Sinaloa cartel & the “CIA” New Zealand Connection.

The following story ‘U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as partners’ is interesting in that relationship has a long established New Zealand connection, both via our banks and our local born under world.

New Zealand’s link to spooky drug dealers goes extends nearly seven decades since WWII. Here are the NZ “CIA” drug history as I have documented it to date.

2019-2014 Police in Australia say Australasia was now part of an transnational drugs ring after a conspiracy to import ice and cocaine sourced from Mexico and Colombia NSW State Crime Command’s Organised Crime Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Scott Cook, said Australians were now easily able to tap into the world supply.

That pattern is duplicated here in New Zealand. In fact as we go to press $55 million in meth and hand guns, hidden in imported golf carts, were seized by New Zealand Customs who admitted at press conference “increasingly large sized seizures were becoming an international trend and New Zealand was no stranger to this”.

“What we are seeing is organised crime expanding its markets in the wake of gluts of cocaine and methamphetamine internationally,” **** Berry said. “Traditional borders mean nothing these days in the age of globalisation.”

Drugs were largely moving from Central and Southern America into Canada and then on to Australasia, he said.

“It’s nothing new.”

Yup in 1999 I wrote the best selling book State Secrets which focused on the threat of globalisastion and the rise of organised crime in New Zealand. With the exception of Scoop Media Alistair Thompson, who reported the media black listing of my book, no corporate paper in New Zealand would touch my book.

The cartel work closely with motorcycle gangs such as the Bandidos and the Hell’s Angels who have emerged in New Zealand in the past two years as one of the most dominant if not dominant gang in NZ.

Often the cases involve a practice known as double patching where the senior members true gang affiliations are hidden beneath a more junior gang to avoid public scrutiny.

In past five years there have being numerous cases were not only drug but large stock piles of automatic/semi automatic military weapons, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, police scanners, bullet proof vests and more disconcertingly large piles of ammunition, were involved.

In 1999 State Secrets police media, answering for Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope (famed of Lisa Blakie, Olivia Hope Ben Smart, Red Devils Hells Angels failed bust) Pope, a former undercover officer denied the existence of automatic weapons in the hands of gangs. Even when confronted with a follow up query where I then cited the on the record statements of Commissioner Peter Doone, academic Greg Newbold, and my own sources custom intelligence office John Anderson and Tony Spillane, Detective Sergeant  Darryl Brazier, organised crime unit, plus sources in military intelligence among others all named in the book.

Weapons surfacing to date come from weapons stolen from dealers or purchased from dealers like Gun City (owned by Christian fundamentalist David Tipple) via third parties (who buy the weapons legally and then sell them illegally) intermediates.

In the USA motorcycle gangs, set up by Vietnam Veterans. It included the Bandidos (and involving serving members of the military) used former network developed during the Regan Iran Contra years of the 1980’s to supply arms to meth cartel specifically Chinese Norincos who dominate the meth arsenal and come into the US primarily via LA.

It was via the Obama administration’s ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-running program that Mexican cartels were armed, including weapons provided by the Bandidos who were also serving soldiers, at U.S. taxpayer expense. Weapons, supplied by biker gangs, were deliberately allowed by the US task force led by the FBI to end up in the hands of the Sinaloa Cartel in manner which replicated the Iran Contra network two decades earlier. 

The Iran Contra network had not just supplied traffickers with weapons it had also employed mercenaries and weapons associated with Christian Fundamentalists to fight anti Communist insurgency in Afghanistan and South America. A replication of events in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the US had worked with drug traffickers in Asia to also fight communism. 

Though ironically many of the CIA’s original Asian operatives had being picked at the outset of the war in Indochina by Kim Philby of the English MI6. Philby had cultivated a  friendship with James Angleton of the CIA. Philby however would be identified as one of the Cambridge Five spies run by the Soviet Union KGB (but increasingly that Russian asset was thought in turn to be controlled by Beijing). 

In 2015 It was revealed that the Bandidos partners the Sinaloa Cartel was allowed to smuggle billions of dollars worth of drugs into the US in exchange for information on other cartels.

Sinaloa have emerged as result as the strongest cartel operating with strongholds and laundering fronts in over 58 countries including New Zealand. It’s estimated the cartel is responsible for the deaths of 100,000 Mexicans. None of this new in the 1980s the US carried out a similar deal with the Cali Cartel a third of the 30 million bounty on Pablo Escobar coming from the Cali cartel the rest from the Colombia government and the US DEA.

