Shipping News#14: Ben Vidgen’s 2022/23 Stand-Up Tragedy Tour -HERE COME THE SPECIALS.





  • Award Investigative journalist NICKY HAGER – The need for public interest journalism with checks & balances and how the MSM could have covered the Wellington protest better to prevent destabilsing polarisation. Nov 6th Sunday 1pm
  • RICHARD TIPPET Climate Activist – The Corporate Hijacking of Climate Change Nov 13 Sunday 1pm.
  • HERE COME THE SPECIALS – Special Report on the coming horrors of Special Economic Zones – money for off shore mining as the environment workers and human rights miss out. Wether a miner or a greenie it is not good. 20 Nov Sunday 1pm.
  • Otago Regional Councillor & Media specialist ALEXA FORBES the trouble democracy is in and why the polarisation must stop now. 27 Nov Sunday 1 pm.
  • The Santa Conspiracy – satire. Alter ego Santa (Radio Dunedin presenter 4XO & early Childood professiona Marcell J Lindsay aka Captain Kornflakes Space Station Kiwi) is interviewed about why exactly Rudolf’s nose glows, his use of coal and allegations of his role as a criminal Illuminati master mind and on how to cook Vension sausages {comedy for Adult only- warning may trigger offence in furries and optimists}. As Interviewed by ‘Trev’ Grinch Farmerson — Adult Comedy not for those wanting to let kids know the ‘truth’ on Santa. Cameo by Marcel [without is alter ego] on the true Christmas spirit and notion behind Santa and why that makes Santa real. 18 Dec Sunday 1 PM.
  • Snoopies Merry Christmas & Peace underto all – the orphans show send us in your christmas wishes and hopes for 2023 (send to no later than Dec 4th please as we pre record).Dec 25th Sunday 1pm.
  • Award winning restauranter and music promoter Peter Schoni Le Picton Cafe Music tourism and Peters peception of life universe ad restranting January 2nd Sunday 1pm.
  • Fringe Comedy Bar high lights of Wellington’s best well known comedy bar and why laugter and art really are the best medicine in these polarizing times. January 9th Sunday 1pm

COMING SOON — SEASON 6 (2023) GRANT SMITHIES ‘Rollingstone, Guardian,… correspondent and Vinyl fanatic whatever happened to counter culture. ALISTAIR THOMPSON CEO Scoop Media. The future of online journalism and censorship. Pulitzer wining journalist JOHN PILGER The Propaganda of War.




+November 6 Hokitika Sunday Hokitika Pensioners Room 6:30pm COMPLETE SUCESS.
+Nov 8 Tues – Franz Josef Snake Bite 7pm.
+ Nov 10 Armstrong Room Wanaka Centre 7pm
+Nov 12 Sat -Jacobs Kitchen Riverton Door Open 6:30 fin by 7:45pm.
Nov 15 Tues Stilettos Strip Revue Bar & no Ben wont be pole dancing just striping back the layers and baring the naked truth – 7pm.
+Nov 16 Wed Nov 16 Wendesday Sun – Tuatara Invercargill 7pm.
+ Nov 20 Kaikoura Bean Me Up Sunday 7pm.
+Nov 22 Tuesday Nelson Liquid Bar. to confirm 7pm.
+Nov 23 Wed Golden Bay The Ole Skull ‘n Chain  (National Munsters HQ) with National Munster & Car Bomb afterwards. 7pm Band 8pm Location. 1141 Collingwood Higway Onehaka look for Big Skull & Cain sign by the letter box opposite Onehaka Wood Furniture you scurvy dogs. BYO Nibbles & treats. Punk for punk never mind the designer gear luv.
+Nov 24 Thurs Westport Art House Thurs Saturday matinee door open 4:00 fin by 5:15pm byo nibbles and treats.
+Nov 27 Black Ball Working Man’s Club ‘Solidarity in the Unions since ‘. Sunday 630 pm
December 1 Thursday Christchurch The Wunderbar doors open 8pm start 8:30 pm.
Dec 4 Sun Picton Le Cafe Sunday Afternoon check website and social media for updates



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REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER – PRE 2022 msm reporting of the alleged Dirty Bomb threat and its links to Ukraine, Gladio & The Pacifc Paradise Banks.


