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How to spot a conspiracy theory - BBC Ideas

The article Thousands don’t believe official Christchurch terror attacks story underliness why former Race conciliator Joris de Bres is correct when he says making the Royal Inquiry int the shooting a secret was a big mistake. Lack of accountability and transparency in turn breeds distrust and instability. Secrecy breeds paranoia from which extremist feast. Or as the late Robert Muldoon once said if if “you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”.

Add to this lack of media balance. This article is a great example of that. One source by an academic who list “conspiracy theories” not in fact related to this incident or speak of events with out specifics and has done no actual research into these topics (beyond peoples belief in “conspiracy theories”) and whose research models are given on a ‘you will just have to trust me’ with out examination of actual methodology employed.

The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior - Greenpeace New Zealand

Visa Rainbow Warrior claims that about 30% (of what number?, who was asked what questions and were asked what precisely) believe was not the work of foreign agents? Oddly I have never encountered that belief, even once, in thirty years of covering New Zealand’s links to terror issues.
An area I entered into as an army intelligence, Political science history graduate, of terrorism issues that has not only accumulated in my work being translated into dozen of languages ( earned me the coveted best seller status) but more importantly established an extensive portfolio on this topic. One which, vindicated by hindsight, has documented my accuracy and in-depth knowledge of my chosen topic in way which provides authentication to my claims time and time again.

I do know the state was aware of French agent NZ in country before the event due to a JIO (Joint Intelligence Operation) meeting held in the UK previously where the French intelligence service, who conducted the bombing, activities were questioned directly by MI6 after equipment purchase was made. France maintained these related to surveillance of French Polynesian separatist. So yes “30%” were correct when they claim there was degree of advanced knowledge, even if that established fact is not widely publicised in corporate owned media or government friendly media outlets. This goes to the heart of context of belief which the article in question provides no illumination.

Further it misses the point entirely as to why suspicion of the state exist to begin with. Why asking questions is legitimate in context of the performance of the state in such matters and why just accepting that such matter be investigated behind closed doors is inappropriate in healthy functioning democracy. Why to do otherwise is a corrosive ingredient for future toxic belief to grow and flourish.

The Rainbow Warrior taught us if nothing else that the idea of State sanction Terror is very real.

Hit & Run

A lesson which can also be brought home by the Nicky Hager inspired inquiry into NZ involvement in war crimes.

An event soaked in state security mischief which thanks largely to the event of March 15 was sweeped under the carpet and out of public eye. As our government seized opportunity of crisis to perform selfies and used the word “they” (instead of we) to divert attention away from question being asked regarding the morality and purpose of NZ role in Iraq and Afghanistan. War triggered by the events of 9/11 and mobilised on the base of information which later merged as a cold hard lie.

As for those wacky 9/11 conspiracies and I quote my self in article written Investigate October 2000 a year before the attack (while on the night of 9/11 I began literally writing the second chapter of my sequel to Sate Secrets in which I focused on the western intelligence agencies relationships to Osama bin Laden the bank Altaqwa in Switzerland used to finance 9/11 and Khalid Mohammed and the Boston mosques used finance US backed insurgent. Those who could be found fighting along side Neo Nazi in the Balkans – a topic began with my 1995 vindicated investigation of the US backed weapons pipeline to these fractions by the LA Times a year later).

“In February of 1993 the World Trade Centre in New York was torn apart by a massive explosion. Several Muslim extremists linked to Osama bin Laden were later convicted. But although the blast caused massive damage, it would have been much worse if it had gone according to plan. The US Court heard that the group had prepared cyanide nerve gas that was supposed to detonate with the bomb and spread across central New York, killing some fifty thousand nearby residents and workers within minutes. Fortunately, the heat generated in the blast was so intense that it incinerated the cyanide gas before it left the building. Two years later, US investigators caught wind of a plot by bin Laden supporters to plant bombs on 12 airliners over the Pacific Ocean, set to explode almost simultaneously. Although the plan was foiled, those responsible remain at large.”

So yes If I wrinky dinky journalist from kiwi land could do what 600 or so other jourlaist did before 9/11 work out aircraft where a method which was going to be used. Then no I dont accpet it when the authorities, once again, say shit we had no idea this was going to happen.

