WE are One …Sorry I Mean THEY Are Us. A Tale of Hypocrisy and Opportunism.

“Opportunity can be seized from crisis if politician can learn to “present a sincere face” – Crisis X Christchurch February 2019. Crisis X was a media training symposium that taught politician and media to ‘fake it till they make it’ which took place in the weeks before Christchurch focusing on an online terror event

They were very good at being seen to help us, until the cameras went awayAbdul Aziz Linwood Mosque Community leader.

Adern to be played in Movie “They” Are US (Think About the insincere wording of that phase for a second if you will).

Australian actress Rose Byrne will play New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in an upcoming film about the response to the 2019 Christchurch terror attack, according to Hollywood media outlet Deadline. According to the report, the film, titled ‘They Are Us‘, will focus on the weeks after the attack and will be written and directed by Kiwi Andrew Niccol.

We never got a trial and the Royal Inquiry was a closed shop. But don’t worry Hollywood can be trusted to tell the storey without exaggerating or pushing any kind of propaganda right?

I wonder if THEY will mention the many red flags ignored. Or how Adern sat on the very committee which permitted arms to be sold online. Factors which permitted this attack to take place?

I am guessing THEY wont make any mention of the Afghanistan murder of civilians by our SAS. Or how the inquiry which was taking place into these war crimes, during the shooting, was an absolute cover up.

Or the fact we got involved in the war against Iraq and Afghanistan in no small part becuase of Adern’s former boss British Prime Minister Tony Blair lied about intelligence. A fact later covered up by another of Adern mentors, during her time in the UK, Sir Ronnie Sargent (Chilcott Inquiry).

Or how under Adern’s New Zealand ran a yacht race backed by the people murdering civilians in Yemen. So much for WE are one ..sorry.. I mean THEY are us.

Ironically the planes used to ship these yachts can also be found to involved in smuggling arms to Islamic militants and war lords found equipped with New Zealand made encrypted communication equipment, such as NZDF awards recipient Radiola found in had of Sudanese war lords and Libercell found in hand of warlord Charles Taylor. That is when they are not helping the US allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ala the exact plot line of Andrew Niccol’s Lord of War (A movie about the aircraft used in smuggling arms for terrorist and the CIA staring Nicholas Cage) fiction mirroring real life.

As for the idea of giving the victims of this tragedy a chance to express what THEY felt abut 9/11 (or addressing Labour past remarks that connected Saudi Arabia to backing terrorism …)? Yeah right WE are one’…sorry I mean THEY are us…only goes so far.

Ditto don’t expect to see the film highlight the Julian Assange leaked emails which show New Zealand got involved in these war becuase Helen Clark and Adern’s boss (hen she came home) Phil Goff were worried about missing out on a trade deal yeah right.

The movie is to be made by former Harvey Weinstein (a former member of Oscar Motion Picture Academy [Weinstein & Basner above] Film Nation Entertainment boss Glen Basner who sits on BAFTA awards academy. A position he shares along with Sir William Sargent Jacinda. Sargent is another of Adern’s former boss when she worked for Blair and the man who was tasked with selling neoliberalism in the UK.

Basner’s last film was financed by Merrill & Lynch (John Key old boas) to the tune 120 million.

Basner has worked repeatedly with Sargent Framestore on several projects. And the movie is to be directed by BAFTA wining director Andrews Niccol’s who has also worked repeatedly with Frame Store & Weta. Framestore’s Global Managing Director, Fiona Walkinshaw, joined Weta a few years back and the two firms are identified as now being powerhouses in Hollywood.

Few movies can be made without their input or support. For while much of Hollywood ground to a halt during the coronavirus pandemic, VFX houses were among those that pivoted to working remotely, and continued to operate. Staffers around the world at Framestore (“Wonder Woman 1984” and “The King’s Man”) and Weta Digital (“Black Widow” and “The Green Knight”) all were set up to work from home.

The key actress is Rose Byrne has supported UNICEF Australia by being the face of the 2007 Designers United campaign at the time Helen Clark, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand who personally hand picked Adern to work for Tony Blair, was Co-Chair of the Commission and has also worked on several Framestore movies. Meanwhile the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have in part avoided being censored by the UN for their role in war crimes via their funding of UNICEF.  

On September 3, the UN asserted that the US, Britain, and France were complicit in war crimes in Yemen by arming and providing intelligence and logistics support to the Saudi-led coalition, which is starving civilians as a war tactic. 

Saudia Arabia and Emirates are donors to the Helen Clark established Helen Clark Foundation. When in charge of the United Nation Development Programme Clark was instrumental in Vision 2030 the Saudi Emirates strategy for sustainability and modernisation. The dissident journalist Jamal Kashoggi exposed (before he was chopped up in little pieces inside a Saudi Embassy) that Vision 2030 was in reality being used by the kingdom to develop them as leading manufacture of smart weapons (which New Zealand is helping them to develop). That as opposed to modernisation and democratic reforms Vision 2030 was being used by the rulers of this region to entrench their own draconian homophobic and misogynistic form of tyranny.

Yup Clark’s sorry I mean Adern’s career plans, are coming a long nicely with a bit of help from a few friends in Hollywood. THEY certainly know how to frame a a good story so WE buy the narrative THEY want to sell US.


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