1080 use on DOC estate ‘not sustainable DOC quietly admit they got it wrong.

  • On October 20 I broke the news 12 hours earlier than before MSM confirmed it thatNATO allies where conducing an annual exercise to test their ability to launch nuclear strikes. It came as Fives Eyes command exercises Sumura held in Singapore. Coinciding with accusation and counter accusation that a dirty bomb was to be used in false flag attack. Each side of the conflict pointing the finger at each other visa who would detonate the alleged nuclear terror weapon.
  • Richwhite the “influencer” detained in Iran and used as exscuse to call for cutting diplomatic ties with Iran is son of Fay Richwhite seed funder for US military affiliated Rocket Lab. Hmmmm.
  • NY Supreme Court reinstated workers v. Legal consequence are huge internationally and possibly why corporate Japan backed off from forced mandates from the very begining after consulting their own experts. However that the case was based in the NY Supreme Court however is a bit of worry in that New York State law is not based on a Westminister style of law which recognises inalienable human rights but is based in commerical law where the definition of rights is determined by the inscoprated socueity trustees. Much like the win on mandates via the Bill of Rights 1991(as opposed to challenging it ased on Bill of Rights 1688 art of our Egnglsih statues) could in the future be circumnavigated by the triunial elected to see over human rights cases under the currrent proposed legislation of the decalaaration of incosinstency. I go into this point in the editorial for Ben’s NZ ‘I Dont Wanna Be a NY Gremlin’ (see pdf above)
  • The 49-year-old journalist Arshad Sharif, who fled Pakistan in August after multiple cases were filed against him for criticising the military, was shot dead in Kenya. Sharif death cmes as the USA removs Pakistan off the terror list which it landed on after the military was linked to the financing of the 9/11 terrorist using a bank Al Taqwa later tied to the Muslim rotherhood and powerful Neo Nazis.
  • New Zealand boots out foreign agents (Israel) accused of spying and infiltrating activists as it later emerges the allged Israeli spies also held contact with New Zeland government agencies including immigration. The news comes as Kelvyn Alp was arrested 5 day before hackers hacked my own page. A check in notification found on my page notes Israel Aug 20. Alp’s arrest came as the government specifically canvased the proposed bill for public submissions from immigrants and others traumatically impacted by March 19 Christchurch shooting submissions, for the on new search and surveillance powers (which permit government and private to conduct searches and secret surveillance without due probable cause). Leaving me with one question ? Mr Alp about that Israeli based business venture of yours? A quick review of Alp’s Counterspin quickly reveal that his new it coin partners are based in Israel. I wonder how many other ‘freedom’ leaders are busily selling dream of bitcoin riches to their followers while simultaneously promoting the merits of Bill of Rights over 1991 (as defined by the UN whose own regulatory model is based on NY State law in accordance with the 1958 New York Accords.).
  • Some interesting Israelis now in Golden Bay and Karamea dark mirrored glasses shaved army style haircuts. Lots of toys (drones, helicopters, jet boats) turned up about the time Alp became interested in the same area. At least two of this lot are ex Israeli army drones operators. Seems very interested in the local activist scene and before this article called them out as advance recon. Am now recieving a decent size number of reports of activists ranging form Tiwai anti dross to mandate protesters being stalked by drones. And again go back to Kevin Hagues 2015 concern over military exercises and the Special Economic Zone (complete with US drones) eing held in the Abel Tasman where Alps is trying to estalish a Freeland. Occurs to me the new laws have impact not just in terms of normal searches and even cyber surveillance but also drones geospatial mapping and satellite footage collected. Alps increasinly lookslike a usefull idiot the question IS has he now exceeded his use by date.


