freemasonry recognises a hierarchical system and would view this system as a noble way to assimilate the two peoples. As the chief land purchase commissioner, Bro. Donald McLean (A member of Lodge No 1646 and a founding member of Ra Whare – This authors notes) member of Lodge stressed upon Maori that the opportunity to live among civilised colonists was the real benefit to Maori from the sale of their land.Matthew Wright in turn stresses “McLean’s role as the powerhouse behind some of the dodgiest land controversies of settler-era New Zealand is well known” in his book (author of Man of Secrets: The Private Life of Donald Mclean Penguin Group (NZ 2015) )

It is pretty clear what side Freemasonry would be on in a situation like Ihumatao where local hapu have to face off against Corporate Iwi. And like wise the current constitutional debate which saw in 2013 a hand picked panel which only included Tainui & Ngai Tahu Corprate Iwi representatives that went on to not only utterly leave the Magana Carta (the founding document of the Westminster system which New Zealand law is based on) but also exclude reference to protection of the hapu against iwi chief abuse or backdoor privatiastion. It is this authors view, any constitution debate must includes a hapū, whānau, iwi and Crown relationship if its not to be simply a case of swapping one set of aristocracy for another equally nepotistic system open to abuse.. The Constitutional Advisory Panel terms of reference seem to exclude a constitutional model based on these relationships and the development of a tikanga-based constitution.

Recent court decisions appear to indicate some movement or a willingness by some members of the judiciary to recognise tikanga as law. And yet the terms of reference for the panel don’t seem to recognise this. From my experience, there are fundamental changes that need to take place within university law schools to more accurately reflect the relationship between tikanga, Te Tiriti and Crown law.

June 2013 Māori Law Review

A constitution includes a hapū, whānau, iwi and Crown relationship

Marama Broughton’s paper to the Māori Law Review symposium on the Treaty of Waitangi and the constitution.

Wellington, the first company land settlement, was established almost immediately, and the Nelson scheme was launched two years later under Freemasons Captain Arthur Wakefield, William’s brother. Arthur Wakefield had to negotiate with the resident chiefs for rights to settle the Nelson districts. Initially relationships between Wakefields settlers and Māori were good, and Māori harvests and catches sustained settler families as they cleared land for their own crops.

However, relations deteriorated as New Zealand Company and Crown officials reneged on terms of the ‘purchases’, and disputes over land ownership, boundaries and trespass erupted from time to time. After three very dubious purchases (since discredited) the company acquired 1.2 million hectares on both sides of Cook Strait. Soon after, the Treaty of Waitangi was signed at three locations in the Marlborough districts, but Nelson chiefs were not given a chance to consider the matter.

In other cases the purchase of land off chiefs was done with out considertion of the fact wether the chiefs had the right to sell the land.

In 1878 the first Lodge of Hawkes Bay heretaunga was founded and the first Maori invited to join was Iraia Te Whaiti who held a commission in the Wairarapa Mounted Rifle Volunteers. Heretaunga inherited from both his parents considerable land interests around the south Wairarapa. These he began farming in 1881, following a direction from the prophet Paora Te Potangaroa that he serve his people in this way. In 1894, he extended his activities by entering into a partnership with John Sinclair, buying the Whatarangi station from Charles Pharazyn for about £10,000. The station included much land still in Maori ownership which Pharazyn was leasing, and Sinclair and Te Whaiti bought the rights to the leases. There appears to be little dispute over Te Whati ownership or his land but this is not the case of another Maori freemason Te Ranapia Kahukoti

In 1874 Several Maori, aggrieved at not receiving any of the proceeds or at being excluded from the decision to sell, protested against sale of land by chiefs to masonic settlers. A petition was lodged in 1878 by Te Korowhiti Tuataka alleging that she had been wrongfully left off the list of Ohauiti owners compiled Te Ranapia Kahukot, a native assessor assisting the resident magistrate at Tauranga and one of the sellers of Ohauiti, disputed these allegations before a Native Affairs Committee hearing in October 1878. The committee decided that Te Korowhiti’s name had been left off the list because of her relatives’ ‘forgetfulness’. The committee did, however, recommend that all land awarded to Tauranga Maori after 1878 be made inalienable. A newspaper notice was duly published, which stated that land returned to Maori at Tauranga was not to be sold. In other words masonic property speculators had attempted to embezzle land owing to other Maori with the assistance of a follow lodge member recruited for the very purpose that Governor Grey ( a Freemason) had being warned would occur. It was warning Grey chose to ignore.

Heretaunga was a large and important Māori land block in Hawke’s Bay, today taking up much of the modern city of Hastings and the fertile wine- and fruit-producing district surrounding it. It is one of the more notorious of the Hawke’s Bay ‘ten owners’ blocks The main claimant for the block was the Hawke’s Bay Rangatira Karaitiana Takamoana (who in 1871 tried to pass legislation to force all Maori school children to learn only in English), who had earlier formed part of a group of chiefs who had leased the land to a consortium of Pākehā runholders led by Freemason Thomas Tanner. The Court’s investigation of title began on 15 March 1866 and was heard initially in the Masonic Hall at Napier, with Judge Smith presiding and Te Keene and Te Hemara sitting as assessors.

Karaitiana rested his claim mainly on descent, but also on some recent conquests (assisted by musket brought from settlers). He said to the Court that the land should be allocated to himself and Henare Tomoana, another Hawke’s Bay chief. However, others present in the Court objected to this course, and following some further discussions the case was adjourned by Judge Smith with no decision having been made.

Bro. Tipene Matua Tutaki (25). Holds Office of Senior Deacon and a member of the “All
Black” team of Maori Masonic Brethren

Today Heretaunga’s lumminaries and in many cases descendent of the Chiefs who sided with Freemason over land deals WHICH ULTIMATELY BENEFITTED THE COLONIALIST SETTLER included;

Bro. James Hugh MacDonald (42). Local Head of Mormon Church in Blenheim. Contested seat for Southern Maori Electorate in the Parliamentary Elections in 1969

W. Bro. V. A. Maaka (359). Prominent in Maori affairs in Hawkes Bay district. Member Royal Arch, Rose Croix and Knights Templar. Member of the Waiapu Trust Board. Aorangi Trust Board. Waiapu Vestry. Heretaunga (Hastings) Tribal Committee. Ex Trustee Waiapu Bishopscourt. Grand Lodge rank of P.G.S.

W. Bro. W. T. Apatu (359). Also member of Royal Arch, Cryptic Council, Member Aorangi Trust Board and Hastings Rotary.

W. Bro. James Crocombe Rule (96). Installed as Master 1961, now holds Office of Secretary. Holds Office of H. in Royal Arch and also member of Rose Croix – both Lodge and Chapters meet in Westport on the West Coast of South Island of N.Z.

Bro. W. T. Bennett (359). Member Hastings City Council, President Whakatu Freezing Workers’
Union. A justice of the Peace.

Bro. William Carran (378). Served long distinguished career in N.Z. Police Force from which he retired in 1963 with the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police. Awarded Police Long Service nd Good Conduct Medals and the Queen’s Police Medal.

Bro. Sir John Te H. Grace (Wellington 1521). Prominent in Public Services and Maori Affairs.
Secretary to Ministers of Maori Affairs. Author of history and Culture of Tuwharetoa Tribe
(Taupo). Served in Maori Battalion, 1939-45 War with commissioned rank. Was National Party
candidate in the Wanganui Electorate 1969. Knighted by the Queen in 1969. Appointed N.Z.
Representative in Fiji 1971. K.B.E., M.V.O

Bro. Robert Taare Taipana (16). Leader of the Arowhenua Maori Community -Temuka district.
Chairman Arowhenua Runanga (Administration Body) and member Ngai Tahu Trust Board

Bro. Tipene Matua Tutaki (25). Holds Office of Senior Deacon and a member of the “All
Black” team of Maori Masonic Brethren

Bro. Tipene Matua Tutaki (25). Holds Office of Senior Deacon and a member of the “All
Black” team of Maori Masonic Brethren

Bro. Erua Te Whiti Love (62). Initiated in 1937. Killed in action in Egypt in 1942. Held rank of
Lt. Colonel and one time Commander of Maori Battalion. N.Z. Army. Awarded the D.S.O. Was direct descendant of Chief Te Puni who received the Wakefield European Settlers (who introduced Maori to Freemasonry as mean of further Imperia Colonial objectives) in Petone (Wellington) Beach in 1840.

Bro. Canon H. Taepa (72). Chaplain of Lodge. Canon of Anglican Church. Past President of Local
Rotary Club. Prominent in local Jaycees

Bro. William Carran (378). Served long distinguished career in N.Z. Police Force from which he
retired in 1963 with the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police. Awarded Police Long Service
and Good Conduct Medals and the Queen’s Police Medal.

Bro. Sir John Te H. Grace (Wellington 1521). Prominent in Public Services and Maori Affairs.
Secretary to Ministers of Maori Affairs. Author of history and Culture of Tuwharetoa Tribe
(Taupo). Served in Maori Battalion, 1939-45 War with commissioned rank. Was National Party
candidate in the Wanganui Electorate 1969. Knighted by the Queen in 1969. Appointed N.Z.
Representative in Fiji 1971. K.B.E., M.V.O


It also includes Bro. Sir Peter Henry Buck (Te Rangi Hiroa) (1)
Masonic Activities Initiated, Passed and Raised in the Ara Lodge, No. 1, in 1908. Foundation member of Lodge Arawhaiti, No. 267, on the formation of that Lodge in 1928. Born at Urenui in the Taranaki Province on 15 December, 1880. Educated at Urenui Primary School and received his secondary education at To Aute College thence to Otago University where he graduated in Medicine with the Degrees of M.B., Ch.B. in 1904. He was an acknowledged authority on Polynesian Anthropology, Culture and History. Was Director of
the Bernice P. Bishop Museum in Honolulu and Lectured at Yale.

Buck was awarded the following Honorary Degrees: From
Yale University M.A. (1936), D.Sc. (1951), University of New Zealand D.Sc. (1937) and University of Hawaii D.Litt (1948). Served in the 1914-1918 Great War in Europe with the rank of Major and was awarded the D.S.O. in 1918. He served as one of the Maori Members of Parliament and held Cabinet rank as Minister of Health. For his outstanding services he was created Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in 1946. Passed to the Grand Lodge above in 1951.

Among the better known of Buck’s books was “Vikings of the Sunrise”.Vikings of the Sunrise was Te Rangi Hiroa’s attempt to make known to the general public, “the classic story of the world’s greatest navigators” who settled the Pacific Te Rangi Hiroa (1877, 1951; Ngāti Mutunga) produced this publication and ethnographic analysis of the diffusion of Polynesian migration and settlement in the Pacific. This work was and continues to be an important contrast to the theories of Norwegian amateur anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl (Kon-tiki). Vikings of the Sunrise covers the history, navigational knowledge and traditions associated with the early waves of Polynesians who settled Tonga, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Easter Island, Samoa, Hawaii and the Marquesas. There only one problem with the work it is utterly unsourced (even in the context of originating from oral history) but does a good job of creating a Whakapapa not just for New Zealand but the Pacific which is undocumented and dubious at best. But one which works quite well in the Masonic colonial empire dreams of only dealing with chiefs willing to legitimise their claims

Te Rangi Hiroa explains how a Regional Survey of Polynesia project was undertaken at the Bishop Museum and that the project was so appealing to him that he (a medical professional at the time) relinquished his position and joined the staff of the Bishop as an ethnologist to aid in the fieldwork. Te Rangi Hiroa would eventually go on to become the first indigenous director of the Bishop Museum. 

And what happened in New Zealand as stated was not unique to New Zealand alone. In Fiji Group Captain Clive Alexander Brewster-Joske reported of the masonic influence “In his report on these cases, pointed out that most of the people concerned in this matter had each done three or four terms of indentured service and that this exposure had brought them in contact with a certain class of whites and their stories about Freemasonry and secret societies. He deduced that Tuka movement appeared to be a humble imitation of this as they seem to use signs of Freemasonry as a means of recognition amongst themselves.

However that fact did little for the eight Australians and one kiwi whO spent a night in a Fiji prison cell after police, alerted by frightened residents suspecting sorcery, raided their Freemasons meeting in 2014.

The group were charged with sorcery after conducting a meeting of the Freemasons society, The Canberra Times reported Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama would later granted the men an official pardon after the group contacted the Fiji Attorney-General’s office, the paper said. The group was held at Nasudi police station for 24 hours after their arrest at Denarau Island (owned at the time by Tabua Investments a consortium dominated by Brierly Investments) on Tuesday night until they received news of the top-level intervention. Locals contacted police after becoming concerned about the group’s unusual equipment, which is believed to have included a sword, mace a Bible and a human skull and a set of human thigh bones.

The Skull in Freemasonry is used by initiates joining the lodge through a ritual known in it vulgar form as ‘Riding The Goat’ “who sits silently contemplating in the grim Chamber of Reflection at the commencement of the Templar ceremony, where the human skull present there still has the potential to exhibit that miraculous power of prophetic speech .. does not the skull in the Chamber of Reflection speak something of our fate to us all? Is not the bitter cup of death that from which every man must sooner or later partake?”

The power of speech for severed head myth dates back to an old parlour first trick used by the hashish spoking death cult known as as Hassassin (from whence the term assassin comes). A person would be buried alive up to their necks. The above ground neck was in turn covered in animal entrails and goat horns prior to the priest followers then being permitted entry to ‘witness’ their priest commune with the dead (in fact said dead person was very much alive) and hear their ‘prophecy’. That myth then later became entwined with the Knight Templar legends and the alleged cult worship of, Baphomet.

Baphomet became the goat head incantation of Satan. Yet he first appears in recorded history among the trial transcripts for the inquisition of Knights Templers in 1307. This after the religious fighting order had run foul of the King of France Phillip IV who was jealous of their reputation and coveted their equally famous wealth riches accumulated by the orders role in the Crusades to the ‘Holy lands’ of the middle East. Thus Baphomet is often incorrectly referred to as Satan as a result of those brutal torture session during which the knights being tortured pretty much told the inquisitor sticking a red hot poker up their ass (or the equivalent for of punishment) anything he wanted to hear) but is thought to be a corruption of the name Muhammad. Though there is folk etymology that proposes alternatively that Baphomet was a corruption of the Arabic phrase أب الفهامة (Ab al-Fahama), “the Father of Understanding.” This is one of the names given (or perhaps more correctly associated with) the One Eyed Man or the Old Man of the Mountain who led the hashish smoking death cult the Hassassin (from which the term assassin derives) who originated from the Nizari a Shia Muslim worshipping sect (and yes their are Islamic Freemasons) who inhabited the mountainous area of Persia we know as Syria and Iran.

The Old Man of the Mountain, first mentioned by Marco Polo, is a reference to the cult’s real life mountain fortress called Alamut (Eagle Nest) the home of the sect known as the which was impregnable to military attack, fabled for its gardens, libraries and laboratories, where philosophers, scientists, and theologians were permitted to debate with intellectual freedom. Essential survival techniques for the heavily outnumbered and surrounded Nizaris so they could resist adversaries by employing a strategy of building self sufficient fortresses, employing unconventional tactics (credited with inventing the crossbow), assassination of important adversaries and the use of psychological warfare in which their gardens, laboratories, scientist and intellectuals were deployed to create the illusion the Nizari possessed occult power. The Nizari effectively were the worlds first documented mentalist and much of the so called eastern mysticism (deployed by those who came in contact with the assassin cult and those who mirrored their techniques later) are simply adaptions or bastardisations of psychological warfare technique developed by this early 11th century Persian Syrian Muslim civilisation.

So sorry, once again once you do the deep dive, you discovery their really never was a Satan at all. The ‘Goat Fuckers’ it turns out once you take off the mask Scooby Doobie Doo style are simply narcistic mind (Skull) fuckers. Just a bunch of dudes really into messing with people’s head by playing fraternity lodge mentalist pranks on the uninitiated and those prone to superstition or who are easily impressed.

It also poses the interesting question why would Brenton Tarrant who claims to have being a Freemason (and we only have his word for that at this stage) attack a mosque when Masonry recognises any religion in which their is a single all powerful god. Their is little doubt that Freemasonry can be associated with colonial imperialism (racist in itself) and white supremacy but in itself the order has no truck with any Abrahamic religion who are simply seen as belonging to different houses of the same college.

All in all its a bit hard not start thinking of this is a giant piss take of JR Rowlings mythical school for Wizards “the invisible college. In the Harry Potter books, it is stated that non magical people cannot see the school” (League Extraordinary Gentleman).. Or perhaps more correctly Rowling and Pratchett with his owl logo for the ‘unseen university’ were collectively taking the piss out of Public School system built on class, segregation and privilege encased in pomp and heraldry. In New Zealand The Clock Tower entrance to Otago University (originally the school of mining) is proof of that.

The two larger caricatures of scholars sit immediately above the archway where over the century millions of streets have walked passed few ever looking up to seriously take in the ‘Clock Tower Folley’ and if they do even fewer bothering to learn what the folley symbolism is all about or ask who was its original author. One, holding a globe and pointing to New Zealand, The other is accompanied by an owl (Minerva) sitting on a lamp (symbols of wisdom – also found at the sign of the kiwi along with an Egyptian style menthir in original photos); and the other, holding a slate showing a mathematical sum, is accompanied by a skull atop a pile of books (symbols of mortality and learning).

There is a great article on this called ‘Whatever happened to… the architect’s folly’

The article details how prominent early 20th century architect Edmund Anscombe – the University’s architect from around 1909 to 1929 – designed the Archway to link the School of Mines (now home to the University’s International office) and the Students’ Union (incorporating Allen Hall and now occupied by Theatre Studies) to the new university. During these years Anscombe made a substantial impact on the University’s environment, with other buildings including the Oliver Wing of the Clocktower Building and Marama Hall, as well as the Home Science, Lindo Ferguson and Zoology Buildings. Edmund Anscombe was born on 8 February 1874 in Lindfield, Sussex, England, the son of Eliza Mason and her husband, Edmund Anscombe, a carpenter. Designing the Archway and surrounding buildings,

Anscombe remained faithful to the Gothic revival style of Maxwell Bury’s original Clocktower. He was also reputed to demonstrate a playful streak in his work. While the Fletcher Brothers (founders of Fletchers Construction) won the tender to construct the Archway with a price of £10,292. Fletchers contribution was not confined to just help rorting Christchurch, after the rebuild, or at Ihumato, they helped build the Lyttleton tunnels and the secret WWII oil reserve tunnels that were believed linked to the Crafcroft tunnels and the secret Southern regional military bunkers.

