1999/2006: I published State Secret’s I & State Secrets II central to my two books the dodgy Russian/Israeli and Eastern European arms dealers and mobsters using dodgy Pacific ‘paradise’ tax havens.

First established in the Pacific in the early 1970’s by a consortium of shady pseudo CIA types, their Saudi oil mates, plus those with Laissez-faire wet dreams. Those who had the self entitled idea the rich should not pay tax, that was not what capitalism and the American dream was all about. Come the 1980’s and the Iran Contra scandal this bunch of murders (to use both the collective noun for a bunch of carrion while also being literal), mercenaries and marauders could be found working with dodgy New Zealand politicians holding the highest offices in the land. Much of this I linked to the dodgy UN Food For Oil deals and the stars of the Wine Box Papers banking scandal of the 1990’s and the persistent rumours I was hearing in the 2000’s of New Zealand being a money laundering hub for some very dirty deals done dirt cheap.

For example in my second book State Secrets II I devote an entire chapter to 254 Montreal Street in Christchurch, home of South Canterbury Finance (who can be identified in Privy Council court records as laundering for the Russian mafia) and a host of firms tied to arms deals, oil and New Zealand butter and Australian wheat

At the time my book was published SCF, originally set up by gentlemen farmers, was perceived as one of the most solid and respectable business in New Zealand. A few years later, after my book was published (and a second edition updated), it was liquidated as a smouldering wreck, mismanaged, asset strip and sold off by the government of John Key at a fire price value. In the speed that it was sold (for a price that was dirt cheap – even for what was left) few stopped to take a hard look at the interior of SCF operations. None of the corporate media paused to ask or consider what this finance company, located in a building where every second other tenant was involved in money laundering, espionage, arms trafficking and other for of white collar crime and general forms of fuckery afoot, was really all about.

South Canterbury Finances subsidiaries would include Scale Shipping. A firm which during WW2 had run the special operations for New Zealand Royal Merchant navy (the delivery of shipments of arms to the West’s then ally the Soviet Union). Another subsidiary included Helicopter New Zealand (HNZ). HNZ had being launched in Timaru in the South Island in South Canterbury New Zealand during the 1960’s after Hubbard brought planes and helicopters off former CIA Air America pilots and Israeli gunrunners. Those who had set up in Sydney during the Vietnam war and had operated a decade before that flying Eastern European arms and aircraft into the newly created Jewish state which was not popular with its Arab neighbours. Or at less that is what is reported in the autobiography of Alan Hubbard, the CEO of South Canterbury Finance, called A Man Out of Time by Virginia Green. It was a bit of information which suddenly make sense of why the American pilots, including allegedly Theodore Shackley the CIA’s head of special operation in South East Asia, had came to Timaru in the 1970’s to learn “crop dusting”. HNZ website had boasted the were the worlds best instructors of “helicopter gunships”.

SCF other dominant shareholder Humphrey Rolleston (CEO of the Christchurch Press, Chairman of the Christchurch Foundation), had being a director in SM Andrew Ltd an arms firm established in the 1980’s by Christchurch Christ College old boy Steven Andrews. Its subsidiary firm Minerva ( A name that refers directly to the British SAS Regiment 21 Artisan Rifles) was made up of former South African, British and Rhodesian special forces mercenaries. (see State Secrets for full names).

The 1980’s were just Mad

Andrews in the same period, HNZ was first established in Timaru, had being working for US Marines and Royal Thai Airforce operating out of Thailand and Laos at the time the CIA’s asset Air America were operating in South East Asia. Andrew’s subsidiary would included many senior New Zealand MP’s and high ranking military officials affiliated with the 1980’s Cold War political action group, Project Democracy. A group established, by President Ronald Regan Washington’s Neoconservative and military hawkish based New American Century. Project Democracy goals were to provide funding and logistic for this political wing’s own illegal ‘Rambo style’ secret wars against the Soviet Union. A secret plot which became highly public during the Congressional Iran Contra Hearings which were America’s biggest scandal since Watergate impeachment of President Nixon a decade earlier.

Hello My Name is Count Homogenise.

2003: before the US invasion of Iraq,19 March 2003 (air)  a conversation between the then Australian Foreign minister Alexander Downer and the New Zealand ambassador Kate Lackey was leaked to the press Not long after according to leaked US cables, obtained by Wikileaks, Senior Defence Ministry staff told the United States Embassy that former Prime Minister Helen Clark had decided to send soldiers to Iraq to stop Fonterra losing lucrative Oil for Food contracts, WikiLeaks cables reveal. Continues on after our Helen Clark Afghanistan report

January 1, 2004: Denver International Airport US Federal agents uncover 400 spark gaps used in triggering nuclear detonations involving rogue bank BCCI (a regular supplier of military hardware to Pakistan military), a Jeiwsh arms dealer and a net work of former WWII Nazis, who develop nuclear weapons for rogue states. BCCI used a number of shell companies, both within Pakistan and abroad, as BCCI employed their own network of agents, aircraft, boats, to buy steal and transport materials used in making nuclear weapons.

2004Aerocom is implicated in the controversial supply of more than 200,000 surplus AK-47s from Bosnia to Iraq for use by the Iraqi security forces (there is, however, no record of the relevant Aerocom flights landing in Iraq), despite the fact that Aerocom’s air operating certificate had earlier been revoked by Moldovan authorities. Aerocom is reportedly now defunct, but its assets and aircraft were it seems transferred to another Moldovan firm, Jet Line International, whose air operating certificate was in turn revoked in June 2007, along with six other Moldovan air operators.

Im Richard And Im Dick Here come the Neo Cons

2005: This author gets served legal paper by Iran conspirator Ronald Regan’s then National Security Adviser Richard V Allen, the bag man for Project Democracy (the fund-raising aspect of the Iran Contra saga) whom Nicky Hager cried in his book The Hallowmen as having helped be part of the secret election strategy which got John Key elected Prime Minister in 2008.

It was a law suit which however quickly went away.

I simply rejected allegations of defamation by Allen for his role in the Iran Contra which surrounded the Regan administration and as the probable source of a leak on a proposed rescue plan of American hostages held captive following the fall of the Shah of Iran and the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini. A rescue operation, Operation Eagle Claw, even included allegation the rescue helicopters used in the doom commando raid were sabotaged on route. True or not the military and specifically the elite Intelligence Service Activity became convinced their was a high level mole in Washington as advanced warning of terror attack fail to reach a command level in the white house and ISA agents sent to investigate this suspicion kept getting killed. Having refused to print an apology or correction (in my Dunedin Otago broad sheet DEADLINE) a threat of legal action, for my story on Allen he went away. I had named Allen as one of the key conspirators of the Iran Contra Affair and Project Democracy (which would bank role this secret agenda) after the former White House big cheese had decided to make Queenstown Otago New Zealand, where he had partnered with local businessman Mike Smolenski (whose firm CIA-G look after the VIP spooks when they have their VIP spook meetings at Millbrook. Queenstown.

Allen for his part denied, as he threatened legal action, that he was responsible for instigating the original Iran Contra meeting at the Lay Fayette Hotel Washington D.C. (giving over the years multiple accounts of events). Allen would state in his legal memorandum to me that he had being exonerated by a Congressional inquiry (The Towers Commission chaired by Senator John Towers), who found no wrong doing. Allen then states in the same document he had attended the meeting with the aid of a senator…ostensibly at the request of the senator”. But when he found out it involved a foreign government, Iran, he had no further dealings.

Sinaloa cartel & the “CIA” New Zealand Connection.
The following story ‘U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as partners’ is interesting in that relationship has a long established New Zealand connection, both via our banks and our local born under world.
Sinaloa cartel & the “CIA” New Zealand Connection.
The following story ‘U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as partners’ is interesting in that relationship has a long established New Zealand connection, both via our banks and our local born under world.

The photograph was likely taken at a party on Maxwell’s yacht, the “Lady Ghislane” in New York in May 1989 named after his daughter who became Epstein’s side kick.

What Allen left off in his legal memorandum to me was that the aid in question was Co- Iran Contra conspirator Colonel Robert McFarlane ( A director in then Air New Zealand subsidiary SAFE Air [based in Blenheim’s RNZRAF Woodburn ever since Operation Rail was established their when the CIA provided ex Air American air freighters to help New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon get around the wharf worker strikes]). And the senator McFarlane worked for was no less than Senator John Tower’s the very man Reagan appointed to investigate how much knowledge Regan and Bush had of the criminal aspects of the Iran Contra conspiracy. Allen in his legal memorandum to me had effectively owned goaled himself.

Towers, according to Time Magazine’s Chief Investigative Reporter Johnathan Gwynne, had being bribed with sex by the rogue bank Bank Credit Commerce International. The bank that the CIA and Saudi Arabia would partner with during the 1980’s when American president Ronald Regan’ inner circle decided arming Islamic militant and right wing terror groups was a good idea. No wonder the Towers Commission was described “as the best committee money could buy”. 

According to Allen, in literally his own words, Towers was no less than the very guy responsible for setting in motion a series of events which ultimately gave merchant bankers of major banks, drug cartels, intentionally or otherwise their first contact with Middle Eastern weapons dealers and terrorist all with the help of Lebanese Adnan Kashoggi (brokered the U.S.-Iran arms deal at the centre of the scandal)., the CIA and New York merchant bankers of the likes of Kashoggi’s own financial bounty hunter Jeffrey Epstein.

The real story of Epstein has in some way being utterly missed. For when he was not running an international paedophile party and flying both democrat and republican VIP’s to ‘orgy island’ he was according to Vanity Fair designing new ways for the rich to avoid paying their taxes. A model by which laundered money could be cleaned via washing it through charities that added to the client camouflage of respectability while also getting a tax rebate for good measure. Something John Key must have understood, as a merchant banker, when he changed New Zealand’s Tax laws in 2009. But more on that later.

2006: Russian Antonov aircraft used to deliver Americas Cup yacht race (introduced to NZ) by stars of the Wine Box Papers Fay Richwhite), identified as used in the illegal shipment of high tech military helicopters from Israel via Shannon Airport in Ireland the year before hand.

2008:Similar Russian aircraft tied to Saudi Russian affiliated arms dealers later transport vehicles to New Zealand Taupo Motor Race series where Helen Clark ( A Team Emirates America’s Cup ambassador) would met one of Key’s original backers tech entrepreneur (and armoured car collector )Alan Gibbs plus Arab go between for UK and Saudi high tech arms deals Tony Teixeira. In addition to meeting other New Zealand businessmen and tech entrepreneurs including Alan Gibbs. Teixeria is a partner to Adnan Kashoggi, Russian arms dealer Victor Bout and the real life inspiration for the movie Blood Diamonds.

