BEN NEWS PICKS 22/11/2019


1. Air Plance Crash Near Birdling Flat HAARP signal moniorig site

Four radar systems at Birdling flat why FAA out up warning for pilots in Alaska near HAARP in 1998.

2. Canterbury atmosphere very ionised – millions in crop dmage – 5.9 in Bay of Plenty . Half a billion dollars in damages more economic hardship for Canterbury.

Thunderstorms are expected to lie near Amberley, Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Leithfield, Ashley Forest, Cust, Woodend, Sefton and West Eyreton at 03.45pm, before heading near Amberley, Waipara, Weka Pass, Waikari, Pegasus Bay, Hawarden and Leithfield at 04.15pm, according to MetService. Yesterday gofball sized hail was seen falling in South Canterbury, and a funnel cloud sighted near Oamaru.

Image result for timaru hail christchurch

4. Motorist shot in face on Royal Highway.

How is it possiabe to work out the calibre so quickly and why would police release such forensic details so quickly before an investigation has really begun. This seems a little odd. Shot on Royal Highway as Royal’s visit is another coincidence that by itself is nothing but in context of the whole package come across and …well as packaged for maximum media attention.

Not to say lunatics and monster don’t exist. Though we seem to have forgotten that pre-neoliberalism of Rogernomics the yearly homicde rate you could count of one hand and 90% of thoseowuld have being crime of passion from people who knew each other. So orchestrated or organic its is remains a byproduc of corrupt and fialing system by those now in charge.

5. Kaikoura locals and Mosque shooting surviors prepare to met Prince Charles.

Image result for kaikoura royals

6. National Media focused on NZ as Comedian Stephen Colbert and Adern talk gun control and sing Queen’s duet about firearms murder.


The US chatshow visit NZ at a cost of 100,000 dollar fronted by the tax payer. Colbert who said he was a “huge admirer”, suggested 2020 election campaign slogan: “New Zealand, same prime minister” Colbert in interview failed to discuss Adern government role in law changes that enalbed shooter to get guns online. Failed to ask on police vetting procedures or missed signals. Instead he and Adern sung a song about firearm murders that once presented in a limited edition to UK entertainment VIPS as a tribute to the Royal Family.

Mama, just killed a man – The Vomit Principle.
Youtube shows the pair US scaramouche Stephen Colbert and New Zealand Prime Minister belting out from Queens song Bohemian Rhapsody. Strange choice for an interview which is here to focus on gun control. For as the lyrics go;

Mama, just killed a man
Put a gun against his head
Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead

To put this in context interviews like this with a head of state (whose also a communication [spin doctor] and TV presenter with tens of millions of viewers don’t simply just happen. They are carefully choregraphed and prepared well in advance. Nothing is spontaneous or left to chance.

The link below gives you a good idea on understanding of the “Vomit pincipal”. Once you get this and you then review the lighted hearted, seemingly spontaneous Colbert Adern video, not through the eyes of an ordinary citizen by through the eyes of some one who now understands the production procedure and function of “dead bats”, “kite flying” and “dog whistling” this $100,000 PR exercise unfolds as the cringe worthy unsophisticated vote catching “fire break” it is.

The failure of voters to understand Jacinda Adern has being picked for the role she plays because of her training in the dark arts is second to the failure of the public to understand how public relations works. How its used on us in an orchestrated deliberate manner everyday. Its a failure which prevents us from understanding how leaders like John Key and Jacinda Adern are not picked not by the public for their abilities to lead a nation but a picked by party PR specialist hoping to create a cult of personality they sell to the public having first carefully packaged the product before allowed to be seen. The controls (the packaging) are carefully placed around the customised product so the voter are encouraged to pay attention only to the leaders talk and not focus instead on their walk. An overt and deliberate act of manipualtion. One which highlights that as opposed to any genuine form of liberalism being present in parliament the landscape of modern politics has being entirely hijacked, on both sides of the ‘debating chamber’ by corporate lobbyists and privately owned networks (who earn their money pushing their corporate backers agenda) who offer the voters two vile illusions of choices;

Smiling Assasins & economic Hitmen.