Craftcroft tunnels led up to the Craftroft mansion near the Craftcroft Reserve which was until it burned down located near the Sign of Tahkahee Craftroft Reserve — complete with its famous stain glass window which every masonic lodge in the country funded and depicts the heraldry of every NZ governor general plus the original heraldry for Christchurch (also found on the old prequake Christchurch information centre). The stone mason who carved the grotesques on the clock tower (and around other Dunedin locations -watch this space) is reportedly unknown. Yet if I had to guess my money would be on stone mason Henry Bingham. We don’t know Edmund Anscombe own house, on the corner of Warrender & Queen St, was built by Henry Sydney Bingham in 1914. Bingham’s family are still monumental masons in Dunedin. Henry Sydney Bingham in 1914. The impressive looking house also contains some interesting heraldry and Freemason symbolism. Its harks back to the days when masonic membership was right of passage for any person seeking recognition as person of repute.

Bingham’s family worked on almost all the building jobs in Dunedin where stonework was required including First Church renovations in 1933, Knox College, St Matthew’s Church renovation, Caversham Presbyterian Church, Hanover St Baptist Church, Olveston and the Savoy building. Bingham was a Freemason deeply involved with the Masonic lodge, and at some stage was a member of Lodge Maori at Ravensbourne. 


This concept of the occult as pioneering father of our academic and political elite is also present in the secret NZ society Whare Ra the esoteric temple and their room of reflection in Hawkes Bay Havelock North.

“This windowless room, painted with mystical symbols and originally used for meditation, is part of Whare Ra (‘House of the Sun’), a New Zealand temple for the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn built for those seeking enlightenment”.

The temple located under Whare Ra the Golden Dawn convent whose land was donated by the Mason family who also built Ardern House named after a Irish aristocratic family.

Built with secret passages the “surgery” to the temple and one from the bathroom to Whare Ra foyer. Master Mason symbols, as also found on the Sign of the Takahe) mark the house

Chris LZThe floor and ceiling were destroyed. So when the museum recreated it for display in Napier…which is what you maybe seeing here as the colours are too fresh, the ceiling and floor was overlooked. I didn’t bother enlightening them as i was one of the artists from Keirunga painting the squares for assembling. About 30 people hurried this job for a deadline taking direction from a poor photocopy of the old vault. They had no clue about the correct colour blends or the Hebrew and just went visual from the small photocopy. The museum coordinators were not interested in learning the right way so i didn’t push to enlighten them. End result was still very nice and colourful and public visiting exhibition did not know the difference LOL MTG Exhibition Dr Felkin and the Forerunners: visions of utopia, 1900-1930?
The intriguing vault of enigmatic historical figure Dr Robert Felkin was recreated by artists from the Keirunga Gardens Arts and Crafts Society, using Resene paint for an exhibition at MTG Hawke’s Bay.

Dr Robert Felkin was an English doctor, missionary, personal physician to the King of Uganda and an international occultist who moved to New Zealand to lead them. Pieced together from brand new primary research, the exhibition Dr Felkin and the Forerunners: visions of utopia, 1900-1930 was on in 17 May 2014 to revealing their extraordinary story. The vault is in Dr Felkin’s well-known arts and crafts home, Whare Ra, designed by celebrated architect James Chapman-Taylor, and is a visually splendid seven-sided room covered in symbols that represent the elements, planets, and astrological signs as well as Hebrew letters to signify the Tree of Life. The vault played an integral role for the members of Felkin’s inner order. Relics and treasured belongings of the Felkin family are also on show, along with writing from The Forerunner journal. For more information.

Whare Ra was built in 1915 in Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay, to house the leader of the Golden Dawn group (founded in NZ in 1903), Robert Felkin, and his family. Felkin belonged to the Stella Matutina branch of the order, which combined a number of ancient magical traditions. Whare Ra closed in 1978 and in the 2000s the building was a private home”.

Note I am quoting the government official site here.

Whare Ra is the name of the building which housed the New Zealand branch of the druid order the Stella Matutina. Whare Ra was designed and the construction overseen by one of New Zealand’s most famous architects, and a senior member of the Order, James Walter Chapman-Taylor.. noted by Wellington mayor Michael Fowler as those “Havelock weirdoes”.

By the time of the death of Dr Felkin Felkin (who had linked his order to the secretive continental Rosicrucians—the heirs to a magical and cultural movement that arose in Europe in the early seventeenth century—so he could have access to the “higher magical grades”.in 1926 the cult had an active membership and was well established in the occult world.

Based on Mrs Harriot Felkin account prominent Order members included General Sir Andrew Russell, Lord Jellicoe the Governor General of New Zealand, Archdeacon Brocklehurst, Bishop Sedgewick, Bishop Wirema N. Panapa (who in 1928 met T. W. Ratana at Kaikohe; he questioned Ratana’s role as a religious leader over Maoridom and challenged him with a haka) and even had a link to man credit with destroying the Golden Dawn Aleister Crowley, who wrote a “private letter” to Ms Felkin in 1945.

s run by a group called the Builders of the Adytum which was formed by Paul Foster Case at the start of last century. Case was associated with the once-influential British magical group the Order of the Golden Dawn, who boasted W.B. Yeats as a member. Now, BotA run correspondence courses in reading Tarot cards. Builders of the Adytum is such a Mystery School. It was founded in America in 1921 by Dr Paul Foster Case. In 1963, Builders of the Adytum New Zealand was formed. Guided by William and Joyce Chesterman, students of the Reverend Ann Davies (successor to Paul Foster Case) a temple was established in Naenae, Lower Hutt.
Steadily the work in the Southern Hemisphere grew and expanded to other cities in New Zealand and Australia.

The Builders of the Adytum (BOTA, also spelled B.O.T.A., BotA, or B.o.t.A.) is a school of the Western mystery tradition based in Los Angeles which is registered as a non-profit tax-exempt religious organization. It was founded by Paul Foster Case and has its roots in both the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn[1] and the Masonic blue lodge system.[2] It was later extended by Ann Davies B.O.T.A. believes that the Qabalah is the mystical root of both ancient Judaism and the original Christianity. People of all faiths are accepted if they are mystically inclined.[3]
For members of the B.O.T.A, the means whereby higher consciousness, illumination and enlightenment may be gained include both theory and practice. These teachings and practical secrets constitute what the Builders of the Adytum refer to as Ageless Wisdom. It is called “Ageless” because they believe it is not susceptible to the mutations of time. Ageless Wisdom is not viewed by the B.O.T.A as primarily a product of man’s thinking. It is “written by God upon the face of nature”[4] and is always there for men and women of all epochs to read, if they can.

One of the most interesting Whare Ra members was Brigadier General Andrew Hamilton Russell (23 February 1868 – 29 November 1960). One of New Zealand’s great military heroes Hamilton served with the British army in India in August 1892 before returning to farming in Hawkes Bay where Hamilton help form the land owning Farmer’s Union and became involved conservative politics. In 1899 he raised a militia for the Boer War (the Wellington (East Coast) Mounted Rifles Regiment), although he did not go with them to South Africa.

Massey’s Cossacks
The diocese was established in 1858. The seat of the Bishop is the Waiapu Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Napier. William Williams was appointed the first Bishop of Waiapu. His son, Leonard Williams, and grandson, Herbert Williams, Love Joy Peace Love Joy Peace

Russell was a lot more hands on in 1913 when he was the leader of a Massey’s Cossacks which was an armed cavalry unit formed from farmers (funded by wealthy estate owners) who aggressively and brutally put down striking workers.

General Russell’s troops were farmers who wanted to show “these commie city types who was boss” who reflected the fear that the landed capital rich owners had concerning the threat which genuine socialist reforms had for the land rich elite.

Russell was one of the original founding members of Whare Ra coven in 1914 and was named as Dr Felkin’s successor as Grandmaster of the Order of the Table Round when Felkin died.

History might have looked unfavourably upon the strike breaking Russell had he not then successfully led the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade upon the outbreak of World War One. Hamilton oversaw the ANZAC evacuation from Gallipoli, and went on to achieve further distinction as the commander of the New Zealand Division on the Western Front in 1917 and 1918.

Russell was a strict disciplinarian, and dealt with deserters by having them shot. The five he directly ordered executed would later be posthumously pardoned in 1980.

Russell returned home loaded with titles and was hailed in Maori, as ‘Ariki Toa’, “The Fight Chief Sent Forward To Lead.” Golden Dawn historian Tony Fuller said that when Russell returned he would hand Whare Ra his bayonet, now baptised by blood shed in war, to be used as as used as the sword of the Heirus*1 in Whare Ra’s rituals “which seems rather appropriate”. If Felkin was motivated by a spiritual quest then Russell’s motivation seemed more fixated on the accumulation and execution of power. The vision of Whare Ra would shift following Russell’s reign as grand master. Furthermore while Russell was installed in the role as Grand Master for only a short time (he had to resign formally as the Grand Master when WWII broke out) Russell continued to exert influence over the lodge regardless even after wealthy land owner Reginald Gardiner was installed as Whare Ra’s third Grandmaster in his place.

Gardiner had arrived in New Zealand 1885, worked in Taradale and north of Gisborne; returned to England then back to New Zealand 1907; settled in Havelock North Built “Stadacona” 1907, sold to Charles Tanner 1919 and renamed “Keirunga”. He established an import and commission business, and later became secretary of the Hawke’s Bay Herald [Tribune] newspaper, and secretary of the Woodford House boarding school for girls for thirty-five years from 1909 to 1944.

Gardiner, Brigadier Russell and a member of the Chambers family, another prominent Whare Ra family, would personally pick the site for the Havelock Works next project. It would be a place to groom young ladies so they were suitable for marriage to the right families those who could be brought into the fold to advance the Havelock Work’s vision held by these wealthy colonial settlers. Or as a means to advance the fortunes of these pioneering families by marrying them into other wealthy dynasty with which the Havelock coven could ally themselves and push forward their own influence aboard.

The first Executive Committee of the Havelock Work (the public face of Whare Ra), under the presidency of the Reverend Allen F Gardiner, consisted of Havelock Mayor Mason Chambers (Chairman), Reginald Gardiner, Godfrey Pharazyn, S R Quartley, W J Rush and H Weyergang, with Walter McLean as Secretary the son of Captain Archibald McLean and the nephew to Sir Donald Mclean the controversial Minister of Native Affairs descendent of Clan Mclean who originate from the Scottish island of Iona . There was also a Ladies Committee, with Mrs Annie Holdsworth (nee Chambers) the Head Mistress as President and Mrs Frank Nelson as Secretary The other members were Miss Large and Miss MM McLean and finally Mrs Reginald Gardiner and Miss Hodge the principal of Woodford House school for girls.

The two committees were self elective kept a tight rein on al l the various activities of the Havelock Work. In the words of Reginald Gardiner, the purpose of the Havelock Work was “to encourage the talent of the musical, dramatic and literary, by people who were attracted to it”, and there can be no doubt that it served its purpose well’ (CONFERENCE PAPERS Selected papers presented at the 6th annual conference of the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand, Taradale, Hawke’s Bay, 26-27 August 1983).

Originally there were 18 day girls and four boarders taught with a curriculum based on fearing god and the philosophy “hand, body and brain must be developed together.” Woodford’s moto still remains 125 years later “Nunc Acceptabile Tempus’ – ‘Now is the Acceptable Time’. Home to Excellence” and it is still “closely affiliated to the Anglican church and under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Waiapu the diocese established in 1858 and included St Lukes run by Allen F Gardiner the son one of Whare Ra’s senior members Reginald Gardiner. The Havelock Works tended to be a close shop with family members only invites to its inner temple and higher ranking offices of multi coloured robes.


A second ‘Anglican’ school Iona would be dedicated to grooming young ladies so they would be settler wives for the rich and powerful not just of New Zealand elite but with families of similar social status through out the colonial empire and developed world. The foundation stone for this project would be laid by the Chambers family who again had donated land for the school so that Have Lock might be the perfect colonial Christian utopia that was the goal of the Havelock Works as carved out by the inner temple of Whare Ra the Golden Dawn wiccan coven being led by wealthy land owners, the very highest members of the Church of England New Zealand mission, high ranking political leaders, military commanders and ambitious wealthy land owners.

The Presbyterian Iona College school for girls, the “Purple Jewel”, is according to Michael Fowler (who reveal his sister went to Iona revealing Fowler in fact has a closer link to those “Havelock Weirdoes” than revealed at his past speech on the Havelock Works)) named after the Hebrides monastery of the Celtic Church founded by Saint Columba early BC. His mission formed as the warrior missionary sought to form a Celtic confederacy of Celtic Kings who would rule Britain conquer the Picts and uphold the glory of a god. A god whose emissary on earth had his palace in Rome and to whom the Celtic kings subjects would be expected to grant land and pay tithes (in addition to paying their crown taxes as well). Columba strategy of conquest was to conqueror by creating symbiotic co-dependence between the host and its parasite.

Sword did the trick but the bonds of oaths be they marriage oaths or oaths of baptism worked better.

Fowler’s not quite correct the origin of the island’s name Iona itself is uncertain. The earliest forms of the name Iona, that can be linked to the island formed 2,700 Million years ago, is listed by place-name scholar William J. Watson to state that it originally meant something like “place of the Yew tree” in reference to the Druid kings who made the island their home since 400BC. Such wizard kings predated even the Celts who had defeated Rome’s legions but whom Columba now wanted to united to defeat the Picts in a mission which served both Rome and the Celts equally. Underscoring a another truism of conquest by co-dependency. Namely for it to succeed it helps if both sides have a common enemy.

It was the custom of the druid kings to wear purple (Iona) by extracting a purple dye from the black roots of the Yew tree which was sacred to their worship and which scholar link to Hebrew Kabbalah or tree of life with roots with “yo” and “Hanan” meaning “God is merciful”. Ironically a plaque under another of Iona schools earlier statues one of St Columbia the missionary who brought Christianity to Iona says “fear the lord.”

At Iona suitable mistresses would be employed to shape the young women’s minds and body as as needed and the Havelock would use it influence within the church (who could expect to be rewarded accordingly) to ensure the girls where exposed to the right content. As Michael Fowler notes, reading from the prayers selected by those involved in shaping what kind of education facility Iona would be;

So these are like the focus; this is the … you know, the game plan for this Committee, and just to end it off with a couple of proverbs which I’m sure you’ll enjoy …“A good wife, who can find? She is far more precious than jewels” And just to cap it off: “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” The inscription on the statue Iona Havelock North is in reference to the missionary of the Holy Roman Empire and their aim to ‘convert’ the pagans in 563 AD using sword and missionaries. It also achieved this by blending bloodlines through arranged marriages and diplomatic blending of cultures when force alone would not achieve their aims. Indeed an actual belief in the god of the new empire was itself not the highest desired outcome of the conquers who sought above all else compliance and perceived legitimacy. As long those who had originally being in power submitted to the fearful god and hoisted his heraldry in recognition of their new marriage and ‘Rome’s supreme authority’ (and paid their taxes) the empire cared not what old rituals continued and the status quo would not be interrupted. As long as the custom in namesake acknowledged ‘Caesar’ the eagle with its two heads and kissed it’s ring dutifully.

The legend is the first monks on Iona could not build their monastery, because the local pagan gods demanded human sacrifice. They achieved this by martyring one of the missionaries upon which their church was then built in accordance with local customs. The story is a metaphor for the fact the missionaries while emissary of the Holy Roman Empire still had to recognise local sovereignty. Who would prove important for the later conquest by Rome’s missionaries of all of Britain by the Holy Roman Empire – an empire made up of Christian kingdoms ruled by local Christian kings who ruled supreme but turned to Rome (the eagle with two crowns) for their ‘spiritual’ guidance as the kings provided land for the Church and provided the soldiers who would collect the churches’ tithing before making the peasants pay again (pagan). There is a reason why the behind the pawns you will find next to every queen or king a bishop on the black and white chess board. Conquest by codependence.

Which in turn relates to the legend of the The (Purple) Black Stones of Iona once located near St. Columba’s Tomb formerly one of the most ancient and sacred of Iona’s relics—the Black Stones of Iona, so called, not from their colour, but from the black doom that fell on any who dared to violate an oath sworn upon them. Before the arrival of Christianity Iona was to druids what Mecca and its Blackstone is to Islam. The myths are many concerning the Iona stone and Columba but what can said for certain is the myths collectives paint a picture of Columba knowing their importance and they were central to his plans of having the Celtic kings give up their pagan (pay again) ways. For only when the kings bowed before the Pope would the peasants renounce the yew tree and worship the cross. Britain’s kings might rule the hearts and mind of their subjects but Roman would own their souls. Conquest by co-dependency.

The last of Iona black stones disappeared about a century ago. Tradition has it that the Coronation Stone in Westminster Abbey was originally one of the famous Black Stones brought from the East in the first wave of Celtic emigration as the Druids fled to escape the persecution of Imperial Rome and perhaps is the namesake upon which the protestant Royal Black (the masonic lodge of choice for up and coming Celtic families of aristocratic heritage)is based. While notably the Irish warrior monk Columba own church in his homeland of Derry in Ireland would be called the Black Church.

One version maintains Columba brought the Scottish chieftain Aidan to Iona, the ancestral seat of the Celtic druid kings and Columba would crown Aidan King of the Scots upon the Blackstone of Iona and thus use the mana of the Iona druids king’s artefact, which had once symbolised their own authority, to legitimise the authority of a Scottish King (promoting Aidan from chieftain to high chieftain) to rule over Scotland Celt and Picts alike. Columba would use hearts and minds (arranged marriage and dogma altered by skilful diplomacy and mentalism) to accomplish what the Roman legions with their superior technology and brute force had failed to achieve. Four Irish, eight Norwegian and forty eight Scottish kings were laid to rest on Iona, including Macbeth – made famous by Shakespeare. The most ancient aristocratic families of England were not bound by the fact they were Catholic, Presbyterian, Normans, Saxon, Cromwellians, Roundheads, or what ever the flag of the day may have being. The bond that really mattered was weather or not you had the blood of those who had being buried at Iona coursing through your veins. For Iona is not just the home of pagan Celtic spiritualism it is also the very root of the family tree from which all Celtic and then British Christian aristocracy be it Catholic or Protestant springs.

