Shipping News #12. A Special Report:THE GREENSTONE FILE.

“In 1973 many New Zealanders watched with concern as Chile’s new military dictatorship imposed widespread social and economic changes. All opposition was crushed as state owned corporations were sold off, multinational took over most of the countries resources, work fare and education spending was cut, hospitals were privatized. Ten years later no armed force was needed when a democratically elected government began a similar program of reform in New Zealand….

During the early 1980’s, a group of right wing economists quietly came to dominate policy development in the New Zealand Treasury. With the election of the Labour Party in 1984 and the appointment of Roger Douglas as minister of finance, their plans were realised with the introduction of some of the most drastic economic reforms seen in a western democracy. This feature documentary tells the story of how the new right elite took power and exercised it relentlessly to turn our country into their version of the model free market state”. SOMEONE ELSES COUNTRY.

If you just wanna cut to the action scroll down for page pages past the intro to Section 1. ACTION ZEALANDIA — I BRING YOU ‘LIBERTY’ I BRING YOU FASCI$M.In fact as the author my advise is start at the bottom of this chronology and work your way back to this intro.

The Greenstone Files, B Vidgen. Sixty years of CIA/Corporate deciet and skull-buggery downunder. Defusing the ‘information warfare’ minefield.

In the 1980’s,at the height of, yet another seemingless never ending CIA Coldwar scandal, The Iran Contra Affair, a mate of mine handed me the Opal File. Psst check this out.

The Opal File, like the modern day Q ‘leaks’ was big on claims short of solid sources but I would later be informed by a credible source (but whose claim nevertheless can’t be proven) that it was written by a former New Zealand Security Intelligence officer called Rohan Jays. Jays was also credited by mainstream media in the 1970’s of leaking documents to one of the plotters of the 1987 Fiji Coup in the same time frame and moved in the same social circles as the followers disseminator of underground fringe ‘communist/satanic conspiracy’ theories.Most of which were advanced by Lyndon la Rouche Executive Review and supporters of the Hutt River Principality (the purveyor of dodgy passports, fake degrees and allodial land claims and and Libaterian banana republic coup attempts all backed by mining dollars and other mates of the CIA). 

The Opal file document helped make the phrase ‘conspiracy theory nutter’ a household catchphrase in New Zealand long before Q-absuudistan popped up. Arising at a time when there was little doubt of the CIA’s guilt as the bloody hitman of the US led international economic mafia drive by of developing nations and leser ‘allies’. Such theories would be driven by right wing protagonists like La Rouche — who had jumped on what had until this time been a largely left wing populated conspiracy rabbit hole bandwagon. La Rouche happily acknowledged the role played by both the CIA and corrupt politicians. Yet La Rouche principal conspiracy theories shifted the blame away from specific corporations and individuals and placed it instead on the shoulders of a satanic powerful cabal complete with an army of black helicopters and nameless agents in black suits wearing Ray-ban sunglasses. Minions who served an unnamed untouchable elite or commies both deemed godless.

This is in contrast to placing crimes squarely on the shoulders of the individual venture capitalist who stood to gain from such machination who had names and addresses. The big lie of this style of conspiracy theory was and is that the forces directing this group of untouchable ‘was a secret’ group of rich people (or commies), who controlled everything.In fact there was nothing secret about it at all. The economic statistical realities of the entire history of post war earth, in the past sixty years, is that the centralisation of wealth and power on this planet has drastically accelerated. In no small part thanks to the convention and treaties signed in the years after WW2 which made this a reality. The Nazi may have lost the battle but corporate fascism ( which attack with its public relation tentacles from both the left’ and the ‘right’) is winning the war.

As for the author of the Opal File (whoever they might or not be) motives? It is worth noting that the document released in the late 1980’s, pre internet, appeared on basically the desk of every significant journalist and MP of the day. No minor task and a sign of the energy and resources that went into it. The Opal File was however not quite the leak it appeared being simply a down under adaption of the Gem Stone files which like the Q file was big on claims small on listing its sources. The main difference between The Opal File & the Q/ANTIFA* cyber phenomenon is namely the technology. The internet permits a level of targeted dissemination never before seen. It can be as we like to say in the artillery ubique literally everywhere if you know what your doing. As Q informs 007; 

“I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pajamas before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do in a year in the field.” Q to 007 ‘Skyfall’.

  • I wanted in fact to say Q-Anon/ Anonymous but that does not convey the left right digital anonymity ‘information’ paradox in a way that slips off the tongue easily.

In fact one of the major missed points of the Q phenomenon is the level organisation, networking and resources needed to make the phenomenon on social media succeed (See APPENDIX IV Livin In Cin & The Art of Information War). Its the smoking cyber pistol every one is ignoring.

We now live in a soup of mass information and its essential we learn the art of discernment. What the Buddhists call wise action. Wise Action is based on 7 “actions” they are Openness: ..Generosity: …Courage: …Interior Freedom (being true to one’s own counsel): …A Habit of Prayerful Reflection on One’s Experience: Having One’s Priorities Straight: …Not Confusing Ends with Means: and I would add as my own 8th action is always check your sources and then check their sources and never act on anything just on face value or assumptions (present company included).

Yours sincerely;

Ben C Vidgen – The Dyslexic Dedective.


PS There is an appendix section at the end for those who truly want to go down the rabbit hole. Now let me if not educate you, entertain you. So come on up to my lab and see what’s on the slab. 


the most notorious rant in the history of conspiracy theories written in many segments over a number of years by Bruce Roberts, the creator of synthetic rubies. According to Gemstone: Hughes Aircraft stole Roberts’ rubies in 1960 for use in laser weapons research. His subsequent investigation of the theft inspired Roberts to write the Gemstone letters, tracking the secret history of the international mob and industrial espionage, and their role in political intrigue. In 1975, a 24 page chronology known as the Skeleton Key to The Gemstone File began to circulate and has now become a legendary classic of conspiracy literature.”

Source: Inside the Gemstone File
By Kenn ThomasDavid Hatcher Childress · 1999.

Many called the Opal File a conspiracy theory and in reference to it parent the Gemstone Files it was published the same year the 1987 Fiji Coup wich involved the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), whose members currently include Michael Stace’s, a cyber warfare specialist and co founder with Billy Te Kahika of the New Zealand People’s Party (NZPP), one of the promoters of Q-style conspiracies here in New Zealand. The AFIO was formed as part of the CIA’s public relations counter attack against conspiracy theories following the Church Committees damning report into the CIA in the 1970’s.

I am calling this conspiracy theory The GREENSTONE FILES.

Critics of the Opal File, who banged the drum loudly and dogmatically, generally pointed to the Opal Files’ more outrageous and usually unprovable claims. Or they focused on the Opal File’s central claims of their being large amounts of oil and gas in the Southern Basin, as obvious proof the underground paper was simply not true (in fact it would be the big truth that was surrounded in a pond of silly half truths). After all the American’s had come, had a look, then buggered off again. And so it was reasoned, they were not likely to do that if there had been oil right? (a few admitted there was oil but it was too prohibitive and expensive to obtain and ignored the fact, when the topic became a subject of conversation in 2015, that once you took inflation into account the cost had in fact not changed and their claim was based on an incorrect assumption).

Others maintained the Opal File was a disinformation tool. One designed to mislead and misdirect. Indeed there were multiple versions of the file (I have no idea if the one online is the original Opal File), which all contained minor or significant changes depending on what version you had. For example one version said the Americans looked at putting a submarine base near Picton. Other versions claimed Deep Cove in Fjordland. Which is where the Department of Scientific Institute and Research, did in fact hold a facility, classified (the one and only time I ever saw the word ‘secret’ – in my short and limited career as the latrine mopper (hierarchy speaking) in military intelligence – on a command map in the field command tent of Silicon Kiwi 89. Silicon Kiwi being a tabletop computer simulated exercise orientated around fending off an invasion off the mineral rich West Coast of New Zealand (and Abel Tasman) where my job as underling was basically taking drawing pins out of one map and putting them on another map.

Source : THE LOST FIORDS MYSTERY INVESTIGATE: APRIL 00, Also corroborated by Professor Paul Buchanan,a former Defence Intelligence Analyst for the US Departmentof Defence, who I interviewed on my Radio One show in 2013 where Buchanan admits talking to one of the US submarine captains who reportedly told him the area in general was favoured for resurfacing, due to weather conditions (and a magnetic anomaly) which enhanced their ability to avoid being tracked by enemy satellites.Declassified documents concerning ANZUS era exercises and Cold War newspaper reports seem to support this view.

Source: Suspicious submarines spotted in Southland waters. Lloyd Esler Apr 05 2018 Stuff.

Mossack Fonsecca processed payments for ISIS from the Adnan Khashoggi Group. Emad Khashoggi was the nephew of businessman Adnan Kashoggi.

It was around this time I began to give the Opal Files more serious consideration than I had originally. Both in the context of the parts of it that were true and in the context of considering the motives of its author. Including the possibility this was simply (as many maintained) an act of misinformation aimed at undermining anti corporate critics of the pre internet era.

Even before the age of cyber technology fake news has dodged the alternative media footsteps like well placed land mines that seek to detonate and deflect the unwary and glliable. In 2005 however I began to re-circle the fish hook of the Opal Files and the claimpart of the destabilisation plan included the establishment of a series of money laundering hubs used to engineer be it with 30 pieces of silver or a lead bullet. I began to discover (and ended up writing two books on the subject) the full and grossly under-reported impact that one of the underground papers stars Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi – a major assett of the CIA — had on New Zealand. Khashogggi, the broker of deals between Saudi’s Arabia and an oil hungry United States, would have a massive effect not just on the contemporary history of New Zealand but the entire Pacific region from 1975 until the 2000’s. And in fact any time anything went Boom! in the Pacific Khashoggi, who structured his shadowy holdings in the Pacific tax havens, during his heyday, through the specialized services of Mossack Fonseca (Panama Papers), to purchase weapons and fund wars, could always be found within less than two degrees of separation. It became clear that at least components of this early and primitive version of Q were based in truth (as most forms of successful disinformation are). I took the bait and ventured down the rabbit hole but I did so gingerly with safety lines firmly attached.

I decided to review the Opal Files and cite only the cases where I found the Opal Files could be authenticated (could be given referenced source material). At least in regards to being able to authenticate key dates from the file. Events which supported the idea that not only does New Zealand sit on top of a mass of natural resources but there is a well defined blueprint of how those resources can be exploited. Exploited in a manner that will never benefit the economic aspiration of Kiwis (left & right), the environment, or the rights of indigenous first nation people beyond a privilige few. People who in my own lefty hippy ‘commy’ orientated opinion are being sold an idea of co-governance which shares power with the Rangatira of incorporated societies at the expense of the sovereignty of the Maori whanau, hapu and Pakeha commoner as promised by trifecta of the Declaration of Independence 1835 (which recognised the right of hapu/nationhood), the Treaty of Waitangi 1840 and the protection given to all natives (pakeha and maori alike) under the English statutes. The latter go straight to the heart of what rights we all have as individual Kiwis (new and ancient) in Aotearoa?New Zealand has two beautiful names for one awesome country. The Opal file carries on into the 1990’s (and where relevant I will cite and source the cited information) but my Greenstone File version is extended to 2022 and beyond.

  • Source: The Covert Roots of the Panama Papers Sreven Cohen April 8, 2016 The New Republic.

This ‘conspiracy theory’ (The Green Stone File) is written in diary form, with events listed chronologically, just like the GemStone/Opal files and broken into titled sections. Each entry can be read as a single dispatch, so dont feel the need to read the entire article in one hit (and if you do I always advise the perfect recipe is print off and combine with a hot cup of tea chocolate and then add a comfy chair). Just bear in mind with each dispatch entry your reading has one central point. I am setting out to demonstrate New Zealand sits literally on top of a continent (Zealandia) of immense riches and resources and just like Chile and Australia in the 1970’s, Fiji in the 1980’s and PNG Solomons in the 1990’s 2000’s their is a blueprint by those who know this to capture and exploit those resources by destabilising and undermining our national sovereignty. The plan is based on three things;

  1. Dismantling and discrediting independent media and grassroots social activism.
  2. Capturing our local institutions and privatising/corporatising them including strategic assets, natural resources (such as electricity, water, food and our mineral assets) political parties, academia, media and the general state apparatus.
  3. Polarising popular opinion so populist identity politics means more to us than policy issues, that actually collectively impact our economy and quality of life.


2008 new zealand’s new economic exclusion zone zealandia.

Our reserves of oil, gas, and minerals are valuable national assets offering unique opportunities for economic growth and securing our supply of affordable energy”. New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals – Ministry of Bussiness Inovation and Employment 2002 .

“Anyone wanting to undertake activities such as prospecting, exploration and mining must have a permit from New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals” (Who will deicde who can mine and who can’t). Department of Conservation.

1865: Eight wells hand-dug at Moturoa, New Plymouth.

1906: Moturoa Petroleum’s ‘Birthday Well’ hits a major gas and oil find.

  • Source The Encyclopedia New Zealand. Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

1911: .Henry, J. D. (1911) publishes ‘Oil fields of New Zealand “New Zealand has more oil and gas than the entire Commonwealth” A combination of geopolitics, distance, profitably of market and wars, mean for the first 150 years New Zealand full potential (in regard to its natural resources) go largely undeveloped until the 1960’swhen the globalist begin to turn their attention South.

  • Source: Henry, J. D. (1911) ‘Oil fields of New Zealand
Henry, J. D. (1911) publishes ‘Oil fields of New Zealand “New Zealand has more oil and gas than the entire Commonwealth”

1955-56: By the mid-1950s uranium was in hot demand to fuel the developing nuclear weapons and energy programmes in the United States and the United Kingdom. Following advice from the United States Atomic Energy Commission. In December 1954 New Zealand’s Geological Survey enlisted the help of amateur and weekend prospectors (who effectively would be outlaws under the 2021 Mineral Act), with the publication of a booklet, Prospecting for radioactive minerals in New Zealand. The Buller Gorge, two bush-clad peaks – Mt Cassin and Mt Jacobsen – on the edge of a national park – is named after the prospectors Frederick Cassin and Charles Jacobsen, who in November 1955 discovered uranium in the road cutting near Hawks Crag on the West Coast of New Zealand. 

In recognition of their discovery, of the first discovery of uranium in New Zealand, in 1956 Cassin and Jacobsen were each awarded £100 under the Atomic Energy Act 1945.

In 2005 ownership of New Zealand’s uranium resources remained with the Crown, and under a 1996 minerals programme issued through the Crown Minerals Act 1991, prospecting, exploration and mining of uranium minerals is no longer permitted with out Crown permission regulated through New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals 

In 2021 Westland Mineral Sands Co Ltd lodged consent applications with the West Coast Regional Council and the Buller District Council to undertake heavy mineral sand mining at Okari/Nine Mile, about 25 km south-west of Westport township. The consent for removal of up to 500,000 tonnes of heavy mineral concentrate is proposed over the requested 10-year term for the consents. Already five council-commissioned peer reviews have raised a raft of concerns over the proposed mine including “the possibility of exposing radioactive materials”

  • Source: West Coast uranium rush, 1955–56 The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand.
  • Source: Sand mining proposal for Buller goes to hearing 18 March 2022 By Brendon McMahon, Local democracy reporter RNZ.
  • Source: The Encyclopedia New Zealand. Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage.
Image result for new zeland "oil" "southern basin""

The Opal File Years 1965-1987.

1965 News Media Ownership Act 1965 (1965 No 137). An Act to make provisions for the control by persons only domiciled in New Zealand of companies and businesses engaged in the dissemination of news in New Zealand.

1967: 8th May Texas oil billionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt discovers a MASSIVE oil and gas deposit South of New Zealand in the Great South Basin.

On the10th June Hunt and New Zealand Finance Minister reached an agreement: Hunt will receive sole drilling rights. Placid Oil is granted drilling rights to the Great South Basin. Placid Oil Co and the Seven Sisters (major oil companies) begin Great South Basin oil exploration – exploration partners include Gulf Oil, Shell (USA), B.P. Oil, Standard Oil California, Mobil and Arco. On the 12th October, Hunt and Seven Sisters, announced confirmation of a new oil source comparable to the Alaskan North Slope – gas reserves estimated at 150 times larger than the Kapuni Field

  • Source: New Zealand’s Oil Rush By Eugene Bingham New Zealand Herald October 29 2017.

1968: And it was not just oil and gas that drew the offshore speculators attention to New Zealand in the 1960’s. Consolidated Silver Mining Co. was formed in 1968 with the purpose of exploring the feasibility of the commercial mining of metals including those held in New Zealand’s National Parks. 


1971: The 1971 Mining Act,”gives carte blanche mining rights to any enterprise which has a prospector’s permit“.


Consolidated Silver’s registered offices was c/o Keenan, Mills, Muldoon & Browne – chartered accountants of Auckland. Its senior partners included Robert Muldoon the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

  • Source: 1975 New Zealand Business Directory.
1. The area contains the only known carbonatite deposits in New Zealand, with several known mineral occurrences within the park, including showings of gold, chromium and nickel. Geology reports suggests the park area could yield at least 11 types of mineral deposits.

2. The land in the northeast corner of Mount Aspiring National Park has high mineral prospectivity, particularly in respect of tungsten and REEs (rare earth elements).

3. It is recommended the northeast sector of the national park be considered for removal from the schedule of places protected from mining.
Source:  14 December 2009 ODT

1971: Between the time of its inception and the instigation of the 1971 Mines Act, Consolidated Silver received several prospecting rights, mainly concerned with the Fiordland Area. The Company’s major find was large deposits of vanadium and iron oxide at Mount George, within the Mt Aspiring National Park, close to Deep Cove.


1972 Consolidated Silver’s executive Doug Alexander, writing in ‘New Zealand Engineering’ said that: “the size and significance of the deposit to New Zealand are hard to overestimate”.


December 1972: Norman Kirk elected Prime Minister of New Zealand.


1973: The Trilateral Commission, an American Business Round Table is formed, with David Rockefeller (former chairman of both the Council of Foreign Relations and Chase Manhattan Bank) as one of its founders. Members include heads of the world’s five largest transnational corporations, top officials of five out of six of the world’s largest banks, the heads of major media organisations,The 1970’s philosophy of the Trilateralists came to be known in the 1980’s as the ‘Washington Consensus’ (see below). The major goals of the commission are the advancement of free market reforms of deregulation, economic globalisation and the limitation of corporate liability.

“The philosophy of the Trilateral Commission, the so­ called Washington Consensus, puts the needs and rights of capital and corporations above those of nation states and their citizens. According to the doctrine of the (highly bastardised – ed note) 1989 Washington Consensus,first launched in 1981 by economist John Williams (who has denounced the corporate manipulation of his doctrines – ed note), governments have to be willing to give up their controls on foreign investment, and must prepare their citizens for competitive labour conditions and the privatisation of education, health, social security and the entire infrastructure on which corporations depend. ‘Later’, they say, labour and human rights issues will be addressed”, by the equivalent of Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairey.

Source: Healthy Money Healthy Planet by Deirdre Kent 2005 Craig Potton
Give Me Liberty — Give Me Zealandia — Give Me Fa$cism – The Pacific first Allodial land title grab attempts to use the law of the sea to undermine the soveringity of existing nations.

1973: A failed coup on the Tongan reef island of Minerva, today an area of great mineral significance, is organised by a group of ex South Vietnam military veterans and investors, identified as belonging to a political action committee known as the Phoenix Foundation (which has extensive CIA ties). It will be headed by Las Vegas Robert Vesco one of Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi’s inner circle.

The National flag of Minerva. Blue is associated with Law of the Sea. The Color Gold is associated with Prosperity. The torch is a symbol for Enlightenment and Truth.

The national flag of Minerva reflects their ideology of unfettered capitalism with no checks and balances. – other than those set by the marketplace. – aka a form republicanism based on crypto Libaterian capitalist anarchy. The plotters even minted ‘freedom’ coins. On one side the flag of liberty and on the other side is Britannia (in a Roman Gladiator helmet). Or as she is known in Aotearoa/New Zealand Zealandia (See APPENDIX 1). The Phoenix Foundation’s fail in a second attempt, the same year, to establish a libertarian state on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas. It wont be their last attempted at tyring to get a foot hold within Zealandia.

