Larry Page in NZ & the rest of them..

News broke Larry Page is a New Zealand resident. As however the full scale of the Tech Lords invasion of Middle Earth remains unreported. These boats were all tied up next to each other at the Auckland Viaduct post lockdown 2020 as seen on marine tracking apps.

1) Amazon’s Jeff Bezos boat Rocinante (in talks with the NZ government). News paper reports confirm his aircraft was also in New Zealand and made trips to Wellington and Queenstown.

Bezos Wellington Queenstown 2020

2) Google’s Larry Pages (working with NZ govt on automated AI run UAV transportation system known as Kitty Hawk) Sense. The Northern Advocate earlier reported a superyacht formerly owned by Page, Senses, was in Whangarei. Page sold the yacht in 2020. The newspaper reported. Page brought the boat off Douglas Myers. The sale I believe took place after May which is after when I spotted these boats and aircraft at the Auckland viaduct in April. I had been tracking the Dancing Hare in New Zealand since January 2020. This is all in the same time period the government also announced they were doing a deal to open a Microsoft data bank in Auckland. I have not included Gates on the list, though there were rumours he came here too and was spotted in Nelson where he does in fact own property.

In a statement, Microsoft said the New Zealand datacentre region will be the latest addition to its global datacentre footprint. It has 60 datacentre regions worldwide with its Microsoft Azure cloud service available in 140 plus countries. “With the development of this new datacentre region, Microsoft aims to fuel new growth that will accelerate digital transformation opportunities across New Zealand,” the statement said. Most Data Centres consumer between 1.5 and 1.8 terawatt a year.

Microsoft is already used by a number of large scale corporations in New Zealand, including the country’s largest – Fonterra – as well as telecommunications company Spark, for their digital cloud and security services. Microsoft’s plan is subject to approval from the Overseas Investment Office.

Dancing Hare in Dunedin January 2020 begins to get media attention.

3) Three boats belonging to the Rupert Murdoch Empire including the Dancing Hare linked apparently to ocean survey work.  In June the Dancing Hare again hit NZ headlines when the tinfoil brigade (who I think we’re a rent a mob) descended on the boats with much silliness.  

The same week the Murdoch’s trash paper the Sun put out a 10,000 reward for knowledge of Ghislaine’s whereabouts. The group and media showed no interest in the other boats tied up. Days later Ghislaine was arrested and the silly brigade (which apparently included me – even as I reported on how damn silly the “sovereign citizens”, a collection of gang members, p heads and bible bashers, claims were and how they and the media where missing the point. Namely what were all these tech lords doing here and what were their business ties to the New Zealand government?) now looked even sillier.

It was only after this news broke we found out Dancing Hare was owned by the Murdochs. Maxwell was arrested in the USA by the FBI on 2 July 2020 at which point to the best of my recollections all the tech lord boats were still at the Viaduct.

Murdoch The Sun Plays ‘pin the tail on the missing donkey’ all the while knowing they own the donkey and it is parked in their own stable.

Maxwell’s new partner Scott Borgerson incidentally (just as an aside) was CEO of CargoMetrics an analytical tool which has the ability to capitalising on market disruptions, brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. This is achieve via being able to use AI to calculate where profits can be made when their are port disruption. It does this by crunching the numbers (using AI to consider the many variables) to works out who the winner and who the losers will be on the market with any kind of incident.

AI is a huge field and during Lockdown New Zealand as did most nations completed detailed geospatial mapping for AI analytics. The late Julian Caver, New Zealand Geospatial AI expert who pioneered Open Data Ninjas (a public transparency watchdog group), says of this technology that “if a picture can tell a thousand words a map can tell a million”. Carver continues that in the right hands this technology if used with transparency can achieve wonders. Yet in the wrong hands, used in secrecy, is a draconian disaster waiting to happen. 

The key point here is a mass of core infrastructure work for AI based programs unrolled in NZ during this lockdown period. And it all took place at the same time the 5G also roll out and took place in NZ as tech lords (most of whom were American or Saudi and had good relations with the ‘Fives Eyes’ based military industrial complex) began doing some serious investment in NZ. This is significant because AI & 5G combined the very backbone of the USA’s 21st century ambition and the US led Pacific Reset policy.

This link is by President Barak Obama National Security Adviser (also director of several major military firms) General James Jones who spells out in black and white just how how important AI & 5G is to America’s ambition for the next century in a speech to NATO. 


4) And yet another area where the USA techlord have popped up in New Zealand, in terms of a 5G/Five Eyes linked rollout, is Elon Musk whose Space X has partnered up with Venture Southland and the Awarua tracking facility (also a Rocket Lab client ) in Bluff.

