Every ‘Good’ Dog Gets His Bone.

In memory of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s & ‘Commander Vimes’.

– Veritas San Pears ( Fear Not the Truth)

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“Most of the vampire families were highly nobby. You never knew who was connected to who… not just connected to who, in fact, but to whom. Whoms were likely to be far more trouble than your common everyday who: Monstrous Regiments Terry Pratchett.

Let me leave with you a good news story for the day.

Epstein case child trafficking and the Paradise Papers its heavy going an grim stuff. Amongs the near victories and many many obstacles those in power (speding vast resources in the process) placed in power a counter story emerges of sophisticated heroism without borders. A unique and inspiring coalition of (and thats on just one branch of this epic investigation known as Operation Daphne): 45 journalist 15 countries, including New Zealand, hackers from wiki leaks the paradise papers and other data scoops and cops from over twenty nations that just wont stay down.

Some of these guys names as begin to work out what Im witnessing I recognise from the Mr Asia days, the tough Sydney street Cops that not only did not look the other way when a mere hundred bucks was shoved in their pockets as fresh faced rookies. Forty years later these now fat bald grumpy bugger veterans are taking down an army billionaires and making crimes stick.

The guys from already legendary cases like OPERATION BLACK WRIST & OPERATION DAPHNE are clever cordinating their attacks, with forward thinking, strategy and precision.

Ongoing investigation

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It began as far as I can work out with the Aussie cops working King Cross in shitty pubs and strip clubs in the 1970’s their work in the grime of drugs, sex trafficking and dirty cops. It brought about an inquiry in Australia which rippled across the water into perhaps the first major investigation of money laundering world wide. That was nearly fity years ago. Since then it has given birth to numerous major opertions that move ever closest to a core nexus of offenders protected til now by power wealth and patronage. (See Pulitzer winner Johnathan Kwitney’s Crimes of the Patriots).

Once they had the regional state wide collars in their own ranks enclaves cleared out the purges began led by the Australian Federal Police who unlike our own cops have taken internal security serious. They knew they could not clean the whole police aparutus but they just had to make sure their corner was fire walled and finance secured. Then they went after the folks outside the under world circles where this had all begun. Not the bigs fish they learned under the Stewart Inquiry that a head on attack did not work. They targeted the local priests, the councillors and the back bencher polticians who once, in suburbs like Bondi and Eichardt, were untouchable war lords under their own power pillars of the status quo.

Then the Royal Commissions got under way in ernest in the 1980’s and once they had the paper trail the Aussie cops went international.

In the 1990’s they followed the money and once they knew the players, the banks, the fix it men, the accountant law firms, offshore havens, whose doors would never open even with a badge they went instead after the data (the back door) with their new found friends the hacker community as they focused on online offending which was as new to the bad guys as the good guys, foreign to their patrons and thus gave an element of their being a level palying field for once.

Once they had the data they began to move in on to mid level offenders, in military, government, law enforcment world wide who had spouses they had offended, abused, betrayed, short changed. That gave them the next level and then some. If the men would not sing their spouses proved happy too.


As their investgations unfolded in the late 1990’s they came across more allies the high level West Minister burecrates who once junior officals at the Home Office had not not seen the pedophiles in their midst. Who had instead quietly but with steely uplip determination, torn up the offical memos to ignore such events as above their pay grade, but who instead worked in the shadows until the time was right gathering dossiers and fiancial records that were water tight.

In the press stories clues would be dropped but not the whole details just little tid bits to see who did what. To apply pressure to look and learn.

At each point they got close the powers that be moved in and took over inquiries, investigations, probes and made sure they fell short of their goals though loosing evidece, placing inept or brough judges, or accepting bogus witnesses who discredited entire proceedings, narrowing the confines of investigations or inquiries. But that was okay and anticpated. Each time the ‘cells’ used the experience to work out who was legit and who was not. There was never retreat just a slow and methodical advancement as each action brought justice ever closer. They used the process internationally to recuit and navigate further operatives to the cabal hunting alliance.

