“Take me to a happy place. Where flowers bloom and Kittens play. Love Birds Coo on a Sunny day. Politicians do just as they say. Not ripped off by GST Or jilted by the ACC. Forced Fed with Penalties. In a Pacified Society” – Happy Place KATHARTICUS.

“Take a look now at what your boy has done. Went downtown and you got him a gun. o don’t shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me Don’t shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me. You know you’ve got my sympathy But don’t shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me” – Add It Up The Violent Femmes

The Dyslexic Detective Investigates the ‘civil war’ destabilisation blue prints that US mining firms and the defence industry have planned for New Zealand in a script which could be taken right out of the movie Sleeping Dogs.


Police said a man had been charged with two counts of distributing an objectionable publication and one charge of failing to carry out obligations in relation to a computer search.A woman faced the same charges, plus one charge of obstructing police. They were bailed to appear in the Christchurch District Court next week. It comes as Counter-spin Media posted that far-right hosts Kelvin Alp ( a former mercenary who claims to have served in the New Zealand Army) and Hannah Spierer had been arrested. Their arrest comes just weeks after my own post on my investigation of Alp links to the offshore far right connections and gang connections and Alp’s blanket denial of these claims which avoided answering specifics in relation to the issues I raised. Where my point was quite simple ‘with friends like this you don’t need Ardern or the mainstream (MSM) to sink your cause’. And I speak as some one whose being telling Kelvyn to take his 30 pieces of silver and shove off for over two decades now.

Kelvyn no longer my fan and that’s fine by me.

I wrote “Kelvyn Alp (Brad Flutey’s ‘boss’) proves once again why morons and criminals should stay away from social media. These two photos of Alp at a car yard in gang colours were posted on Steve Crow page and show Alp hanging with a known organised crime gang Viking MC whose jacket can be seen in the photo. The Vikings are linked to parent mobsters the Hells Angels. The man really is an absolute meat axe. The photo is of Alp & porn magnate Steven Crow (whose Girl friend is running for mayor in Auckland)* hanging with Viking MC a gang with clear white supremacist roots. Alp the gift that keeps giving’.

Lewis won’t win but in the Single Transferable Voting based voting election system ,adopted by councils with little public education on how to use STV correctly, it will skew results. And so the real question is who stand to gains by Lewis, famed of bikes and boobs, tilt of preferred candidates (some time the trick to winning is not gaining votes but making the other team lose votes)

Viking MC clubs franchises include: Normandos MC Barcelona & Gerunda Spain, MC Waterkant de. Wikingers Germany, Thors MC Swiss, Vikings MC Ireland & Nomads, Vikings MC Tver Russia, Asgard MC Russia, Thors Riders MC Denmark, Vikings MC Rio de Janeiro Brazil*1, Vikings MC Sao Paulo Brazil, Normannen MC Mittelrhein Germany, Met-Brüder MC Niedersachsen Germany, Vikings MC Haugaland & Hansastaden Norway, MSV Wikinger Varel Germany, Wiking Elk Poland. The Vikings MC now has chapters in England, Ireland, France, and Spain and have been subsidiary to Hells Angels since the 1980’s — presumably but not certain Southern Vikings Dunedin MC were also a Viking Franchise –either way the gang also recruited from Fourth Reich and NF.

Alp is in fact president of the Iron Thunder MC. While photos on Alp’s own page have him posing with members of the Brazilian Viking MC chapter.

The Hells Angels were the buyers of weapons and 20,000 rounds stolen from Dunedin pistol club (sister club to rifle range Christchurch shooter belonged to) in October 2016 from an unlocked safe by Bandidoes who had just patched over the Southern Vikings MC. Shortly after the robbery in Matland Street several other firearms robberies took place and it is believed one of the items removed in the October burglary was a list of members of Otago Pistol club.

Just months later Brenton Tarrant came to live in Dunedin where he was a member of the Dunedin rifle range whose activities had shocked visiting shooters. However their warnings to the police were not only ignored but denied.

