9/11 Lest We Forget.

The following is from Investigate Magazine October 2000 Ben Vidgen Ian Wishart (my fact Ian’s conclusions).

“In February of 1993 the World Trade Centre in New York was torn apart by a massive explosion. Several Muslim extremists linked to Osama bin Laden were later convicted….Two years later, US investigators caught wind of a plot by Osama Bin Laden supporters to plant bombs on 12 airliners over the Pacific Ocean, set to explode almost simultaneously.Although the plan was foiled, those responsible remain at large”.

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The Plot was Operation Bojinka if you read the full details it becomes clear at the VERY LEAST they had enough information to know the style of the attack, the group involved (Yousef Ramzi was not so much an idelogical terrorist but in 1995 was described by the late Benizhir Bhutto [see foot notes in my article State of Terror Nexus 1995] as controlled by those not so much interested in Islam but Oil. This is the same reason given for John O’neil for leaving the FBI via his frustration at “oil politics” which prevented him doing his job. O’neil, who identified NY as the next target,died on September 11th on his first day on the job as head of security for the twin towers

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As for the logic of the building collapsing read the rest of this artile them come back and let the late great Rik Mayall give you a lesson in simple physics and logic.

At time of 9/11 I like wise believed something was up following a July 23rd article in the Dominon reporting the sudden and unexplained withdrawl of 30,000 Syrian troops from Lebanon.

I later learned the Syrian were responding to the Operation Swift Sword and Bright Star which placed about 110,000 Commonwealth and NATO troop on Iraq door step on September 10th. The article stuck out just after learning the NZSAS were deploying offshore and expected and attack from Osama Bin Laden. My source for that claim was Norm Piree who I worked with co managing Pasta Al Dente. Norm was former ‘non badged’ member of the NZSAS.

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Thus I found myself at 2:30am on September 11th working on the second chapter of what later became Stae Secrets II (my second book), were I was focusing on the role of the Brooklyn mosque in recuriting Muslim mercenarys for the CIA wars (along with right wing Neo-Nazis funded and armed by the same parties) in the Balkans and the bank Altaqwa in lugarno Switzerland (run by Ahmed Huber an Islamic devotee of Hitler) which proved to have links to the 22 subsidary firm of HSA Yemen who exported NZ dairy products to Iraq, via third parties, as part of the Food For Oil fiasco.

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Al Taqwa Lugarn Switzerland

For me my first hand experience via these events show AT THE VERY LEAST the claims the intelligence community had no idea of the threat is simply a lie.

Its a real shame journalists like Patrick Gower and John Campbell dont ask the surviors of Christchurch March 15 attacks their thoughts about 9/11. They might learn a thing or two about how modern terrorism works from those that dont live in the sterilized pakeha version of geopolitics and once educated go and take another look at why Christchurch was our 9/11 and is part of a far larger conflict which I doubt they have the intellect or more precisely the gonads to deal with those implications.





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  1. Thank You Ben. These days post 911 were hard enough without the ‘red team’ popping one off in ChCh just to remind us of our place in the social engineering matrix. 911 was my wake up call and the years since have only consolidated this determination that it need be resolved. The towers were exploded. Boom Boom Boom. It was, as Rik sais (THANK YOU RIK MAYAL!) , ‘a ruse.’ A dissembly. A complex FalseFlag deception run by the greatest deceivers the world has EVER seen. A sophisticated demolition turning 12 acres of NY concrete flooring into Hot rapidly expanding ppm DUST every second for 11 seconds twice in row, and three times with number 7. Sold to the stunned people as ‘collapse’ physics. Collapse kinetics. As if it were ever even remotely possible such effect could be caused by such means. 110 stories, each@1 acre, in 11 seconds. into Hot dust and naked steel members fired 600feet horizontally, radially.
    A miracle of gravity.
    The speed of deceit.

    I read the reports. I read USGS and LEE and the horse shit of popular mechanics. I argued in the comments where ever I could. Painted my paintings of it and showed them every year on the day for at least 10 years until lately, when my timing had to recalibrate to other, older and more recent tales of woe and deceit.
    I read the creatioNIST agnotologies of Shyam Pinocchio SUNDER, where the 47 storied 81 columned steel framed high rise WTC7 suddenly, symmetrically, dropped at free fall straight down into its own plan area in 6.25 seconds plus or minus because of small office furnishings fires on one floor around one column-> fires already out at time of critical fail…and FEMA, where they laid out evidence of evaporated girders and the mystery of liquefaction of hundreds of ton of builders steel (“running down the channel rails like lava in a volcano)where 6% of the HOT DUST that rushed madly through those Manhattan canyons, were molten steel spheroids.

    I read the commission with the same stupefaction previous generations had read WARREN. And the 911 master, David Ray Griffin who marched forward with so many great investigative journalists into the internet age, fucking the official narrative so profoundly, it could only then rest on disinformation agency and provocateur infestation in the networks to keep us safe from that TRUTH. From the magic bullet, from the magic Bolt..Then struggled to elucidate. To pass on to friend, only to find I had very few of them. All others fallen prey to the psyop of 911′ to the black magic spell, of 911.
    I studied the later investigation into torture in the black sites after the GWOT reached its frenzy, enough to realise Orwell was writing the template – the coded message we now wake to every day. That Smith was telling us we are not tortured for what we Know…Not to torture the information OUT of us, but to torture it INTO us. The official narrative is tortured INTO us every day on and through the mockingbird media just as it was in the black sites to those poor souls bent out of all human shape by JESSON and MITCHELL in the darkness of deepstate imperial stormtrooper beatings…until we forget we ever thought anything else. Until they coughed to crimes they never committed. Orwell. The greatest reversal of everything, as code. Up is down. black is white. The leader of the resistance is the leader of the tyranny.
    Campbell and the other MSM starlets are sacrifice to all reason. Are plug-ins to the geometric block-chain of historic dissembly., stuck in their boxes in the matrix happy to believe they would know a complex false flag deception if they saw one and they didn’t on 911, 7/7 JKF or ChCh; so it wasn’t . Never realising they are called ‘deceptions’ for very good reason.

    It was truely a spark in the nite time depression to hear Rik Mayal say it so clearly. Thanks for posting.


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