October 2018: container ship Maersk Antares arrived from Chile. 46kg of cocaine from a hidden compartment on the exterior of the hull. The drugs were worth $20m – New Zealand’s largest-ever single seizure cocaine bust.

2019-2016: Rapid establishment of several gangs in NZ including Bandidos who reach full chapter status down in Bluff before any other chapter a reflection of their wealth.

The Bandidos (run directly by US parent gang) gang originally was based out of Otautau Southland about 20 minutes drive from Te Anau airport. This is an airport with full international status and no custom presence. The Bandidos gang have also being witnessed making routine pickup out side the Custom office in Bluff. This is an area subject to previous critic by the PSA who in 1998 complaints any one could walk in walk off and not get challenged. The same complaint noted 14 boats Custom had wanted to search but being told by MFAT were off limits. Sources confirm gangs virtually control the Port of Bluff.

In my 1999 best seller State Secrets we tie Bluff port activity to CIA arm for narcotic trade of the 1970s when the CIA was using assets like Air America to fly drug s out of anti Communist guerrilla territories in Asia in return for arms supplied to the anti communist rebels. The CIA maintain assets in Bluff to this day.

My source for this historical allegation of the 1970’s was Patrick O’Brien a former New Zealand Police Intelligence Officer. O’Brien worked undercover until he got out after to bumping into to too many CIA types while discovering “container loads” of guns going out and drugs coming in thru bluff.

Patrick was also a major source in the North & South series Broken solider looking at police corruption. It also include Wendy Heath another undercover source in State Secrets who was also my commanding office as a Captain when I was attached to the Counter Intelligence Unit (from 3Fld HQ were I served as Artillery Intelligence operator [ballistics]) as part of the Force Intelligence Group in 1989 when I was an army reservist.

February 2018: New Zealand and Australian law enforcement agencies stopped the Tauranga-based sloop the Elakha, after it allegedly met a drugs “mother ship” in the southern Pacific Ocean 1.4 tonnes of cocaine from the Sinaloa cartel – worth $327m. Six men were arrested, including four Australians, one Swiss-Fijian and a Kiwi.

2016: ODT “Organised South American criminal groups $14 million-worth cocaine 35kg. Inside a massive diamante-encrusted horse head. When an American and Mexican, who delivered the drugs, met David in a downtown Auckland hotel. They realised their shipment had been tampered with, the drugs replaced and Customs and police had been covertly watching them. They tried to flee, but the American and Mexican were arrested at Auckland International Airport trying to board a flight to Los Angeles.

2011: Mexico’s brutal Sinaloa cartel, responsible for killing 28,000 people, is found using a New Zealand connection to launder drug money internationally. The same one that provides cover for North Korean arms smuggling using a Russian Anatonov registered to SP Trading. 

On December 11 (2011), a Georgia-registered cargo plane flew from North Korea to Bangkok with “drilling equipment” that was actually 35 tonnes of weapons. The charter was arranged through SP Trading Ltd – Level 5, 369 Queen St, Auckland. SP Trading was owned by VicAm, Zhang is its director.

The identity of the person who actually operated the company has never been revealed. Zhang has been convicted of 75 breaches of the Companies Act for giving false residential addresses on registration forms, something she called “one little mistake”.

The Sinaloa cartel connected via the NZ registered VicAm (connected to SP Trading Ltd/GT Group Ltd) which laundered into Tormex Ltd

2010-2009: DEADLINE has previously listed this firm with ties to Europ Bank firm identified laundering billions for Russian cartels named in US investigation as the Wachovia banking giant. The banking giant was ordered to pay more than $200 million in a settlement for helping disguise the illegal origins of up to $479 billion for Mexican drug lords – predominantly the Sinaloa cartel.

The Naked Capitalism (which reported on both the 60,000 time New Zealand is named in the Panama Tax haven papers and on the role of Westpac and ANZ (Now headed by John key) in the New Zealand end of the scandal (whose Pacific sources like journalist Denis McNabb originally cut their teeth on the 1990’s Wine Box Inquiry) states “half the cocaine now entering Australia was being sent from Mexico, and that the Sinaloa cartel was behind many of the shipments”.

It then reported “four New Zealand firms registered by the GT Group – Keronol Ltd, Melide Ltd, Tormex Ltd, and Dorio (NZ) Ltd – helped launder about $40 million of the proceeds using Latvian bank accounts and Wachovia’s London branch.