Pete Breidahl, an army reservist, posted a video on Facebook about his visit to the Bruce Rifle Club, south of Dunedin, a few years ago after he lodged a formal complaint to the former Dunedin District Arms Officer on 20 or 21 November 2017 . He said he was so concerned about some people at the club’s ‘homicidal fantasies’ and confederate flags that he went and spoke to a police arms officer. “The fact that they talk about zombie apocalypses, ‘rifles for combat for when they’re overweight and [expletive] useless’, the fact that ‘you can take my guns from my cold dead hands.” shocked him. Police however said the group was harmless. A second hunting enthusiast claims nothing was also done when he told the arms officer in the New Zealand city of Dunedin about Tarrant’s odd behaviour. All of this was posted well before the March 15 shooting in 2019., detail this ‘second hunter’ (who in fact can be identified by cross referencing the dates provided by the Royal Commission as also being Pete Breidahl) describing a shooting session between Tarrant and his friends at a remote rifle club south of Dunedin as worrying. The post, from November 2017, talks about members of the rifle club and how “one in particular had me really worried”. has confirmed the man being referred to is Brenton Tarrant. It reads: “He was complaining about skateboarding kids at the uni saying if they can carry their boards then he should be allowed to carry a gun.”

In 2015, when Tarrant is believed to have been off shore, Otago University went into lockdown after a threat was made (and detected by authorities), to conduct live stream shooting, on the same social media forum Tarrant used and which authorities later claimed (post shooting) were not monitored by authorities.

A Facebook respondent in the same forum replied, “I’d make a call to the arms officer. The guy sounds like a fruit loop”. The hunter, simply referred to in Australian media as Tristan age 34, (who in fact is Pete) updated his November 2017 post, saying, “I’d warned the police about the rifle club where he trained … un f***ing believable.” He claims police told him “they are a strange bunch” but “they are harmless enough”. 

A third woman a psychologist simply known as Niamh, who travelled with Tarrant to a dance party on Canaan Down Hill Takaha on New Years 2019, promised to also contact Dunedin police after a group socialising became concerned at Tarrant’s behaviour after he boasted he would be famous and his general behaviour unsettled the crowd of New Year party goers.

A 2019 live stream parliamentary submission, by the supplier of ammunition to Tarrant, who voiced his disbelief at why Tarrant was not vetted after purchasing thousands of rounds, had his feed cut mid submission. In 2011 firearms and sporting store owner Selwyn Campbell voiced his frustration at weapons being sold in Dunedin pubs and that police seemed uninterested. Dunedin of course being the town in which David Grey killed 13 people at Aramoana on November 13, 1990 beginning with Aramoana anti smelter activist Gary Holden. Gray had purchased at least one of his weapons from Gun City who for years ran full page adverts in newspapers (who never objected and happily took Gun City’s cash) saying “pimp your ride” that advertised military looking accessories that glamourize violence over the traditional New Zealanders hunting code.*

* And to this day the CEO of the Christchurch Press and the chairman of the Christchurch Foundation Humphrey Rolleston’s own links to far right mercenary firm (and CIA initiated firms specializing in helicopter gun ships and the mining industry) based in Christchurch and Dunedin remains as unscrutinised by the MSM. As is also the case with the South Canterbury Finances ties to ‘Russian’ mafia dollars [subject of 1999 Privy Council case] and the Christchurch Foundation own blatant ties to the ultra dodgy Tel Aviv Foundations publicly outed Canadian money laundering links to organised crime.

Three year earlier Gun City Auckland took $50,000 for rifles and shotguns then modified and passed onto gang members by Peter Edwards who was later sentenced on firearms charges, as well as charges of supplying methamphetamine. Judge Nevin Dawson said Edwards, who had a firearms licence, bought .22 calibre rifles as well as shotguns from Gun City the same firm which had supplied the Christchurch shooter with weapons and who I named in my 1999 book as having supplied weapons to gangs and had supplied right wing mercenaries in Central America according to 1991 issue of the zine Peace Link.

