THERANOS MEDICAL FRAUD – The Smoking Gun Which Exposes the Rotten Heart of US Pharmaceutical Industry

Theranos is the smoking gun which exposes the rotten heart of US pharmaceutical industry.

Theranos was an American privately held corporation begun by college drop out Elizabeth Holmes at its peak valued at 9 Billion touted as a breakthrough health technology company. It had claims of having devised blood tests that required only very small amounts of blood and could be performed very rapidly using small automated devices the company had developed. However, these claims were later proven to be false and yet it did not stop the product from being sold to the public approved by regulatory authorities such as the FDA.

Directors include Former CDC director William Foege, Alberto Gutierrez, former director of the FDA’s Office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health (The FDA visited Theranos in 2015 and gave them the green light), Senator Sam Nunn, Former US Senator William Frist, Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Former US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Former US Secretary of Defense William Perry, Former US chief of Naval operations Gary Roughead, Former Wells Fargo CEO Richard Kovacevich, Former Bechtel Group CEO Riley of Bechtels, Stanford University professor Channing Robertson Duquesne Capital founder Stanley Druckenmiller – Druckenmiller and Holmes were both named members to the board of trustees of think tank the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in 2015 (which is The CIA’s CIA).

You have to get up early to con Sam he knows where all the bodies are buried
as he probably put them their to begin wit

Whistle blower Tyler Shultz was a former Theranos staffer and is the grandson of late US Secretary of State George Shultz. Investor and marketing allies who help sell the Theranos fraud also included media magnate Rupert Murdoch. The Australian-born billionaire could lose $AUD134 million he invested in Theranos, a California based blood testing company which has been drowning in scandal since 2015.

Elizabeth suckers in Rupert for cool 100 million.

The list of potential witnesses for the case spans more than 200 names, including former senators, employees-turned-whistle-blowers, and patients who say they were impacted by inaccurate results from Theranos tests.

Elizbeth Holmes even got Kissinger the Gate Keeper of Washington

The list of Directors is staggering and including the likes of Kissinger and Nunn, the kind of bureaucrats who remain power as administrations come and go is proof that Thernos consists of the cream of the deep state. Those gate keepers only ever a door away from the oval office who know where the bodies are buried because they are the one who put them their to begin with. Theranos is not the story of a billion dollar fraud its the smoking gun for how the pharmaceutical industry really works and has become to be based on the best science money can buy.


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