The US investigation provided a suggestion that the Taylor name was linked to an infinitely wider and more complex global network. The sole director of each of the NZ firms was Stella Port-Louis, who has an address in the Seychelles. She appears as the director of more than 300 other New Zealand companies, many of them registered by one of the Taylors at Queen Street in Auckland.

2007: Port-Louis was singled out by US President Barack Obama after the event became public – as a senator – for the way she headed up at least 100 companies in the US state of Wyoming when he warned of “serious problems confronting law enforcement as a result of minimal company ownership information requirements”.

Then there is Lorenzo Kiss, the Romanian end of NZ net work, who in the Bucharest Trade Register advised that he had handed over his management of Narfalk Investments Ltd to Lu Zhang.

Kiss and Zhang have attracted the attention of the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, a consortium of journalists working in Europe and funded by the US Agency for International Development. They claim Kiss-Zhang’s Narfalk embezzled $14.5m from oil company Petrom Service. Canada’s Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre tied the bank to four 369 Queen St companies – Keronol, Melide, Tormex and Dorio (NZ) Ltd – alleging that the companies were used as a “financial filter” to move $50 million of drug money through Latvian banks before it reached Wachovia. The center cited “exploitation of New Zealand’s weak company registration laws” – laws that still exist.

Despite John Key promising, after the event became public, to “look into it” which is pretty much what also happened when Key was faced with the Panama Papers claiming first our involvement was minor, before (when faced with fact were mentioned in it 60,000 times) saying no big deal as if was NZ would be black listed. Key resigned just before Europe threatened to do exactly that.

2007 -2009:John Key changes donation law 2007 increasing amount donated to no limit with 33% rebate.

This set off an attempt at whistle blowing when IRD employee David Jerrold Theobald, 47, drives his car into IRD building in Chch after spotting large and repeated donation by wealthy kiwi “to overseas organisation with ties to prominent elected American officials”.

We later learn John Key in government has donated more than 14 million tax payers dollars to Clinton Foundation who in turn are revealed to have not used the money for charity but to get Hillary Clinton reelected. The fund is named like ANZ in Panama Papers extensively.

New Zealand donations to the Clinton subsidiary of the controversial Clinton Foundation continue as it stands to receive US$3.9m (NZ$5.5m) in taxpayer money in 2018/19, on top of additional NZ$8m given to the organisation since 2014.

2003-2009: Dunedin councilor Aaron Hawkins brands me a “conspiracy theorist” for my extensive reporting on white collar crime. Specifically stories of NZ being used to arrange arms deals in relation to numerous Russian aircraft known to have history of involvement in arms dealing and known to have landed in NZ while under contract to the NZDF and aid organisations.

My usual example for this is UR82008 a Russian Anatonov tied to Russian arms dealer Victor Bout (the basis of the lead character in movie about arms dealing Lord of War) and Cocaine trafficking in the early 1990’s (to 2018) used to ferry NZ forces to US based War on Terror operations such as Enduring Freedom as late a 2018.

These claim were also included in my 2006 book State Secrets II.

SSII included extensive photograph of the specific aircraft and company records of firms involved to ram the pint these were rel confirm-able aircraft and firms with serial numbers and addresses which could be traced and authenticated as existing.

State Secrets II contains detail of firms based at 252 Montreal St Chch the South Canterbury Fiance building looking at host of firms who rent premises tied to dubious fishing practices, arms trafficking (including Russian firm Xado Ltd tied to Prok Bank) and traced the role of Scale shipping in special operation for covert operation during WWII.

I publish my finding of SCF five years before the finance companies collapse as result of systematic eternal embezzlement and ten years before its founder was later linked to Panam Paper and the Mossack transactions.

So much for conspiracy theories Councillor.

The deceased South Canterbury Finance chairman was listed as a shareholder of South American Ferro Metals, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands. Hubbard is one the company’s 80 listed shareholders.

South American Ferro Metals, set up in 2007, used Mossack Fonseca as its agent. The company is based in Australia and was known as Burrabulla Corporation. It mines, process and sells iron ore in Brazil. Now known as Pursuit Mineral formed in 2017 in a reverse takeover of Burrabulla Corporation Limited same time acquired the Bluebush, Paperbark and Coober Pedy projects from Teck Australia Pty Ltd a partner of the Clinton Foundation in UNICEF UN charities since 2009

The SCF subsidiary was also found to be charged with money laundering for Russian in 1999 in a privy council case while its other subsidiary Helicopter NZ (HNZ) the world leading experts in helicopter gunship tactics” (their own website) is identified in Alan Hubbard own biography a tied to Air America (CIA) operations out of Sydney in the 1950’s. HNZ believed to hired Theodore Shackley, the head of the CIA covert operation in Vietnam, to fly “crop dusting” operations.