1973: September 11th the CIA backed coup against socialist Chile takes place. New Zealand film maker Alister Barry in this must see documentary on the Labour National governments free market reforms of the 1980’s notes;

“In 1973 many New Zealanders watched with concern as Chile’s new military dictatorship imposed widespread social and economic changes All opposition was crushed as state owned corporations were sold off multinational took over most of the countries resources, work fare and education spending was cut hospitals were privatized. Ten years later no armed force was needed when a democratically elected government began a similar program of reform in New Zealand…During the early 1980’s, a group of right wing economists [acolyte of the Washington Consensus} quietly came to dominate policy development in the New Zealand Treasury. With the election of the Labour Party in 1984 and the appointment of Roger Douglas as minister of finance, their plans were realised with the introduction of some of the most drastic economic reforms seen in a western democracy. This feature documentary tells the story of how the new right elite took power and exercised it relentlessly to turn our country into their version of the model free market state”

  • Including current chairman of the New Zealand Business Round Table (Now called the NZ Initiative} and smart city builder and merchant banker Stephen Jennings.
Source: Alister Barry ·  Someone Else’s Country Vanguard Films Community Media Trust 2015,

NAZIS IN CHILE: The report outlines that the Chilean Directorate of National Intelligence, DINA, which was created in 1974 to exterminate the left-wing opposition to Pinochet’s dictatorship and reported directly to the president, maintained a “close liaison with the German Nazi colony of La Dignidad in Southern Chile” and even operated a torture center within the Nazi base. The report outlines that the Chilean Directorate of National Intelligence, DINA, which was created in 1974 to exterminate the left-wing opposition to Pinochet’s dictatorship and reported directly to the president, maintained a “close liaison with the German Nazi colony of La Dignidad in Southern Chile” and even operated a torture center within the Nazi base, linked to the dissapearance of 50,000 anti Pinochet dissidents.

Source: Excavations at Chile torture site offer new hope for relatives of disappeared The Guardian 2.5.2018

  • Source: CIA Reveals Covert Acts In Chile CBS Septembe 11 2000.
  • Source: Declassified documents reveal U.S.-backed Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet used Nazi training and support for Operation Condor activities. Telesur HD 17.12.2018.
  • Source: The CIA, Pine Gap and the Coup that removed the Whitlam Government Workers Bush Telegraph. (No date).
  • Source: The British-American coup that ended Australian independence. John Pilger 23.10.2014 The Guardian.

SECTION II The Washington ‘Consensus’ – the wants of the few out weigh the needs of the many.

Mid-1974: Whitlam and Kirk in the wake of a CIA, Henry Kissinger, multinational, (and literally) Nazi backed coup in Chile begin a series of defensive moves against unchecked free market globalism. Whitlam refuses to waive restrictions on overseas borrowings to finance Alwest Aluminium Consortium of Rupert Murdoch, BHP and R.J. Reynolds. Whitlam also ends Australia’s Vietnam War support, blocks uranium mining and wanted more control over US secret spy bases – e.g. Pine Gap.

This follow the suspicion (now proved as fact) of Whitlam Australia’s covert overseas spy agency, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, had assisted the US Central Intelligence Agency’s to destabilise Chile ahead of the bloody military coup against Salvador Allende’s socialist government. Declassified Australian government documents now prove that in December 1970 Liberal foreign minister and later prime minister, Billy McMahon, approved an Australia Security Intelligence Service (ASIS) request by the CIA to spy in Chile.

Leonce Keal with Kelvyn Alps in the Solomon Islands.


For 18 months from 1971, according to the US-based National Security Archive, ASIS conducted covert operations in Chile – including handling CIA-recruited Chilean assets in Santiago and filing intelligence reports to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, via Pine Gap. This information along with other sensitive data would be withheld from Whitlam.

Leonce Kealy (a business associate of Counter Spin CEO mercenary and former member of the Neo Nazi National Front Kelvyn Alp) notes in his own words:

“Leonce Kealy details his story of how the Australian personnel were treated during his time at Pine Gap, including issues of discrimination, his writings to & from the union, in addition to the Discrimination Appeals Committee who as Kealy outlines, “come up against one of the most solid secret ‘walls’ in their history.”  A file was to reach Parliament concerning Pine Gap, to have the facility shut down, but the Chief of Security struck a deal with Kealy to have the Pine Gap file withheld from Parliament”.

Source: ‘The Pine Gap Saga: Personal experience working with the American CIA in Australia’. By Leonce Kealy.

1973: Oil prices increased 400% in New Zealand from 1973.

  • Source: Fuelled by crisis: Why Think Big still matters today. Stuff May 28 2022.

1974: Kirk began preparing a new, tough Anti-Monopoly Bill and seeks to redistribute income from big companies to the labour force through price regulation and a wages policy. Kirk had also rejected plans to build a second aluminium smelter near Dunedin and was preparing the Petroleum Amendment Bill to give more control over New Zealand oil resources. Sir Clifford Plimmer, New Zealand’s company director extraordinaire, speaking at the conference of the New Zealand Institute of Directors tells local branches of the Institute to get “gingered up” to play a more active role in publicising and defending private enterprise.

1974: The National Government opposition in public are “tut-tutting the extent of foreign control” while behind the scenes found actively supporting mining in national parks by foreign ownership offering minimal royalties behind closed doors. Kirk, the socialist leaning politician, sets out to assure New Zealanders will all get a return on any such venture.

It was left to the Labour Government in 1974 to accede to the scheme as proposed, and in that year they commissioned a commercial viability survey, an environmental impact report, and investigations into the involvement of New Zealand Steel. It was this last aspect, and the demands by Labour that the Government take up more than 50% of the total shareholding, that put the damper on Carpentaria’s participation. The anticipated quick profit was placed in a position of dependence upon their subordination to New Zealand interests – a bane to any powerful multinational – so they pulled out. Thus Labour, in spite of itself, stopped a mass, foreign controlled, commercial venture succeeding in Mount Aspiring National Park – but it has set a dangerous precedent for future mining agreements”.


31 August 1974 Prime Minister Norman Kirk dies suddenly in the care of Marist nuns after fallng ill suddenly. Both National party campaigner Michael Wall (author of the spy thriller Museum Street) and Bob Harvey Labour’s party campaign chief maintained is spy novel was based on Beehive rumours at the time are that Kirk was a victim of a CIA assassination. When I was asked on what I thought of that theory for the TVNZ based documentary series Secret New Zealand, in 2000 ,“I replied their is no conclusive proof this happened. But yes their were odd going on in Wellington that week and the CIA leadership at this time was in the grip of culture of Cold War zealotry“. Its also known Kirk had by now discovered that Hunt’s petroleum drilling in the Great South Basin had unearthed a huge resource of oil comparable in size to the North Sea or Alaskan North Slope.

  • Source: Kirk plot claim inappropriate Christchurch Star 1999 Sept. 17, p. A9.
  • Source: Museum Steet Micahel Wall Raupo Publishing (NZ) Ltd 1991.
  • Temporary US Embassy personnel would fly out of New Zealand within 24 hours of Kirks death and the army were issued live ammunition in anticipation of possible public concerns.
Funeral procession for Prime Minister Norman Kirk as it leaves Parliament, 4 September 1974. Shows a crowd, in the tens of thousands – that went back several blacks, by Parliament House. The hearse, flanked by Members of Parliament, is in the centre. Photograph taken by an unidentified staff photographer for the Evening Post newspaper.

1974: September, Rowling’s first act as NZ Prime Minister was to withdraw Kirk’s Anti-Monopoly Bill and his proposals for the Petroleum Amendment Bill.

1975: August, Rowling repeals the News Media Ownership Act, allowing more foreign ownership of NZ media. Then he re-introduces unrecognisable Commerce Bill, which facilitates monopolisation of the NZ economy. The new legislation does not define monopoly, competition or stipulate permissible maximum market share, or even ascertain what the public interest is – resulting in a sell-out to big business.

1975: December, Australian Governor-General John Kerr, a CIA asset, sacks the Whitlam Government. The other CIA person who has been linked strongly with Kerr’s action was Victor Marchetti who said in 1980:

The CIA’s aim in Australia was to get rid of a government they did not like and that was not co-operative…it’s a Chile, but [in] a much more sophisticated form.”

  • Source: Dateline Australia: America’s Foreign Watergate? James A. Nathan Foreign Policy No. 49 (Winter, 1982-1983), pp. 168-185 (18 pages)Published By: Slate Group, LLC

1975 -1976: December, Election battle between Rowling and Muldoon. The Opal Files maintains “Oil companies allegedly pour thousands of dollars into Muldoon’s campaign via National Bank (NZ), whose general manager Mowbray is a member of Todd Foundations; Investment Board Director Tudhope and Managing Director Shell Oil and Chairman Shell/BP/Todd. Muldoon wins”.

1976: The Business Round Table Organisation is born, with a meetings of New Zealand’s captains of industry including those named by the Opal File as supporters of Muldoon’s 1975 election campaign. They oppose the government’s controls, over wages and the trade union system and support the Washington Consensus economic strategies. This includes the lowering of taxes for big and the privatisation of public and strategic assets and limited corporate liability. The “right wingRound Table, with its deep pockets, will have the ear of successive Labour and National governments from the 1980s and 1990s. Which is when it then merges with the New Zealand Institute to form the “nonpartisan” New Zealand Initiative in 2012. Which is headed today by Stephen Jennings, one of the economists, who where the original “ginger” acolyte of the Washington Consensus, who quietly came to dominate policy development in the New Zealand Treasury in the 1980’s.

Paul Baines, Charles Bidwill, Dean Bracewell, David Bridgman, Sir Roderick Deane Dame Jenny Gibbs, Murray Jack Trevor Janes, Alan Judge, John Judge, Ian Kuperus Sir Chris Mace ,David McLean, Sir Robert McLeod, Scott Perkins, Sjoerd Post, David Richwhite, Geoff Ricketts, Sir Gil Simpson
  • The original ‘New Zealand’ Bussiness Round Table included key people and directors of Wells Fargo with Broadbank; Chase Manhattan, General Finance; Bank of America and Barclays, Fletchers and United Corp.
Paul Baines, Charles Bidwill, Dean Bracewell, David Bridgman, Sir Roderick Deane Dame Jenny Gibbs, Murray Jack Trevor Janes, Alan Judge, John Judge, Ian Kuperus Sir Chris Mace ,David McLean, Sir Robert McLeod, Scott Perkins, Sjoerd Post, David Richwhite, Geoff Ricketts, Sir Gil Simpson

1976: The Opal File states;

‘With captive politicians in place in both Australia and New Zealand, the internationalists following the Washington Consensus economic blueprints can now proceed with their strategy of takeover of the economy and exploitation of natural resources’.

“In New Zealand, the elimination of unnecessary competition is fundamental to a sound economy,” Ron Brierly Chairman of the Bussiness Round Table.

Source: The Opal Files.

1976: then prime minister Rob Muldoon commented on Labour MP Colin Moyle’s “effeminate giggles” Muldoon accused Moyle in Parliament of having been questioned by the police on suspicion of homosexual activities, (which were then illegal in New Zealand). Moyle had just begin to question Muldoon about his accountancy firms links to the Mr Asia drug syndicate. The original front firm for the drug ring would be registered to c/o Keenan, Mills, Muldoon & Browne. Various companies overseen by the accountants were set up under the ‘Millstone’ company umbrella. It was Miller, Papaconstantinou and Johnstone who in early 1975 were suspected by police of picking up narcotics to be distributed by biker gangs were being dropped at sea and brought into New Zealand and Australia by a boat called the Brigadoon and registered to Millstone Charters via the offices of c/o Keenan, Mills, Muldoon & Browne. TVNZ journalist Keith Davies attempts to record a TVNZ program documenting how drug traffickers had brought NZ politicians and high-ranking officials including judges saw him sackd at Muldoons direct bidding. The unscreened documentary include details, according to Davies, on the discovery of large quantity of heroin on board the yacht the Valkrie crewed by prominent NZ including the brother of future Minister of Energy, under Prime Minister Robert Muldoon, Barry Brill.

  • Source: Friday Conference interview, host Gordon Dryden TVNZ 1976. (In it Muldoon rip off Kirk’s “People Just Want To Be Happy” Speech). 1:58 second section II.
  • Source: The Mr Asia File Pat Booth Fontanna Collis 1980.
  • Source interview with Keith Davies for State Secrets 1999, Howling At The Moon 1999.
  • See also G is for Brigadoon.

1977: Muldoon introduces the S.I.S Amendment Bill, designed to keep the economy free of obstruction and to help uncover “obstructive elements”. Telephone taps, mail tampering and other surveillance methods approved after CIA input on contents of legislation.

Source: Protest against the NZSIS Amendment Bill 1977

Late 1977: Muldoon travels to the US to meet Deputy Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, and Richard Bolbrooke, who are in charge of America’s new “South Pacific Desk” at the State Department – (established to target exploitation of both New Zealand and Australia’.’s natural resources). In Los Angeles, Muldoon visits USA, looking for bridging finances for his proposed Think Big ‘NZ Industry and Energy infrastructure development program’, David Rockefeller executives Robert Anderson (Rockwell Chairman, also Director of Khashoggi’s Security Pacific National Bank) and P. Larkin (Rockwell Director, also Chairman, Executive Committee Security Pacific National Bank and Director of Marac). Robert Muldoon is photographed with Robert Anderson, the operational head of Los Angeles South Pacific bank owned by Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

1977: It’s suddenly announced that Hunt Oil won’t be drilling for Oil in NZ Southern Basin near Bluff, in part because Muldoon is asking for an unheard of 25% royalties. Petrol crisis begins after OPEC, an Arab based lobbying group restricts sales to the west in a bid to get higher royalty fees from western oil firms.

  • Source: Dispute over, New Zealand renews hunt for offshore oil January 28, 1980

1977 (November): Khashoggi flies into Queenstown with an entourage and a “leggy blonde” who all stay at the Travelodge (now known as the Scenic Circle) of which Khashoggi owns more than 34%. On the way to Queenstown Khashoggi tells NZ reporters he’s in New Zealand to look for a partner willing to invest in New Zealand dairy products, forestry meat and shipping industry, so as to expand exports to the Middle East. At this time the entire NZ exports to the Middle East are valued at less than $NZ3 (by 1980 they will be worth $NZ400 million just for Iran alone) million dollars. In the next four decades Khashoggi will be considered the chief bridging man between US and Saudi brokered interests. During which Khashoggi will develop extensive business and real estate connections throughout the Pacific including New Zealand, Australia, Cook Island, Tonga and Vanuatu.

  • Source: On his fund-raising trip, Wellington’s mayor will take personal responsibility for negotiations with Saudi Arabian armaments millionaire Adnan Khashoggi. 1977 Lodge, Nevile Sidney, 1918-1989; Evening Post (Wellington, N.Z.)
  • Source: Phillip Chandler ‘Scoop’ Editor for The Mountain Scene.
  • Source: Statistics New Zealand.1975 & 1980
  • Source: Triad International From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

1977: Pacific Hotel investor, New Zealander, John Victor Evans is identified as the head of the first case of organized white collar crime in NZ. This is dubbed by the press the ‘ ‘Gang of Twenty” affair. Justice Department Investigator Keith Petersen describes the Gang of Twenty as laundering money from Saudi Arabia which the Justice Department believed to have come from “either money laundering or arms trafficking”.

Source: Justice Department Investigator Keith Petersen – interviewed for State Secrets B Vidgen Howling At The Moon 1999.

Image result for arms bazar "adnan kashoggi""

1977: Khashoggi, a key player in the Iran Contra Scandal was found to have laundered money in the Pacific from Saudi arms sales to Yemen via tax haven banks he had set up on the island of Vanuatu – a major money laundering hub for finances used in US Western backed destabilisation operation. In addition using the services of Mossack Fonseca & Co.

Mossack Fonseca & Co, who today centre in the money laundering scandal known as the Panana Papers, at one time it was the world’s fourth-largest provider of offshore financial services. The firm was founded by German lawyer Jürgen Mossack in 1977, and joined by Panamanian novelist and lawyer Ramón Fonseca in 1986 and received protection from the government of dictator General Manuel Noriega who was a big fan of Hitler. It later added a third director, Swiss lawyer Christoph Zollinger. German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported in 2016 that “secret agents and their informants have made wide use of the company’s services” and opened shell companies to conceal their spying activities, wrote the newspaper. Among them were assets of the CIA and they included “several players” in the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal, which saw senior US officials facilitate secret arms sales to Iran in a bid to secure the release of American hostages.

The Iran Contra affair would fund, with assistance from the Saudi government, the 9/11 architect Osama Bin Laden and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and the far right Contra mercenaries in Nicaragua supported by Noreiga. Other Fonseca CIA assett included the forementioned Adnan Khashoggi and Rafael Caro Quintero, the one-time head of the Guadalajara drug cartel (a syndicate member of CIA assett escaped Nazi Klaus Barbies own narco congomerate which also aided the Contra’s), who is wanted in the 1985 kidnapping and murder of a Drug Enforcement Special Agent Enrique Camarena “Kiki” Salazar whose on the FBI’s most wanted list. The newspaper noted the bank’s extensive connection to organised crime and current or former high-ranking officials of the secret services of several countries aligned with the CIA including Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Rwanda

  • Source: Lockheed Papers David Boulton. ISBN Number: 0224014129. ISBN-13: 9780224014120. Published: London, Jonathan Cape: 1978.
  • Source: Panama Papers Figure Added to FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted. May 2009 Consortium of International Investigative Journalist.
  • Source: This Nazi Butcher Who Became a CIA Operative and South American Drug Kingpin Patrick Lynch – February 6, 2017 The History Collection

Among them was Sheikh Kamal Adham, the former Saudi intelligence chief (a key player in the BCCI affair which was joined at the hip to the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal). Adham “spent the 1970s as one of the CIA’s key intermediaries” in the Middle East, said Jake Bernstein, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, who noted how the Panama Paper’s “story begins in war-torn Germany, in the ashes of Hitler’s Third Reich”, when Jurgen father fled Nazi Germany. Not just as member of the fallen Nazi regieme but as a member of ODESSA, a Neo Nazi movement sworn to restablishing the ideology of the Third Reich and rebuilding an economic global power of international fascism. The Phoenix would rebuild from the ashes. 

  • Source: Panama Papers indicate spies used Mossack Fonseca to ‘conceal’ activities. DW News 12.4.2016
  • Source: Jake Bernstein Excerpt: Secrecy World.

1978: 22nd July, Director of Australian Federal Bureau of Narcotics suspends his investigation into money laundering and corruption involving the Nugan Hand Bank after pressure from the CIA and Australian politicians controlled by Malcolm Fraser. The bank was later found to be the financial backbone for the growth of the drug trade distributed by biker gangs in Australia and New Zealand via drug syndicates linked to US intelligence and organised crime. The bank was founded by Michael Hand, a Green Beret in the Vietnam war who served in the Phoenix Program death squad and Bernard Houghton, a 62-year-old gay Texan who was the bank’s representative in Saudi Arabia and had a background in American Naval intelligence.They arrived in Sydney in 1967, a decade earlier, when ‘Bernie’ had opened a anything goes stripjoint for US soliders on R&R in Sydney’s King’s Cross called the Bourbon & Beef Steak House.

  • Source: Kwitney Crimes of The Patriot (Won the Pulitzer Award) – August 1, 1987 W. W. Norton & Company.
  • Source: Australian Suspect Bank link To C.I.A.Special Report – New York Times Nov. 13, 1982.

1978: Muldoon sets up Petrocorp. New Zealand taxpayers pay for the exploration costs but the oil companies control all distribution outlets. Muldoon blocks development of Maui B as restructured supplies mean higher prices and bigger profits for Shell/BP/Todd. The South Island gas market is not developed as Great South Basin fields are closer than Kapuni. Plans developed for re-opening of National Parks for mineral exploitation.

1979: The Opal file claims and remember this was written in the 80’s writes;

“Muldoon introduces the National Development Bill with ‘fast-track’ legislation, to keep the economy ‘free of obstruction’ for long-term monopolisation. C.E.R. plan introduced, designed to integrate the economies of Australia and New Zealand with the Trilateral Commission for the purpose of exploiting the South Pacific countries and as a ‘back-door’ entrance into China – the world’s largest untapped consumer market. New Zealand is also the closest country to Antarctica, which has a vast mineral resource for future exploitation.”Think Big” projects begin, even though Muldoon was aware of studies that show New Zealand could conserve up to 40% of energy consumption using existing technology, which would mean funds could be invested elsewhere to lower consumer prices, lower inflation rates, less demand for imported oil and increased employment by creating new industry to manufacture and install energy-saving technology. None of these options were seriously considered as all would lessen profits for members of the Rockefeller/Business Round Table organisations”.

Source: The Opal File.

1979: The National Development Bill will exclude industry planning consents from being subject to judicial review. Critics call the bill “draconian”.

  • Source: National Development Act 1979.
  • Source: Dispute over, New Zealand renews hunt for offshore oil January 28, 1980.

December 1979: Muldoon unveils ‘stage two’ of a four-stage plan to exploit the Great South Basin natural resources. The Plan is prepared by Trilateralist ‘Think Tank’ – the Brookings Institute.