Edwards supplied weapons he brought from Gun City to members of the Head Hunters gang but refused to help the police get the guns back. The same year almost 180 police officers searched over 30 properties in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Northland, as part of Operation Sylvester. Almost 180 police officers searched more than 30 properties in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Northland, as part of Operation Sylvester. Disturbing large quantities of ammunition were also found along with machine guns and sniper rifles radical shift from the arm cache reported to me when I wrote State Sects in 1999 and warned gangs were arming up* Police have even seized a .50 calibre machine gun*/**

My source included private underworld and off the record sources plus the on the record testimony of Detective Daryl Brazier – head of organised crime, former undercover police intelligence officer Patrick O’Brien, Custom intelligence officer Tony Spillane and John Anderson, Canterbury University sociologist Dr Greg Newboldd a specialist in New Zealand gangs (having being a former member of the Mr Asia drug cartel in the 1970’s) and the Commissioner of Police Peter Doone.

** To be fair to the gangs I would wanna see the .50 calibre machine gun myself as it would not be the first time police guided the lily and called a replica a serviceable weapon.

The Viking MC gang also had direct links to Southern Viking MC (whose former veterans announced at the time of the patch over ‘they panned to go into politics’) who can be linked and recruited from the ranks of the Fourth Reich and and the National Front (which Kelvyn use to belong too as well) and then the Right Wing Resistance, also headed by former National Front and friend of Kelvyn’ Kyle Chapman.

The Right Wing Resistance has been tied to both the Christchurch mosque shooter and Australia Neo Nazi Ukrainian mercenaries including Ethan Telling who was recruited directly by the New Zealand chapter of the Right Wing Resistance founded by Kyle Chapman. No wonder Kelvyn was so keen to try and influence my investigation of the shooting and made sure he became mates with Vinny Eastwood which Eastwood later denied before forgetting this earlier version and outing himself as having ties to Alp and that yes Alp had planned to meet him in Christchurch following the shooting.

Both the Dunedin rifle range and the pistol clubs were used by the Dunedin armed offender squad, Geoff Todd’s Combat School, a familiar figure in Dunedin cage fighting scene, plus former senior members of the Southern Vikings and Road Knights said to have gone ‘legit’, decades before the March 2019 event and the two gangs being patched over by the American franchise of the Bandidoes. The OCS (officer in charge of the crime scene) of the pistol club break in was the former partner of Milton Weir, the OCS in the David Bain case the notorious and seemingly untouchable Senior Sergeant Kallum Croudis.

Croudis a serial offender in the IPCA report and even one report where the investigating judge was spied on by Private Eye hired by offending detectives.

In fact on December 7th 2017 Tarrant contacted the Otago Shooting Sports Rifle and Pistol Club about joining the club and received a reply. He attended the Otago Shooting Sports Rifle and Pistol Club on January 7th 2018. On the 14th February 2018 the Otago Shooting Sports Rifle and Pistol Club emailed the individual to advise that his membership application had been approved.

The Commission conclude that;

  1. the individual was not present at a competition held by the Bruce Rifle Club on 19 November 2017; and
  2. Peter Breidahl did not complain to New Zealand Police about the culture of the Bruce Rifle Club on 20 or 21 November 2017. … We are therefore satisfied that New Zealand Police did not hold information about the individual in relation to the Bruce Rifle Club before 15 March 2019. 48. This is not to say, however, that the individual’s behaviour at the Bruce Rifle Club after he joined it was unremarkable. The individual shot while standing up, he went through a large amount of ammunition and his primary interest appeared to be firing and changing magazines quickly (see Part 4, chapter 5). As well, some members at least were aware of his firearms injury and were involved in discussion with the individual about large capacity magazines.