SCF collapsed five years later its previous dominant partner Humphrey Rolleston a director in SM Andrew an arms firm run by Christ College Old Boy Steven Andrews included several senior New Zealand mp and military people. Its subsidiary Minerva security helped run mercenaries into Africa. (see State Secrets for full names).

Andrews worked for US Marines and Royal Thai Airforce operating out of Thailand who in turn ran operation for the secret war in Laos Cambodia using the CIA asset Air America.

At its height Air American according to Christopher Robinson book Air America included more than 10,000 aircraft ranging from helicopters to b-52 bombers. Post Vietnam these assets were distanced/outsourced from the agency in a complex web of front company aimed at disguising their ties to the CIA during the Iran Contra affair in which eastern European weapons were purchased stockpiled and redistributed to anti communist war to disguise US involvement.

For example the agency formed deep ties to Michael Harari a disgraced Mossad agent whose network of craft dealt in drugs and arms and whose clients included the likes of BCCi and Panama dictator Noregia.

CIA payments to Noriega were channeled through accounts he maintained at the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the agency’s preferred conduit for its secret dealings with Saudi and Pakistani intelligence and with the heroin-trafficking mujahedeen insurgency in Afghanistan.

This is the origins of what we call the Panama Papers today.

During the same period, Adnan Khashoggi

{{share holder in Travel Lodge which later became the Scenic Circle, provide arms to Fiji coup 2000 using firm Quintex, partner Peter Monk tied to failed Bougainvillea coup using mercenary firm Sand-line {who flew in on a Russian Antonov that was owned by Hamilton based firm and recruited serving NZ soldiers}, several firms tied to Food For Oil scandal, established money laundering for Yemen arms using Vanuatu based tax haven, tied to BCCI Mujaheddin including NZ involved Project Democracy and WWF Club 1001 (which also had NZ members Paul Allen a man who shred company record in the 1990’s after they linked him to arms and uranium sales, breached trade embargo and former PM Ruth Richardson (while follow NZ franchise Small Luxury Lodges of the World Wharekauha in the Wairapa was owned by Sir Roger Douglas, Right wing UK Torries, and those outed as funding warlords guilty of genocide in Eastern Africa), provided the bridging fiance to NZ Think Bigs loans via LA based, Security Pacific National Bank, 1998 secured millennial rights off Tonga, involved in failed refinery process in Tonga which included Fay Richwhite and Fletchers; an attempt to breach US embargoes against Iran.*2 }}

{*2 In 1997 NZ export to the entire Middle East were less than $NZ4 million by 1980 they equaled more than $400 million to Iran alone (resulting in full page advert by the NZ dairy board in all NZ leading papers to congratulate the Ayatollah rise to power) as result of joint venture pioneered by Kashoggi after November 1977 flight to NZ to meet with Muldoon and possible venture partners)

… was listed on a 1991 Defense Intelligence Report as having sold machine guns to the Medellin Cartel, was borrowing from the bank to finance weapons sales to Iran—the proceeds for which, like some of Noriega’s earnings, were then funneled to the Nicaraguan Contras. Subsequent federal prosecutions determined BCCI’s Panamanian branch, in particular, to be actively engaged in money laundering for the Colombian drug trade. A Senate subcommittee report called the bank a “fundamentally corrupt criminal enterprise.”

The bulk of SCF assets, following its collapse, including strategic assets Scale Shipping and Helicopter NZ after a firehouse sale end up in China’s hands. Once more we have the curious situation of CIA paws every where but the ultimate winners is not Washington but China.

Scale directors for example include Mr Lai was appointed to the Board in January 2019. He is currently the Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of China Resources Enterprise, Limited. He is also the Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary for China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company Limited. Prior to joining the CR Group, Mr Lai worked for international accounting firms in Hong Kong, and also acted as the Financial Controller and Company Secretary for various listed companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

2000: Money Launder and the ambassador to NZ and Australia James Riady is spotted in NZ at the 1999 APEC conference. He is photographed shaking hands with Bill Clinton. At the time Riady a confirmed Chinese military intelligence asset and tied to the BCCI banking scandal is wanted in the US for more than 123 illegal campaign contributions. Riady and other Chinese patrons associated with the Clinton’s will end up donating heavily to the subsequent Obama election.