The Gayford drug dealing dossier has some interesting stuff in it (much of which I have already reported) INCLUDING A REALISATION THAT THE CURRENT ROUND OF DRUG BUST HAS TIES TO AUCKLAND BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE with the cross over being the world of celebrity hairstylist and kick boxing ad boys but it still largely hear say with a fair degree of material within it that is NOT supported with hard evidence. And thus I don’t think any things changed. It’s still hearsay. But I will point out the police said Gayford was not charged. This however is not saying Gayford wasn’t investigated. My feeling is the cops where word playing here and that alone catches my curiosity. This however may all be part of the coming election bull-shit storm however is thats the case National/Act might care to think long and hard about the phase people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

What is intesting when reviewing Operation Ark and a related case for my UK clients are the links which have emerged in relation to Fonterra and cocaine trafficking and the links I have unearthed in regards to Algerian ties to Oil, Cocaine and some old school names which have emerged in relation to New Zealand’s role in the Paradise Papers and the Carrian Fraud affair (which later saw corrupt Triad asset Warrick Reid nearly become the head of the Serious Fraud Office). This in addition to developments in Cameron Ortis spy case which puts another spin on dirty money wahsed through ‘CIA’ Pacific banks in the 1970’s that vanished into China. The $64,000 question that now remains is that money going to Xing (who seek to be the utin of China) or his rivals who are deemed ‘progressive’ anglo-philes and have donated to both Justin Trudea and Xi Jinping’ is this why the senior Defence official responded when I teased him about Ortis and New Zealand and Canada not being invited into the ‘3 Eyes’ (UKUSAAUST) “nah that is all sorted out now”

Watch this space.


Following the news that Russian Saudi relations seem to have warmed and the Saudi are out to humilate Biden (as iden egins talking of revisting the 9/11 investigation)in the lead upto the November 5th Midterm elections post invasion I go back to apiece I wrote pre election of Donald Trump, concering the rolepayed by Trump, as the useful idiot with which to clean house and get along time monkey off the back of the bipartsan hawkish Neo-conservatives who have ambitious plans for America’s future nce they can pull away from Saudi Arabia its oil and all the skeletons it has in it closet concerning dirty deed done at not dirty deeds done cheap prices. DEADLINE investigates…

FOLLOW THE MONEY HONEY. What really going on with the Wikileaks attacks on Clinton. Take a good look at who owes who. I have no doubt the wiki leaks emails show the Clinton Foundation accepted money from terrorists and helped the Obama Clinton Foundation ignore the terror dollar pouring into Isis hands from Saudi Arabia who are determined to keep the Russians out of the Mediterranean. BUT……..

I’m beginning to consider the notion that the wikileaks -Clinton email may be a double bluff.

Last night two things entered my head.


1. The Clinton wiki-leaks document implicate Saudi Arabia yet they rarely implicate the American intelligence community directly. Yet any one with an understanding of the history of Islamic terrorism knows this simply not true.

Their should be, but is not, ample evidence of conclusion of intelligence community but there is not within these documents. Whats glaring at me is whats not in these email but should be.

The question I literally keep asking myself is why is the dog not barking. I allude of course to the methodology of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes who wisely notes (and I paraphrase here) ‘sometimes what is important is not what you see but what your not seeing’.

Example the decision to allow Osama Bin Laden’s 2IC Dr Ayman Al Zawahari to enter the USA to recruit Mujaheddin mercenaries for the Balkans came from the CIA (Mcleans 1995).