Ko tō tātou kāinga tēnei
Report: Royal Commission of Inquiry into the terrorist attack on Christchurch mosques on 15 March 2019

I strongly advise readers to read the commission report on Bruce Rifle rage and judge for themselves the logic of it findings — based on letting the notoriously bent Dunedin police and it even more bent CIB investigate themselves and its ability to dodge three significant facts;

1. The issue of the clubs clearly dysfunctional nature.
2. That Pete Breidahl was on record as raising the alarm that there was an issue in Otago shooting club culture well before March 15 2019 tragedy as the burglary from an unlocked safe underscores.
3. The idea that a paper trail at dysfunctional shooting club, cosy with the local totally untrustworthy good old boy ‘sheriffs’, got its paper work in line after it’s redneck antics resulted in a public complaint seems not to have dawn upon the commission. Then again looking at who it’s point people were in Dunedin no surprises there really.

In 2016 as the Hell Angels targeted the Otago Pistol club via the Bandidoes, who had just patched over the Southern Vikings MC, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) announced that it had laid 58 charges as a result of ‘Project Bombard‘ and two men where charged in the 2014 slaying of Dale Porter while ten other gang members faced organized crime-related charges. All but two of the men arrested were members (including a doctor) of the Vikings Motorcycle Club MC Ontario which police said were subordinate to the Hells Angels.

Police said Porter’s murder which sparked the investigation was “a tragic example of the Viking Motorcycle Club’s use of violence,” Police said the arrests represent a “serious setback” in an attempt by the Hells Angels to gain a foothold in Newfoundland and Labrador using the Vikings as a patch over gang to mask Hell Angels control until they had the numbers to patch over and reveal the parent club the Hells Angels.

“These individuals have direct links to the trafficking of illicit drugs and the use of intimidation and violence to maintain what they consider to be their property.”The police seize during their 2016 investigation into the Viking MC seized 2.2 kilograms of cocaine, 360 oxycodone pills, 28 temazepam pills, 27 grams of powder sold as heroin but is actually 3.6 per cent fentanyl, Canadian currency,Clothing, jewelry, support patches and stickers related to the Viking’s Motorcycle Club, Eight motorcycles and two trucks.

More recently, in 2020, the former head of 1981 South African Rugby tour police riot squad and later Winston Peter’s election donation bagman (and an agent for a Russian controlled mafia bank based in NZ Auckland), a former arms dealer, Ross Meurant could be found talking to another ally of the Hells Angels the Head Hunters MC and urging them to get more political. The Head Hunters are international allies with Hells Angels and also use the Hell’s Angel’s red and white heraldry marking them as junior partners in the MC hierarchy as is the case with the Viking MC franchise..

Soon afterward’s Qanon style conspiracy theorist undermined my own investigation public reception into a nest of American billionaires at the Auckland Via duct by crying Alex Jones style pedophile Epstein hysterics. The clowns on parade included family members of a head hunter’s sergeant of arms & a United Nation Ranger (not to be confused with the United Nations- whom the group claimed to daw their mandate from) Similar pseudo sovereignty rangers with can be linked to Alp’s intimidation of BNZ boss in 2002.

United Nation ‘Ranger’ Graham Te Awa, Sergeant of Arms to the Headhunter MC. 2013 Te Awa served as body guard to John Monga, who goes by the title of High Chief of Aotearoa for the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi, the ancestral name for Hawaii. According to its website, the Kingdom of Atooi is recognised by the United Nations as an indigenous sovereign nation that is part of the Royal Union of Pacific Nations. A branch of the kingdom operates in New Zealand, with the mission of its people to “make right with the land”,

Other activists at this rent-a-dickhead event included Millie Holmes, also a Headhunter affiliated and Kim Butcher, a former unionist and convicted meth dealer.

For a full report on my Dancing Hare investigation see below but it suffice to say asides from numerous influential tech lords, and those involved in mining the viaduct flotilla included three boats belonging to the right wing aligned Murdoch publishing empire (including a high tech survey boat and the Dancing Hare – or as I like to call it QAnon morons click bait) and especially equipped boat belonging to mining magnate and Donald Trump Wayne Laufer who owned the boat Gayle Force. My interest was their focus on their business interest in New Zealand as opposed to QAnon Pizza flavoured fantasy big on hype and allegations short on provable concrete details.