The 1999 meeting ends up at Millbrook Resort the stomping ground of many American intelligent assets like Richard V Allen and those tied to the UN Food For Oil program like David Mace who is also director in the largest steel conglomerate on the planet Chinese US Bao Steel (who cant loose no matter how the US Chinese trade wars ends).

Allen is painted as an anti communist but is credit with Keeping Regan on track with the the one china policy that Reagan agreed with China and in the 1960’s was subject to investigation by the CIA in relation to Chinese election donations made to Richard Nixon. It was under Nixon the US Chinese special relation was established set up by the Bush family whose won ties to China date back to the intrigue of the 19 century Opium conflict.

Millbrook opend in the 1990’s it original management came predominantly from Nugget Point the luxury lodge of choice for the Bushes when they visited Queens-town in the 1980s until Mill-brook was built. Previous to that US intelligence officials and VIP preferred the Hermitage in Tekapo currently owned by Trojan Holding (one of the key firms involved in Millbrook) before being owned by Travel Lodge (scenic circles) if I admit memory serves me correct.

1999: I publish my best seller State Secrets if goes to number 2 with out a single mention of the NZ media with exception of Scoop media who report how the books being subject to blacklist due to it content. State Secrets dealt with the extensive ties to money laundering scams tied to illicit weapons and drugs operation involving known asset of the intelligence services dating back to the 1970’s involving New Zealand spies crooks and MPs. Its drew from my own research into the Wine Box inquiry through the eyes of some one who has investigated arms trafficking and gangs activity in New Zealand extensively and served in armed force working in intelligence reconnaissance based postings*.

{{ * I served 89-95 as a territorial Gunner in field HQ my official posting was artillery intelligence (ballistics) but I also was attached to Counter Intelligence and general field units as part of F.I.G. when not working as signal operator where I trained in predominantly in vetting, security checks, and check point security . This is in addition to working of several counter intelligence exercise from the command post. Prior to transferring to infantry where I trained in reconnaissance before ending my service. I was not and do not pretend to be 007 [more like .ooooo7] but the experience gave me a unique insight into the intelligence community few writers get. }}

1999: State Secrets also report extensively on the links to suspected Russia Mafia money laundering Prok Bank and their partner Fay Richwhite Investment (co shareholders in Wellnet Holding which also involved Food For Oil UN special envoy New Zealander David Mace as a director of Bao Steel) of disgraced humanitarian aid project Food For Oil. Food For Oil became the means in which Saddam used humanitarian aid to breach embargo placed on them by the US after the second gulf war.

Prok, who will be named in the Panama tax papers data base, directors also included director Ian Roberston, former head of NZ Dairy Board Far East operations, Vostock Immigration.

It was Vostock Immigration who assisted New Zealand government in Food For Oil program, there ex KGB staff working out of the the NZ embassy in Hanoi (where the head of the NZ Russian Embassy was stationed in the 1970’s). Prok and Fayrichwhite Imvestment made up less than 5% of the Wellnet Holding stocks the rest are controlled by Chinese State run hedge funds. Once more china’s paws ever where but ultimately it Beijing making the profits.

Prok directors include Ross Meurant, a former MP Police man turned arms dealer and recruiter of mercenaries and research adviser to Winston Peter NZ First in relation to controversial corruption allegation in NZ Fishing industry. Meurant is also author of the Syrian connection a fictional account of how a Kiwi and KGB circumnavigate US imposed blockades. Meurant conitues to work with his ex Prok collegues by his own account in Asia and the Middle East.

Peters claims to have had the SFO Police conduct a probe in NZ role in Food For Oil when caught out by Transparency International. None of firms involved when contacted by this author had ever being approached by Police or SFO and Police own media spokesman confirm no probe took place. Peters had told an outright lie.

1995: Wine Box Inquire Peters cuts teeth on Wine Box inquiry into tax evasion and money laundering. Both established as happening though no one sure what was being laundered. Involved several NZ firms including Fay Richwhite Investments and those with ties to aircraft set up under complicate lease hire relationship to avoid identifying true owners and linked to “CIA” Air America style smuggling operations.

