MONSTER MASH: How Right Wing Monsters Manufactured Monsters & Spun Monstrous Neo Liberal Lies: the manipulation of a homicide investigation begins.

By Ben Vidgen

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No guess for whats on the news tonight as murder of senior Australian police son Lucas Fowler and girlfriend Chynna Deese  used for political mileage as neo liberal right once more use their PR manunel to turn crisis into opportunity. Expect to hear in timeflat how a Brenton Tarant the man charged with killing 50 Muslims at a mosque earlier this month, donated to a European far-right group known as Generation Identity—”a group that’s also active in Canada”. Withstanding he did not in fact donate to the Canadian chapter.

Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky are “linked” to a YouTube page called Illusive Gameing [sic]. VICE viewed a Facebook account with a similar username that was connected to the two men on Tuesday, “but it has since been deleted”. The Globereports that there are similarly-named accounts on the video game streaming platform Twitch and digital games marketplace Steam. “These accounts reportedly feature a heady mix of far-right ideology, hentai”, and “Soviet imagery”.

A smear campaing begins and confirms my suspicion this is no ordinary crime.

“On Wednesday, the Globe and Mail published photographs showing Schmegelsky wearing a gas mask and army fatigues, as well as a photograph of a Nazi knife and armband allegedly owned by Schmegelsky. The photographs were provided by an online acquaintance, the newspaper reported”

It was also highligted the suspects were into air soft pellet war games – a sport the media suggested (with police intelligence ) was link to neo Nazi far right hate groups with out providing specific. Thus repeating the narative inventd in New Zealand in relation to Troy Dubrovsky, the Russian national, who died while being arrested by police in March 2019 in Christchurch shortly after the Christchurch March 15th shootings.


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New Zealand Police with assistance of embedded journalist such as sam Sherwood of the Christchurch Press went about creating a narative Dubrovsky was a Neo Nazi (though not actally naming him as such). While omitting that his collection was related to his role in airsoft reactment and Troy while having right wing leaning could not be found to actally be affilated with any Neo nazi groups. Or that witnesses spoken to by this author have a radically different set of account regarding Dubrosky death than that told by local New Zealand police.

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Nor do the New Zealand police or local media reveal the source to the public, regarding the allged air soft nazi connections, was in fact a man who had encounters with the police. A person who had a run in with the major organiser of Christchurch airsoft after they chose to remove him from the bussiness, with police assistance, due to his volatile nature.

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Above Max Dubrosky still incaerated aged 16 for watching a video we all did while his dad is dead zero media coverage of this gross injustive and overt attempt at police bullying.

Police became involved in the Dubrovsky lives following an alleged complaint made after the Christchurch shooting.

This was the result of a photo on his son Max’s facebook page which rather than being pro Nazi was Max simply in his costume for airsoft. An internationally recognised sport where both sides dress as opposing forces in military reanctments.

Dubrovsky did have several minor run in with the police and suffered as ex veteran from post trauma. It seems police in the after math of Christchurch combined with Dubrovsky on file eccentricitiy adeed 2+2 and got 5.

This lead to a subsquent tragedy and potential police embrassment concering weapon use as police lobby for all police in New Zealand to be armed. It comes as news of former arm police incident in Christchurch weeks before resulted in police spraying bullets over and into residental properties as officer fired blindly and in panic.

The over lap to this and the Troy Dubrovsky case is overwhelming.

What most won’t know due in part ot a press ( owned in part by a Christchruch Foundation Chairman Humprhey Rilleston with his own business right wing organised crime links) is how NZ police spun his events after his death. How his and his son MAX’s involvement in the airsoft game was spun into a threat that simply did not exist (not from air sport fans anyway) to cover their own asses and lethal incompetence.

Max remains in prison on trumped up charges and with the support of embedded media police fails to establish beyond innuendo ( and out context reports=ing) a direct link to the Mosque shooter or any actaul Neo Nazi groups to Dubrovsky. A group which they have also failed to prove todate the shooer was tied to beyond one way relationships iniated by the shooter himself. Meanwhile the shoters history from 2010 to 2016 remains a blank with not attempts by MSM to explain were exactly was Tarrant during this crucial peroid of alleged radicalisastion.

Frankly seeing how this story is being spun so early I will be surprised if we see these kids alive again.

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This is all to ramp up the threat of White Supremacism which bashed working class and an attempt to mear anti corporate globalism with a right wing pedigree it does not possess. Similar steps have unfoled in New Zealand and in Frabce where the establishment is being called out by multi diverse, multi idelogical groups opposing the increased powers of corporations world wide.

All the while avoiding elephants in the room such as the NZ Paradise connections where NZ firms can be tied to African (Mozambique) debt destabilistion can be linked to anti Russian forces funding far right groups in the Ukraine. As with same breath neo liberal, corporate backed governments, speak of a need to crack down on an organistion they largely grew from a seed to begin with.

