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The DEADLINE REPORT One of Fresh FM top 3 podcast


Congrates to Golden Bay Thinker Sam for her doco Silenced already silenced. An awesome doco well worth watching if your ro or ani vax if but for the jaw dropping coverage of what the Covid ‘Clayton’ Inquiry wont be covering. My only critic is its tendency to endorse actors mimicking idependent grass root activism who in realty are laying public relatins and come from a corporate back ground and are simply hunting votes. This took away from the docos ability to not just reach to the converted in the same way the pro vax doco Fire & Fury relied only on sources with set dogma. However, that said, YouTube’s decision to silence silence underscores a key issue we may debate science and reach different verdicts and yet all sides need be alarmed when the response is to simply ilence debate peroid. 3.25 Stars (/5).

Prohibition & Crime Peas in A Pod. Spate of shooting in Dunedin the first on the same street aweek ago that saw a burglary of guns and tens of thousands of rounds in 2017. Stolen from president of pistol club. Then this week Green actiivst Jack Brazil got shot. Details are sketchy but key point is the weapons seem to be in accordance with the arming of gangs a combination of 501 imports from Australia and weapons flooded on to the market fllwing the 219 buy back which only recoverd 5% of the offending miliary style semi automatics. As with all prohiition baning something only increase it contra value. Meanwhile their no guess what the crowd at the Albar will be talking about in between planning their next trip to Thailand.

What the Pluck – Council introduce chicken tax. Kawerau is one of several coucnils who now require locals pay a chicken tax if they plan to keep chooks for eggs.


New Zealand banks are moving towards seven-day electronic banking, giving Kiwis instant access to transferred funds.  People will be able to receive and send payments between banks every day of the year – this is a change from the current system where funds are only transferred on business days. The industry-wide change is ARE set to kick off from end May 26 after being postponed for a month.ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Citi, , ICBC, Kiwibank, TSB and Westpac Bank of China,HSBC and the International Construction Bank of Chia have all confirmed they are joining the 365-day pay scheme over seen by the World bank and IMF in hopes it will enable “flexibility for customers”. Meanwhile the ANZ in Australia is winding down cash transaction. As in the third world in reponse to banks crash and debt (controlled by China) a from of digital currency is being offered t clients an hyper inflation renders cash worthless or impractical. Payment NZ says the system essential in order to keep up with this, as well as customer “expectations”, and that electronic payments should be available 24/7.  Finncial analyst warn however that digital commerce is rapidly becoming a monoply controlled by shrinking numbers of players especially as tech start ups struggle in the face of the Silicon valley collapse and their cllateral tied up in the big banks at the centre ofthe collapse.

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If at first you get no sound so I just refreash the screen and the sound comes back – This has been happening a lot with my vids and other anti war reporters for a year or so now. (Thanks Ron).

Terms Cascade Effect, Freakonimcs, Vinny Eastwood Billy T Kaha Jailed, Libaterianism ‘facist’ Trojan horse Subculture take over Counter Cultre. Winston Peters Cambridge Analytics

33 Minute summary of this issue for non readers.

The Deadline Report – Mar 26 2023 – Freedom pt2( 0:30:38)   

Episode Information: DEADLINE looks how fascism and the Koch brother’s used Libaterianism sub culture as a Trojan horse to capture anti corporate Counter Culture.

The Deadline Report – Mar 19 2023 – Geo-Warfare and Fact Checking( 0:31:45) 

Episode Information: DEADLINE Fact Checks the Fact Checkers.

The Deadline Report – Mar 12 2023 – Ted Howard Kitemaker( 0:24:40) Episode Information: Ted Howard Kite maker and peace activist looks at how the Counter Culture peace movement has being largely nobbled by subculture in-figthing and neoliberalism.

The Deadline Report – Mar 05 2023 – Freedom pt1( 0:34:20) Episode Information:  DEADLINE looks how fascism and the Koch brother’s used Libaterianism sub culture as a Trojan horse to capture anti corporate Counter Culture.

The Deadline Report – Feb 26 2023 – Political and Corporate GasLighting( 0:25:27) Episode Information: DEADLINE looks at how Corporate’s hijack subculture and encourages polarisation to under mine peace and anti corporate Counter Culture.

The Deadline Report – Feb 19 2023 – Waitangi Day, Iwi and Hapu, Liberty and Freedom( 0:24:50) Episode Information: DEADLINE looks at how Corporate’s empower Iwi in a manner that undermines the soverignity of the hapu and whanu and deliberately fuels polariation within both Maori and the Pakeha worlds.

The Deadline Report – Feb 12 2023 – Egg-Splaining Food Shortage and Economic Scarcity( 0:32:32) Episode Information: DEADLINE looks at how market speculation the real reason for our increasing food, water, energy prices.

The Deadline Report – Feb 05 2023 – Social Activism and Corporate Image Laundering( 0:23:47) Episode Information: DEADLINE looks at how activism has being splintered and hijacked by Corporations with an agenda.