Rumor surface, related to controversial death of computer saleswomen (including Peters meeting with White which Peter refused to go into) Paul White in Auckland but are quickly denied of Food For Oil scam involving Citibank. Events later show Citibank is dealing in weapons and drugs for Mexican cartels using Vanuatu based subsidiary. Fay Richwhite avoid criminal prosecution in inquiry with narrow boarders (designed to avoid any one digging deeper) prosecution but are found to have evaded more than 120 million in taxes. The accounts controlled by Fayrichwhite in the inquiry included firms with links to BCCI banking scandal.

The BCCI scandal included details of CIA drug arm operation and the discovery the rouge bank has it own spy agency active in over 28 nations. The exception being China which like the Food For Oil Scandal and many of the other scandal in this post (or linked to this post) seem exceptional in being the sole nation never stung or subject to scams in in operations which else where have no limits.

1995 The head of TVNZ Neil Roberts is busted on the Auckland Harbour Bridge with a kilo of cocaine.

Roberts is not jailed and no media outlet with exception of Rip It Mag (a muso publication) report the affair. Robets eventually resigns and sets up Communicardo production whose famed of the Look on the Bright side Insurance ad (the only ad with real life Head Hunters in it) in conjunction with partners Sir Paul Holmes and Karen Soich the entertainment lawyer who was barred for several years as result of her dealing with Terry Clark – alias Alexander Sinclair alias Mr Asia the head of then NZ largest drug ring.

In the Pulitzer wining Crimes of the Patriots the Mr Asia syndicate is named by author Johnathan Kwitner (Wall St Journal) as one of the criminal enterprises which used the services of Nugan Hand a merchant bank with ties to the CIA/Air American cartel legendary in Sydney at this time and tie to the like of Bernie Houghton (Bourbon Beef Steak House King’s Cross)

1992: Pacific Express Airline A Frontline television documentary reported senior share holder Russian Israeli Shimon Lhava (aka Simon Spitz) as running Russian aircraft to ship arms into Africa Middle East and from Eastern Europe. Spitz features in the head of the SFO auto biography ‘Dirty Collars’ by Charles Sturt, the head of the SFO, were Sturtz admits they never went after Spizt (who embezzled 12 million and fled after the Front-line Story) as he was “backed by CIA muscle and we did not fancy our chances against that” 1% shareholder of Pacific Express included Roger Banks and Grant Annal.

1991: Southern Word Air Lines. In 1987, the government allowed citizens from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand to enter New Zealand without visas. This policy of easy access opened New Zealand to criminals from overseas wanting to gain permanent residency. Misbin immigration consult is Aussie Malcolm the Minister of Immigration under Robert Muldoon. Partner include Paul McElwee a former member of the 1970’s Gang of 20 white collar ring.

Example of this included ex Vietnam pilot Harvey Misbin established the freight carrier Southern World Airline New Zealand. A Frontline television documentary reported that Misbin, who was granted New Zealand residency and later citizenship, was wanted in the U. S. for alleged smuggling of cocaine from South America to the United States. Misbin’s executives at SWA included Roger bank Grant Anal who went on to set up Austral Aviation in the same office shared by Charlie Orange (in 2005 Charlie Orange Director Rick Ellis a television celebrity and former All Black and Kiwis league international Marc Ellis busted for possession of cocaine).

1987: Police bust several celebrity involved in dealing cocaine ring which includes Ray Le Varis the MP whose involvement led to police switching off bugs after it feared his down fall would topple the Muldoon Government. Le Varis and other in ring also had ties to CIA affiliated Ray Smith.

1987: The US operation Project Democracy is established to raise funds for anti Communist Guerrillas in Afghanistan and South America were NZ SAS operates on behalf of the US. TVNZ front line identify several NZ Australian Members including Hugh Templton Minister of Foreign Affairs under Muldoon and Sue Wood President of national Party. Project Democracy includes Richard V Allen, at the time National Security Adviser to Ronald Reagan and today a Ne Zealand resident.

In 2005 during a failed illegal threat against this author Allen identified that the instigator of the so called Iran Contract Affair “was an aide to senator”, who arranged the meting of future participants “ostensibly” at the request of the Senator.

The aid was Colonel Robert McFarlane, also a future National Security Adviser and a director in SAFE Air Blenheim who undertake work for parent firm Air New Zealand and US Israeli military sources. The base previously used for Operation Railhead the use of Air America craft supplied by the CIA to Muldoon to over come the 1951 Waterside strike.

The Senator John Towers, who Allen name as the instigator, went on to chaired the investigation which cleared President Bush and Reagan of wrong doing in what was once decribed as the best investigation money could buy. Tower was later killed in an air crash just as details of his role in the BCCI Banking scandal emerged.

