In 1988 the people of Paraguay did something radical which improved their democracy almost instantly they began a trend of boycotting elections.

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They realise to vote in a corrupt system was to only encourage and re-enforce the status quo.So the voters went on strike until the politiian realsied that their job security and future relied on doing what the voters wanted and not the banks and the military who until that had a strangle hold on election which resulted in a subversion of democracy. The turn around saw the rebirth of the Paraguan Republic and in 2007 Paraguay election were called almost free and almost fair. Yup it was not instant fixs but the point is the Paraguyan have a long history of going on strike when they know the system rigged and it seems to be working for them.

Italy did the same in 2012.
Indonesia did in in 2019 with a 60% boycott.

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