—I Am looking at Ohio to draft a story nothing concrete yet just a whole part of strange. Perhaps some are not related. Some time coincidences do occur. However each item on it ownpleted

tells a story and if the story pans no where but to paint us a landscape of Ohio, the corporate media and Corporate America, it will paint accurateluy the story of a nation deep in the grips of the military industrial complex and the sickness of the CNN Effect.

The parts include three air plane crashes and of course the train derailment which happend the same week as the plane crashes.

The Crash is simple.

Will not really MSM narative is of train that derailed while carrying chemicals. It murky and unrpecise in its coverage. Did chemical explode or was that just a controlled burn off. Burn off what? What exactly are those chemicals being burnt off and where did they come from? What are they a byproduct of? Whose vested interest in yet another incident of scape goating will CNN FOX CBS ext be reluctant to put in the frame.

MSM provides varying accounts. Some claim the chemcials are cancerous others dont. They focus on only two Benze and Vinyl Chorlide. The rest barely get mentioned. And no where do they explain what hapens what hapens when Chemical A mets with Cemical B and for that mater C,D, E…

Locals insist they are getting sick. Offical and MSM down play that likelhood rolling out pet scientist to suggest the chemical spills not that bad (ignore superr toxic cloud). A statement which ignores the scale of the disaster can not be known untill a full environmetal and toxicology study is conducted. Something that takes weeks if not months.

In contrast independent and local media, a handful of local burecrates and local watchdog groups, spill a story of a region plagued with toxic waste, dangerous rail industry, no state or federal money spent on infratrucutre (thus enhanicng the risk) and Erin Brecovich style on going cover ups in a mutltitue of cases. Most of which cente around the chemicals used in the nuclear industry and the by product of that industry deleted uranium used in tank shells and heavy ammunition. The same weapons Biden wants to use in the Ukraine to arm tanks that NATO wants to send to Europe. A decision which if permitted will spill disaster for the soilders of both sides of the conflict and the earth they fight over.

Which brings us back to what where the chemicals, in the train crash, used for exactly?

Thats not clear either. The few good burecrates (semi whistle blowers), reporting via local media, wont say what it is. But they do stress the list is only partial. They then go into precise details of how citizen than selves can conduct there own independent studies and how they can get them tested independently. These officials then strongly advise there citzens to just this. The message is clear the states own testing will not be independent and it will not be reliable.

Vinyl Choloride is mentioned by the MSM repeatedly but there is no mention of what its used for, or where it comes from. No one has mentioned until now that is a byproduct in the clean up process of depleted uranium contaminated material, which plagues Ohio, but that Vinyl Choloride is deemed eve more toxin than depleted uranium. It is like the Cat in the Hat Story where atttempts to wipe away a small stain create an even bigger mess.

Ohio is basically a toxic soup, little brother to Cancer Alley which over laps the industrial hub of the Southern Eastern US states . In 2008 Federal officials measured toxic air pollution of Ohio’s own “cancer alley”, which borders the tobbaco harvesting states of Kentucky and Virgina. once the home to millions of slaves, as it courses gently along the Ohio River from Portsmouth to beyond New Boston. The risk showed Scioto County residents in East Palesrine , where the train derailed, contract cancer was nearly 20 times higher than the national average, according to the study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Emacipation is past but the slaves and the explotyiation remain.

Pilot Eric Seever crashes in Ohio while flying a former Fire Chief with expertise in Geo Spatial Mapping of Hazardous material. Intersting choice in hat wear Steve — Eagle Aviation provided administrative support in drug eradication prior to working or Oliver North where they secretly run guns to Nicaraguan rebels during the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal. Eagle Aviation Services and Technology Inc. Three of its pilots have been killed in two crashes. But its workers have received little attention, even as lawmakers scrutinize the use of contractors in the Latin American drug fight.
EAST doesn’t work directly for the State Department. It is a subcontractor of Dyncorp Aerospace Technology, the military company hired by State to fly and maintain aircraft for counterdrug missions in Colombia.
EAST pilots spray herbicide on the raw material for cocaine, Coca.

I mention this because the three air planes that crashed the same week. One killing five enrvironmental field investigators flyig to Ohio and in the seond case an Ohio Fire Fighter with a back ground in geospatial data and drones of the same variety known to have be used at the trainsite which can be used to detect both chemical and radiatioactive materials. His pilot, Eric Sheever, obituary photo shows a man in dark glasses wearing a hat with the known logo of CIA owned private charter service (and said pilot names his own aircafter after the Skull & Bones) involved in the Iran Contra Affair the CIA’s and Mossad’s linked notorious scandal of the 80’s. In a third air crash, that week, the pilot passenger turn out to be a Jewish Zealot who survived 9/11 and is an IT data accounting entrepneur.

These air crashes may all be unrelated to the train crash. Indeed one crash is not in Ohio but NY Buffolo and the links seems at this point in the investigation tenous. Yet collectively each story is bound together. For they provide if nothing else a snap shot of modern America. A fractured empire sick with ambition, greed and war, externally as well as internally.

The official narative — even when given the benefit of doubt — paints a picture of nation in which toxic negligence is common. Profit is more imortant than people. Much of it is do with a nuclear indutry that gas light ennironmentalism as it’s hands are simultaneously mired in the blood of war.

Such is the wealth of this Neo Feudalistic beast of fascism it can own the courts, pay off politicians, control the financial life blood of the media and there fore by it controls the media and justice itself.

And thus in this status quo of self interest key questions rarely ever get asked. And when they do follow up is un-heard of. Faced with negative news which will impacts the powerful patrons of the media the media dutifully down play that component. As instead they move the blame those who question or poke holes in their press statements. Or failing that bury the massses in blood soaked entertainment that distratct and distances the piublic from caring about such deeper issues.

The critics of new Rome become the spreaders of disinformation, the conspiracy theorist, they become the focus of accountability for action the protagonists never need face. A factor which their apologists the paid of accademics, the scholarship awarded future polticians, the corporate funded social activist, the carreer climbing journalist, the priviliged middle class, ect ect never adress as they poke hole at those who have increasingly litle faith in the status quo for the simple reason that to do so would prove fatal.

If America history was a net flix drama compared in its genre to the excess and intrigues Roman Empire of old its reality would make fiction seem tame. Each saga a chapter in the rise and fall of a violent Republic addicted to MORE!!

So perhaps when I finish looking at this story the part still wont fit.

And yet they already do fit. As each seperate tale bears testimony to the central reason a train derailed in Ohio leaving an Atomic size cloud of Toxin dust in the air and billion of people world wide absurdely mystified as to how this happen and what caused it.

The answer is clear as the massive cloud, dark with poisons, that burst over Ohio’s hardest working, lowest paid and most likely to die, citizens.


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  1. Looking good so far Ben. There are indeed a whole bunch of coincidences and oddities that may or may not connect to form a big picture, but are relevant on their own nonetheless.
    My kids have been telling me for at least a month now there’s been a meme on the TicToc social media platform about strange things happen in Ohio.
    Quite a rabbit hole to travel down ben, best of luck, its goind to make an interesting read whatever comes out of it!


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