The Looming Tower Chapters ppt video online download

Especially when the actual plan Operation Bojinko included Phase three hijacking air-planes to crash into strategic targets in the USA.

My original article included details of stock manipulation which the editor rejected but which in fact emerged as a factor of 9/11. The firm who discovered this was Convar

In December 2001 and early 2002, there was extensive media coverage of the efforts by the German data retrieval company Convar to reconstruct, using laser scanning technology, data from damaged hard drives recovered from the WTC as part of the investigation into a surge in financial transactions just before the two hijacked planes crashed into New York’s World Trade Center. The company’s CEO, Peter Henschel, noting that the investigation was being conducted for a number of U.S. based clients cooperating with the FBI, said that there was suspicion that criminals had used inside knowledge about the attacks to make and authorised financial transactions during the chaos. According to Convar’s data retrieval expert Richard Wagner, criminal transactions in excess of 100 million dollars could have been made in the hope that their trail would have disappeared as a result of the destruction of the WTC mainframe computers. As reported by the Heute Journal, a news programme by the German ZDF TV channel, by March 2002 Convar had been able to restore several hundred hard drives from the WTC.

Case Convar: Evidence of Foreknowledge of the 9/11 Attacks ...

However, the 9/11 Commission, in a memorandum entitled “FBI Briefing on Trading” dated October 18, 2003, said that when asked about the media coverage of the hard drive restoration operation, the “assembled [FBI] agents expressed no knowledge of the reported hard-drive recovery effort”, further noting that one New York agent argued that it was “extremely unlikely that any hard-drives survived to the extent that they data [sic] be recovered.”


Convar’s website features a video confirming that Convar GmbH did in fact process the
WTC hard drives. http://www.datarecovery-europe.com/welcome.htm The widely disseminated
claim that Kroll Associates–the powerful private-intelligence firm responsible for some elements of WTC security on 9/11 who can be linked to short trading who pre/911 trading raised suspicion before the event– acquired Convar in June 2002 remains unsubstantiated.


Yet what can be verified is that Kroll purchased Ontrack Data Recovery, a U.S.-based rival of Convar with offices in Germany.

QuakeTec - Home | Facebook

Prof Wilson who has no counter terror training, no criminal investigative experience, no geopolitial qualification is simply not qualified to speak about these events any more than the geologist who post chch the same corporate owned media dragged out to deny a belief by many that ionisation of the atmosphere with related visual phenomenon can be related to seismic events . A theory which the current government funded Auckland University of Technology QuakeTec into Lithosphere–Atmosphere–Ionosphere–Magnetosphere Coupling now debunks as not true.

During Chch as I reported from the ground and tore up shoe leather I saw first hand journalist from MSM repeatedly embed themselves with police and the courts in a manner where key facts were omitted or misreported. So I am not surprised that thousands (try hundred of thousands) query the official narrative. Why because kiwi are not utter dumb asses.

And as for Wilson’s ‘one size fits’ all insinuated belief that if you doubt chch as the official narrative tells it you must follow Alex Jones my reply is pffffffft. That is not critical thinking that narrow minded bigotry in action.

As usual the truth will lie somewhere in the middle and many will rationally accept some part are dubious (which they are), without going all the way down the reptilian son of Elvis did it tunnel.

Chomsky On Authority" Art Print by TrainWreckTees | Redbubble

Questioning authority is rational adult mature thing to do of those who seek to ensure democracy is earnest and stable.

The day we think we just accept what were told, especially when their is a lack of transparency (nothing to hide nothing to fear) dereliction of providing burden of proof and bullshit push back piece like this, is the day when all the things ‘conspiracy theorists’ raise concern over are no longer a theory but a frightening reality. Society needs it maverick rebles and the fringe a lot more than it need utter compliance and unquestioning obedience.

Quite frankly the reason irrational and outlandish conspiracy do come to be established is because of the inability of our ‘professional’ media to do their job and not just swallow the status quo sav to the hilt. People spot fraud and in the face of an absence of champion will seek out their own information source. And while the accuracy of the analyst of the individual citizen journalist may vary (but become more accurate as subsequent generation learn not just data collection but data discernment) the overall group analyst can most certainly be trusted in it central theme and core points.

Legit question about March 15th do exist and should be asked. Here is my top 11.