The Deadline Report – Jan 29 2023 – Ninety Seconds to Midnight( 0:28:13) Episode Information: squabling over toilet signs egged on by Corporate media, military industrial complex and fake indy news as the media sell us another deadly war. One that this time could end in nuclear obliteration for us all.


In my February 2022 DEADLINE Fresh FM report Guns Gold & Goons Iooked at the Bank of Utah and it links via a fleet of leased fixed wing aircraft to Russian Israeli oglicarchs in bed with US Neocons, profiteers and Israeli arm dealers and involved in a land grab of Africa land and natural resources largely being sold in turn to China or World bank debt creditors such as er.. China.

This story began after I was sent footage of a 1988 Cessna 551-0574 engine registration and call sign N551NZ (previously N22AA) owned by the Bank of Utah. The aircraft was based at Ardmore along with numerous other fixed aircraft leased to US banks known to partner with those averse to paying taxes or needing confidentality such as the forementioned shady Russian and their western Israeli mate. This aircraft flew in from Australia and landed at a private airstrip in Ardmore Auckland. It then departed to Hamilton then Masterton, then Queenstown then on to Masterton and then back to Ardmore appearing to inspect water ways – the areas we now know where most impacted by the failure to deal with forestry slash and over flow of Waikato (previously hacked just month befre Waikato DHB data base was hacked by hackers working for Russian oglicarchs) hydro system as it flew an erratic flight path over the same area later ground zero for Cylone Gabrielle devastation. Gabrielle reprsenting the forecasted acceleration of extreme weather and forecast by satelites such as those launched by Lockheed martin Rocket Lab at mahi Pensinular with data down laded to the Auckland University of Technology.

A Cessna aircraft, owned by Handel Aviation, was also active in the skies above Hamilton in the same area during lockdown conducting extensive high tech geo-spatial survey mapping. This is despite authorities saying air surveying companies were not exempt from lock down rules according to an original Stuff article which was later taken down (but which I screen saved before hand) . Nearmap’s aircraft have in factbeen operating in New Zealand since December “sporadically”, but their activity “ramped up” in the first 10 days of lockdown. Part of their tasking is collecting disaster hich can be used to future proof against the impacts of climate change

Nearmap said that it was “providing critical support services for infrastructure maintenance. This includes contracting for New Zealand government departments where images are used for the ongoing maintenance and construction of critical infrastructure, including building and construction (essential services and critical infrastructure), utilities and communications supply (maintenance and repair), and transport and logistics (rail and road).” As well as data used to mitgate against natural disasters.

The flight path of aircraft VH-ZI0 over Waikato and Bay of Plenty,in the area later impacted by slash damage, was recorded by Flight Aware. Nearmap Limited is an Australian aerial imagery technology and location data company that provides frequently-updated, high-resolution aerial imagery of 88% of Australia’s population, 68% of the United States population, and 72% of the New Zealand population.

Utillix Pty Ltd on Twitter: “UTILLIX is a @nearmap partner. @Utillix can overlay utility information on high-resolution aerial imagery of projects upon request with our Enterprise Solution. #utilities#highresolution # NearMaps…

With 90 million parcels globally, processed through its AI engine, it is providing government with something “that nobody’s been able to achieve at scale like we have,” said Nearmap’s a US military contractor, CEOs, Rob Newman in the companies press release. A local government Newman stated could say, “Give me a listing of every swimming pool in my county,’ they click the button, and it exports out immediately to them a complete listing by address, where all the swimming pools are in that county.. .Some of the features that you might [use] to evaluate property are difficult to do from low-resolution imagery. Using Nearmap imagery, we can very quickly see things. … Using AI almost automates that for you, showing you every house that’s got a swimming pool, and that’ll be highlighted in a visual way. You’ll get a bright blue dollar [sign] for every swimming pool, and you can then export that data out and put it into your systems.”

These are the kind of people oversea our strategic planning and future proofing – folks with a history of turning social disaster into personal fortunes.

Since March 29, the aerial imagery technology and location data company’s shares have jumped 123%. They are expected to go higher. The firm is a subsidy of Ipernia share market registered firm. Ipernia’s ownership is unclear as it has little online presence. In inThe country says that more open access to terrestrial data will help rural farmers. More likely, will make it easier for corporations to control their land. In India where Air Kiwi conducted simlar geospatial mapping government says that more open access to terrestrial data will help rural farmers and combat climate change. Critics hit back that data is not being used tranparetly and “”ore likely, will make it easier for corporations to control their land”. Source; ‘India’s New Rules for Map Data Betray Its Small Farmers” Wired. Online and speaking to class action laywers it beomces increasinly obvious that such data will lie at the base stone of future litigation concerning with the use and misuse of such data by government and the private sector.

