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List of Content : 1.UFO 2. Sighting around known HAARP stations. 3. Tasmania Anomalies. 4. Raw Data mass witness reports 5. Drones & A.I. 6. Waihopai Spy Station Rocket Lab background 7. Raw data mass witness reports 31st on wards.


30TH 2019 Three major sighting of unidentified flying object sighted at 6pm (UK mass ‘drones’ ‘UFO’ satellite report) 11 pm (singular large meteor) and 4am (more drone/ufo this time NZ around Paparoa). The 20-40 satellite replicate numbers of the mass drone reports made on Denver based media which described the drones as flying grid search pattern as opposed to travelling on a direct orbit as seen in UK NZ.

A.I. drone notes and news link can be found further don the page (includes Sydney Australia planned use of see also my Waihopai report visa the facilities role as drone targeting facilitator). My last video at the bottom also talks about how air control and satellite communications in NZ increasingly controlled by US fits with new drone laws and restriction of light plane flying around New Zealand as our air space also become privatised.

29th: Singular large meteorite 11 pm one wit report big blue electric flash (as sen Chch Kaikora quakes) followed by “meteor”

28th: low flying drones UFOs Washington (match report day before in Denver Colorado USA.

27th: Singular meteor 9:30 & 10:30PM North South Island not as many witnesses these sighting do not seem as powerful as later mass reports. tracking station for missions such as Make It Rain and Tokyo artificial meteor creator and Quake Tech Ltd( home of Hop 1 Hop 2 HAARP Monitoring Buoys, Norfolk Far North (over lapping Micro-dish monitoring sites) — corresponding with infrared heat signatures over Macquarie Island home of HAARP directional radar and past laser based weather experiments and 2004 Tsunami electromagnetic anomaly.

Sightings take place as the ISS space station makes it pass over New Zealand around 10 -10:30 pm same time as drones are being seeing in addition to people also seeing a meteorite with fierce tail as one witness report the ‘meteor’ was being paced either side by aircraft and helicopter. Tremors felt around Taras (Otago) as “search teams” went out seemed to be looking for ground zero (wtf) of the passing ‘meteor.’

Other powerful meteors being seen at moment in


New York state


Update (1/1/2019) Corporate news from January 1st has identified the ‘ufos’ in UK which have appeared at the same time as Colorado Nebraska drones (who however are described as flying a search pattern) and the Sydney firework drones have hit the news as as part of Elon Musk star link telecommunication satellites which in conclusion will number more than 12,000 in total. No one seem to be addressing the pollution issue or space debris issue of this sudden proliferation in space and comes as Russia just lost a satellite to space debris and Leo Lab a low orbit debris tracker set up in Otago (around hour and bit drive from Taras).

2. Sighting (military funded telecommunication satellite assessment) anomaly cluster around known space HAARP stations.

Leolab open same month that Alexander Cromwell and Queenstown 5G rollout began as expansion takes place at Awarura tracking station Southland Bluff. October 14th 2019.

Also used in HAARP experiments (to help detect and steer the harp signals)
Tech built by US firm with numerous US military contracts. Mr Robin McNeill, station manager, said the geographical location of the Awarua Satellite Ground Station made it a “fantastic place” for a satellite ground station.“The site speaks for itself. When we take people up on to Bluff Hill, they can see it’s [the ground station area] flat, there’s the ocean to the south, so there’s no chance of [satellite] interference.”

This location is regularly goes on fire.

In 1957 the optical station at the Awarua Radio Site established. The Unwin radar, along with its partner radar at Bruny Island in Tasmania, is run by La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. The full name of the project is Tasman International Geospace Environment Radars (TIGER). TIGER in turn is part of an international network of similar high-frequency (HF) radars called SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar Network – HAARPS buddy). SuperDARN consists of a mini United Nations: the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Japan and South Africa. The TIGER Unwin station is one of 18 similar stations – eleven in the northern hemisphere, and seven in the southern hemisphere. Some are based in the United States and Canada, some in Iceland and Scandinavia; in the southern hemisphere, in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Antarctica itself. Further ones in Siberia, northern China and Antarctica are anticipated. All are targeting their beams towards the Polar latitudes. Together, they are measuring an area roughly equivalent to a fourth of the Earth’s surface. Southland 2019

