The NZ Experiment & The Cult of Persa -baa-nality.

Checking my social media message this morning David Tank wrote in repsonse to the following link in regards to Jacinda Adern A global’ icon Tis time to stay home methinks the tall poppy backlash is building steam”.

What David might be missing is that global icon status is laregly as the resut of a contrived mass media working to a set neoliberal agenda. The result of an experiment made and manufactured right here in NZ.

Seriously at what point, I wonder (as some one whose seen this play before), well her loyal aparatchiks of middle class white women and 30 something hipster millenial clones work out she a manufactured ‘Cult of personality’ brand label. Not so much a chardonay drinking socialist but a golden goblet quaffing global icon all things to all people so the womans weekly wil have you believe.

Someone who surfed in on the back of the TPPA swell (the same TPPA she promptly turned round and signed) now forgotten like yesterdays social media messafe meme. This “rockstar of substance” came literally from her last gig being part of the same group of “cool kids” who cheer leadered Tony Blair’s neoliberal third wave in the UK. Thus begining the global introduction of what we Kiwis had already lived through and regretted under Rogernomics in the 1980’s. As the Vietnam vets say ‘I know man I was there and Im still having flash backs’.

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Jacinda (copy right apply here) not real she a cookie cutter Georgie Girl Friday marketing gimmick trained in the art of spin, something the media never ever ever raise or draw attention to, she marks a era of politics were the public are no long sold policy ideas. Instead they are pitched an image a brand with which the voting public can identify and then attach to their own social media feed. So as to project the ideal or values the voter wish to portray themselves. She not so much a voting choice but a fashion accessory.

None of this is new or original but simply part of a winning formula.

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Take another look at her policy and performance and then read the fine print. For example the Global Migration Pact 2019 was first introduced by Sir Rogers Douglas wingman Mike Moore at the WTO in 1999 tucked in as an idelogy as part of the then reject Codex Ailmentus and Dohfar free trade deal (think pre TPPA).

Image result for global migration  pact cultural diversity

Fastforward today it has now simply being repackaged and sold, in NZ case, by Jacinda’s peers as a liberal and righteous thing.

Its not it a recipe for wholesale global slavery, wage controlled, workers exploitation and environmental degradiation. Its evil on toast.

For those who actually know their political history the Global Migration Pact concept was first sold by Mike Moore (before he went on to be the UN Envoy for migration) back in Seattle it literally caused a riot when the liberals saw through it and branded Moore ‘World Without Borders as unbridled greed.

But now thanks to neoliberalism, tried and perfected here in NZ, styled brand Jaspinda supported by a right wing corporate media its all okay now. Now thats it being sold in way that appeals to the voters sense of ME.

Except its still the same bloody thing a license to make a killing in Her Maje$ty $ervice.

My forecast is that Jaspinda in less than 8 years (assuming she gets a second term) will be at the UN where she will be fast tracked, with support of US neo liberal media owned by five corporations (think about that) and simlar other corporate media outlets, for the job Helen did not get.

Footnote on that point In a devil we do dammed if we dont the global media landscape has shrunk to a horrid dsytopis of neoconservative (Fox) to the right of us and neoliberals (CNN etc) to the er….right. There is no liberal voices only facades of liberalism as manufactured and scripted.

Japsinda’s cult of manufactured personality will be part of the whole Mike moore styled marketing of a feel good neoliberal globalist policy of amalgmation and centralistion of global govenment and ‘opening of borders’.

Image result for mike moore new zealand cartoon hodgson

Mike Moore’s WTO born “World without borders”.

One in which the UN marketed as the USS Enterprise and it plucky crew of Federated Planet Do Gooders (never mind it does what the IMF and Wolrd Bank tells it to do and oh we wont mention the UN sustainability plans strategic partners include, Goldman Sach’s, Cocacola, Dupont, BP, Shell, Saudi Arabia, Pepsi, Bayer and Monsanto, the world’s top global rapist and ecocide peddlers.

Except it wont be the liberal “World Without Borders” (The name incidentally of Mike Moores book) but a rapent free trade ultimately in its final phase without checks or balances. One in which the corporation are given a blankcheque to do what ever they want.In other words welcome to a global version of Rogernomics 2.0 as sold to the world using a techiue perfected in New Zealand and known as the New Zealand experiment.

The cult of persa-baa-nality.


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