On the 18th of January 200 the Peter Hain the former leader of the House of Commons stated of Tony Teixeria and Bout;

It is vital that private individuals and companies engaged in breaking the law by deliberately breaching UN sanctions on Unita are stopped. I can inform the House that we are referring to the UN sanctions committee today, and its expert panels, the details of three such individuals, which we hope they will be able to follow up. It is widely known in the region that Jacques ‘Kiki’ Lemaire flies in diesel fuel, landing on Unita airstrips in a Boeing 707 or Caravelle aircraft. Tony Teixeira has been supplying diesel fuel to Unita, again flying it in by plane. Victor Bout, who runs an air transport company, has flown in arms to Unita. It is also believed that Bout owns or charters an Ilyushin 76 aircraft, which was impounded in Zambia en route to Angola last year.”

Bloody Tony meets Helen in Taupo 2008.
The air shipment of the cargoes from the UK and Italy both took three days as well with stops in Dubai, UAE, and Surabaya, Indonesia, also for scheduled refuelling.’Antonov Airlines Transports America’s Cup 2021 Yachts to New Zealand’ Heavy Lift News

Between January 2003 and October 2006, at least 356 civilian flights requested permission to carry weapons or munitions through Irish airspace, 56 of which landed in Ireland, mainly at Shannon airport.

During the same period eight weapons-carrying flights were refused overflight or landing: four on the grounds that they were carrying landmines, whose conveyance through Ireland is prohibited on humanitarian grounds; two carrying “helicopters”, refused for unspecified reasons, which may be related to previous political pressure over the refuelling at Shannon Airport of Antonov-124 cargo planes carrying Mi-17 helicopters from Russia to Venezuela, and Apache AH-64 attack helicopters from the USA to Israel; and two, carrying “antitank rocket grenades”, on the grounds of their “cargo and flight path” Source: The Control of Air Transportation of Small Arms and Light Weapons and Munitions: A Comparative Study of National Systems Utilised in the European Union Study no EPMES 2008/012 International Security Information Service (ISIS) Europe, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the University of Bradford – Centre for International Cooperation and Security (CICS)* for the French Ministry of Defence.

Antonovs used to transport the Americas Cup yachts for the New Zealand Team Emirates challenge 2020 also included Antonov UR82073;

“During the month-long war in Artsakh, military cargo shipments from Turkey and a number of other countries to Azerbaijan continue. Although Baku has been preparing for large-scale hostilities for a long time, the number of aircraft supplying military equipment and other necessary goods to Azerbaijan has been growing throughout the war. According to various sources, Azerbaijan currently receives arms from Turkey, Israel and Belarus, and mercenaries are mainly transferred to the war zone from Syria. The Fact Investigation Platform has gathered information on the supplying countries and frequencies of air cargo transportation to Azerbaijan since September 27. The source is the Swedish website, which allows you to get as complete information as possible about the flights, their destinations and the aircraft carrying out the flight...the UR-82073 aircraft of the same airline flew from Kyiv to Baku on October 17 2020.

Fact investigation continues “it is also noteworthy that the aircraft belonging to the US Armed Forces was flying irregularly for several days in the territory of Georgia, in the territories near the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It most likely observed the border areas of the two countries. To sum up, all the above-mentioned flights to Azerbaijan were carried out through the airspace of Georgia, although the government of the country had made a decision to ban the transfer of military equipment through its airspace.


2008 John Key a Merill Lynch merchant banker become New Zealand’s PM supported by Stephen Jennings and other New Zealand members of the Business Round Table (now called the New Zealand Institute) including Alan Gibbs.

Jennings had made his billions after he had established Renaissance Capital Moscow after raising capital with his former Credit Suisse Colleagues and ruthless exploiting the opportunity Perestroika had presented western merchant bankers. Those able to buy newly privatised critical infrastructure cheaply in a cash poor post cold war Russia.

2009: New Zealand PM Mike Moore is appointed chair of the Altimo Foundation a Russian ‘charity’:

Moore a former trade unionist for Christchurch meat workers (who back during Moore’s time were the equivalent to Sydney’s notorious Painters and Dockworkers in terms of its underworld affiliations), and later the architect of United Nations launched Global Migration Pact (the focus of the 2019 March 15th Christchurch mass shooters wrath). He was seen as the marketing face of the Labour governments sudden economics right turn in the 1980’s.

A move which follows its election in 1984 and sees Labour as the darlings of the like of merchant bankers Michael Fay David Rich White. The two bankers were the first to promote the idea of New Zealand becoming a ‘Switzerland of the South Pacific’. The pair in turn would help create public good will to Labour as the party surfed off the public success of the New Zealand Americas Cup race challenge that had being launched by two merchant bankers. The two parties saw in each other the perfect public private partnership.

Mike Moore in the 1980s, seen here with the financier, H. Michael Fay, the principal of the merchant bank Fay Richwhite. Moore spent an awful lot of time fraternising with the rich, and perhaps famous, once he became the director-general of the World Trade Organisation. A working class warrior who like the treats rich white men had to offer

Kirill Babaev, Altimo Foundation’s CEO, said, of Moores Appointment “I am delighted to welcome Mike Moore as the head of the Altimo Foundation. As an internationally recognized social entrepreneur he will bring a unique experience to Altimo Foundation that is aimed to make social investments in projects which will promote cultural interaction and the communication of values between East and West with a commitment to supporting social cohesion and business expertise in developing economies”.

Russia post perestroika oligarchs (former communist hardliner who had seen the ‘light’ and were in some cases literally in partnership with their former cold war enemies) saw in Moore, now the chair of the World Trade Organisation, the same thing Fay and Richwhite had seen in the Labour parties Rogernomics – to use one of the nicknames given to the New Zealand invention of Neoliberalism. Which would then be exported to the rest of the globe via the model of corporate globalism: – the Perfect Public Partnership.

Some one who would lend their bonafide’s to the pursuit of unbridle greed and the pretence that some how their was a social progressive agenda mixed up in what was really just another Laissez-faire wet dream.

One where Moore’s World Without Walls (later packaged as The Global Migration Pact) was simply in reality a recipe for unbridled free trade without ethics, cheap sweat shop labour and the establishment of corporate global monopolisation and privatisation of critical infrastructure and exploitation of people and the environment. The attack in Christchurch would go a long way to make people forget that. As it also took their minds off the buying up of New Zealand water, land, natural resources and critical infrastructure.

The Altimo Foundation is listed in the Paradise Paper’s International Consortium Investigative journalist (ICIJ) data base, which forms the back bone for the Panama Paradise and Pandora corruption scandals. It is owned by the London based Israeli Russian businessman Mikhail Friedman the CEO of Letter One whose current Chief Executive Alexander Pertsovsky previously worked for Renaissance Capital in 2007 which had being established by another New Zealander and the current head of New Zealand Institute ex New Zealand Treasury analyst merchant banker Stephen Jennings.


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JENNING THE FRMER TREASURY MAN IS ALL ABOUT CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE. Stephen Jennings Founder and CEO of Rendeavour and Ravi Kohli of Karibu Homes at the signing ceremony to develop 1,000 affordable homes at Tatu City.

It was Jennings who first established Renaissance Capital Moscow after raising capital with his former Credit Suisse Colleagues and ruthless exploiting the opportunity Perestroika had presented western merchant bankers.

Those able to buy newly privatised critical infrastructure cheaply in a cash poor post cold war Russia where every thing was now for sale. Pertsovsky later joined Prime Minister John Key old bank Merill Lynch where he served as their Chief Executive for Russia operation from 2013 to 2018 at which point he began working for Letter One. The world of merchant banking tends to be a highly incestuous environment.

Friedman is listed by Forbes as one the top 100 richest people in exitance marking him as an alpha predator whose companies lay at the centre of this centuries economic conflict for market domination and global privatisation of finance, telecommunications, health, water and oil.

In August 2019 a Spanish court put Friedman under official investigation for corruption, accusing him of having helped orchestrate the bankruptcy of Spanish technology company Zed . He is accused of secretly engineering the company’s bankruptcy so he could buy it back and enhance goal of owning a monopoly over Spanish telecommunications. These leaks of data are not just the story of rich cats hiding their money they also provide a snap shot of the ambitious and goals of the papers corporate clients.

Fridman is also the founder of Alfa Bank, Russia’s largest non-state bank which has being repeatedly linked to money laundering and organised crime. In 2016 the bank became entangled in a corruption scandal in which telecom company Veon, formerly known as Vimpelcom, paid $795 million to Dutch and U.S. authorities in 2016 to settle claims of bribery to politicians in Uzbekistan as corporate raiders also sought to monopolise and privatise key critical infrastructure. Fridman’s investment vehicle, LetterOne, owned at this point around 48 percent of Veon shares. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, accounts of ATB shell companies, amongst others, were used to pay the bribes to pet politicians and others by Vimpelcom.

Alfa bank also lie at the centre of accusations (and counter accusations) between Trump & Biden of collusion in the 2016 US election and alleged conflicts of interest relating to the renewed Western Russian tussle for dominant control of the Ukraine its oil, water, natural resources and its available markets.


One of John Keys earlier backer Stephen Jennings, who helped western Oligarchs nationalise Russia’s resources and critical infrastructure while using offshore banking to avoid paying taxs. RENISSANCE would pay Bill Clinton 500,000 for a single one hour talking engagement. It comes as the firms Renissance represented wanted to

Stephen’s Jennings is also a friend of the Clinton Foundation. In 2010 Renaissance will host the ‘Clinton Foundation Renaissance Banks ‘Russia and the CIS Going Global’ annual conference for which Bill Clinton receives $500,000 from Renaissance for a one hour speaking engagement.

During which time Deutsche Bank New York, the banks of choice for Russian Mexican money launders, Donald Trump, the Clinton Foundation’s and their chief financial architect (who was also a and financial ‘bounty hunter’ for Adnan Kashoggi ) Jeffrey Epstein.

As Clinton prepared to collect his $500,000 payday in 2010, Bill Clinton is simultaneously seeking clearance from the State Department to meet with a key board director of the Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom — which at the time needed the Obama administration’s approval for a controversial uranium deal, Uranium One. Another name from the Paradise/ Panama papers data base is billionaire Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate who has donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation who sat on the board of Uranium One. Gisutra claims he sold his shares three years before donating the $100 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Arkady Dvorkovich, a top aide to then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and one of the highest-ranking government officials to serve on Rosatom’s board of supervisors, was listed on a May 14, 2010, email as one of 15 Russians the former president wanted to meet during a late June 2010 trip, the documents show. Clinton Foundation foreign policy adviser Amitabh Desai wrote the State Department on May 14, 2010, using the former president’s initials and forwarding the list of names to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s team.

