Mary Jane You Give Me Hope


I have always being a hemp fanatic but I have raised my eyebrows when it comes to the issue of Marijuana, as the ‘holy of holy hand grenades’, the uber medicine, to end all medicine and often i feel when listening to pot zealots a bit ‘come on guys weed is just weeds. It gets you stoned it’s a happy time drug not Jesus, so dont kid your self. Trying to say it’s a miracle drug just a way of enabling drug dependency. I still get niggly by people who live, breath, think, Mary Jane 24/7. That kind of one track mindedness is unhealthy. It clouds the mind so one thing than sitting on a beach watching a great sun set hazed is better than sitting on a beach watching a great sunset sober. Wrong if you can’t do that without a bud then your missing out on life by feeling. My view was/is I like a little weed, I like a little booze, I like a little coffee and l like my tobacco and I like a little dancing cheek to cheek. An all round hedonist enjoying a little bit of everything and the older I get I find I take a little bit less than I did the year beforehand. Because A:I’m not a teenager anymore. B: The older I get the more I seem to have to do. C: The older I get the need for self medication diminishes(you become more aware of how just insignificant we all are and once you get realise that a lot of the hurts of life’s journey fade away.

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Having said all that, as way of context, my mums has not being well (the won’t be getting better kind of unwell). So we have got my, not anti pot just never being a toker, mum smoking two spliffs a day. Her appetite has sparked up which means we can get more food into her. This has given her more energy and a better quality of comfort. It has helped combats her nausea and reduced her consumption of pharmaceutical opioids which are effective but rob her of minerals, she not replacing, as she gets closer to death and the body shuts down. So yes now I am a convert to the idea hash is a healer.


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While doing my research (before I toked my mum up) I had a chance to talk to Green Party MP Chlöe Swarbrick.

Chloe is one of the few politicians in the country that does not make me want to empty an uzi machine gun clip into my mouth, reload and empty another clip, when she opens her mouth. I really like her, even if her party sucks. I mean its hard to take a ‘Green’ party serious when its leader is a former consultant for Bayer (Monsanto) and a whole buch of other evil money grabbing planet destroying agents of Hydra.



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Let be blunt about this Monsanto and Bayer are evil mother fuckers on toast who as we speak seek to have a monopoly on weed.

Step I: Monsanto “has started buying out several major marijuana growing companies” and is poised to start buying more.

Step II: Bayer (the firm Green leader James Shaw worked for ) just brought out Monsanto for $66 billion, these two mega companies are now one.

“Both companies have information about genetically modifying crops (which the “greens” these day are more than okay) and Bayer is in a partnership with GW Pharmaceuticals, which grows proprietary marijuana genetics. So the way things are going, all things point to Bayer and Monsanto trying to get in on GMO marijuana“.

Monsanto crop protest

Step III: If we look at pass politics surrounding GMO Monsanto (now Bayer) EVIL ON TOAST INC has used GMO products, which come with an automatic IP (intellectual patent), to gain market share of numerous crop markets and seed variants. They have also sued farms, who simply by being neighbours to Monsanto crops, and ended up with seeds carried by the wind with crops that infringeMonsanto patents.

These two snakes (or as I like to call them agents of Hydra) entry into the dollar rich weed market is a worry for anyone involved in either hemp or cannabis. Its an utter catastrophe for people like my mum. She may in fact had a fighting chance with weed or at least lived a bit longer was marijuana not illegal and so expensive (and thus hard to come by in the quantities that full treatment options I have investigated require).

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But back to Chole;

A: she is upfront and bullshit free.

Yes she admits ‘Im here to sell you something. Im out to achieve an agenda. One which may not always be yours. But can we just focus now on the common ground, on the things we do have in common. I can work with that kind of thinking.

She states the TPPA (now called the Comprehensive and Progressive Transpacific Agreement) does not stop nations from taking steps to protect its national health or protect its economy.

This is true withstanding;
1. Corporate lobbyist dont get their first and the government of the day bows to their wishes not the public. Because of course that never happened before said no one ever.

2. This relys on the suspended not removed investment state dispute settlement clause not be activated. That it was only suspended not remove indicates the intention to activate it at some point in the future when we have all forgotten what the TPPA is. Or how it will give power to the thought police .

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B: I put her on the spot on the subject of the coming reefer referendum she came clean.

“No it will not cover edible, medicine or hemp”.