Image result for helen clark john key

A: The Neoconservativism of the cult of personality as presented by Donald Trump?John Key

B: The Neoliberalism of the cult of personality as presented by the like of Helen Clark prodigy Jacinda Adern/Hillary Clinton.

A& B are both scaramouche jester sent to fool us. Harelquins who condition us into a form of petty infantile tribalism that sets out to divide their can only be team A or team B. Your with us or against us. Meanwhile the largest corporate electoral donors or more importantly those who can give or take away airtime and broadcasting time have a bob each way and thus they can never loose. As they keep the public addicted to manufactured scaramouches, Hollywood styled heros and saviours (who where socially engineered to believe will come and ‘save’ the day just like in the movies). Thus were enabled to be disempowered and removed from the heresy that we the public have all the power we need to shape our own futures. All we need do is simply stand up and take responsibility for our own actions and call not the system’s scaramouche to accountability but rather adress what wrong with the machine itself.

Bad Diets
The Colbert interview is about creating an international profile for Jacinda as she groomed for higer things (just like Clark was). It if it had being about New Zealand the head of state would not be picking up the USA equivalent of David Letterman any more than the President of the USA or Prime minister of London would be a taxi service for Walter Cronkite. An act which

A: Makes New Zealand look like a banana republic not a OECD developed nation. Its rob us of dignity and that Adern PR people cant see that demonstarte just how important we are to them.

B: The message it sends not to the world (which this actally primarily choregraphed for) but back to us is the PM would rather look good on TV in the USA than be running the nation she was elected to head. It’s as crass narcistic and sychophantic as John Key choosing to go to the Rugby during the World Corrupt and an indicator Jainda’s administration is (like Key’s administration) more in the game of mannufactured appearances than doing the hard yards of looking after not just her vote base but the whole nation.

PR fluff which distracts us from the growing realisation for many New Zealanders that the response to March 15th has being a fail.

A emotional reaction to an attack carried out not by Kiwi altright wannabe NRA whack job but by a foreign national. A terrorist who was not one of us, not a citizen or resident, who obtained his firearms assisted by the collective failure of New Zealand police derelection of duty, regarding their negligence on intelligence and vetting procedures (in place but ignored) and via Adern administration decision to permit online gunsales [opposed by responsible fire arms owners rigourously] in the first place. A response which in fact is causing the reverse intentions of making us safer. A decison that is helping to import the deadly infection of Hollywood styled (and socially engineered) gun culture which has become the plague of modern USA and the world.

Its a bad diet of crap medicine. One that threatens to wipe out a vital part of New Zealand’s culture. One based not on firearms (which are simply one tool in the feed your self tool box) but our heritage of farming, hunting, conservation, enviromentalism, love of nature, love of outdoors and most importantly a love of living in a country whose unique environment gives us the ability to teach out children the empowering lessons of self suffiency be it but taking them hunting for wild pigs or looking for shellfish in the rockpool. A diet that gets people to understand nature so they can love and value it. For such a way of life teaches us to love and value each other as opposed to being imprisoned in our houses blasting at things with a weapons on screen to the point we no longer see people as people but bit by bit were dehumantised and desouled.

So were left with a nation that deal with it enviroments by using posions and sprays that work their way into our food sources and our skyrocketing cancer figures.

Image result for new zealand cancer statistics global map

So we become a nation of malls and supermarkets were the only folk with guns are heavily tattooed policemen in mirrored glasses and heavily tattooed gangsters in mirroredd glasss both acting out their Hollywood/5G X Box fuelled manchild fantasies of whats hip and cool. So we cease to become a nation of people and instead are just individual prisoners living in the prison we built ourselves as we let Hollywood into our cells each night.

So were a country were a real man can not put food on his table and take his kids into the wilderness to teach them self suffiency and self respect.