Money which as the Paradise Panama and Magnitsky Papers document involved New Zealand role as money laundering hub dealt with the forced sale of Yukos Oil.

Yukos shareholders include Richard V Allen the former American National Security Adviser to President Ronald Regan, who lives part time in Queenstown (and can be linked to Mill Brook via his partner Graham Smolenski) and who acted as the ‘bagman’ for Project Democracy a political action fund raising group which sought to assist the Iran Contra as the CIA run illegal operations, raise capital used to buy black-market Russian arms and fight proxy wars against the Soviet Union.

Renaissance Capital is involved in selling Yukos’ assets (who also lay at the centre of a battle for the privatisation of St Petersburg Water won in the end by Venon allied with Putin), on order of Russia who maintain tax fraud by the oligarchs. Renaissance will report to the U.S. government via Ambassador William Burns (a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency) on the sales progress. Its shareholders include Mr Yukos Oil’s former chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky who transferred his Yukos stake in 2005 to his former Russian-Israeli business partner Leonid Nevzlin, who now stands to be the main beneficiary of the compensation. Mr Nevzlin, based in Israel, heads the shareholders’ group called GML. Mr Khodorkovsky now runs a US backed pro-democracy activist group called Open Russia, which was blacklisted as an “undesirable organisation” by the Russian authorities in 2017. A controversy we shall call the Magnitsky Papers


Sergei Magnitsky was a tax auditor at a Moscow law firm when he discovered what he said was a massive fraud by Russian tax officials and police officers according to Hermitage CEO William Bowder. After reporting the alleged theft of $230m (£150m) to the authorities, he was himself detained in 2008 on suspicion of aiding tax evasion and died in custody in November 2009. He acted as a legal adviser for London-based Hermitage Capital Management (HCM), where colleagues insist the case against him was fabricated to make him halt his investigations. Or at less that the version told by Bill Bowder CEO of Hermitage Capital Management is an investment fund and asset management company specializing in Russian markets which has being accepted as gospel by the same media peddling the Russian hack story who are the same people who accepted Iraq had weapons of mass destruction becuase the US intelligence community said so.

Court documents show how alleged wire transfers from the Russian organised crime group going into the UK bank account of Renaissance Capital – a Russian investment banking firm, which has offices in London.

The US attorney’s office of New York said the organised Russian crime group, along with corrupt Russian government officials, “engaged in a broad pattern of money laundering in order to conceal the proceeds of the fraud scheme”. again no one is doubting corrupt Russians were involved or exist.

Yet the real question is were the Russian really ripping of the western backed oligarchs who came to plunder Russia and its critical infrastructure or are the maurauders the western Oglicarchs who dont pay thier txes and hide them in offshore accounts with their allies and partners in crime.

On November 22, 2019, German news magazine Das Spiegel stated it did not think so and it published an article in which it claimed Browder accusations concerning the “Magnitsky Case”, do not withstand thorough examination”. The English version appeared on November 26, 2019. After Browder filed a complaint against this article with chief editorship of Der Spiegel and the German Press Council, Der Spiegel published a further article, releasing its evidence and emphasising its stance on the matter had not changed.

Effectively Das Spiegel called Bowder out and the western media who are steered by powerful lobby groups like the Council on Foreign Relations as mere Neo Conservative Iran Contra Cold war style propaganda..

“the German Der Spiegel, has run a story by Benjamin Bidder, a reporter posted to Russia for seven years, who exposes Browder as a fraud and his Magnitsky story as a fake. The lead by Bidder says: “When the US imposes sanctions for human rights violations, they invoke the case of one prisoner allegedly murdered in Russia. They are based on the reports of the investor Bill Browder. Is the West taken in by a fraudster? Yes, and he proves it

There now is an ongoing lobbying campaign to repeal the Magnitsky Act (the “Campaign”) and rewrite the history of the Magnitsky Clinton ‘Uranium One story’ to suit those it incriminates as they weave a story short on hard evidence and based on hear say alone.

Putin Pisses off the old guard and their wester buddies

Regardless of whose right the agreed ground is Yukos forced sale came after Russia White House Revolution (1998) the failed coup against Boris Yeltsin. An event which saw Vladimir Putin, a low level KGB officer based in St Petersburg shoot to power in reward for his loyalty to Yeltsin. The event also saw Russians coming to Millbrook (not Wellington), to assure New Zealand based investors Russia’s butter debt would be paid. Though in what form of currency it would be paid is another interesting question.

End result alleged tax evasion by the western oligarch kills Perestroika and an era of renewed cold war conflict. All driven by the bitterness of western investors like Allen who a(ll come from the world of merchant banking or Washington’s inner circle) and are keen to establish monopolies over critical infrastructure. The rise of Putin will mean Jennings has to shift his interest to exploiting the resources and critical infrastructure of Africa which is also being plunder by the Merchant bankers and other murders to use both the collective and to be literal.


Gilbert Ramez Chagoury Bill Clinton


Jennings who is chairman of the New Zealand’s élite NZ Initiative (The far right arch conservative Business Round Table rebranded). He is also CEO of Rendevour Enterprises in Africa, whose chairman Frank Mosier is a special committee adviser to President Donald Trump (Clintons old golfing buddy) on African affairs. Rendevour projects in Africa include the Tatu City involving Vimal Shah, chairman of Bidco Africa, Nyagah Governor Bank of Kenya. These are cities built around controlling key infrastructure. And its here Michael West a formerly a journalist and editor at Fairfax newspapers and now an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney’s School of Social and Political Sciences notes;

In the wake of the stunning Pandora Papers data leak this week, the ABC enthused, “Even by the ICIJ’s standards, this is big. If the documents were printed out and stacked up they would be four times taller than Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower”. Probably not. If we assume Pandora is like its predecessors Panama Papers and Paradise Papers – where less than 1% of the data was made public – that would represent a stack of documents 12.2 metres high, not 1220 metres, which would get you up to Yogurt World on Level 5 of the Centrepoint food court. Another “biggest data leak in history”, another trove mega-leaks where billionaires, celebrities, Italian mobsters, Russian oligarchs and foreign heads of state have been outed for their links to tax havens.  But where are the US politicians? Where are the Wall Streeters? Where are the Big Four, the masterminds of global tax avoidance PwC, EY, KPMG and Deloitte? Conspicuously absent, that’s where. Again.

The point West makes if you think any of these leaks by themselves are the full picture think again.

In Russia the battle was fighting for resources and critical infrastructure. Western media was more sympathetic to the version of events pitch by Bowder than Putin but the reality remains the same the people on the street were at the whim of those willing to sell to whoever gave them the best returns.

In Russia Jennings could be linked direcrly to Clinton and in Africa Trump. Todays friend is tomorrow rival (apparently). And the truly disturbing thing in play here is the only two constants to be extracted from al the papers we have seen to date (minus Wikileaks who made al their data available as its founder Julian Assange got persecuted by both the Republicans and Democrats as Labour and National both remain silent on the abuse being done to Assange and genuine democracy).

A; The leaks are only naming the minnows not the actual whales.

B; The leaks do not paint a picture of the centralisation of global power where the many have less and less as the few (a shrinking few at that) have more and more and more and…..

2009: The vehicle of David Jerrold Theobald “a disgruntled tax worker has left the Inland Revenue in no doubt about his feelings towards them after driving his car through the front door of their Christchurch building. David Jerrold Theobald (photo below), 47, appeared in Christchurch District Court on Tuesday charged with intentional damage and reckless driving, after driving into the building at 6.30am on Saturday”.

Image result for David Jerrold Theobald

Not the actually the full story by any means.

This is from the website of Christchurch punk band the AX Men, of which Mr Theobald is a member. It demonstrates a few key points of why Theobald acted as he did. What was left out of MSM reporting out of media services like Independent News Ltd whose board of directors include Humphrey Rolleston.

The website states;

“Please take a moment to write to your MP if you too are upset about the underlying causes leading to David Jerrold Theobold’s actions, ie Allegations of managerial incompetence in Inland Revenue / State Services. Allegations of a culture of bullying in State Services, inhibiting the discussion, submission and implementation of any positive changes Inadequate dispute resolution outcomes where issues are raised leading to an unsatisfactory work environment Allegations of preferential treatment being given to the top echelons of taxpayers – old boys network“.

Allegations of slanting of news stories on the state-owned television network to minimise damage to government infrastructure and make DJT look like a fruitcake by editing interview footage and moving the focus onto the damage to the building, and DJTs mental health rather than focusing on his reasoning for feeling that after 3 years of unresolved disputes he had exhausted all other avenues and had no choice but to take drastic action. Allegations of a culture of wastefulness and excess in management at IRD. Lack of accountability and public scrutiny of affairs in Inland Revenue.

What Theobald had in fact exposed, when this author spoke to him directly, was a series of large donations made from several Christchurch trusts all managed by the same parties who were donating to a offshore charity tied to “prominent American political personalities”.

2009Chagoury Group headed by Lebanese Nigerian Gilbert Ramez Chagoury pledged $1 billion in coastal erosion projects in Africa to the Clinton Global Initiative according to CF own website.

In 2017 Hillary Clinton, shortly after she left the Obama administration, moved the state department to quietly “taking steps to purchase real estate in Nigeria from a firm whose parent company is owned by a major donor to the Clinton Foundation”. 

On March 20, 2013, William Franklin, an “international realty specialist” at the State Department, emailed Mary E. Davis, an American diplomat stationed in Africa, instructing her to “put on Post letterhead” an “expression of interest” by the department in purchasing property at Eko Atlantic – which raises eyebrows because Ronald Chagoury is the brother of Gilbert and his business partner, in the Chagoury Group. Gilbert Chagoury has donated between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. Chagoury has also given millions to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s election campaigns and donated millions to Clinton Foundation, foundation records show.

Gilbert Chagoury’s friendship with the Clintons can be traced back to the Clinton presidency.

In the mid-1990s, Chagoury donated nearly $500,000 to a voter-registration drive designed to help Democratic candidates, attended a White House dinner for premium donors, and met with high-ranking officials in the Clinton White House – including Susan Rice, now President Obama’s national security adviser – who were shaping US policy toward Nigeria. The State Department’s outreach to the Chagoury family, looking to buy property from the brothers, came less than a month after former President Clinton himself toured the Eko Atlantic project – for the second time. Franklin further instructed that the signed letter was to be “delivered to Ronald Chagoury”.

Yet another name from the paper is The Chagoury Group, an international developer based in West Africa that has pledged $1 billion in projects to the Clinton Global Initiative.

In 2017 The Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire agreed to pay the U.S. government $1.8 million to resolve allegations that he conspired to violate federal election laws in a “straw donor” scheme to money launder illegal foreign contributions to U.S. presidential and congressional candidates, the USA’s Justice Department announced.