Wayne Laufer is the the retired CEO to Bois D’arc energy water magnates. Bois d’Arc Energy discover and produces oil and natural gas resources. The Company’s operations include the usage of seismic and drilling technology. Laufer had been sailing around the Chile sector of Antarctica (Chile) which is thought to be rich in minerals, oil and gas reserves.

In 2016 the Laufer’s donated 2.3 million (including a 600,000 donation) plus to the $900 million Freedom Partners Action Fund. The FPAF is part of a cartel of energy firms headed by Koch Brothers  who backed Donald Trump run for the white House. Trump’s other backer of course is Steven Bannon who hosted Kelvyn Alp’s Counter Spin on his own media platform GTV until it shut down in March 2022.

In 2016 the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) presented evidence to the Federal Election Commission alleging that the super PAC Make America Number 1 illegally compensated Steve Bannon’s work as Donald Trump’s campaign CEO. Make America Number 1 is largely funded by hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer and chaired by Rebekah Mercer. After Bannon joined Trump’s campaign in August, the Mercer-backed Make America Number 1 paid nearly $280,000 to “Glittering Steel LLC,” a production company described as “a front for Bannon” and his guerrilla style QAnon media which is located at the same address as Bannon’s consulting firm. During that same period the Trump campaign reported no payments to Bannon. “The evidence suggests a Mercer-backed super PAC secretly subsidized Steve Bannon’s work for the Trump campaign by funneling $280,000 in payments to a firm described as a ‘front’ for Bannon,” said Brendan Fischer, associate counsel at the CLC. CLC also filed complaints against super PACs supporting Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Bannon can also be tied to Cambridge Analytics whose Brexit campaign included Aaron banks and Andy Gilmour employed by Winston Peters in 2017 to run mischief and mayhem – again some times it not about winning but about making the other guy bleed more than you do. Many deem Peters 2017 result as win for democracy. Other’s consider it simply a dry run for next time. A theory in line with the strategy Nicky Hager outlined in his book The Hallow Men when National realised it first had to loose an election to get John Key in power for the next two elections.

And Meurant (the former head of Right of Centre), Winston Peter’s election donation bagman, was not the only getting gangs into politics .Hone Harawira in May 2017 hosted a hui in Wainuiomata of gang leaders. Allegedly this was to stop the meth pandemic. It however came out that the true goal of the hui was to get them to registered with the electoral commission in a bid to mobilise the ‘gang vote’ ahead of the election in September.

Rumor have it that this was all part of three way horse trade involving Mana, Labour (in a electoral vote for party vote promise) and Brian Tamaki who was being dangled the carrot of having his man up program (and the contracts that came with it) in side New Zealand’s prisons. However Mana appears to have been shafted and Tamaki soon became political after his man up program was not brought into prison when Labour won the 2017 elections as Tamaki had being promised. True or not, more than 60,000 gang members and associates are believed to have been recruited on the electoral roll following the hui. With Electoral Commission staff known to have visited the Mongrel Mob headquarters in Wairo, Haastings and Gisborne directly so as to get gang members enrolled. None of this is new after all its a widely accepted fact that gangs first found their financial legs under the era of Prime Minister Robert Muldoon, the leader of National in the 1980’s. who reward the gangs in return with public work tender contracts.

While at the Wellington protest the flag of the CFEMU Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) hung prominently on the centre stage. The Mining and Energy Division consists of a number of unions which have amalgamated. The largest union to contribute to the formation of the division was the Australian Coal and Shale Employees’ Federation (ACSEF) (often known as the Miners Federation) which had a continuous history dating back to 1915. Predecessors to the ACSEF had existed on and off since the 1850s. Industries covered by the Mining and Energy Division include the coal industry, coal ports, the metalliferous mining industry, electric power generation, oil and gas and the small coke industry.