Every one impersonating the urban bitches and narcistic bling we see on TV. Fed on a bad diet of misinformation by a socially engineered system that happily hands out money for guns to give to cops but wont provide its public with funds to ensure we have uncensored media that dedicated to providing quality education and indepth anlayst. As opposed to adverts and a tsunami of Hollywood inspired poison. Manufactured sound bites with TV presenters and PR trained politicans who tell you what you should think and do.

No Escape from Reality:

Changes to gun law overseen by Jacinda Ardern criticised
TONY WALL16:40, Mar 21 2019

Colbert has being used in blantent case of spoon fed spin doctoring thats one objective to make the PM look good.

An out right overt partisan plug at the tax payers expense that distance her own administration from their own responsibility and accountability in regards to the March 15th tragedy. A knee jerk response Adern, the policeman’s daughter (complete with a policeman teddy bear proudly on display in her Prime Minister’s office[WTF}), is now taking credit for on the international stage. A failure portrayed as a success (mission accomplished). One that is ignoring due process and overtly subverting the democratic process.

Adern cheered on by Colbert and the promise of international fame is choosing to once more be deaf to the same bunch of farmers, tourist operators, conservationist, hunters and environmentalist, who tired to warn the government long before March 15th that a dangerously arrogant and institutionaly corrupt police force was not spending the resources needed to make existing fire regulation work. Its a recipe that New Zealand will end up paying for even if it does not serve New Zealands own needs. But hey Jacinda gets to look good on the world stage with the help of scaramouches like Colbert and thats what count’s …“thunder and lightening it very very frightening”.

The interview in reality is about creating fantasy not adressing a reality. Its every bit ‘real’ as the fantasy marketing public relation sculptured view presented of say Freddy Mercury recent movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Freedy was (is) an amazing artist but far he was far from the two dimensional cut out he is presented as in the movie. As Freddys own tune warns “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? / Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality”. 

Image result for "only 200 copies" rhapsody queen

Royal Blue:

Another clue to the manufactured choice of that song (or at the very east a symptons of whats going on in their heads) is that specific song has a famour tie to the royal family (currently visiting) for in 1978, EMI received an award from the British monarch Queen’s Award To Industry For Export Achievement. The award ceremony took place at a luncheon in the Cotswold suite at London’s Selfridges Hotel on Wednesday. EMI Executives used the band’s original colours – purple and gold – and reprinted the 1975 Bohemmian Rhapsody as a homage to the royal family. Only 200 copies given to VIPs were ever made of the record, which end up being printed blue due to a communication error the EMI executives chose not to correct the error for cost and deadline reasons. Ironically Queen had left EMI over the song.

As Colbert shows in the clip itself the issue of copy right had being considered long before the cameras began rolling this ‘impromptu’ scene in a game where ratings are every thing and you dont get to be the number one talkshow host by not cosidering what other shows are in town that week. Or how your script will impact on theres. As the carefully selected colour of the Bohemian record itself by EMI record executive proves.

Thunder & Lightening Very very frightening scaramouche.

The song name is also a huge magnetic to conspiracy theorists whose linked to occultist, Nazi / MI5 double agent and Golden dawn leader Aleister Crowley (Edward Alexander Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947) and the USA’s Bohemian Grove based on the UK’s Freemason Savage Club.

Image result for crowley

Crowley was most certainly the inspiration of Good Omen, written by Commedian Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, whose lead character, in the fictional comedy is demon ‘Anthony Crowley’ (played by David Tenant ‘Dr Who’ himself used Queen’s music for the TV series Good Omen. ), a hipster demon whose is a huge fan of Queen;

“Crowley was currently doing 110 mph somewhere east of Slough. Nothing about him looked particularly demonic, at least by classical standards. No horns, no wings. Admittedly he was listening to a Best of Queen tape, but no conclusions should be drawn from this because all tapes left in a car for more than a fortnight metamorphose into Best of Queen albums” – Good Omens.

Queen ‘s music is used exclusively in the Good Omen’s TV series.


