SCHOOL TIES & OLD BOYS: Part 1 -Guards Guards, Guards.

Article Foreword

This story deals with the topics of Freemasonry and Police corruption. Freemasonry is a topic this author normaly does not like to touch, due to its instant association with fringe topics and a kind of hysteria (fearporn) thats not constructive. So that while the Lodge is a signifigant NGO historically and has undoubtedly influenced history in numerous way its to easy in focusing on topic like Freemasonry to inflate or exagerate its input. In relation to the many and various other NGO public private and secret socwity that also exist and also have influence in our wider society.

Yet in relation to the topic of polcing and as vehicle for old school, old boys, to supress or hinder justice and prevent accountability it has a special signifigance within the Commonwealth in relation to police reforms and police accountability and therefore needs to be adressed directly.

Especialy at a time when the issue of constitutionalism polcing and Crown power is being adressed in many sphere in both England and New Zealand.

Also worth noting that while we document the lodges use by the old boys network and Commmonwealth the focus is not aimed at spotlighting the lodge itself as part of confirming some kind of global conspiracy exist. Rather this author seeks to adress the exclusive and secret nature of Freemasonry which in this specific case provides a network hub offering acess and camoflage to those who do seek to corrupt institutes. As its offers both privacy and access to those in influential position in a manner that runs contrary to the nature of transparency and due process and thus is fertile enviroment in which corruption may be hatched or incubatored, or camoflaged, with or with out the wider knowledge of the Lodge’s wider hierarchy itself.

It’s also worth noting in the past decade from discussion with lodge members, offering their own personal opinions, their appears to be knowledge, concern and debate within the lodge itself to its use as vehicle for influence and recruitment by third parties seeking to use as vehicle for abuse (some are cool with this some are not). While in the Hillborough Stadium disaster it was the Greater UK Lodge who worked with a non masonic vetted police investigativie body to root out and identifiy lodge members and police officers who had used the lodge as conduit. Often associated with Toryness and Royalism it should also be noted that in fact the legislation which prevents pubic calls, due to human rights infringments, in the UK for police officers and those with access to sensitive secrets of the realm to be legally banned from being Freemasons, was in fact pushed through the European Union in 2007

P.S, Our recommendation if the word Freesmason sounds too flakey replace it with the phase ‘mates club’ – to use the terminology for nepotism which surfaced in recent report into bullying withing the New Zealand Police.

Part One The Mates Club:
In part one we plan to address its the Lodges role in relation to policing. In part two ‘Sexpionage’ we will adress its role in relation to a three way battle which rages between Neo Conservatism (Old money) Neo Liberal (State capitalism) and the rise and fall of Socialism: from rise of Industrial backed Lenism, the murder of Trostsky, the Cambridge Spy ring, NZ Rogernomics and it success in exporting right wing policy under left wing banner, to the UK and the UN in a time when the old KGB communist of the Promfuo eara are now wealthy London based ogligarch who despise Putin for his nationalisation of state assetts and how a new ‘left wing’ wave is being financed by anti China Soros and other walthy billionaires.

― Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms

“Do you know where ‘policeman’ comes from, sir? … ‘Polis’ used to mean ‘city’, said Carrot. That’s what policeman means: ‘a man for the city’. Not many people knew that. The word ‘polite’ comes from ‘polis’, too. It used to mean the proper behaviour from someone living in a city.” Men At Arms Terry Pratchett

THE QUEEN IS NOT AMUSED I have being wondering about the Prince Andrew and Epstein affair as the UK is entering a constitutional crisis phase.

Related image

One which has additional complications in that Prince Andrew is in the firing line for his post 2008 meetings with Epstein and that his name has come up in the Dunblane Military School child abuse allegations as Scotland launches an inquiry into organised child abuse and trafficking through out Scotland. Its one which now mirrors the many other inquiry which have surfaced in recent years ranging from UK Westminster Inquiry which alleged a ring of child traffickers within the UK high society to child abuse in Catholic institutes in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland and again Scotland.

Prince Andrew encounter thus come at a band time for the realm because of course it puts the Queens decision to suspend the parliament at Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an awkward light, withstanding the perculiarity of constitutionalism in which the Queen can say no but to do so would create its own constitutional issues.Due to the entrenched unwritten kafkaesque agreement monarch are not in fact meant to exercise any powers they do have.