Gilbert Chagoury, a foreign national prohibited by federal law from making contributions to political groups or campaigns to influence U.S. elections, donated $180,000 to four U.S. candidates. He admitted the funds were intended to support candidates and was aware the contributions were made by giving his money under the name of another individual as illegal conduit contributions, according to court records.

The Justice Department’s release did not identify the donors and candidates by name. Based on Chagoury contribution to the Clinton Foundation it tempting to assume the candidate were Democrats. Buts its not that easy. Mark Corallo, former spokesperson for President Donald Trump’s private legal team in the Russia investigation, acted as Chagoury’s spokesperson since at least 2010. Corallo retroactively registered as a foreign agent of Chagoury in 2020 for influence operations promoting then-Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in connection with his 2015 re-election campaign.

Chagoury seems to have being willing to dance with any one in Washington who furthered his goals. In 2013 Chagoury was denied a visa to enter the U.S. amid a review of his ties to Hezbollah. Chagoury has denied any support for the terrorist group but reportedly can be proven to have funded a Lebanese politician who the FBI claim passed on funds to the Hezbollah and whose political party was part of a coalition with Hezbollah and their hold over the port city of Beirut.

2010: MFAT spokesman confirms that between January 2010 and June 2016, $7.7 million of New Zealand taxpayer funds had already been donated to Africa and another $6 million was to follow, keeping to a pledge to donate a total of $13.7 million made by John Key’s administration to the Foundation in 2013. It will be matched by another 25 million from the Australian government. Clinton Foundation received US$3.9m (NZ$5.5m) in taxpayer money in 2018/19, under Jacinda Adern’s government in New Zealand according to the Taxpayers’ Union (Affiliated with Act Party whose leader David Seymour Ironically Stephen Jennings wrote the foreword for ACT leader David Seymour’s book Own Your Future.

MFAT claims that the organisation in question, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, is a separate entity


Jennings, who from his Russia investment would go onto invest in urban development in African and the privatisation of critical infrastructure, is also widely credited with helping privatise New Zealand Rail when he was part of the tax policy unit in Treasury. Which Allister Barry Someone Else’s Country looks critically at the radical economic changes implemented by the 1984 Labour Government – where privatisation of state assets was part of a wider agenda that sought to remake New Zealand as a model free-market state. The documentary focuses on “the trickle-down ‘Rogernomics’ rhetoric which warned of no gain without pain” and here the theory is counterpointed by the social effects and privatisation of critical infrastructure (redundant workers, Post Office closures). The documentary then focuses on how Labour’s neoliberal policies where then pursued by National’s neoconservative government. Both parties in turn taking their orders not from the people but the central banks (whom New Zealand Prime Minister Norman Kirk had called “the Gnomes of Zurich”) to whom New Zealand had become indebted

Specifically Jennings was part of the same early version of John Key idea of “Fortress New Zealand” a kind of ‘nuclear free’ Switzerland of the South Pacific. Except even New Zealand’s ‘nuclear free’ moment was a farce.

Labour had allowed NZ Rail to be gutted by merchant bankers Fay Richwhite and Dutch Born Van Heeren (who ran the prestigious Huka Lodge in Taupo – part of the Small Luxury Resorts of the World Alliance ) who also helped gut and privatise New Zealand Telecom. Jennings then went to work for merchant bank CS First Boston NZ in Wellington, where according to the National Business Review Stephen’s group specialised in giving expert economic advice on governance, restructuring and competition policy issues”.  When Stephen unfurled his wings and left for a global role with Credit Suisse in London Sir Tipene O’Regan of Ngai Tahu is reported as saying “that it felt like he was losing a son” 1

*1 = “I guess one way of talking this through, is to give the example that to some people, members of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) are considered to be terrorists and to some people they are viewed as people fighting for a good cause”. Steven Dawes’ of the Overseas Investment Commission response to how a known financer of terrorist activities, James Blanchard III, an investor in Wharekauhau (Small Luxury Resorts of the World Alliance) was considered to meet the ‘Good Character’ standards required of foreign investors. (Associated Press, 14.3.2001) Blanchard financing of terrorism revolved around minting gold coins, sold to such characters as General Singlaub, who headed the fanatical, World Anti-Communist League (where right wing Jews and Neo Nazi could found sitting mercenaries. Gold would be the main currency used to buy arms supplied by the likes U.S. South African backed RENAMO guerrillas. Blanchard, along with a firm named ANZ nominee (a subsidiary of the ANZ bank), held shares in a Uranium mining venture, which also involved Paladin Resources, a consortium specialising in Uranium mining in South Africa and Australia that is listed of US prohibited firms guilty of breaching international embargoes. Fellow directors in Wharekauhau would also include Sir Roger Douglas the architect of Rogernomics and the founder of the Act Party.

Alexander Van Heeren friends in High Places.


Why Van Heeren was invited to join the Fay, Richwhite consortium remains a mystery. He appeared to have no railway expertise, the deal wasn’t offered to domestic investors, and NZ Rail was an attractive investment at the time because of its strong balance sheet. 

September 30, 1993, Van Heeren was appointed to the NZ Rail board. Tranz Rail, the company used to purchase NZ Rail, borrowed $223m to fund the acquisition, with the consortium contributing only $105m of equity.

In June 1995, Tranz Rail made a capital repayment of $100m, which reduced the equity contribution of the original investors to just $16m. The $223m of borrowings and $100m capital repayment reduced the average purchase price of the Fay, Richwhite consortium to just under 20 cents per Tranz Rail share. The following year, Tranz Rail issued 31 million new shares, representing 25% of the company more than 30 times higher than the consortium’s average purchase price. The consortium purchased NZ Rail when it had almost no debt, but the rail operator had term loans well in excess of $300m.

Most of this debt was used to fund the consortium’s shareholding and would be siphoned off rather than be spent back into the firm to maintain and upkeep assets. Meanwhile the original investors – Fay, Richwhite, America Wisconsin Central, Berkshire Fund (Warren Buffer) and van Heeren – turned over personal profits of $370m, which was mainly tax free, from the sale of their Tranz Rail shares following its NZX listing. The Crown would wrote off $1087m of tax payer funded debt and $360m of new equity

Van Heeren, who was appointed honorary consul for the Netherlands in Auckland in 1984 (a position he held until 2012), was raised in South Africa where he remains a trustee of the WWF South African Foundation.

In his 20s, he entered the steel industry of South Africa before becoming concerned about the South African political situation and emigrating to New Zealand in 1981 under our “entrepreneurial scheme” and becoming involved in imports and exports including one case where he was found to have breached a 1980 United Nation trade embargo against South Africa (due to it apartheid system), before then being accused of arms dealing by a former partner turned rival who would become in a long winded and very public dispute which names the firm Optical International.

The N.Z. Optical International website is no longer operational, but three firms are listed with that name: OPTECH INTERNATIONAL. Address: 1611 Castle Hayne Road, Bldg C-C, Wilmington NC 28401. Phone: 910-251-0669 or 800-USA Kiwi. Product: Cyberscope for museum exhibits. OPTECH INTERNATIONAL. Address: P.O. Box 15-904, New Lynn, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND. Phone: (64 9) 827-8722. Product: Cyberscope for museum exhibits. OPTECH INTERNATIONAL. Address: P.O. Box 1400, 1000BK Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS. Phone: (31 20) 686-6466. Product: Cyberscope for museum exhibits.

All of these firms deal in oscilloscopes, oscillators oscillators and related technology, which in theory has dual civilian military purposes.

The firm Optical International with the “800-Kiwi” number is listed as a subsidiary of the “Canadian-owned” firm Optech Incorporated and is a known U.S. military contractor. A third Van Heeren firm is Genan Trading NV, who are listed in a South African Defence White Paper (White Paper on the South African Defence Related Industries December 1999), as being involved in defence related industries, specifically electronics, which if nothing else, counters Van Heeren’s claims to the New Zealand press that he held no military interests.



Another regular visitor to Taupo’s Huka Lodge Prince Bernhardt of the Netherland a former member of Nazi Germany “Reiter-SS” who is credited as the master mind of Operation Lock co founder of the Bilderberg Group, part of the oil company Shell who was accused of selling the Dutch people out to the Nazis during WWII.

The 1975 Lockheed bribery arms contract scandal also implicated Prince Bernhard for having received a $1.1 million bribe. This led to a constitutional crisis in the Netherlands and Bernhard was forced to resign from the WWF-International he help cofound.*1

*1 According to Toby Truell editor of the underground paper Wellington Confidential ex SAS officers were regular visitors to WWF Wellington offices in the 1980’s at the peak of Project Democracy.

Prior to this the Prince had sought a long-term funding source for the WWF, which he co founded, from one of South Africa’s wealthiest businessmen, Anton Rupert who  sat on the board of George Bush’s Harken Energy helped establish what became Club 1001: A Nature Trust, a secretive group made up of the Prince and one thousand other members contributing $10,000 to the WWF.

Rupert also created or participated in numerous methods for obscuring financial transactions, including shell companies and legal loopholes, in order to do international business under the UN’s apartheid embargoes. WWF Tax free foundations showed charities are very useful for laundering money, used for dirty deeds , to third party from corporations seeking plausible deniability. That it can be done without paying any tax even better.

Tthe WWF board, names that were leaked to the public in the 1980s include powerful people both renowned and reviled.

It included a long list of far right industrialists and politicians including: Nazi sympathiser Henry Ford; Harry Oppenheimer the Jewish South African-British mining giant Anglo American Corporation; Chase Manhattan Bank’s David Rockefeller; the U.K.’s Prince Philip, Maurice Strong the architect of the UN Agenda 2030 (another hijacking of environmental issues for corporate gain) and former Secretary of Defense under Ronald Regan and George Bush Robert McNamara plus New Zealand’s mining and energy magnate Sir John Desmond Todd who chaired the Todd Corporation ( at one point Todd Shell) from 1987 to 2011. Sir Todd was also a leading patron of the arts and chairman of the charitable Todd Foundation with Sir John was knighted for his contributions to business in 2012, by John Key having being made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit by John Key in 2009.


In addition 1001 alumni included; U.S.-supported dictator of Zaire Mobutu Seko Seko; arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi; Sheikh Salim Bin Laden the older brother of Osama bin Laden; rainforest-destroying billionaire drug and arms trafficker Robert Vesco – who would also be credited along side of Kashoggi (the bridge financier for New Zealand politician Robert Muldoon Think Big – according to Radio New Zealand Simon Kerr) who was among the first to use Vanuatu into a money laundering and tax evasion hub as first noted in Anthony Sampson Arms Bazar .