The song alleged esoteric ties include the lyrics “scaramouche” ‘The King Maker, an improvesational comedian or knave associated with the French revolution, who worms his way out of sticky situations to the detriment of others. It includes the phase “Bismillah” meaning “in the name of Allah”. The phrase is used at the start of the Muslim holy book the Quran in a similar way to the Christian “Grace” in order to give thanks before a meal.
Another Freddy Mercury peer David Bowies (Bowie and Queen wrote Under Pressure together in 1981) is a documented follower of Crowley. Bowie wrote Quicksand in 1971 as a direct tribute to Crowley and appears in promotional photo dressed as an Egyptian Pharo where replicates one of Crowley famous ‘magic symbol’. This very same distinctive pose is also used by Queen on the orginal cover work of the Bohemian Rhapsody albulm in light of Crowley’s own fame within the world of rocknroll combined with the lyrics own direct esoteric references its hard to see that as just a coincidence in an industry where image is never just left to chance..

Lyrics include;

I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley’s uniform
Of imagery
I’m living in a silent film
Portraying Himmler’s sacred realm
Of dream reality…”

Bohemia by its name is linked to Bohemia Grove in the US where the planning for the Manhattan Project took place in 1942, leading to the creation of the atom bomb.

In 2000 the Washington Post confirmed footage of the Bohemian Grove ‘The Cremation of the Care” ceremony was authentic. During the ceremony, members wear costumes and cremated a coffin effigy called “Care” before a 40-foot-owl, “in deference to the aboretum of Redwood trees”. Bohemian Grove’s spokesperson called the ceremony, based on ancient druid rituals, a celebration of summer and changing season and it is performed for one night during the final weekend of the summer encampment.

Image result for bohemia grove owl

The gates to the grove bear the legend of Noculi or the familar often associated with the Roman Goddes Minerva or her greek counter part Athena


Bohemian Grove has being tied to both Bill Clintons and the Royal family as well as UK Entertainment guru Jimmy Saville.

Image result for clinton orgy island
Epstein’s temple aka Orgy Island.

No one has ever proved Clinton did go conclusively to the Grove. Clinton himself denys he visited the grove (and he did not have sex with that tree, or fly on Epstein plane, or go to Epstein esoteric styled Orgy Island) making him the only president up to his administration not too have gone. George H. W. Bush was a full member, as is Henry Kissinger and board members from Halliburton and Bank of America. Membership is by invite only, and yearly fees start at $25,000 plus annual dues. Both UK entertainment guru Jimmy Savile and Prince Phillip can be confirmed as being invited guest of the Grove as also the case for Clinton Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Image result for prince philip bohemia
Prince Phillip Live at the Grove

Sir Jimmy Savile was a BBC children’s television and a close friend of Prince Charles who was found to have abused 450 victims, mostly boys and girls as young as eight over 50 years. The Oldie Miles Goslett first wrote a piece for the March 2012 edition of the UK magazine that explained how the BBC were scared of broadcasting the allegations of Savile’s Epstein scale sex offences.

The result of the Oldie article was Operation Yewtree a police operation into Salvile massive pedovore offending named after the sacred tree of druids use in ceremony of transformation and rebirth.

Psychologist Dr Valerie Sinason, Clinic for Dissociative Studies, London who interviewed Savile victims claimed Savile used magical rituals to psychologically condition and intimidate children into believing he had magical powers and that if they didn’t obey him he would be published them in the after life.

Related image

Sure To Rise The Edmonds Clock.

And it turns out their are two major NZ ties to Crowley here in New Zealand both of which are well documented and accepted as true in mainstream media and academic reports

1. The Edmonds Clock Tower Madras St Christchurch dedicated to the ritual of Care. This is located next to the Twin Tower tribues of 9/11 which is built from parts of the Twin Tower destroyed on September 11th 2001 and the 2010 2011 Christchurch earthquakes ‘twin pillars sculpture’ on Oxford and Cambridge Terrace.

The 2010 quake struck with the epicentre near Birdling flat on the 4th of september at 4:35 am local time. The 2011 quake took place 22/2/2011 occuring just after ten to one (12;51 ) as the clock tower records to this day.