Meanwile locally warnings that such technology such as geospatial mapping and geoengineering pose a risk to mankind are usally dismissed as climate change denial. A statement mde ironically out of ignorance to hows such technolgy is both used and deployed. When in reality the conditions of climate change and extreme weather (what ever readers believe the cause may or may not be) provide an disturbing opportunities for those seeking to profit off the societal changes that climate change brings with it. Effectively the unscrupulus can use such data to conduct inside trading on a scale never before seen in history.

Furthery the widely misunderstood fact is that condition of extreme weather pattern actually magnify the impact of geo-engineering technology in way that greatly accelerate the measurable affects of geo-engineering technology. Which in more stable weather patterns may have barely noticeable impacts with little commerical oppirtunity. Combined manipulation of data and potential stimulants most effective in extreme weather with abuse in critical infastructure planning, strategic planning and tender management of critical infrastructure, you literally create the perfect storm by which folks with a history of turning social disasters into personal fortunes at the expense of society itself. So it bit of a worry to learn Waikato waterway strategic planning is is overseen by Alexander Kouzminov a former Russian KGB officer tunred Wetern defctor who had partnered up with Russian and Ukranian Oglicarch who can be credited notjust with the privatiastion of public assetts and public land in the former USSR and now Africa but who on record as part of consortium seeking to buy up New Zealand water resurces and its arable land.


“power must be in the hands of the wealthy, while the public is fragmented and scattered so that the threat of democracy is reduced and the country can be “governed by those who own it,” Noam Chomsky.

Corrections I reviously stated in this articlethat Hide ws CEO at Mediaworks this is incorrect an has being altered accordingly.

Reality ‘Cheque Book’ Radio brought to you by the father of 3 Waters Rodney Hide of Act and the former Mediaworks chief Peter Williams.

1. 2010 Hide introduces waterprivatisation legislation to permit critical infrastructutre belonging to councils to be managed by private companies. The left correctly protest.

2. 2016 Labour using manufactured grass roots such as Action Station seek to create a “cascade effect” using public out rage over the TPPA. A free trade deal which permits corporations excessive power.

3. Labour win they sign TPPA 2.0 (CPTPP) which has the same abusive powers as TPPA #1 according to Professor Jane Kelcey.

4. Labour in 2020 under ex Shell Todd executive Chris ‘Baby face assassin’ Hipkins a fan of privatised education pass the 2020 State Sector reform bill. A central government version of Hides 2010 bill. Except tenders are for an unlimited time. Payment is in advance.No review.No public consultation. Can be approved by a single minister no cabinet consultation needed.


5. National who have said nothing about ex Shell Todd executive Baby Face Assassin Chris Hipkin’s bill set about creating a fake grass movement to create a “cascade effect”. Example include Ground Swill (which protest against vile water privatisation) and Reality Radio with a cast of commentators including Rodney Hide the father of 3 Waters.

Mediaworks is in the process of purging its pro Labour networks and DJs. Namely those who hung on by towing the line and accepting government terms for a 55 million Covid grant. As I said back then this was suicide for genuine indy media as having accepted government dane guild these parties would have to remain silent when team blue, yellow, did the same thing.

Reality Radio in fact is the first step for this to happen.

Except of course the platform host are not paid but rely on untraceble funding from listeners and donors. No doubt Labour will follow suit soon enough. As the Reality Radio host drift onto mainstream platforms during the Nats turn at tag team wrestling. Meanwhile current guest Roger Douglas underscors this certainily is not a fair and balanced platform but pretty much more of the same same.


Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, this “grass roots” annoucement was brought to you by the generous funding of Multinational Inc. Aka bastards without borders.

A sad day for real indy media…once again if your listening to a commentator telling you who to vote for or against that not indy journalism thats corporate funded chequebook propaganda. And its asking you to keep having faith in your little coloured corporate toxic pills. Lets follow where this begins and end via my recent dialogue with a senior RNZ executive on a radio industry forum wh like many of her peers failst understand why the New Zealand public have such little faith in journalism these days.


Senior Radio New Zealand Executative:Tova’s summary of Saturday’s events was excellent. I’m shocked to hear the news (Sacking of Tova and Garner on a Mediaworks FM platform). Sad for everyone involved. My heart goes out to all staff.

Me: you mean when she revealed it was owned by a bank (see our credit Suisse story) AFTER being fired. Karma is a bitch.

SRNZ: “You have nO idea what you’re talking about”.

Me: Oh dear another media punter who refuse to acknowledge how out of touch our media are. And yeah I am pretty sure I do know what talking about, having being in this game some 30 years and studied the decade by decade dismantling of actual independent media since Kirks anti foreign media bill was repealed in 68.

Add to that the privatisation of NZBA into Kordia a government quango staffed by Sky TV execs and other corporate stooges.Then there was the axing of local papers in 2000 by bank backed speculaters who brought high asett stripped printers and then liquidated them silly. Soon followed by Kordia led replacement of FM for digital analogue which killed local TV.

Cant recall your lot saying boo.