These ancient families today own around 30% of England as 98% of the UK population own less than 2% of the land. Ownership of land by the old bloods may even be an underestimate, as the owners of 17% of England and Wales remain undeclared at the Land Registry. While much of the heraldry and namesakes of New Zealand towns and churches are testimony to the role these landed aristocratic lords played in financing the settlements of colonial New Zealand. A means of expanding their holdings. And in such a way the New World Order become simply an extension of the Old World Order. As Rome’s Minerva captured Celtic Britain first with marriages and missionaries and then with arms so to would Britannia plans its conquest of Aotearoa. And as such Zealandia was beget from Britannia as it were;

A point recognised by the Prime Minister of New Zealand Massey who Michael Fowler quotes “Iona is a credit to all concerned and I hope it will become one of the most important education establishments in the Dominion. Great credit is due to Mr Campbell and Mr Chambers and Miss Fraser. The name chosen for the college is most appropriate. I hope it will be as powerful an influence for good in the ‘Britain of the south’ as Iona on ‘Britain of the north’ has been. I formally declare Iona College open, and I hope and believe it will experience many years of prosperity.” The Chairman Reverend Patterson presented gold keys to the Prime Minister and Mr Campbell and Mr Chambers whose own family would marry into the Mcleans who in turn could trace their bloodline to Iona the home of the druid kings and England’s oldest aristocratic lineage..

Iona and it Blackstone were literally the throne upon which English Christianity and the empire’s crown and its extended bloodline rested. And the Havelock Works wanted to repeat the model for building an empire here in New Zealand with Havelock North as it’s Iona a big purple throbbing foundation scone of power where by control of bloodlines social and religious dogma you could play king maker in the new world.

On this stone—the old Druidic Stone of Destiny, sacred among the Gael before Christ was born—Columba crowned Aidan King of Argyll. Later the stone was taken to Dunstaffnage, where the Lords of the Isles were made princes: thence to Scone, where the last of the Celtic Kings of Scotland was crowned on it. It now lies in Westminster Abbey, a part of the Coronation Chair, and since Edward I every British monarch has been crowned upon it. If ever the Stone of Destiny be moved again, that writing on the wall will be the signature of a falling dynasty.”

And what exactly does a well dressed monarch wear when being coronated upon the scone?

Well Iona purple of course.

When Edward I was initiated into the ranks of Sconnish royalty.  He and his colleague in the College of Arms, Sir. W. Moray, would both be tapped to join James I in forming the Kingdom of Scone’s first royal house, which would be christened the “House of Mountwelland.” On 12 December 2017, Edward and Moray were formally cloaked in the royal purple as worn by all who ad come before date back to 862BC by King James, who bestowed the dignity of Prince of the Kingdom of Scone upon both men. 

The Cross which stood above the scone would represented the Yew tree of Iona under which earlier pagan kings would have made their oaths and being sent to the after world.

And while Columba the fighting monk may have brought Christ the pecking order remained the same with the blue (purple) blood on top and the peasants doing as they were told as they paid the taxes which would finance their kings fancy burial crypts and the churches palaces regardless of what the boogey woogie witch doctor was for the dominant dogma of the day they were being told to bow down to. The druids simply swapped their yew staff and purple wizards robes for hypocritical crosses and the same old bad habits shared by power hungry narcists since the dawn of man. Namely the guy on the throne may have changed but it remained the priest’s job to convince others they alone had the ability to commune with higher powers and therefore they must be obeyed or else!! There is a reason why behind the pawns you will find next to every queen or king a bishop on the black and white chess board.

Though of course it also helps when your forming dynasty to have some wealthy patrons. Iona has those in spade. In 2014 Margaret Blyth, a former old girl of the school donated seven million towards the Blyth Performing Arts centre. Her father Lieutenant–​Colonel Lawrence Blyth was born in Leeston, Canterbury, where he worked as a fencer in the Waipukurau district before he enlisted in the 4th Battalion of the Rifle Brigade. He sailed with the 8th reinforcements in April 1916 and was gassed at the Somme, he was also shot in the head at Messines but recovered and was then selected for officer training. He rose to lieutenant-colonel in the home forces in the Second World War before retuning home and marrying Margart in Havelock.His grandson, film-maker David Blyth, The fund is also believed to have funded ‘Moving Forward, Looking Back’ (cast patinated bronze sculpture) by Paul Dibble. The sculpture was commissioned by the Iona College Foundation for their 2014 centenary.

Another old girl of note Girls include

It also includes Joanna Nicholls-Parker’s, the wife of the former Mayor of Christchurch Bob Parker who was born in Hawkes bay Havelock North at met Parker while working at the Court Theatre (which also employed a person at the centre of the Peter Ellis affair as well). Parker an art auctioneer, before Bob Parker became mayor, had been studying for a postgraduate degree in art curatorship, but that was put on hold after the 2007 election. Joanna is alternatively listed as a graduate of the University of Auckland from where she did Master of Arts in the Department of Philosophy*1. Actually that and many of Nicholls alleged qualification remain unclear. Elsewhere it stated Parker “has dabbled in a variety of fields, including graphic art, computer design, acting, university study in English literature and film and theatre, aromatherapy, art auctioneering on cruise ships, French cuisine, art curating and running an Akaroa homestay”.

Parker consider herself an expert in Phenomenology “the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view”.

Parker also considered herself an expert in Hermeneutics “the theory and methodology of interpretation, especially the interpretation of biblical texts, wisdom literature, and philosophical texts includes written, verbal, and non-verbal communication”. Her qualifications on these topics again remain unclear.

Her two books are MIND THE GAP: I THINK and MIND THE GAP: GURDJIEFFIAN INSTITUTES with Ouspensky, Roles, Nicoll, Fenwick – Kindle edition by Nicholls-Parker, which declare “The book develops upon an appreciation of two of Gurdjieff’s key spiritual techniques: ‘self-remembering’ and ‘transition.’ The anomalous I suggest was real for Gurdjieff, and which appears to have persisted beyond his lifetime, is the mind altering vibration he is reported to have employed. This vibration appears to have a uniques resonance, because seemingly it aligns individuals who are ‘self-remembering’ to his consciousness somehow. The spiritual technique ‘transition’ is then the key to transferring perceived living entities to another destination, without a corruption of the spiritual faculty advocated.

Mind The Gap: I Think states “Why Should We Accord Religious Beliefs Privileged Moral and Political Respect? “The subject is focused on religious beliefs, but it is also designed to weigh up the value and performance of religion in society in general, to ascertain – in light of moral and political implication – if the privileged of according religion respect is administered by a religious authority, effectively judge and jury, so that religiosity receives according to a coda of it’s own making”.

Parker is a big fan of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff a Russian philosopher, composer, spiritual teacher, and occultist born in Alexandropol, Russian Empire (now Gyumri, Armenia). Gurdjieff taught that most humans do not possess a unified consciousness and thus live their lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep”, but that it is possible to awaken or make some one “woke’ and achieve “a higher state of consciousness and achieve full human potential”. Gurdjieff described a method attempting to do so, calling the discipline “The Work” (connoting “work on oneself” to become “woke”). According to his principles and instructions, Gurdjieff’s method for awakening one’s consciousness unites the methods of the fakir, monk and yogi, and thus he referred to it as the “Fourth Way”

Forth way is basically the old narcissistic bullshit pursuit of every living life. It forms the back bone of your good old Star Gate SG-1 plot line in which the evil ghoul (parasitic aliens possessing living humans as full body oven mit warmers) pursue ascension so they can become all powerful living gods ‘yada yada click lock BOOM’ as Colonel O’Neil might say after as he dispatches one of the glowing eye body snatchers into the next dimension. which face is where all good parasites and energy vampires belong.

The Fourth Way teaches “how to increase and focus attention and energy in various ways, and to minimize day-dreaming and absent-mindedness” – so they are not one of the un-woke who deserve their slave hood and are happy as slaves according to ‘ghoul master supremo’ Gurdjifef. This inner development in oneself is the beginning of a possible further process of change, whose aim is to transform man into ‘what he ought to be’ – once he steps through the Star gate of transformation and becomes woke. In his explanations of how you do this Gurdjieff often used different symbols such as the Enneagram and the Ray of Creation in his explanations. These are the gobbledegook props for new age ‘druidism’ which Parker credits to her Havelock North upbringing. Which includes being indoctrinated at Iona a private school founded to groom young woman so they could further the ambitions of the Havelock Works in shaping New Zealand’s by being married of to potential future ally as the Havelock Works sought to mimic the strategy of co-dependency first used by Columba to conquer Britain.

Mark von Dadelszen Reginald Gardiner notes of the Have Lock Works “By one of those curious running’s-together of affinities Havelock North had become a cultural centre, and thought of itself as such. The esoteric found a fertile soil there.” He continues “Many philosophies flourished: theosophy; Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy; Robert [Herbert] Sutcliffe’s School of Radiant Living; an order of the Round Table of the Hermetic Order [of the Golden Dawn]; and those of us who’ve been around long enough will remember all of those things being present in Havelock North.  And I remember the stories that went around, particularly about the School of Radiant Living, and the stories that still go round about the Hermetic Order at ‘Whare Ra’, most of which are balderdash and nonsense. [Chuckles]

As the son of an inner temple officer Mark confides; “My grandparents sought to find the esoteric wisdom teaching of Western philosophy, which they thought had been lost. And inspired by Harold Large, who was a former theosophist, and who stayed in the cottage in the ‘Stadacona’ grounds …sought the esoteric wisdom teaching of Western philosophy, and prayed and meditated together. They felt that The Church had lost the esoteric teachings of Jesus and his disciples, and through training and initiation, sought to learn those hidden teachings”. The group grew (which lets not forget included senior members of the Church of England) and became known as the Society of the Southern Cross, and Reginald Gardiner considered the Havelock Work “to be built around this silent power station’ says Mark.

Except the Havelock locals were not always calling the shots reveals Mark as he talks of how the Golden Dawn version of Rome sent its own version Columba to keep the Havelock North mission on the straight and narrow.;

In 1910 Father Fitzgerald of the Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield [UK], an Anglican Order, came to New Zealand, met the members of the Havelock prayer group, and agreed to direct their spiritual work from Britain… After a period, Father Fitzgerald told the group that they required personal instruction and recommended Dr Robert Felkin, Chief of the Stella Matutina Order. Dr Felkin and his family visited New Zealand for three months in 1912, establishing a temple of the Order in Havelock North. In 1916, at the invitation of members of that New Zealand branch, and with the offer of a life tenancy of ‘Whare Ra’ – Māori for ‘House of the Sun’ – Dr Felkin and his family returned to New Zealand for good. By 1926, just ten years later when Robert Felkin died, the Smaragdum Thalasses Temple had become the largest in the world, with members including many of the most wealthy and influential people in Havelock North and Hastings, including bishops, senior military officers and Members of Parliament”

After Dr Felkin’s death in 1926, Reginald Gardiner replaced Dr Felkin “as the greatly-honoured Chief of the Order, and with Mrs and Miss Felkin ruled for a further stable period of thirty-three years, which brings us up to 1959” delares Mark..

By 1930 the Inner Order had over one hundred members and the Outer Order numbered over two hundred at its peak. During Reginald Gardiner’s time as Chief, the Order was renamed the Order of Smaragdum Thalasses…The Order declined during the Second World War, and by the time Reginald Gardiner and Mrs Felkin died in 1959, numbers had dwindled and Miss Felkin, who was Dr Felkin’s daughter by a previous marriage and therefore the step-daughter of Mrs Felkin, died three years later.

In 1978 a letter was circulated to members announcing the closure of the temple in 1979. Now at that time my father was the Chief of the Order. If you search the internet you’ll find somebody who was a personal friend of my father claiming that he was authorised by my father to continue the work of the Order. I don’t believe a word of it – my father considered that the Order had done its dash; it had seen its day. Numbers had dwindled and there was nobody in the younger generation to carry it on, and they ceremoniously burned the records and a lot of the material relating to the Order in 1979. So anybody who claims to be a successor of the Order, I regard frankly as a fraud”. (That statement will become important later on).

Sir Peter Blake’s Red Sock fund raiser for Black Magic taps into Golden Dawn’s fashion tips.

*1The Sword of the Heirus “The sword is such a universal symbol of Masculine energy that it is difficult to imagine much refinement is needed. However, since the Heirus of the New Aeon is Seth, rather than Horus who now sits on the Throne, the grip of the sword could be black rather than red, and the metallic parts of the hilt and pommel in silver rather than brass or gold. But as red is also one of the colors of Set, the original design may be used”. Three Chief officers were always present in golden Dawn ceremonies. The Heirus dressed in black, the Hegmon dressed in white and the Heirohant the one wearing red (origins of the so called red slippers Satanist thing), “Many and great are the mysteries of even the slippers worn by the initiate in a GD Temple” Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School May 18 2013.

Not really Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn dress code went thus;
Outer Order Officers — Herius: Black Robe, Black & White Nemis, Red Shoes, Lamen, Red Collar, Sword Hegemon: White Robe, White Nemis, Red Shoes, Lamen, Black Collar Scepter Kerux: Black Robe, Black & White Nemis, Red Shoes, Lamen, Black Collar, White Lamp, Wand Stolistes: Black Robe, Black & White Nemis, Red Shoes, Lamen, Black Collar, Cup of Water. Dadouchos: Black Robe, Black & White Nemis, Red Shoes, Lamen, Black Collar, Censer Sentinel: Black Robe, Black & White Nemis, Red Shoes, Lamen, Black Collar, Sword Candidate: Black Robe, Red Shoes, Sash, Red Rope, Hoodwink

(or to be precise that is how it goes now. According to those claiming in this day an age to be the true heirs of the Golden Dawn Covent)

Herius Latin meaning sacred/supermatural; [hiera botane => vervain, medicinal/sacred plant]
The Vault of the Adepts was the place in which The Ritual of the Adept took place, led by the Chief Adept (a member of the Second Order – see the Order’s grading at the bottom of this page). The symbolism and use of the vault and the proceedings of the ritual are explained below, in extracts from ‘The Equinox’ by Aleister Crowley.

John von Dadelszen, who had been Marks father and Whare Ra Temple Warden and one of its last Chiefs, stated that the Order:”…used a threefold system of training, i.e. ceremonial, meditation and personal study. The ceremonial involved a series of grades, with an appropriate ritual for each grade; rather on the lines of Masonic degrees, but based on the symbolism of the Tree of Life, the Hebrew Qabalah”.

This liberal philosophical/spiritual grouping of like-minded people was known as the ‘Havelock Work’. Their journal The Forerunner, (1909-14), discusses philosophical questions and documents the wiccan ritual conducted under the cover of Shakespearean play or other public performance at fetes and Havelock North’s social events.

The Havelock Work would borrow from the ideas of philosopher Rudolf Steiner which were popular with the New Zealand chapter of Golden Dawn. It is not surprising therefore that the first Steiner and Hohepa Schools in New Zealand, incorporating the educational philosophies of Steiner, began at Havelock North.

Radient Living was launched at Havelock by Herbert Sutcliffe, a Freemason from Lincolnshire, England, who had become interested in the new psychologies of Freud and Jung. He moved to Australia where he began editing the Australian Psychological Society’s magazine. There, he gained a doctorate and came to the attention of an umbrella group of liberal spiritual thinkers called the International New Thought Alliance. On their invitation, he travelled to the United States, where he established the first School of Radiant Living. The New Zealand public was ready  24 schools would open in the US, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia, while a further 12 were established here.

By 1942 Sutcliffe had made Havelock North, with its history of alternative spirituality and pleasant climate, his home and the international headquarters of the movement. He bought the large Quaker-built house Swarthmoor and renamed it Peloha (for Peace, Love and Harmony a reworking of Skull and Bones, also known as The Order, Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death who reportedly choose the words ‘war, conquest and death‘ on their walls.

For the next four decades it hosted summer schools, conferences and Easter observances, and also functioned as a commercial health retreat.

Hilda Sutcliffe died in Australia in 1944, and Herbert married his secretary, Phyllis Evelyn Farley in 1955. Radiant Living thrived in New Zealand from the 1940s to the 1970s. Many schools built or purchased their own premises, and annual banquets, often attended by mayors, MPs and other dignitaries, celebrated the founding of each school. At a meeting in Wellington in the 1940s Prime Minister Peter Fraser apparently suggested that if more people followed Radiant Living health principles he would be closing hospitals rather than opening them. Public events included fitness displays by members.

In 1960–61 Hillary led another expedition to Nepal to do climbing and altitude research and look (unsuccessfully) for the mythical yeti – sometimes called the Abominable Snowman. At a press conference before departing, he showed the press an artist’s impression of the yeti, together with some of the equipment to be used on the trip.

One of the first New Zealand schools of Radiant Living was established in Auckland. Its secretary was Gertrude Hillary. For a few years the whole of Hillary family was involved with Radiant Living. Gertrude’s son, Edmund Hillary, aged 19 in 1939, trained as an Accredited Teacher of Radiant Living and was briefly Herbert Sutcliffe’s assistant. This is before the face familiar to any one whose seen a New Zealand five dollar note embarked for alternative careers as a bee-keeper, pilot, climber of Everest and Yeti hunter.

“A Dr Herbert Sutcliffe was in town and he was talking about a new philosophy – Radiant Living. My family and I went along to his first lecture and were very impressed. It was a combination of Christianity, psychology and health and fitness and it just seemed to fit our needs at the time. We became members and when Dr Sutcliffe introduced training classes I qualified first in the course and became a Teacher of Radiant Living. I gained quite a lot from Radiant Living – I learned to speak confidently from the platform and even started thinking more freely on important topics. But finally my enthusiasm faded, as it always seemed to do. I developed the conviction that I was trying to escape from ordinary life, so I reluctantly withdrew from the organisation.’

Chequered floor representing the Masonic trials in this world, Ivy leaf complete with Harvard Skull & Bones, Cambridge Explorers club eye glass, and Have Lock North Whare RA ‘Sure to Rise’ the symbol inside the eye glass is Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Sigma is an international all-male college secret society and social fraternity. While nicknames differ from institution to institution, the most common nicknames for the fraternity are Skulls, Skullhouse, Phi Kap, and PKS Rocket Lab’s 11th Electron flight – Birds of a Feather – launched a dedicated mission for the United States National Reconnaissance Office (NRO like wise uses the heraldry of the 1971 Rockefeller Illuminati ball…piss take or not some one knows their symbolism.. 