  • Source: TWENTY FIVE YEARS IN DEVELOPMENT ODI 1960-1985 — in conjunction with the Brookings Institute
  • 1980: The dispute over financial terms covering exploration for offshore oil, the New Zealand government and international oil companies “thrash out a compromise”. As a result, Shell, British Petroleum, and Todd, a major consortium with a big stake in the Maui natural gas field (hailed by politicians as New Zealand’s energy savior over the next decade), will resume searching in the promising Taranaki area of the North Island. “Shell, BP, and Todd had been scared off by an earlier government plan to slap a $3-a-barrel levy on any oil found in New Zealand waters. But now the group is searching for a suitable rig”. This group is is alarmed by the proposed new tax,has complained of government “nationalisation.”
  • Source: Dispute over, New Zealand renews hunt for offshore oil. By Alastair Carthew Special Report to The Christian Science Monitor. May 1980.

The Christian Scientist Monitor reports:

The worsening oil situation forced the government to accept that the companies must have the ability to make a reasonable profit from New Zealand oil if they are to be encouraged to explore at all. All this oil activity is part of an accelerated program by the government to make the country at least 50 percent self-sufficient in motor fuels and oil products by 1985. The ambitious program could cost up to $3 billion, much of it borrowed. William F. Birch, the energy minister, who is considered highly able, summed up the country’s problem when unveiling the blueprint: “Without adequate supplies of liquid fuels there will be no growth. Without adequate supplies the national security is jeopardized.” Mr. Birch warned New Zealanders of energy restrictions over the next few years. These have already begun. A carless-day program deprives driving-happy New Zealanders of the family car for one day a week. Getting caught could cost up to $200. Gas stations are closed most of Saturday and all of Sunday, aviation fuel and diesel are on quota, and the threat of rationing looms. Oil prices continue rising and supply is seriously disrupted…The government has already announced a $300 million expansion of the Marsden Point oil refinery and acceptance of a Mobil Oil formula for producing methanol from natural gas..The government pushed through a National Development Bill in Parliament designed to set major energy projects on a “fast track” through the planning stage. The bill caused an outcry among environmentalists, local politicians, and civil- liberties supporters, as it appeared at first reading to bypass accepted procedures and place undue power in the hands of the energy minister. After a controversial passage through Parliament and public agitation against the bill, it was passed just before Christmas.The bill will prevent costly delays. Says Mr. Birch, ‘The move is to bring procedures before one tribunal and avoid endless appeals and litigation.’ Moreover, it gives the government the green light it needs to develop New Zealand’s considerable natural energy resources”.

Source: Dispute over, New Zealand renews hunt for offshore oil January 28, 1980.By Alastair Carthew Special Report to The Christian Science Monitor. May 1980.

1980NZ’s foreign intelligence analyst service the External Intelligence Bureau (now known as the External Assessment Bureau) warns of the existence of a major drug trafficking hub in Vanuatu. One that is laundering drug, arms and kickbacks to politicians for organised crime in Australia.

  • Source: May 1983 the US Justice Department’s report ‘Operation Cashflow: The Movement and Impact of International Drug Money’.
  • Source: 1989 in a memo dated June 16, dispatched from the New Zealand Embassy in Port Vila to the then External Intelligence Organisation (now known as the External Assessment Bureau),

1980: The military of Papua New Guinness with assistance from NZ and Australia quell a coup in Vanuatu brought on by separatist financed and armed by the Phoenix Foundation a consortium of crooks, arm dealers, fascists, and Libertarian extremists (with mates in high places), attempted to set up money laundering hub on the former French colony.Those responsible including former US Vietnam army officers and CIA types had extensive links to Adnan Khashoggi and his ultra Libertarian fascist venture capitalist mates.

Image result for santo rebellion"

The Phoenix Foundation’s American gangster Robert Vesco (part of Khashoggi’s) and Michael Oliver form an alliance with Jimmy Stevens of the New Hebrides Autonomy Movement  (NHAM) in what would become Vanuatu in July 1980, who had been unsuccessful in recent elections.

Following this meeting NHAM declared an independent Republic of Vemerana in the island of Espiritu Santo in June 1980. The government of ‘Vanuatu’ appealed for aid from Papua New Guinea, who send a battalion of soldiers to stop the rebellion. In ‘Vanuatu’, the “ultra-right US organization” Phoenix Foundation was found to have paid Jimmy Stevens $250,000, for arms and a radio to carry out the ‘succession’; “in return for concessions to install a casino and, allegedly acover for illicit activities from Stevens’ short lived Republic of Vemarana.”

In the end the coup was another Phoenix flop. Yet the incoming government permitted the island to become a major hub for companies wanting to establish money laundreing tax havens (and flag of convienance) that would surface in scandals and interrelated leaks such as the CIA’s Ron Renwald Maori Loans affair, the Wine Box Inquiry, the Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, Magnitsky File, and the Pandoa Papers, the new hand grenades in an economic conflict built on information warfare (Info War).

  • Source: NPR . Source: Instituto del Tercer Mundo (Third World Institute),
  • Source: Vanuatu 1980 Santos Uprising International Response to a Micro nation Crisis -Canberra Papers on Strategy & Defence No. 107 Mathhew Gubb.

1981 During the controversial 1981 South Africa rugby union tour of New Zealand, Ross Meurant is second-in-command of one of the riot units, the Red Squad. He subsequently wrote a book about his experience: The Red Squad Story. The book was a bestseller in both New Zealand and South Africa. Meurant’s star is on the rise as a reliable non nonsense fixer in certain circles.

II) — THE ROGUES GALLERY 1984-87/2017

1984: Lange Labour government led by the Minister of Finance, Roger Douglas, commenced a comprehensive and radical program of economic liberalization, deregulation and privatization. This remarkable comprehensive package of neoliberal macro-economic reform measures was implemented at breakneck speed. This is despite the absence of pressure from international financial institutions, the nature and even the sequencing of this new ‘New Zealand Model’ very closely resembled the Washington Consensus-style of privatisation and public asset striping. (To be fair that was not what the orginal economist planned but what happened once big bussiness turned the doctrine’s ideas on their head).

1984: Labour get elected, for three sucessive, terms on the strength of the public’s disaste for Muldoon’s labour laws, the South African Rugby tour, the Rainbow Warrior Bombing, their stand against ANZUS, same sex marriage (which this author marched in and stills supports), which was passed after Parliament recognised the existing laws went against inalienable rights as covered by our Westminster Constitutional laws including the Bill of Rights 1688.

  • Source: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”. 5 July 2008.
  • Source: Homosexual Law Reform Act 1986 New Zealand.
  • My point are two fold (and aimed at both the left and right wing reactionary activist groups).One: If your going to defend rights.Then defend everyone rights. Two: Parliament can not cherry pick inalienable-rights for some groups and not recognise the rights of others or at least that is not how the law, or the concept of inalienable rights, should work.

Behind closed doors Labour began expanding the USA’s surveillance resources within New Zealand including Waihopai spy base and drastically expand the budget of the New Zealand Special Air Service – enhancing its ability to serve as long range reconnaissance for the US in its proxy cold war and wars for corporate resource grabbing. From this point on New Zealand’s Defence budget will increase each year as the budget for health and education drops proportionally.

1986: The New Zealand Parliament “seized control of the country in a bloodless coup, declaring themselves sovereign above the people in a technical but highly significant move”. Subsequent ‘constitutional acts’ will seek to move New Zealand law in accordance with the United Nations. A United Nation’s whose own terminology concerning human rights and nation hood have being drastically altered since their initial concept namely via the 1958 New York Convention where the power/authority draws from commercial law over common law or indigenous customary rights.

Lord Cooke called the 1986 Constitution Act;

“a legal fiction – a polite way of saying that the Act claims to do one thing but actually achieves another. Specifically, it claims a role for the Queen (the Monarch as opposed to not her majesty) that she did not previously have”.

Source: Bloodless Coup Investigate NZ’s dirtiest political secret: the bloodless coup of 1986 Wishart Ian.   INVESTIGATE: APRIL 00

In the 1976 case of Fitzgerald v Muldoon and Others Prime Minister Robert Muldoon is advised by the Governor-General to abolish a superannuation scheme established by the New Zealand Superannuation Act, 1974, without new legislation. Muldoon felt that the dissolution would be immediate and he could later introduce a bill in parliament to retroactively make the abolition legal. This claim was challenged in court and the Chief Justice Herbert Wild declared that Muldoon’s actions were illegal as they had violated Article 1 of the 1688 Bill of Rights, which provides “that the pretended power of dispensing with laws or the execution of laws by regal authority … is illegal.”

  • Source: NZ’s dirtiest political secret: the bloodless coup of 1986 Wishart Ian.   INVESTIGATE: APRIL 00
  • Source: The Problem of Constitutional Law Reform in New Zealand: A Comparative Analysis Rachel Jones (Page 34-35) A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the degree of Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at the University of Otago – Te Whare Wananga o Otago October 2013.

1987: A coup involving soldiers armed with Uzi submachine guns takes place in Fiji. The Uzi’s are shipped in on the survey ship Babale, a ship owned by Emperor Mining. The Coup is lead by colonel Sveti Rabuka (whose Victoria University thesis was in bloodless coups) to overthrow the Westminster based constitution and replace it with a Bill of Rights not drawn from the Westminster based Bill of Rights 1688. Rather it will be a banana republic that from now on will undermine many fundamental human rights of Fiji citizens of allethnicities. June 1988, Australian Customs discovered 12,000 kilos of arms destined for the new pro-mining rights Fiji Republic. The Darling Harbour weapons are found to have originated from Pakistan shipped via Quintex Tricon, a subsidiary of the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

  • Source: Time Magazine, June 30, 1987, reported a connection between Babale and
    Barron Offshore. The ship itself was partially funded by AusAID as part of a
    defence aid project.
  • Source: Guns of Lautoka, Christopher Harder Sunshine Press 1988
  • Source: Fiji Politics of Illusion  The Military Coups in Fiji January 1988 Pacific Affairs 64(2):296 DOI:10.2307/2760009 Adrian Tanner Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Source: Magna Carta Legacy Fiji The Parliament and the Constitution in Fij Nick Clark and Nick Lindeback Illustrations: Alan Chen Rule of Law Institute of Australia 2015.

1987: Frost and Sullivan compile a private sector ‘threat risk assessment report’ on New Zealand. The kind of analyst the firm usally does for such agencies as the CIA and State Department or industries such as the mining industry.

SOUTHERN KATIPO 2015 NZDF train for Urban Warfare over a conflict sparked by different groups over mining issues.

The Frost & Sullivan report is published eight months prior to the 1987 New Zealand elections. In the analysis of “Regime Stability” it considered the likelihood of what it called “turmoil” in the coming decades as high. “Race” tensions are listed as the number one threat. Gangs like the Black Power and Mongrel mob are singled out as the potential “nucleus for future urban terrorist activities…”. The report provides fuel for future election campaigns in which the law and order issue is simply thinly disguised means of calling for harsher penalties against gang activities and for the crushing civil liberties and lower socio economic demographics in the name of public safety.

The technical term used for such insurgents, used in the American report, is R.0.G.U.E’s. (Racially-Oriented Groups of Unemployed Ethnics). It won’t be the last time we see that term pop up. From the 1970s onwards mining companies and their foreign investors exacerbate existing ethnic tension. So as to divide and conquer as means to secure a monopoly of natural resorces. Which the local denizens, regardless of their ethnicity, or politics, will see little return on. Despite the inital promises of riches.

  • Source: Wellington Confidential No 48 1988.

1989: In my 1999 book STATE SECRETS I write of my own experiences concerning the 1989 New Zealand Defence Force exercise Golden Fleece, which I participated in as a fly on the wall, low level artillery intelligence clerk, stationed to the exercises main command centre;

Operation Golden Fleece was the largest low level intensity warfare that the Defence Department had ever run. It would even have an eight figure budget and involve the entire arms of the Defence Department including both the Regular and Territorial Reserve forces. Amongst the circus I found myself stationed as an Artillery Intelligence Operator (glorified map marker) and signal operator. My post was the central command post of the exercise’s primary fire support base. My neighbours included Army Intelligence, Army Signals and Air Intelligence (manned by an Airforce Captain). It was through proximity to these cells that I discovered that, as a public relations exercise, the Royal New Zealand Army had invited local north Island chapters of the Black Power gang to play the role of terrorists. It was an exercise that would turn to a disaster. One of the reasons being that the Black Power participants turned out to be too enthusiastic in their role. When the Army conducts exercises like this, the Security Forces are expected to “kill” ten terrorists for every member of the Security Forces killed or injured in action. A similar equation for success is determined by the number of POW’s captured.

In Golden Fleece the ratio of Army KIA’s and enemy KIA’s worked out at 1:1. In terms of POW’s the rebels had won hands down. At the end of the three week exercise the Security Forces had lost a staggering 200 men (which, by Low Level Intensity Warfare standards, is more than double expected levels). The figure would have been higher except in a number of cases umpires had not been present so the kills were not included in the official figures. The Black Power made devastating terrorists. One such attack landed by the fun-loving lads of Black Power, a simulated bombing, would have, had the umpires been present, taken (Page 289) out the entire Australian Contingent1 of, if I remember correctly,seventy men. The same attack was later inspected by Royal Army engineers and according to an officer I overheard speaking from the Army Intelligence corner of the tent the wiring of the device was considered an “extremely professional” job. This little piece of information left me viewing the Black Power in a new light. This was not a hotch potch outfit of bikers and misfits, but a highly organised outfit that had demonstrated a high level of military expertise.

Source: During the exercise the only gang I was informed of was Black Power. However, some news reports only document the involvement of the Mongrel Mob’s Whirinaki Chapter. (Te Iwi O Aotearoa, Feb 1989, NZ Geographic, Apr/Jun 1989) The gangs were selected, according to the articles, to play the role of ‘terrorist sympathisers’, referred to as ‘The R.O.G.U.E’S. (Racially-Oriented Groups of Unemployed Ethnics‘.

STATE SECRETS B, VIDGEN 1999 (Howling At The Moon)

1991: During Operation Ivanhoe the events at Golden Fleece caused me to ask an Army intelligence officer, Colonel Peter Maher, while I was attached to the Force Intelligence Group Counter intelligence cell (commanded by Captain Wendy Heath), if the security forces were aware of this situation. Maher confirmed that this was the case. In fact the officer, a full colonel, told me (a then wet behind the ears twenty year old);

“one of his friends was an SIS agent who’d been ordered to investigate Black Power’s ties to the illicit weapons trade. The investigation, however, was abandoned shortly after the agent stumbled on significant new evidence, and plans to officially notify the police were shelved. (This military intelligence officer was interviewed by me twice, once in 1991 and once in 1998. In the second interview there was no significant change in the version of the story that I was told).”

However the colonel, who I will now name as Peter Maher it emerged was only telling me half the a story. According to Norm Piree, a former member of the New Zealand SAS (who I comanaged a restaurant in Wellington called Pasta Al Detente in 2000), the spectacular stuff at Golden Fleece blamed on gangs was in fact Norm’s and his mates in the ‘Rangers.’ The ranger’s were a short lived special forces reconnaissance (picked mostly from 2/1 Delta Company), who had grown beards to look the part of the R.O.G.U.E’s. The military had simply gelded the lily for the politicians and media schmucks which in this case included me. Regardless it was becoming clear in the 1980’s that gangs where financially becoming more sophisticated. Along with drugs the senior gangs (by the late 1990’s -early 2000’s), where showing an increasing interest in procuring black market weapons, as the illicit drug trade blasted holes in our society and the war over drug profits heated up. Yet for nearly 20 years both the police, government and media refused to ackowledge organised crime, littlealone a arms black market, had existed in New Zealad. As under cover cop Peter Williams stated in the book Stoned On Duty “they refused to acknowledge corruption existed and in such an environment of denial corruption naturally flourishsed’.

  • Sources: Confirming concerning New Zealand’s black market weapons market included Kevin Burrows the former police intelligence officer inn charge of gangs in Christchurch, Commissioner Peter, Professor Greg Doone, Professor Greg Newbold, John Anderson – New Zealand Customs intelligence, Tony Spillane – New Zealand Customs intelligence, Detective Daryl Brazier New Zealand Organised Crime Bureau and Patrick O’Brien former Police Intelligence undercover agent, plus the statement made to me by Les Gee, a former Military Intelligence operator who I met at Golden Fleece; (Interviews by B Vidgen.)

Large quantities of weapons were brought into and out of New Zealand…. A lot (of weapons) were coming from Australia, ……, China, another source being surplus organisations in Europe and the USA.” Les believed the ultimate destinations of these weapons were places like Fiji, Eastern Europe, Eastern Africa and Pakistan”.

Source: Corporal Les Gee. Force Intelligent Group New Zealand Defence Force. Golden Fleece 1989. Interview by B Vidgen.

My claims concerning ROGUES and the public role they played at Operation Golden Fleece (and even the explosive device) are confirmed separately in Yvonne Van Dongen’s excellent piece on the exercise which is worth quoting at length for it also flushes out how the town dysfunctional state was born from ‘Rogernomics’ (and the impact of the Washington Consensus) of the small rural forestry town. Yvonne writes;


“By now the ‘rebels’ are completely integrated into the community, although they look a little too clean-cut to be true Minginui style. If only beards didn’t take so long to grow, they sigh. Designer stubble has yet to take Minginui by storm, and that’s all they have managed so far. But they’ve made the grade in other ways. O’Neill is chuffed that he and other rebels and their partners were invited by a Mongrel Mob member to a barbecue at his house…“It was very nice too,” he said, and then shaking his head he adds “Things constantly surprise me here. That particular Mob member has one of the neatest houses in Minginui.”

The Mob have also been written into the scenario because “every society has them, even Colchis.” But they have been renamed in army-speak as the ROGUES — Racially Oriented Groups of Unemployed Ethnics.The first day of the battle opens promisingly, with sunshine. Corporal Junior Ruri (a ‘rebel’) peers out of the lodge window at the golden rays and declares it “a good day for killing soldiers.”

“Called Exercise Golden Fleece, it is the biggest military exercise of its type to be held in New Zealand in 20 years. Despite its isolation — 100km from Rotorua on an unsealed road (nobody drives through Minginui on the way to another destination) Minginui has been the subject of scores of hand-wringing papers from bureaucrats, conservationists and potential tourist operators alike. There are cabinet papers, Ministry of Works reports, conservationists’ pleadings, State Service Commission reports, University of Waikato assessments and more recently comment from Treasury, the Department of Conservation, the Department of Maori Affairs, the cabinet social equity committee . . .and now the army is having a look-in. Surely, these must be some of the most documented people in New Zealand, and the question inevitably arises “Why?” The answer seems to lie in the social history of the place: what has happened to New Zealand, and particularly to the Maori community, in the past 40 years is thrown into sharp relief in this one small outpost. For a start, Minginui was a government creation. It was established by the New Zealand Forest Service in 1946 as a model forest village. They named the town after a nearby stream; the name Minginui literally means “large herb.”

The last time the army decided to treat it as the enemy area they were in for a surprise. This exercise, over 20 years ago now, involved an air drop of soldiers into farmland near the village. Realising they were being described as the enemy for the purpose of the exercise, the locals decided to behave according to type. The story goes that they grabbed one of the soldiers, tied him up in his parachute and took him to the officer in charge at the paratroopers’ assembly point. But the real fight began in the late 1970s — for jobs.

The current level of unemployment in Minginui is thought to exceed 90 per cent, and morale is generally low.


1995: Sandline Affair: Bougainville’s disputes leads to multinational mining interests hiring mercenaries.

The Bogunavile ‘coup’ was to have been led by Colonel Tim Spicer, of Sandline Security, a former British SAS officer closely associated via joint operations and sub contracting with the very unsavory South African outfit, Executive Outcomes and Branch Energy/Diamond Works and Adnan Khashoggi, in various African states. The South African company was, in tum, subcontracted by Sandline to supply the mercenaries and military equipment for this operation. Sandline’s director, retired Lieutenant Colonel Tim Spicer, coordinated the negotiations surrounding Project Contravene.

Such private armies operate as part of elaborate corporate networks whose interests extend well beyond matters of military security. In particular, they tend to connect with mining interests and, in practice, often seek payment from their client governments in the form of mining or other commercial concessions. After the Sandline PNG affair, the two firms (Sandline and Executive Outcomes) were embroiled in yet another incident relating to the shipment of “Bulgarian arms” to Sierra Leone on behalf of Adnan Khashoggi, Rakesh Saxena and Sanjivan Ruprah, (a former executive at Branch Energy, one of the firms associated with the 1997 Sandline affair in PNG).

  • Source: RIO TINTO PLC AND UK MERCENARIESEDM (Early Day Motion)89: tabled on 12 December 2000 UK Parliamanet.