TVNZ CEO Neil Roberts gets busted with a KG ofcocaine & does NOT go to Jail. Not long before Media Works staff are led away in handcuffs after a major coke bust. Narco profits in turn will be pumped into print firms who get brought high, assett stripped and then liquidated. The feakonomics of organised crime helped kill local independent media. SEE THE BIG READ FOR FULL DETAILS.

And now radio is following suit and your shocked.

Im not media has being dumbed down for sixty years with out a whimper of resistance from the industry.My guess Nats get in and there is no merger just RNZ gets the axe. Or there is a merger and instead of RNZ being the top dog who sets the culture and tone you will get TVNZ which still thinks Neil Robets and his cocaine chock black porsche is in charge. What I call the Mediawork work hard coke hard ethos.

Gotta love Lotto (10th largest TV advertiser in the Nation) letting government funded advertising rule the TV news room since…well just before John Campbell got the boot for upsetting TV3 advertisers aka Mark Wheldon Julie Christies mates.

This will be followed by the current slime of Reality ‘cheque’ radio led my Mediaworks ex goons like Rodney Hyde (Ex Act) drifting into top slots in the mainstream. And no doubt National will copy Labour’s playbook and support those who dont ask awkward questions to get the best seat in the parliamentary press cabinets where the speaker ( not the press) gets to decide who isand who is not accreditted. Just like Tova and Ardern really. Different sids of the same coin that repeat over and over.


Nanga the artist facing courts for daring being a jester ( the man who reminds kings they too are mortal), doing what art meant to do (namely make us realise truth is not singluar but plural), who high lights the law institute is an ass that suceeds in fooling folk it follows due process when it doesnt.

Sharon Gertrude spent time in jail for case Aussie courts have wiped as rapist goes on home detention.

Vinny Eastwood Billy T facing jail for crime of speaking Bollocks ( cos politicians dont do that right?) and defying a mandate “strongly worded advice” (Andrea Vance on Burrowes vs Crown).

Even stinky Kelvyn Alps, Hells Angels CIA bitch of Counter Stink bust ( which MSM has gone deafly silent on) occured not because of an actual crime (personally my view is even if you only accept the status quo interpretation of law, if your not a total dumb ass, thats an easy rap to beat) but because of an political agenda.

The issue is not does the law have the right to do any of this. But rather we have judges who boom “its the law justice has nothing to do with the law” ( Judge Tony Zohrab). Will thats simply not correct as New Zealand’s legal system is based on constitutuonal obligations to ensure the sentence does match the ‘crime’ and interpretation of law is based on principles of natural justice. This is literally what Westminster law is based on and has being for the past 800 plus years.

Maybe (maybe not) some or allof the above protesters interpteted the law incorrectly. I accept that. Yet all of them get and are trying to raise public awareness to the fact we have a legal system based more on aquiescence than a strict interpretation of law as the state and its allies maintain. Meaning its not actually due process being executed impartially but simply its law based on conning folk into thinking their interpretation of laws accurate and following due process. When thats far from the reality of how our court actually operate. These protesters are driven by differing motives that might be mad (but not crazy), bad and saintly.Yet they all get one thing what ever their agenda – we are being pissed on and told its rain.

Our police and army are literally broke as result of excessive covid enforcement (based on a UK policy now proven to be driven by politics and profit and not health). So when it comes to natural disaster they cant do their primary job of protecting us. Meanwhile organised crime gets a free pass along with white collar crim mates of our politicians and a media.

Both of whom refuse to regularly report on their mates as “high level political figure” get name supression routinely. A system meant to protect the vunerable not the powerful.

Phantly Roy Bean Jr ‘The Hanging judge’ (played by Paul Newman, photo above, in the move The Life & Times f Judge roy Bean’) was an illiterate American saloon-keeper and Justice of the Peace in Val Verde County, Texas. Roy called himself “The Only Law West of the Pecos” for the reason he owned the only law book in the county even if he could not read it. According to legend, he held court in his saloon along the Rio Grande on a desolate stretch of the Chihuahuan Desert of southwest Texas. His Baliff was an alcholoc grissly bear. Many tourist experiencing how our New Zealand judges run their court have compared them to be Roy’s equal.

Our court are dominated by badly trained antagonistic shabbily dressed security guards in goon sun glasses, court clerks with barely a high school understanding of the law, court sheriffs who know as much about constitutional law (and their obligatios) as the sheriff of Notingham knew about fairness. Our courts are plagued by a epidemic interelated intermarried judges who routinely ignore law, due process, their conflicts of interest, who have developed a notorious reputation (domestically and internationally) for ruling courts with extremely loose interpretation of the law. An interpretation which has little respect for the spirit of law upon which natural justice should be based on. Its one thing to let the wheel of justice do it thing ‘hail to the judges’ ect. It’s another to weld judgement (from the court of law or court of public opinon – over seen by the media) that is excessive. For history shows us adnausea excessive autocracy does not bred obedience. It simply degenerates polarising anti-democratic instability and distrust of the authorities.