Confirmation Awarrua Superdarn and Superdarn is HAARP

Satellite internet is often used in emergency response after natural disasters damage fibers and cell towers. SpaceX is building out Starlink from the poles, with coverage expanding towards the equator as more satellites get launched.  Elon Musk’s rocket company, SpaceX is being accused of disrupting astronomy research due to the vehicles’ brightness in night skies – and that the problem could get much worse without design change. The projects are driven by the goal of constructing 5G networks in space. Multiple potential providers have announced plans to deploy mega-constellations of thousands of large, bright satellites. SpaceX’s Starlink is just the first to begin launching their prototypes. The first phase, which SpaceX hopes to complete by next year, will send up a total of 1,584 such satellites, more than doubling the current (1,463) number of active low-and-mid-Earth orbiting satellites. SpaceX received a $28 million contract last year to assess Starlink by connecting the network to military platforms. The project also is testing the Iridium Certus service under a $2.5 million contract. The Pentagon’s is concerned that America’s GPS satellite network could be disabled or destroyed in wartime. Starlink is testing whether civilian satellites provide a wartime alternative. Dubbed “connect-a-thons”, testing focus on data transfer between platforms, starting with the F-35 and F-22 aircraft. New events will take place every four months. The connect-a-thons includes industry partners, other military services, and combatant commanders testing capabilities that could be put into a “deployment production line afterwards” Starlink assessment is to prove that military aircraft (or drones) and ground units can use commercial communications, and then push data down to devices such as handheld tablet computers 5G phone

Dubbed connect-a-thons, the event will focus on data transfers between platforms, starting with the F-35 and F-22 aircraft. New events will be every four months. The goal is to make warfighting and enterprise development more coherent and integrated. The connect-a-thons will include industry partners, other military services, and combatant commanders testing capabilities that could be put into a potential deployment production line afterwards. The network interoperability events will also include space capabilities and use Starlink satellites from SpaceX to prove the aircraft can use commercial communications, and then push data down to devices like handheld tablet computers.

3. South Island Fjordland Tasman Anomaly’s, weather maps for period cited, photos of stratosphere aerosol aluminium signal propagation enhancers (supported by WMO documentation area subject to weather modification experiments and mission logos) and microwave (radar) transmission picked upon infrared weather satellite 2019 Dec 27 -January 1st 2020.

Image result for make it rain rocket lab

Rocket Lab launched rainmaker, Quaketek and Japanese ‘artificial meteor’ (em chaff/ satellite killers)

No photo description available.

Image may contain: outdoor


Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor
Chch 30/12/2019

Tasmania with radar ripple detected in ether infrared photos 28/12/2019
Image may contain: outdoor

Macquarie Island Page 319 1998 Weather modification experiments.”Macquarie+island”+”weather+modification”&source=bl&ots=Ro71maAd66&sig=ACfU3U0ppvlTO0yYnBY2DtxNtrv9U1Gcmw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi2uayAtOHmAhVW6nMBHUG-AqUQ6AEwAHoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=”Macquarie%20island”&f=false WEATHER MODIFICATION RESEARCH WMR 43 REGISTER OF NATIONAL WEATHER MODIFICATION PROJECTS 2003 – 2004 Confirming area in question used for weather modification. World Metrological Organisation.

No photo description available.

Triangle heat signature cover deep Cove Fjordland (sub/magnetic anomaly zone- site last years mass whale standings -were sulfur clouds seen after white island and recent seismic activity), Chatham’s (Rocketlab’s ) This is highlighted on the second photo.

No photo description available.
Trainagle infrared signature courtesy Prof Gray
A Hop 1 Hop2 HAARP Buoy Rocket Lab Tracking Stations
B Awarrua Bay Haarp (Superdarn ) directional finder Deep Cove listed on DSIR map Exercise silicom kiwi as Resarch Station where they anted to put (haarp like) Omega rada in 70’s

Confirmation area of interest to submarine and DSIR Research as I mention in the vdeo also confirmed by Professor Paul Buchanan who spoke to one submarine captain directly. See also Project anterbury.