Ditto the pre 9/11 the bank which financed the 9/11 terrorist was a known CIA asset are well established facts published in several news papers on several occasion will before 2001 the earliest being 1995 when Egypt complained to the United nation the bank in Switzerland was a front for CIA money going to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ditto recognized academic (Youseff Bodandky Antoinne Sfeirr) state the backing of the Muslim Brotherhood went back to the CIA. Not to political action group running their own agenda so as to get their own people in the White House (they just opportunistically came along for the ride as it were) . To but bluntly the deal in the Iran Contra (as established in Congressional investigation archived records) was a dollar for dollar arrangement. Yes the Saudi raised cash but so did the CIA directly under Director William Caseys’ orders. A nasty dirty skeleton I’m sure the CIA would like to see burned for sure. To bad the closet in question is located in Saudi Arabia.

2. Richard V Allen, the former National Security Adviser, once boasted (Dick does have a habit of making himself bigger than he is) , to Kim Hill on NZ National Radio that Saudi Arabia was also on the hit list of the New America conservative agenda. The latest cables – in a nut shell – do an excellent job of using Clinton Foundation (the enemy of conservative politics even if these liberals are in fact neo-liberals) to once and for all put the Saudi in the gun site.

Which comes to think of it was also the core goal at work when the neo-conservative elements, when reviewing the Benghazi incident (the attack on the US embassy in Libya), tried to place the smoking terrorist gun at the foot of Hillary back 2012 around the time the mainstream press started to suggest Saudi Arabia had a hand in 9/11 (while American intelligence simply looked the other way literally) .

3. The great neo-conservative plan for Pax America (the new American Century) was not just Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria but also included Iran. (I suspect Iran will be the last to go) and Saudi Arabia.

4. This view was reinforced this morning when a friend voiced exactly the same thoughts and sent me an excellent analyst (see below) reminding me of my own long held niggle concerning the selective nature of Wiki-leaks and how some leaks had a habit of conveniently vanishing when they no longer served US foreign policy The quote I use in question is from that analyst and comes from the superbly researched non partisan site Geo Politics.

The leaks quoted by the Western media reveal the support of the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia to several Islamic terrorist organizations, a fact which is known and amply documented. What the reports fail to mention, however, which is crucial in an understanding of the “Global War on Terrorism”, is that US intelligence, affiliated with the Neo Conservatives and the supporters for a New American Century, historically has channeled its support to terrorist organizations via Pakistan* and Saudi Arabia. (See Michel Chossudovsky, America’s “War on Terrorism”, Global Research, Montreal, 2005). These are US sponsored covert intelligence operations using Saudi and Pakistani intelligence as intermediaries.

  • * Recently removed from the US terror list.

In this regard, the use of the Wikleaks documents by the media tends to sustain the illusion that the CIA has nothing to do with the terror network and that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are “providing the lion’s share of funding” to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, among others, when in fact this financing is undertaken in liaison and consultation with their US intelligence counterparts:

“The information came to light in the latest round of documents released Sunday by Wikileaks. In their communiques to the State Department, U.S. embassies in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states describe a situation in which wealthy private donors, often openly, lavishly support the same groups against whom Saudi Arabia claims to be fighting.” ( Wikileaks: Saudis, Gulf States Big Funders of Terror Groups – Defense/Middle East – Israel News – Israel National News). Reports of this nature serve to provide legitimacy to US drone attacks against alleged terrorist targets inside Pakistan.

The corporate media’s use and interpretation of the Wikileaks cables serves to uphold two related myths:

1) Iran has nuclear weapons program and constitutes a threat to global security.

2) Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are state sponsors of Al Qaeda. They are financing Islamic terrorist organizations which are intent upon attacking the US and its NATO allies.”

Okay so now we have method opportunity the next question is what the motive. Well as it happens there are quite a few motives.

A) To remove the Saudi’s from the picture by throwing Clinton under the bus would be a big step to getting the Pakistani and the Turkish American allies into line.

B: Negate the American consumers vulnerability and reliance of the Hormuz Gulf oil pipe line.

C. Negate the control Russia has over the only alternative oil route into the west and allow the west to out flank Russia in Syria.

D; Allow the West a foot old into Africa*Something they need urgently as the Chinese yuan become the official currency of Zimbabwe (an indicative of the Chinese hold in resource rich Africa) and South Africa looks likely to head in that direction as it increasingly destabilises..