Image result for dunblane prince andrew

Regardless Boris has called upon the Queen to suspend parliament as Johnson loudly defended the royal link to Epstein citing at G7 meeting of world leaders Prince Andrews role in promoting British business such those beloning to the Saudi Arabia (which Epstein worked for) relating to arms sales and UK Conservative parties chief donor and treasure Lord Stanley Fink (Blue suit left ogf Johnson). Johnson inturn is a beneficiary of TGCT events are run for children (London Mayors Fund) by Fink’s Ark Foundation and TGCT.

Incidentally to further high light the Kiwi factor TGCT NZ (The Boris Prince Andrew friendly charity) ties are Christchurch law firm SBR who also managed Catholic Church abuse confidential payout for over twenty years. The Christchurch Press says SBR managing partner Anna Fox co-owned the properties part of the Credit Suisse (over seen by kiw Andrew Pearce) billion dollar Mozambique development loan embezzlement (very similar to Prince Andrews mate Lord Fink business interest in New Forrest Company) out this year.

Image result for lord fink prince andrew
Lord Fink Boris Johnson

Charities which can be affiliated with the NVXIM sex cult and the anti Putin Raise Gorbachev Foundation and whose chief patron is Russian Oligarch former KGB spy Alexander Zebedev and who more importantly has vast business interest (as does Fink) named in the Paradise Papers (which I believe lies at the heart of London Cities bitterness to Russian President Vladimir Putin). Ark and TGCT charities can be affiliated with the NVXIM sex cult and the anti Putin Raise Gorbachev Foundation and whose patron is Russian Oligarch former KGB spy Alexander Zebedev more importantly has vast business interest (as does Fink) named in the Paradise Papers (which I believe lies at the heart of London Cities bitterness to Russian President Vladimir Putin).

Image result for london city putin
Anti Russian Anti Brexit Posters in London

Boris himself Has said of the UK own Scottish inquiry into child abuse is a waste of police resources “You know, £60 m I saw was being spaffled up a wall on some investigation into historic child abuse and all this kind of thing. What on earth is that going to do to protect the public now?” He has stated it was time for the Police to get back to basics and basically leave the rich alone. He is expected to reward the police by bolstering their numbers by 20,000 officers and increasing their budgets.

To be fair to Borris his nod to the police to end such inquiries is simply carrying on Theresa May’s legacy as the head of the Scottish child abuse inquiry Professor Alexis Jay maintains stated she was blocked by Theresa May administration from investigating state assisted child abuse and trafficking properly. Appointing qualified judicary to an appointment considered toxic also proved difficulty as the sudden appoinment and departure of New Zealand High Court Judge Dame Lowell Goddard, from the inquiry (as have several previous candidates) in 2015 proved.

Image result for justice lowell child

Lowell resigned under allegations, she has since strongly denied, including claims that she used racist language and appeared unfamiliar with legal proceedings.

Lowell describes these allegations as “falsities”, malicious and “part of a vicious campaign”. The chair of the UK inquiry Professor Alexis Jay told a select committee hearing on Tuesday that there had been difficulties between staff because,“it was clear from the beginning that Lowell Goddard really would have preferred to sit on her own without the assistance of a panel.” Another panel member Ivor Frank told the same hearing that the inquiry’s work was easier when Dame Lowell was out of the country.

Following the revelation, Labour MP Lisa Nandy said: “For far too many child abuse survivors, cover-ups, secrecy, institutions that act in denial will be far too familiar”.

The Scottish inquiry (with Scotland government closer to the EU than Westminster), which is proceeding, as the Westminster inquiry is left in tatters, needs to be seen in contrast against Scotland Yard old boy culture. While Scotland leans to progressive politics under Brexit the Yard (officially New Scotland Yard) have now called for a public inquiry into the state of polcing in Britain as they warned the drug and knife crime epidemic (a veiled dig at immigration and immigrants), has plunged the country into lawlessness. All idea pushed by Johnston himself.

Image result for scotland yard child abuse
Image result for "scotland yard" police "old boys network"

Meanwhile, the Army position can be seen in a recent case where far left Jeremy Corbyn of Labour face was used as target practice by British soliders.