1998:The incoming government of the Solomon’s discovered to their horror that they are expecting the delivery of NZ$64 million worth of surplus military arms. The Australian government sources are quick to announce (without offering a shred of proof) that this armada of weaponry is going to end up in the hands of the BRA an ethnic orientated separatist resistance group formed in Bougainvillea after reputed abuse by foreign mining companies. The Century Arm weapons’ destiny for the Solomon’s ‘ethnic’ wars arrive in New Zealand where according to New Zealand Customs intelligence officer Tony Spillane, the weapons then sat “mysteriously” on the docks in New Zealand for several months. The New Zealand government is quick to assure the Solomon government (as is the case in Australia) that they will do “everything possible” to ensure that these weapons never reach the Solomon’s. The weapons however did exactly that, travelling from New Zealand, after travelling via Australia where they will not be intercepted either.

  • Source: Interview with Tony Spilliane New Zealand Custom’s Intelligence for State Secrets B Vidgen 1999.


1999: I publish State Secrets documenting how mining companies, who later got busted bringing in weapons and mercenary’s into PNG to put down an uprising, used Cargo Air a dubious Eastern European private freight firm based in Hamilton (See also Pacific Express in my book link above). The company can be tied to former director of Phoenix TIG Bulgaria Simon Spitz. Spitz, a Ukrainian Israeli, aother ‘star’ of my books who can be identified as running the Auckland based Pacific Express. Which in 1991 TVNZ Rod Vaughan reported was involved in arms shipments from Eastern Europe into mineral rich nations of Africa. The company is tied to the CIA in turn by the head of the Serious Fraud Office Charles Sturt in his 1995 book Dirty Collars. Pacific Express management originally came from Southern World Airlines, a firm which TVNZ also linked to Mexican drug lords, whose legal counsel Paul Mc Elwee served as legal counsel to members of the Gang of 20 who were laundering Saudi money according to Justice Department investigator Keith Petersen.

  • Source: Interview with Keith Petersen former New Zealand Justice Department Investigator and Rod Vaughan TVNZ, State Secrets B Vidgen (Howling At The Moon) 1999.

2000: Another mercenary running around the Pacific Islands by his own omission was the Walter Mitty impersonator Kelyvn Alp.

Alp is no stranger to the revolutionary cause. Twenty years ago, he was the public face of the so-called New Zealand Armed Intervention Force which came under security service attention after it talked about overthrowing the government.

In an interview with Investigate Magazine, Alp claimed “1500 members” and said the group had access to automatic weapons. Both claims were an exaggeration.

Alp was also quoted claiming the group included former NZSAS members and he had warned off a senior police officer from confronting the organisation. “If you’re on one side, and we’re on the other, and we come head to head, we’ll go through you like a dose of salts.” Alp also claims in the article that he was Lieutenant Commander in the army. There is just one small problem with that claim: no such rank in the army exists. Ooops.

Of course Alp could clear this matter up by simply providing the public with his serial number and some basic documentation. However to date Alp has refused to do this and like most difficult questions that Alp is faced with he never actually deals in specifics and always settles for blanket denials. These are of course published on his own platform in a manner where he is safely preaching to the converted. Internal BNZ documents NBR obtained show Mr Thodey was approached by disgruntled BNZ customer Phillip Verry, a Christchurch accountant who has a high profile as an outspoken critic of the Wool Board, and his self-styled “negotiator” Kelvyn Alp. A BNZ report on the security crisis shows “close personal protection personnel” from Couper Group in response (some of them unlike Alp’s clowns actually where ex-SAS officers, who were deployed to Mr Thodey’s Remuera address after he received the threats). The NZAIF is described by its own members as a Maori sovereignty group sanctioned by the Confederation of Chiefs of the United Tribes of Aotearoa, the “Maori government” of New Zealand who draw their authority from the United Nations.

  • Source: Day of the Jackals: Terror in NZ?: August 2000 Investigate.
  • Source: ‘Maori’ Radicals Threaten BNZ Chief At His Home, By Deborah Hill Cone 20 December 2002. Sharechat.
  • Source: Inside Steve Bannon’s NZ news division Counterspin Media, the kiwi news show hosted on Bannon’s Network David Farrier June 4 2021

2000: Solomon’s weapons imported by Century Arms, with US state approval, are stolen from a police lock up by so-called ethnic separatist, Phoneix Foundation style cargo cultists the Malaita Eagle Force . The Solomon government at the time maintained the real motive of the Eagles was the control of the Solomon’s timber and mineral resources on behalf of foreign corporations.

Source: Alpers, Philip and Conor Twyford. ‘Pacific Shenanigans.’ Small Arms in the Pacific; Occasional Paper No. 8, p. 8. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 31 March 2003.

2000: Fiji’s second and third coup publicised as result of ethnic tensions.The real motive is control of Fiji’s timber (and mineral resources) on behalf of foreign corporations.

Source: Fiji: Timber’s Role in Coup Corpwatch. June 12 2000.

2001: 9/11 The Twin Towers attack takes place on the 28th anniversary of the CIA and the multinational take over of Chile. It was used as the pretext for the invasion of Iraq and the seizure of their natural resources. Three years before George W. Bush entered the White House, and years before the Sept. 11 attacks would set the direction of his presidency, a group of influential neo-conservatives hatched a plan to get Saddam Hussein and other opponents of the USA out of power. The group is called the Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, was founded in 1997. 

The group include the financial beneficiaries of the war. Bush himself can be included in that list. Along with many involved with the Saudi Royal family who in the years following 9/11, have fallen under increased suspicion for their possible role in 9/11. Regardless, whether true or not, the fact remains after 9/11 civil liberties took a kicking around the world as the military industrial makes a killing.

  • Source: Partial list of people associated with the Project For The New American Century.
  • Source: PNAC Present Danger As Blue Print For Bush Doctrine. Tom Barry Foreign Policy In Focus, October 31, 2002.
  • Source: Were 1998 Memos a Blueprint for War? ABC March 10 2003.
  • Source: Declassified FBI memo ‘confirms’ direct connection between Saudi government and 9/11 Insider. Mattathias Schwatz May 5, 2022.

2002: The Terrorism Suppression Act provides that the Prime Minister may designate an entity as a terrorist, it does not specify any particular process leading up to that designation, other than that she must consult with the Attorney-General (and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in the case of an interim designation).

The Act “does not” prescribe who may seek a designation or the reasons for doing so. Accordingly it is up to the Cabinet and the relevant Government departments – namely, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (including the Domestic and External Security Secretariat and the External Assessments Bureau), the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Police – to decide whose a terrorist or not -shit it just as will we have the courts to call parliament to heel. Oh that right we don’t any more.

Source New Zealand’s Anti-Terrorism Campaign: Balancing Civil Liberties, National Security,
And International Responsibilities. Prepared by John E Smith With funding from the sponsors of the Ian Axford Fellowship (US Embassy -Fulbright) in Public Policy December 2003.

2003: Under attack by the opposition National Party led at the time by Don Brash, Prime Minister Helen Clark of the Labour Party announced that the government would legislate to ensure public ownership of the foreshore and seabed.

From 1840 to 1997, this area, which covers over 100,000 square kilometers or 40 percent of New Zealand’s dry land area, had been considered as vested in the Crown under common law as it was in Britain. It has grown drastically with the expansion of our Economic Exclusion Zone in 2008.

The Labour/’Progressive’ (cough) government passed the Foreshore and Seabed Act on November 18, 2004. The Act declared that the Crown owned the foreshore and seabed and Maori can, however, apply for “guardianship” of certain areas. New Zealand Herald columnist Fran O’Sullivan wrote on February 6, 2010, “what’s really at stake are the big bucks that can be earned from commercial activities such as marine farming, mining, iron sands or even clipping the ticket on revenue from offshore gas and petroleum deposits.” Like many people O’Sullivan in her analyt fails to appreciate the legal signifgance between hapu and iwi but on the underling motive behind the sudden urgency to adress this issue she is bang on target.

SEE ALSO APPENDIX IIForeshore, seabed means dollars.

2004: The Supreme Court Act 2004 is passed in the same manner as the 1986 Constitutional Act was passed without a parliament house majority or a referendum being held. Once again due process was not followed as parliament empowered itself in a manner already declared illegal following Muldoon VS Fitzgerald 1975. The Waitangi Tribunal held an urgent inquiry in January 2004 and issued a report that was highly critical of the Crown’s approach. In turn, the Government accused the tribunal of rejecting the principle of parliamentary sovereignty which the tribunal rejected. Anthony Te Uruhi Wihapi, speaking on behalf of Te Arawa No 1 Maori executive committee working party, said New Zealand first needed to adopt a written constitution and the Treaty of Waitangi into law before a Supreme Court should have been set up. “We believe until the Treaty of Waitangi is formally incorporated into New Zealand law we cannot support the final cutting of ties with the Privy Council as it is not the Privy Council that is the important tie but rather our tie to the English monarch,” said Mr Wihapi. The Treaty of Waitangi was an agreement between Maori and London, not Wellington, and the establishment of a Supreme Court would significantly alter that relationship, select committee MPs were told”.

  • Source: NZ’s dirtiest political secret: the bloodless coup of 1986 Wishart Ian.   INVESTIGATE: APRIL 00.
  • Source: The Problem of Constitutional Law Reform in New Zealand: A Comparative Analysis Rachel Jones (Page 34-35) A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the degree of Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at the University of Otago – Te Whare Wananga o Otago October 2013.
  • Source: Losing Privy Council a ‘threat’ to Maori rights 6 May, 2003 New Zealand Herald.

2005: Kevlny Alp goes from wanting to overthrow the government to standing for Parliament. He stood again in 2011 as a candidate in the Māori seat of Te Tai Tokerau. He said of the latter campaign: “I wanted to see how many intelligent Māori there were. Unfortunately there weren’t many.

  • Source: Inside Steve Bannon’s NZ news division Counterspin Media, the kiwi news show

2006: Fiji’s 4th coupis publicised as result of ethnic tensions.The real motive is control of Fiji’s timber (and mineral resources) on behalf of foreign corporation.

  • Source: Rethinking Fiji Coups: Corporate Domination and an Unseen Order By Gopal Nair A thesis presented in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Department of Humanities and Languages University of Western Sydney May 2010.

2006: NZ soldiers begin to be armed with shotguns. The shotguns are capable of firing anything from bean bags to CS gas rounds to live rounds to deter rioters and other security threats. Shotguns are also useful in populated areas.  

  • Source: NZ soldiers to be armed with shotguns 21.11.2006 New Zealand Herald.

2006: Local reporting and democracy takes another hit.

‘The last cooperative exchange of content between the country’s daily newspapers was transmitted by the New Zealand Press Association (NZPA). The following day a new commercial regime came into force, ending 125 years of collaboration to provide nationwide news coverage. The change fundamentally altered the nature of the news agency and had significant effects on the newspapers that were its principal clients… Competition replaced cooperation as ownership passed from local publishers with an investment in the community to foreign companies with high profit expectations and an almost pathological dislike of their rivals…At its most basic the restructuring of NZPA could be seen both as a consequence of globalisation and as part of what the late Bruce Jesson, in one of his many attacks on post-1987 economic policy, described as a “neurotic need to model our entire society along commercial lines”

Source: Word War Demutualising the New Zealand Press Association – Gavin Ellis (former editor New Zealand Herald)

2006:Ben Vidgen publishes State Secret 2 – Return Fire which focuses on Vanuatu shady tax haven banks and New Zealand’s own ties to money laundering and arms dealing – including accounts named by Jutice Jain in the inquiry into the 1991 assassination of former Inidan Prime Minister Rajvi Ghandi managed by Adnan Khashoggi to fund “CIA” arms deals, used “engineer assassinations and detabilise regions” and finance terrorism.

  • Source State Secrets 2 Return Fire: B Vidgen citing Indian Express 11.7. 1998, New Zealand Herald 12.01.2002, The Australian 13.2.1999, Page 119 -129.

2007: OPERATION 8 –– The targeting of social activism begin in earnest 2007 police raids on Ureweras. Same week 2007 Terrorism suppression bill gives US power to define terrorist activities in NZ. Or more accurately who is and who is not a terrorist in NZ. The group in reality only has two people of any real interest. The rest are clearly unaware of the deeper dramas they have become involved with. The terrorist get their equipment from Gun City the same outlet who armed the 1995 Aromoana shooter David Gray and the 2019 Mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant.

Maori Party MP Te Ururoa confirmed the process of review of “designations would become less independent and even more vulnerable to political interference. There is also the risk of enabling greater influence from other nations, such as the United State

  • Source: Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill — Second Reading [Sitting date: 24 October 2007. Volume:643;Page:12677. Text is incorporated into the Bound Volume.]


Taupo / Sunday feature pre-race (2008)

“NY Law”, is what the UN endorsed TPPA trade bill is based on serves to place the rights of corporations above the inalienable rights of men.

Its called NY law because before NY was NY it was New Amsterdam which was founded by the Dutch East Indies Tea Comapany. Even today NY state laws are based on a combination of Dutch customary law and commerical law. The East Indies Tea Company logo is basically what your common pirates flags is based on (Will technically thats the American Dutch East Company).

Incidentally another fun fact about flags (as Sheldon would say) The Crossed Skull & Bones ‘Law of The Sea’ is simply the V for V.I.T.R.I.O.L. or the Square & Compass as used by The Dutch East Indies Tea Company. A company whose own history is firmly linked to the friend-ship society & esoteric based friend ship societies which became popular in 17 Century England with the Hanoverian Hapsburg sucession of the Royal family following Cromwell’s execution.

2008: Helen Clark meets with South African arms dealer Tony Teixera (photo left), “the Merchant of Death” of Diamond Works. A firm which can be linked to Tim Spicer of the failed 1995 Sandline PNG mining mercenary scandal. Texeriea is recognised as the replacement for Khashoggi’s in Saudi West joint ventures. Also in attendance were several members of the New Zealand Business Round Table involved with technology and innovation.

  • Source:Energy firm link to blood diamonds, December 30 2007 Sunday Times.

2008: The New Zealand exclusion zone is extended and recognised by the United Nations it now includes the continental shelf. An area rich in seabed minerals estimated to have trillion dollar net worth and have drawn the interest of Lockheed Martin’s UK Seabed resources. Zealandia AND ITS MINERAL POTENTIAL, has been extensively studied since 1895 (see W. H. F. Smith and D. T. Sandwell Science 277, 1956–1962; 1997).

Such studies underpinned New Zealand’s successful 2008 application to the United Nations to extend the limits of the continental shelf and its Economic Exclusion Zone. And in return New Zealand will in return recognise the UN soveignity over international treaties (Law of the Seas) and arbitration as laid down in the 1958 New York Accords.

  • Source: Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) Ocean & Law of the ea United nations.
  • Source $52m wharf opens on Chatham Island 15.3.2018 RNZ.
  • Source: Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill — Second Reading [Sitting date: 24 October 2007. Volume: 643; Page:12677. Text is incorporated into the Bound Volume].

2008: Helen Clark tables the TPPA, a trade deal whose Investment State Dispute Settlement clauses would permit corporation to sue governments. The clausewould give them more power than ordinary citizen under a tribunal that would be overseen by an offshore tribunal that would in turn oversee dispute based on New York state law in accordance with the 1958 New York Convention. ( Aka the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York, 10 June 1958).

  • Source: Still standing: Investors’ ability to sue the Government under CPTPP 25.6.2018 MinterEllisonRuddWatt Legal Practice.
  • Source: Clark says “unthinkable” for NZ to not be in TPP Kiwi Blog October 1, 2015 DAVID FARRAR.
  • Source: United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York, 10 June 1958).
Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York, 1958) 153 State parties (2014) Q. Is s capitalized in State parties

2008: New York merchant banker John Key becomes New Zealand’s next Prime Minister, supported by the New Zealand Business Round Table and prominent Americans such as Richard V Allen (who lives part time in Queenstown New Zealand), one of the signataries of the pre 9/11 Project for A New American Century (PANAC), an advocacy group for American military expansion.

  • Source: Nicky Hager The Hallow Men Craig Potton Publishing. (January 1, 2006).

2009: Helen Clark becomes head of the UNDP supported by Saudi Arabia and the USA’s vote. As the head of the UNDP Clark will give UN support for Vision 2030 the Saudi led plan to develop technology and innovation as a means of bringing democracy to the Arab states and helping them exit from oil into other ‘sustainable technology’ energy sources. The program is also backed by US smart weapons manufacture Lockheed Martin, Khasoggi former buddies in a kickback for votes scheme involving Adnan Khasoggi back in 1970’s.

  • Source: GCC-UNDP in deal to boost ties over human development Arab News. Sep 30 2015.
  • Source: Lockheed Martin’s Contribution to Saudi Vision 2030 Israel Defence. 18.3.2018.
  • Source: The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld, Peter Dale Scott. Asia Pacific Journal March 3, 2014 Volume 12 | Issue 10 | Number 5 Article ID 4090.
  • Source The Lockheed – BAE File- Scandal 8.6.2007 The Guardian.
  • Source: From Blood Diamonads to Blood Cobolt: the Rape of the Congo, Dogma & Geopolitics 24.11.2004.

2009: Local press in the Solomon Island’s accuse Kelvyn Alp of agitating ethnic tensions so as to destabilise the mineral rich island of the Solomon Islands.


The Solomon Islands National Union of Workers says it is still waiting for the government to explain why it has allowed what is calls a highly questionable company a mining licence. An alluvial gold mining license has been granted to Phoenix International to mine in the Koleasi area The General Secretary of the union, Tony Kagovai, says that the union was very concerned about the issuing of the license without proper checks being done on the individuals involved in the venture..”.

Kelvyn Alp denys the claims and has demanded an apology from the union.

Source: Solomon Islands union questions granting of mining license
10:53 am on 27 March 2009 

His investor probably feel the same amount on their returns which emerge as zero.

2009: A former Soviet air force transport plane flying from North Korea to Iran stops to refuel in Bangkok. The flight listed its cargo as spare parts for oil-drilling equipment. Instead police found 30 tonnes of explosives, rocket-propelled grenades and components for surface-to-air missiles, all being transported in breach of United Nations sanctions. Three months later in a Miami courtroom, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed the country’s largest money-laundering scheme involving billions of dollars from Russian mobsters and Mexican drug lords, much of it washed through Vanuatu, Australian and New Zealand banks (and nominee firms). The one common element – a number of shell companies, based in Vanuatu, associated with 68-year-old Queensland Libaterian Geoffrey Taylor whose ‘knighthood’ and his ‘diplomatic’ career as a high representative to Vanuatu lay bestowed upon him by the Hutt River Principality. 


‘The Hutt’ is an allodial land claim which Australia’s government and public have treated as a joke (while also using it when and as it suits them to shift shady cash and dodge taxes). The Hutt can be also connected to the bastardised soverign movement promoter Australian Shane Wenzel the legal advocate for James Lockett (the fomer minder of Auckland property developer Mark Lyons the Goodman Fielder heir – convicted of meth dealing and rape) and a close friend of the Tainui ‘royal’ family and their friends in turn. Attempts to link this major case of Russian Mexican cartel money laundering to Putin alone (largely by the likes of Yukos share holder Richad V Allen and other Project New American Century groupies), tend to gloss over the extensive history of Vanuatu and the Libertarians/ CIA affiliated luminaries – who first established Vanuatu ( & Hutt River) as a conduits for money laundering, kick backs and arms deals,back in the seventies.


When government investigators began first investigating Mossack Fonseca (The Panama Papers), the dodgey bank linked to the CIA, Noregia,Khassoggi, the Iran Contra Affair, Libaterians and well literally the Nazis, circa 2009, the first stone was cast by the Financial Investigation Agency of the British Virgin Islands. FIA wrote to Mossack Fonseca inquiring about a single company Fincom Trade Ltd. Mosaack Fonseca quickly responded; “The Beneficial Owner of the company is Ms. Nesita Manceau whose address is: 1st Floor, Pacific Building, Port Vila, Vanuatu,”.

Manceaur former husband Rene Manceau is reported as saying Nesita served as a housekeeper (after moving to the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu), where she worked for Lord Stubington aka Geoffrey Taylor. The origins of Taylor’s knighthood and his diplomatic career as high representative to Vanuatu lie in Hutt River Province, the third place where his “university” was, until recently, registered (since then his honours have being stripped from him by the ‘Prinicpality’ ‘which has since “closed” its borders).

  • Source: Inside the shell: Drugs, arms and tax scams Gerald Ryle February 7, 2013 International Consortium of Investigative Journalism.
  • Source: Panama Papers Vanuatu Connection – Vanuatu Nightly News May 12, 2016.

2009: Helen Clark becomes head of the UNDP supported by Saudi Arabia and the USA’s vote. As the head of the UNDP Clark will give UN support for Vision 2030 the Saudi led plan to develop technology and innovation as a means of bringing democracy to the Arab states and helping them exit from oil into other ‘sustainable technology’ energy sources. The program is also backed by US smart weapons manufacture Lockheed Martin, Khasoggi former buddies in a kickback for votes scheme involving Adnan Khasoggi back in 1970’s.