Christchurch’s Radiant Theatre would be built at this time by Thomas Edmond of baking powder fame. Edmond’s was an absolute convert to Radient Living.

Baking powder and cookbooks had made Edmonds a wealthy man and he funded many public facilities, such as the band rotunda and Edmonds Factory Garden, but he was also interested in alternative philosophies and spirituality and these movements benefited from his largesse too.

In 1926, Edmonds financed the construction of a building for the Theosophical Society, a group  started by the mystic Madame Blavatsky. “Edmonds had also been using an image of a radiant sun on his products  this was a popular motif among new-age movements at the time, which for him reflected an interest in the healing power of the sun”.

Also using that distinctive rising sun motif image which Edmonds used to brand his muffins, was the Radiant Health Movement. Drawn to their ideas, Edmonds formed the Christchurch Radiant Health Club with 14 others and in 1929 built a hall for their use. The hall has since become the Repertory Theatre and, sadly, its elegant façade complete with a rising sun was badly damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes. The hall in its first incarnation was known as Radiant Hall.

With the death of Harriot Felkin in 1959 and their daughter Ethelwyn Felkin in 1960 the New Zealand branch of the order began a slow decline over the next two decades (during which in the 1970’s rumblings within the cult community made clear for some reason or another the vibe at Whare Ra was changed and bad blood existed between varying fractions for unknown reasons) Its official closure was in 1975 when the order officially shut.

The survivors allegedly burnt most of the group’s regalia, temple furnishings and records. Some things however survived, including the Temple’s pillars, the two sphinxes which flanked either side of the Whare Ra dais steps, and many copies of the rituals and lectures were passed on and preserved. Felkin’s death marked the beginning of the end of Whare Ra spiritual mission as the Havelock North inner temple seemed to become more focused on political ambitions and material wealth.

Felkin’s wife and others spiritualist decided to leave Havelock North and buy land at Taupo and found the Tauhara Centre whose continued dedication to new age felkisnism style ‘magick’ remains their legacy.

Regardless the cult with it high level connection and wealthy backers had made impact in New Zealand culture and social circles that did not go unnoticed. Architect and deputy mayor for Wellington Michael Fowler mentions the social movement the Havelock Works, jokingly calling the temple’s followers those “Havelock North weirdoes”. While Fowler, whose sister is an Iona old girl, never the less acknowledging its contribution to New Zealand arts and intellectual thought. And no surprises there in light the Fowler Centre in Wellington is located in Wellington right next to the Sea Bridge the collaborative effort of John Gray, Rewi Thompson and Paratene Matchitt who as we shall later see has a direct link to Havelock North himself.

Today even the local museum on Havelock North (sponsored by the Mills family Trust – one of the lodges original families) note movements importance in early New Zealand modernism 1925-1950 and New Zealand painting of the 1970′- 1990’s. This includes important works like Tony Fomison’s Omai and Agony in the Garden; Dead Kings – the Open Grave and Dead Kings – New Monuments by Gavin Chilcott; Richard McWhannell’s View of Auckland; Terry Stringer’s Hilda in her 30s Cloche Hat and Egyptian Souvenir; and Apollinaire at 21 by Dick Frizzell.

Apollinaire is considered one of the foremost occult poets of the early 20th century, as well as one of the most impassioned defenders of Cubism and a forefather of Surrealism Guillaume. Apollinaire was arrested and jailed on suspicion of stealing Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum in Paris. His style was heavily influenced by his study of the occult and mystic. Apollinaire felt that “magic had been abused by his nineteenth century antecedents and argued for a practice of magic, science and plastic arts in combination. This championed the legitimate place for magic in the twentieth century despite technological and scientific advances surpassing theories of a more theological nature” (Choucha, 1991: 30-31). Apollinaire was interested in the theory of a fourth dimension later popularised by Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity: “an extra dimension beyond our visible capabilities of the three-dimensions of height, depth and width. With genuine scientific questioning of this possibility came proof for occultists of unseen spiritual and metaphysical realms existing simultaneously to our own” (Gibbons, 1981: 130)”. Source: ALFIE STRONG — WHAT WAS THE ATTRACTION OF ESOTERIC THOUGHT TO AVANT-GARDE ARTISTS)

Frizzel it is worth noting also has reworked ‘An appropriation of the 1952 Treaty ‘painting by Marcus King, as Frizell acknowledges King, in which Maori chiefs wearing clocks bearing distinctive Freemason symbolism. This may be a possible nod to Goldie who own worked also worked masonic symbolism into Maori clockwork such as the black white chequers. The cheques as artist of Frizell’s calibre will know are known as Sillitoe Tartan known as dicing and were originally associated with the police in Scotland specifically Sir Perry Sillitoe chief constable of Glasgow and a Freemason. The Checkerboard Floor pattern in the lodge is considered to symbolize the tracing boards of the Dionysiac Architects, the architects worked for King Solomon in building the temple of Solomon and the pattern symbolises the trials we all face on our journey. Ironically the modernist seem obsessed with ancient mythology.

The Occult in NZ Art by Mark Emery reviews Occulture: The Dark Arts curated by City Gallery’s Aaron Lister November 2017, even mentions the Havelockwork if but to lament on how contemporary artist have not tapped in this esoteric part of New Zealand history (which in fact is not true). Emery writes “It’s great to see this alternative art historic strand given gallery space, but the way the exhibition moves between contemporary art and museum mode makes it more a conversation starter than a place providing deep understanding. While on the one hand in Occulture we have a scattered group of contemporary artists with tenuous links to the occult, on the other there’s no consideration of the rich history of the occult itself in New Zealand. A history, for example, that once saw a school for witches and wizards in a Chapman Taylor designed house (himself an occultist) in Havelock North – Havelock Work. Described by Robert Ellwood in Islands of the Dawn: The Story of Alternative Spirituality in New Zealand as “a Vatican to the occult” it’s a key part of the story of the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn, to which Allister Crowley (who proclaimed “X° Supreme Rex and Sovereign Grand Master General of Ireland, Iona, and all the Britons -Editor note) belonged”, It notes “the exhibition brings together New Zealand and international contemporary artists’ works that touch off the occult-that secret magical practice where symbols and rituals are used to harness dark supernatural powers. The show brings these together with work by distinctive, largely 20th century, figures, who all sat counter to the prevalent culture of their times”.

Mark Emery critiques of the actual art show regardless will resonate with any one who ever spent any time around young art students, who in their youth confuse superciliousness with sophistication, will recognise immediately “As a teen, I was never an acolyte of the dark arts. Plenty of other awkward arts-leaning, rugby-rejecting, white boys from the English-rooted North Shore Auckland suburbs were. Many transformed into scowling, overcoat-wearing Goths, listening to Bauhaus, visiting everything from tarot cards to astrological charts, felt like a way to reject your religious upbringing while holding onto the trappings of mysticism. A form of playacting”.

Some grew out of it, Others found enablers and flying monkey which permitted a form of dangerous narcist to be fuelled. I recall a former art student a private school goth princess dressed as a vampire with Scarlett Johansson like red hair seducing me at a party. Not becuase she had any affection or attraction for me but simply becuase she was putting a notch on her belt and knew a near virginal nerd like myself was easy prey. Velvet gloves blood red lipstick and highly promiscuous (not in itself a sin) exercising her ‘power’ in a man world. It was no secret for she had told us herself, she worked as a call girl and serviced both her father and his high powered friends. We never talked about it for some reason – for me I think I was shocked and simply at the time as I would do on other occasions wrote it off as bullshit as it triggered my own personal cognitive dissonance – though years later I learned her seemingly outrageous stories was true.

Today she works deep in a major university surrounded by her cool friends (no longer a prostitute but more a mistress) she and her cool friends still wank on about Crowley and the occult like they are still young 21 years olds who in their youth and inexperience think they alone have brought a paper back on tarot and the supernatural. Could Scarlet be a “Satanist”? The fact is Scarlet soul is so blown to bits she has no idea who she is and she will be what ever character she need to be toward of the terror and utter emptiness she feels the moment she sits still for too long.

As I begin to talk to other school friends and review my own dating history, how it would cross paths with those I now find myself writing about during the writing of this story (and reviewing what I had written of Christchurch in the 1990’s way before the experts confirmed what they had called bullshit even when I knew it was not). I consider what I know about many of the abusers other partners visa their interests in esoteric and in fact anything the obscure (the props they used make them selves seem more mysterious or possession of arcane knowledge – in reality yet another case of confusing supercilious with sophistication). The penny clicks and paIm faced personally with wave of smart sexy broken women all abused in some way another by ‘ritualistic’ abuse.

The horror stories I’m personally told are dripped in symbolism be it; the nastiness of an urban gang house where they were gang rapped or the other side of the tracks by those who went to private schools and high society and whose ‘ritualistic’ abuse was a just a bit more sophisticated and subtle but no less a form of indoctrination. as through brute fore and coercion brought to fear the lord.

.Family friends who as they get older (and in more than a few cases more sober) suddenly find them self looking back at their own conditioning and confessing the prevalence but subtly of the social indoctrination that surrounded there own college dorms where girls who did act up (as a cry for help) got sent to psychiatrist (usually friends of the family or perhaps a cricket chum of their father own college and sporting alumni) and made to look before their peers as simply trouble makers not the victim: Back on the rough side of the streets symbolism, hand signals, play acting (that they are part of something much bigger) plays as much a part of the club culture as any university alumni might.

Then there is the former wife of a church pastor, with extreme PTS, who from age 3 was always subject to some form of abuse (not sexual but exceptional sadistic and violent). From those who surrounded themselves in symbolism of god and spoke to her hissing “you dirty girl what will the neighbour think” (always placing the blame on the victim).

Women I never really knew as they compartmentalised their numerous personalities so they would be in that moment whoever you wanted them to be or what personality suited the moment. Trapped in the flight or fight response that predators find so easy to manipulate and channel.

The switched on business woman who had three major personalities the giggling 12 year old – the life at parties, the dotting grand mother supreme, the in control business woman whose sales went out of the ball park such was her professionalism and drive. Yet who at midnight on Friday drank until she became angry for five minutes then stumbled upstairs to her bed where she passed out. Yet would be ready for work at 6am the next morning punctual as can be. Over time you became aware of other personalities and masks that would appear and as quickly vanish as if she was trying on clothes and deciding to work or seeing if it fitted as Karren Carpenter once sang “I’ve been undressed by kings And I’ve seen some things that a woman ain’t s’posed to see. I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me.

Society wise ‘ritual abuse’ is not all goats heads, wizards clocks, and ‘Hail Satan’.

Yet much like DB Jim Bean in stolen pub glassware gets replaced with 21 year old Lagavulin and Te Mata Estate Alma Pinot Noir Redell wine glasses and lead crystal. The higher you go (even though both things achieve the same goal e.g getting you pissed) the ritualism gets more sophisticated (or supercilious). It wrapped in packaging passed off as avantae garde the higher up the food chain you go.

Yet in reality no matter the wallet and connection of the abuser and his enablers might be were still at the end of the day talking of sadism and self entitlement and it destructive impact it has in terms of its devastating impact on emotional development. Though of course the entire purpose of ritualistic abuse (be it DB or Te Mata Estate) is to trap the child in state of permanent fear which clinically fit he diagnostic of dissociative identity disorder and borderline the soulless creature who having no personality (freewill) of their own will be what ever vessel their creator desires. A thing to manipulate and create into a mirror image of the abusers own empty soul.

Emery notes “the exhibition’s claim that ‘art and the occult have always been entwined’ says little other than to suggest its influence is more pervasive in the arts today than the exhibition shows it is. Looking at what’s exhibited here in the context of wider contemporary art practice suggests that the occult has actually had a limited impact” On this point Emery is looking to closely a the frames it would seem. Though his acknowledgement the occult remains a “persistently kooky slipstream. As the heart of the exhibition is the notorious underground English occultist and self-taught artist, Aleister Crowley. Active in the early decades of the 20th century, Crowley—popularly denounced as a Satanist—has had widespread influence” is truer than Emery may realise.

Emery also astutely notes the bastardistation of Maori ‘occultism’ by the exhibition collection of New Zealand art alumni so Maori spirituality is not respected for its own story and mana. Rather it has being hijacked so Maori ‘occultism’ (spirituality) so it presented is interpreted via a Pakeha eyes of what constitute the term occult and used to fit an interpretation of eastern occultism as seen once more by western Caucasian perspective. Once more the cleric turned missionary sells the Viking pagan Christianity by appropriating the Viking’s own indigenous spiritual culture to fit the coloniser desired narrative “It strikes me as odd that the exhibition largely bypasses Maori, Pacific or Asian perspectives on the concept of the dark arts There are exceptions, but they feel like they are speaking principally to the European traditions”

Whare Ra & Crowley New Zealand connection may be new to many readers but he old old hat to first year art student seeking to impress other wannabe avant-garde students with their knowledge of esoteric lore and symbolism though it is never as deep and mind blowing as the young sophist would kid themselves into believing it is as the hip young things want both the alleged egalitarianism and progressiveness such movements profess to stand for as badges of their status and tribal affiliations. Yet also wont the six figure price tag and elite status such artwork fetch in the best art salons. No where will you find the neoliberal schizophrenia of ‘chardonnay socialist’ than in New Zealand art world.

Appropriately political commentator Christ Trotter also ties these famous esoteric patrons of New Zealand arts theatre and academic intellectualism, to the birth of the ‘New Zealand Experiment’ (right wing economic theory of ‘enlighten’ called Neoliberalism). Which ultimately then saw Ardern the perfect college prefect girl from the Aroha Waikato groomed for better things being sent to the UK to import the ‘Third Way’ to Blairs government by Helen Clark the Auckland Grammar prefect and daughter of a Waikato farmer bred from good pioneering ‘illuminati’ stock. The kind of families who would have jumped at the chance to send their girls to the ‘home for excellence’ Havelock Woodford House board with it school moto of Nunc Acceptabile Tempus’ – ‘Now is the Acceptable Time’. The Travistock mantras of obedience and hierarchical compliance which translate as do as your told with out ever questioning authority.

Trotter writes; “According to Robert S. Ellwood, author of Islands of the Dawn: The Story of Alternative Spirituality in New Zealand, at least one American adept is said to have declared: ‘If you want to hear Elizabethan English, you go to Appalachia; if you want to see what the original Golden Dawn was like, you go to New Zealand.

And, yes, he is talking about that Golden Dawn, or, to give it its full title, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This late-nineteenth century British-based occult society will forever be associated with the “wickedest man in the world” and self-proclaimed Beast of the Book of Revelation, Aleister Crowley; and, somewhat more respectably, with the celebrated Irish poet, William Butler Yeats.

Trotter continues “Roughan’s fascinating article, inspired in part by Ellwood’s book, retells the story of how, long after the original Golden Dawn collapsed amidst scandal and recrimination, its colonial Hawke’s Bay offshoot went on practicing ‘magick’ well into the 1970s….By 1987, however, New Zealanders were under the spell of a much more potent variety of monetarist magick. Curiously, the policy prescription which became known as “Rogernomics” (after Roger Douglas, the Labour finance minister who drove it forward) may be traced to another esoteric collection of adepts and initiates, the Mont Pelerin Society. Appalled at the rapid expansion of economic and social democracy unleashed by Keynesian economics, the ‘classical liberals’ of Mont Pelerin, laid out their plans for counter-revolution before the discomforted capitalists of Britain and America, and waited patiently for the right political moment to unleash them….The ultimate ambition of the Golden Dawn’s adepts was to utilise the ‘magical imagination” – a process which involved ‘visualising a desired reality’, concentrating one’s will on it, ‘moulding its form in astral light’ and bringing it, finally, into ‘the plainest physical reality’. As a description of the process that saw neoliberalism imposed upon the world, this is pretty good. (Assuming, of course, that the mass media counts as “astral light”!). Following precedent, New Zealanders seized upon this latest manifestation of esoterica with a zealotry unequalled in the rest of the world. As before, elite enthusiasm for neoliberalism proved crucial. It intensified and gradually took control of practically all of New Zealand’s significant institutions…New Zealanders had woken to discover that everyone in high places, from Governor-General to Chief Justice, Prime Minister to Police Commissioner, were Magister Templi in Havelock North’s occult society. Overseas, political support for neoliberalism is fading. But, if its tenure here turns out to be as enduring as the Golden Dawn’s in Havelock North, then New Zealand will not be neoliberal-free until 2046″.

Neoliberalism has being called the embryo of fascism and thus its fitting that Trotter’s metaphor Whare Ra life, after officially the lodge had being closed, should reflect the devolution of liberalism and the shrivelling heart of the ‘Chardonnay socialist’ as the middle class began to take the good life for granted and began to look down upon working class where once bond of classless egalitarianism had grown. Today as the wealth gap grows Neoliberalism is spawning the kind of hate that produced the Christchurch massacre. A fact which seems lost on the architect as they call for measures that allegedly protect us further attacks. Though the cynic might note none of these measures stem the root cause which produced such hate other than to provide more protection and privilege to the advocates of neoliberalism and their sociopathic version of globalism which is dedicated to the right of corporations to keep make more money and continue with the status quo of abusing this planet and it inhabitants. And thus Neoliberalism is a self for filling prophecy.

It is believed unofficially Whare Ra survived in a bastardised form post 1970’s or to be precise it spouted pretenders and charlatan who have decided to blend their own journey of the occult with the legend of Whare Ra, Satan, Crowley, whether its true or not kind of moot. The new face of Whare Ra is no longer a shiny face Woodhouse prefect (at less not officially) it has claimed it links to Crowley Satan and Hitler (withstanding Crowley ended up working for the British against Hitler). The embryo is beginning to hatch.

Even today a quick walk around Have Lock North village plaza you will find nod in it sculptures, flag banners and even shop names to it historic role as a home to one of the worlds most famous esoteric cults.

Turns out the A-O-K hand symbol used by white supremacist Brenton Tarrant during his court trial is not originally a hate symbol originally but known as Chin or Vitarka Mudra a mystic symbol meaning a Consciousness or Deliberation Mudra (intention of soul or a washer/shepherd of the dead).

This touch of the thumb and forefinger evokes mind and mindfulness. A yogi will assume this gesture—accompanied by outstretched arms and upturned palms resting on knees—while meditating in the lotus position. One theory postulates a connection between the Murda and the Khamsa and the Mano Pantea (Hand-of-the-All-Goddess), an amulet also known to ancient Egyptians as the ‘Two Fingers’. In this amulet, the Two Fingers represent Isis and Osiris and the thumb represents their child Horus. Aka Earth Moon & Sun.