WWF 1001 would also include mining magnate Peter Munk Kashoggi’s long term Canadian partner plus Agha Hasan Abedi, the founder of Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the bank used by the CIA and Saudi to fund the mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan (eventually leading to the rise of Osama bin Laden) and in Central America all part of Project Democracy support of the illegal Iran Contra operations. A program which relied and even helped establish tax havens in the South Pacific back in the 1960’s. 

WWF 1001 also included BBCI director Alfred Hartmann chair of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro’s Swiss bank, where 5 Billion in U.S. taxpayer-guaranteed loans was funnelled into Iraq from 1985 to 1989 and used to buy arms including materials used for Saddam’s nuclear and chemical weapons and missile ambitions (though hindsight tells us they kept the good stuff from Saddam to assure the ambition never matured) which became known as Iraq Gate

WWF are also strategic partner to the Transvaal Peace Park established in 1997. The official mission of the Peace Parks Foundation is to “facilitate the establishment of trans frontier conservation areas or peace parks in Africa, supporting sustainable economic development, the conservation of biodiversity, and regional peace and stability. The foundation plays a facilitating role in bringing government leaders together around challenging plans for Peace Parks”. There are currently now six Peace Parks in the process of formation and plans for another 16 in southern Africa. The best-known Peace Park under development is the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park on the border between South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. It covers an area of more than 35,000km2. The parks in reality, have little to do with genuine conservation, according to Paramilitary Panda: WWF Land Grabs Rooted in Covert Apartheid History by Michael Molitch-Hou, Rather under the trojan horse of environmentalism they set a series of conditions which model that which replicate the tactic employed by World Bank director and Prime Minister Robert Muldoon 1973 when he closed off mining to the New Zealand public without permits and then created a legal loop hole so why you may not mine in a national park you may how ever mine under it. In addition the numerous benefits Peace Parks offers in regards to controlling mineral rights, displacing thousands off their traditional tribal lands, taking control over water rights and gaining access to other natural resources under the umbrella of the WWF. Global corporations. Such as Agenda 2030 members Coca-Cola, Shell, Monsanto, HSBC, Cargill, BP, have all benefited from WWF green image only to carry on their businesses of wrecking the planet as they seek market domination of the market place

Agha Hasan Abedi, Dr Alfred Hartman all bound by their links to BCCI and the Iran Contra again raise the spectre of Project Democracy. Project Democracy being the consortium, which included high ranking Australian and New Zealanders, that raised funds for the USA proxy armies and who would later be linked to Mexican drugs dealers and organised crime groups of the 1980s that we now see laundering money in New Zealand. today. 

Project Democracy emerging not long after Vanuatu was first targeted to be a money laundering hub for shady money for the agencies mates (Kashoggi and Vesco) which my 1990s and 2000’s books State Secret document in relation to its links to National MPs such as Ross Meurant, a former policeman turned arms dealer, who was also a shareholder in Prok Bank Vanuatu along with former KGB officers Larissa and Victor Shumilov in 1995. Bear in mind my book had come out of the Wine Box papers where again among the reams and reams of transaction relating to Fay Richwhite BNZ and European Pacific were also details relating to BCCI and Air America owned lease air transport firms.

The bank was better known as the Bank of Crooks & Criminal International and would be used by the Iran Contra conspirators to facilitate the financial side of a secret arms pipeline.

One used to fund Mujahedeen and right wing terror groups, BCCI’s CEO & WWF 1001 patron Sheikh Khalid Bin Mahfouz is reported in the press as also being one of the patrons of the charity, International Development Foundation, This charity is listed as having links to Al Taqwa bank that financed the 911 terrorists (The Dominion 15.9.01, The Dominion 13.10.01). B.C.C.I. was an organisation which appears throughout my books and it is tied intimately to the fortunes Adnan Khashoggi, aka, ‘The Rat King’.


The 1998 Justice Jain Report carried out by India’s Justice MC Jain, declared that a motive for the LTTE assassination of India leader Rajiv Ghandi is provided. Contrary to being a politically motivated attack. Jain maintains that the murder was a professional contract ordered at the behest of BCCI, involving specifically, accounts linked directly with Adnan Khashoggi.

Intercepting LTTE transmissions in 1988, the Jain commission alleged that K.P. had ordered the assassination, and had elsewhere procured arms with the assistance of their “CIA friend”, and that these arms transfers took place with Adnan Khashoggi’s participation.

The assassination was promoted by the BCCI ‘spiritual guru’, Chandraswami, according to Indian intelligence received from Toronto, Fiji, Sydney, and Dubai, who often went into rage at hearing Gandhi’s name: on one occasion screaming “I’ll finish him, Rajiv Gandhi will be killed the same way his mother was.”

The report discussed documents seized from Chandraswami during the income tax raid by the Indian police, revealing how more than $11million was made by Tiny Rowlands (also said to be a WWF 1001 member), on behalf of Chandraswami, a prominent player in the Iran Contra affair, into accounts in London and Monte Carlo at the bank of BCCI (at the same branches also used by Abu Nidal for the receipt of payment made by Israeli intelligence assets). This was a fairly logical step as BCCI had also been used by Nidal’s partner, Monzer Al Kassar, during the Iran Contra affair to help Project Democracy secure soviet eastern block small arms as Al Kassar simultaneously help arm terror group via BCCI.

It is of no small importance that while BCCI is often reported as having ‘collapsed’ in 1991, the reality is that its chief supporters only ever had to pay back $2billion U.S. from an estimated $20 billion U.S. that was effectively embezzled.

I would write in State Secrets 2 ” BCCI, which collapsed in 1991 with up to $20 Billion dollars loss (the Sheik only had to pay back about $2 Billion), can best be summed up by its nickname the ‘Bank of Crooks and Criminals International’. Its crimes range from the laundering of drug money, to helping countries such as Pakistan, Libya, Iran and Korea, obtain the technology used in the creation of weapons of mass destruction. In relation to the U.S.’s CIA mission in Afghanistan, BCCI was closely linked to Saudi Arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi, the man who flew into Queenstown on November 19, 1976. Khashoggi, at the time, was the middle man for a proposed Australian/New Zealand investment venture, promising to boost NZ sales to the Middle East. At the time of the promise N.Z. was exporting less than $2NZ million to the entire Middle East. Three years later N.Z. sales to Iran would be worth more than $NZ 400 million alone. Adnan Khashoggi’s name will appear in every single chapter of this book as he has a direct connection to the unscrupulous merchants of death that this book is about. You will soon find out how, in relation to Pacific affairs, where there is any major crisis, Khashoggi can always be found within six degrees of separation from the scene of the crime“. He was until his death in 6 June 2017 heavily involved in bringing money laundering to the Pacific and can be linked to within two degrees of separation every act of political violence that has contributed to the Pacific growing instability from the 1970’s onwards.

Yet few kiwis have ever heard of Adnan Kashoggi and even few realise what a major role this man has played in undermining democracy down under. The impacts of which curry up to the present day.

Washington D.C. investigative writer, Wayne Madsen, noted of an even earlier CIA banking scandal the Nugan Hand Bank that it was simply the precursor of a larger arms scheme involving the Cook Islands and BCCI and the so called, Wine Box Affair.

This is in my opinion correct and its no coincidence the same names keep popping up again again and gain. In short, don’t forget the name of Khashoggi or for that matter, the name of BCCI. And yet that exactly what journalist investigating the Panama, Paradise, Pandora Papers have done as they treat each leaks as a stand alone affair not interrelated to a bigger picture with it own longer term history. A history which needs to be comprehended in full if your to fully understand this is way much more than rich people simply hiding their cash and not paying taxes.

My books continues;

“In August, 1992, a year after the ‘collapse’ of BCCI, while the bank was looking for some where to hide billions from US investigators Paul White, an Auckland based computer salesman, died after coming into possession of discs belonging to Citibank. White said to have been one of Winston Peters sources during the Wine Box inquiry would alleged that the disk contained information of money laundering involving NZ politicians and NZ firms. White’s allegations having been made at a time when Citibank and the Security Pacific National Bank (allegedly
controlled by Kashoggi) were under investigation in relation to a money laundering case, ‘Operation Polar Cap’ in the States. S
outh Pacific bank having been the bank used by cocaine trafficker General Noriega, as a conduit for drug money that then passed in and out of Noreiga’s BCCI’s accounts in Panama. South Pacific bank directors would include Robert Anderson, also a director of a military contractor Rockwell International. Anderson’s co-directors at Rockwell Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the multi billionaire ruler of Abu Dhabi one of the most import figures in the United Arab Emirates, (and the current backers of the NZ American cup team who Helen Clark decided to get into bed with) would be in effect BCCI’s major share holder.,.due to what I have learned researching this book, that the BCCI had more to do with Paul White’s death than we may think. Yet, the key point is not whether White was murdered, or even who killed him, as this is likely to always remain the stuff of conspiracy theories. I would rather focus on the actual accusation of the trafficking of Eastern European weapons, according to Wishart’s source, “Spook”, and the allegations of White’s colleagues who had heard White’s claim that details on the discs were related to money laundering and included the names of N.Z. politicians (which is where my investigation began into these issues in 199 Editor nte). The question the reader must ask on completion of this book is, whether these accusations now sound as ludicrous as when they were first made following White’s death in 1992″.

In August, 1992, a year after the ‘collapse’ of BCCI, while the bank was looking for some where to hide billions from US investigators Paul White, an Auckland based computer salesman, died after coming into possession of discs belonging to Citibank. White said to have been one of Winston Peters sources during the Wine Box inquiry would alleged that the disk contained information of money laundering involving New Zealand politicians and New Zealand firms. White’s allegations having been made at a time when Citibank and the Security Pacific National Bank (allegedly controlled by Kashoggi) were under investigation in relation to a money laundering case, ‘Operation Polar Cap’ in the StatesSouth Pacific National Bank having been the bank used by cocaine trafficker General Noriega, as a conduit for drug money that then passed in and out of the CIA backed Noreiga’s BCCI’s accounts in Panama.

South Pacific National Bank directors would include Robert Anderson, also a director of a military contractor Rockwell International. Anderson’s co-directors at Rockwell Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the multi billionaire ruler of Abu Dhabi, the first head of state to be honoured with the Golden Panda Award by the World Wildlife Fund is one of the most import figures in the United Arab Emirates. He is also the current backers of the New Zealand Americas Cup Team Emirates) would be in effect BCCI’s major share holder. In 2001, what remained of Rockwell International was split into two publicly traded companies, Rockwell Automation and Rockwell Collins

As far as we can ascertain, Rakon’s oscillators and crystals are not on the internationally agreed list of controlled goods and therefore do not require export permits,” a spokesman for Helen Clark stated.29 May, 2006 

Rockwell Collins is the future client of controversial N.Z. manufacturer Rakon (accused of making weapon components) it turns out was the source of U.S. classified satellite technology which some how ended up in the hands of the Soviet Union after it had been sold to them by the rogue bank.

