Billy don’t you lose my number

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Billy Te Kahika president of the non registered New Zealand Public Party certainly has some interesting mates, during his time working for the Chinese Belt Road as an”expert” who helped “financial consortium’s” wanting to invest their money in New Zealand and the Pacific and so does his ‘friend’ Justin Trudea Canada’s Prime Minister.

For example Justin ‘mate’ Xiao Hua Gong a financial invester who built a business empire in Toronto including a hotel chain and television channels. Gong attended fundraisers for Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (photo below – Truea on right. Gong on the far left) and donating generously to the governing Liberal Party.

In December Gong who laundered nearly $70 million in New Zealand bank account was arrested in Canada and charged with fraud and money laundering in connection to the alleged pyramid scheme involving the “fraudulent sale of hundreds of millions of dollars” in shares in China laundered through banks, real estate firms and financial consortium in places like Canada New Zealand and the Pacific .

This is just the tip of the iceberg we plan to bring you a lot more! on a New Zealand money laundering story. One which is rapidly turning up political connection in many areas and is surrounding the biggest on going spy scandal in Canadian and New Zealand history ever. And a lot of this has to do with forces who can now be shown to be out to destabilise New Zealand as the conflict between China & the USA heats up. A conflict in which NZ is rapidly become the front line of this rivalry for markets and regional dominance.

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