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While old boys charities like the Christchurch Foundation also have ties, via their trustees, to Israleli arms deals and also have far right connections to far more sophisticated groups (such as those made up former Rhosedia SAS officer involved in previous destablistion campaing in Moxambique).

Right wing neoliberalism and neo conservatism that can be tied to programs like the 1980’s Iran Contra Project Democracy and Anti Communist League which recruited Neo Nazi and involved nations like Israel.

Israel nation whose own imcumbent racist far right wing (many of whom currently face criminal allegations as a result of the Paradise Paper and other corruption cases revelations) have no truck with Neo Nazi and long history of collaboration with neo nazi groups like the Enlish Defense League as horrific as that sounds.

Neo Nazis have simlar relationship with Saudi Arabia, plus the secirity intelligence services of the West – many who also have a terrible history of working with Neo nazi and fascist causes for decades.

As with New Zealand shooting the media will misdirect you on these canadian homicides as they focus on hate which has sprung out of poverty and injustice. All the while ignore the wite supremacist hate based on privilige and self entitlement within their own ranks of wealth and elitism.


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Canada’s own security forces and law enforcment involvement with Neo Nazi is well established following a serious of public reports concerning the Canadian special Forces activities in Bosnoa and Somalia.

In fact Canada only added white supremacist to Canada’s offical terror list (despite it extensive connection to its security forces and police over five decades), last month ahead of the murders of Fowler and his girl friend Chynna on the Highway of Tears.

“Right-wing violence is indeed ascendant, and has a significantly higher body count in the United States and Canada than any other form of politically motivated violence. The historical relationship between the street-level far right and state security forces helps to make sense of the conference. While that history is littered with conflict and contradiction, it is also a history of collaboration” One that dates back to WWII and the NATO based secret anti commuist Gladio Stay Behind network which remains currently active in Europe to this day

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Meanwhile this year it was also revealed the Canadian government helped train Neo Nazi recurited to fight as solider in the anti Russian Ukraine where the Christchurch Mosque attacker was also based. “The gist of (Premier Stephen) Harper’s flash visit to Kiev prior to the G7 Summit was to reaffirm Canada’s commitment to the dispatch of “military instructors” in support of Ukraine’s National Guard, which is controlled by the two Neo-Nazi parties, Svoboda and Right Sector.

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In 2015 Canada passed Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015 extending powers to CSIS to allow it to conduct activities that resemble those of the RCMP prior to 1984. A time when the RCMP used Neo Nazi to conduct agent provacateur events.

All part of wider program going on in Canada were pro corporate lobby groups have targeted anti globalist activism such as the TPPA as they seek further control and power.

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Operation Governor: How Canada created a domestic terror group with tax payers money.

The 2014 book Race Traitors by Elisa Hatega set in 1990s Toronto documents how the Canadian Far Right Heritage Front – a domestic terrorist group was created and funded with the assistance of Canada’s spy agency, Canadian Security and Intelligence Service – Operation Governor – mirroring activity in UK were Thatchers government used and funded (as has New Zealand) far right groups to discredit the uions in the 1980’s. The book’s author warned in anti TPPA protest against the 2015 Act fera it could be used for right ing draconian purposes.

Other links documenting Canda security and intelligence forces ties to White Supremacists and the far right.



  1. […] The death in Canada and now the death in Raglan drew my attention as in the past three month Australia law enforcement have being a loud voice that not every one who works for the state is doing it just for the money as the Australian cops acted as the primary driving power behind several world wide investigations into insitutionalised sex trafficking (such as Operatipn Blackwrist which has exposed over 100,000 online pedophiles including politicans and middle to senior law enforcment and intelligence officials), money laundering and narcotic trafficking including the arrest and turning of if not one at least two two Sinoloa encyption and software technician which have cracked not just the Sinoloa cartel but their banking and accounting partner and now threaten banks including JP Morgan, Deutchbank, Credit Suisse and other who deal with issue that extend beyond money laundering and ask the qurstion wether pass bak collpased were in fact engineered. A question wich would en up costing banks not just billions bt trillions if it could be proven. PROHIBITION CREATES PROFIT & DOES NOT GET GUNS OFF THE PEOPLE WHO KILL.Those who have the means and willingness to arm increasingly violent gangs while a controlled media focus on police seizing fire arms off those who statistically have never being a threat. Meanwhile ignoring for over three decades the issue of how open New Zealand ports are, slack money laundering laws and corruption at the highest levels (which drives the profits and violence behind the vast majority of fire arm related homicide), a symptom of an issue far deeper and deadly than the March 15 anomaly which killed 51 people. An event resulting in a buy back scheme that targets it law abiding citizens (as government statistics show) not the source of one third of New Zealand’s gun-related homicides which have taken place in the past decade and are linked to gangs or criminal activity, like drug dealing or robbery, using guns sourced from the black market wielded by a killer without a firearms license. […]


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