The CFEMU has also developed a history of organised crime, as notorious as Sydney’s Painters Dock Workers Union of the 1970’s. In CFEMU the tie specifically with biker gangs who are now active in New Zealand involved in not just drugs but weapons trafficking. In 2019 I ran several stories on the New Zealand – Australian -Canadian ties to biker drug trafficking rings and their links to the far right and the death of undercover officers whose identities were exposed in the Phantom Secure affair which had overlaps with the 2018 RMCP spy scandal of Cameron Ortis.

In 2021 Sean McKinnon, a CFEMU delegate, the brother of an Australian Federal Police officer was shot dead in Raglan New Zealand as he lay asleep with his Canadian fiancee Bianca Buckley It is understood the gunman demanded the keys to the campervan and fired several shots into the vehicle. Shaun Reardon, a former Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union ( CFMMEU) official, wrote on Twitter friends and family were “absolutely devastated” by the news.*

* At the time of the shooting more than $3 million in cocaine washed on the west coast near Raglan with nearly a billion in meth uncovered at 90 mile beach North West of Auckland.

Sean’s death came just week after the murder of senior Australian police officer Stephen Lucas (of NSW) son Lucas Fowler and his Canadian girlfriend Chynna Deese were murder in Canada upon the Highways of Tears by teens turned alleged far right extremist. An event which was used for political mileage with lightning speed by Neo liberal politics, adherent to the corporate globalist goals, who quickly use their PR manual to turn ‘crisis into opportunity‘ (to use their own catch phase) as they pursued political agendas over justice. The cartels in question Ortis dealt with where the Comancheros and Mexican cartel whose drug trade also lies at the base rock of criminal activity in New Zealand largely connected Australian expulsion of Kiwi gang members convicted of violent crime known as 501’s. The issue has literally weaponised gangs who where not exactly boy scouts beforehand.

It is estimated that more than 3000 violent gang members, the equivalent of a military division of hardened insurgent, have been imported to New Zealand since 2009 and there important taste for gun violence is adding to New Zealand’s destabilisation problems and escalating violence. The 501’s are disturbing not just because of their proclivity for violence but because they specifically come from a gun culture which until now has being largely marginal in New Zealand where guns where largely for show only. When folks joke soon only the gangs and police will be armed they kind of have a point.

For the 501’s are now being supplied ironically by Labour’s botched gun buy back scheme, the government’s response to the March 15th 2019, terror attack. A tragedy which ultimately resulted from a failure of police and intelligence to detect multiple red flags concerning the source of weapons for right wing and gangs (many of which I have being reporting in advance and in detail since 1999) and the police’s own failure to enforce existing legislation with a minimal effort and resources spent approach. And now the solution is to pass more laws, spend more money, buy even more guns and follow the same burning ambulance at the bottom of the cliff scenario which surrounds the war on drugs/war on terror approach no matter where you look. Meanwhile the very root causes of poverty alienation and social dysfunction are ignored and put in the too hard basket by the good folks at the ‘Wasp factory’. 

Not an approach that will get us as a nation back to a Happy Place any time soon. The worrying aspect of Alp’s arrest is he becomes a champion for censorship and leverage for draconian hate laws and a martyr for those fed up with a system that marginalise them who in frustration think wrongly that force ad violence can win the day what ever your cause may be. The end result we end up facing the system on a battlefield of its choosing and New Zealand continues to destabilise democratically as as a society we become more polarised.

During the March 2019 Christchurch shooting Alp appeared in my life for the third time.


The first time being in 2000. This is when he appeared in Investigate magazine boasting that he was a former Lieutenant Commander in the New Zealand army (one problem that a naval ranking not an army ranking) and he headed an armed to the teeth militia willing to over throw the government.

The second time was after my less than wise decision to accept Alp had rejected that idea and his National Front roots and I considered running for his party OURNZ (which to my horror I would find out in hindsight had previously hosted Karl Chapman of the National Front). However that proved a lie and I walked away but not before Alp had dumped 10k in my bank account (from what I would later learned was a failed gold venture in the Solomon Islands). A move done to presumably buy my loyalty which he grumbled like a sulking child I lacked when I announced I was no longer interested in an association. Yeah cool thanks for the 10K now sod off.