  • Curretnly the stomping ground of Chinafile Stephen Jennings and the same Russians who helped Jennings plunder Russia back in the days when the West and Putin shared a romance. (which so far has being negated by Islamic militants largely backed by the Saudi proxy war dollars)This is ack when Jennings could be found donating to Clinton and involved in the same smart cities which involved the Clinton Foudation and Chinese Belt Road money.

E. Counter three decades of blackmail the Saudi have over the US intelligence community. Oh look that nasty closet just went up in a plume of smoke.

F. Counter the influence China has in America politics were even the quickest glimpse at the Clinton Foundation shows a MASSIVE contributor is Chinese firms with close state affiliations.*

  • But the real question is who are the Clinton & even Neocons like Allen aligned with in China Xing or the progressve liberals.

G. Yet as usual money is the largest motivating factor to consider.

Because neutralizing Saudi Arabia (and its buddies who collectively control the global oil markets) would go a large way to wiping out huge amounts of debt the USA owes to the Saudi. Figures on this issue vary due to the complexity of American debt but it fair to say it exceed the debt they owe China of around 1.85 trillion. Bare figures say 7% of that debt is owed straight out to China while 9% is owed to the oil exporting nation which the Saudi control as the dominant member of OPEC. The debt climbs when you look as bonds, treasure securities and


Under this scenario all you need now is a big bomb saying built in Saudi Arabia paid for by Hillary and bingo your singing “went to mosque bombed by Uncle Sam” (sung to the tune of Barbaran) in no time at all chocks away bomber commander.

Hmm I guess if it happen to kill a bunch of Ruski that would be even cooler considering it was not that long ago the Saudi were threatening to unleash terrorism at the Moscow Winter Olympics. To be precise in 2013 they told Russia if you drop Syria will give you oil if you dont will give you bombs. I’ll finish that by saying in the ‘War of the General’s’, American journalist Seymour Hersh premise that a civil war is being waged in America behind closed door of the Chief Joint of Staff, the main protagonists are liberal leaning Westpoint Generals whom Hersh dubs Rocks and neo-conservative Commander made up of far right Crusaders fighting for God and of course a good paycheck with a large weapons contractor in reward for their ‘faith’ and ‘patriotism’.

The Rocks share cocktails with Hillary neo-liberals but can not be seen as the good guys – its not that black and white (is it ever).

The conservative Crusaders drink beer with Trump buddies Cruz, the Christian right, alternative right, the Tea Party and the good old boys in the KKK. The Crusader are every bit as psychotic as Hillary both are down right dangerous to global peace and democracy. Yet it is the Crusaders who I have identified as being linked to the fractions which have popped up repeatedly in the past decade in relation to scandals involving missing nukes from bombers, silos and even a reactor in South Africa tied to right wing fundamentalists.These are the guys that make statement like they want bring Armageddon to the Middle East. These are the guys who really believe in the notion of end days. A massive battle in which towel head wearing evil doers partnered with slanty eyed yellow devils are brought to justice and the day is saved by Jesus the sequel. Jesus II of course is wearing Red White Blue and looks a bit like Bruce Willis (on second thought that Teutonic steroid ridden monster Arnold Schwarzenegger).


The Mainstream media blare Trump equal Russia, which the more astute journalists out there work out quickly means a less likely chance of war with Russia in an increasingly heated Syria crisis. This is absolutely 100% correct…


lets translate that conclusion into the context of money and influence Russia really would have over America with an American President (a figure head really) in the Oval office even if Trump was nothing less but a vodka swelling KGB General in disguise.The actual influence Moscow would gain is minute at least when you consider the influence China has over the clique with which Obama, Clinton (and even the Bushes), are associated.

Even a quick look will find over five decades overwhelming connection between this fraction and Moscow.