  • Source: Repeal of Foreshore and Seabed Act announced Parliamntary Release Christopher Finlayson Attorney General 15.6.2010.

2010: Prime Minister John Key and Peter Sharpels of The Maori Party announce a Constitutional Review. Sharpels say the review will include “how tikanga Maori might be recognised, and the place of the Treaty of Waitangi in the constitution From a Maori point of view, our tikanga were the original common law of Aotearoa, underpinned by values like manaakitanga, kaitiakitanga, whanaungatanga, kotahitanga. But tikanga around land ownership, for example, were undermined by political and legal systems which broke down rangatiratanga and established a new tikanga of private individual rights. So now our current laws cannot protect the intellectual property rights and cultural heritage of traditional Maori groups, because the law is designed for individuals, and it does not recognise whanau and hapu as collectives without a legally incorporated structure….So legal recognition of tikanga Maori, including the collective rights of whanau and hapu groups, could help us to strengthen our society”. 

The problem with Sharpels claim is the review in fact does not recognise either hapu or common law (the banes of the TPPA/CPTPP) as Maori academics themselves begin to realise upon closer examination of the Constituional Panel financing in 2013. The Maori party will be voted out at the next election after their own electorate perceive Sharpels is  too close to Key’s government. It comes as the first sign of cracks between hapu and corporate iwi (Iwinomics) emerge).

  • Source: Announcement of constitutional review Parliamentary Release Pita Sharples 9.12.2010.

2010: A Bill is introduced permitting private ownership of New Zealand’s water infrastructure for up to 35 years. A protest was held on June 12th 2010 to say no to council’s being able pass council ownership for the duration to private tender contractors. The Bill is proposed by Rodney Hide’s ActParty and the called Local Government Amendment Bill. A decade later Act is hypocritically one of the key parties telling its voters to oppose 3 Water.Even though they created the very bill which permitted this to be legal.

Ten years later it’s now the ‘left’ cheering on water privatisation for no apparent reason than the current protester have being labelled ‘right wing’ and Act ‘Ground Swell’ voter (to be fair some of them are) by the same corporate media and government funded academic still in the grips of the Washington Consensus of Rogernomics. The same parties promote local democracy and “public interest” journalism which is marketed as counter centralisation of power. As no one notices the local council’s signing up to the well meaning/sounding New York Convention/Washington Consensus (shoved on to the table by highly paid executives (who dont answer to central government), influenced declarations and policy papers written by New York merchant bankers, American economists and the NZ Insititute – aka The Bussiness Roud Table.

“a new economic vision” through Special Economic Zones.

In the same vein New Zealand councils began talking of Special Economic Zones, also planted in their heads around 2010 by the same LGNZ executives that would permit councils to bypass laws concerning the environment, transparency and sale of public assets. There’s a fun red flag fact right there.

  • Source: Water privatisation protest Press Release: Right To Water Lobby.
  • Source: Claims Water Laws Not Privatisation Disingenuous Press Release: Right To Water Lobby
  • Source: ‘Special Economic Zone’ idea gets local government backing  RNZ 13 July 2017 Asian Development Bank Institute.
  • Source: Appropriate Economic Space for Transnational Infrastructural Projects: Gateways, Multimodal Corridors, and Special Economic Zones ADB Institute 2010.


2010 (-2016): Christchurch earthquakes takes place as the oil and mineral potential of the Southern basin once more becomes a public topic. Criticism against those who claim the earthquake and mass whale dolphin strandings (which occurred shortly before all three quakes – all in locations where you can find powerful military funded ionosphere transmitters and where military research into the New Zealand ionosphere dates back more than sixty years) where not normal seismic activity, including the events magnosphere signatures, in the end only prove one thing. The corporate media and geologists are not up to date with the evolution of understanding concerning the science of ionosphere seismic coupling or the rapid development of high range propagation boosting technology in the past two decades.

And thus the rock boffins should shut their yaps and stick to their knitting. Meanwhile the media should go and talk to some astrophysicists and get their badly researched assumption upgraded. That and the fact that the oil and mining industry had a lot of survey equipment in New Zealand (and over New Zealand) at the time of all three quakes, which coincided with major military exercises including Katipo, Koru and Mahi Tangaroa with oriented war game scripts concerning fictional disputes over natural resources in an increasingly unstable pacific subject to competition for natural resources worth trillions of dollars.. This author will happily debate contemporary geophysical warfare technology developments with any hack or rock boffin anywhere any time.


2011: US begins resuming military training in New Zealand at a rate that increasingly accelerates as the emergence of a new cold war becomes apparent. The bulk of the training focuses on counter insurgency warfare and crowd control.

2011: Police buy large quantities of riot equipment under the guise of World Cup preparations.

  • Source:Police reveal new riot gear May 27 2011 Stuff.

2011 US Marine’s visit Linton army base Palmerston North. The first visit by US military contingency (Operation deeep Freeze operations aside), in an offical capcity, for nearly thirty years.

  • Source: Offical site of the US Marines 9.9.2011.

2012: US Marine’s begin riot training and crowd control at Linton army base. Exercise Galvanic Kiwi.

  • Source: Marines join forces with NZ Cathie Bell Jun 28 2012 Stuff.

2012: The Washington Declaration between the United States and New Zealand, signed on 19 June 2012 at the Pentagon, established a framework for strengthening and building the basis for defense cooperation. The agreement was signed by New Zealand Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman and US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

  • Source: US-NZ defence arrangement signed Parlimentary Release Jonathan Coleman Minister for Defence 20 JUNE 2012.

2012: US Ambassador Leon Panetta says he would like to see a “permanent presence of US troops in New Zealand”. The US deploys 2500 marines to Australia (20,000 if you include non combative support and civilian contractors). The USA begins talks with Singapore and the Philippines about boosting its military presence there.

  • Source: US keen to station troops in NZ: Panetta September 24 2012. Stuff.
Today’s Labour/Green supporters shocked by the events of 2019 are offended by the ‘misinformation’ from the likes of (the highly obnoxious) Cameron Slatter and are being persuaded that more tools to controls of online Disinformation and greater power for the states security aparatus will stop ‘hate the crimes’ and thus is a good thing.Seemingly oblivious to what the consequences of such policy may me mean when following a election change people like Cameron Slater’s friend Judith Collins are now in charge of the Captain’s chair. And now the shoes is on the other foot…its just a step to the ‘LEFT’ and a JUMP! to the ‘RIGHT‘.

2012: New Zealand Search and Surveillance Act of 2012 passed as government gives US permission to fly spy drones over New Zealand. The Act gives gives the police and “other enforcement officers” warrantless search and surveillance powers, that can be used against people being investigated, during an arrest.

  • Source: The review of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012 New Zealand Law Society.

The idea of a general warrant (later called writs of assistance in America), or warrantless powers ,is fundamental NO! & NO! of the Westminster system and the New Zealand statues covered by the English statues (Imperial Act 1988) which were outlawed in 1752 after free speech activist John Wilkes proved it was fundamental breach of privacy as Baroness Hale notes;


Lord Halifax, Secretary of State, issued a general warrant, authorising the King’s Messengers to search for the unnamed authors, printers and publishers of The North Briton and to seize them and their papers. Wilkes and a number of printers and apprentices were rounded up under the warrant, eventually achieved their release and brought actions for false imprisonment and trespass. Wilkes, of course, was a prominent politician but the others were ordinary folk who had never brought such actions before. The juries found for the plaintiffs and awarded them large sums in damages. In none of these cases was the issue of the legality of such warrants clearly raised and decided, although both Chief Justice Pratt, of the Court of Common Pleas, and Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of the Court of King’s Bench, expressed the view that they were not.Indeed, Pratt CJ, in declining to interfere with the jury’s awards, observed that the jury had been struck by the Secretary of State ‘exercising arbitrary power, violating Magna Carta, and attempting to destroy the liberty of the kingdom’.The result was that it became unsafe to rely on general warrants and no more were issued.

  • Source: Magna Carta: Did she die in vain? Baroness Hale, Deputy President of the Supreme Court Gray’s Inn, 19 October 2015.

2012: Time of London report how gangs such as the Hells Angels are infiltrating the mining with biker gang members rising up through ranks to management while running Asian prostitution, night clubs and drug rings.

“Former” mercenary Kelvyn Alp Phoenix International Mines with Adult Entertainer entrepneur Srtve Crow & wearing the patches of Viking MC a “Puppett” gang for the Hells Anglels.
  • Source: Brutal gangs are stealing our business, say call girls Times 12.11.2021.
  • Source: Bikie gangs run nightclub drug scene 3.9.2021
  • Source: Gang elder evading prison recall New Zealand Herald 20.8.13

2013: Private security start emerging at courts, then MSD offices, then Department of Conservation offices get private security goons and prisons including those with gang ties.


2013: New Zealand Defence Force hand book describes investigative journalists as “subversives”.

  • Source: NZDF Training manual courtesy of Nicky Hager. Verfied Source: Ex-Defence boss: Journalists not the ‘enemy 29.7.2013. New Zealand Herald.

2013: Lockheed-Martin lobbies for a change in the Constitution of Fiji– currently that would permit deep sea mining. The Constitution is administered by an “illegal” government that took control via a military coup first in 1987 supported by Adnan Khashoggi and Emperor Mining. SOPAC (The Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission) requested that the Pacific Network on Globalization (PANG) remove an article, “U.S. giant using SOPAC and Fiji regime to access seabed minerals in international waters” (Later removed) Additionally, section 46 of the proposed draft criminalises protest of the Fiji International Seabed Sponsorship Authority (FISSA), which in essence provides a guaranteed news blackout in Fiji for Lockheed Martin to pursue experimental deep seabed mining without public protest.

2013: The Chatham Rise between the South Island of New Zealand and the Chatham Islands has been identified as a possible site for sea-floor mining of phosphate deposits.

  • Source: Chatham Islands wants in on any mining benefits RNZ Jan 7 2013.

2013: The Constitutional Advisory panel, a paid group of consultants picked by the John Key and Peter Sharpels, only looks at the Rangatira (chief) rights of incorporated Maori and omits any discussion of the English statues or the right of Maori and Pakeha as individuals. Lawyer Mirma Broughton hammers this point home in the Maori Law Review, when citing her own concern that the Constitutional Advisory Panel (which utterly omits common law the Pakeha equivalent of customary rights), the handpicked panel has acknowledged the sovereign rights of Rangatira [chiefs] but not the sovereignty of Whanau or Hapu to whom tikanga also applies – as we can see by the fact the treaty and 1835 declaration of nation hood was signed  by leaders of hapu (not just Iwi) and has been recognised in New Zealand courts. Both Labour and National repeatedly refuse to publicly respond to the panel recommendations despite being required to do so by law.

“In my view, a constitution includes a hapū, whānau, iwi and Crown relationship. The Constitutional Advisory Panel terms of reference seem to exclude a constitutional model based on these relationships and the development of a tikanga-based constitution. Recent court decisions appear to indicate some movement or a willingness by some members of the judiciary to recognise tikanga as law. And yet the terms of reference for the panel don’t seem to recognise this. From my experience, there are fundamental changes that need to take place within university law schools to more accurately reflect the relationship between tikanga, Te Tiriti and Crown law.”

Professor Jack Vowles Political Science and International Relations programme at Te Herenga Waka maori studies at Victoria University of Wellington notes Government must openly discuss its position on the Māori role in governance or people will come to suspect that radical change is being covertly pursued behind the scenes: Vowles explains how this also undermines Maori rights and manipulates the concept upon which co-governance was actually built. An idea which I personally believe in but only if it is first built and executed correctly with due diligence and execution of checks and balances that have been absent for the last 35 years and counting. And so far that’s not looking likely. Instead we face a slow motion (but pickup speed) constitutional coup.

2014: Evergreen International NZ wins a $80 million contract to supply security services to the Ministry of Social Development, Evergreen, is owned by New York-based Evergreen Capital, who acquired the Armourguard business from Tyco. Tyco is owned by ex US Secret Service electronic surveillance specialist James Covert, a resident at Queenstown Millbrook ‘gated’ resort used to host Fives Eye Mass surveillance and cyberwarfare strategy meetings. Covert’s peers in Queenstown include former National Security Adviser Ronald Reagan Richard V Allen (a signee of the pre 9/11 Project For A New American Century), Peter Thiel the inventor of the Palantir information dominance software used by Five Eyes nations and its partners in the private sector.

  • Source: New Armourguard owner wins $80m govt security contract New Zealand Herald 20 May, 2014 09:49 2014: Exercise Exercise Alam Halfa.

The 2014 exercise involves a scenario where troops must restore peace between two fictitious nations Bekara and Alpiria clashing over a mining dispute and apopulationof displaced and alineated. In addition to training at Waiouru, troops are deployed around the Bay of Plenty and the gold mining town of Thames and are scheduled to be deployed to Hawkes Bay. The exercise involves participation from the New Zealand Army and Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), as well as the US Army and Marine Corps.

  • Source: New Zealand Defence Force conducts Exercise Alam Halfa 2014 May 12 2014 Army Technology.

2014: Soldiers from the Defence Force and the US Marine Corps work on a scenario titled Kiwi Koru created by the US war college in 1998 and is an extension of the Colchis series that produced Golden Fleece in 1989. The script is that they will aim to restore peace between two fictitious nations – Bekara and Alpiria. The exercise is called ‘Kiwi Koru’ and will also include the Royal New Zealand Airforce. Participants include New Zealand Defence Force soldiers, the 1st New Zealand Brigade, and U.S. Army Soldiers of the 25th Infantry Division. The NZDF official spokesman described it as a “regular fixture on the Army’s training calendar…held every two years to test agility and adaptability of the Army alongside the Royal New Zealand Air Force and New Zealand’s South West Pacific partners the U.S. Marine Corps Forces and U.S. Army Pacific.”


Though in fact New Zealand’s military only resumed training with the US since 2011. The exercise in Taranaki is kicked off on November 5th the anniversary of the sacking of Parihaka and the confiscation of Maori land at the government hands on behalf of property speculators who wanted the regions natural resources in 1881.

  • Source: Taranaki hosts NZ/US military exercise Radio NZ 3.11.2014.

2015: Food Act 2014 defining water as a food. Source: Food Act 2014:

2015: Health & Safety Reform Bill increases power of search by government and non -government agencies. It gives the state the power for secret trials. “Last minute” changes to new health and safety laws expanded the use of controversial “secret courts.” The Law Society has drawn attention to a late addition to the contentious reforms. It would allow hearings behind closed doors to protect national security. Secret intelligence could be introduced into proceedings by the Government, but neither the defendant or their lawyers can see the evidence. Law Society President Chris Moore says the clause should not have been introduced at the last minute, and should be removed pending a Law Commission review on National Security Information in Proceedings. He “says the provisions are not consistent with the right to a fair trial and the late-stage addition means they have not been subject to a Bill of Rights vetting process or public consultation.”The Law Commission has already identified significant issues about the matters covered by the provisions which have been inserted in the Bill, and it does not appear that these have been taken into account,” Moore added. “Those include ‘major human rights issues.'”

  • Source: New health and safety laws contain ‘secret courts’ provision Andrea Vance Aug 25 2015 Stuff.
  • Source: Media release: Say no to secret trials Press Releasse  Human Rights Foundation 27.8.2015/or try (if site wont access) Source: New health and safety laws contain ‘secret courts’ provision Andrea Vance17:58, Aug 25 2015 Stuff.

2015:  John Key’s flag debate gives Vidgen his 15 seconds of fame when he suggests the ‘Flag’ debate is linked to constitutional changes necessary to bring about the TPPA and make it Investment State Dispute Settlement constitutionally legal. Of the twenty or so media outlets, including TV, Radio news papers and reports (who all report out of context my claims and fail to relay to their audience what my own qualifications and academic credentials are), Michael Daly of the Dominion Post is the only reporter who bothers to interview me. And Daly is the only one who correctly report my claims in there correct context.

Ben Vidgen, who wrote the blog raising concerns about due authority, said the issue was not the change to the flag by itself, but how it was related to other changes, including the replacement of the Privy Council by the Supreme Court. ‘ou can stick a picture of a cat on a flag. If that’s the only thing that happens it doesn’t matter,’ Vidgen said. But changing the flag was just part of a process. ‘Part of that process has already occurred. We’ve already changed our court system. That’s the most important thing. Beyond the court system and the flag was the work of the Constitutional Advisory Panel – which reported to the Government in late 2013. Among issues looked at by that panel was whether New Zealand should have a new head of state, Vidgen said. ‘”Once the flag debate is out of the way, the next debate is probably going to be whether we keep a governor-general or have a president.’ Vidgen said he was worried about the possibility of a centralisation of power but it was hard to guess what constitutional changes would be made. ‘We should be having that discussion right now.’

Source: Finlayson: theory about impact of removing Union Jack from flag ‘moderately nuts’ Michael Daly Sep 09 2015 Dominion Post

The Flag Panel includes members and relatives also associated with the New Zealand Flag Panel.

2015: The 2015 war games Southern Katipo leaves;

“an unpleasant taste in some people’s mouths. One woman who took part in an actual protest, peacefully standing with other Murchison women opposed to the military’s entrance into their town, said the women were manhandled with unnecessary aggression by troops. She says the ‘war-games’ experience has left her with a lingering fear of the military, and a mistrust of the police who worked in tandem with them for the duration of the exercise. If the exercises had been designed solely for humanitarian purposes – support after a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or severe weather event – they would, of course, be welcome, but the exercises are fundamentally designed to quell civil unrest”....Parks and sports areas were requisitioned by the military and declared off-limits to locals, while troops conducted armed exercises around the shopping area, on domestic streets, in rural areas and within Kahurangi National Park”.

The ‘war games’ are based on a fictitious scenario set in a Pacific region called Becara, which is suffering high unemployment due to a decline in forestry, coal and gold mining and ‘low investor confidence’. When the Becaran government proposes a new economic vision for the region, some Becarans object and form a resistance movement to oppose it.” Becara “enjoyed a relatively prosperous economy… Radical and highly controversial economic reforms adopted by the President opened Becara’s industries to foreign investors and granted free and open access to its mineral and forestry industries. The reforms proved highly successful”. Becara is deemed to be on the brink of collapse and the UN is given a mandate for international intervention. New Zealand troops have been deployed to lead a multinational force tasked with restoring “order.”

  • Source: Journal of the Anti-Bases Campaign November 2017 Ready Reactionary CounterInsurgency by Dennis Small.


”The influx of multinational companies developed the nation’s critical infrastructure (ports/air-fields/hospitals, etc.), and almost 60% of the nation’s young male population were employed by the mining and forestry industries, encouraging significant migration to urban centres from the countryside. But by the early 1990s, the economy began to weaken. As the mineral and forestry resources were depleted, the profit margins of the foreign corporations reduced, and they began to scale down and withdraw non-core operations. Unfortunately, the economic boom was now becoming a bust! Among other problems, there had been indiscriminate neglect of the environment. Unrest And Rebellion: In 2015 the majority Wesso (Westportian) ethnic group conducted mass protests, due to their anger about unemployment and what they saw as their disenfranchisement. They were led by extremist militia (similar to Alp’s AIF) groups. The Wessos turned on their minority ethnic Havo cousins, blaming them for the economic crisis. But NZ intervened in the republic’s internal affairs and stabilised the situation. Stability proved to be only paper-thin. The underlying issues that had sparked the social unrest remained unresolved. In 2016 in creased violence by Wesso radicals broke out on an unacceptable level. One of the underlying problems relates to the conditions of many of the Havos. Traditionally, Havo land had been the source of most of Becara’s agriculture. When many Havos moved to the urban areas in search of employment, their land was left fallow, forcing Becara to rely on imported foodstuffs. Another of Becara’s problems, according to material distributed by the NZDF, is a lack of foreign investment… Most of the population are Wessos, who have been influenced by radical ethnic politics. The Westportian People’s Party (WWP) – a new extremist political party – has grown in strength locally and a pro-Wesso militia group now occupies the town. Large numbers of ethnic Havos were driven from the town as the members of this Wesso militia band arived.

Source: Journal of the Anti-Bases Campaign November 2017 F2NZ Ready Reactionary CounterInsurgency by Dennis Small.
Grey District Council Mayor, Tony Kokshoorn being evacuated from Inganghua by the Combined Joint Task Force as part of Exercise Southern Katipo 2017.

The exercise consist of five military helicopters, six airlift aircraft, two Globemasters and an Orion surveillance aircraft were not enough to worry a small town, many New Zealanders would be concerned to learn that a highly sophisticated RQ4 Global Hawk drone, remotely operated from the US Air Base in Guam, also took part in the exercise. Its role? To capture “‘images of simulated adversary areas of interest’.