A tribute to the Golden Dawn ritual and the constellation of Scorpion (32nd degree)/Horus built by convicted paedophile and student of Mchon Paratene Matchitt named TE HAARO O TE KAAHU who can be linked to such artists as Collin Mcahon upon whom he studied under, It also a nod to Osiris whose partner Isis made the first cobra—the “Uraeus” which became the sacred serpent …

An art expert is asking how a nine-strong committee consisting of four non-elected people can determine where public art is located in Hastings without any public or iwi consultation.
Former Museum Theatre Gallery (MTG) taonga Māori curator Michelle Lee, who holds a Masters degree in art and design, said The Garden 2002, unveiled on Saturday in the Hawke’s Bay suburb, was inappropriate and offensive.
“[It’s] almost provocative given what iwi [Ngāti Kahungunu] are having to deal with in terms of Te Mata Peak and the lack of consultation over that [walking track] issue,” she said.

It was purchased by the foundation with a donation from the Mills Family Trust.

Locals not bullshitting when say this is artwork devoted to the Garden of eve they are just choosing to moit that the origin of that story are older than the bible and has far deep esoteric roots.

According to myth, Perseus was the first of the Greek heroes and was the legendary founder of the city of Mycenae. In order
to win his bride, Andromeda, who was being forcefully wed to the king of the island of Seriphos, Perseus was charged with the impossible task of recovering the head of the Gorgon Medusa who, like Baphomet, was described as being part human and part beast, in this case half serpent. Perseus’ quest for the Gorgon head has been rightly associated by scholars with Herakles’ search for the golden apples of the Hersperides and more importantly, Jason’s quest for the golden fleece. The reader is kindly asked to note that the Greek word for fleece, mela, is also translatable as apple. The golden apples of Herakles and the golden fleece of Jason therefore, in all probability, refer to the same object. In each of these cases, the prize was finally discovered in a serpent-guarded tree amidst a sacred garden or grove. Significantly, this too can be said of the hero Perseus.

“The Greek mythology furnishes another instance of the tradition of the fall of man, and the contests for supreme authority between the good and evil powers, in the fable of the Garden of Hesperides, which is but a corrupted name of Paradise. Here existed a tree which
produced golden apples, and was guarded from violation by a serpent vomiting fire (an evident transcript, in the confused and blended traditions of the ancient mythology, as well of the serpent-tempter as of the Saraph, or flaming-cherub, placed to guard the tree of life) whose folds encircled the trunk of the sacred tree. Hercules in his character of god-man, the offspring of the celestial father and a terrestrial mother, successfully encountered the serpent, and having slain him took away the precious fruit. This event being deemed of sufficient importance to be perpetuated, it was introduced into the celestial sphere, where Hercules is represented as trampling on
the serpent’s head. The most prominent facts which Freemasonry inculcates, directly or by implication, are these : That there is a God ; that he created man and placed him in a state of perfect happiness in Paradise ; that he forfeited this supreme felicity by disobedience to the Divine commands at the suggestion of a Serpent Tempter, and was expelled from the Garden of Eden — Traditions of Free Masonry AXD COINCIDENCES WITH THE MYSTERIES University of California

Owned by the Hawke’s Bay Museums Foundation Charitable Trust, or MTG Foundation, Paul Dibble’s sculpture was unveiled by Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy part of a new town plan shaped by Te Mata Investments (logo three pytramids) ( a former specialist in privatisation when she worked for Ron Brierly [the hormer knight convicted of child pronogrpahy} Investments) .

In the 1980’s Kerry Raymond Bolton (born 1956) whose Wikipedia page list him as a writer and political activist. Bolton was involved in several nationalist and fascist political groups in New Zealand declared his leadership of the Havelock Covenant as Bolton co-founded the New Zealand branch of the Church of Odin, a pro-Nazi organisation for “whites of non-Jewish descent”.

The oldest modern church worshipping Odin, was started across the Tasman by lawyer Alexander Rud Mills (1885-1964) Melbournite, Rud Mills, formulated his ideas after travelling to Europe in the early 30’s & at one stage was involved with the British ‘Imperialist Fascist League’ (a right wing version of Sir Oswald Mosleys ‘British union of Fascists) In 1933 he journeyed to Germany where he garnished a personal audience with Adolf Hitler. Upon his return to Australia in 1934 Mills started The First Anglecyn Church of Odin, along with a number of short-lived newspapers, like ‘National Socialist’. During WW2 Mills was interned by The Australian Government as a possible Nazi sympathiser. Bolton founded the national-socialist Order of the Left Hand Path (OLHP) in 1992, following a quarrel with other members of the Temple of Set headed in the USA by Nazi admirer Colonel Michael Aquino. a Colonel at that time in the US Army psychological warfare unit later linked to allegation of paedophilia by the San Francisco Mercury Times.

Two years later OLHP was renamed the Ordo Sinistra Vivendi (“Order of the Left Way”), and in the same year Bolton created the fascist Black Order which claimed to have a network of national lodges in six European countries plus Australia and the U.S.A It was intended to be an activist front promoting an “occult-fascist axis” by mobilising political groups and youth culture elements such as industrial music.

In 1996, Bolton formed The Thelemic Society which blended rightist politics with the teachings of the Golden Dawn occultist Allister Crowley and the philosophy of the German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche. Bolton was a co-founder of the Nationalist Workers’ Party, and was briefly secretary for the New Zealand Fascist Union in 1997.

In 2004 Bolton was the secretary of the New Zealand National Front and spokesman for the New Right group. Bolton was also involved with the New Zealand National Front established by Kyle Chapman ( a friendof Kelvyn Alps) but resigned because of disputes with other neo-Nazi and white supremacist factions. Like Chapman Bolton had become a Christian fundamentalist and moved to Hamilton. Chapman however later moved back to Christchurch and resumed his far right ties after accounting issue concerning the government funned charity Chapman was involved in (which had funded “homeless skin heads” since 1995 as I note in my 1999 book Sate Secrets – though in reality my book also points out it was Christchurch skin heads who I would be first identified as running under age prostitution rings back in 1999 ( a fact later vindicated by court case of Gary Isherwood in 2004 after I wrote my book and made the allegation).

Bolton’s published works include;

Dietrich Eckart: Hitler’s occult mentor (Renaissance Press 1995)Lovecraft’s Fascism: The political views of H.P. Lovecraft (Renaissance Press 1995), Allister Crowley and the Conservative Revolution: social and political thoughts of The Great Beast (Renaissance Press 1996), Rudolf Steiner & the mystique of Blood & Soil (Renaissance Press 1999), The Holocaust myth : a sceptical enquiry (Spectrum 2000), The Kosher connection : drugs, Israel, gangsters & Zionism (Renaissance Press 2002), Russia and the Fight Against Globalisation (Black House Publishing 2018, Thinkers of the Right : fascism, nationalism & elitism amongst the literati (Luton Publications 2002), Portraits & principles of world fascism (Renaissance Press 2003), Nazism? : an answer to the smear-mongers (Renaissance Press 2005),The Faith of Europe (Spectrum Press 2009)Otto Strasser’s “New Europe” (Renaissance Press 2011), he Parihaka Cult (Black House Publishing 2012),

HAIL HYDRA ??? note the image is photo shopped.

The Havelock Work movement can be linked to New Zealand burgeoning post colonial art movement and can linked to such artist as Collin Mchon’s whose own interest in the occult.

Adern Lodge Havelock North owned by the patrons of Whare Ra the wealthy farming family the Masons Named for reasons unknown after prominent aristocratic Irish family.

It has even got a mention on the Jerry Springer show as the home of “Satan”. Though its important to note the Havelock covent seems to have had some sort of schism prior to its closing down as ideologically one group branched towards a more grounded and holistic view of occult focused more on life style and meditation and the other hints at a more egotistical and avarice driven goals with the possibility of even further splinters or schism meaning Bolton’s actual pedigree to the original founders of the Havelock Temple seem unlikely.

The movement was founded on land donated by Havelock Mayor Chamber T Mason (born at Adern house Hastings), a Masonic grand master, in 1915. Its located at latitude 39.666 (in line with the constellation of Scorpio) the new town centre bearing a shop with the hand symbol we now associate with white racism (in fact an old Sumerian mystic symbol) , another is called Lolita, a third called First Hand and two town statues both direct contemporary tribute to the Golden Dawn ritual one a nod to Scorpion constellation the towns built on (the 32nd degree) & Horus built by convicted paedophile Paratene Matchitt who studied under artist Colin John McCahonm, who named it TE HAARO O TE KAAHU .

“The pou could also be seen to be a reference to the navigational aids for the original discoverers of the island, although they are in fact taken from Te Kooti’s battle flag during the resistance of the 1860s. (It was originally made by Catholic nuns and seized by Te Kooti in 1868.) The symbols include a crescent moon, a six-pointed morning star, the triangle, a cross and a bleeding heart pierced by an arrow. Te Kooti encouraged his followers to embrace what the modern world of the colonisers had to offer”. Jules Tern Also a possible nod to Ralph Hotere’s Black Phoneix.

In heraldry the double-headed eagle is associated with the concept of Empire. Most modern uses of the symbol such as Hitler Third Reich Eagle are directly or indirectly associated with its use by Holy Roman Empire and its claims to the Byzantine Empire, to represented the Empire’s global dominion over the Near East and the West. The symbol is much older, and its original meaning is debated among scholars. The eagle has long been a symbol of power and dominion.

Again doubtful if Matchitt has pedigree to the lodges original founder but then again Matchitt raping don’t stop him getting choice sculpture contracts, from the local council who again are certainly aware of the town occult past and happy to acknowledge it in their 2015 town center plan.

Matchitt like McCahonm (who Matchitt taught under) taps into the idea of western perceived mysticism through out his art works. He notably uses many of the same symbols which appear on early pseudo Christian cargo cults like Pai Mārire and Te Kootti. More recently pushed of this modern day adaption of colonial manufactured cargo cultism is the idea that the Waitiha Tahonga Ruawharo (who legacy Rocket lab is now trying to tap into with a rewriting of whakapapa) practiced the “dark arts” and idea which Matchitt later day contemporaries seemed keen on selling.

My own feeling on this modern interpretation of Ruawharo, who titles aside was an expert in the stars and astrology, being a ‘dark wizard’ using ‘black magic” is this is simply a bastardisastion/cultural appropriation of Maori culture by Christian sects. Similar to how Christian missionaries rewove Viking myths to fit the idea of Christianity own pantheon and values.

Those responsible for accepting this post colonial Maori interpretation of spiritualism began using masonic/gnostic symbolism, as introduced by Marsden missionaries in the 1860’s and as surface in the 1925 Ratana movement – a decade after Whare Ra, backed by one of the dodgiest land speculators Freemason Donald Mcclean, began shaping New Zealand nationalism in the 1910′ (Haley Comet) as a patrons of the arts and education.

Enlightened fellows who sought to introduce ‘Christianity (itself an adaption of the Roman Greek sun god myth) to the Maoris — with the aim of amalgamation and hominization as Maori’s own diverse spiritualism being to suit colonial goals agendas and desire for power and land. A task assisted by the fact that the Maori own spiritual teachings were outlawed under the 1907 Tohunga Suppression Act 1907 in which New Zealand Parliament (including those who would have being member of Whare Ra) aimed at replacing traditional Māori healers with western medicine and enlightenment. It was assisted by Freemason Sir Donald McLean (the District Grand Master for the North Island of New Zealand) the Minister of Native Affairs who in 1850 purchased 700,000 acres of land off the Maori to create the settlement of Hawkes bay.

Mclean was involved in the Maori rebellion which occurred in Hawkes Bay in 1866 and the troubles which followed the escape of the Maori resistance fighter Te Kooti from the Chathams in the late 1860’s which ultimately benefitted both the Crown and Mcleans personal wealth. Sir Donald McLean himself had an illegitimate son Eru Peka Makarini (Edward Baker McLean who trained as a lawyer) by a Maori woman who became one of Te Kooti’s lieutenants and was killed in action in the Te Kooti campaigns. Rumour of the era insists, Mclean had ordered the shooting of his own illegitimate son – the right-hand man of a terrorist the state had made itself. Te Kooti even wrote to Mclean puzzled as to why he and his men were wanted for arrest signing the letter Te Kooti “the Queens Maori”

Their can be no doubt that Te Kooti himself had incorporated masonic heraldry upon his own flag which Eru Peka Te Makarini held in hands in 1870, as he was gun down by colonial militia, their former allies, his fathers men (Source: Gascoyne, Soldiering in New Zealand, p. 103) The Wellington art piece by Matchitt, which again appears with another version of the Garden (minus the golden apple) by Dibble is amazing for a number of reasons.

1. The double headed eagle which again was favoured by Nazi occultist but actually goes back to the days of Roman Empire (the first Reich) and the idea emperor (Caesar) wore two crowns on one body. One crown represented the power of the secular state which the military judges and magistrates answered too. The other represented the power of the church and its priest which the emperor also was in charge of.

2. The Moons and crescents confirm my earlier expressed belief that early on Maoridom was infiltrated by Masonry (as was the case through out the colonial world) as shock troops for colonialism hearts and minds strategies. It was seen as a mean of obtaining land empowering chefs to think of themselves as aristocrats who need not answer to the hapu (the people). If the chiefs could be brought into the lodge it was believed they would be easy to shape in the form colonialism wanted as “Maoris understand hierarchy” .

Still think Im mad?

Let break down the symbolism of the Sea Bridge the collaborative effort of John Gray, Rewi Thompson and Paratene Matchitt. On one side the pole is are clearly night (Boaz) the other day (Jachin) the two pillars of the Masonic lodge echoed in the back ground by two palm trees and the big silver ball located on the fowler plaza.

The heart with an arrow which appear on Tekooti flag and Matchitt sculpture is a common incantation of the skull and bones which appears on the masonic tracing boards used in masonic initiation rites (confirming my suspicion of the eastern mysticism origins which we see in the Maori slave hapu that were armed by colonial forces and through arms became powerful iwi today). Matchitt himself confirms my view this is Tekooti flag “The artistic intention is that they represent those who have come to New Zealand, a multicultural gesture generated from the forms of the Māori Te Wepu battle flag, used by Te Kooti Arikirangi in his 1860s resistance campaigns”.

3. The entire bridge sculpture reinforces the lie of Whakapapa desired by the colonialist that Kupe was the first navigator (as “some” people believe to quote inscription on the bridge) and is part of the reworking of a whakapapa which began in the 19 Century and continued on after the 1980 treaty pay out which suited the masonic/colonial goals. It is littered with uniquely masonic symbolism you will only find in a masonic lodge.

Exhibit A: The T on the triangles (which you will also find on Whare Ra in form of glass window above the front door and on the side of the Sign of the Takahe in Christchurch (prior to walking in and come face to face with a stain glass window depiction of the two pillars) and is the sign of a master mason. Notably those mark on the tripod is what separate this from just being a case of me squinting to see square fit into round holes. That and the layout on the bridge which replicates lodge protocol.

Within the layout of any lodge room there are at least two prominent examples of triangles represented on the bridge. The first is seen within the centre of the lodge (this description varies by Grand Jurisdiction). In the centre of the room are three lights or tapers placed in triangular form around the alter. The tapers are to be appropriately spaced in 3, 4, and 5 units. This construction creates a right triangle with the angle measurements of 37°, 53°, and 90°. The tapers represent the sun, moon, and Master of the lodge. Corresponding with these tapers are the stations of the three principal officers of the lodge: the Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, and Junior Warden, who are also in a triangular relationship with each other. A triangle is formed by the three stationed officers when the candidate is conducted to the centre of the lodge for benefit of lodge prayer in the first degree. The candidate is placed in a position bisecting the longest side. If a perpendicular were to be drawn from the candidate to the Junior Warden it would bisect the triangle formed by the officers into two right triangles with a base made by the vertices of the candidate and the Junior Warden.

The pole on the bridge (replicated in Matchitts work Huakina ( a knock of version of Ralph Hoetere, Matchit tutor at one point, ‘Double Cross’ if you ask me) also include the three mountains (pyramids) of Havelock North Temata. Temata is the Maori word for The Eye.

And finally this is all backdropped by the split Pyramid sculpture, silver orb, two palm trees sculptures. The pyramid visible at centre was part of the museum, (which later changed its name to Capital E). Its known as Te Aho a Maui. This translates ‘as the light that illuminates from Māui’, designed by architect Rewi Thompson with the two parts representing North and South Islands separated by the Cook Strait.

Among Maui’s many legendary exploits, how he ensnared the sun to lengthen the hours of daylight. He succeeded in this task by accessing the sacred knowledge entwined in the strands of rope that held the sun fast. None of these things by themselves prove a thing but like the many strains of Maui’s fishing rope collectively they present a strong case for Freemason drag hidden behind so called indigenous art.

In reality its more of the same the sun worship bullshit the Mason sold to the Maori via the masonic missionaries by using Maori legends which fitted with their own mythology. Much in the same way Christian missionaries reworked Vikings myths to fit with the pagan beliefs of the Norse people.

Why? Because these missionary of a new (republic based) world order where trying to assimilate the Maori own belief into their own church (the second Reich) to advance their colonialist ambitions. The Christian adaption of the holy roman empire and its two eagles (which we now associate with the third Reich) in turn was based on the same goals as Holy Roman Empire simply borrowed their own symbolism from Sol Invictus (Classical Latin: [s̠oːɫ̪ ɪnˈwɪk.t̪ʊs̠], “Unconquered Sun”) the official sun god of the later Roman Empire or first Reich. Basically the same shit, dressed in the same rags (with few minor touches ups), served up for a different day.

‘Masonic’ sun worshipping symbols is also apparent on the (Royal) masonic chequered and triangle (Kahu huruhuru) clock such as that worn by Jacinda on her trip to Buckingham Palace.

It appears in Goldie’s paintings, the Ratana movement symbolism (whose senior member Ratana Church Minister Daniel Brass Raharaha – Nehemia incidentally was convicted for pedophile activity in 2019 as part of ring of predators. Nehemia who had two previous convictions for sexually assaulting young boy and was only be stood down from the church, who knew of his past convictions, after an expose by the Herald was published and the matter made public).