The SpaceX project Starlink constellation of 12,000 satellites orbiting Earth to bring improved broadband internet access to large swathes of the world’s population. There have been more than 20 Star Link launches to date, sending up to 60 new satellites into space at a time, Their orbit has them passes over the South lsland where more than five ground based tracking sites can now be located. Significantly Musk clients on this project are in fact not telecommunications firms but the US military who hope to piggyback off Star Link, so as to expand the reach of their own global network in terms of communication, geospatial mapping and “full battle awareness” a euphemism for weapons targeting systems.  

5-6) Ocean survey boat Gayle Force tied to energy magnate with links to Donald Trump just like Peter Thiel (one of Queenstown’s growing Cyber spook gated bolt hole community).


7-9) Queenstown resident jeweller and rare metals dealer Michael Hill The Beast.

That I think was just random chance but it is worth noting visa tech and commercial interest tied to these firms. (Updated see Billionaires Bolt Down Under With A Bag of Gold)

Hill’s own golf field is opposite Millbrook Resort which host an enclave of former spooks and oil magnates such as David Mace (director in Bao Steel joint venture partner with Fay Richwite in Wellnet Holdings and accountant for the failed UN Food For Oil Programme in which WikiLeaks says NZ got involved in Iraq and Afghanistan because Clark did not want to miss out on post war relief dairy contracts), James Covert Tyco security, Richard V Allen Regan’s former National Security Adviser. Millbrook has hosted several key meetings including the 2002 Chiefs of intelligence meeting and a 2017 Five Eyes heads of intelligence meeting.  In 1998 it hosted Russian officials in New Zealand to discuss the growing debt Russia owed in relation to it dairy imports.

10) One of those boats was the Dancing Hare which featured in several stories I did on the tech lords visits down under.

Sadly as the boat is also connected to Epstein (was owned at one point by Maxwell Ghislaine’s father media tycoon Robert Maxwell) that got the media attention and then the tinfoil brigade’s attention and things then got silly and the actual main point of what all these tech lords were doing in New Zealand during lockdown got lost and buried. In saying that there are some interesting charity donation connections to the firms who manage Dancing Hare and charities I mention below which also crossed paths with Maxwell’s own dubious ocean based charities and her role in a Monaco based luxury car rally.

In addition neuroscientist and neurosurgeon named Melanie S. Walker Epstein’s ‘scientific adviser’ would go on to move to the Pacific Northwest in the early 2000s, where she reportedly ended up living with Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky while being seconded to the World Bank with her wage paid by Microsoft. The pair are currently married.

11) There were also several aircraft in the country in the same period. Some got picked up by national media who however did not do a deep dive. Others I picked up on flight tracker. One such aircraft to visit during the coronavirus crisis was the weirdly designated (by the CAA) flight with no call sign. This craft can now be identified as VP-CNR. A $100m Gulfstream owned by Saudi-based Rashid Engineering, owned by Dr Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid, Ph.D, who is among the five richest people in Saudi Arabia (and whose other claim to fame is beating up his wife).

April 2020 second set of Lear jets owned by Vistajet tied to Dubai Investors “capitalising on market disruptions, brought on by the coronavirus pandemic”, touches down at Dunedin Vista Jet April 23rd 2020 , Said to be one of two flights. The plane’s apparent ultimate owner – Nasser Al Rashid – is reported to be a billionaire with close ties to the ruling royal family in Saudi Arabia. Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid, Ph.D., is the founder and chairman of Rashid Engineering, a full-service consulting engineering firm based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which oversees major government construction projects for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rashid is known for “his quest to make the future better than the present”. To do this he “foster relationships and social bonds with influential people throughout the world, and he contributes much of his time and interests in philanthropy and in global economic and social activities”

Memberships & Affiliations of Al-Rashid include:

Member, Board of Founders, Al-Fikr Al-Arabi [Arab Thought] Foundation a partner of the UN Agenda 2030 program which is shaping Saudia Arabia and UAE Vision 2030 policy (who partners include Lockheed Martin a share holder in Rocket Lab



Member, Board of the Equestrian Club of Riyadh (This is a most exclusive club whose chairman is his Majesty Abdullah bin Abdelaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia).

Member, Board of the Handicapped Children’s Association.

Member, Engineering Advisory Board, The University of Texas at Austin.

Member, National Committee for Drug Control for Saudi Arabia.

Founding Member, The International Sea Keepers whose co founder is Sir Glenn Owen. The shipping magnate who on 9 September 2008,gave evidence to the New Zealand Parliament’s Privileges Committee regarding the accuracy of statements made by Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First, about the donations Glenn had given to Peters. Parliament ultimately censured Peters for failing to declare the donations. 

Co-Founding Member, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. This charity can also be tied to the Australian firm managing Dancing Hare.