C Top triangle Norfolk island Far North…/mobile…/norfolk-telecom

During March-April 1945, solar radio emission was detected at 200 MHz by operators of a Royal New Zealand Air Force radar unit located on Norfolk Island. Initially dubbed the ‘Norfolk Island Effect’, this anomalous radiation was investigated throughout 1945 by British-born Elizabeth Alexander, head of the Operational Research Section of the Radio Development Laboratory in New Zealand. Alexander prepared a number of reports on this work, and in early 1946 she published a short paper in the newly-launched journal, Radio and Electronics. A physicist and geologist by training, Elizabeth Alexander happened to be in the right place at the right time, and unwittingly became the first woman in the world to work in the field that would later become known as radio astronomy. Her research also led to further solar radio astronomy projects in New Zealand in the immediate post-war year, and in part was responsible for the launch of the radio astronomy program at the Division of Radiophysics, CSIR, in Sydney, Australia.
Image may contain: grass and outdoor
Fjordland mystery death Dec 17th

Wed Dec 18 2019 5:14 AM
Magnitude: 4.4
Depth: 98 km
50 km north-west of Te Anau

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature
Nelson West Coast exact location not sure but ring around sun indicative of sky contaminated with chemicals containing refractive materials. Dec 28th.
No photo description available.
Dec 12 Pink represents sulphur – two clump one over white island the other over Fjordland.

Wed Dec 18 2019 5:14 AM Magnitude: 4.4
Depth: 98 km 50 km north-west of Te Anau

(Corroborated by News Hubs who reported the story AFTER it went viral on social media)