A conclusion, that is hard to refute if your truly being objective, means Trump would have bugger all control over events in Syria. Now ask your self what happens if however you can create a situation in which

A; There are no more Ming vases to be found in the Oval office

B; You have an idiot with a raccon wig who could not care a hoot want went on as long as he got to eat jelly beans and grab the crotches of pretty nubile interns. A nice malleable ‘Zaphod Bebblebrox of president. The kind of class clown who excels in distracting the public and the press with out outrageous antics that kept them from see the invisible government behind the punch doll. That Trump would be only the second president who has not first being a senator or congress man, thus has no idea of protocol or old Washington DC veteran tricks, makes him ripe for the plucking. And if it goes wrong perfect the pet monkey can take all the blame.

John Pilger may talk of an invisible government pulling Clinton strings as Wikileaks dangers scintillating bait with words like “shadow government” but as Seymour Hersh shows there is more than one fraction lurking behind the curtain doing the Potomac two step

Such was the case in Rome so why should it be any different now.

You elect a fool who likes to fiddle and do your damnedest to make sure the Praetorian Guard are commandeered by your own men when it comes time to stick the knifes into him in the senate.


Further ask your self this.

If the conflict is with Russia and focusing on the Middle East and the Med then why is 60% of the US Navy moving into the Pacific as Australia and New Zealand’s own military analysts (and they are pretty good by the way) talk about the coming war with China in which New Zealand and Australia will be “on the front lines”.

Russia Fleet remains focused around Syria (withing range of Saudi Arabia) and the US navy is simply not that concerned. The real probability is for conflict with China (to whom the USA also own a shit load of cash 1.85 Trillion) and before you go down that road you would certainly want to remove any fractions within your house who have a vested interest in protecting China debts. An of course ultimately Russia is a white Judea Christian nation so even ideologically it has more in common with the Crusaders wacky Christian warmongering ideology than China will ever have.


Cut to the chase lets follow the money.There are two bodies vying for ultimate global economic influence one is the American affiliated Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. The other is the China’s version of the TPPA the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP),

The later includes ASEAN plus six other regional states: China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Together they ACCOUNT for nearly 27 percent of global GDP. Since 2009 negotiations have being under way to include Saudi Arabia with whom China is fast developing close ties with and who China is using as a front to buy up assets in nations not keen to let Beijing control to many of their strategic assets like water, port. Russia on the other hand is not getting an invite to this party and there is certainly no love lost between Moscow and Riyhadi.

The TPPA America fiscal Flag ship also focus on Pacific-rim countries: New Zealand, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Viet Nam. Again Russia not considered important enough to be invited to this particular do. Considering the alleged new Cold War that’s understandable. Yet the dog not barking is America’s long term buddy does not get an invite either despite her massive input into areas like shipping and port owner ship. End Conclusion the New American conservative wackos want the monkey that is Saudi Arabia off there back. They have much to gain if they do so but first they have to clean house and to do that the Clinton need to be chucked under a bus.


Solidere port and CBD redevelopment plan Beirut Lebanon.The historic first basin of the port, which hosts the Beirut Naval Base, will be completely redeveloped by Solidere, the private-public hybrid, founded in 1994 by billionaire businessman and then-prime minister Rafik Hariri, who was assassinated in 2005 – by a car bomb right outside the St George Hotel – since when his family has maintained a major stake in the company. In 2004 Shareholders alleged that Lebanon’s largest real estate developer had kept different sets of accounting books, failed to provide public records and that top-level executives were caught between conflicting business interests.

7 December 1991 gave the municipal administration the authority to create Solidere, providing the legal framework for the constitution of the company. Solidere’s was entrusted with the implementation of the urban plan and the promotion, marketing and sale of properties to individual or corporate developers. This entailed the total and uncontrolled privatization of the reconstruction and conservation operations. The main goal of the project is to promote the BCD as the new heart of the city reestablishing, in the words of the Angus Gavin , “its regional role as the former financial, trading, educational, cultural and tourism focus of the Middle East”.