Image result for corbyn army


The UK situation is comparable to the New Zealand police who are also increasingly armed and have considerable budget increase (when compared against education figures) and have emerged with a more authoritarian tone recently not just on gun buy backs but a resumed crack down on cannabis offenders (as the Cannabis referendum success looks more and more doubtful) and social activistism.

The police renewed bolshyness (or should that be Borisness) appears in the UK as a Tory old school tie counter attack (in contrast to the NZ Police taking their que from a progressive government) to the recent Midland Inquiry compromised by the police accepting a witness who himself turned out to be sexual predator who was paid for his testimony (leading to criticism the inquiry was deliberately sabotaged). The inquiry is just one of several investigations into the UK Police and Scotland Yard which have failed or had limited results, due to being white washed critics maintain.

This includes those inquiries conducted not just under the Conservatives but aso Labour’s Third Wave Tony Blair whose government passed the Police Reform Act 2002 for no less a reason than repeated allegations made of “Masonic” corruption with Scotland Yard (The Met) and the UK police constabulary. The Police Reform Act led to the The Independent Police Complaint Commssion being established in April 2004. Like New Zealand Independent Police Complaint Authority it is a body which is independent name only. That it bears semblance to the NZ IPCA is no coincidence.

Adern own Beehive CV states “Post-university, she worked as an advisor in the office of then-Prime Minister Helen Clark, in London for the Government Cabinet Office and as an Assistant Director in the Department for Business and Enterprise and on a review of Policing in England and Wales.

Will get into the authencity of that claim in just a second. But for now it is suffice to say, if we accept the time line given by Labour’s own website, then we have our Prime Minister working on the very police review which led to the New Zealand styled IPCC created to counter police corruption (will cover that shortly), that do document the presence of corrupt masonic police. A fact which entrenches the public perception of the police as untrust worthy and infiltrated by old boy cronyism.

worked as an advisor in the office of then-Prime Minister Helen Clark, in London for the Government Cabinet Office and as an Assistant Director in the Department for Business and Enterprise” If you read that quickly you can be forgiven for thinking Jacinda worked in England for Helen Clark.

The only problem here is we dont have Government Cabinet Office for a Department for Bussiness and Enterprise, which are unique to the UK government alone meaning Jacinda worked for the UK and had her pay cheque picked up by the Prime Minister Office (what the UK call the Government Cabinet Office), or some is one telling porkies.

A quick look at the NZ Herald replicates my own understanding and what I have being reporting since 2016 (based on the wikapedeia entry to Jacinda, linked back to Labour official website ), which stated Jacinda worked as “senior policy adviser” for Tony Blair during the Iraq war Department for Business and Enterprise (as part of Better legilation UK) and on a review of Policing in England and Wales in 2004 .

In fact the current updated wikapedia entry which deletes the word “senior policy adviser” still links back to Labour website (“People – New Zealand Labour Party”. Archived from the original on 23 December 2008.) and states “After graduating from the University of Waikato in 2001, Ardern began her career working as a researcher in the office of Prime Minister Helen Clark. She later worked in the United Kingdom as a policy advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. In 2008, she was elected President of the International Union of Socialist Youth.”

Also edited from the current official narative is the fact that Jacinda’s degree in Public Relations (what we journalists call spin doctoring) at Waikato University was funded by the Freemason Lodge. Luckily the Masons are quite proud of this fact and try to mention it as often as they can in their own promos and news stories e.g. “A local medical student has something in common with Jacinda Ardern – they both received a Freemasons University Scholarship”.

Jacinda Adern, father is a senior police officer a former detective and Mormon Temple elder whose name has being implicated in relation to queries concerning the National Party recieving a $NZ100,00 donation from a tourism consortium in Niue, that Adern father Ross Adern, was involved in that were implicated in the Paradise Papers. An affair which destroyed former Labour MP Andrew Little leadership of the party when he was wrongly implicated in defaming those accused after saying the donation “stinked to high heaven”. During his time in the Police Ardern was also chair of the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police for one year.

In May 2019 he was appointed the administrator of Tokelau in Kirbati having moved thir earlier. In March 2018 NZ announced millions of dollars in funding for roading and water infrastructure and renewable energy projects in Niue.

