The DEADLINE GAZETTE Issue 14 July August: Cannabis Referendum, Punk, Tiwai’s Toxic Waste, TPPA, Big business post election privatisation plans,Rocket Lab, Beirut, Sovereignty Poetry & The Thought Police.

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This eight page issue (click on the pretty kitty) addresses the need to borrow from the indie spirit of punk rock. Pays homage to a really sick punk album by Mike Puke. Anarchist artist Roger Remo shows us how to laugh at the ‘Fear Factory’. We devil advocate how hard filthy lucre good for you and give a wailing ode to the ‘old left’ as the ‘new left’ looks more and more right wing every day. Poems by lyrical pirate Nolan Henigan

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preparing this year’s Ben’s World 2020
Almanac’s – 44 pages of full-colour packed,
constructive subversion for publication

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Donations for the show, the stories, this paper and the collective research this entails always appreciated. Episode 1 ‘Covid 19’ – ‘Big Data Mining the Infrastructure Mining Privation Tsunami’; & related links can be found here.

Other best of article were including to accompany DEADLINE’d July/August issue include.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in New Zealand 2020 | 10Buds

Things you don’t know but probably should. We take a look at whose driving the Cannabis Referendum and whose just along for the ride. CANNABIS REFERENDUM 2020. Its far more than being just an issue of your right to have toke and a smoke.

PressReader - The Press: 2020-07-28 - Rocket Lab defends spy role

We take a peek at more Lockdown VIPs and find neither Hollywood ‘Pedators’ or Hollywood Heroes. What we do find is more signs of Rocket Labs involvement in war porn and how New Zealand is being pushed down the Pentagon Rabbit Hole in a heated up cold war by an obliging pro US corporate media charm offensive. ROCKET LAB & LOCKDOWN VIPS. Other stories in this Rocket Lab expose series include;

10 things really wrong with warmongering Rocket Lab

Rocket Labs 10 FINGERS Caught in The Cookie Jar of War.

Helen Clark & The War Pigs

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-15.png

Ben Vidgen’s South Island wide field investigation of the toxic waste industry and its interrelated connections from Tiwai to Cape Foul Wind. A lot of shoe leather went into this report. TIWAI POINT TOXIC WASTE

See also OUVEA FERTILISER SOUTHLAND NZ VS AMMONIA NITRATE FERTILISER BEIRUT?? because what happened their could be ALOT!! worse if it happened here and it so easily could.

Kelsey: Labour has shown a lack of political backbone on so-called ...

We marched in the tens of thousands in 2016. Labour promised us they would not sign it and then they did. And now it is one more of the ‘lockstep’ moves rolling in. Pro corporate legislation which will collectively help ‘Big Pharma’ establish unchallenged monopolies here in New Zealand TPPA COVID 19 & LEGAL COST FACING NZ

Mapping Greed – The Story of Chch's Recovery & Rebuild Abuse ...

Back in 2017 Julian Carver a respected geo-spatial mapper campaigned for public transparency when it came to big data, right up until he died in a psychiatric ward in circumstances which three years later remain a troubling mystery. Post Covid 19 the legislation behind water & ‘Big Data’ has gone unnoticed but we need to be concerned at the mass theft going on in these areas right now.
WATER PRIVATISATION & BIG DATA MINING See Also Mapping Greed – The Story of Chch’s Recovery & Rebuild Abuse. // Twisted Tricksters// Great Kiwi Water Heist

Looks like you've had a bit too much to think! | scholarship@cc

Democracy is under threat as mainstream media, with dumbed down journalists, with a poor understanding of history, politics, civics and what investigative journalism actually means now run articles on how our personal political beliefs should be treated as mental health issues. That the answer to all our worries is censorship and corporate control of our news. Tui any one?


Pardon the party logos, as a general rule DEADLINE will not endorse any party officially but in this case this video by Amanda Vickers of Social Credit is MUST SEE viewing. For it explains succinctly why the TPPA still remains a big election issue and should concern us all. As our mainstream politicians lie and distract us once again.

Hit & Run review – a painstaking and dangerous book challenge ...

Finally a BIG thank you this issue to Nicky Hager who obliged me by sending me his thoughts regarding the outcome of the recent inquiry into the New Zealand Army’s involvement in Afghanistan. This includes raids in which the SAS were tied to the death of civilians. Click on the Hit & Run image to read the full reply from Nicky & Jon.

Again listen into Ben Vidgen on his second season at Fresh FM with the DEADLINE REPORT Ben Vidgen Investigates starts August 9th Sunday 1pm replayed on Wednesday Night 9pm and on air twice a week every second week Listen live or catch our pod casts. Donations (koha) for the show, these stories and the research this entails always appreciated.


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