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In an age were every one rattles the tin and snake oil salesmen abounds my policy is simple.


Unless you genuinely get I give you genuinely independent, politically non aligned news, well researched and always documented in depth. That’s takes time, it take energy. If you value this and can afford it then yes please give a little.

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MoneyHub's Christopher Walsh does a deep dive into the fee detail ...

As for my bonafide as an independent journalist who has (despite being a non corporate on political party embedded journalist ) managed to get controversial ‘foot balls’, not usually discussed in MSM circles, successfully on the playing field of mainstream time and time again here are few examples of my success as a one man ‘lone wolf’ activism based journalist.

Ben Vidgen interviewed, reviewed and or articles on Waihopai/Five Eyes/terrorism/GCSB/National Security , printed in the national press.

Ben Vidgen Interviewed on his new creative tourism book Ben’s NZ: The Good The Bad & Quirky Author in Search of Exception Kiwis Author Visits Queentown Tourism News, Guardian Motueka Raglan Chronicle

Ben Vidgen Reviews of State Secrets II Return Fire 2006 – New Zealand’s role in dirty deals and laundering weapons for warlords and terrorist: more badly kept secrets.

Ben Vidgen Reviews of State Secrets 1999 Best Seller. “Where are hate groups & gangs getting their guns” & why are authorities denying this badly kept secret: an expose on organised crime and NZ underbelly. NZ Herald Scoop Media

Ben Vidgen Interviewed/Filmed – TPPA Flag Change & Neo Liberalism.
Stuff Politics Stuff Flag Debate Magna Carta (law) March 2015 TPPA Protest speaker

I don’t know about you but I hate constant begs for money and find my self wanting to reach down the phone and punch the guy from ‘Save the Unicorns’ (or what-ever), when they ring me (usually in the middle of my dinner). So WHY BACK ME?

Will because I do what many independent writers fail to achieve. I consistently force the status quo to engage when their first line of defence is usually to ignore you – followed by laugh at you. A quick look at my links above will confirm in my case the pattern is ignore, laugh, grumble… then admits he right. I mean with out exception this has being the track record of my now quite long an exciting career.

Vidgen is Moderately Nuts” Christopher Finlayson Attorney General New Zealand.

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And do bear in mind the powers that be have just about done every thing they can to make me look like a fruit loop (still think being called “moderately nuts” by the Attorney General is, next to defeating a defamation suit by Ronald Regan’s former National Security Adviser Richard V Allen [left below]). A move which as I pointed out previously has come back to bite them every time.

I am different, I am quirky, I am dyslexic (I see this as benefit not a disability) and I get the job done as I choose to march to my own beat. I think that to make up for my acknowledge grammatical boos boos I have had to dig deeper and be more intense in my research to cover the shortfall but the end result has always had impact.

Supporting me is supporting genuine INDEPENDENT journalism with a proven track record.

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I am not the New York Times but somehow I manage to repeatedly punch above my weight and score hits were it counts. So if you believe in independent media (albeit with typos and dubious dyslexic grammar – we do substance not packaging around here) then put some thing in the tin.


 And if you don’t think this is genuinely what your getting from my page then PLEASE DON’T DONATE