Locke noted, “The question is not whether shock hardened and radiation hardened crystal oscillators are ‘specifically designed for military use’. Of course, both types of oscillators have a dual use, that is, they serve civilian as well as military purposes – for example, shock hardened oscillators in construction work, and radiation hardened oscillators in aerospace. The real debate is over whether Rakon should be taking research money from the American defence contractor, Rockwell, to develop a particular ‘high G-shock crystal’, to fit the specific military requirements of smart shells, as admitted by Rakon in a leaked May 6 2005 email. Secondly, should Rakon be allowed to develop a particular standard of “radiation hardened” oscillators to put into a proposed new American smart bomb navigation system. Also referred to in Rakon documents, these radiation hardened oscillators were also required to be able to function correctly at a depth of 135 metres, which is presumably a military specification for underground or underwater launched missiles….To promote peace in the world we should not allow a Kiwi company to develop and export components critical to smart bombs and missiles that are going to be used in wars we don’t agree with, such as in Iraq, and potentially in even a nuclear war”. In a subsequent press release (28 May 2006, 10:46 pm Press Release: Green Party), Locke suggested that Rakon’s counter story of not being involved in arms manufacturing, “did not add up” that “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade should also have investigated in its role to uphold New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy“, and enforce its own criteria, stated on its website, to deny the export of items ‘to be used; Locke succinctly quips, “It seems that all these government agencies were so bedazzled by Rakon’s export success, that they were reluctant to investigate properly then and ask the hard questions”.


on material. The transfer happened in 1983, and was one of several such operations carried out by Hempel’s network of companies.

In 1984 Hempel’s company was accused by the U.S. Department of State of transferring nuclear technology and material to Libya In 1994 and 1995, he is said to have arranged the shipment of gas centrifuge parts from Pakistan to Iran via Dubai.Hempel’s technique during this and other such operations was to apply for export of the heavy water to a country that already had such material, such as Germany, then divert the shipment to the real buyer. He was involved in transfers of nuclear material from China, the U.S.S.R., and Norway to ultimate buyers including India, South Africa, and Argentina (Source Fitzpatrick, Mark (2007). Nuclear Black Markets: Pakistan, A.Q. Khan and the Rise of Proliferation Networks : a Net Assessment. International Institute for Strategic Studies. p. 54. ISBN 978-0860792017.


On January 1, 2004, at the Denver International Airport. Asher Karni, 50, a Jewish businessman from South Africa, was snared in a sting operation launched by the US Commerce Department and other federal agencies. The allegation against him was that he was involved in selling 400 spark gaps to a firm in Pakistan run by an arms dealer. Spark gaps are electrical devices used in breaking kidney stones and in triggering nuclear detonations. The deal wouldn’t have attracted the attention of the intelligence agencies but for the antecedents of the owner of Pakland PME owned by Humayun Khan, the CEO of the notorious BCCI a regular supplier of military hardware to Pakistan military.

In the 1970s/80 Humayun Khan was a purchasing agent for a German industrialist and former Nazi, Alfred Hempel…..

The State Department began alerting German officials to Hempel’s shipments. In one cable to the German Foreign Office — which included flight plans and stopover points — American diplomats pleaded that “timely action by the Federal Republic is essential if the shipment is to be stopped.” But in an Economics Ministry internal memo, a German official observed that Hempel’s firm had been “developed with Russian capital” and dismissed the American request as “politically motivated.” It was not until November 1983 did German auditors open Hempel’s books, in response to U.S. complaints. They found that for 46.5 million German marks, Hempel had already shipped 60 tons of Chinese-origin heavy water to Bombay in 1982 and 1983. This was exactly what India needed to start its first reactor free of inspection.

Karni is the latest link in the wide and expanding network of nuclear black market which has been exploited by Pakistan over the years to develop its nuclear weapons number of shell companies, both within Pakistan and abroad, employed a network of agents and smugglers in the USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Canada to smuggle, steal and trans-ship dual purpose materials.

BCCI’s Pakistan scientist also got Canadian firm, Canadian General Electric Co., to complete the 137 MW CANDU power reactor for the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant in 1971. Canadian General Electric Co clients include Vostok Services whose CEO is New Zealand director Ian Robertson. Robertson is a former New Zealand Dairy Executive turned Russian file whose firm according to it web site deals in Middle Eastern Oil, New Zealand dairy products and Russian munitions including depleted uranium rounds, Robertson other firm Vanuatu tax haven Prok Bank former National MP and Arms dealer Ross Meurant and former Russian KGB officer Victor and Larissa Shumilov

According to a eport by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)1, three Australian Banks (ANZ, Westpac and CBA – the owner of ASB), have loaned or invested over US$2.7 billion to companies involved in the design, manufacture, testing and servicing of nuclear weapons. Each year ICAN publishes a report showing which financial institutions have invested in the 18 companies most heavily involved in the nuclear weapons industry. ANZ and Westpac are prominent on this list, with both banks providing significant capital (a total of more than US$1.3 billion each in investment in equity and debt) to companies integral to the production of nuclear weapons.

The companies include names such as AECOM, Fluor Corp, General Dynamics, Honeywell International, Jacobs Engineering, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Serco Group. AECOM, in which ANZ invested or loaned US$28 million, for instance, is involved in the research, design, development and production of nuclear bombs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US. Jacobs Engineering, where ANZ invested US$95 million, has a 25-year contract to maintain the UK nuclear missile arsenal. Lockheed Martin has numerous defence businesses in the USA and along with Serco manages the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment. According to ICAN, ANZ invested US$258 million in Lockheed, and US$33 million in Serco.




This was the program whereby Iraq could gain relief from international sanctions by selling oil through the UN, which would supervise the delivery of food and medicine with the resulting cash. Instead large sums of money were channelled into private pockets through the program. It is regarded as the worst financial scandal in UN history.

Wisconsin Central Berkshire Fay Richwhite where also minor partner along side Prok bank in rare and precious mineral investment fund Wellnet Holdings Ltd which will be dominated by Chinese state owned firms.

Vostock Services would assist MFAT export Milk to the Iraq (while Clark was PM) using Vina Milk Vietnam as a second party cut out. Nor would our press review the fact that Prok was staffed not only by known Russian organised crime figures but arms dealer/Natioanal MP Ross Meurant and the former head of Fonterra’s Far Eastern Division Ian Robertson. Robertson’s other interest included Vostock Services whose website boasted they dealt in New Zealand Ice cream, Middle East crude oil and Russian Munitions. Parties all tied up with the failed UN Food For Oil program and Fonterra’s sale of dairy products to the Far East and the Middle East using another second party conduit the New Zealand Saudi Milk Company.

The UN Food For Oil program pay outs will be overseen by New Zealand’s David Mace. Mace a former senior accountant at Ernst & Young is appointed a United Nation Special Envoy and oversees the UN transaction involving payment for good permitted into Iraq under the grounds of being part of United Nation Humanitarian response following the first gulf war.

Payment for such tenders will be made into the same accounts at BNL used previously by the US Department of Agriculture to pay Iraq a trillion dollar in aid then used to buy Eastern European weapons. A scandal known as Iraqgate that alleges Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush built up Iraq’s military right up until Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990.10% of the aid is paid as a bribe which then wound up in Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein’s coffers and were used to buy arms commit genocide and fund terror groups with the UN aid money.

Mace who own a chalet in Queenstown ‘s Millbrook resort where Russian trade officials chose to meet in 1998 to assure Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade that post the White House Revolution (which saw Putin come to power) Russia Butter debt would be paid. Mace is also a director in a Chinese state backed Bao Steel who are the majority share holder in Wellnet Holdings the Mineral Investment consortium involving Prok and Fay Richwhite.

Other New Zealand firms will include NZ Waste Technology whose director included David Appleby as previously emerged as the accountant for CIA’s 1970’s laundering of funds, via merchant banker Ron Renwald used to buy black-market arms and bribe politicians.

Ron Renwald (also famed of the Maori Loans Affair ) and Reese Engineering a subsidiary of Australian wheat engineering giant*1 who admit they sold dual civilian military technology to Iraq during the Iraq Iran war when the USA was funding both side. Following the fall out of the UN Oil For Food Scandal the Australian media will call the Australian involvement in the bribery scandal Wheat For Weapons.

*1 As opposed to dairy wheat was the main product which Australia exported to Iraq under the corrupt UN Program (known in Oz as Weapons For Wheat) which involved Australian diplomat and alleged rapist Matthew Hydnes Adnan Kashoggi and Tim Gatland an Australian businessman and Hyndes partner (and former comrade in arms as former special forces soldiers) Gatland boasted of dealing in Plutonium, possibly to the Pakistan-Khan network or Iran, who vanished shortly after boasting of dealing in Plutonium, possibly to the Pakistan-Khan BCCI network or Iran which is also believed to have been working with the South Africans and Israeli developing nuclear weapons and laundering arms sales to hide the rogue nuclear arms program.


1999/2006: I published State SecretsState Secrets II central to my two books the dodgy Russian arms dealers and mobster using dodgy Pacific ‘paradise’ tax havens, first established by a consortium of shady CIA types, their Saudi oil mates and those with Laissez-faire wet dream idea the rich should not pay tax, working with dodgy New Zealand politicians holding the highest offices in the land. So when this story (Magnitsky Papers) broke I got quite excited thinking local media would want to hear my story – after all I have being saying this exact thing Russian gun runners and all had being going on here in NZ since 1999 and now the Magnitsky Papers the very thing I had being saying was now an international story capturing headline around the world. Boy was I wrong.

2010: The US Embassy in Wellington sent secret cables to the US State Department about the activities of New Zealand shell companies in North Korean arms trading directed to its department’s Financial and Monetary Affairs and Trade and Technology Controls, It dealt with December 2009 discovery of SP Trading of Queen Street charted a Russian jet to fly arms from North Korea to Iran. The day before the US Embassy cabled Washington, Stuff reported that the creator of the shell companies, including SP Trading, had moved into a hotel in Auckland. Prime Minister John Key this morning said he did not know what would be revealed in the documents declaring he write a report and “look into it”.

January 14, 2010: After discovering 2496 companies with a single address, the Prime Minister of the country, John Key, promised an investigation “We are still waiting for it, because over there it is … a common thing. In New Zealand, where lax registration laws do not require proof of identity or even registered residential address, the temptation to create “out-of-the-box” shell companies is great, and are often used to protect anonymity” 

Mr Taylor promptly used the episode of weapons being shipped from Thailand to Iran (part of the lucrative contra swap between Iran and North Korea involving the swap of high tech used in missile and nuclear weapons for bulk consignments of conventional weapons) using shell companies as a case study to demonstrate how the shell company structure protected those involved. Taylor also said in this presentation that after the incident John Key introduced new regulations to tighten company incorporations, but told clients even that “would not have prevented” the episode.