1980: Santos Rebellion Vanuatu just one of several attempted coups in Pacific by ex Vietnam veterans, with ties to Adnan Kashoggi, wanting a base of operation for their money laundering schemes. Included ties to ex Vietnam veteran and Christian Pentecostal Thomas Bayer GT Group

1980s: Mr Asia moves from heroin (including that loaded on to boats by the Thai military) to Cocaine.

1977: Labour MP challenges Robert Muldoon on his ties to accounting firm with ties to Mr Asia. Before hear his answer Muldoon accuses Moyle of meeting with homosexuals (without proof) and in this ensuing scandal, assisted by cooperative media, the original scandal about Muldoon ties to those laundering drugs dealers profit brushed under carpet.

1971: Tiwia Point construction begins involving long time CIA aid Bechtel Corporation. Sources such as Patrick O’brien name this as the origin of major narcotics trafficking in NZ related to the shipment of weapons into Asia to fight communism and the shipment of drugs, controlled by anti communist insurgents out.  New and Australian soldiers serving not on the Vietnam side but seconded to the US marines in Thailand, predominantly from the Australian SAS or the New Zealand SAS conducting covert operations with the kiwi predominantly running long range reconnaissance (assassination) operation which set the bar for the kiwi role in future US led dirty wars from Afghanistan to Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela. While the Aussie provided security for the drug mules coming down from the Vietnamese (Golden triangle) high country by anti communist warlords. The drugs distributed to first solider on R&R in Vietnam in locations like Kings Cross Sydney and then the civilian population via the motorcycle gangs led by Vietnam vets  like Hells Angels and Bandidos which the Kiwi and Australian would imitate and ultimately receive assistance with via the Muldoon PEP schemes which saw families like the Tamaki (with roots in both the military, underworld and Pentecostal christian right) buying Harley, limos and building gangs from a public nuisance to a criminal empire. It begun with the Hell’s angels and today the American born gang remain the dominant gang in NZ with access to a frightening arsenal as result of this state assisted relationship which once more talks of the US law and order official being in bed with the cartels. 

The irony however is the insurgents failed and the money laundering of drug empires has helped China’s old families (including western based trading families) amass a fortune as the impact of property speculation and the dysfunctional of illegal narcotics has gutted western economies and assisted the transfer of wealth from democracies affluent middle class to a small global elite dominated by China as a quick review of the top ten firms in the world shows.

This includes in order

ICBC China, China Construction Bank (major players in the laundering of NZ meth trade).

Berkshire Hathaway Inc USA (ties to Fay Richwhite and Wellnet holdings).

JPMorgan Chase USA.

Wells Fargo USA {{On October 3, 2008, Wachovia the Mexican Cocaine launders agreed to be bought by Wells Fargo for about US$14.8 billion in an all-stock transaction. This news came four days after the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) made moves to have Citigroup (Wine Box Inquiry Operation Polar caps highlighted Citibank role in arms laundering for Kashoggi) buy Wachovia for US$2.1 billion).

Agricultural Bank of China.

Bank of America (Firm John Key worked for which owns most of NZ debts. Actually a consortium of European banking organizations, mostly British, and most notably the Rothschild banking dynasty with strong ties to the Dutch East Indian Company one major players in the Opium wars and were many western Chinese allinces were first built). Through their American agents they are able to select the board of directors for the New York Fed and to direct U.S. monetary policy.)

Apple China accounts for nearly 20 percent of Apple revenues and the company is arguably the most successful U.S. technology firm in China. It is set to loose if full Chinese US trade war breaks out.

Toyota Motor Company Japan. Also involves heavy European consortium and heavily emershed in affairs of partner General Motors who majority shareholders ultimately are controlled by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation which under the Russian Constitution, the CBR is listed as belonging to a foreign State – the City of London (Rothchilds). Rothschild family dealing with China date back to 1830s, when it set up a small gold and silver trading business in Shanghai. In 1953, four years after the founding of New China, Rothschild was deemed one of the first major Western banks to establish relations with the country. Their ties to China date back much further.

