The Cult of Banality.

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I wandered into a corner of social media fill of Jaspinda supporters it was horrible. Moronic simpering middle aged, mostly white women, whose pages are full of woman week style gossip, the need to reduce carbon credit, selfies of their latest overseas trip (by plane of course) and post about things they want to buy, wish they had, things they want and fluffy sacharrine pink bunnies.

Image may contain: 5 people, including Patrick Rose, Sue Bradford and Jacinda Ardern, people smiling

A raging discourse of cognative dissonance on steroids. If it was not for the photos of their very middle class urban based families I think I was dealing with a teenage girls fan club for an all boys band. Seriously is this what politics and the publics understanding of politics has descended to? Pretty faces, photo ops and carefully managed sound bites?

Hurl, vomit, puke.

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God help me if I ever find the corner ‘Simple Soy-mon’ fan base lives in. I might have to cut my throat with a blunt spoon and staple my balls to an electric fence as I bite down hard on satans used underpants.

Shudder I need therapy.


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