Solidere was founded on 5 May 1994 under the authority of the Council of Development and Reconstruction and following the vision of then-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Solidere was incorporated as a privately owned company listed on the stock exchange. The name stands for Société Libanaise pour le Développement et la Reconstruction du Centre-ville de Beyrouth, French for “The Lebanese Company for the Development and Reconstruction of Beirut Central District”. Several opposition groups emerged to challenge the REHCO model and propose alternatives to it. Among those was a group of academics and urban planners who fuelled a public debate about the goals and methods of reconstruction, especially the large-scale demolition and redesign.

Solidere has posted a net profit of $49 million in 2019, according to the company’s released audited financial statement. Total revenues jumped from $66.2 million in 2018 to $295.4 million in 2019. Advanced land sales allowed the company to repay its loans which reduced its interest costs and therefore the net profit resulted not only from the increase in sales revenues but also from the decrease in interest expenses. The company has decreased its total liabilities, including bank loans, by 40 percent. Total liabilities dropped to $417.4 million at the end of 2019. Solidere’s interest expenses fell by $13.7 million compared with 2018. The company had said that it had succeeded in further lowering its liabilities in 2020 to $225 million at the end of June, thanks to the increase in sales for advanced sales. It settled debts to banks worth $190 million. “Proceeds collected from sales will reach $342 million in the first half of 2020,” it said

Solidere has been selling properties since the beginning of 2020 This lead to a jump in the share price. The price of Solidere ‘A’ share doubled compared with its closing price in October 2019. The trading volume of Solidere ‘A’ soared more than six times to around 900,000 shares in May from less than 150,000 shares in October 2019. The increase in share price was also driven by the fact that a new category of investors have entered the market. These are mainly depositors who wanted to preserve the value of their savings when the currency was collapsing. Investors who cannot afford to buy actual real estate properties. Solidere shares forecast on these paper shares rose further post covid 19 as the new catalyst fulled renewed fears regarding the banking sector or if Solidere announces an improvement in its net profit.

Similar conservation coastal redevelopment sma time investment projects have also being marred with controversy in other part of Africa and the Middle East. Manuel Chang was arrested on Dec. 29 2019 at O. R. Tambo International Airport, en route to Dubai from Maputo. He appeared in a Johannesburg where his lawyers tried, but failed to argue, that his arrest was unlawful. Days after Chang’s arrest, three Credit Suisse bankers, New Zealander Andrew Pearse (who laundered his money into the NZ property investment market – SEE BELOW), Surjan Singh and Detelina Subeva were arrested in London. Also arrested Lebanese businessman ship builder and coastal developer Jean Boustani was arrested at New York City’s JFK airport who was acquitted on a technicality. Boustani negotiated on behalf of Abu Dhabi-based holding company Privinvest.

Privinvest is a Paradise Paper data based listed firm. Paradise Papers are a set of 13.4 million confidential electronic documents relating to offshore investments that were leaked to the German reporters Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer, from the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The newspaper shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and a network of more than 380 journalists in 2017 and stories are still being released.

To date the Paradise Papers has listed the ANZ chaired by former PM John Key and West Pac more than 60,000 times. It includes numerous NZ deals linked to money laundering. It also include Russian money laundering ventures and oil telecommunication urban infrastructure firms such as Altimo Foundation whose trustee included former NZ Prime Minister Mike Moore, Prok Bank based in Vanuatu whose director included former National MP Ross Meurant. Similar oil related commodity transactions emerged in the 2009 Sp Trading GT Group based in Vanuatu tied to drug cartels and Russian mobsters and over 400 million laundered via NZ banks.

The GT event now sit at the heart of the biggest spy scandal since the 1950 Cambridge spy ring, the 2019 arrest of Canadian intelligence analyst Cameron Ortis led Key to say he write a report and look into it. Despite exposing NZ lack company laws nothing was done. The scandal not only exposed wide spread banking corruption in Australia and New Zealand but led to accusation of high level corruption in NZ government with the US threatening to expel the weakest link New Zealand.