We’re so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight

And we would especially like to welcome all the

Representatives of Illinois’ law enforcement community

Who have chosen to join us here in

The Palace Hotel Ballroom at this time

We do sincerely hope you’ll all enjoy the show

And please remember people, that no matter who you are

And what you do to live, thrive and survive

There are still some things that make us all the same

You, me, them, everybody, EVERYBODY!!….pretty simple really.

SILENT WAR – Warfare by Data Analytics.

August 28, 2020 I wrote;· 

Some one or some group is hammering the shit out energy hubs at the moment. I mean once you go looking it biblical in scale. Think I saw around 30 forty case like this through out the Middle East.Has same M.O as when a few years ago US refinery and crude supply line got hit by a wave of sabotage. Meanwhile nature (?) is also hammering the US Ethanol Oil Grain and Aviation gas storage and production centres. My advice is your buying a mask make it a mad max one and as the gremlin stock broker (Gremlins 3) said invest heavily in canned foods and shot guns’.

I wrote the above on top of my regular reporting on multiple case of attacks and arson on critical food (and water) infrastrucutre in New Zealand through out 2018 and 2019 as New Zealand followed an emerging international trend. Since then dozens of food processing plants have being destroyed and or damaged in 2021 by “accidental fires.” After several months of a lull in mysterious fires rippling through the food industry, the first major one of the new year was reported by NBC Connecticut. More than 100 firefighters battled a massive fire at a commercial egg farm in Bozrah, Connecticur on Janaury 28 2022. Meanwhile Bloomberg analytic data shows news stories for “food plant fire” jumped the most in a decade last year. Further according to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global fire insurance market generated $58.49 billion in 2019, and is expected to generate $120.49 billion by 2028, witnessing a CAGR of 11.9% from 2021 to 2028. This does not prove orchestrated economic war fare but it does confirm an issue with supply exist that are impacting insurace cost and food security.

As food security cost increase so do arm sales. Weapon sales jumped globally by 50% in 2022 from the year previous.

On that note I also early in the piece forecast the rapid increase of security at supermarket and how racism and other societal issues would be blamed on the rise of security already planned some time before the news stries rolledout precisely as predicted.

I would write;

“Both Countdown involved in public disturbances owned by IN moving into NZ market and buying up supermarkets. While in 2018 a teenager was charged with the manslaughter of a Countdown security guard – the incident was caught on CCTV – after he was head butted and killed the security guard Serbian born Goran Milosavljevic . Sydney Jayden Kokiri, 18, has pleaded not guilty and is due to go on trial next year. Countdown is owned by Wool Worths but the building of the three supermarket involved in incidents owned by Stride Stapled Group who share value increased 56% in past week. In 2020 Countdown posted a 20 million profit due the monopoly supermarkets achieved during covid 19.

Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister David Clark last year instructed the Commerce Commission to conduct a “market study” into the $21 billion groceries industry. After New Zealand was found to be one of the most concentrated retail grocery markets monopoly’s in the world and there were indications that competition in the sector was non existent over time. Countdown made record profits during Covid and concern of profit gauging rose as clients became frustrated at increased food cost. Wool Worth executive met last year to discuss “buying limits” and anticipated future food shortages and subsequent public outrage at the Supermarkets Taskforce – made up of Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and Metcash – who met high level Australia government officials during August 2020.

It was announced by Countdown in Australia three weeks ago that supermarket would begin introduce body cameras because of violence – cameras the New Zealand police however refuse to adopt, as they prefer buying guns, to ensure public safety and transparency. Supermarket shoppers are also feeling the effects of the global pandemic on the country’s food supply, with a shortage of bananas and some other grocery staples. which is anticipated to only escalate in the event of another crisis such as those recently caused by cyber hacks. At this years Crisis X security summit former PM John Key warned hacking could be New Zealand next March 15th. Wools Worth began using covert secret cameras at checkout in Australia in May 2019. It is not known weather that technology is used over here yet”.

The timing of these fires in food plants and the foreseen food shortage comes at a time when the US and other nations are also suffers from a severe shortage of eggs in supermarkets. The cause is alleged in US corporate media to be due to bird flu wiping out tens of millions of egg-laying hens. Egg shortages where however blamed in New Zealand on the government deciding (at a time of food shortage and rising uncertainity) to enforce a ban on caged egg. Writing for The Spinoff earlier this month, Olivia Sisson explained that it was linked to the introduction of legislation first enacted a decade earlier that would outlaw battery caged eggs.

