Ardern says NZ not in boys nuke sub warfare club – Yeah Right: The Dyslexic Detective’s Wee Tour of Just How Far NZ in The War Down Under Club

After hearing Adern selling the idea she was committed to New Zealand nuclear free policy and create the impression New Zealand was not involved in the new Australian US nuclear submarine based club that poses to be deterrent against China. I thought the Dyslexic Detective would take you on a wee tour of my world and show just how much we are part of the dangerous club of hawks.

1.Awarura Bluff Unwin Station part of SuperDarn Missile Defence & Submarine Communication Network

2.Awarua Bluff part of Elon Musk Space X Pentagon Contracted Star Link for tracking missiles

3.Naseby Central Otago Leo Labs California Pentagon contractor specialising in space shrapnel.

4.Wanaka NASA Observatory. in 2017, NASA committed to Wanaka Airport as one of its global launch bases for up to 10 years, which allowed them to invest in building a dedicated launch pad to minimise disruption for airport operators and neighbours.

5. The ‘Palantir’ Gated Community: Peter Thiel (Facebook Palantir Five Eyes) James Covert (former Secret Service Tyco Security) Richard V Allen Former US National Security Adviser Pentagon Hawk advocate for New American Century which is credited with the never ending War On Terror and US ambition of expanding into the South Pacific.

6. Millbrook 2002 War on Terror & 2017 Five Eyes Security Meeting.

7.Dawn Aerospace prototype for low orbit space plane (fighter bombers) affiliate of Tuft University NATO Contractors.

8.Canterbury University host Five Eyes Rocket Lab Dawn plus other space based Pentagon Nato funded research as NZDF recruit soldiers for NZ role in USA Space Force.

9. Birdling Flats proposed new-site for the US Navy, DARPA, Lockheed Martin, IntQtel. (CIA Investment firm) involved Rocket Lab.

10.Birdling Flats site of SuperDarn US Submarine Missile Defence network funed Canterbury University Research.

11.SOFIA Operation Deep Freeze NASA based mobile Observatory.

12.Deep Freeze Support for US Navy SPAWAR (Space Warfare) Antarctica Scott Amudsmen.

13. Deep Freeze support for US Navy SuperDARN Missile Defence and Submarine Communications.

(Source: OTH Radar System for measuring ionospheric convection. Network of 21 radars funded, operated, and maintained by independent research institutions. Radars look toward the polar regions.

14. East Coast Canterbury University Hop 1 Hop 2 US Navy SuperDArn Missile Defence and Submarine Communications research (include Chatham’s)

15. West Coast Tenix Buoys Submarine Warfare training. DSIR facility linked to Nuclear Free Era US Sub visit 2000 Investigate Busted Report

West Coast mayor and mining magnate Tony Kokshoorn walks with US military forces here to liberate New Zealand in an exercise where US Forces step in Sleeping Dogs style to help New Zealand against anti mining anti corporate “extremist” during Exercise katipo (just one of several US NZ exercise which first began in 2011) with US Marine presence here signalling the US interest in mineral rich New Zealand.

16. More than six ground stations for Elon Musk Pentagon US Australian funded network.

17. Christchurch Aerospace Centre – a group of about 200 largely defence orientated industry members – have been working with stakeholders like the University of Canterbury, the Space Agency and the Christchurch City Council’s tourism arm, to carve out a future for space tech in the city. To be focused around Rocket labs Project Tawhaki

18. Waihopai spying plus targeting for drones and space based systems (Sister stations Menwith Hill UK Pine Gap Australia)

19. Wellington about ten tonnes of declassified research on how NZ Universities Australia New Zealand scientist involved in nuclear and missile defence Research extensively from 1939 to current day – includes references to scientist Marsden, Pickering, Rutherford, Leach plus US Missile military funded Atmospheric research throughout south Island including Omega Canterbury (proposed never eventuated), Mt John, Black Birch Blenheim, Long Bank Blenheim.

20. Wellington joins Space Force under Adern ‘nuclear free’ watch. First steps into US military space madness began in 2012 when New Zealand’s participation in the a multi-national military satellite for New Zealand and six other countries to increase communications capabilities to “prevent, protect against and respond to attacks.” The WGS-9 satellite was funded through an agreement between the United States, Canada, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and New Zealand and Australia. Then Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman said it would increase access to satellite broadband more than twenty-fold, with guaranteed access and at a fixed price, ensuring better value for money. In January 2020 however New Zealand participant in US military-space war games, in Alabama, together with other Five Eyes partners, said New Zealand planed to have NZDF forces based at the centre.

21. Harwood, Weldon Gunnery Range Chch among others used missile defence military related atmospheric research 60’s -80’s. Investigated in depth by peace research legend Owen Wilkes

22. Linton upgrade in supports US operations and defence startup.

23. Ohakea upgrade support for US operation cyberwarfare defence hub proposed. 

24. Massey strategic studies, cyberwarfare, space force related studies. Five Eyes Launches New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals’ (UNG – University of North Carolina) has since established partnerships with security think tanks and universities in the Five Eyes nations to facilitate faculty and student exchanges and conference attendance. To date, UNG has established partnerships with the following universities and professional associations: Massey University (New Zealand), University of New Brunswick (Canada), Australian National University, Aberystwyth University (Wales), Australian Institute for Professional Intelligence Officers, New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals, and the Canadian Association of Security and Intelligence Studies.

25. Whenuapai Submarine warfare planes purchased 2016

26. Rocket Lab more than 80% of launches US Defence based includes Weapon targeting system Gun Smoke, DARPA antenna for Submarine Missile defence warfare

27. AUT involved in Rocket Lab, Mission Control (funding arranged by NZDF) ASSP headed by Star War hawk Dr Neil Paton. AUT is the home of New Zealand’s Auckland Programme for Space Systems APSS whose funding aside from a declaration initial seed funding came from the Vice Chancellor’s Discretionary Fund is a mystery. The APSS is led by American Dr. Neil E. Paton Dr. Neil E. Paton Retired Vice President of Technology Howmet Corporation), retired Aerospace Materials Consultant who sits on the US Defence and NASA Natioanal Aerospace Initiative whose goal is to further the US space and military system with a focus on developing hyper-sonic space access which is once more escalating the arms race and cold war politics Clark herself marched against when a student in the 1970’s

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