NZ Defence say the drone’s visit was in accordance with the New Zealand Search and Surveillance Act of 2012, that owners of land in the area gave permission for imagery to be taken. This would hardly allay the fears of many New Zealanders likely to be alarmed at the surveillance role the US played in the exercise. Having a US drone this sophisticated, more commonly deployed in US war zones, tracking ‘adversaries’ – simulated or otherwise – over New Zealand land is a matter of public concern.

The operation further cements New Zealand’s military alliance with the US, as part of the Obama administration’s strategic “pivot to Asia” against China. Following recent provocations, including the intrusion by the USS Lassen into Chinese-claimed territory in the South China Sea, the exercise serves as a blunt warning to Pacific countries that they could be invaded if they stray too close to China.

  • Source: NZ-US military exercise rehearses for incursion into Pacific John Braddock24 November 2015 Worrld Socialist Website.

2015: Gun used in the 2015 ISIS #Bataclan terror attacks in Paris was sold by #CIA-linked Florida company Century Arms according to Wikileaks September 13 2021 twitter post (link here) On 7 January 2015, two French Muslim terrorists allegedly forced their way into the offices of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Armed with rifles and other weapons, they killed 12 people and injured 11 others in reprisal for the magazine Charlie Hebo publishing a cartoon of Mohammed. Charlie Hebo is renowned for its defence of all free speech and routinely attacked dogma of many varied religions.


Federal authorities (The highly compromised BATF to be precise) released later released information they claim shows that – contrary to an Associated Press report on Dec. 11 – the pistol imported to the U.S. by Century International Arms was not involved in November’s terror attacks in Paris. Regardless data from Interpol and Serbian officials, cited by WSW, the M92 machine pistol used in the November 13 terror attacks in Paris (after being seized by Mexican authorities) was purchased by Century International Arms and then re-exported to Europe. The same M92 semi-automatic pistol, one of 7 Century arms weapons used in the attack, mentioned in the Associated Press story turned up previously at a crime scene in Mexico. Something which occured in both the French attack and the Port Arthur shooting in Australia.

In 2021 The Mexican government sued United States gun manufacturers including Century Arms in U.S. federal court, argued that their negligent and illegal commercial practices have unleashed tremendous bloodshed in Mexico “It remains in custody of the Mexican Government where it is being used as evidence in a trial,” Seward wrote “The Mexican government argues that the companies know that their practices contribute to the trafficking of guns to Mexico and facilitate it. Mexico wants compensation for the havoc the guns have wrought in its country”. 

CNN, columnist LZ Granderson noted in 2012 on the US intelligence communities deliberate arming of Mexican drugs wars as part of the USA’s destabilisation policy. It noted;

KISS KISS – BANG BANG: “Heads should roll because of the Fast and Furious debacle…If it were an isolated sting, maybe. But it is at least the third incarnation of a gun-running scheme stretching across two administrations, which means we could be pressing to open Pandora’s Box. We do not want to open Pandora’s Box, not about this and certainly not about a bunch of other potentially scandalous things the federal government has been involved with. Fast and Furious? Please. We still don’t have access to all of the messy facts surrounding the Iran-Contra scandal that erupted during the Reagan administration.

The Christian Scientist Monitor, generally not considered radical or extreme by mainstream colleagues, suggests the public has to stop looking at their governments with partisan eyes. That it needs to wake up to the reality of a Deep State that controls, via it lobby power and wealth, both parties. To put the reporting in context this piece was filed around the time of Julian Assange WikiLeaks had just proved the Deep State was real and not a conspiracy theory. Then along came Donald Trump and QAnon and the public was again plunged into polarizing absurdity and forced to pick sides and cheer them on no matter what.

As the scene from ‘Sicaro2 Solando’ paints the graphic picture (Matt Graver [US Law Enforcement Spook]): “you gonna help us start a war” Alehandro[Mexican assassin]): “With who?” Matt Graver “Everyone”. A weak and divided Mexico is good for US interests.

  • Source: French Connection? Gun In Paris Attacks Reportedly Linked To Vermont Employer Vermon Public Radio 12.11.2015.
  • Source: What Conspiracy Lies Behind Fast & Furious. Christian Scince Monitor, 23.12.2015.

2015: A Massive cache of arms including AR15 submachine guns, automatic shotguns, sniper rifles, police scanners, bullet proof vests, and ammunition are also seized from gang HQ of the Head Hunters. Gun City Auckland is found selling firearms legally to the gun smith of the Head Hunters & King Cobras (while the Hells Angels are currently reported as issuing one AR15 (of same variety coincidentally found for sale in Gun City – the firearms business having purchased these military style firearms in bulk) – one pistol to each patched member. The gang purchased firearms will be fitted with silencers, laser sites, and converted to full auto firing capacity. Mass seizures of AR 15 will take place on at least two occasions in Canterbury between 2014-2017 as gangs head south to spread p , ground zero typically being towns like Westport – high in unemployment rich in natural resources desired by pro TPPA mining, fishing, milling firms. This all takes place as an unexplained floodgate of arms appears in the New Zealand black-market.

  • Source: Head Hunters: Police raids uncover official links 29.7.2015 New Zealand Herald.
  • Source: Firearms cut down and sold to criminals Hred Savage New Zealand Herald. 29.4.2015.

2015: A raft of government agencies including police begin hiring private security firms (some with gang links) such as the old boys Thompson Clark spy on social activists. This includes pro 1080 leaning GreenPeace, Forrest & Bird, anti 1080 activists. Plus activists involved in social justice issues such as WINZ, Christchurch earthquake recovery activist, among a wide swathe of non violent groups who have no criminal association of any merit. The beauty of using private security, of course, is it is free of pesky constraints such as using sworn police constables who must be champions not for the people, sworn to protect only people and their property equally. But as a third party can protect private property and attempt to move people off public property.

2015-2022: Lockheed Martin driving US expansion into Antarctica, deep sea mining in the Pacific, Rocket Lab Pentagon base contracts now surround Auckland/Cant University defence research. New Zealand begins to down size operation at McMurdo as US expand on to the New Zealand claimed Ross shelf.

2016: John Key announces the NZSIS intelligence service, who have been found to be spying on activists illegally, will become involved in a criminal investigation. Key is not challenged on this breach of jurisdiction and its legality by the corporate media who also accept Key’s blaming the event on 1080 activists whom he brands officially as terrorists. A conviction is later successfully laid on pesticide manufacter Jeremy Kerr a government contractor later found to be involved in a drug ring controlled by the Auckland chapter of the Hell’s Angels MC. No apology to 1080 activists is given and the media to this day continue to blame 1080 activists for the threat to put 1080 in baby formula on anti 1080 activists. The criminalisation of social activism is assisted by lurid bias corporate media headlines continues. 1080 activist are targeted by police (on orders from above), seizing firearms, issuing trespass orders, on some fairly dubious grounds.

  • Source: Formula threat: John Key is NZ’s ‘number one eco-terrorist’, says campaigner APN / NZ HERALD 13.3.2015.
  • Source: 1080 blackmailer Jeremy Kerr was in business with Government Tony War 27.2.2016 Stuff.
  • Source: Operation Ark: Karl Sroubek’s links to scientist Dr Andy Lavrent and 1080 blackmailer Jeremy Kerr Jared Saage New Zealand Herald 5.11.2018.

2016: The Government reviewed the Intelligence and Security Act 2017, to provide the intelligence agencies with increased intrusive spy powers. Including the ability to operate without a warrant. Supposedly this is to stop gangs and money laundering.

  • Source: Spying without a warrant: Spy agencies utilise new power under anti-terror legislation. Stacey Kirk, Mar 31 2016 Stuff.

2016: ANZ Westpac named as at centre of global money laundering with Panama Papers naming New Zealand 60,000 times John Key alone is singled out as the only state leader who handling of tax haven is critic by the leaker. The investigation outs numerous firms with Chinese state links. It however also out numerous firms with US criminal & intelligence links as will.

Source: Key changed the law to extend NZ as a tax haven Anthony Robbins 11.4.2016.

2016: Lockheed Martin host war toys expo at Te Papa as electronic warfare ship USS Sampson enters nuclear free New Zealand (armed with 95 uranium tipped tomahawk missiles), part of of US war game Mahi Tangoroa.The USS Sampson is the first US warship to enter New Zealand waters in thirty two years. The same day as RV Tangoroa survey for oil off Kaikoura (and conduct sesmic prediction experienments) and the US led Civil Defence (NEMA) communication Exercise Tangoroa ends. Same day as the Kaikoura earthquake November16th.

  • Source:New sedimentary-core records and a recent co-seismic turbidite help tounravel the paleoseismicity of the Hikurangi Subduction Zone, New Zealand Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 19, EGU2017-11439, 2017 EGU General Assembly 2017.
  • Source: Exercise Tangaroa 2016 National Emergency Management Press Release.
  • Source: Operation Mahi Tangaroa 2016 Valerie Morse made this Official Information request to NZDF September 14, 2016.
  • Source: Protesters to blockade defence industry conference RNZ 16.11.2016.

2017: $NZ20 billion to be spent on defense over the next decade, the bulk to be spent on expanding the Army, new data security and mass surveillance, in addition to a $NZ2 billion upgrades of Ohaka.

  • Source: Peace Movement Aotearoa condemns plan to spend $20 billion on New Zealand defence as global military spending tops $2 trillion News Hub 28/04/22.

2017: Documents show former Economic Development Minister and current Finance Minister Steven Joyce last year asked the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to look into the idea of creating ‘Special Economic Zones. These would enable the government to speed up investments and developments by by-passing existing rules.

  • Source: Govt accused of trying to bypass laws to speed up mining plans11:39 am on 12 July 2017 RNZ.

2017: Residents in Tasman-Buller question the New Zealand Defence Force’s judgement in staging more huge ‘war games’ in their townships. The military exercise continues Southern Katipo, held in Nelson-Tasman-Buller-Marlborough in 2015. This year, West Coast and Kaikoura districts are included. More than two thousand troops from New Zealand, the US, UK, Canada, Australia, the Pacific and elsewhere are involved. Some military personnel are ‘embedded’ in local communities before the exercise begins. Operation Koru ( basically the 1987 counter insurgency exercise Golden Fleece rehashed) war games where the USA assisted army are called into deal with criminal unrest ignited by militant protests , backed by armed gangs, over mining firms. Its goal is the criminalisation of social activism. Army initiates use of new legislation, during Koru allowing military take over of national parks, leading to protest by Forrest & Birds Kevin Hague.

Forest and Bird chief executive Kevin Hague said;

“in that documents released under the Official Information Act indicated that ‘the scope of law and regulation that the government is proposing to suspend, to facilitate these developments, is breath-taking’. And with off-shore oil drilling also a contentious issue in the region, is it too much of a coincidence that this year’s exercise includes a military response to ‘a dispute over offshore oil reserves’?”

Source: Why Are Military Exercises Being Held in Local Communities?
Monday, 16 October 2017,Scoop.

The May 2016 MBIE briefing paper shows that in the development of the plans, a range of special powers and benefits for the zones would be considered, including “options around regulatory processes and plan changes, consents, land acquisition including Crown land, among others”.It said regulatory issues would have to be grappled with “particularly the extent to which the Special Economic Zone regime itself would need to override or modify other primary or subordinate legislation”. The documents, released under the Official Information Act, also note that then Minister of Finance and now Prime Minister Bill English had “taken a particular interest in the Special Economic Zones work”, with power to take conservation land and private land, provide tax breaks (and reduced royalty for the government) for favoured developers, and override overseas investment and immigration controls. Special Economic Zones are listed on the Buller Council Agenda for May 2018 and subject to a feasibility report.

  • Source: Govt accused of trying to bypass laws to speed up mining plans.12 July 2017 RNZ.
  • Source: AGENDA: Meeting of Buller District Council Wednesday 30 May 2018 page 196 Any additional information about your project: A Special Economic Zone status for the west coast provides an opportunity for the west coast to become a “Duty Free Port” (P225).

The top of the South Island where Alp is encouraging activist to set up a Freeland is again recast as the fictional South Pacific country Becara and becomes a training ground for NZDF, as well as soldiers from Fiji, Chile, Brunei, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Canada, the United States, France and Britain. For the next five weeks, NZDF’s ability conductED a joint multinational operation involving a range of land, naval and air assetst. There is also substantial participation from agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry of Health joining Customs, the NZ Transport Authority, Immigration New Zealand, district health boards, the Red Cross, St John New Zealand and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

They are faced with a complex scenario. Unresolved “ethnic rivalries” between Becara’s West majority and Havo minority have exploded into a new wave of violence, just two years after a multinational force led by the NZDF helped restore peace and stability (2015). Unable to quell the fast-spreading unrest, which has caused large numbers of the population to flee their homes, the Becara government is again seeking international assistance. New Zealand leads a multinational Combined Joint Task Force, which must evacuate non-combatants in the region, counter the militia and intercept shipments of drugs and arms, before re-taking towns that have fallen under militia and gang control. To add to the realism, 150 local volunteers act as refugees in need of transport from areas of fighting, while aid agencies, non-governmental organisations, NZ Police and government departments process the displaced persons.

Kiwi Koru involved more than 2,000 military personnel, as well as fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, ships, Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV), and other military vehicles and equipment. International participants include Australia, Canada, Fiji, French Forces of New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, the Kingdom of Tonga, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America including 109 US Marines, two Globemasters and an Orion surveillance aircraft. And the highly sophisticated RQ4 Global Hawk drone, 69th Reconnaissance Group 1st detachment, remotely operated from the US Air Base in Guam, also took part in the exercise. Its role? To capture “images of simulated adversary areas of interest.”

All training here conducting a counter terrorism exercise the same weekend tens of thousands of people marched in a bipartisanship manner up and down the country in protest of the US proposed TPPA treaty. A document which if signed will allow multinationals to force our government to honour their right to make a profit regardless of what this does to our workers safety, workers rights, the environment, which have become secondary to the right of a corporation right to make a dollar. The description of Becara bears an uncanny resemblance to the southern West Coast of New Zealand, where the former government remains eager to implement ‘Special Economic Zones’ which would allow them to bypass existing regulations in order to “speed up the issuance of mining and oil exploration permits’.

Forest and Bird chief executive Kevin Hague noted in July that documents released under the Official Information Act indicated that the scope of law and regulation that the government is proposing to suspend, to facilitate these developments, is breath-taking’. And with off-shore oil drilling also a contentious issue in the region, is it too much of a coincidence that this year’s exercise includes a military response to ‘a dispute over offshore oil reserves’?” Oh Kevin you little conspiracy theorist – nothing to see move along. A couple of points worth noting here;

1. The media has largely made minimal mention of this exercise with the exception to date of one story in Stuff and one story on radio NZ. This has also been the case in Southern Katipo (top right) where the existence of US forces in the exercise was in fact largely left out of the media narrative. Counter Spin Or the Outdoors party to befair has never talked about these exercises, Special Economic Zones, or the mining connections either.

2. RNZ uses the term the “regular fixture” to make it sound like this is quite normal. The reality is since ANZUS nuclear free row New Zealand had no troops training here for over three decade. For this to suddenly happen without public consultation or public debate in relation to our stand on ANZUS, to think this is not newsworthy (to either Counter Spin or MSM), is disingenuous and frankly its omission by both simply adds to my cynical view of two pricks and one BBQ fork.

3. If we hold this in context with John Campbell’s report (shortly before his popular TV show was cancelled in favour of a new format more orientated on enterrtaining than educating), on the USA’s sudden interest in ‘Zealandia’, including sending down senior personal from both the defence and energy industry this year, combined with the vigor they pushed John Key into a military alliance, plus a raft of new security laws, then we should all be worried. For this is really the stuff of Sleeping Dogs. And this withstanding the fact that Leon Panetta, the US Secretary of Defence, has already said the US would like to station troops here permanently.

First Union’s Rachel Boyack, and Labour MP delivers a message against the the TPPA during a march down Trafalgar St Nelson
  • 2017: TPPA signed by National ratified under Jacinda Ardern. Before the 2017 election, with the TPPA’s public support in tatters, the Labour Party was keen to paint itself as part of the increasingly popular movement against corporate-led globalisation. However once elected it ratified the treaty however is now called Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and Labour supporters think the ISSD clause is removed. However Professor Jane Kelcey point out the Investment State Settlement dispute cause still exist within the new version.
  • Source: CPTPP fears: ‘The Government has rolled over’ says critic Jane Kelsey. 05/03/2018 News Hub.
  • Source: Still standing: Investors’ ability to sue the Government under CPTPP 25.6.2018 MinterEllisonRuddWatt Legal Practice.
  • Source: New Zealand is overdue for an open and honest debate about 21st-century trade relations Published: May 18, 2021 The Conversation.

LABOUR/NATIONAL TPPA BETRAYAL MEANS. (The age of living is over, we are now in the age of survival).

Anticipate further crack down of social activism. Anticipate escalated gang violence used to initiate new legislation which will be used to target activists not gangs.

Anticipate town with primary industry’s orientated around fisheries, water privatisation, timber, mining will see increased gang meth issues that will drive up unemployment, increase social dysfunction which counters community empowerment initiatives, eliminate alternative economies, that make working in unsafe industry’s, which in terms of royalties put little back into the community, impossible, while assistant monopolisation goals of pro TPPA group.

Anticipate a draconian world unfolding as we speak as the IMF World Bank, in wake of October UN climate talks, the Covid crisis and the Ukraine standoff have just issued edicts demanding more revenue (increased privatisation/state assert sales) and decreased debt of its clients (met by increased taxation of working and middle class). The time of living is over the time of survival has begun as the courts, media, state agencies become servants of private sector in world forecast by so many post war writers including Huxley,Toffler, Kostler and Orwell, as the wealthy cling to the absurdity and self fulling prophecy of mid 18 century Maltheusian (sic) economics. Rich man’s drivel arguing there are too many of us in a world of diminishing resources. Yet ignores the reality of end game theory which alternatively argues the law of supply and demand can be countered in a world whose central monetary system seeks not to control resources but seeks a fairer, more balanced distribution of resources. One in which every one gets to eat and the planet does not get gang raped repeatedly by the uber rich.

2018: In 2018 a $52million dollar wharf was completed but not for local use on the Chatham Islands. The Chatham Rock Phosphates makes a second appplication to mine the sea bed.

  • Source: Chatham has plans for new mining consent 12.9.2022 ODT .

2018: New Zealand First election donation bag man and general fixer Ross Meuant tells Head Hunters ( a subordinate to the Hells Angels) to get political.

  • Source: Ex-National MP Ross Meurant to the Head Hunters – gangs must join society or face becoming ‘exploding’ underclass of terrorism. David Fisher New Zealand Herald. 26.5.2018.

2019: Mosque shooting in Christchurch 52 people killed. The gun man is using weapons brought from Gun City owned by Christian fundamenatlaist David Tipple who in my 1999 State Secrets is linked to repeated arms sales to gangs in the 1980’s and those involved in the Iran Contra affair. A technicality results in the case, relating to gangs, being thrown out and Tipple (who will in a couple of years do time for dubious arms deals in the USA), avoiding prosecution. Multiple red flags are ignored.

  • Source: Ben Vidgen State Secret Page 317 1999 (Howling at the Moon)citing Peace Link in 1991.
  • Source: Analysis: The missed red flags in the making of a terorist.New Zealand Herald 20.12.2020.

2019: A cyberwarfare hub opens in Ohaka backed by Singapore. The aim of cyber spying is not just to spy and prevent terrorism but to create “a more harmonious society”, using cyberwarfare techniques of information dominance to drown out voice of dissent.

  • Source: Singapore and New Zealand Sign Formal Arrangement to Further Cybersecurity Cooperation. CST Singapore Government. 17.5.2019.

2020: Covid 19 panademic strikes. It means issues such as the TPPA/CPTPP – ISSD clauses, concerns over water privatisation, 5G & Starlinks Pentagon ties, the 2020 State Sector reform laws (and what they mean for Public Private Partnerships and tender laws plus the extened powers of the Minister), the Christchurch Call, Constitutional Reforms, struggle to get the media attention they deserve at a time of anxiety and uncertainity.

2021: Mining of West Coast/ Iron sands (which are radioactive – especially when moved) begins.

Residents of a West Coast community are concerned a proposed sand mine will destroy a wildlife hotspot and significantly increase heavy traffic on a spectacular scenic drive. Barrytown locals are calling for the West Coast Regional Council and the Grey District Council to allow public consultation on a proposal to mine 5000 tonnes of “mildly radioactive” heavy mineral concentrate from 115 hectares of private farmland every week. The land is on the Coast Road tourist drive (State Highway 6), between Greymouth and Punakaiki.The plan includes up to four truck movements an hour – up to 200 trucks a week – through Punakaiki, the village famous for its unique limestone pancake rocks. The application says material would be processed at the site 24 hours a day and the mine would create up to 80 jobs and pay $1 million in tax a year.