Virtually unreported the role played by big pharma based companies involved in factory farming. Namely big pharma’s policy to reduce protein in traditional feed manufacturing. A cost cutting exercise which however greatly reduces eggs laying poential. The New Zealand ‘cage laying’ crisis triggered a national shortage of eggs which I repeat occur coincidentally at the very same time as the USA, UK, Maylasian (blamed on the flu and Ukraine) experienced an egg shortage as well. Other shortages which cant be blamed on Chicken Lives Mattering (or Bird Flu) include CO2 – used in beer, orange juice, bread, canned food, pet food, corn, cooking oil, beef, cheese, baby formula. Forbes Magazine in fact blame the cause of all such such shortages on inflation fueled by free market speculation. Put simply opportunists seeing a moment and time to maximum profit by exploiting scarcity simply because they can.

Todd Energy one of the largest influences on New Zealand energy politics and the government approach to ‘renewable’ fuels (and whose former executives include the current PrimeMinister Christ Hipkins) said the CO2 short was triggered by a safety valve releasing ammonia. It expected liquid CO2 production to restart early next month but the company would not reach full capacity until later this year, and will have to do another three-week shutdown in March. Corporate media simly acepted this explanation at face value with out documeted evidence or commenting on the monopoly in CO2 production handed to Todd following Marden Refinery closure. The Todd Energy Kāpuni liquid carbon dioxide plant in Taranaki has been New Zealand’s only domestic producer of food-grade CO2 since the Marsden Point refinery was decommissioned last year. The closure sent gas prices skyrocketing close to 600 percent, under some distributors. BOC has had to ration the gas, and that has left businesses without the products they need – like Garage Project, one of New Zealand’s largest breweries, that ran out of carbon dioxide at one site – leaving more than 60,000 litres of unfinished beer. Beer prices have already gone up twice in the last six months by 15-20%.

Todd family and has interests in the energy and media sectors, CEO Geoff Ricketts. Ricketts is also chairman of Lion Nathan National Foods, one of the biggest food and beverages companies in Asia Pacific.

Describing the ongoing global turmoil as a perfect storm, UN Secretary General António Guterres said in his speech at the World Economic Forum that cooperation was urgently needed in a fragmented world.

Food security was also one of the theme of the annual Davos meeting earlier this month. The perfect storm, he maintained, was raging on several fronts, especially economic, with an unfolding cost-of-living crisis, rising inequality, looming recession, energy crunch, soaring inflation and supply chain disruptions among its many aspects. Okay times are tough but to suggest the food security being preyed upon actively and deliberately is a conspiracy right?

Well yes if you follow the narative of corporate Blackrock controlled media. But that quickly becomes a no when you ignore the shallow ‘fact check’ of self serving corproate media. Because the reality is organic or orchestrated its just the outcome of predatory 21st century economics and simply how the free market coupled with big data investors now roles. In 2014, the Oakland Institute found that institutional investors, including hedge funds, private equity and pension funds, were capitalising on global farmland as a new and highly desirable asset class.  

In a similar vein showed in September 2020 that private equity funds – pools of money that use pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowment funds and investments from governments, banks, insurance companies and high net worth individuals – were being injected into the agriculture sector throughout the world for the function of unmitgated speculation. This money was being used to lease or buy up farms on the cheap and aggregate them into large-scale, US-style grain and soybean concerns.

One example of this is the Ukraine where offshore tax havens and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has targeted Ukraine food stock for an outright monoply Today particular more than 71% of arbale land in the Ukraine is now owned by just ten corporatons – nine subsidaties of US Investment giant Black Rock, the tenth a state owned Chinese conglomerate. More than 51% of wheat coming out of the Ukraine is now shown to be contaminated with Genticlly contaminated seed stock.

In 2010, the website reported how BlackRock’s global agriculture fund targeted (invested in) companies where involved with agriculture-related chemical products, gentically modified seed dispersal equipment and infrastructure, as well as holding comodities in food, biofuels, forestry, agricultural sciences and arable land. All for the purpose of securing out right food global drug and energy monoplies that would permit them to control the market and food security in both peace and war time. Clive Todhunter a research associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization writes of Black Rocks strategy that it is a system that facilitates the corporate share holder interests well but “for vast swathes of humanity, however, economic warfare is waged on them every day courtesy of a hard-edged rock”. By the time of the February 2022 invasion World Economic Forum Chroma Kaus Schwab stated the chaos caused by the war oil and food prices would provide the Multinational corporations backed WEF a “opportunity” to “play both sides against each other”. Schwab however is not the only player out there hoping to seize opportunity from crisis.

In 2022 The United Nation’s Food Agency Organistion acknowlegd that the war waged in Yemen was intentioallly using economic warfare in addition to using conventional miltiary forces. In Ethopia, Miramar simlar allegations have being charged against those accused of genocide.

In 2022 members of the United Nations Security Council decried the use of food as a weapon of war during a food security debate initiated by the USA and its partners including Black Rock. In 2022 western media took this fact and applied it to Russia alone as it deflected blame for rising prices of food, fuel, and fertilizer on Putin, The allegation however ignored that UNFAO had already levelled the allegation that a world starvation epidemic was deliberate foreign policy by any nations including the USA that sought to weaponise hunger and by targeting food security vunerabiltiies. In 2020 a staggering 2.4 billion people, or above 30 per cent of the world’s population, were moderately or severely food-insecure, lacking regular access as a result of weaponised hunger. And again it is no conspiracy theory or a case of fake news that parties exist who seek to do this for the simple reason of wanting to make a profit.