New Zealand is Niue’s largest funder, providing aid of nearly $14 million in the 2016-17 year. Ms Ardern announced in March 2019 while visting the Tokelau that New Zealand will invest $750,000 so immediate improvements can be made to “Niue’s roads and water networks ahead of this year’s tourism season”. That government pleged almost $10 million in aid and support for Samoa part of $50 million over the past eight years. It comes Tokelau is also named as one of the frontier Pacific nations for sea bed mining and will need its roads and infrastructure expansion to met the trillion dollar mining industry’s needs.

Image result for jacinda ross ardern

Being a freemason is not a big deal. Nor is being a senior police officer daughter.

But when your involved in a review into police corruption related to at the very least the public’s perception of masonic corruption, one would question the wisdom of sending the daughter of a police officer who also happens to have her education paid for by the Lodge. In fact some might say that was just taking the piss from the get go.

That the officer in hindsight is some one linked to a “stinky” $100,000 political donation and that the daughter turns out to be a future Prime Minister is however also cause for concern. Serious concern in light of the active partipation of the Labour party to distance Jacinda from her own CV by rewriting it. Which goes to the full effort of deleting entries and rewriting them in a manner which is pattently untrue and easily proved false.


As for the ‘success’ of those New Zealand imported reforms and the 2004 Police Review a 2013 Guardian article response to the susequent inquiries and reforms stated “Police corruption is now so rife that radical reform is the only answer”.

Police Corruption in England and Wales: An assessment of current evidence 2011 highlights the IPCC (created in 2004) in 2006 had its remit extended to include serious complaints relating to staff at the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). In February 2008 the IPCC’s jurisdiction was extended further to include serious complaints and conduct matters relating to officers and officials at the UK Border Agency (UKBA). In December 2009 the Crown prosecution advised that they would not be pursuing criminal charges in relation to this matter on advice of the Home Office insuring the white wash was largely sucessful.

In 2019 the UK IPCC, created in 2004 as Jacinda worked for Tony Blair on police reforms, based on no less than NZ own flawed IPCA, was scrapped. However this was not due to its continued failure to adress police corruption. Rather the decision again relates directly to Freemasonry role as a vehicle for infiltration and compromised police integrity.

Image result for hillsborough free mason police

It follows the 1989 Hillsborough stadium disaster where it was revealed the lodge helped cover up the polices role in the 96 people who lost their lives, during a football match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. This inquiry (launched before the estalishment of the 2004 Review, which Jacinda would have had partipated in as “senior adviser” to Tony Blair seconded to the Met) had one interesting feature. Its investigating team was specially vetted to insure that none of the officers involved were freemason while IPPC deputy chair Rachel Cerfontyne confirmed to UK journalists “We are pursuing a further line of inquiry on Freemasons”.

*In the interest of balance it need be pointed out the Hillsborough investigation did recieve the assistance of the Greater Lodge in the UK who seem genuinly keen to remove corrupt police from their own fraternity.

That inquiry foud that both Former Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield had overall responsibility for policing at the match. During questioning by lawyers representing the victims’ families, Mr Duckenfield confirmed he was a member of the Freemasons and had been at the time of the tragedy for around 14 years.

Mr Duckenfield had become Worshipful Master – the head of his local lodge – the year after the disaster.  The inquest dwelt on why Mr Duckenfield was promoted to a role he was under-qualified for, with responsibility for a large policing operation on the day of the match.  It would be revealed during the inquiry how officers statements changed on numerous occassions, witnesses statement were ignored or even changed with out the witness’s consent and evidence tampered with as masonic officers attempted to put the blame on non masonic officers.

Ultimately the scrapping of the IPCC, in 2019, came about not because of it many failings in the eyes of the public and the media but ironically because of the sucess it had in holding lodge officers to account after decades upon decades of scandals which had got to the point that police officers and masons had became a standard comic gag for every popular British comedian from Monty Python to Rowan Atkinson, Rhy Jones, Mel Smith to Irvine Welsh best seller Filth.