There is after all only so many people any one, even the montrous regiments, can piss off before you run out of friends and places to hide such is the breach and scope of your vampirism.


With each event Police officers taught journalist. Journalist learned from hackers, 
Hackers learned from the cops and vice versus.






Its For The Kids? The UK Party With NZ Pedophile Paradise Paper
Mozambique Charity Fraud ‘Epstein’ connections & some symbols cracked first by wikileaks from the targets own hardware and now used for tracking & identificaton by law enforcement and investigative journalist. You can change the symbols but not the past

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NXIVM Alpha & Omega Nexum symbolic transfer of rights. Under the nexum contract, a free man became a bond slave, or nexus, until he could pay off his debt. A Biological role based on heirarchy or peerage. Mayan for ‘my secret’ or ‘other me’.

Every one got much better at hunting predators, following their tracks as they learned more about their prey’s narcistic nature and needs and vainities. They began anticpating counter reactions, shifting nations to cirucmnavigate jurisdictions were they had to, thus avoiding leaks, corruption, placing themselves out of reach from their target counter attacks.

Now were getting to if not the end game to the top level offenders.

People like Epstein – who would be caught (shaken down for intelligence assetts) and ‘let go’ (given a rope to hang himself and others with). Epstein and better still his lawyer are now crying like a baby and thats acting as a laxative for peolpe in power in the highest offices of the economic and poltical landscape.

What will happen next?

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At a guess their will in all likely hood be reprisals, murders (not short on that front), news distractions, and in the end the really bigs fish will slip away.

But not all of them and the cancer eating ‘cells’ will have learned more, gained more allies and be just a bit closer.

Closer than they were forty years ago when cops like Chook Fowler thought every fresh faced rookie out of the academy could be brought or bullied with a hundred buck note. They were wrong.

Their are some good people out their, eyes wide open, working under exceptional circumstances in a war were the good guys dont get a lot of victories but when they do they make them count.




  1. […] The death in Canada and now the death in Raglan drew my attention as in the past three month Australia law enforcement have being a loud voice that not every one who works for the state is doing it just for the money as the Australian cops acted as the primary driving power behind several world wide investigations into insitutionalised sex trafficking (such as Operatipn Blackwrist which has exposed over 100,000 online pedophiles including politicans and middle to senior law enforcment and intelligence officials), money laundering and narcotic trafficking including the arrest and turning of if not one at least two two Sinoloa encyption and software technician which have cracked not just the Sinoloa cartel but their banking and accounting partner and now threaten banks including JP Morgan, Deutchbank, Credit Suisse and other who deal with issue that extend beyond money laundering and ask the qurstion wether pass bak collpased were in fact engineered. A question wich would en up costing banks not just billions bt trillions if it could be proven.https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/07/25/1138/https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/07/22/another-kiwi-paradise-paper-offender-with-connection-to-organisation-tide-to-charity-tax-abuse-paedophile-and-murder-emerges/https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/07/24/every-good-dog-gets-his-bone/WHY PROHIBITION CREATES PROFIT & DOES NOT GET GUNS OFF THE PEOPLE WHO KILL.Those who have the means and willingness to arm increasingly violent gangs while a controlled media focus on police seizing fire arms off those who statistically have never being a threat. Meanwhile ignoring for over three decades the issue of how open New Zealand ports are, slack money laundering laws and corruption at the highest levels (which drives the profits and violence behind the vast majority of fire arm related homicide), a symptom of an issue far deeper and deadly than the March 15 anomaly which killed 51 people. An event resulting in a buy back scheme that targets it law abiding citizens (as government statistics show) not the source of one third of New Zealand’s gun-related homicides which have taken place in the past decade and are linked to gangs or criminal activity, like drug dealing or robbery, using guns sourced from the black market wielded by a killer without a firearms license. […]


  2. […] At a guess my original thoughts were the case was linked to the earlier compromising of the El Chapo cyber network which as Ben’s World (DEADINE) report has not only hit the drug trade hard but has also being unearthing organised child sex trafficking rings on scale that is simply unprecedented. https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/07/24/every-good-dog-gets-his-bone/ […]


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