His last word to me at this time was something abut going to visit a “real friend” dying in Wahi were ironically I had just come from (and witnessed mass dissatisfaction at gold mining companies moving into the region and sniffing around the national parks) when I got the news of the shooting in Christchurch. Which is when Alp popped up again as he began following and liking my social media page (and basically painting a laser dot on me). It included and a phone call where Alp tried to peddle far fetched stories of his inside knowledge. Shortly after I rebuffed those advances ‘as yeah thanks but nah still not interested’ I found out from my then colleague Vinny Eastwood that Alp would be meeting us at the airport. Where in Vinny’s words he was going to “take us to a party where there would be cake” .

KELVYN ALP – COUNTER SPIN tells his followers I am a wannabe journalist but that is not what he was saying back in 2011 when he thought he had brought my loyalty with a $10,000 “gift”. Or in 2019 as he dangled carrots in front of Vinny and the offer to appear on American conservative media platforms came pouring in.

Needless to say I had no desire to meet Alp at Christchurch Airport, at that time possibly the most heavily observed place in the country. I exited the airport and met Vinny at our arranged accommodation. Where Vinny now denied it was Kelvyn but “another Alp and he had gotten confused”. I shortly cut ties with Vinny, not actually because of his politics which at that time I felt made a great counter balance to my own “left wing” bias but because I felt he could no longer be trusted.

Though by this time Vinny had moved well away from the causes we had campaigned against when I first met him literally chasing John Banks down the street like a giant puppet from a Monty Python ministry of silly walks sketch. Issue which concern all of us such as the TPPA (and it draconian Investment States Dispute Settlements clauses) and the US build up in the Pacific including the militarisation of our skies and the erosion of New Zealand anti nuclear stance. Vinny muses increasingly seemed to be of the Alex Jones Sandy Hook ‘crisis actors’ and the right to won guns variety Alp was trying to sell us in Christchurch. Vinny took the money and I ran.

Which is not to say Christchurch shooting does not have it own genuine mysteries and that the families of the Mosque victim are not wrong to be angry at the fact the government inquiry into the shooting was held behind closed doors.

Alp later claimed on social media he was not in Christchurch and he could prove it. However Vinny having forgotten this explained to his viewers his account of why I had walked away which included the explanation he was to have met Alp but Alp texted and said he would not be able to make it. However I managed to also get Vinny to publicly confess he had being receiving cash from the NZPP established by Billy Te Kaha and Michael Stace an American and member of the CIA founded Association of Former Intelligence Officers who had founded the political party New Zealand Reset.

Turns out the person dangling carrot offering fame and fortune was also a fan of Kelvyn Alp Viking MC (Hells Angels) affiliated Thunder MC and the Christchurch shooter.

However prior to that as Vinny courted the American conservative alt right media and the kind of fame I wasn’t really that keen to sell my soul for I was contacted by a woman then living in Wahi who called her self Jay Leah Deans who also offered me a media platform which would reach in her words hundred of thousands viewers I declined the offer and blocked her. Months later ‘Jays’ connection to Wahi made me curious but as it turns out the girl from Wahi had strong Dunedin roots.

A deeper and more recent investigation of that social profile including her real identity and current Dunedin origins outed her having extensive ties to the US far right groups. Below are some screen shots from her social media account. Judge for yourself.


In my next issue we will look at how this issue has been forecast by New Zealand Defence Force military exercises, dating back to the 1980’s, based on reports by US consultants employed by the CIA, State Department and American mining firms. And will look at how these ‘prediction’ of destabilisation fit with US mining and defence interest here in New Zealand.

To be continued in Part Two The ROGUES GALLERY due out September 11th.



  1. Explains a few things for me Ben.
    Makes me extremely pleased I never got involved with this lot, trusted my instincts and stayed well away basically since the mosque shootings.
    Still sorry I never saw you on your last Chch visit (my fault entirely, a lot of shit going on at the time).


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