Source: Proposal to mine ‘mildly radioactive’ minerals alongside West Coast tourist road
Joanne Naish.May 07 2021 Stuff.

2021: The Government announced it will launch a review of the Search and Surveillance Act in 2022. Minister of Justice Kris Faafoi announced the Government would review the law, which gives the police and other enforcement officers search and surveillance powers that can be used against people being investigated. Faafoi said the law would be reviewed in 2022, and would work with Māori, ethnic, faith-based, youth, rainbow and other interested communities to understand “their experiences with the powers” of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012. There is no public discussion in the media on if the review would be open to non iwi or for the general public for submissions and contribution.

  • Source: Review of the Search and Surveillance Act 14.12.2021 Stuff.

2021 Digital Pass Port legislation proposed. Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill 

The bill seeks to create a secure and trusted environment for verifying a person’s identity online, by establishing common rules and a regulatory authority. The policy objectives of the bill are to: help drive consistency, trust, and efficiency in the provision of digital identity services support the development of interoperable digital identity services provide people with more control over their personal information and how it is used, and enable the user-authorised sharing of personal and organisational information digitally to access public and private sector services. The bill would affect digital identity service providers, and organisations which use digital identity services (such as government agencies, banks and utility providers), as well as individuals whose personal information is shared through digital identity services. The committee is looking forward to hearing from the public about these proposed changes to the digital landscape. Similar bills are going through the house in most Five Eyes nation at the time of writing, mostly under forms of urgency. The NZ Bill states:

Meaning of digital identity service: (1) In this Act, digital identity service means a service or product that, either alone or together with 1 or more other digital identity services, enables a user to share personal or organisational information in digital form in a transaction with a relying party. (2) Examples of digital identity services are services or products that– (a) check the accuracy of personal or organisational information: (b) check the connection of personal or organisational information to a particular individual or organisation: (c) provide secure sharing of personal or organisational information between trust framework participants.

  • Source: Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill New Zealand Pariament. 29/9/2021.

2022: Former US defence analyst Patrick Buchanan says New Zealand seems to be on track to becoming full military allies with the United States following the Prime Minister’s White House visit. “For the left side of the political spectrum, this announcement is a nightmare, because it appears to be putting us on a path to becoming full US military allies, and if nothing else, military vassals of a traditional imperialist power,” Buchanan stated this would effectively make the US control of Australia ,via the Pine Gap facility, look pale in comparison.

  • Source: Joint US-NZ statement ‘a little too US-centric’ – Defence analyst 2.6.2022 RNZ.

2022: New Zealand USA sign a ‘space framework agreement and disaster management memorandum’ to “provide greater strategic focus to our outer space relationship across a number of key areas, including space science, earth observation, education and space sustainability”. The agreement will make it easier for NASA (and other US based space agencies) to negotiate collaborative research projects with New Zealand resources and conduct scientific activities in New Zealand.


2022: September 11th Queenstown:

American spies gather in Queenstown for a clandestine meeting of the global Five Eyes intelligence network. Representatives of Five Eyes – made up of intelligences agencies from New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada and Britain – quietly jet into the alpine resort town.

  • Source: Queenstown, New Zealand hosts Five Eyes network gathering amid high secrecy and security 14.9.2022 New Zealand Herald.

2022: September 16th Rocket Lab launched its 30th mission from New Zealand with a commercial Japanese radar remote sensing satellite. Synspective is one of numerous commercial companies developing remote sensing satellite constellations. The company says its radar satellites will provide near-real time imagery to help customers respond to “natural disasters, survey natural resources, track urban activity, and monitor ship traffic, among other applications”.

Rocket Lab signed an agreement with the US Department of Defense to explore how its Electron and Neutron rockets would be used for rapid delivery of military cargo to points around the world. The DoD signed a similar deal with US firm Sierra Space, which has a space plane called the Dream Chaser in development, with its first launch targetted for early 2023.

On September 5, our Government announced $15.7m in funding to put New Zealand on the path to a space sector of “global importance”. The funding includes $9m for research partnership with Nasa, and new funding to help the civil aviation sector keep up with the challenge of regulating the fast-evolving sector. It follows a military space accord signed by the Five Eyes countries – the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand – plus Germany and France in February, which said, “We share a desire to accelerate and improve our ability to conduct combined military space operations.”

  • Source: Rocket Lab preps for 30th launch, makes strides in engine reuse September 13, 2022 Space Flight Now.
  • Source:Watch: Rocket Lab launches ‘Owl Spreads its Wings’ mission, expands US military ties Chris Keal NZ Herald. 16 Sep, 2022.

2022: a website promoting the American version of the soverign citizen (a bastardiastion of actual common law – based on Westminister and the 1835 declaration of nation hood & the treaty of Waitangi) notes;

There’s a lawyer in New Zealand called Liz Lambert who thinks she has hit upon a legal loophole that allows people to claim any piece of land as their own.

The theory is simple enough; “As background, there are two main forms of land ownership in many countries – Fee Simple and Allodial. Fee Simple is the type of land ownership you or I have access to. As archaic legal terms, Fee in this case means ownership, and Simple means without any kind of time limit (freehold rather than leasehold). Governments, on the other hand, usually have Allodial ownership of land, which is more of an absolute ownership without a requirement to pay anyone rates, etc (although in some cases there may be private allodial ownership, such as church land in some european countries). So, in New Zealand’s case, the Crown has Allodial Title over New Zealand, and we citizens can then purchase a Fee Simple Title to part of that land. It still belongs to the Crown under their allodial title, but we’ve purchased a right to live on it forever (barring certain circumstances like compulsory acquisition). Ms Lambert thinks she has figured out how to claim land under an allodial title in New Zealand”,

I am not an allodial land expert so it not normally a topic I delve into, Yet finding out Kelvyn Alp Liz Lambert and Lizz Gun where encouraging people to set up a free state based on allodial land claims in the Abel Tasman National Park caused me concern. And if you have read this far you probably get why.

But let me spell it out anyway. For the area Alp (& Co) is asking folks to draw their line in the sand to form the “constitutional republic of New Freeland” (Or should that be the Republic of Alpira), which is not only rich in mineral content but the very same area which the National government hopes to establish Special Economic Zones if it gets re-elected. An area that have being subject to intensive military counter insurgency exercises, highly sophisticated surviallance, that focused on “images of simulated adversary areas of interest” and war game scripts that proposes “a new economic vision for the region”, and “resistance” to the pro mining proposal by the down trodden and alienated. As Tzun Tsu the famous chinese strategist once quipped ‘the best way to win a war is dont get drawn into a battle ground of your opponent’s choosing’.

*Allodial land claims are not a topic I have expertise on so as for their legitimacy. So I wont comment on that other than to note Lambert her self called them “rubbish” so it bit curious to find she now encouraging people to use this system.

The mind boggles at the damage Alp, the mainstream media manufactured anti hero of Wellington Protest (who never appeared on the front line with his follow protesters even once) could do as he egged on converts to fight a force they can not possibly defeat. Will not if they listen to Alp calls for publically hangings, or other acts of nonsencial violence, as opposed to maintain peaceful protest.

Meanwhile the idea of protest against enviromental vadalism which the ‘left’ would have once readily combatted with it natural allies from the grass roots movement will take a hit due to the events in Wellington. Where grass roots protest, which do not orginate from the marae or the campus continue to drift to the ‘right’. In no small part to the corporate media demonise the protesters (hell any one questioning ‘ the one source of truth’) as alt right. Even when 45-50 of the partipants voted Labour and Green in the previous 2017 election (30% not voting 20% voting centre right or had far right view). The campus own sense of upper middle classs or iwi only tribalism has been exaceberated by the introduction of student fees [a product of Robert Muldoon 1980 Moody Report], which had as it goals to stop universities becoming places that taught people how to think and have them instead simply become degree factories that pumped out professional classes drones. A neoliberal move that limited the imput on camps from those of a working class or non iwi background.

LETS NOT DO THE TIME TIME WARP — Piggy Muldoon former Prime Mnister and architect of Think Big serves as the narator of the New Zealand version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show – picked no doubt for the many night he spent at Carmen’s Purple Onion on Vivan Street.

In short those, with limited by life experience and comparatively priviliged backgrounds, have yet to work out how their enabling of ideas that free speech and championing civil liberties are not to be encouraged and stamped out (by state funded disinformation agencies) is going to come back and bite them firmly in the ass. The result a hard ‘right’ blue swing backlash. A dsylexic version of the Rocky Horror Picture where it is just a step to the left and a JUMP to the right.

Especially, as at the time of writing, National is likely to replace a crumbling Labour government. A government failing not becuase National actually offer a better vision but as much as a result of the world in general sense. Plus the escalating destabilistion of New Zealand in general. The problem with populist leaders, be it Trump or Jacinda, is in the good seasons they can claim credit for the sunshine of other’s labours but in foul wether they get blamed for the dark with equal speed.


The figure of Zealandia on the troopers’ memorial, Waimate. At the unveiling of Waimate’s South African War Memorial on 6 October 1904, Father Regnault told the gathered crowd the new monument ‘could not fail to exercise a powerful influence in favour of the duty of patriotism upon the minds of the people of the present day and upon future generations.’ This statement was underlined by the presence of a statue of Zealandia.
  • ZEALANDIA RISING; Minerva is a symbol commonly used by white supremacist in the form of Britannia wearing a Roman Gladiator’s helmet (Or just a Roman Gladiator helmet and two swords) and well later be the name of 1980’s mercenary outfit run out of Christchurch and Dunedin by White Rhodesian special forces offices and owned by SM Andrews Ltd.

    SM Andrews Ltd was founded by Stephen Andrews, a Christchurch Christ College old boy. Andrews worked for US intelligence in Asia during the Vietnam Laos and Cambodia conflict.
  • Zealandia’s symbolism will prove unique to many of the early colonial Canterbury families who fought in the Boer War where Britannia gave birth to a daughter called Zealandia. Zealandia was created as a propaganda marketing tool to drum up young recruits to go and fight and die defending not the Commonwealth but specifically England’s colonial ambition in the gold and diamond chocked nation of South Africa. Action Zealandia is the name now used by a new far right party who arose following the post March 15 2019 Christchurch mosque shooting. The group is generally considered to have its root in the national Front funded by a former Christchurch city employee Kyle Chapman whose own skin head charity The New Way Trust was funded by the state from 1995 until 2014.
  • Zealandia is also the name given for the mineral rich ‘lost’ 8th continent of Zealandia (which was only officially discovered in 2017) which New Zealand sits. A land mass that increases New Zealand’s borders, economic exclusion zone, plus strategic net worth, vastly. It reaches from sub Antarctica to New Caledonia. The area became of interest to the Phoenix Foundation and its Neo conservative American partners syndicate shortly after the survey conducted by Texan Johnathan Hunt in the Pacific in the 1960’s.
  • By 2009 affiliates of the Phoenix syndicate, the CIA and related mining industry allies could be linked to more than ten case of armed insurrections and coups including Minerva, Santos uprising in New Hebrides (Vanuatu), Fiji 87 & 2000 coups, the 2000 Solomon Malaita Eagles (Phoenix), 2009 Solomon Phoenix International mining scam (involving Alps and CIA analyst Libertarian Leonce Kealey), the overthrow of Allende in Chile 1973, the overthrow of Whitlam in 1975 and the PNG Sandline Mercenary crisis of 1995 with many casting suspicion over the death of Norman Kirk who death was if not is anything else convenient. In terms it coincided with the Washington Consensus based economic take over plans for New Zealand and the South Pacific which is now firmly part of New Zealand’s official foreign policy known as Pacific Reset.

APPENDIX II — Foreshore, seabed means dollar.

“The replacement Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act, that passed on March 24, 2011, repealed the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004 and restored any customary interest extinguished by that Act, affirms the marine and coastal area as incapable of ownership, protects public rights of access, navigation, and fishing, recognises and promotes the exercise of, the customary interests of iwi, hapu, and whanau in the common marine and coastal area, and provides for the responsible Minister, on behalf of the Crown, to enter into agreements with applicant groups for recognition of protected customary rights. To establish customary title a test is provided in the Act, whereby Maori applicant groups have to demonstrate exclusive use and occupation since 1840 without substantial interruption. In other words, the Act takes the foreshore and seabed out of public ownership and gives tribes the right to claim it while making a big show of continuing public access”.

At a first glance O’Sullivan right the act looks like a win for Maori-dom. However as usal the devils in the details. In this case the 1840 date and upcoming (2013) closed door discussion on constitutionalism and who exactly is entitled to exercise customary rights suggest in fact this is just another peg for the centralisation of power at a cost to Maori and Pakeha alike. One that lends itself to privatisation via the back door in alignment with the Washington Consensus and the New York Convention. Because the deals is not with the “tribes” (hapu), whose soveringity is recognised in the Declaration of nation hood in 1835, but the incorporated iwi.

Iwi itself is a post colonial term with Hapu being Maori for clan a term later replaced in the post 1840 coloninal era to mean tribal subdivision. Part of the colonial process of ensuring the crown only had to deal with a set number of parties established within an hierarchy that aligned it self with Britsh bureaucracy.

Professor Father Robert Arajua, an expert in international law concurs. Arajua is not a fan of the modern U.N. and the 1958 New York Convention, whose legitmacy he questions. He sees the UN as being increasingly an agent of neoliberalism that seeks to centralise power and defang the meaning of the word inalienable rights as is happening in New Zealand as well. Arajua sees this as a turningback of the clock that seeks to establish a system akin to Neo-feudalism. Arajua notes of nationhood and soverignity; “When criticism is made of sovereignty in this day and age, it does not seem to take account of those sovereignties that rest in the nation, that is, the people themselves. If, indeed, some people are interested in the protection of human rights, they must also take account of the fact that the right of political, cultural, and social self-determination is inextricably related to people exercising sovereignty. Efforts made to curtail this kind of sovereignty would deleteriously affect the exercise and protection of a wide variety of human rights.”

According to Father Robert Arajua’s legal definition a sovereign nation (as opposed to a nation state) is a community (be it the community of iwi, Hapu or Whanu), of people who exercise shared values concerning human dignities that shape and direct the particulars of their communitarian self-determination. This point can in fact be reinforced by the King George 1835 ensign which predate the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi (which predates the concept of Iwi – which was not reconised as a legal term for a tribe until circa 2001 following an appeal ruling), in terms of recognition of Maori Sovereignty for the hapu as having its own soverign status.

Thus there’s is a legitimate debate to be had over whether 1835 ensign variant (an earlier version in fact date back to 1833 also acknowledges both the Rangatira (chiefs)) is in fact one of our founding constitutional documents in that flags are symbols of constitutional mechanics and this flag was recognised by admiralty law in the Naval Gazette as the New Zealand’s flag. And the flag was known to have being used on Pakeha and Maori owned vessels who traded with Sydney and the American English dominated financiers of the Sydney cartels who financed New Zealand whaling and land grabs. Which in turn can be affiliated to such foreign speculators including Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser (who commissioned James Cook transit of Venus journey to New Zealand 1769). It has become acceptable within activism circles as supported by footage of Ihumatao (Iwi VS hapu), TPPA marches, the Wellington protest for the 1840 & 1835 to fly next to each other with seniority usually given to 1835 as the senior flag on the basis of its seniority.

The 1835 declaration does not (or I at least believe so) take away from the relationship of the 1840 partnership between Maori Tikianga and Pakeha Common Law, as equals, for like the Treaty of 1840, its entrenches first ation people. It likewise recognise the ‘customary’ “native” rights of English law. Sadly the political parties, who align with the ‘right’, tell the lie that the ‘Maoris’ are grabbing all the land. While the Pakeha ‘left’ believe the lie that co-governance, in the poposed form given by Key and Sharpels’s Constitutional Adviory Panel, well be extend to all Maori beyond the ranks of Rangatira of incorporated Iwi.

  • Source: Foreshore, seabed means dollars – Treaty of Waitangi For Dummies.
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  • Source: The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Article 17 and the The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Office For Disability Issues;
  • Source: Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Self-Determination: The Meaning of
  • International Law Father Robert Araujo Fordham International Law Journal Volume 24, Issue 5 2000 Article 1.


  • The Washington Consensus is a set of ten economic policy prescriptions considered to constitute the “standard” reform package promoted for crisis whacked developing nations – which can be argued now form the basis of the UN 17 points of sustainability.  

    Policy points centered around liberalization, deregulation, and privatization sold to postwar governance institutions as “compromise” between labor and capital that would unequally benefit the latter. When the fundamentally privately funded Washington, D.C.-based institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and United States Department of the Treasury began misusing the ideology to encompassed free-market promoting policies in such areas as macroeconomic stabilization, trade and investment negotiations, and the expansion of market forces, based on the idea of continued and never ending profit growth for the investor. Subsequently the term Washington Consensus came, in layman terms, to result in the opposite of what its original idea meant as the ‘trickle-down theory’ of if you invest at the top the wealth flows down never eventuated as ultimately the seed investor instead of becoming an incubator that nourished development became a parasite that consumed it host starting with the most vulnerable whom according to the marketing and brightly coloured headlines, at least had meant to be the beneficiary.
  • More recently this upside down pyramid was given fangs by a serious of treaties and multilateral agreement, based on the 1958 New York Convention which like the Washington Consensus began with good intent and set out to create order but ultimately have the potential to be handcuff as they undermine the notion national sovereignty and human rights based in no small part that the convention drew from New York Sate law which owes it origins to the orginal founder of new York (WHEN Ierdam) Dutch east Tea Company and the idea every thing can be boiled down to a commercial transaction and that laws and rights are simply based on the letter of the law and need not pay heed to the fact that the spirt of the law is equally essential to ensure that the principals of natural justice are also given their dues.
  • THE OUT COME OF THIS ‘BETRAYAL’ in all probability will be a ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW scenario e.g. a step to the left and a JUMP!! to the right as ‘populist’ ‘alternative’ media in the form of online technology based media platforms run by reactionaries, face off against mainstream sources currently giving progressive liberal rectionaires enough rope to hang themselves. Each giving the other oxygen, there is after all no such thing as bad publicity in politics and thus ensuring a perfect fire storm of polarisation to ensure the success of the ‘strategy of tension’ (Divide & Conquer) The irony of course is both groups are no where awoke as they claim in their own echo chambers as one hand the ‘volume switch’ ( the algorithm map) on online technology is controlled by companies like Facebook whose controlling share include entities like Black Rock who today own 90% of USA conventional media technology. New sources which despite the “choice” of ‘partisan news sources be it Fox or CNN ultimately beat the same drum when it comes to topics such as economics, increased war spending and ultimately continuation of the status quo tokenism and image laundering in general.
  • Source: Global Governance in a World of Change Published online by Cambridge University Press ISBN 978-1-108-84323-2 Hardback 2022.


The AFIO was set up as a branch of the “Common Interest Network” of retired intelligence officers. Its goal to combat “conspiracy theories” against the CIA. This followed the daming findings of the Church Committee and other CIA related scandals of the 1970’s Its modiua operandi was simple the best way to beat a conspiracy theory was to be the one generating them. Its methodology based on an interogation system known as Alice in Wonderland Tactic or confusion technique (desinged to send them down the “rabbit hole”) to confound the expectations and conditioned reactions of the subject, or in its current mainstream application, to force the controlled narrative onto an unsuspecting public through the use of Psychological Operations tactics spread through media (both mainstream and controlled alternative media). The idea was simple. Most people are accustomed to a world that makes some sense, at least in their mind. An individual or the public will cling to this belief system in order to reinforce their ego identity, sense of tribalism, and sense of normality. If you moved the goal post for what’s normal, via keeping the subject in a state of crisis, you could manipulate the target into supporting ideas and policies they would not otherwise have championed or felt passionately about in a more stable environment. This ‘confusion technique’ played off the subject’s sense of anxiety and fear of being cut off from their tribe and sense of belonging. It was designed not only to obliterate the familiar but to replace it with the weird and nonsensical, normalizing lunatic behaviors and states of extreme distrust (Us & them) would be portrayed as sane. If the subjects can be isolated in a bubble or an echo chamber that accentuates anxiety and tribalism so much the better.


SUE GREY NEW BUDDY LING TERM NEO-NAZI KLYE CHAPMAN KELVYN ALP’S OLDMATE AT THE NATIONAL FRONT. Widely believed affiliated with Action Zealandia the Neo Nazi movementwhihc popped up after the Chsitchurch Mosqua attacks.

I Can Do More Damage On My Laptop Sitting In My Pajamas Before My First Cup Of Earl Grey Than You Can Do In A Year In The Field.” Q to 007 Skyfall.

AFIO membership is available for citizens of the Five Eyes nations of US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is just one of the many CIA affiliates, or US intelligence agency alphabet soup offshoots,who form part of a network of spies and US intelligence assets, or “passionate citizens”, known as CIN, the Central Intelligence Network.