Dr Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid, Ph.D, is known to have donated between 1- 5 million to the Clinton Foundation, whose architect was Jeffrey Epstein. New Zealand and Australia have donated more than 400 million to the Clinton Foundation, USAID, Care Australia (CARE is identified in my books State Secrets as a cover for arms smuggling by Pacific Express a New Zealand based firm which used Russian Antonov and had CIA tied according to the head of the Serious Fraud Office Charles Sturt in his 1995 book ‘Dirty Collars’).

It also has interesting ramifications for NZ charity laws. Laws which in 2008 changed (once John Key became Prime Minister) so instead of being able to donate a maximum of 5000 and get a 2.5% rebate you can now donate unlimited money and get a 33% tax rebate.

Epstein designed the Foundation to launder donations intended for the Clinton election campaign war chest and their ambition of buying the best influences money could buy. To be fair Rashid Riyadi point man to the West was also a big donor to the Bush family’s Republican based political presidential campaigns as well.  

Al-Rashid is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Prince Mohamed Bin Salman College of Business and Entrepreneurship. The College has been developed in partnership with the Mohammad Bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation (MBSC), Babson Global and US Defence giant Lockheed Martin. Prince Mohamed Bin Salman College lists its goals as the promotion of Vision 2030.  Vision 2030 is Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s (who sponsor the America’s Cup) aim to become a financial hub built on biotech and smart technology industries including smart weapons manufacturing.

In 2008 Clarke, a Team (NZ) Emirates ambassador, met with several of NZ tech lords including Alan Gibss at the Hamilton hosted A1 motor series hosted by Tony Texeria, Texeria is the inspiration for the movie Blood Diamonds, who acts as a go between between Saudi and the West.  At the same time the planes used to ship their race cars and the America’s Cup yachts proved to have interesting backgrounds — lets put this way have formed the backbone of two separate books I have published (one a best seller) to date on arms trafficking and money laundering.  One book, State Secret I wrote in 1999 the other State Secrets II I wrote in 2006. The books came out of the Wine Box tax evasion inquiries and Fay Richwhite (who provided start up capital for Rocket Lab and are now involved in tech start-up’s) and asked the question what exactly was that money all about.
America’s Cup A1 boat are transported by firms who ties to Saudi based arms trafficking is simply notorious and have extensive NZ ties (enough for two books any way)

Today the CIA invest firm Int-Q-Tel are partners include;

A) Peter Thiel’s (owns property in Queenstown granted citizenship under Key) Palantir tracking app use for spying and Covid app tracing which New Zealand brought.

B) Evidence who are also partners in a venture with Palo Alto the cyber security firm John Key is now a director of.

C) Rocket Lab whose chief executive  Mike Griffin was Int-Q-tels President and Chief Operating Officer. The Intercept shows that Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck spoke at a summit of In-Q-Tel portfolio companies in February 2016. The tech used in Rocket Lab is also used in the America’s Cup race and there is a revolving door between the two companies in terms of employees hired.

Revolving door between arms and space investment is huge and it seems to be the growing case with NZ’s own space program too.


As head of the UNDP Clark’s (who is also the founder of the Helen Clark Foundation which has some very interesting patrons) approach to Saudi Arabia & Emirates was to try and bring them on board the modern world with Vision 2030. The UNDP goals were to reform the two oil states by modernizing them (and maybe New Zealand might get to sell some butter and computer widgets as well). The idea however has utterly backfired on her. 

The core of the Pegasus spy software has been the murders of Jamal Kashoggi (Adnan Kashoggi nephew) and Mexican journalist Javier Valdez. Kashoggi, who was investigating government corruption, had revealed that  Vision 2030 which Jamal recognised as a potential tool for social progression and economic egalitarianism of Arab oil producing states. It has instead been used for repression and nepotism exemplified by the CEO of Emirate Airlines (who sponsors Team New Zealand), Dubai Sheikh Mohammed who serves as Prime Minister and vice president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), kidnapping his daughter. Princess Shamsa,38, who was abducted from the streets of Cambridge on 19 August 2000 and has never been seen in public since. Her younger sister Princess Latifa is also said to be held captive in Dubai by her father since an attempt to flee in 2018. While this was big news overseas during the America’s cup the incident was not mentioned even once by the New Zealand media corporate media.



12-13) Oh and while I remember it Gabe Newell, president of Valve, the video game company behind the Half-Life series and game marketplace Steam, in November 2020 thanked the country of New Zealand “for its hospitality” by launching a gnome into space with aerospace company Rocket Lab in mid-November. Newell, who decided to stay in New Zealand during lockdown,at the start of the pandemic, donated a dollar to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Starship Children’s Hospital, for every viewer who watches the satellite launch livestream or the online recording within 24 hours of launch. This would have being around the time Page’s kid went to hospital. All in all reminding me of another event involving yet another Queenstown billionaire bolt holer Kim Dotcom and John Banks in a citizenship for donation as dollars deals a few years back. Today Dotcom also lives in Queenstown. 



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