Hillsborough also needs to be seen in the full context of Operation Tiberius, an official UK internal Metropolitian Police investigation commissioned in October 2001, written in 2002, but leaked to Independent only in 2014 which showed the the full scale of corruption. The Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee later published a redacted copy of a summary of the investigation, with a lengthy annexe detailing other earlier corruption investigations, especially Operation Russell which highlighted the Masonic police connection as real albei in a toned down version verse the headlines of English papers from the tabloids to the Guardian and Independent mainstream papers.

Russell and Tiberius has being tasked with investigating charges that certain “organised criminals” were infiltrating Scotland Yard. Which according to the press would claim included masonic lodges using bribery, blackmail and peer pressure, which had implicated over 42 senior serving officers investigated and found guilty of corruption.  It included claims the ring worked with Australian officals and on that point it is consistent with mid 1990’s australain press report that reported how UK Naval recruits who transferred in the 1970’s to the Royal Australian Navy had worked with corrupt Australian police to traffick drugs. Those events cordinating at the same time New Zealand and Australia and other Pacific nation police took in their first intake of UK former detectives – some of who had being given a choice, due to past misconducts, transfer out or leave policing for good.

It has been repeatedly claimed that the Metropolitan Police suffered “endemic corruption”. They included allegations of evidence tampering, interference with the pursuit of criminal suspects by other forces, and close cooperation between senior police officers and master criminals, involved in drugs and prostitution trafficking. It revealed how jurors were bought off or threatened to return not-guilty verdicts, as corrupt individuals infiltared the police both in the UK and “overseas”, and corrupt lodge officers had even sold “get out of jail free cards” for £50,000.

According to The Independent, whose possession of leaked documents preceed and is confirmed by subsequent official releases, criminal gangs such as London’s notorius gansters the Adams family had used their contacts inside freemasony and private clubs to “recruit corrupted officers”. The report concluding the Lodge as a vehicle for infiltration was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”.

Actual investigation of Tiberius and Russell’s primary document reveal a slightly different version of events which proves a tad harder to analyse.

The Masonic conection in Tiberius, the parent report, is only cited twice, in released documentation directly as an example of how corruption may occur. And withstanding some slang phases such as one criminal being called “square” there is no direct reference to Lodge corruption.

While Russell’s official file has still not being released other than a heavily reacted version which does confirms some of the officers involved were identified as masons by police criminal informers and then seperately by the press’s police informers.

Names are redacted in Operation Russell, however details of an officers suicide when cross referenced against press reports makes identification of Kenneth Noyes possiable and it also confirms allegations made in the press of masonic corruption can be corroborated via Russell’s initial informents own claim, which preceeded press reports, independently.

The author of Operation Tiberius report (blacked out) never dwells on those press allegation, as to wether they are true or not, or the fact they do confirm independently their own informents information. Contextually as the press reports do not cite a named sources and can be seen in past press report to inflate or even invent Lodge connections the press reports must be deemed as undocumented hearsay.

Image result for "operation russell" police uk masonic

Withstanding avalible public reports on Tiberius appear in fact to be only a summary of evidence regarding, Vol 1 Operation Russel, presented for public inspection. Reference is made to a further total of thirty seven “volumes” of supporting evidence, interviews, coverted tapings and transcripts. So the full scale of masonic corruption within those files remain unknown with seeing the full documentation first hand.
It is fair and accurate to say corruption was endemic and went to the very highest levels of the Met which had and has a firmly ensconsed old boys and school ties culture set of values and class based loyalties.

Most alarming is not what is said in the the report but what is not said.

Case in point an alleged officer who borrowed his boss’s car, got drunk, killed a pedestrian. This officer would be fined sixty pounds loose his license (but not his job ) for 12 months, face further discipline charges, following another drinking incident, be demoted but not fired. The officer ending his career as the author of the anticorruption writes as a “trusted and reliable officer”.

Nor does it seem to bother the author that another subject already knew he was under investigation and surviallance when first confronted and that during which he chose to spend a lot of time on golf courses having conversations with known criminal (some of who are ex police officers), or policemen also alleged to be corrupt, which the report confirm are suspected of wrong doing.