Image result for christchurch earthquakes clock tower madras

The tower includes , on its corners, esoteric grosteques including the owl of minerva (or noculi) the familar asociated with the Roman Athena the god of war and wisdom plus a homage to father time.

The owl (noculi) was also used as the logo for Operation Noculi the NZ Airforce Exercise held on March 15th the same day as the Christchurch shooting which killed 51 people at the Mosque of Alnoor and Linwood. In the 48 hours after 15 March, the RNZAF transported 332 passengers and significant freight in B757, C-130 and KA350 flights to Christchurch. All of the RNZAF’s national readiness times were met, in most cases aircraft were ready to move as a result of the exercise coinciding with the attack.

Since then every mosque in the county has being guarded by facial recognition cameras whihc in Christchruch are provided by Athena Security a firm run by US Homeland Security consultants.

Image result for athena security

2. The Seconds in Havelock Hawkesbay and is tied to both Aleister Crowley  and Edmonds via occultist Robert Felkin. Felkin was a prominent member of an English and American magical society called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (there’s that rising sun again) of which Aleister Crowley  , David Bowie (and maybe Fredy Mercury) were involved with. Felkin moved from England to Havelock North in 1915 and built a house called Whare Ra, or House of the Sun (the sun motif again), complete with an occult temple in the basement. The windowless room, concealed by a secret door, was painted with mystical symbols for the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Felkin belonged to the Stella Matutina branch of the order, “which combined a number of ancient magical traditions” and included prime minister and Governor Generals.

Rose Cross Lamen.svg

Its members included its membership included several Bishops, General Sir Arthur Russell, Lord Jellicoe, A Governor General of New Zealand,[1] members of Parliament, and local dignitaries and officials. Based on Mrs Harriot Felkin account prominent Order members, included General Sir Andrew Russell, Lord Jellicoe, Governor General of New Zealand, and Archdeacon Brocklehurst, Bishop Sedgewick, Bishop Wirema N. Panapa. Aleister Crowley, wrote a “private letter” to Ms Felkin in 1945.

Equinox attendance during the 1930s is reported as often reaching nearly one hundred members, confirming the peak membership number of 300. John von Dadelszen, who had been Whare Ra Temple Warden and one of its last Chiefs, stated that the Order:”…used a threefold system of training, i.e. ceremonial, meditation and personal study. The ceremonial involved a series of grades, with an appropriate ritual for each grade; rather on the lines of Masonic degrees, but based on the symbolism of the Tree of Life, the Hebrew Qabalah. There was also a special ceremony, of a more cosmic nature, to mark the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. With the death of Harriot Felkin in 1959 and their daughter Ethelwyn Felkin in 1960 the New Zealand branch of the order began a slow decline over the next two decades until its offical closure but its believed unofficially to have survived in a bastardised form.

In 1975 the order offically shut down. The surviors burnt most of the group’s regalia, Temple furnishings and records. Some things survived, including the Temple’s pillars, the two sphinxes which flanked either side of the dais steps, and many copies of the rituals and lectures were passed on and preserved. It’s heraldy is present today in the Order of the eastern star the female arm of Freemasonry. Felkin also shows how other organistions used Freemasonry to fast track the social ladder and infiltrate high society.

Image result for eastern star—part-1-2.pdf

Image result for rocket lab shooting star japan
Rocket promotional arrow a weapons targeting system that make New Zealand a target.

7. Rocket Lab to launch Nov 25 2020 Olympic games opening torch ceremony in Tokyo will be a “shooting star” show launched from a satellite that Rocket Lab, Hawkes Bay Mahia Pensinular will put into space later this month. Japanese company ALE has a satellite booked on Rocket Lab’s next Electron rocket, which is scheduled to launch from Māhia Peninsula near Gisborne some time from November 25. Japan space agency hired satelite to study Kairoura on November 16 2016 the day of the Kaikoura quake. The olympic mascots are a combination of the Japanese words for future and eternity; Someity comes from a popular cherry blossom variety “Someiyoshino” and echoes the English phrase “so mighty.”

