By Ben C Vidgen.

Publish & Be Dammed.

The independent report that questions the Department of Conservation (Doc) commissioned Landcare, which claimed 1080 was not in the rats and sea life washed up in Westport, has come under fire from blogger Dave Hansfor on the blog The Spin Off. Leading me to contact the author directly. Those who know ,who the author, is say they will name him when the time is right. I hope so but right now the Spin Off made some astute points which can not be ignored. A report without an author undermines it credibility. I live to be prove wrong really I do.


Hi Dave I am an anti 1080 guy and I for one still find a lot odd about the rats and sealife that have washed up. But I have to agree with you and wrote the post below. I have one question for you why if you know the report is dubious are you not outing the author?

So far no reply back on that one. As every one on both side of the 1080 divide seems to be having issues with the courage of their convictions.

Foot note on the Landcare/Doc report I believe the necoposy looked at physiology. It did not conduct an actual toxicology report (correct me if I am wrong ..no seriously do).

So even though questions hang over the reports independent status (for the moment) Doc own evidence is fairly shifty as well. (why only test for 1080 and then in way which makes those results open for debate)

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The Politics of Poison

Odd things going on in anti 1080 right now at lesss two party have ties to energy and mining sector Outdoors Party and Our NZ. Alan Simmons (Peter Dunne the corporate lobbyist colleague) worked on Electricorp Environmental Management Board, (Electricorp strategic partners included Todd Shell Oil) the environmental panel in Taupo where Lithium mining is being proposed today and where Alan Simmons the Outdoor Party’s leader owns property and lives.

The Outdoors Party affiliated ITNJ testimony is being held in Taupo and was invited over by Alan Simmons, when he and Sue were in Bali. It also has ties to conflict mining metals and the pro lithium crypto currency industry. The other party is Our NZ (and yes I was part of that) founded by CIA pal Kelvyn Alps who has interest in gold mining in the Pacific. And now this. It’s not looking good if the Spin Off findings are correct. Not to say the rat and sea life are not odd but at face value this is just shady as.

If did not know better I would say the anti 1080 partys are being set up for a Mexican circular firing squad in which no one get any votes as they cross each out.

Will file a full report pre September 19th and go deeper then.

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Sue Grey and Alan in Bali

Update The Alan Simmon Show

Sue Grey contacted me today “The only electricorp advisory committee Alan was on was to protect the Tongariro and Wanganui rivers and fisheries in the 1980s”

I asked Sue if she could provide a full list of who else was on that committee group to help provide a full picture of who was driving that committee and what was its angle and purpose.

Sue replied “Ben I’m super busy and can’t quite understand your points. However Alan was appointed by anglers to protect the headwaters of important rivers for freshwater fisheries and the future. He acted to protect rivers and fishery interests for over 40 years. It was all on a voluntary basis. No payment. He never had any interest in the businesses who wanted to commercially profit from the waters. So far as I can tell shell were not involved at all in electricity. The government ran electricorp in those days”.

Thats not entirely correct in the 1980s the New Zealand Electricity Department (NZED), a government department, was controlled and operated almost all New Zealand electricity generation and operated the electricity transmission grid.

The first phase of deregulation and privatisation began when the New Zealand Government corporatise the NZED and formed the state-owned enterprise ECNZ (Electric Corporation New Zealand) in 1987. It was Electric Corp who oversaw the committee of river user Alan sat on which critics maintain was their to warm people up to the idea river use would be shared. By the mid 1990 ECNZ was then broken up and the beneficiary of deregulation included Todd and Trustpower plus a couple of smaller private outfits, including strategic partners of the Todd Oil empire (Shells partners), who took control of power stations including the Tongariro project (Electricity Market Reform International Perspective edited by Fereidoon P. Sioshansi, Wolfgang Pfaffenberger).

The new ‘Green’ mining operation proposal for Taupo seeks to mine lithium for electric vehicle ‘so we won’t have to use fossil fuels’. While driving up demand for smart technology the back bone of the 5G roll out. 30% of shares in the proposed Taupo lithum venture are owned by Winter Party Ltd. 33% of this firm shares can be linked directly to the Todd Family energy oligarchs. Other shares holders vanish into Australian firms listings who at $20.00 a pop and is were the paper chase ends for me.

The Todd Corporation or Todd Energy are large conglomerate of varied business interest including oil, energy and mining interest including Shell Todd Oil. Sue is correct Shell Todd Oil interest lay in oil however it parent and interrelated interest most certainly were involved in power and the process of privatisation of which ECNZ were a part of . As can be seen by the fact the Todd empire has today become a major stake holder in the Tongariro power project as it is now becoming a major player in the regions lithium prospects.


Will get into how Todd and other Corporate interest have green-washed their way into controlling national assets and hijack environmentalism for their own causes at a later date. It is suffice to say Alan Simmons did have a relationship with a corporate entity keen to be seen as green as they moved towards full privatisation. In a process were the winners were ultimately were Todd. Today major player in the volcanic plateau energy and mining prospects.

Visa the ITNJ Sue has not commented on the NGO links to conflict minerals or crypto currency which need large amount of power and is one of the driving the demand for lithium. However for purposes of clarification the ITNJ )International Tribunal of Natural Justice) were invited (and accepted) to set up a commission on 1080 by Alan Simmons and Sue Grey candidates for the Outdoor Party who oppose 1080 and 5G.

The non binding commission will be established in Taupo where Alan Simmon lives. In light of the ITNJ ties to crypto currency and mining it hard not to see a conflict of interest visa a party who states it opposes to ecocide and 5G and then in the same breath decides it okay to become involve an organisation whose members include those involved in mining in an industry driving the demand for mineral need for 5G based smart tech in the same breath.

For example one of the ITNJ Commissoner (to be based in Taupo is) and includes Dr. Christopher John Cleverly  activist, director, chief justice, against the “weaponization of the biospher” (e.g 5g) and h is founder of Finnaust Mining and Block Commodity. Block Commodities Limited, formerly African Potash Limited, is engaged in the fertilizer trading and “resource exploration sectors in Africa”. The website https://www.kaivosvastuu.fi/en/yrityskortti/finnaust-mining-finland-oy/ states Finnaust mine Copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), gold (Au), and other minerals. Minerals all used and in demand in relation to 5g communication and military technologies

Cleverly is also heavily involved in crypto currency which require large amount of energy and is helping drive the value of minerals such as lithium need for 5g based smart technology. The only ways it is green is in terms of green we associate with US dollars.

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A Give Little Page has being set up https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/the-international-tribunal-of-natural-justice- to “support” ‘A Festival of People Power and Tribunal hearings into 1080. March 18th – 22nd 2020’ The page says it has being set up by Alan Simmons head of the Outdoors Party for “The ITNJ Hearings in NZ March 2020 To help with the costs of hosting the hearings and promote a festival of hope for those who believe in a poison free environment”.


  1. DoC is as Guilty as. . . They did not want to have to re bury the wildlife properly, so they said it was not 1080, More independant testing will be done, DOC is trying to lie their way out, as usual, Will name him when it is Air Tight


  2. This article is not much different from the negativity of the mainstream media. Only it’s about someone who doesn’t believe in the use of 1080 poison dragging another ban 1080 person in the mud. I went to a BVCG meeting yesterday. Sue Grey confirmed yet again!!!!!! …..that there is no link between the Outdoors Party and ITNJ. Can’t two people be engaged in several things without a witch-hunt? There seems to be more rubbish written on f/b nowadays than ever before within the ban 1080 movement about each other. No wonder the poison industry is getting fatter and stronger! Stop using computers, cellphones etc, that will help minimising some mineral resources being exploited.


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