Nor does the author pause for consideration when asking numerous police officers of another officers potential corruption at a local dog track. This is described as the officers all answering ‘no’ as they without exception all deny having ever heard of the locally located dog track. The answers are given in a manner where answers are identical. The author finds their identical answers acceptable and the fact that police officer have all not heard of the local dogtrack in question as not unusal. Even though in the UK dogtracks are usally ground zero for every cheap pick pocket, ducker and diver and thus it hard to fathom how police officers would not know its location considering the nature of their jobs. ‘Giving the benefit of doubt’, in generous helpings, sets the tone for a report blantently out to look the other way.


This issue of the Lodge as conduit was first raised in a 1960’s UK Home Report The Chinaman Report (Stephen Knight The Brotherhood) which notes M15 fears masonic lodges (based on the Cambridge Five Russian spy ring all being lodge memebrs) could be used to by foreign nations or third parties to compromise both policing and the intelligence commuity. A claim vindicated in the 1980 world headline case of concerning Vatican Banker Roberto Calvi murdered in London on Blackfriars Bridge 17th June 1982 which led to corruption investigation in Italy were more than 900 NATO generals, Italian military officers, polticians, police officers and other VIPS and celebrity were found to be recruited through the Italian Masonic Lodge P2, using a mixture of bribery and black mail, by a right wing cabal (the reminents of cold war stay behind or undergound army that had being forged post war by the allies and then forgotten) and was affiliated with the far right who in turn employed mafia bankers and terrorists from both left and right wing fractions. The cartel was described in by Italian magistrates as still active with influences through our Europe, South America, Australia and the USA.

P2 is perhaps one of the most under told stories but best documented cases in regards to illustrating the risk of Freemason as vehicle for instituionalised corruption. And even to day despite its continued existence and designation as a organised crime syndicate no one really know who P2 ultimately answered to. Bluff based Walter McIntosh mac a former CIA officer of twenty years, who knew the CIA staion chief in Italy blamed Moscow. Yet other left wing researcher blamed the CIA. Other again maintain the former Cold War Nato supplied cell of larger organistion called Gladio had come under the sway of Neo Nazi or the Mafia. What is known for certain as result of Italy’s anti corruption hearings is in the 1980’s P2 was shown to have killed more people in terrorist acts in Europe than any other operating fraction but remains today as the less known terror organistion in existence in mainstream reporting.

Image result for roberto calvi freemason kgb

The fear, again real or not, of the lodge as means of inserting a fith colulm was also raised in mainstream newspaper born out of the 1960’s Cold War Profumo affair and the Soviet infiltration of English high society through its joing seduction and black mailing of its exclusive alumni, private schools and state institutes, whose ghost lives on in the failed Westminster inquiry and mirrors Prince Andrews own Epstein sex scandal and raises questions of excess privilige and right of monarchy. Questions and solution not likely along with many other anti corruption programs and probes which looks under Torry Boris to be buried. As Boris makes it clear to the monarchy, the Torries and Scotland Yard, allegations of corruption against any branch of his government from the riff raff will be treated as “spaffle”.

Image result for profumo westminster


In the UK, under a Neo Conservative government, its clear polcing will become even more authoratarian and less tolerant of criticism even with the scrapping of the New Zealand inspired IPCC. Here in New Zealand we also face massive increases to the police’s budget, increase in their powers, and officer who are increasingly armed.

Image result for armed police newzealand guns

The question is can we expect an outcome that will be different from the UK as were led by a PM whose the daughter of a police officer, a beneficary of the same Lodge that the public in England have grown to associate with bent cops, with a Paradise Papers connection and a CV that keeps getting doctored. Were told it okay Jacinda Labour and they are liberal. Time will tell if thats true or if she yet another neo Liberal Poster child like her old boss Tony Blair and further to the right than many kiwi (especially those with no memory of Rogernomics Labour and the 1980’s ).

Ultimately this is not an issue to be born on Jacinda’s shoulder alone (though her role in the UK Policing Review gives food for thought) but the question needs to be asked of any government regardless of how it packages itself. At what point does the outcome of whose in power become meaningless if power is placed in hands of those, be they liberal, Neo Liberal, Conservative, who fail to deliver transparency and accountability, as power is kept in the hands of a priviliged few as due process is ignored and conflicts of interest are not disclosed and accountability due to conflict of interest fails to occur.



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