Image result for meteor new zealand

Shooting star ? Green tail
Have just seen a shooting star / meteor or something. It pulsed / flashed 3 times before disappearing. Seemed to drop to the south of Havelock North
Chris Rudge (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 22:09
Meteor sighting
Saw meteorite flash from Pukaki Airport. Was inside at time and saw sky light up to NNE in direction of Two Thumb Range outside northern window of hangar I am in at 11.00 pm. Sky lit up, pulsed brighter and dimed for about one and a half seconds. Initially thought it was from a thunderstorm but rain radar showed no storm to NE so guessed it was a large meteorite which was confirmed by reports on this website.
Jenna Cathro (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 19:40
Meteor sighted
We also saw the fireball in the sky on our drive back to Christchurch from down south Saw it I think just after Hynds … my partner cried out what is that ?! My son and I looked to our left and saw a ball of fire falling from the sky with a big flash. It seemed to have hit the ground we were too far away to know where it hit and were left wondering … Was kinda scary but exciting to see at the same time. Really happy to read the comments on here and know no one was hurt
David Grant (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 20:52
I saw this too from my bedroom window in west eyreton. It looked like a ball of fire with a tail behind it and then it seemed to flash and break up and then it died
Conor Doyle (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 17:05
We Saw The NZ Meteorite Up Close And Personal
We were staying in an AirBnB in Queensberry Hills and this Meteorite actually hit the ground in Tarras, on the other side of the river, just after 11PM. My parter saw the last few seconds of its descent, but i was inside and actually felt the ground shake (a very minor shake but distinguishable) on impact, thought it was a tremor until she came in in hysterics with how huge and close this thing was after seeing it come down. Pretty exciting! We then saw the whole search crew who came out looking for the remnants with lots of torches!
lorraine kevey (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 16:59
light in the sky
we spotted a strange light , very fast moving , heading from north to south , over poroti in the whangarei district.last night at around 9.30 pm., travelling in a straight line .
Prendergast (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 14:43
Meteorite sighting
Wakamarina Valley near Canvastown in Marlborough. A large orange ball of flame with a green outline spotted low on the horizon towards the South at 10.55pm. Very impressive.
Guest (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 13:34
The last Night I see a meteor at the Window of my room at Mount Cook, Wellington. I heard the meteorite pass the atmosphere, and it caught my eye. I saw for 5 seconds a biiig ball of fire, it’s impressive !! it was around 11 p.m.
Guest (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 12:22
Meteor 30 Dec 2019
Large bright green meteor/space debris with orange tail seen from Wanaka at just before 2300hrs; travelled roughly north east before disappearing over hills beside Hawea. Biggest, brightest and most colourful one I’ve ever seen.
gina (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 11:54
Blenheim, approx 11pm flash of light in night sky,, then large orange ball with tail of orange/gold, seemed close, low to horizon falling .
Guest (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 10:46
Meteor seen around 11pm last night (north Canterbury)
Saw a large flight falling at a rapid speed around 11 last night in north Canterbury. I saw it as silver white, however others were saying it was orange.
Mark Mora (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 10:45
Meteor Sitting
Last Night 1100pm NZST (estimated) Location Woolston Christchurch NZ 43°33’12.3″S 172°40’45.2″E (adjacent Heathcote River) Clouded sky – Duration of sighting 1.5 Seconds. Shooting Star. While sitting outside (facing North North West and approx 30 degress above the horizon ) Traversing from my Right to Left (Approx. East to West ) on approx. 15 degree decline. First noticed a bright flash in right side peripheral vision picked up track of very very bright white blueish with trailing whitish tail appears to have split into two objects of whitish glow {approx. 100ms} before both objects disappeared
Guest (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 10:26
Saw a meteorite around
Saw a meteorite around 10.55pm last night over Masterton. Caught it on the dashcam.
Guest (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 18:45
Would love to see the dashcam
Would love to see the dashcam footage
Dick Densem (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 10:23
I was standing outside, when in the NW sky a huge flash of light took my attention, it was the same sort of light as very large lightening but very blue and seemed to be in a large circle, from there a meteor came falling down. I am in North Loburn, North of CHCH (nearest street light 4.5km away) and to me it felt like it was very close, coming down over nearby White Rock. As it came down it was quite slow with a fiery tail and sort of sparks coming coming off it like fireworks. It was silent. We see quite a lot of stuff happening in the sky out here but nothing quite as amazing as last night.
Guest (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 09:52
Lights in sky
Papamoa, 4:45am this morning 20 to 30 lights at high, looked like stars but moving in what looked like equally spaced formation from North to South. Lasted about 5 minutes.
Amy (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 13:38
Lights in sky
I also saw this as I was walking the dog around 18:20hrs. I live in England (midlands) and they were coming from west to east. It was like stars were Popping out of nowhere with equal space between them and moving along creating a rainbow then they would vanish. So weird. Never seen anything like it. There must have been about 20 one after the other.
Mehmood Alam (not verified) on Tue, 31/12/2019 – 07:34
i also seen same .stars like
i also seen same .stars like things moving from West to east and disappear ,in worcester (uk) about 6:15pm.
Rodney Edge (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 12:25
Strange lights
I saw this. I was camping and got up at 4.40am this morning. They started north west of Oakura bay which is an hours drive north east of Whanagrei. It lasted 7 minutes with at least 30 lights, possibly 40. They looked like low flying satellites. They were 10 to 12 evenly spaced then 2 close together. This pattern repeated about four times. I saw them start above orians belt and watch till they vanished. They were heading south in a perfect line
Darren (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 10:43
Yes part of Elon Musks satellites and rockets.
Indi (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 09:36
saw a massive ball of fire go across the sky at around 10:55-11:00 at momorangi bay, Marlborough sounds nz
Sue Melville (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 08:59
While driving back from Nelson towards Richmond last night (29/12/2019 , I saw what I can only think was a meteor. It was a fiery ball-like shape with a greyish tail. The end of the tail was also fiery. So low in the sky I thought it must of hit the hills above Richmond. The time was 11.58 pm.
Sarah (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 08:41
Meteor and satellites
On Sunday 22nd Dec around 11pm at night I’m not sure what I saw in the sky above Laingholm, West Auckland. Probably a meteor. It was pink/red and triangular shaped, going super fast and with the same colour tail lighting up the few clouds around. It was low in the sky and if I have my bearings correct, heading north east. Then the early hours of this morning (Mon 30th Dec) around 4am I saw about 40 satellites in a row travelling south, all on the same trajectory and with the same distance between them for the most part. The last two appeared side by side and closer together. There may have been more before I saw the first one and started counting.
Sue Stuart (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 03:54
Meteor seen from Wellington
At 11pm I was on Petone foreshore looking across the harbour to Wellington city at the crescent moon above Ahumairangi (Tinakori) Hill. I saw the meteor a little above the moon, crossing from right to left in a descending curve, but it gave the impression of heading south. It sparked red and blue as it burned – not sure in which order though. Far closer than any I’ve seen before. I posted on Twitter about it a couple of minutes later (11.05) and others in Wellington had seen it too.
Guest (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 02:18
I saw the Meteor
I saw it at 10:59pm I live in Christchurch and i was outside when i saw a flash in the clouds then saw a bright light and a small one following it. I was facing Toward NW at the time. I also wished that i had my phone at the time so i could have taken the picture, But what i find weird there was no sound. They sometimes make a rumble when they come through. Though i know that sound takes time to travel, this one made none. It was cool and freaky to see something like that.
Hope (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:37
Possible meteor
At approx 10.59pm tonight I saw what I think was a meteor. I live in kaiapoi (South Island NZ, north of Christchurch) I saw it when I was facing west. It was a patchy cloudy night with a couple stars visible. It lit up the cloud like an electric blue, much bluer than lightning or that I’d ever seen before. Then a split second later a super fast moving ball with the same blue coloured tail shot down looked as though it was going hit the ground. I was waiting for the boom but nothing. So must have been further away than what I thought. Crazy and awesome that I got to see that. Anyone else see it?
Dick Densem (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 10:29
I am in North Loburn and I
I am in North Loburn and I saw it too, it felt like it was very close (over White Rock) I was waiting for sound or crash as well but heard nothing, Quite incredible.
Guest (not verified) on Mon, 30/12/2019 – 08:10
Great description, we saw it
Great description, we saw it in western sky from Hanmer Springs, lit up the clouds in the south, pretty unreal


