Caption in speech balloon — Moon Bar 167 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington one small step for man, one giant leap for beer drinkers.

Moon Bar is a craft beer, pizzeria and live music venue in the heart of Newtown opposite Flying Nun Records which was launched originally by Benjamin James, of Death Ray Records legend. It’s Open 7 days with events from quizzes to live music to comedy and provides a chilled out and surprisingly down to earth environment amid the old-school spacies, celestial panoramas and custom gramophone inspired speakers. It is a fun bar that appeals to all with its patrons having more diversity than Mos Eisley’s Cantina located at the spaceport of Tatootine located in imperial controlled deep space.

At the Moon bar’s Mission Control Ben makes sure a new a mission takes place every night of the week; Mondays is the Moon Quiz Night where “general knowledge mayhem” ensues with beer and pizza meals for all quizzers (Spot prizes, cold hard cash and bar tabs to be won) Tuesday is when Moon sets up a special ‘space station kiwi’ for jam night open to all “no matter what your style is”. Starts 8pm. Wednesday is when Moon’s gourmet pizza prices get slashed “like a shark with frickin lasers Scot”and live bands will take you for a walk among the moonbeams from 7pm. Thursday is Cask Club. Come join the urbanauts for special ‘moon-auvers’ and get 20% off all NZ and UK pints for hand pulled beer. Note: No actual joining of clubs is necessary “but do feel free to pretend” as you enjoy “the right stuff”. Friday & Saturday offer gigs galore with entertainment provided by groovy galactic froods (who knows where their towel is) from all over the cosmos. The Good Taste selector DJs begin at 5pm, with $5 bands from 9pm. On Saturnday (akak Saturday) DJs begin 6pm. Leaving Sunday special opening time of 2pm –  as the perfect time to ask the big questions of time and space as you spend quality time with  a brew on the third rock from the sun. Moon in addition has regular pinball and dart champs on the go.

With a calling to explore distant beers and drink them the Moon Bar goes where no craft bar has been before. Moon offers local hops such as Panhead, Garage Project, and Parrotdog, in addition to an ever changing range of guest beers and tap beer. While it has enough exotic whiskies, gins and spirits to ensure that while an actual Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster may not be on the menu (yet) you’re not left without sufficient rocket fuel to get you to your final destination wherever that may be. So see you lunar rather than later at the Moon Bar.

Phone04-389 9933 Open 7 days


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