The term ‘deep state’, first exposed by Julian Asange (before the notion was turned into a joke by Donald Trump and QANON), in fact referes in part to this loose network littered with CIN(ners). A network used by Washington insiders, to circumnavigate due process, to by pass the standard constraints that official intelligence agencies must work under. Many are now taking the role of so-called whistleblowers or promoters of QANON – White Rabbit misinformation agents.

Case in points;

+David Steel of the sovereign movement of International Tribunal of Natural Justice. David Steel, claimed to be a CIA officer, while promoting the idea children were being kidnapped and taken to Mars. No claims too big for Q style March Mad Hares and having to provide actual evidence (or even sources), to back up those claims, is not required in this cargo cult of promises never delivered.

The ITNJ (which also has links to the Hutt River Principality stable of grifters, scam artist and conmen), became a close allies of the Outdoor Party. A political party whose own social media page is run by the National Front/Right Wing Resistance founder Neo Nazi Kyle Chapman – accordingto Sean Norling, the former manager of Radio One in Dunedin. Outdoors party was co-founded by Alan Simmons, a former associate of MP/Corporate lobbyist Peter Dunne – in addition to being an expert witness on a Energy Corp conservation (some would say agents of privatisation) committee of the 1990s. ITNJ’s principal goal following Sue Grey’s invitation to the ITNJ to get involved in New Zealand controversial 1080 politics aside from holding a ‘people’s court’ (talk feast) against the use of 1080 pesticide seems three fold;

One: Drag the 1080 cause down the rabbit hole.

Two: Undermine the work and credibility of anti 1080 activists, including the largely now forgotten — and online deleted– work of Green leader MP Rod Donald (who in fact was working on a realistic ‘permaculture based’ alternative strategy for combating pests. One that did not require toxins, in the works at the time of his death) by promoting factually shady evidence ‘against’ 1080.

Three: Promote evidenceless Qanon style conspiracies in general (to undermine non corporate alternative indy media credibility) and dragged traditional alt leftwing grass root movements right and away from their traditional anti money base to anti Vietnam anti CIA hippies roots of peace and love and become narcissistic designer sharkra and namaste snake oil salesman (for $9.95 you can have enlightenment in just three easy steps). Simmon himself to promote the ITNJ festival and ask for “donations” to be made to his personal account. As ITNJ & Grey did more damage to raising awareness to an increasingly weaponized 5G/Star Link chock biosphere than Karren the Crazy cat lady could ever imagine. ITNJ “Chief justices” is Dr. Christopher John Cleverly (who also describes himself as as activist against the “weaponization of the biosphere” (e.g 5g) and he is the founder of Finnaust Mining and Block Commodity. Block Commodities Limited, formerly African Potash Limited,who are engaged in the fertilizer trading and “resource exploration sectors in Africa”.

The website…/y…/finnaust-mining-finland-oy/ states Finnaust mine Copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), gold (Au), and other rare minerals associated with telecommunication and military technologies. Cleverly is also heavily involved in crypto currency trading which requires large amounts of energy and helps drive the value of minerals such as lithium needed for 5g based smart technology. The only way it is green in terms of green is if we associate it with the US dollars. Other member active in the ‘Cinners’ club of Spooks who have had a New Zealand connection include:

+Michael Stace, American and specialist in social media based information dominance warfare, worked for the Prime Minister office of Helen Clark as a general fixer – and founder of the QAnon style ‘Reset Party’ which merged with Billy Te Ka Ha New Zealand People’s Party in 2020. Stace is a member of the AFIO. Stace has courted both Alt right extremist and left wing Maori extremist associated with Operation 8.

+Ray Clines Australian regularly mentioned in the Gemstone File & Opal Files. Ray Steiner Cline (June 4, 1918 – March 16, 1996) was an official at the United StatesCentral Intelligence Agency and is best known for being the chief CIA analyst during the Cuban Missile Crisis.Cline left government service in 1973, becoming an executive director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown University. While at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, he became a prolific author on American intelligence and foreign policy. He also became an ardent defender of the CIA.  

+ Nigel West writes pro spy books including on Pine Gap spybase awarded the US Association of Former Intelligence Officers’ first Lifetime Literary Achievement Award.igel West, also a lecturer at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, Alexandria, Virginia. 

+1987: Vernon Walters U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, deputy deputy of CIA founder of National Military Intelligence Association in Fiji 12 days before
the Fiji coup; along with a dozen AFIO members and Gang of 20 Paul Freeman have all raised questions about the possible role of the U.S, government in the overthrow of the progres- sive Bavadra government. Walter led the CIA coups in Chile and Italy Operation Tora Tora. +US Navy Intelligence and King Cross brothel owner Bernie Hougton, ex Green Beret Michael Hand and CIA/AFIO agent Theodore Shackleyn – The Pulitzer winning Crimes of the Patriots written by Johnathan Kwitner (Wall St Journal) links the trio member of US intelligence TaskForce 157 to money laundering for the Mr Asia syndicate and Hells Angels. The trio used the services of Nugan Hand, a merchant bank with ties to the CIA/Air American and the AFIO to sell guns and destabilise opponents of the US.

+In 2019 former CIA Agent Walter McIntosh, who lives in Bluff New Zealand (opposite Tiwai Point), wrote of Shackley in Vietnam;

“I recall vividly his cabled instructions to all CIA Officers : If you ever come upon any situation wherein you witness human rights abuses , do not in any way participate or remain on the scene but instead immediately report the matter with appropriate particulars to my office so corrective action can be taken“.

Shackley was the director of the “Phoenix Program” during the Vietnam War, as well as the CIA station chief in Laos between 1966 and 1968, Phoenix “neutralised” (murdered) and tortured more than 81,740 people, mostly civilians, during the Vietnam war.

+Richard V Allen: former National Security Adviser to American President Ronald Regan, a key player in the 1987 Iran Contra Affair, shareholder in Yukos Oil Russia, supported (along with Stephen Jennnings Renaissance Russia) John Key’s bid to become PM in 2008. Long term friend of National Party, part time NZ resident linked to Millbrook ‘gated community of ex spies and oil workers and Wall Street billionaires.

+James Covert: former White House secret service surveillance expert and ‘fixer’ for Ronald Reagan. Currently a New Zealand resident turned hedge fund investor, Interest include Cambridge Protection. A security surviallance specialist linked to Millbrook ‘gated’ community of ex spies and oil worker and Wall Street billionaires. An associate of Adult Entertainer entrepreneur Steve Crow, an associate of Iron Thunder Viking MC ( A Hell Angels affiliate) – led by Kelvyn Alp Counter Spin Phoenix Mining International.

+ Millbrook Queenstown where major War on Terrorism and Five Eyes Cyber strategic meetings have being reguarly held since 2002. Resort management comes from ex US Commonwealth military or intelligence backgrounds. Many of whom previously worked at Nugget Point Queenstown (the favoured location for the Bush family in the 1990’s), or who were later employed at Clearwater Resort in Christchurch. Millbrook’s management staff in the early 2000’s, also included a Road senior Knight associate who also ran the door at the heavily secret camera ridden Candy’s brothel (discovered when their neighbour Westpac had a leak in their roof and went up to investigate) – later linked to the Candy’s prostitute Lisa Blakie’s murder (today is the location of the Fear Factory tourism attraction), not long after the camera’s were unearthed.

+ Peter Thiel US Billionaire, who has multiple ties to the US Intelligence cyber warfare community. A New Zealand resident with property in Queenstown affiliated with the Millbrook ‘gated’ community. A shareholder in Facebook and Investor of Palantir software that uses phones and social media to track and spy on targets. Can also manipulate social media feeds controlling what is popular and what’s not. Palantir employees in London, worked closely with the data scientists at Cambridge’s Analytics using psychological profiling technology, who suggested the scientists create an app — a mobile-phone-based personality quiz — to gain access to Facebook users’ friend networks, according to documents obtained by The New York Times. Used social media information dominance warfare techniques and software to tilt results in Brexit & Trump campaigns.

Rumours persist that similar technology lies behind a project called ‘7 Elections’ that began in 2008 under Key that uses online social engineers, manipulative social media spyware, defense psychologists, political action committee, public relation and media communication experts to tilt election in New Zealand in the favour of off offshore investors and property speculators. Todate all information of ‘7 Elections’ has being hearsay but I still think this is one self admitted conspiracy theory worth raising in light that in 2020 New Zealand First was found hiring Brexit’s Andrew Wigmore, Nigel Farage and Arron Banks – the architects of Brexit who used Cambridge Analytics and ‘Election 7’ style tactics to rig a Brexit referendum – Their attempt was widely considered a failure with NZ First doing badly in the election results. However many reporters dont seem to consider that the 2020 elections may have simply been a foretaste of the ‘mischief and mayhem’ Peter was promised by Brexit’s bad boys.

+Kordia Group, the government owned communication site who help run and manage the IP for web servers and over see content filters – used to in theory prevent child exploitation (but equally capable of censoring other content on demand). Its chief information security officer (CISO) is Hilary Walton was educated at the University of Canterbury, holds a Master of Science in Psychology and Massey University, where she gained a diploma in Aviation Management. In 2012 Walton worked with the Olympic Delivery Authority in London, and Mendas Ltd, where she was seconded to the British intelligence agency, MI5, as part of a “strategic partnership” to manage a “security project”. Mendas Ltd is in the business of figuring out how to push people’s buttons, Cambridge Analytics style, so they act in a desired manner that benefits the contractors clients agenda. Mendas is in the business of social engineering and conditioning.

+Kordia’s IT subsidiary security services Aura InfoSec, chief consultant is cyber security and information warfare expert Paul W Poteete. Poteete began his career in the US Department of Defense. He holds a master of science in information systems from the United States Naval Postgraduate School, and holds several undergraduate degrees ranging from the arts and foreign languages to information technology or cyber based social engineering related topics.

+Cohen James Glass/ Alex Bowden ‘ slash numerous aliases lives in Queenstown director. Glass Media Ltd produces Media Whores where he/theytake alternative news and mixes it with utter Q style drivel and QAnon absurdness. No evidence or sources ever provided of course. MediaWhores, a conspiracy website has posted over a 1000 separate articles since it launched in August 2016. While it operates over a 100 of domain names and multiple online aliases as disseminated of Q based “alternative news” .

+James Arthur Alex Watkins based in Philippines – often called the cyber face of “Q” sharing the same IP address with Q – maps one of the largest dissemination websites on the internet for “Q drops,” with 10 million visitors a month in recent months, according to the web analytics site SimilarWeb Ltd. Watkins runs 8 Chan, the social media site that in New Zealand was associated with the Christchurch massacre. James Watkins served in the Army Reserve from 1982 to 1985 and the U.S. Army from 1985 to 1999, according to military records. He first worked as a helicopter mechanic and later as a recruiter. He was promoted to sergeant first class in 1994.  The Army sent him in 1987 to computer training school in Virginia, and while still working for the Army in the 1990’s he pioneered the Asian porn website industry. In An Army spokesperson did not dispute that Watkins was sent to computer training school — but said that no immediate record was available to define the nature of that IT training. In 2001 Watkins senior then moved to the Phillpines and became involved in hosting websites – many affiliated with the heavy and illict side of the sex industry and simultaneously associated with spy ware and/or ransom ware.

In an apparent slip upon 8 Chan James son Ron Watkin stated of the Watkins Q Mapping “It was basically three years of intelligence training, teaching normies how to do intelligence work.” Watkins was talking of the means by which Qanon has abducted alternative media reporting and replaced it’s with own CINful brand of down the rabbit hole versions that ultimately undermines and riddles any critique of the status quo in an era where social engineers and psychologist have now largely replaced the ex military police physical ‘007’ types that one manned the front lines of espionage. Democratic dialogue has become about creating toxic Helter Skelter destabilisation campaigns that are orientated around polarisation and creating disempowering tribal based echo chambers.

CIN coperated extensively around the world and in the Pacific during the 1970’s to the present day. CIN’s prehistory can be traced to a response to the “ceaseless round of accusations, investigations, revelations, and condemnations of the intelligence agencies.” The retired intelligence officers “found natural allies [in] retired military, defense specialists, some academicians, [and] public-spirit citizens.” By 1986 there were at least fifteen organizations that make up CIN, with one source stating that it’s made up of “some sixteen intelligence organizations.” The first fourteen known organizations were American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Law and National Security, the AFIO, the American Security Council, the AFCEA, the Association of Former Agents of the U.S. Secret Service, the Central Intelligence Retirees Association, the Conflict Analysis Group, the Consortium for the Study of Intelligence,the Hale Foundation, the NISC, the Naval Intelligence Professionals, the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, the NSIC and the NMIA are all names of organizations which are unsurprisingly part of CIN. A “regular participant,” in CIN was the misnamed Accuracy In Media (AIM).

Its post 9/11 ancestor would be TIA Total Information Awareness). Which was later shut down by Congress after it was found planting fake news. This only led to it been replaced by plethora of well funded disinformation agencies including the shortlived Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board which was paused, by “right wing” “extremists” to the horror of the new left (one can only imagine what the hippies of the 1970’s would say to the idea the CIA biggest championing these days is the ‘left’) only three weeks after it was announced. And into this environment reactionary privately funded organizations like the ‘right’ wing Q or the ‘left’ wing ANTI-FA would be born. Ultimately both puppets served via their economic strings the same puppet master.

  • Source: Pentagon’s terrorism research lives on at other agencies. Associated Press, February 23, 2004.
  • Source: Don’t call it the Deep State: CIA archive reveals existence of secret network of ex-spies. The Common Interest Network or CIN – pronounced “sin” – billed itself as an “unofficial Intelligence Community”.September 21, 2017 – secrets unearthed from the CIA’s own archives.
  • Source: The Coup We Are Not Talking About. We can have democracy, or we can have a surveillance society, but we cannot have both. Jan 29, 2021. New York Times.


In 2011 the catastrophic Tohoku earthquake, a magnitude 7.9 event crippled the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant, caused a devastating tsunami, and claimed nearly 16,000 lives in March of 2011, Resulting in Professor Kosuke Heki of Hokkaido University in Japan investigating the changes to the ionosphere as a result of the earthquake. Leading to the discovery of an anomalous buildup of electrons directly above the epicenter of the quake, with the buildup preceding the start of the quake by 40 minutes.

In 2011 the catastrophic Tohoku earthquake, a magnitude 7.9 event crippled the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant, caused a devastating tsunami, and claimed nearly 16,000 lives in March of 2011, Resulting in Professor Kosuke Heki of Hokkaido University in Japan investigating the changes to the ionosphere as a result of the earthquake. Leading to the discovery of an anomalous buildup of electrons directly above the epicenter of the quake, with the buildup preceding the start of the quake by 40 minutes.

What Professor Kosuke, a civilian scientist, began investigating in 2011, is also being researched in New Zealand currently and has been an area of extensive classified military research in New Zealand that can be documented as taking place for military purposes far back to 1945. A statement of fact recorded in declassified files in the National Archives and via the work done by Peace researcher Owen Wilkes (who trained as physicist at Canterbury University) on Operation Long Bank. But the short version is plasma simulation of seismic/volcanic activity is no longer a conspiracy theory and it now mains stream that plasma activity in the upper end of the ionosphere (of the variety researched in Canterbury in the 1950’s, 60;s 1970’s, 1980’s 1990’s to now, funded first by British and then US Defence agencies), can trigger seismic activity and can be used as a precursor for detecting seismic activity. Currently accepted civilian science is solar activity (and even lightning if there is sufficient quantity of activity) can trigger events in the ocean floor — if there is already seismic activity.

It is therefore not much of a stretch imagination to conclude that having used ionosphere activity to first detect potential seismic activity, or prime time for deployment, that the same technology can then be utilized to stimulate further activity. Especially when a target is located in a prime environment where extreme propagation is occurring naturally and bow shock can also be used to dislodge sedimentary build up in a deep canyon environment. A dynamic which feeds powerful waves action so it directly injected into a fault line in a manner mining companies drill for oil and use fracking techniques.

Or at least that was the collective findings of New Zealand and Australian scientist Professor Thomas Leech’ (Dean of Engineering who went on to over sea The Snowy Hydrom dam project. Which declassified papers now reveal was a cover for Australia’s shortlived A-Bomb project), the head of an attempt to build a Tsunami wave bomb during WW2 called project Seal. With Seals reseach into wave and energy carried on in at least the later Bikini A-bomb test, Doctor William Pickering; (who was a lead scientist in the US High Alltitude nuclear explosion Prime Star Fish — which resulted in generating a second Van Allen Belt & impacted communications on the equator for about 20 years) and Dr Ernest Marsden’ who over saw New Zealand’s scientific military contribution and encouraged the tight bunch of scientist to bounce ideaa off each other in a manner not possible with the US’s own heavily compartmentalised military science iniatatives. The Kiwis learned one bomb no mater how large has limited impact compared to a series of lesser explosions detonated in a manner where each explosion yeild power subsequently feeds the mass of the subsequent detonation.

A conclusion also reached by the Russian military scientist Ikram Kerimov who wrote about Project Vulcan and Mercury, the Russian own geophysical warfare efforts of the 198-‘s 1990’s “According the results of our studies the earthquake source does not need the same scale of energy to be activated as released during an earthquake. We have been shown that a trigger effect is enough to change the balance of energy exchange between a seismic source and its ambient medium”

  • Source: The Auckland Programme for Space Systems (APSS) was launched in 2016 by the Faculty of Engineering, with initial seed funding from the Vice Chancellor’s Discretionary Fund. UoA Collaborations & Networks for the space agency include Ground Support: Venture Southland, New Zealand Defence Technology Agency.
  • Source: Project Seal The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research Project Seal Generation of Waves by Means of Explosives Professor T.D.J. Leach School of Engineering Auckland University College Ardmore New Zealand 18 December 1950.
  • Source Scientists Investigate Tsunami Potential in Kaikoura Canyon NIWA 19 February 2014. Scientists will be working off the east coast of the South Island investigating the potential for a landslide tsunami in the head of the Kaikoura Canyon.
  • Source: Solar activity as a triggering mechanism for earthquakes. Earth and Planetary Science LettersVolume 3, 1967–1968, Pages 417-425.
  • Source: Encyclopaedia Britannica: “… Starfish made a much wider belt (than Project Argus) that extends from low altitude out past L=3 (i.e. three earth radiuses or about 13,000 km above the surface of the earth)” Later in 1962, the USSR undertook similar planetary experiments, creating three new radiation belts between 7,000 and 13,000 km above the earth. According to the Encyclopaedia, the electron fluxes in the lower Van Allen Belt have changed markedly since the 1962 high-altitude nuclear explosions by the US and USSR, never returning to their former state. According to American scientists, it could take many hundreds of years for the Van Allen Belts to restabilise at their normal levels. (Research done by: Nigel Harle, Borderland Archives, Cortenbachstraat 32, 6136 CH Sittard, Netherlands)
  • Source: Tectonic Terror Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Jan 1997.
  • Source: THE NEW APPROACH ON THE ECOLOGICAL CHANGES OF THE PLANET Ikram KERIMOV1 , Seymur KERIMOV Second Europan Conference on Earthquake & Engineering Istanbul August 25-29th 2014.
  • Source: Minutes No 497/1967 Long Bank (Woodbourne Blenheim) SECRET Royal New Zealand Airforce. New Zealand National Archives.
  • Source: Protest – Demonstrations against the American Military Presence In New Zealand 1968, Woodbourne 1970, Mt John 1972, Harewood/Weedons 1973”. Wilkes, Owen. Published Alister Taylor 1973.
  • Source: NEW ZEALAND DEFENCE FORCE UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS (UFO) FILES COPIES FOR RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC File Number: AIR 1080 / 6 / 897 Volume 1 File Title : Investigations of Unidentified & Radar Sightings East Coast South Island – December 1978 File Timespan : Opened: 1978 – Closed 1981 File Declassified: December 2010 Location of Original File : Held at Headquarters NZDF Access to Original File: Restricted until 2051 File Contains : Interviews with people involved in the 1978 Kaikoura sightings conducted by the RNZAF preparatory to the preparation of a formal report into these sightings. File also contains technical reports from DSIR and other scientific experts — includes notes of Kaikoura unique propagation qualities and their role in ionospshere anomallies.
  • Source: Some Properties of the D-Regioan Partial Reflections A Theis Presented As A Degree For Doctor of Philosophy in Physics in The Univerity of Canterbury H.A. Von Biel 1970. + other papers (Conducted at Harwood Airforce Base, Weedon Gunnery Range NZ Army and Antartica Scott Base) Christchurch New Zealand 1970-1992.
  • Source: Ben’s World: The Occupation of NZ, HAARP, KAIKOURA, AGENDA 21– Down the March 15th Rabbit Hole.


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