1. Intelligence failure based on available fact the gunman behaviour was giving concern combined with exiting intelligence mosque were being targeted and the activity of right wing groups affiliated with Dunedin shooting clubs in addition to their own relation shit with police and far right private military contractors.

2.Legislative failure which permitted the gun man to acquire weapons combined with police failure to vet Tarrant who had purchased excessive quantities of ammunition.

3. Event of Chch on that day relating to multiple military counter terror operations, who full details have not being explained or expanded on, including the present and speed with which the FBI emerged on scene to assist with investigation.

Suspected terrorist in New Zealand earned money on cryptocurrencies

4. The utter black hole of the shooters activity 2010-2016 and the fiction of his finances publicly linked to a bitcoin firm which had bankrupted by the time the alleged shooter was said to have come into money and made money from bit coin investment.

5. Forensic ballistic surrounding the Alnoor attack. Which an on ground investigation, supported by a former police officer and army engineer supporting me, left me with unanswered questions (my own background includes artillery intelligence) . Compounded by discovery of who I understand did do the forensic the police brought into do such work.

Boundless racism, zero remorse: A manifesto of hate and 49 dead in ...

6. The ownership identity of a silver vehicle at the mosque front dor entrance, photographed on site and as it was permitted to leave a police cordon. Combined with the identity of two people at the gate of Alnoor who reacted without fear when face to face with the gun man who never engaged these people. If but for the reason of eliminating it from inquires.

7. Greater access to the CTV footage to legitimate accredited journalist to the now outlawed live stream. Plus supporting CTV footage at the mosques and down Bealey avenue Stafford road Linwood road and the route travelled in general by the gun man during before and after for purpose of in-depth analyse of events

8. The presence and forewarning by US individuals affiliated not just with a spate of unary accurate terror predictions in NZ & Srilanka Church bombing (identified by Stanfor as akin to the the work of known hired guns) but those help assist the recruitment of right mercenaries (including Australian neo nazi) to fight aside along pentagon back neo nazi in the Ukraine. And fuller details on Crisis X the war game scenario which targeted politician and media on how to respond in relation to an online inspired terror attack two weeks before march 15th. An event which rose such topics as how to control mutiny when leaders deviate from standard protocols and “how to seize opportunity from crisis”.

9. Further public information me made available concerning

A) post March 15 arson attacks at Princes Margaret terror exercise site held on top of the former Southern Military HQ and their related history to affiliated sites affiliated to people of interest via a well documented and provable tunnel complex which speak of ideology and institutions to which the both the shooter and the arresting officers can claim affiliation. Institutions and individuals who have shown a history as being conduit for sub-rosa activity especially of far white wing activity.

Bomb scare forces Auckland workers out of Victoria St West office ...

B) The arson at Antonio House, Riccarton Rd, also a counter terror training site two minutes drive from Al Noor mosque, next door to a Kordia ( a firm which has history of propaganda and employs social engineering and societal motivational psychologists formerly in the pay of US UK intelligence agencies) Spark site.

C) the radio transmitter location where Tarrant’s live-stream cut out opposite the former Southern regional Police HQ. A site which remained unoccupied due to earthquake damage. Which however is in close proximity to several police occupied buildings in a marked high surveillance zone. In addition to the coincidences of fake or hyped up terror attack (events which never eventuated) took place in close proximity to Kordia sites in Auckland & Dunedin in 2020 plus Wellington in 2001.

10. More public information on the anomaly of destroyed admission records at Chch hospital of March 15th victims, fake doctor found at Chch hospital, a $32 million bitcoin heist in the month prior to the attack which are relevant in term of state acknowledged role bit of payed in financing such attack here and overseas by far right groups.

11. The manner in which response and information narrative controls were politicised in a manner inconsistent with genuine counter terrorism methodology. Response which rather endear themselves instead to the goals political agenda of seizing opportunity out of crisis and have polarising and destabilising impacts. Consequences which do not make New Zealand safer but in fact harm and undermine the democratic nature of the nation and its sovereignty.

Educate people to discern information and think.

The Book Thief': A child's view of Nazi Germany

Don’t do it with censorship and social engineering bullying which implies if Nigel has questions then Nigel not quite right in the head and needs a straight jacket. Because that kind of thinking really is crazy.

To be specific its the kind of narcissism I learned as history graduate of terrorism studies to associate with goose stepping and nasty salutes.


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