Guest (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:26
Just bug hunting at Cashmere Stream Esplanade Reserve. A large meteor (? Moon”esk size, unsure of legitimate classification) blazing through the sky towards Westmoreland way (south west?) Was rock looking, purplely/red/orange blaze surrounding with a large trail. Biggestest/closest looking I’ve ever seen ! /
A.W (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:19
11pm fast moving fire ball coming at a steep angle falling just outside of Darfield
Guest (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:14
Asteroid maybe satellite
Over christchrch new Zealand around 11 pm very lasted about 10 seconds
Guest Brooke (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:13
Shooting star
Sun 29th 11pm roughly massive shooting star falling seen from Southland NZ did anyone else see it??
Guest (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:11
Green shooting star
Just seen a green shooting it had a orange/yellow tail looking towards the west, I was driving on the out skirts of Hastings.
Rhonnie (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:10
Meteor over Johnsonville?
Fairly sure I just saw a meteor over Johnsonville. It was large and green with an orange tail and went down into the hill. At first I thought it was a firework but wasn’t preceded or followed by any further fireworks and was too large to be one anyway. Anyone else see it or am I going nuts?
Adrianne Elizabeth (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:10
Meteorite sighting
At approximately 10:55 PM 29 Dec 2019 in Stoke, Nelson near Saxton’s field I just saw what I assume was a big meteorite crash through the sky moving diagonally down in the direction of the hills. It was amazing.
Guest (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:10
a few minutes to 11pm
a few minutes to 11pm 29/12/19 saw a bright big fiery light shoot downwards for 3-5 seconds. Saw from plim beach
Guest (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:09
Seemed like a meteor (giant
Seemed like a meteor (giant fireball flying through the sky towards the ground). Spotted on Patton Rd, Nelson.
Elaine Weir (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:06
Went to close curtains Aidenfield Christchurch and saw a meteorite close. Around Hornby outer area way. Bright with big tail. 2259 29/12/2019
Claude Ramsden bradley (not verified) on Sun, 29/12/2019 – 23:05
Anchored in Resolutions, malborough sounds m. Just witnessed an enormous meteor possibly the largest I’ve ever seen!


Image result for UFO drones sightings

Jeffrey Heeb (not verified) on Sat, 28/12/2019 – 17:21
Christmas night from port Orchard , washington. At least 25 heading east by northeast. All evenly spaced but a couple. Was awesome to watch. I lost count because I ran to get the wife.
Guest (not verified) on Sat, 28/12/2019 – 14:18
meteorites i keep seeing moving stars coming down over the house what are they

27th Dec 2019

Image result for blue sky lightning kaikoura earthquake

Fri, 27/12/2019 – 22:25
moving stars??
palmerston north. was outside on the trampoline with my friends and around 9:20 pm we noticed a moving star. thought it was a shooting star but it was changing directions and speeds. more started popping up and we were freaked out. anyone else see these?
Brett (not verified) on Fri, 27/12/2019 – 22:21
Boxing Day meteorite 2019
We were out for a nighttime walk when we saw a bright flash that illuminated the ground..when we looked up to the southern sky we saw a sparkly line in the sky just west of the southern cross which dissipated after about 5 seconds. TThis occurred about 10:30 pm above the Grampians range, Haldon Road, Tekapo.
Search Results