In 2019 Paradise Papers firm Denton Morrell was outed by Radio NZ as a company suspected of involvement with a worldwide network of companies and assets connected to the oil families of Azerbaijani leaders. In 2017 Luis Carlos de Leon Perez, 43, was arrested in in Spain in October 2017 and extradited to the United States to face serious corruption charges laid by the US Justice Department. Carlos took $24m in bribes to arrange lucrative contracts with Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. New Zealand police allege his wife sent $17m of dirty money to a Hamilton accounting firm to launder into real estate. Perez was a lawyer for Petroleos de Venezuela S.A, the state-controlled oil company, and along with four others were referred to as the “management team” who allegedly received $180m in bribes. In December more NZ businesses listed in the Paradise Papers emerged when NZ police seize $140m from Russian ‘computer genius’ Alexander Vinnik

The 2019 Prinvinvest NZ bribes source back to an orchestrated a multi-million-dollar racket that brought Mozambique’s fragile economy to its knees. Mozambique’s war-ravaged economy was buoyed by the 2010 discovery of one of the world’s largest natural gas deposits. Then in April 2016 revelations of a hidden debt of over $2 billion shook this newfound confidence. The IMF suspended hundreds of millions of dollars in much-needed aid and investors were spooked. They face charges related to bribery, securities and wire fraud and money laundering tied to fraudulent coastal protection system for Mozambique’s 2,470 km coastline used instead to buy Israeli warships built in Lebanon.

Other development project which real estate to the issue of privatised interest taking over entire nations by hijacking infrastructure and construction projects include Stephen Jennings the Chairman of the NZ Initiative who as NZ treasury official privatised NZ rail under Rogernomics the debt crating loans for privatisation led by Labour finance minister Sir Roger Douglas. Jennings then went into Global banking ending up at Credit Susie before forming a syndicate that exploited the financial collapse of Russia by buying public bonds to privatised assets at 10% net value.

In the 2000 Jennings went in to the business of building smart cities in Africa and ‘conservation branded’ construction deals related to UN Aid projects and UN funded charities in Mozambique, Lebanon and other parts of Africa. Jennings also worked with the Jeffrey Epstein (who sat on the Trilateral Commission along with Mike Moore) designed Clinton Global Initiative a UN funded charity who Jennings, the man who bank rolled John Keys rise to PM (Which saw Key change charity refund laws in favour of investor who sought to make charities investment machines) donated to. Jennings blames corruption charges on several projects he involved on African business style and says allegations are trumped up.

Similar urban infrastructure projects branded not only corrupt but the hijacking of an entire nation by privatisation include South Africa urban redevelopment with money laundered via KMPG. KMPG sit on the NZ Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) and along with the NZ Initiative will be steering NZ LGNZ (another Rogernomic privatisation vehicle) related urban and water infrastructure projects part of the 129 billion borrowed pre covid 2019 and now rebranded as covid 19 economic stimulus.In 2018 the US Justice Department brought criminal charges against five former KPMG executives and one former regulator for allegedly taking advantage of advance notice of regulator inspections to protect clients involved in money laundering including Citigroup Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank (The bank favoured by Trump, Epstein and the Clinton Foundation).

Song of Month.

I hope the Russian’s love their childrn a power informative video which remind us war sucks and their are no winners in a nuclear war regardless of which side started the conflict both sides loose.



  1. Ben, Ben, Ben…

    I see my nemesis has taken you under its wing. Of course, I and my colleagues are the evil ones. Keep letting them tell you that one.

    In the King’s Forest, only some are allowed to be prey.

    Is it always deserving, or a matter of who is playing white knight, at the end of the day?


  2. Ben, Ben, Ben.

    You’ve chosen the wrong side – or they have.

    They will snuff you out soon enough. They are just getting close so as to sniff out what you know.


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