It even appear on the Rocket Lab heraldry and at the nearby Wairoa Space centre. A run down building where a figure with Whare Ra Pamphelt in his pocket carrying a telescope stand on a black and white masonic chequers, marked with the seal of the ‘Secret math Society’ (Virginia USA) background with a skull and cross bones sprout from an ivy plant above his head. In his hand he holds a magnifying glass which hover over a symbol this author does not recognise

Right around the corner another mural sells a reworked version of Vikings of the Sun the Matariki migration myth, with a genecology pushed by an Auckland iwi which differs from that believed by local hapu, which makes sure the mauri legend fits in with a steadily crafted Pasifika migration legend which fits with new agers take of Egyptian/Roman/Greek moon sun worship lore and their gnostic beliefs that are also pursued by Royal Free Masonry and affiliated lodges.

Note as an agnostic atheist I am not personally big on USA style bible belt Trumpism Christian Fundamentalism gnostic theist ideas of Satan – which in reality is simply a variation of Gnosticism.

Gnosticism put simply is the idea that that humans are divine souls trapped in the ordinary physical (or material) world. That the world was made by an imperfect spirit. The imperfect spirit is thought to be the same as the God of Abraham and “Satan’ the God of Knowledge (Lucifer) and enlightenment in this version is the good guy.

Its the same new age crap the Nazis tried to sell which is itself a variation of the Egyptian/Greek Roman Sun Moon worship duality myth in which the theme is to have night you must have day (and vice verses).

Regardless the three key point to be underlined here are;

One; Whether you believe in ‘Satan’ or for that matter the Easter Bunny is moot.

Two: For those who believe this nonsense it is real to them.

Three: Havelock North is a town which looks like a replica for ‘Hot Fuzz’ perfect Sandford ‘Village of the Year.’

And its current recently installed art decor contributed by paedophile with a deep interest in the occult and an awareness of the town history makes a strong case for suggesting the cult was not disbanded in the late 1970’s as majority of text on the subject suggest. Rather it still has a present today or albeit its past is seem to have use by its current occupiers who ever thy be. That or the Best Burger is a jaunt for hungry white supremacist and the owners of Lolita have being living in a cave visa their name choice and the rise of the Me Too Cause — and that without going into Jacinda’s hand made Dyrberg/Kern NZ (who also own a firm call New Illuminati) ANOVA necklace — named after ‘psychic’ and the father of Eugenics Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher — which she likes to trot out on special occasions.

Meanwhile Whare Ra architect Chapman Young (whose own home was called “Sunbourne”) still also have a present in the town that shines on. It owns a few of the local restaurants, along with corporate links to the land development Three Peaks a reference to the Te Mata (One Eye) peak, the school of radiance’s original temple, upon which Kahu huruhuru three tringles logo can be found (which also feature on the masonic stylised logo of local iwi and the local Ratana affiliated youth based Kapa- haka groups TE HAARO O TE KAAHU).

The symbolic owl Minerva is also present on another of Robert Felkin’s kiwi follower’s works the Christchurch Edmondson clock tower commissioned by Thomas Edmondson of Edmondson Bakery (sure to rise), who like Whare Ra links to Felkin is exceptionally well documented in official archives and national media. For example see…/Repertory-Theatre-sure-to-rise…The Edmondson clock tower is one of seven symbol hidden in plain site in down town Christchurch including the sign of the Takahae whose stain glass windows where paid for by every Masonic order in New Zealand and bears the heraldry of every New Zealand governor General many of whom where Free Masons..

The idea Freemasons ‘rule the world’ is QANON nonsense. Ironically its the only bit of BS Freemason and opportunist Kelvyn Alp does not peddle that sounds like it came of the Donald Trump is the good guy script.

Yet the idea that organisations exist to ensure the status quo retains it power via rituals, symbols and net working is literally embedded into the foundation of our system as the quirky Dunedin Clock Tower is living proof. There might not be any ‘predictive programming’ going on in Hollywood as many ‘conspiracy theorist’ maintain but their plenty evidence of popular culture raining from the Simpsons to Demolition Man reflects social truism regarding the influences which shape the status quo maintained. Just as art draws its muse from what already is a historical reality built by those who came before us. Yet of more concern and some what ironic (considering how the Christian right feels about Satan) is how those idea which promote misogyny, racism can be found when you begin to take a look at how its links to white supremacism Andre Novok Brenton Tarrant.

For example the Foundation board chairman Humphrey Rolleston,(Photo above far left) a Christchurch old boy and share holder in Independent New Limited (Christchurch Press) associated with South Canterbury Finance (a firm whose physical head quarters in Christchurch 254 Montreal St Scale House took up an entire chapter of this author book State Secrets 2 — published 5 years before the collapse of South Canterbury Finance where I focused on the building various tenants, subsidiary of SCF, SCF clients and their extensive connections, to money laundering, biker gangs, corruption in the fishing industry, arms dealers and organised crime (specifically Russian and Israeli). Rolleston was also at one point a director SM Andrews Ltd an arms and mercenary recruitment firm in the 1980’s established by Christ College Old Boy Stephen Jennings who would boast of his work for the CIA during the Vietnam war.

The mercenary company, whose logo was the same Roman Gladiatorial helmet used by 2/1st Royal New Zealand Infantry Bravo company, senior officers would include namely Rhodesian and South African special force officers Mike Graham who fought to maintain white rule and destabilise black Africa of what is today called Mozambique for the colial powers and the mining industry

Its joint directors included the likes of Hugh Templeton (Minister of Foreign Affairs under Muloon) named by TVNZ program Eye Witness as part of Project Democracy, a covert fund raiser for far right mercenaries in Nicaragua and Islamic militants in Afghanistan. The event which lay at the core of the Ronald Reagan George Bush famed Iran scandal.

Minerva can be associated with the far right wing mercenaries recruited by Co Founder of the AFIO General John Singlaub ( a partner to co share holder of Small Luxury Resorts of the World Wharekauhau Country Estate Wairarapa co-owned by founder of Rogernomics Sir Roger Douglas. Wharekauhau according to the lodge own website means “‘place of knowledge’ as it was here where the wise men would come to learn their craft”.

While Huka Lodge, in Taupo, also a Small Luxury Resort of the World was owned by alleged arms dealer Dutch National Paul van Allen — a co member of the Prince Phillip affiliated WWF the charity previously accused of providing cover for the Rhodesian & South African mercenaries undertaking destabilisation operation in Africa (known as Operation Lock). documents in the U.S. National Archives saying Bernhard, now 84 and a goodwill ambassador for the Netherlands, was a Nazi Party member beginning in 1933. Researcher Gerard Aalders and historian Coen Hilbrink found a typed copy of a letter from Bernhard authorizing his lawyer to terminate his membership IN 1937. The letter contained the Nazi salutation “Heil Hitler.”


Along with CIA executive and Yale Skull & Bones member David Atlee Phillips (a key suspect in the Kennedy assassinations) who had founded the AFIO to undermine anti CIA watch dog groups and headed the CIA’s Phoenix assassination program in Vietnam at the time Stephen Andrews was boasting of his work for the agency in South east Asia. In recent time you have had CIA backed coup led by the Phoenix Foundation in Vanuatu in 1980 and Phoenix Mines who front man Kelvyn Alp associate in the dubious Solomon’s gold project was CIA analyst and AFIO member Leonce Kealy who played a major part in the CIA backed constitutional coup of the Whitlam government in Australia in 19. Alp himself is a friend to the Phoneix Lodge Arizona located in Phoenix where Singlaub was the head of the U.S. Council for World Freedom, a group based in Phoenix, Ariz who helped illegally arm guerrillas in Nicaragua and Afghanistan.

Singlaub oversaw the the recruitment of anti communist far right and neo Nazi mercenaries to fight in the secret Regan era clock and dagger wars of the Iran Contra scandal. An illegal operation that resulted in headline hitting congressional investigating which saw many high ranking official prosecuted for conspiracy. An operation run for the record not by the CIA but rather by and large former member of the War time OSS and members of the AFIO operating out side the official sanctioned operation of the CIA under the then head of the CIA and Skull & Cross Bones Order 332 Brother Hood of Death William Casey.

Members of the famous Harvard University masonic alumni reflecting the Bones own clandestine nature would take on secret names e.g., Averell Harriman  (who along with George Walker, and Prescott Bush were major donors to the Nazi Party with American President [a Skull member} Prescott Bush identified by the U.S. embassy in Berlin as funding Hitler’s, costly election campaigns’’ and “the cost of

maintaining Hitler’s private army of 300,000 to 400,000 men.”) was was “Thor“, Henry Luce was “Baal“, McGeorge Bundy was “Odin“, and CIA director and president George H. W. Bush was “Magog“.

The Skulls have become synonymous with the CIA’s, darker chapters, being a spy organisation literally built upon the bones of the Nazis Gestapo in terms of its architecture and post war assets such as the Gehlen Organition which simultaneously worked post war with the Nazi underground movement ODESSA.

Today the society’s assets are managed by its alumni organization, the Russell Trust Association, incorporated in 1856 and named after the Bones’ co-founder William Russell who belonged to the German secret order of “Skull and Bones” tied to the same duelling clubs, which would linked to the SS’s and the Thule Society, with membership of the Berlin order of Skull and Bones came from the privileged class, the aristocracy, and the families of bankers and the moneyed elite.

Totenkopf” is German for “death’s head” or skull and typically refers to a skull-and-crossbones image.  During the Nazi era, Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS) adopted one particular Totenkopf image as a symbol.  Among other uses, it became the symbol of the SS-Totenkopfverbande (one of the original three branches of the SS, along with the Algemeine SS and the Waffen SS), whose purpose was to guard the concentration camps.  Many original members of this organization were later transferred into and became the core of a  Waffen SS division, the 3rd SS “Totenkopf” Panzer Division, which engaged in a number of war crimes during World War II with members fleeing to South America via the CIA financed Rat Line, or the Foreign Legion, or fighting as mercenaries post war communist in South East Asia working for French or American interest.

The LA Times notes of the Ivy league ‘Old Boys Club’ who would dominate the CIA’s leadership, “few things are as holy as the club’s unbreakable code of silence. Its members–white, male and mostly Ivy League–entered the agency in the 1950s and have been fighting the Cold War ever since. Today, many have retired but the code lives on. They join groups such as the Assn. of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO)”.


The AFIO net work can be found to have being very active, in the Pacific were it usually working hand in foot with mining companies, and CIA friendly multinationals in the 1973 failed Minerva Reef coup attempt in Tonga, The 1980 Jimmy Santos Phoenix Uprising, The 1987 Svetti Rabuka Fijian Cup (where more than 12 AFIO and current CIA officers including Skull & Crisis bones member Vernon Walters) were present. Even the 1995 Bougainvillea conflict that involved former far right British Rhodesian and South African SAS mercenaries that today have links to security firms such as Paladin (which like Minerva has Neo Nazi connotations, bearing the same name as ODEESSA commander Otto Skorzeny Hitler’s body guard, post war security firm) which run Australia’s immigration detention centres. With yet a third Pacific based security firm emerging just after the 2000 Solomon militia uprising run by the director of the controversial Phoenix Mines former skinhead and Free Mason Kelvyn Alp with CIA analyst and AFIO member Leonce Kelly.

In the Ukraine we would once more see the emergence of Pentagon backed Neo Nazis specifically the Agov battalion the Neo Nazi militia which Tarrant would later be linked to along with other Australian Neo Nazi who can into be linked to New Zealand government funded skin heads. A connection this author had raised in relation to Christchurch’s skin head movement more than a decade before the March 19th tragedy.

Though it would only be after the shooting I became aware of that movements ties to New Zealand’s (Royal) Freemason lodges something which CASPER ( A former NZSAS solider who had served in Vietnam and after that worked private security for members of the Business Round table), a central source to my book had warned me of in the early 2000’s which I had largely ignored with the exception of the masonic connection to Millbrook the luxury resort in Queenstown linked to the like of David Mace (At one point New Zealand’s highest ranking Freemason), the Food For Oil ties to Altaqwa the Neo Nazi Islamic bank based in P2 strong hold of Lugarno Switzerland where its leader former Italian Fascist Licio Gelli later fled. The banks feature prominently in my second book State Secrets II via the banks ties to HSA Yemen (who was the parent firm for more than 22 other subsidies used to shift dairy products of which 80% came from New Zealand -according to OIA documents) and the Muslim Brotherhood.

P2 is not the only force of Fascism that remains at large. The rise of the new right is prevalent throughout Europe and the globe as a whole. Fascist organisations like America’s Aryan Nation are rapidly on the increase. However, more disturbing are reports of such pro-Nazi group infiltration within armies and police forces of several democratic states including America, Canada, Britain and Australia. In Germany, anti-Fascist investigators like John Kohl also report of the neo-Nazis’ increased military efficiency. In August 1995 a large cache of arms, thought to have come from former Yugoslavia, confirmed worst fears. Neo-Nazi activists are using ex-Yugoslavia as a training ground. To date, 150 neo-Nazi mercenaries of German origin are known to be fighting in Croatia alongside Fascists from America, Britain and Austria.

According to the relative of a high-ranking Indonesian military official, one such airlift took place in August 1994 when New Zealand UN troops brought weapons-provided by Indonesia and destined for the Muslim forces-along with their baggage. How authentic this report is, is not known. However, it is on record that in early September 1994, shortly after the arrival of NZ troops in the former Yugoslavian republic, Bosnian forces launched a counter-offensive. Bosnia had suddenly procured munitions and heavy weapons, previously much in lack. Where had/who had/what had made such a feat possible? Perhaps it is just coincidence that, a week later, Indonesia awarded New Zealand Telecom an NZ$600 million contract.

In 1990, Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti briefed the Italian Parliament on a secret paramilitary organisation called Il Gladio (from the Latin, meaning “sword”). He explained that Gladio had been set up in 1956 and was run by the CIA to take precautions against Communist aggression. In particular, Gladio was tasked to reduce the influence of Communism in France and Italy (later, this would include Spain) via a “strategy of tension”. Since this revelation, journalists have unearthed the meaning behind this term. It was Gladio’s tactic to make use of right-wing mercenaries and Mafia hit-men to carry out attacks that were then blamed upon the left. These attacks include the Mafia’s involvement in the Red Brigade’s kidnap and murder of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978. The strategy was to utilise the citizens’ fear to justify the greater power of the security forces.

In Europe, P2 the pseudo masonic lodge which like Hitler used the Lodge occult based window dressing for psychological value than any real interest in esoteric was behind numerous Fascist attacks carried out against the left, with the design to weaken people’s faith in a socialist government. A view disputed by Walter McIntosh a former CIA officer who lived in Bluff and was writing a story of the CIA. Walter maintains that according to the CIA Rome station chief P2 was a Soviet plot. Will he would say that wouldn’t he.

Regardless in 1976, P2 was also suspected of being behind the assassination of Italian magistrate Vittoria Occorsio. At the time, Occorsio was investigating P2 links to neo-Nazi organisations. His death simultaneously killed his P2 investigation. However, former Gladio agents have attributed the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing and the 1974 and 1980 Bolognan bombings (a total of 113 deaths and over 185 injured) to the P2 organisation. In 1980, however, P2 was dealt a severe blow when Italian police, attempting to clarify Gelli’s connection to Mafia don Michele Sindona, discovered a P2 membership-roll document bearing 962 names. The list included over 50 generals and admirals, two cabinet members, 36-plus policemen, journalists, pundits and pop stars. The consequences destroyed the Italian Government, and came close to ending NATO. Yet Signorina Tina Anselmi, chairman of the parliamentary commission (now suspended) into P2, is quoted in David Yallop’s book, In God’s Name, as stating: “P2 is by no means dead. It still has power. It is working in the institutions. It is moving in society. It has money, means and instruments still at its disposal. It still has fully operative power centres in South America. It is also able to condition, at least in part, Italian political life.”


DEJAVU: Kelvyn Alp Far Right Freemason ‘Crusader’
& some of his Yankee right wing Masonic mates.
Phoenix Lodge Arizona USA

Following the Christchurch shootings I cease working with my long term colleague after I became suspicious of where Vinny funding was coming from. Vinny (as my social media pm records) later confirmed my belief he was being backed by Alp. Which Alp and Eastwood denied offering different explanation to me personally when confronted. Eastwood original statement to me was ‘we would be met at the airport in Christchurch’ (perhaps one of the most heavily camera monitored sited in the country at this time) by Kelvyn Alp and ‘taken to a party where there would be cake’.

I chose not to met Alp (or have cake) and exited the airport pronto on touch down. When I later gave Vinny a hard time about the wisdom of having anything to do with Alp I became suspicion of how Vinny had so much cash to splash about and Vinny evasive of Alp support of his Chch trip. Vinny then told me on one account “it was a different Kelvyn Alp he had got confused” .

Alp on Vinny’s page denied he had met with Vinny in Chch that he was in the North Island at the time an could prove it. Vinny however cleared up the confusion offering his readers yet a third account of what had happened.

Kelvyn Alp had being in contact with him (as Vinny first told me was the case before then claiming it was ‘another’ Kelyn Alp) and he arrange to met Kelvyn at Auckland airport on his return. Kelvyn never showed. Regardless this admission confirmed Vinny was planing to met with Kelvyn Alp (the neo nazi not the ‘other’ Kelvyn Alp). And reaffirmed my decsion to decline further invitations to be on Vinny’s show, as I felt I could no longer trust him, was the correct thing to do. As in the mean time I also turned down several offers to appear on Igan’s show and far right American TV channels after being approached by friends* of Kelvyn Alp which turned out to be financed by the far right.

*Kelvyn was unaware I knew of his personal connection to those who approached me.

For a Guy who claims to live to expose Freemason and the “illuminati” Vinny sure has a lot to do with them
becuse Alps is not Vinny’s only far right cnnection.

Alp like ANZPP has donated to the anti Freemason Vinny Eastwood show which in turn has received the backing of ‘anti’ Free mason OPTT groupies David Icke & Max Igan affiliates of Eastwood since March 15th

Billy down played Micheal State’s Free Mason connections. Again saying Stace quit because taking their cash for doing nothing was unethical. That it had being “just a job”. Again let re-examine that claim more carefully. Stace quit after taking their dosh for over three years. And Michael’s own Linkedin profile shows or claims his work went well beyond just maintaining the Freemason’s web pages. This was not “just a job” and the Free Masons famed for their nepotism tend to keep things in house.

But its quite simple really was/is Stace a Mason Billy: Yes or No?

Billy of course wont ask that question and instead simply dodges it.

And again it make no difference if you the reader see nothing wrong with such links.