In 1838 Britain sold roughly 1,400 tons of opium per year. The same year, Chinese authorities began to sentence native drug traffickers to death, and also sent a letter to Queen Victoria to help cease the trade. Soon after the British Superintendent of Trade in China, Charles Elliot, announced that Britain would compensate the merchants who gave their opium to the Chinese government. Once in their hands, it was destroyed. Following their merchandise destruction, merchants started to demand their payment. But as a direct consequence of opium deficit, its price skyrocketed, along with the British debt. The real problem began when Britain refused to pay, claiming that Elliot had acted on his own, while China made Britain responsible.

After Britain’s First Opium War (1839-1842) against China, the real power behind the Chinese Emperor emerged as the Soong family who were agents of the House of Sassoon, multi-national opium traders originally from Baghdad who were later forced to flee to Bombay, India. They obtained exclusive rights from Great Britain to market opium to Shanghai and Hong Kong from which the queen received a healthy share of the millions of dollars of profit. By 1890, about 10 percent of China’s total population were opium smokers. The use of narcotics as weapons of war is not something China have ever forgotten and during the cold war it generals warned it would use narcotic not tanks to bring the west down.

The Sassoon family, led by David S. Sassoon whose chief agent in China was the Soong family and partnered with Rothchild dynasty extensively. The three famous soong sisters married into the leadership of both Kuomintang (KMT; Nationalists) and their rivals the Communist party. In the 1930s, Soong Ai-ling and Mei-ling were the two richest women in China both of them supported the Nationalists. In 1937, when the Second Sino-Japanese war broke out, all three of them got together after a 10-year separation in an effort to unite the KMT and CPC against the Imperial Japanese army. In 1940, they returned to Chongqing and established the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives with the aid of Yale (Skull & Cross Bones Rothchild controlled alumni) small factories that could be established anywhere with very little money. In addition to making an important contribution to China’s early war effort, the Chinese name of the project, with its spirit of concerted and collective action, provided a new word for the English language: gung ho picked up by the US Marine working with the Chinese partisans and Kiwi like Riwi Alley
Supported by the Flying Tigers the predecessor to Air America the ‘CIA’ controlled air line whose U.S. pilots flew supplies in over “the Hump” from India. It was from veterans like this communist Kim Philby, with the blessing of of James Angelton, pick the future ‘american spies’ who would later be the topic of thousands of book about CIA’s involvement in a drug trade which only went in one direction and served not hindered ultimately China’s elite and their western partners.

Today the Rothschild are consultant in China acquisition of China Netcom Group, facilitated Chinese carmaker Geely’s acquisition of Volvo from Ford in 2010, the largest acquisition of a foreign automaker by a Chinese company. In 2018 David Rene de Rothschild stated that he hoped that China would help the family firm expand its control of the global financial management business from 3% to 10%..

Bank of America (Firm John Key worked for which owns most of NZ debts. Actually a consortium of European banking organizations, mostly British, and most notably the Rothschild banking dynasty with strong ties to the Dutch East Indian Company one major players in the Opium wars and were many western Chinese alliances were first built). Through their American agents they are able to select the board of directors for the New York Fed and to direct U.S. monetary policy)Apple USA Toyota Motor Company Japa



  1. […] of super smart cities wether or nots the people in those countries can afford them or not. https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/02/25/every-one-wants-to-be-a-mexican/ Riady (Photo above and below) and other Chinese patrons conected to Chinese state banking […]


  2. […] Encyrpted Blackberrys have emerged in the hands of Mexican drug operatives in New Zealand (were the cartel signifigance presence is acknowledged by New Zealand authorities and academics). The phones, designed to avoid surviallance, had a covert trojan horse placed their by cartel boss El Chapo to keep tabs on his network of distributors and bankers. Law enforcement managed to however flip at least two of the cartels IT senior security people and compromise the cartel’s private network which is how its believed Orbit alleged treason was discovered. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/crime/news/article.cfm?c_id=30&objectid=12227363My own story on this has attracted considerable interest, coinciding with visits to this author Linkedin page by individuals working in human resouces and naval intelligence from the New Zealand embassy in London and Washington. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/5069771/NZ-firms-linked-to-money-launderingWhile the cartels (working in conjunction with Russian orgnised crime and global investment banks) role in laundering money through New Zealand was first idenitified in 2008 (two years after my second book Sate Secrets II was published and included photos of several other related Antonov tied to arms trafficking based airlines visting NZ regularly including the 1991 Auckland based Pacific Express run by Russian Israeli Simon Spitz), after a Russian Antonov loaded with North Korea weapons destine for the Middle East was found to be registered in New Zealand. https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/02/25/every-one-wants-to-be-a-mexican/ […]


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