Firms like CargoMetrics, originally founded in Boston, Massachusetts as GlobalFlows Inc (Initially chaired by Scott Borgeson a one time partner to Ghiliane Maxwell Epstines partner in crime), have systematically modeling global maritime trade for more than a decade. Through in 2020 they focused primarily on investment management activities, including trading commodity futures and currency forwards based on their proprietary trading strategies for it client including client such as Dubai and the U.S. government. It uses big data to spot opportunities caused by crisis to trade for or against where ever profit is the greatest.

Geospatial technologies like remote sensing, GPS, and GIS have existed for decades, but it’s only recently that they’ve been established as important tools for the future of agriculture and, more importantly, global food security. Case in point Fergie a super cray computer used to track probable fires in New Zealand that was hacked by cyper criminal in 2014 wanting computer modeling data. Similar computers where used in Australia and Carlifornia. Locations, where fire ravaged crop and food security, where in many cases. despite such modeling, fire brokes out that would be blamed on climate change.

Weather was most certaily a factor and yet it is also a fact that steps high lighted in super sophisticated computer modeling where simply ignored at a level where only incompetence or sabotage can be levelled. Case in point urban development permitted in areas where to do so was to known to add to the fire risk. The potential of geo-spatial to feed the world gets a little bit of public coverage. Yet the role of geospatial data to barley get mentioned in comparison. This is despite a global cordinated role out of this technology in a move that is costing billions and happening simultaneously in a most non transparent manner as government uncharacterisitcally act shy of their partipation in the role of technology which is reportedly meant to benefit society.

Back January 6th 2020, as Rocket Lab launched ‘Make It Rain’, from Mahi Peninsular the geoengineering focus of such technology is cited in the article ‘Orissa Cyclone — Role of Space Systems in Disaster Warnings and Mitigation Use of INSAT’. Where it was reported that the “Super-cyclone” that hit the Orissa coast on Saturday, October 29, 1999 was tracked by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) through INSAT-1D Very High Resolution Radiometer (VHRR) imagery and INSAT-2E CHARGED COUPLE DEVICE (CCD), which just like Auckland University of Technology’s Quake Tek (one of Rocket Lab’s geo-engineering affiliated clients), launched by Rocket Lab in 2019, is to help “societal needs“. During Orissa Remote Sensing satellites and the microwave data from the Canadian RADARSAT were used for disaster relief and rescue operations. The Geospatial mapping however was also used by India for planning post disaster agriculture and food production. For example this included the distribution of GM modified salt tolerant seed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals by UN approved agencies CARE India and Oxfam. Similar disasters caused food shortages (and famine related disease) in Africa and the Philippines after extreme weather events were exploited and used to dump genetically modified seeds owned and patented by UN corporate strategic partners Monsanto (now owned by Bayer).

Back in 2020 when the first of three satelites where launched in New Zealand I noted “Like Five Eyes members NZ USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India underwent extensive geospatial mapping during lock down which in India case was carried out by a firm named Kiwi Air. Thus The Owl is not just a surveillance tool as its corporate press release state but its also a component useful for those with a focus on economic warfare and food monopolisation.”

In April 2020 Australian aerial survey company Nearmap was accused of breaching lockdown rules – but it claims it had been cleared to fly. Flight records shows an Australian aircraft operated across the South Island in late March, and in Whāngārei, Tauranga and Wellington from April 3 to 5.A Cessna aircraft, owned by Handel Aviation, was also active in the skies above Hamilton despite authorities saying air surveying companies were not exempt from lock down rules according to an original Stuff article which was later taken down (but which I screen saved before hand – see link above). Nearmap’s aircraft had been operating in New Zealand since December “sporadically”, but their activity “ramped up” in the first 10 days of lockdown.  Nearmap said that it was “providing critical support services for infrastructure maintenance. This includes contracting for New Zealand government departments where images are used for the ongoing maintenance and construction of critical infrastructure, including building and construction (essential services and critical infrastructure), utilities and communications supply (maintenance and repair), and transport and logistics (rail and road)”.

Police said they had made enquiries on the flights and information was passed to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) who “were taking the lead in this case”. When asked what action MBIE will take over Nearmap’s flights, MBIE adviser Duard Ferreira​ said the Ministry of Transport was “best placed” to answer this query. ​In a separate article Nearmap altered their statement saying it is operating “as part of the essential business services supply chain in New Zealand”, and is helping the Government with a coronavirus relief planning. Stuff  said it was “working to verify those claims”. No follow up article on those claims has being published to date. Stuff using flight tracker stated “the aircraft could be seen to have been in Nelson, Wanaka, and Dunedin last week, and in Whangarei, Tauranga and Wellington from April 3 to April 5.”  Stuff stated a “police spokeswoman said alert level four restrictions applied to all businesses and individuals not considered essential, including overseas companies working here. The rules apply to everyone “operating in New Zealand”, she said. “These restrictions are in place to save lives – everyone has to play their part and stay in their bubble”.