The point is to Billy’s followers and those he has turned to for a pubic platform (like Vinny Eastwood) Free Mason get the thumbs downs – Billy & Vinny specifically marketed themselves as fearless exposers of Freemason shenanigans while increasinly in Vinny case defending white supremacy more and more.

The Lodge (perhaps the ultimate bastion of misogynistic white supremacist colonialism) in Vinny’s world and the world of his listeners were the traditional agents of “satan” and the “illuminati” And yet in cases like Alp & ANZPP the two ‘truthers’ seem to make an exception.  Futher it would be Freemason Honour Lanham the former President of the Society of Otago University Law Students, (see document) would represent Billy & Michael in the High Court visa Advance NZ co-leaders Jami-Lee Ross and Billy Te Kahika challenge of MediaWorks’ decision not to include their party in its multi-party debate. The irony here is I had begun working with Vinny where we had covered the trial of Auckland Mayor John Banks and filmed how he had entered court with a masonic broach pinned to his jacket and it had being my research which had unearthed the how the Prime Minister education had being partially paid for with a Free Mason scholarship remain Vinnys highest recorded video to-date (Vinny has since moved my name off the credits) and yet when pushed came to shove Vinny had no issue accepting skull and cross bones dollars.

Incidentally the the cameraman responsible for the related John Banks John Key teacup tape is a former police constable who was suspended from the police while his connections to the militia leader were investigated. Bradley Ambrose, formerly known as Brad White, was investigated by police in 2000 for his connection with Kelvyn Alp, an ex-soldier “who was reportedly trying to recruit a private army to oppose the government” (Alp would actually appear on national TV ‘Sixty Minutes’ with a coffee table full of weapons) . Ambrose returned to police work after the investigation but subsequently left the force.

Alp – who said he’d met White at a friend’s wedding – claimed to have 100 members of his New Zealand Armed Intervention Force (NZAIF), armed and prepared to carry out “illegal” missions. Alp said White was not connected to the NZAIF. A police spokesman confirmed that a Bradley White worked for the police as a sworn member from November 1996 to October 2000. The spokesman would not provide details on why White left the police, because of “privacy issues”.

Kelvyn was not the only Freemason present the day like Norwegian shooters Brentant Tarrant claimed to be a Freemason and so to were his arresting officers Jim Manning and Scott Choudmay who had being training at Princess Margaret built on the site of the Southern Regional military compound with its secret tunnels to the Craft croft mansion that can be linked to sign of the Takahe which host the legendary stain glass window paid for by every lodge in New Zealand water and bearing the seal of Oxford and Cambridge University explorer’s club also to be found on the Oxford Cambridge river where Thomas Edmondson statute to Saturn (with Minerva present) and Christchurch’s old info site heraldry refence the tunnel also found of the sign of the Takahe building where the stone cutters used the tunnel rock to build the base foundation from where so many of Christchurch prominent citizens living in Christchurch The point is what ever you might think about the Lodge its clear their influence had a direct impact n the lay out of Christchurch as it did in Canberra where one of this author ancestors Walter Burley Griffin a member of the the same Canberra Lodge Tarrant claims to have being a member of laid the city out based on masonic esoteric designs

“The Griffins’ use of the term ‘ideal city’ links their Canberra plan to an ancient and universal tradition of planning, …Inspiration for the Griffins’ original Canberra design is drawn from both ancient spiritual ideas and the Griffins’ understanding of geomancy — an ancient sci-ence placing man in harmony with the earth, which is common to both Eastern and Western cultures. Canberra, therefore, has affinities with Stonehenge, sacred Glastonbury, ancient Egyptian temples and pyramids, even with the concept of the new Jerusalem”…Griffins never revealed the basis of their design to the politicians and bureaucrats who condemned the initial plan as impractical. For this book the esoteric basis of the plan has had to be elucidated through a study of the Magic of America, a four-volume work written (but never pub-lished) by Marion Griffin at the end of her life.”

In Australia Mahony and Griffin were introduced to Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner the man the Nazi occultist loves hat and who also influenced the Havelock North covent. Marion writes “In Sydney so many friends and so wonderful, now moving towards a common centre from which one could grasp the earth and humanity as a totality. The first step toward this centre was put into my hands by a Quaker … a book which changed me completely from a pessimist to an optimist, the Outline of Occult Science  by Rudolf Steiner which led to my joining some time later the Society founded by him” (Griffin, 1949, IV p.169)

A police spokesman confirmed that a Bradley White worked for the police as a sworn member from November 1996 to October 2000. The spokesman would not provide details on why White left the police, because of “privacy issues”. Bradley Ambrose, formerly known as Brad White, was investigated by police in 2000 for his connection with Kelvyn Alp, an ex-soldier who was reportedly trying to recruit a private army, which Alp told Investigate Magazine included serving officers of the police and armed force to oppose the government. Ambrose returned to police work after the investigation but subsequently left the force. The police suspension occurred in 2000 after items (Whites police constable business card)that allegedly belonged to White were found during a raid of Alp’s Mangere home in South Auckland. Alp was reportedly trying to recruit a private army to oppose the government at the time. Alp at the time claimed the New Zealand Armed Intervention Force (NZAIF) was prepared to carry out “illegal” missions. The groups within NZAIF were dubbed SG’s in typical Alp fashion after the fictional program Star Gate that revolves around an elite group of commandoes tasked with fighting aliens and is noted for its own use of Masonic symbolism.

Another Neo Nazi who can be tied to the occult


“Racial and religious hatred must be fostered on the basis of American-Aryanism. Classism must be encouraged in a way that the labor and the middle classes will become confused and antagonistic. In the ensuing chaos, we will be able to take control.” MARTIN KOSLECK – Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels Confessions of A Nazi Spy Warners Brothers.

Neo-Nazism Black Sun appears today on Neo Nazi extremist flags, t-shirts, posters, websites and in extremist publications associated with such groups. Examples include the Australian neo-Nazi group Antipodean Resistance, Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant’s back pack, his dog tags, and the Ukrainian (where Tarrant is believed to have fought alongside other Australian Neo Nazis) far-right National Guard regiment Azov Battalion. The symbol was displayed by members of several extremist groups involved in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Modern far-right groups often refer to the symbol as the sun wheel or Sonnenrad. The name “Black Sun” in fact links directly to the Wewelsburg mosaic with the neo-Nazi concept of the “Black Sun”, invented by former SS officer and occultist Wilhelm Landig as a substitute for the Nazi swastika to be used only by the inner circle of the SS itself an occult movement known as the Thule Society which branched off allegdly from the Vril Society.

Wewelsburg Mossiac in the Hall of Vahalla in Himmler head of the SS private castle.

It has no actual discernible occult pedigree pre WWII and was to be a contemporary symbol for a mystic energy source that was supposed to renew the Aryan race.

The Black Sun decorated the ‘Hall of Valhalla’ in the northern tower of the castle owned by the head of the SS Henrieich Himler. Though based on medieval German symbols, the Wewelsburg mosaic is itself a unique design commissioned specifically for Himmler, and its primary contemporary association is Nazi occultism, for which Nazi Satanic groups and esoteric neo-Nazis adopt Himmler’s efforts to create an elite group of Nazi warrior-priests with the collapse of the Third Reich.

The Thule society which became associated with Himmler SS in fact began life after the First World war according to Hitler biographer Ian Kershaw, the organization’s “membership list … reads like a Who’s Who of early Nazi sympathizers and leading figures in Munich”, including Rudolf HessAlfred RosenbergHans FrankJulius LehmannGottfried FederDietrich Eckart, and Karl Harrer

The Thule Society was originally a “German study group” headed by Walter Nauhaus,[6] a wounded World War I veteran turned art student from Berlin who had become a keeper of pedigrees for the Germanenorden (or “Order of Teutons“), a secret society founded in 1911 and formally named in the following year.[7] In 1917, Nauhaus moved to Munich; his Thule Society was to be a cover-name for the Munich branch of the Germanenorden,[8] but events developed differently as a result of a schism in the Order. In 1918, Nauhaus was contacted in Munich by Rudolf von Sebottendorf (or von Sebottendorff), an occultist and newly elected head of the Bavarian province of the schismatic offshoot known as the Germanenorden Walvater of the Holy Grail.[9] The two men became associates in a recruitment campaign, and Sebottendorff adopted Nauhaus’s Thule Society as a cover-name for his Munich lodge of the Germanenorden Walvater at its formal dedication on 18 August 1918.[

A primary focus of the Thule Society was a claim concerning the origins of the Aryan race. In 1917, people who wanted to join the “Germanic Order”, out of which the Thule Society developed in 1918, had to sign a special “blood declaration of faith” concerning their lineage:

The signer hereby swears to the best of his knowledge and belief that no Jewish or coloured blood flows in either his or in his wife’s veins, and that among their ancestors are no members of the coloured race

Thule” (Greek: Θούλη) was a land located by Greco-Roman geographers in the farthest north (often displayed as Iceland).[12] The Latin term “Ultima Thule” is also mentioned by Roman poet Virgil in his pastoral poems called the Georgics.[13] Thule originally was probably the name for Scandinavia, although Virgil simply uses it as a proverbial expression for the edge of the known world, and his mention should not be taken as a substantial reference to Scandinavia.[14] The Thule Society identified Ultima Thule as a lost ancient landmass in the extreme north, near Greenland or Iceland,[15] said by Nazi mystics to be the capital of ancient Hyperborea.

Yet this peculiar brand of Nazi mythology and religion found a new lease on life among occultist, neo-Nazi, pro-“Aryan”-groups during the 1970s and the 1980s, especially in the neofolk rock music scene. The roots of Nazi black magic inspired some Nazi leaders to search for Aryan origins in central Asia, Tibet, and the lost continent of Atlantis while Hitler himself sort as personal loot the famed Spear of Destiny the weapon that pierced Christ as he was nailed to cross by a Roman Centurion no doubt wearing the helmet now used as symbol of the far right and colonial imperialism.

Historians agree the object known as the “Spear of Destiny” was seized by Hitler from Vienna as occultist claim. Though again fact and fiction clash as to what it meant to Hitler. The common ground in the various accounts is that yes Hitler was interested in the occult. Yet his interested seem primarily only interested in its role as a marketing device, as something uniquely German with which to bind the flock. He did loot the Imperial Treasury of the Habsburgs and took the Hofburg Spear (Spear of Destiny) to Nuremberg along with other props useful for imperial propaganda, he did so with a view to its symbolic and psychological power rather than its otherworldly potential (See also Hitler’s Nuremberg speech of 6 September 1938 on his disapproval of occultism.)

Hitler was into mentalism not magic and such items gave Hitler’s Riech propaganda wise a divine lineage to the glory Holy Roman Empire, as they conveyed authority on the new ‘successor’, ‘1000 year Reich’. It was Himmler and the SS inner core who pushed the esoteric value of these myths as a divine mission that legitimised their sociopathic genocidal narcist. Hitler appeared to see Himmler obsession with the occult as simply a means to an end.

Captain America, who emerged from the minds of legends Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and sprung forth from an iconic 1941 debut cover on which Cap smacks Hitler right in the kisser deliver a haymaker to Hitler, nearly a year before the United States had even entered the war, was a bold stroke at the time considering many in America supported Hitler and he had even made Time cover twice. Simon would later write that he was threatened with physical harm over that cover. He also wrote that then-New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia — a noted comics fan — offered the Manhattan-based publisher protection, with the mayor promising that “the City of New York will see that no harm will come to the comic writers such was the percieved threat of violence from right wing supporters in the USA at the time.,

To be fair the Spear of Destiny recently proved its ability to create real life miracles when last month it was credited with saving the box office bombing multiverses of DC Comics (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Flash, Star Girl [Captain Marvel) Green Arrow). A franchise whose plot line have long mirrored Marvel comic’s.

The later who have being successfully using Hitler’s real life Indiana Jones search for alien/demonic artefacts. The recently released trailer show DC heroes with the help of DC’s fiction British magician John Constantine (based on Allister Crowley) dealing with a Neo Nazi secret society whose demons are in fact evil alien supermen. A plot line which as mentioned simply rehashes of the Marvel Universe where Iron man, Thor, Captain America, Winter Solider, Star Lord, Hawk, magician Dr Stranger who long ago tapped into the Hitler’s alien supermen and a fictional post war secret society called Hydra.

Though to be fair Superman can be found beating up Nazi financed KKK secret society members long before that.

For example the rebooted Clan of the Fiery Cross with Nazi financed KKK villains was the product of social activist and writer and anti racism civil rights activist named Stetson Kennedy who wrote the story line in 1946 to deliberately curb the post second world war resurgence of the clan. Kennedy went undercover to infiltrate the group attending meetings, so he could learn the organization’s secrets. But when he took the information to local authorities, they had little interest in using it as The Klan had become so powerful and intimidating that the police were hesitant to build a case against them. Struggling to make use of his findings, Kennedy approached the writers of the Superman radio serial. With the war over and the Nazis no longer a threat, the producers were looking for a new villain for Superman to fight.

The KKK was deemed a perfect. In perhaps a world first the fictional radio shows exposed many of the KKK’s most guarded secrets, revealing everything from code words to rituals and secret hand signals , the program single handily “stripped the Klan of its mystique”. Within two weeks of the broadcast, KKK recruitment was down to zero. And by 1948, people began showing up to Klan rallies just to mock them.

Dr. Bruno Beger and Dr. Ernst Schäfer, Ahnenerbe officers, being received by Tibetan dignitaries at Lhasa. 1938. As Hitler sent explores to look for Lost Worlds and the ye (also an interest of Radiant Health (based on NZ’s own Golden Dawn & Rudolf Steiner teachings) instructor Sir Edmund Hillary)

Back in 1935, Heinrich Himmler, head of the Gestapo and the SS, founded an elite Nazi research institute called the Ahnenerbe. Its name came from a rather obscure German word, Ahnenerbe (pronounced AH-nen-AIR-buh), meaning “something inherited from the forefathers.” The official mission of the Ahnenerbe was to unearth new evidence of Germany’s otherworldly supermen ancestors “using exact scientific methods” as suggested by NSA’s astrologist and UFOlogist Carl Sagan. In reality, the Ahnenerbe function was churning out unscientific propaganda devoted to cranking out precision manufactured evidence to support the ideas of Adolf Hitler;s Aryans–a fictional “Nordic” race of tall, flaxen-haired men and women from northern Europe–possessed the genius needed to create civilization. Most modern Germans, he claimed, were descended from these ancient Aryans an other world species of supermen.

The SS Thule society itself had grow out of the duelling society known as the Brotherhood of death which linked to the US Ivy league universities to masonic based societies that included Yale’s Scroll & Key and Harvard’s Skull & Cross Bones and became clubs which opened it members to opportunities and highlevel careers post University . The Berlin Vril Society was in fact a sort of inner circle of the Thule Society, it was also in close contact with an English group known as the Golden Dawn the occult order with Covent in Havelock North made up of prominent New Zealand politicians clergymen wealthy benefactors and intellectuals (many who would go onto have associations with Ivy league inner circle of Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge) who became established in NZ at the turn of the 20th century known as the Havelock Movemet. An intellectual power house of patronage credited with not only shaping New Zealand’s post first world war high brow art scene but of even being the birth place of Rogernomics inspired Neoliberalism an embryonic form of fascism.

Berlin’s Vril Society first hit public consciousness in 1871 when the The Coming Race, a novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, was published anonymously in 1871. Some readers believed the books account of a superior subterranean master race and their mystic energy-form called “Vril” Theosophists, who accepted the book was based on actual truth included Helena Blavatsky, and Rudolf Steiner. A 1960 book, The Morning of the Magicians, claiming a secret Vril Society existed in Weimar Berlin. Willy Ley was a German rocket engineer who had emigrated to the United States in 1937. In 1947, who published an article titled “Pseudoscience in Naziland” Ley wrote that the high popularity of irrational convictions in Germany at that time explained how Nazism included various pseudoscientific groups who wanted to marry mysticism with science fiction Ley mentions one that looked for the Vril: “The next group was literally founded upon a novel. That group which I think called itself ‘Wahrheitsgesellschaft’ – Society for Truth – and which was more or less localised in Berlin, devoted its spare time looking for Vril.” The ide the Vril link to Himmlers Thule was first raised by Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels. In their book The Morning of the Magicians, where the duo claim the Vril-Society was a secret community of occultists in pre-Nazi Berlin that was the inner circle of the Thule Society which they claimed was in close contact with the English group known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, then headed by the magician Alister Crowley whose hand symbol have now being associated with white supremist ( in fact owes it origin to early Sumerian yogi techniques.

Occultist H. P. Blavatsky, René Guénon and Julius Evola all shared the belief in the Hyperborean, polar origins of Mankind and a subsequent solidification and devolution. According to these esoteric explorers, Hyperborea was the Golden Age polar centre of civilization and spirituality; mankind did not rise from the ape, but progressively devolved into the apelike condition as it strays physically and spiritually from its mystical otherworldly homeland (somewhere) in the Far North, succumbing to the demonic energies of the South Pole, the greatest point of materialization (see Joscelyn Godwin, Arktos: The Polar Myth). Robert Charroux first related the Hyperboreans to an ancient astronaut race of “reputedly very large, very white people” who had chosen “the least warm area on the earth because it corresponded more closely to their own climate on the planet from which they originated”

The 1970’s Gods and Return to the Stars by new age guru Von Daniken mentioned Charroux in the bibliography as that book in turn repackages Zecharia Eric Sitchin work of the late sixties which put forward ideas first pushed by Carl Sagan (incidentally a friend of Arthur C Clark who also advocated the ancient astronaut idea). Sargan however in his writing note that any archaeological evidence must also include a ‘calling card’ which denoted some form of advance knowledge or mathematics not accessible to man. The Crystal Skull the basis for an Indian Jones (whose based on real life spy propaganda and archaeologist Sylvanus Griswold Morley ) bashing Nazi/ alien plot line was supported by Clarke as such evidence of extra-terrestrial contact. Post Jones numerous writers have debunked this claim.

Leaving the advanced mathematics of the Sumerians, Mayans (who inherited their knowledge from unknown predecessors) as the last hope along with Sagan’s uncanny notes on interstellar travel mechanics of the Sagan Ancient astronaut ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary level of evidence bench mark. Yet even here as technology smashes long held pseudo history urban myths and we learn our ancestors where smarter than we once thought (with evolutionary the brain of spear throwing cave dweller being the same as the rocket launching 21st century homosapien) evidence of an ancient astronaut calling card perhaps now boils down a search not of space, or even earth, but of DNA. So far that remains a theory and for this author a topi well above his pay grade.