Running Out Of Fingers

The theme of the 2020 Olympics is “Be better, together – for the planet and the people”, The Japanese government aim “to make this the most environmentally friendly and sustainable Games so far”.  Acclaimed actor of traditional Japanese kyogen comic theater, chief executive creative director Nomura Mansai, aims to portray Japan’s recovery from disaster to a global audience under a theme of “requiem and rebirth.” Mansai was reluctant to give details but said the ceremonies will touch on themes such as recovery and humility in the wake of the March 2011 Tsunami.

The winning design, entitled Harmonized Checkered Emblem, is intended to represent different countries, cultures and ways of thinking, according to its Japanese designer, Asao Tokoro.

Image result for japanese olympic logo

Japanese government’s refusal to ban the controversial rising sun flag in the Olympic sites due to its historical usage by the Imperial Japanese military during WWII, as well as its current usage by racist hate groups in Japan, such as Zaitokukai. The initial designs for the official emblems of the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics were unveiled on the 24th of July, 2015. The logo resembled a stylized “T”: a red circle in the top-right corner representing a beating heart, the flag of Japan, and an “inclusive world in which everyone accepts each other”; and a dark grey column in the center representing diversity.

Belgian graphics designer Olivier Debie accused the organizing committee of plagiarism. The desinger Kenjirō Sano was found to have had a history of plagiarism allegations. Russian and South Korean officials took issue with a map of the torch relay on the Games’ official website, which depicted the disputed Liancourt Rocks (territory claimed by Japan but governed by South Korea) and Kuril Islands (territory claimed by both Japan and Russia) as part of Japan. Russia has described the inclusion as “illegal”, and accused the Tokyo Organizing Committee of “politicizing” the Games.

Designs of Tokyo 2020’s recycled medals unveiled

8. Explore begin expedition at Thors hammer Anatartica

An earthquake from the Hikurangi subduction zone could devestate the east coast of NZ with a tsunami.

9. Civil Defence Emergency Management groups around the North Island working on an emergency response plan for a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and tsunami scenario. The website says the nationwide test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system on Sunday November 24 is a necessary part of making sure the system works well.

“The nationwide test is sent to cell towers all over New Zealand and we expect approximately three million phones are capable of receiving the alert.”

10. RV Tangoroa switches off marine tracker last signal as follows;

Position Received: 2019-11-16 02:46 UTCVessel’s Time Zone: UTC +12Area: SPAC – South PacificLatitude / Longitude: -45.79552° / 166.1989°

11. Police arm up – iwi owned gangs terrorise local hapus & the drugs keep coming.

A wave of drug pour in through ports wide open. An economic weapon permitted to do damage that destroy us with the full force of a violent brutal military invasion. One conducted with the tools of shock and awe that seek to cause maximum intimidation and psychological submissiveness in the same manner Prince Charle’s mate Jimmy Salville used a silly robe to mindfuck children and amplify the fear he caused for purpose of control. Dark magic which when you get how its works is just “headology” as Terry Pratcheets fictional witch Nanny Oggs would say.

Image result for drugs social warfare

A massacre conducted in silence as corporate media and it scaramouche weaves dark spell of distraction and public realation spins. So we focus on the cult personality and reactionary senationalism instead of triaging the primary root cause poverty and widening economic justice gap fulled by neoliberal right wing polices that favours the few and undermines democracy.

Hawke’s Bay police will continue to be armed as a wave of gang-related crime hits the region. The order to have all officers carry firearms was given after five gang-related incidents since Saturday night. The message is clear police will have guns even though history is clear this will leads to an arms race an further escalation of gangs being armed.
Further as the police custom and MFAT also clearly do not have ports under control (port in NZ have amassive gang related work force) then the chance of keeping fire arms (now worth more due to prohibition) is literally a reciepe for failure. One in which the powers that be get more powers and toys and ordinary citizens get to be prisoners in their own home


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