The company says it doing the mapping for Covid 19 planning and relief. Yet a check of local Dunedin newspapers showed that in 2016 a Lear jet flying at 20,000ft, left for Christchutch after completing 19 sweeps over Dunedin city and the Clutha district. For several hours from mid-morning, the plane flew over the area in a recurring north-south pattern moving gradually west. The jet belonged to ExecuJet Aerospace Technologies who said they were conducting an aerial survey for an unidentified company. ExecuJet is an international business aviation company headquartered at Zurich Airport, Switzerland. ExecuJet has facilities operating in six regions worldwide – Africa, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Spokesmen from Land Information New Zealand and the Otago Regional Council, which both undertake surveys occasionally for map-making, said the jet was not doing work for them. ExecuJet, who manages private jets confirmed the jet was doing aerial mapping work, but declined to say to whom it belonged or for which company the work was being done.

Utillix Pty Ltd on Twitter: "UTILLIX is a @nearmap partner. @Utillix can  overlay utility information on high-resolution aerial imagery of projects  upon request with our Enterprise Solution. #utilities #highresolution # NearMaps…"

So who is Nearmap Limited?

Public data shows its an Australian aerial imagery technology and location data company that provides frequently-updated, high-resolution aerial imagery of 88% of Australia’s population, 68% of the United States population, and 72% of the New Zealand population. With 90 million parcels globally, processed through its AI engine, it is providing government with something “that nobody’s been able to achieve at scale like we have,” said Nearmap’s CEO, Rob Newman in the companies press release. Newman stated a government could say, “Give me a listing of every swimming pool in my county,’ they click the button, and it exports out immediately to them a complete listing by address, where all the swimming pools are in that county.” Since March 29 2020, the aerial imagery technology and location data company’s shares have jumped 123% they are expected to go higher. The firm is a subsidy of Ipernia share market registered firm whose ownership is unclear as it has little online presence.

ExecuJet MRO Services opens line maintenance workshop in Brisbane

To find the client you have to visit the Hawkesbay where in January 2020 the Hawkes bay Council hired aviation services Aerologistic to conduct water mapping with aid of Lincoln Agritech and SkyTEM Australia . The Government of Western Australia – Department of Water has also commissioned SkyTEM Australia to conduct an airborne electromagnetic mapped Australia water reservoir.

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The survey is part of the Hawkes Bay Aerial surveying of Hawke’s Bay begun as part of a regional collaboration between five councils who using LiDAR (Light Detecting and Ranging) technology are mapping the region where geographic data will be collected to create detailed 3D maps and models of the region’s landscape and resources. The regional council will be running the project as part of a national LiDAR programme When the initiative is complete, New Zealand’s total LiDAR coverage will increase to about 80 per cent, from 10 per cent currently.

The flying finished in May June 2020, with the final results expected in March 2021. Lidar will be used to assess where funding for development may be spent and is financed by The Provincial Growth Fund provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Land Information New Zealand and local councils. Spatial mapping contracts for the mass data collected were announced in June and “snapped up” by defence energy and geospatial giants iXblue and Woolpert who are based in US & Dubai and who formed their strategic partnership in 2019 in anticipation of this global 2020 project conducted largely during lock down in blantant secrecy.

Over the lock down period I reported on numerous planes and boats owned by offshore billionaire investors associated with a plethora of market speculators all wanting to cash in on Covid 19 and the chaos it caused in the market. I noted Saudi, Chinese, American Tech lords, data miners, biotech entrepreneurs who have visited New Zealand (during lock down) with a ‘vision of tomorrow’ whether we want it or not. We certainly have not being asked or consulted and this is would prove to be more of the same.

Big plans done on the sly as food and democratic security get specfically attacked in a well cordinated and well documeneted form of asymetrical economic warfare also some times knowns as silent war fare. Silent warfare so called becuase it is a form of economic warfare which proves to be at it most deadliest when its intended target, the general populace, remain ignorant that they are being waged war on.

  • For a review of our Dancing Hare investigation into lock down VIP visits by would be Technocrats, data miners and smart weapon covid 19 market manipulators see Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Four

supermarkets nationwide in the USA.

We’re so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight. And we would especially like to welcome all the Representatives of Illinois’ law enforcement community. Who have chosen to join us here in the Palace Hotel Ballroom at this time we do sincerely hope you’ll all enjoy the show

And please remember people, that no matter who you are

And what you do to live, thrive and survive

There are still some things that make us all the same

You, me, them, everybody, EVERYBODY!! (Blues Brothers) ….pretty simple really.



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