Sorting facts from fiction is often subjective with the proliferation of the Wewelsburg myth in post-war European and American society is its place in satanic sects fuelled by post war occult groups themselves. Much in the same way many of the myths of freemasonry and Nazi links to history where written by the society themselves and aim to boost their mana. Alp likes to pint out the Freemason where persecuted this is true but only after Hitler fell out with esoteric personally due to the fraud commit my member of the various Nazi based cults.

The most important of these post war was the Francisco based Church of Satan (Which Bolton ties to Havelock North)and the Temple of Set during the 1970s. The Church of Satan’s fascination with the Wewelsburg is merely the most prominent example of how the SS religious center became a key symbol in the neo-Nazi cults, especially in Europe. The Church of Satan was the largest occult organization in the USA, led by Anton Szandor LaVey. LaVey worked in circuses, carnivals, and burlesque houses as a lion tamer and musician who was directly influence of the Ordo Templi Orientis Aleister Grand Master Crowley (credited with ending the order of golden dawn or at least its early pioneers more benevolent aims). Lavey founded the Church of Satan in 1961 and the church became heavily influenced by Nazi mysticism under the subsequent leadership of Michael A. Aquino, a former US army officer, linked to both organised child trafficking and Pentagon post MKULTRA development of US Psychological warfare*. Aquino rebelled against LaVey and in 1975 founded his own church, the Temple of Set. Aquino features heavily in writing of New Zealand born Max Spiers a conspiracy theorist who investigated Nazi cults and UFO myths died in Poland in July 2016 after vomiting up black tar clamiing he had being poisoned by a black magic cult.

* MKULTRA was the joint task force into Behavioural modification which was closed down with documents shredded after their expose by the New York Times in 1977 which details how the CIA & the Pentagon sort to create a Manchurian Candidate, what the times called a “Robot assassin”.
The Times Front page story follows the death of US Congressman who was murdered at Jones Town after flying down to inspect the cult on behalf of families who claimed Jones was brain washing recruits. The senator would be gunned down by one of Jones security detail Larry Layton the son of Doctor Lawrence Layton named in the MK Ultra Congressional hearings as scientist for the US Armies Chemical Weapons Division and MKULTRA’s specialist in “ethnic based” behavioural modification drugs. Ryan had prior to his death accused elements within the CIA of running an illegal operation that had used organisations including Jones temple, the Symbionese Liberation Front, The Weather Men and Black Panther to conduct experiments in social engineering and psychological warfare. The investigation concluded even with destroyed documents that CIA had used more than 300 organisations including prisons, orphanages, military schools, cults, thinks tanks, universities and child care facilities in over 28 nations including New Zealand’s mental health facility at Carrington Hospital where experiment in to shock therapy and sleep deprivation. The official inquiry never examined the role of the armed forces who had participated in the behavioural modification task force.

1995, Alex Constantine, ‘Psychic dictatorship in the USA’, p. 56: “Testimony before the 1977 Church Committee’s probe of the CIA hinted that, as of 1963, the scientific squalor of the CIA’s mind control regimen, code-named MKULTRA, had abandoned military and academic laboratories, fearing exposure, and mushroomed in cities across the country. Confirmation arrived in 1980 when Joseph Holsinger, an aide to late Congressman Leo Ryan (who was murdered by a death squad at Jonestown) exposed the formation of eccentric religious cults by the CIA. Holsinger made the allegation at a colloquium of psychologists in San Francisco on “Psychosocial Implications of the Jonestown Phenomenon.” Holsinger maintained that a CIA rear-support base had been in collusion with Jones to perform medical and mind control experiments at People’s Temple. The former Congressional aide cited an essay he’d received in the mail, “The Penal Colony,” written by a Berkeley psychologist. The author had emphasized: Rather than terminating MKULTRA, THE CIA SHIFTED ITS PROGRAMS FROM PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS TO PRIVATE CULT GROUPS, including the People’s Temple… The press was blind to obvious CIA connections, but survivors of the carnage in Guyana followed the leads and maintained that Jim Jones was “an employee, servant, agent or operative of the Cent

The SS, says Aquino, “embodied a living blueprint for the ideal National Socialist state,” which was governed “according to irrational principles” as Aquino appears to snub its actual belief in in the occult while however seeing the psychological values in their Aesthetics and design which were considered important: to the leaders of the SS who Aquino writes“both followed and encouraged practices that, in the context of our Satanic ritual, included specific design for both operative and illustrative effect”.

In 1982 the temple leader Aquino travelled to Wewelsburg where Aquino practiced a magic ritual in the Crypt (Hall of the Dead [Totenstätte]), where Himmler had allegedly conducted ritual magic. This became known as the “Wewelsburg working.” Reading Aquino own writing the psychological warfare officer appears more interested in the psychology of terror than idea the SS cult practiced actual magic. ” I think they (the authors) knew only that the castle had been of central/metaphysical importance to Himmler, who was famous for his occult and ancient-wisdom interests, so it was easy for them to speculate that “satanic rituals” (a term they used very loosely and inaccurately) were practiced there. Aquino notes occult writers often called Hitler a “Satanist,” though he was nothing of that sort. And I don’t think that even occultists like Himmler or Hess would have considered themselves “Satanists” at all. . . . By the time I visited it, (. . .) I had a tremendous appreciation of the Wewelsburg’s significance, and could sense the same power radiating from it, and particularly the North Tower, that I think Himmler did. Perhaps this is only partly the “memory” of the castle itself, and partly its location in terms of Ley lines (energetic power lines that cover the world according to the view of geomancy) and other geophysical influences. (. . .) Essentially it was the castle itself, and its Walhalla, that “created” the working. I merely perceived and responded to it”

Aquino notes in his US Army treaty on Behaviour modification Mind war he saw the psychological power Himmler was tapping into as fear trapped the inner child in to lower brain function ruled by flight or fright. Much of his work with children linked to child abuse stories exceptionally detailed in the San Francisco Mercury (though they failed to result in criminal prosecutions) which named patron of Aquino including current Chief Joints of Staff

IV: The individual alleged to be Benton Tarrant and the two officers who arrested him senior constable Jim Manning and senior officer Scott Carmody. Two gentlemen with very interesting family ties old school alumni and interesting mates Waimaraki Irrigation where old Canterbury farming money meets Ngai Tahu corporate ambition as water barons.

V: Auckland mayor John Banks, former minister of police a member of a Masonic Lodge and active in Rotary International and Lions groups. Convicted of election fraud with a maximum sentence of four and half years sentenced to two months’ community detention and 100 hours of community work. The community detention essentially works as a curfew from 7pm to 7am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights during which he must remain in his residence. Reduction given for past good character 9withstanding he refused to acknowledge to the probation officer he had committed a crime and had past prior for similar offence) Conviction later overturned due to a technical error by the prosecuting police.

I witnessed Bank personally wear his masonic pendent into court on the day of his original conviction by Judge Justice Edwin Wylie who also chaired the panel of commissioners in relation to the Christchurch Waste Water Plan hearing which led Press reporter Bernard Orsman to write back inn 2009 “Government is planning to make it easier for private companies to take over water and wastewater services from councils”.

Wylie also oversaw the trail and sentencing Martin Henry Lawe the former chairman of the Takapuna Community Board of the now defunct North Shore City Council, a justice of the peace, who pleaded guilty to knowingly importation of objectionable publications, possessing an objectionable publication and paying a significant amount of money to access live child sex shows, which were filmed in Asia and streamed to New Zealand. A multi-agency operation similar to the operation that netted Brierley revealed between 2008 and 2017 Lawes sent about $100,000 to people in the Philippines via Paypal and Western Union. He was found to have paid the leaders of a child-sex ring in the Philippines. In September 2017 police seized devices from Lawes’ home and discovered dozens of objectionable publications. Evidence from live chats found he also enquired about the victims’ ages and directed them on what to do. Lawes told police he mostly watched shows featuring adults and the money was insignificant due to the fact he was wealthy. He said he believed he was helping the children because they lived in poverty. He received four and half year reduced due to his “past good character”. He ended up serving around sixteen months.

The Lamp as a symbol. Within Freemasonry, it’s common to see an oil lamp used to emphasize knowledge, studies, et cetera. Wellington College is affiliated with the St Andrews Lodge.

VI: Convicted paedophile ‘Sir’ Ron Brierly Wellington College who Masonic bonafides can be found oddly enough via his membership of the Willows Cricket Club where the 2014 annual report talks of his role in being a patron of cricket then on page 11 devotes an entire article to Freemasonry entitled the stumps;

“The name “Cricket” was selected as the name of the Lodge because its membership consists of Brethren who are interested in the game. Then again, many of the aims and sporting principles of cricket are synonymous with those of Freemasonry. The word “Cricket” is derived from an old Anglo-Saxon word “Cric,” meaning a staff or crook, and this dates its origin from the time when the bat was curved or rounded at the end. The crest is a reproduction of three stumps or staves and two bails, thus forming a wicket. In the early days the wicket was formed by two stumps and one bail, but about 1775 the third stump was added, thus producing the wicket as we now know it, with minor alterations as regards height and width. The three stumps or staves represent the Three Degrees in Freemasonry as well as the Three Great Lights; they also represent the Pillars which support a Mason’s Lodge, namely, Wisdom, Strength and Beauty. The two bails symbolize strength and stability”.

Brierly was being noted in the book for his patronage of the reunion of Kiwi cricket greats specifically members of the New Zealand team from the 1980 Boxing Day test in Australia, including John Wright and Sir Richard Hadlee, who were jetted to the 2019 Boxing Day test in Melbourne after Sir Ron Brierley was arrested. Brierley-subsidised reunion. Paid for before Brierley’s arrest some of the cricketers still left New Zealand on the Brierly paid for tickets after news broke of the arrest.

It was noted Brierly personally assisted players and had set up incentive schemes to reward them. “He has even singled out a few cricketers for special assistance, such as John Wright, John Morrison and Martin Crowe”.

Brierly was a trustee of the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust 1988–96, and President of New Zealand Cricket in 1995. An old boy of Wellington College (fellow old boys Bob Jones and Alan Gibbs) paid for its theatre and astro turf called Ronald Brierly Turf as it was announced in the Wellington old boy alumni rag ‘Lampstand’ an old symbol of Masonic enlightenment.

Cricket Wellington confirmed it had replaced Brierley as patron, but refused to say whether it would return the businessman past donations or accept future ones. Brierley was replaced as a patron of Cricket Wellington at the October annual meeting, to the disgust of John Morrison, also a Cricket Wellington life member. Morrison, also a former Wellington City councillor, walked out of the meeting in disgust at how his former mentor was being treated.


Royal Crest Prince Phillip

5. Jimmy Saville. 6. Gary Glitter. 7. Bishop Desmond Ball. 8. Rolfe Harris. 9. Arthur C Clarke.

Belgium Royal family also branches of connection to Solar temple, Pink Paedophile Ring, Mass Shooter “Freemason” “Knight Templer” Ander Brevik, the Italian P2 ‘Freemason’ scandal, Werewolf and other ‘reports of so called satanic rings in which the ‘occult’ cells also happened to have overlaps with organised crime, human trafficking and blackmail rings, arms deals, intelligence agencies and the far right. It is perhaps the most heavily documented and accepted case of ritual child abuse rings operating to date credit with a complete overhaul of the Belgium judicial system.

AQUINO & CHURCH OF SATAN (Wh claim a Have North hare Ra connection according to National Font Kyle Chapman mate Neo Nazi satanist (turned these day allegedly Christian) Kerry Bolton.As to the truth of that claim the Dominion Movement group, on its website, claimed meetings with both Australian counterparts from ‘Identity Australia’ and with Kerry Bolton, the former secretary of the white nationalist group National Front.

In 2020 aNew Zealand soldier charged with sharing military information that threatened New Zealand’s security was leading a growing white nationalist movement. The 27-year-old soldier, who has name suppression, was arrested in December at Linton Military Camp in circumstances that were shrouded in secrecy. He was charged with accessing a computer system for a dishonest purpose and for disclosing information that prejudiced the security or defence of New Zealand. It is not known who he supplied the information to. 

The soldier was behind an online profile named Johann Wolfe, a self-described co-founder of the white nationalist group the ‘Dominion Movement’, which subscribed to the same identarian politics as the March 15 terror suspect. The soldier’s involvement in these white nationalist groups did not end after March 15 2019. His arrest first came to light after members of the far-right Christian group Wargus Christi ( name itself based on esoteric belief systems) began talking about a member being arrested in a chatroom on the Telegram app. So let review the group, the allegedly former Satanist, allegedly turned Christian, claims ties to when Bolton and his merry band of narcists staked the church of Satan ties to Havelock North New Zealand.

October 30, 1987, San Francisco Chronicle, ‘New Twist In Presidio Molestings’: “A reserve U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who serves as president and “high priest” in a Satanic church is under investigation for the molestation of a child who attended a Presidio day-care center, police said yesterday… in August, the report says, the girl and her father were shopping in the Presidio PX and the girl suddenly became afraid. “The victim ran to (her father) and in a frightened way clutched his leg. (The father) looked up and saw (a man) whom he knew to be Michael Aquino,” the report says. When she was asked whether she knew Aquino, “she said `yes, that’s Mikey.’ “… Investigators took her to Leavenworth Street, where the girl pointed out Aquino’s home as one she had visited, police said.”
[283]November 8, 1987, San Jose Mercury News, ‘Satanist accused of molesting girl; Soldier calls probe a witch hunt: “The records also say the child accurately described some features of Aquino’s home, including walls painted black, and was able to take investigators to the home after being driven to the street where Aquino lived.”
[284]October 30, 1987, San Francisco Chronicle, ‘New Twist In Presidio Molestings’: “The allegations are the most bizarre to date from the 11-month investigation into child molestation at the Army’s Child Development Center on the Presidio. Thus far, investigators have checked about 100 young children for physical and psychological signs of sexual abuse, and have concluded that at least 58 had been molested at some point. A half-dozen or more have tested positive for chlamydia, a relatively common, curable venereal disease usually transmitted by sexual contact.”
[285]October 31, 1987, San Francisco Chronicle, ‘Child Molesting ‘Rituals’ Reported in Presidio Case’: “One Presidio mother close to the probe into widespread molestation at a base day-care center said that young children have reported molestations in bizarre settings that suggest ritual sexual abuse. “From what I have heard, there is a fair number of children who describe being abused in a place other than the child-care center,” said the mother, who asked to remain anonymous. “There have been children stuck with needles in various parts of their bodies, and they have reported people in costumes and robes. It all sounds very ritualized.” Her descriptions of the incidents were confirmed by other parents.”
[286]August 2, 1988, San Jose Mercury News, ‘D.A. won’t charge officer in day care case; not enough evidence of Presidio sex abuse, he says’: “Several of the children said they were ritually abused in ceremonies where they were forced to drink urine and eat feces.”
[287]January 6, 1990, San Francisco Chronicle, ‘Presidio Molestation Suspect Dies of AIDS’ [not Aquino]: “Parents of children who were the alleged victims of molestation filed claims for more than $60 million in damages against the Army. Many of the claims are still pending.”
[288]August 2, 1988, San Jose Mercury News, ‘D.A. won’t charge officer in day care case; not enough evidence of Presidio sex abuse, he says’: “Several parents have accused the Army of attempting to cover up abuse problems at its day care centers.”
[289]January 6, 1990, San Francisco Chronicle, ‘Presidio Molestation Suspect Dies of AIDS’ [not Aquino]: “Although Hambright was the only person criminally charged in the case, police and FBI agents also investigated allegations that Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, a self-described satanist who once was stationed at the Presidio, had been involved in molesting some of the children. Eventually that investigation, too, was abandoned.”
[290]November 8, 1987, San Jose Mercury News, ‘Satanist accused of molesting girl; Soldier calls probe a witch hunt: “In a telephone interview from St. Louis, where he is stationed, Aquino said he came to Satanism by accident. He said he had just finished his undergraduate studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara when he happened to attend the premiere of “Rosemary’s Baby” in 1968 and became intrigued by the entourage of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan and an adviser on the film… He became a high priest.”
[291]Ibid.: “Aquino left for Vietnam a few months later, serving as a psychological warfare expert and there joined the Church of Satan.”
[292]October 31, 1987, San Francisco Chronicle, ‘Child Molesting ‘Rituals’ Reported in Presidio Case’: “He is qualified for airborne duty and has served with the Green Berets.”
[293]Ibid.: “Aquino has also served as a liaison officer in NATO countries, and has been a consulting faculty member at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, the resume states.”
[294]November 8, 1987, San Jose Mercury News, ‘Satanist accused of molesting girl; Soldier calls probe a witch hunt: “In 1982, Aquino performed a satanic ritual in the Westphalian castle used as an occult sanctuary by Heinrich Himmler’s S.S. Elite in Nazi Germany. Aquino, in a Temple of Set newsletter, told of performing the ritual in the castle’s Hall of the Dead while on a tour of NATO military installations in Europe.” Editor note Himmler work formed the basis Aquino and Chief Joint of Staff’s General Paul E Valley From PSYOP To Mind War: The Psychology Of Victory By Colonel Paul E. Valley (Commander) With Major Michael A. Aquino (PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader)
[295]Ibid.: “In 1981 he was a reserve attache to the Defense Intelligence Agency, and a year later he was a student at the Foreign Service Institute, sponsored by the Department of State.”
[296]Ibid.: “”Lt. Col. Aquino makes no bones about the fact that he is a priest of his church,” said Maj. Greg Rixon, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon. “He makes no bones about the fact that he is a Satanist, so no pressure could be placed on him by someone trying to leverage his behavior.” Rixon would not comment on the extent of Aquino’s access to top-security information, though Aquino said, “This last year, while I was at the National Defense University, I was holding a top-secret compartmentalized security clearance, which is just about as high as you can get.””
[297]Ibid.: “Aquino now works as a program analyst at the Army Reserve Personnel Center in St. Louis, handling all personnel matters for the reserve there.”
[298]October 31, 1987, San Francisco Chronicle, ‘Child Molesting ‘Rituals’ Reported in Presidio Case’: “Aquino’s civilian career has also been varied. According to the resume, he is a licensed securities dealer registered with the New York Stock Exchange and a former employee of Merrill Lynch the bank John Key worked at.
Keys Daughter Stephie.



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