Months after the incident at Bangkok Airport, a number of companies associated with Mr Taylor* were involved in the largest money laundering scandal in the history of the US Bank Secrecy Act. More than $US378 billion ($519 billion) was laundered through Wachovia Bank by the Mexican cartels, including the Sinaloa cartel (We will go into and the Cameron Ortis Spy Scandal and why NZ was not made part of AUSKUS military pact for special technologies and and intelligence sharing. The documents which track these transaction this author has dubbed the Magnitsky Papers.

* In one of those twist of fate I use to wargame with Ian’s sons.

Cameron Ortis, senior Royal Canadian Mounted Police intelligence officer is arrested for allegedly stealing and selling classified intelligence. Ortis had being supervising investigation on the laundering of stolen Russian funds, connected to a major corruption case revealed by Russian tax adviser Sergei Magnitsky, who went public with information surrounding a $230 million (€206 million) fraud scheme allegedly run by senior Russian Interior Ministry and tax officials.


During court proceedings in Miami four New Zealand firms registered by the GT Group — Keronol Ltd, Melide Ltd, Tormex Ltd, and Dorio (NZ) Ltd — were alleged to have helped launder about $40 million of the proceeds using Latvian bank accounts and Wachovia’s London branch. A crime which Russian tax adviser Sergei Magnitsky goes public with information surrounding a $230 million (€206 million) fraud scheme allegedly run by senior Russian Interior Ministry and tax officials. This revolves around the sale of Yukos Oil (Share holder include American Richard V Allen & Hermitage Capital) handled by Jennings banks Renaissance Moscow.

Mr Taylor was the founding shareholder of another company, S-Profit, that later went on to supply $60 million in weapons to the South Sudanese government at the height of the nation’s bloody civil war in 2014 (Where according to Wikileaks former NZSAS officers were involved in further UN tender corruption).

Bayer is a former Vietnam veteran and Special Forces U.S. Army captain (who during the war worked closely with USAID & the CIA’s own secret transport fleet Air America) who during the Vietnam War worked as courier for classified operation documents. He arrived in Vanuatu shortly before the failed coup by US Based Phoenix Foundation. The shadowy Foundation was made up of former ex Vietnam special forces officers and CIA mates such as WWF 1001 members Robert Vesco and Adnan Kashoggi.

The group wanted set up a tax haven in former French colony shortly before Kashoggi, the future arms broker for Iran Contra Project Democracy, began laundering the money from weapons sales through Vanuatu (Arms Bazar/Lockheed Papers). Bayer renounced his American citizenship after Vanuatu’s independence and became a ni-Vanuatu.

Thomas Bayer, one of the leaders of Vanuatu offshore tax haven subculture joined the board of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu in 2012. This permitted Bayer to acquire Vanuatu’s lucrative flag of convenience monopoly on Christmas 1992, when Willy Jimmy, a close friend and former employee, was Minister of Finance.

In December 2002 Thomas Bayer and Robert Murray Bohn, another prominent leader of Vanuatu’s offshore sector, were indicted for their alleged involvement in laundering at least $22.4 million through a Vanuatu bank called “the European Bank”, where Bohn was President and CEO. Taylor served as vice-president of European Bank, In December 2007 Bohn resumed his position as President and CEO of Bayer’s Vanuatu Maritime Services, which operates the country’s flag of convenience ship registry In 2006 Bayer and Bohn would be harshly criticised in American congressional hearings and questions were raised about US aid going to Vanuatu. The Bayer Group by 2010 controlled 30 companies, spanning trust services and insurance businesses to exports and shipping firms for ships flying flags of convenience.


Flag of convenience (FOC) is a business practice whereby a ship’s owners register a merchant ship in a ship register of a country other than that of the ship’s owners, and the ship flies the civil ensign of that country, called the flag state.

Flags of convenience have produced such as the Monrovia register freighter the MV Rena which ran aground in New Zealand in 2016 and was owned by MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (Lebanon) flying under a Monrovia Liberian flag.

Flags of convenience have given us the Moldavan flagged MV Rhosus The Russian/Israeli leased cargo ship Rhosus, which in September 2013 brought 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate to Lebanon which on 4 August 2020 exploded, causing at least 218 deaths, 7,000 injuries, and US$15 billion in property damage, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless.

As of September 2021, the exact cause of the detonation is still under investigation but it is known the “fire works” where stored in a part of the port controlled by the Hezbollah terrorist organisation who where also known to have being importing such material for the manufacture of explosives (used its believed on rockets used to attack Israel) as a U.S. investigations in 2011 in New York accused Hezbollah of involvement in a money laundering network that funnelled hundreds of millions of dollars to Lebanon through a web of banks, used car businesses and drug traffickers in the United States, Latin America, West Africa and Lebanon.

The Beirut disaster would sink the Solidere port and CBD redevelopment plan a private-public hybrid and help bankrupt not just Lebanon’s general economy but its critical infrastructure. The development desinged to make the strategic port city of Beirut flourish was founded in 1994 by billionaire businessman and then-prime minister Rafik Hariri (whose family maintained a major stake in the project) who was assassinated in 2005 – by a car bomb right outside the St George Hotel. In 2004 Solidere shareholders (including Hari remaining family) alleged that Lebanon’s largest real estate developer had kept different sets of accounting books, failed to provide public records and that top-level executives were caught between conflicting business interests.Solidere was founded on 5 May 1994 under the authority of the Council of Development and Reconstruction and following the vision of then-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Solidere was incorporated as a privately owned company listed on the stock exchange. The name stands for Société Libanaise pour le Développement et la Reconstruction du Centre-ville de Beyrouth, French for “The Lebanese Company for the Development and Reconstruction of Beirut Central District”. Solidere had posted a net profit of $49 million in 2019, according to the company’s released audited financial statement. Total revenues jumped from $66.2 million in 2018 to $295.4 million in 2019. Advanced land sales allowed the company to repay its loans which reduced its interest costs and therefore the net profit resulted not only from the increase in sales revenues but also from the decrease in interest expenses. The company has decreased its total liabilities, including bank loans, by 40 percent. Total liabilities dropped to $417.4 million at the end of 2019. Solidere’s interest expenses fell by $13.7 million compared with 2018. The company had said that it had succeeded in further lowering its liabilities in 2020 to $225 million at the end of June, thanks to the increase in sales for advanced sales. It settled debts to banks worth $190 million. “Proceeds collected from sales will reach $342 million in the first half of 2020,” it said Solidere has been selling properties since the beginning of 2020 This lead to a jump in the share price. The price of Solidere ‘A’ share doubled compared with its closing price in October 2019. The trading volume of Solidere ‘A’ soared more than six times to around 900,000 shares in May from less than 150,000 shares in October 2019. The increase in share price was also driven by the fact that a new category of investors have entered the market. These are mainly depositors who wanted to preserve the value of their savings when the currency was collapsing. The disaster has now wiped those saving out and Lebanon will have to borrow 10 billion to rebuild. The United Nation Development Program and the private sector are heading Lebanon economic ‘recovery’.

A cargo which is suspected to have A) being carrying raw materials used to make explosive made in Nigeria for the Hezbollah B) the deadly blasts in the Lebanese capital derailed the UN backed Solidere urban development plan and wiped out the bulk of Beirut’s middle class savingsThe Moldovan company that acted for the foreign owner in the registration process was Geoship Company SRL, which was owned according to the Moldovan company register by Cypriot citizen Manoli Charalambos, the director of Acheon Akti Navigation from Limassol in Cyprus. In the ICIJ data base it disappears into a maze of shelf company’s that the ICIJ links to the United Arab Emirates.

And flags of convivence were flying on the Moldavian leased flagged ships being used to smuggle in arms into nations under UN embargo such as Libya such as MV Amazon State Secrets II notes;

“International Organisation And Operations -A Preliminary Analysis’, by Peter Chalk (– Canadian Security Intelligence Service 17.3 000/commentary No.77) “the N.Z. registered ship, the Amazon” as a “pigeon”; a vessel used to transport arms and other contraband”.

AMAZON was pinpointed in carrying military equipment to Tripoli Libya from Turkey, such as armoured vehicles. GNA-aligned forces released photographs of more than a dozen BMC Kirpi II mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles at Tripoli port on 18 May. AMAZON left Tripoli on May 20 and returned to Turkey, she called Samsun port, Turkey Black sea, on May 27. The ship was registered in Moldova Republic Registry, but after Moldova Maritime Authorities received information on arms transportation in violation of the international sanctions imposed on arms trade with war-torn Libya, the right to fly the flag of Moldova Republic was suspended.

The Weekend Herald investigations byEugen Bingham shows the Amazon regularly changed its flags being at one time registered in Singapore, but is now registered in Liberia. Before noting that “There are New Zealand connections with the group’s shipping network, a fleet that is believed to ferry explosives and arms.” She then quotes “a Canadian Security Intelligence Service report” saying the Tigers “run a secretive fleet of ships through various front companies. The fleet includes at least 10 freighters equipped with sophisticated radar and satellite communication technology. While the ships mostly carry legitimate commercial goods such as tea and concrete, they also transport explosives, arms and ammunition to the terrorist group the Tigers. Among the ships linked to the Tigers, the report names one it says flew under a New Zealand flag”.

This is also supported by Andrew Mwangura who heads the watchdog group East African Seafarers Association. Mwangura says ships believed to be carrying arms for terror groups and war lords have in the pass being flags of convenience leased to New Zealand based shelf companies. It included those believed to have supplied Iran Somalian pirates who in turn will target ships for clients with a network of informer reaching from South Africa and into the gulf of Arabia.

In my story ONCE UPON A TIME IN NEW YORK: timeline to death: Epstein Kashoggi, Cocaine – Weapons Murder- Sex & Debt,Clinton Foundation, Trump, Paradise Papers Time Line, I would also deal with the issue of ships flying Falgs of convenance and would write ” MSC, nick named by sailors world-wide as ‘More Shit Comings, is owned billionaires and shipping magnates Gianluigi and Rafaela Aponte which according to the Paradise Paper company registered in Gibraltar Malta the geographical heart of billions of dollars in bribes and side deals related to arms dealers, bribes, sex trafficking, tax evasion, fraud, organised crime and murder which surrounds the Paradise Papers”

The comment is based on the July 19 2019 discovery of the largest haul of Cocaine (belonging to the Sinola drug cartel) on a JP Morgan (Epstein’s former clients) was found on a JP Morgan bank leased Liberian flagged ship after its seized in New York Philadelphia with over billions dollars (twenty tonnes) of cocaine by US Federal Agents. It is todate the largest cocaine haul in American history.