5. Mystery drone Colorado -Nebraska 27-29th 2019.

Image result for drones colorado

Story image for drones from Popular Mechanics
What Are Those Mysterious Drones Doing in Colorado?
Popular Mechanics-5 hours ago
A series of nighttime visitations by a mysterious drone swarm has residents of northeastern Colorado baffled. As many as 17 drones appear to …
Mysterious swarms of giant drones have started to appear in …
Business Insider Nordic-29/12/2019
Nobody knows where mysterious drone swarms are coming …
We Are The Mighty (blog)-21 hours ago
Cops warn mystery swarms of up to 30 drones with 6ft …
Daily Mail-28/12/2019
Mystery drones flying over northeastern Colorado
International-ABC News-2 hours ago
Colorado, Nebraska sheriffs puzzled by nocturnal drone flights
International-Fox News-11 hours ago
View all

A.I. ‘SKYNET’ The real life killer drones who have being killing thousands in oil water wars of the 2st century.

Image result for skynet terminator

This report about an AI system I have written about before and yes it really is called SKYNET. The system British built but the funding vanish in blind trust in Hong Kong.

A killer AI has gone on a rampage through Pakistan, slaughtering perhaps thousands of people. At least that’s the impression you’d get if you read this report from Ars Technica (based on NSA documents leaked by The Intercept), which claims that a machine learning algorithm guiding U.S. drones – unfortunately named ‘SKYNET’ – could have wrongly targeted numerous innocent civilians.

New Zealand spy facility used for Drone targeting as brought up at last years Waihopai Protest when made Green address why they were not talking about Rocket Lab expect more diluted bullshit from this year as no one will have conversation about Rocket Lab war links and how this fits with the kind of New Zealand we want. Managed to get the issue into mainstream reports.

Expect to read a diluted version of this on sky in I would say about 90 minutes lol..


7.Raw Data 31st January 1st morning –– read the post about elon musk hich is interesting.
ill look further into that and post finding below the raw data – also list a singular meteorite as ill as the 30-40 low orbit stars which are seen in Australia and tracked here in NZ by helicopter and aircraft in one case – align with report of ground based search seemingly conducted near Taras when sited their. ??