It will just focus on the dried weed we smoke to get high Chloe explains to a crowded room in a business like manner all the while dressed in hemp trousers and t-shirt. Hemp a product her party rarely mentions and certainly never in the context of why its vital to genuine conservation and environmentalist efforts. Or more importantly that if you do go ahead and jump through all the legal hoops required to grow hemp you better make damn sure you also own the IP (intellectual property) patents on your own seed variants. So as not to risk a lawsuit down the road. And as mentioned previously past Monsanto patent infringements lawsuits show that even that is no guarantee that your protected.

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“No” there is no public government discussion being held as to what will be in the coming 2020 referendum exactly. No details on what the precise wording will be, so we have time to consider what the fine print means and what devil lies in the details. And no there is no data provided on how the question will be posed (anyone recall the weasel way in which the Saatchi & Saatchi flag debate/ referendum was pushed on to us in a crass attempt to manipulate voting results).


“No” NZ First Winston’s long term mates in the alcohol, tobacco, mining, timber and fishing industry don’t want it legalized. She does not say the following which is these are the predatory assholes, part of the old boys club, whose members in private have literally being over heard to remark gleefully ‘how they ‘love their workers on meth as they work harder’. The captain of industry hate marijuana its threat to their vested interests. She does not need to say it history speaks for itself. Thus, it’s no surprise NZ First (currently trying to be the darlings to West Coasters as in the same breath it helps kill the Coast’s roads, wild food and tourism industry, to leave mining as the sole job creator in the region) have made sure the ‘right to end life’ referendum will also be held during the same election that the cannabis referendum is held. In this way NZ First can drum up support from the christian right and the anti pot conservatives and simultaneously make sure their votes counter those who will say yes. NZ First gets a electoral demographic from which it can garner votes. NZ First electoral donors get the policy they paid good money for. “No”: the public are not getting a say into how the referendum well be shaped and presented. That is being left to politicians and corporate lobbyist alone.

“No” the magic of cheap effective green medicine is one of the things the TPPA and the creeping use of intellectual property patents to own thoughts and ideas themselves will prevent happening. And thus hash’s health hijinks andits energy, cabron credits, raw material potentia will be controlled bypharmesutical giants. Who will keep it for themsleves or withhold it from the masses as their profits/whims dictate. James Shaws best mate incidentally is intellectual property lawyer and former young national/ water privatisation consultant Nick Gerritsen)

IP laywer James Shaw mate Nick Gerritsen shows interest in CBD & Seed

This is one of things the corporate lobbyists, who have got their claws into pro TPPA Labour, National, NZ First and the Greens (the biggest backers of the UN sustainability plan as drafted by Bayer, Monsanto, DuPont, Nestles, Coca cola, BP and Shell ect) parties lock stock and two smoking barrels, will claim for their own corporate empire building. And this is one reason alone on why we really need an evolution (not a revolution which is just the same old wheel going round and round) in our political thinking. Why we need to review how corporate hijacking of the election process and laws has broken and crippled the way democracy works. We need to reclaim back environmentalism from the $ junkies who have hijacked the medicine cabinet. Claimed it in the name of their own warped narcistic, capitalist (and that capitalism with a big C), version of ‘sustainability’.

A fork tounge dialect full of words such as “share holder’, ‘sustainable development goals’ strategic partners, start up investments, that simply when translated mean ‘mine mine mine and mine alone’.

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We need to urgently break this tsunami of centralisation and monopolistion unfolding before our eyes under the guise of bodies such as the UN Sustainable Development strategy which just like all the parties sitting in ur parliament have being usurp by corporate lobbyisy the agents for Heil Hydra version of neoliberalims .

Our planet and humanity very survial depends on it.

UN Partners for sustainability Pepsi, Starbucks, Coccola, Dupont, Bayer & Monsanto becuase these guys care so much our planet Yeah Right!

Mary Jane (and it awesome cousin Hemp) is part of the answer as to how we can break the cycle of wealth for a few and desolation through mass throw away consumption. For it offers a means of how we can show people their is a third option. A real alternative as opposed to the current bleak landscape of middle class neoliberalism with its false phoney progressive (short term) thinking manipulated by the agenda of multinationals or the elites tired and dying form of neoconservatism.

Mary Jane you give me hope.

Now I just need to figure out how to get people to believe in themselves and each other and not in a political process hijack by the slaves of an economic system that fatally addicted to profit via the creation of scarcity.


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