A continuous line of satellites
This morning just after 4 am I saw a perfectly straight line of what appeared to be satellites emerging from nowhere as I stood on Maclean Road in Waipu. They were very bright and just kept comi g
Buck thorn (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 12:10
Shooting star
I was at the harbor bridge 30 seconds before new year and I looked up and saw something zoom through the sky.
corey millikin (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 10:59
meteor sighting lower hutt 10.30-50 ish pm 31 dec 2019
sitting outside under the stars in alicetown lower hutt new years eve about 10.30-50 ish pm we saw a bright white light heading north above the hutt valley eastern hills that slowly dimmed to a red spec and burnt out. impressive to see.
Michael Logue (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 10:51
line of lights spawning in the sky
Similar to other posts here, it was 4am new years day and my brother in-law asked what the line of stars was. I know stars and constellations a bit and looked up to explain, This was not something I’ve seen in 40 years on the planet. they were moving from north to south and were spawning out of nowhere in the middle of the sky and moving south in a line. From when we noticed it we witnessed at least 40 something of these and I don’t know how many we missed. very weird, not planes, satellites or shooting stars.
Maria Gibson (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 12:30
Line of lights spawning in the sky
Michael Logue I saw exactly the same thing this New Years morning just after 4 am. You have described it far better than myself though. I was mesmerised as they just kept coming from nowhere to join the line.
Beverley (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 05:11
Read this article from 1 NEWS, NZ 1 month ago: 1News Logo NEW ZEALAND They’re not UFOs: SpaceX broadband satellite cluster to be visible over New Zealand 1 MONTH AGO • SOURCE: 1 NEWS If you notice a long line of lights travelling quickly through the night sky in the next few weeks, don’t worry, it’s not a convoy of UFOs, but Elon Musk’s satellite broadband project. 1News A still image of a line of SpaceX Starlink satellites passing overhead in May of 2019. Source: Beyond Space The lights in the sky are a cluster of satellites being added to the Starlink network, which is being created by SpaceX to provide fast internet to all parts of the globe. The Starlink project will slowly assemble a mesh of about 12,000 satellites in orbit, but could be in operation with just a few hundred satellites as early as next year. A total of 60 Starlink satellites were released from a Falcon 9 rocket in the early hours of Tuesday, New Zealand time, and they will eventually join another 60 which were released earlier this year in May. Over the next few weeks, the string of satellites will be visible at times in the night sky from New Zealand, travelling in unison until they eventually make their way into their assigned positions. They will appear as a line of fairly bright dots travelling quickly through the sky. A tool has been developed to allow you to get alerts when the cluster is flying over you, and it can also give you an idea of which direction to look, as well as likely weather conditions. SpaceX and Musk have said that the revenue from their Starlink broadband network, which will serve both remote and urban areas, will help to fund their plans to travel to Mars. The company has also indicated that it would like to deploy a similar system to Starlink on Mars itself. It’s expected that Starlink could begin commercial operation as soon as next year. END.
Guest (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 04:52
Row of stars moving plus Orange pulsing star earlier tonight
I worked security job for new year celebrations tonight, here in Raglan NZ, and at around maybe between 11pm and 11:30 pm, i noticed also the pulsing orange star moving at a constant speed before fading into what seemed to be cloud. And only a matter of about 45min to and hour ago (time here right now: 04:49am 1/1/2020), i also was privilaged enough to witness the line of stars moving across the sky. I was looking N/NW. Very very interesting, and my curious side is all up in this. Is there any concrete information about this?
Mike (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 04:41
Moving stars
At 4am on the 1st of January 2020 I looked up to see the stars had come back out. I saw a line of stars all moving in the same direction. They started out evenly spaced out moving at the same speed and direction. It went on for about 5 mins before the stars started to travel in pairs still in the same direction. They just appeared and continued on the same path out of view. I am guessing there may have been about 40-50 that I saw. The last one was travelling in the same direction and speed but no longer in the line. Seemed strange. Saw this from a farm not far from Palmerston North New Zealand
Mike (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 04:37
Moving stars
At 4am on the 1st of January 2020 I looked up to see the stars had come back out. I saw a line of stars all moving in the same direction. They started out evenly spaced out moving at the same speed and direction. It went on for about 5 mins before the stars started to travel in pairs still in the same direction. They just appeared and continued on the same path out of view. I am guessing there may have been about 40-50 that I saw. The last one was travelling in the same direction and speed but no longer in the line. Seemed strange. Saw this from a farm not far from Palmerston North
Beverley (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 04:25
Long line of moving lights over Koou/hikautaia
This morning approx 4 am I looked south west to the sky where the milky way was very clear. Then I noticed a perfect very long line of lights moving quite steadily in a generally north- south direction. There were at least 20 lights spaced evenly apart and moving in an arc presumably following the curve of earth. A helicopter travelled south also to the east of us here in Kopu and a plane was approaching from the south on the west side of the lights. What was happening? I called my partner as witness and attempted to video them but I couldn’t see them in night mode or video on phone. It was rather mysterious and slightly alarming to see such perfect formation and movement. BG.
Campbell Harris (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 04:04
Lights above Auckland
I am in Birkdale north shore and see a long string of lights in the sky like meteors but too consistent and too many, I have seen well over two dozen lights going across the sky headed South.
Shaun (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 00:26
Red light.
Was looking at the stars about 20 past midnight. Saw a red light moving through the sky at a constant speed, seemed to get brighter before slowly fading. Hamilton NZ.
Guest (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 04:58
Red light
Same here in Raglan!
Annie (not verified) on Tue, 31/12/2019 – 17:05
Green streaking light
We saw a series of bright green light with a trail flashing ftom south to north over the ocean and on a couple of occasions a red round light sputh of the green. At one stage it looked like the green lights were chasing the red. The green lights appeared for at least half an hour and may have continued. Sorrento Western Australia
Corey Peters (not verified) on Tue, 31/12/2019 – 11:20
Me and my kids were
Me and my kids were stargazeing here in nelson and seen this, it was amazeing!!!
Mike Gast (not verified) on Tue, 31/12/2019 – 11:00
Meteor 30 December at 10.58 pm
Locked the garden shed and turned to go inside, facing south and saw a bright streak like a firework, low and travelling diagonally from left to right. Te Kuiti.
Craig keen (not verified) on Tue, 31/12/2019 – 10:21
Row of bright continuous lights through sky
Just witnessed a row of continuous bright lights moving through sky at about 7pm British time. Maybes about 50 but a decent distance apart then fading away into space. What could this be??
Guest (not verified) on Wed, 01/01/2020 – 04:57
Bright stars moving over Raglan New Zealand as well…
I also witnessed what you are describing, here in Raglan New Zealand!! Any (non-propaganda or government lies) word on what it was we saw?


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