This in turn follows a further five drug busts made in New York all involving Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) leased vessels.

It worth noting Jeffrey Epstein is mentioned earlier handled the sale of Kashoggi yacht to Donald Trump in 1989 by which time Kashoggi reputation as result of the Iran Contra affair was firmly established and Epstein was in bed with JP Morgan via Bear Stearns and a series of well hidden front firms.

The record breaking drug bust would come the very day JP Morgan’s client Jeffrey Epstein is identified by the CIJI as a Paradise Paper banker, whose Bear Stearn JP Morgan finances evolves around Mossack Fonseca Gibraltar and will be of interest to any one paying attention to Epstein, the Sinaloa drug cartel money laundering techniques, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and the Clinton Trump banking connections. As its profile and methodology again closely mirrors that not only used in the Clinton Foundation scandals but in the Magnitsky (GT Group) Papers and even the early Wine Box (See Paradise Conspiracy and Lawyers Guns & Money).

The Wine Box’s Cook IslandEuropean Magnum transactions (which is where much of the subsequent Wine Box tax evasion inquiry focused) included firms with BCCI banking ties. Money would pass through Pacific tax havens via European nations like Luxembourg be washed via banks in Ireland and then ultimately end up back in US merchant banks cleaned and with minimal if any taxes paid.

The exception to Epstein’s own early profile is his use of PWC, Deloittes, or the big four (the other two being KMPG Ernst & Young). A further two subsidiaries under Taylor GT Group (Tracom and ViCam) which can be linked to arms deals include Aerocom and Jet Line based in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. appearing in 2009 in small contracts with the US Department of Agriculture and linked to Transnitria. Moldava all of which create instant flash backs of the Iraq Gate and UN Food For Oil Fiasco all staring the use suspects.

Moldova, Transnistria, and Romania are well known internationally for being both countries of origin as well as transit points for weapons smuggled into Africa and the Middle East.

At the center of Moldova’s and Transnistria’s illicit arms trade sat Viktor Bout, the world’s most notorious gunrunner, also known as the “Merchant of Death”.

Bout’s fortune, by some accounts in excess of $6 billion, derived primarily from the illegal trade with small arms, ammunitions, and advanced conventional weapons, although by some accounts, his operations also included shipping everything from raw minerals to gladiolas, drilling equipment to frozen fish.

Bout smuggled weapons from Ukraine through Transnistria and Moldova into the Middle East and Africa.Between 2001 and 2004, Aerocom, a Chișinău-based carrier with connections to Bout, delivered weapons manufactured in the Republic of Moldova to various countries under UN embargo. In 2003, Aerocom supplied Charles Taylor, the then ruler of Liberia, with tons of small arms and ammunitions.The company’s air operating certificate was revoked in August 2004, but Aerocom continued to operate, delivering ammunition and military equipment to Iraq (Source Selected Essays on the Transition to a New Nuclear Order Judith Reppy and Catherine McArdle Kelleher, eds. After Crimea: Disarmament, Frozen Conflicts, and Illicit Trafficking Through Eastern Europe Eliza Gheorghe).

I noted in State Secrets 2, developing off the findings of my 1999 book State Secrets;

“Their is the fact that the local American military base (known as Ft ‘Eagle’) in Tuzla, Bosnia (the same area where the UN aircrafts ferrying N.Z. soldiers are said to have carried Eastern Bloc weapons to Muslim mercenary forces), just happened to serve as the arms quarter master depot for the Muslim Brigades. Eagle’s role as U.S. military storage facility of Soviet weapons only emerged in May 2006, when 250,000 AK 47’s stored at the base, went missing in a theft linked to yet another delivery of UN humanitarian aid, associated with “rogue intelligence types”, like Spitz, a Ukrainian, with links to Adnan Khashoggi, under contract to the U.S. Defence Department, whose planes were photographed transporting N.Z. soldiers to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban in September 2003”.

I would continue in a section I sub titled Boris, Bombs & BCCI ;

“On August 5th 2000, David Pallister, writing for the Guardian, reported that Air Foyle had no knowledge that one of its aircraft was being used by the Ukrainian, Victor Bout, as part of his gun running circus, to supply the RUF (Revolutionary United Front), in Sierra Leone (while at the same time, Bout was flying “UN Pakistani peace keepers” to East Timor). Unfortunately for Air Foyle, their defence of being ‘unaware’, feigning innocence, that it was a ‘one off event’, looked less convincing, when on the same day, as Pallister’s article, August 5th 2000, Italian police arrested Ukrainian-Israeli mobster Leonid Minin -a big time cocaine and guns trafficker, in room 341 at the Hotel Europa, Italy. In the company of the Ukrainian-Israeli mobster, police found four naked prostitutes, 58 grams of coke, and half a million dollars in diamonds, rubies, foreign currency, plus a suitcase of papers which documented the serial offending history of UR 82008, in relation to the Antonov Design Bureau air craft leased from Air Foyle. As a result of the papers found with Minin, police learned that on March 14th 1999, the aircraft leased from Air Foyle, had delivered sixtyeight tonnes of Bulgarian weapons and ammunition to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. These weapons were then transported by land to Sierra Leone, where they were used to supply the RUF in a bloody civil war, largely being fought over diamonds, and furiously fuelled with weapons by those wanting a piece of the action. Later it was unearthed that in July 2000, UR 82008, had also been used to ship 113 tonnes of munitions from the Ukraine to Liberia, on behalf of one of Bout’s junior associates, Valerii Cherny. In both cases, these arms were used to again supply the RUF in an operation now known to be financed by three people, Sanjivan Ruprah, Rakesh Saxena and Adnan Khashoggi. Accounts listed in the Human Rights group, Human Rights Watch (‘Neglected Arms Embargo on Sierra Leone Rebels – Briefing Paper 15.5.2000), suggest that UR 82008 may have been involved in breaching arms embargos in SierraLeone in as early as 1997.

Only a month before Air Foyle’s denial, July 2000, the same aircraft was found to have been involved once again in an incident involving the supplying of arms to Sierra Leone. Unfortunately for Air Foyle (whose “principal” customer, happened to be the British Ministry of Defence), the papers also show an incident where UR 82008 shipped
Strella 3 (known as a SA7) missiles.

UR 82008 unnamed clients (who, it must be remembered, can be shown working for Adnan Khashoggi, the defacto manager of BCCI arms operation) were shown to have obtained an SS-18 continental missile, a rocket of sufficient power to launch a satellite, or alternatively, a nuclear missile. More importantly, this was the same type of weapon that BCCI (Khashoggi’s bank of choice), had tried to obtain back in 1991, when the bank was simultaneously supplying parts to the nuclear weapons programme’s of both India and Pakistan.

The suggestion that India and Pakistan were sourcing their black market technology from the same parties was previously made in ‘State Secrets’, my source was a former New Zealand warrant officer. While in Africa, arms protesters have accused Saudi Arabia envoy to the West Khashoggi of ‘engineering’ disputes ( a claim also levelled against by Justice Jain), as part of his campaign to gain control of natural resources, including diamonds, oil, and timber, in countries such as Sierra Leone, using the likes of Bout, Tony Teixeria and the Liberian dictator, Charles Taylor, to pour fuel on the fire.

Following such allegations, it is worthwhile noting that the news stories who tie U82008 to Minin claim he is someone who provided Taylor with an extensive and sophisticated means of obtaining secure communications. An interesting point in that the documents relating to Taylor’s battle for control of a GSM communication company, cite, “the same New Zealand company called Libercell…Also used in Afghanistan”. Libercell, coincidentally, is the only N.Z. firm to have secured ‘rebuilding’ contracts in Iraq since the U.S. invasion.

This equipment is similar to the equipment also used on Americas cup yachts supplied by tait to the security forces of Saudi Arabia and Brazil and that used by Radiola the New Zealand firm named in the UN corruption report leaked by Wikileaks.


Minin had been used to buy Bulgarian arms. Minin had channelled these funds through the Banco di Lugano.

Journalist Lucy Komisar (Insight on the News
June 3, 2004) writes “A detailed analysis of Saddam Hussein’s secret money-laundering techniques shows here for the first time how he used the same offshore money launderers as Osama bin Laden. That covert money network, based in the tax havens of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Panama and Nassau, helped bankroll the war machines of both Iraq and al-Qaeda…The Banca del Gottardo in Lugano, Switzerland, moved al-Qaeda money via the Al Taqwa bank, a shell bank that operated through correspondent accounts at the Gottardo branch in Nassau. It also handled payments for the Saddam money network. The bank’s spokesman wrote, “Please be advised that we do not intend to make any comments or discuss any issues with you regarding the article you proposed in your e-mail.”…Banque Paribas, headquartered in Paris, with a significant portion of shares owned by Saddam’s cousin Nadhmi Auchi, moved money for the Al-Mahdi network in the 1980s and was the bank chosen to handle the Iraqi oil-for-food payments. In fact, Iraq insisted that Paribas handle the oil-for-food escrow account. A corporate document for Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry Co. Ltd. of Liechtenstein – an al-Qaeda network shell company also shut down by the United States – lists Banque Paribas, Lugano, where it had accounts. (Paribas in 2000 merged with another French bank to create BNP Paribas, with Auchi continuing as one of the largest shareholders.)

Lugano sure is an interesting place chock full of spy vs spy smoker and daggers. It has being like that ever since WW2 when Switzerland’s role as a neutral state/ banking haven made it a natural battle ground for the wars that go on in the shadows. Lugarno is the same lakeside town which had being the headquarters for the far right ultra powerful Propaganda Duo or P2 (after it was exposed in Italy in 1990) the bastard child of Henry Kissinger’s Gladio’s ‘Stay Behind’ army. P2 began life as as anti communist tool of NATO but matured into an equal opportunity terrorist organisation happy to fund both left and right wing groups as part of what was known as the “Strategy of Tension” its core goal to get middle class and working class polarized to the advantage of the oligarchs.

Kissinger the far right Jewish American, head of state during WWII, had served with distinction as a Counter Intelligence officer (by all accounts Kissinger was one tough sonaofabitch as a solider) fighting and interrogating Nazis which unsurprisingly he hated with a passion.

Yet Kissinger post war saw the fascist as a means to an end, whose resources the West could be used to fight communism (whom he hated even more passionately). Kissinger was part of the American apparatus who helped cooperating Nazis rise to the top of West Germany’s post war intelligence apparatus and establish Gladio (the sword) made up former SS Gestapo and Fascist that comprised of terror cells through out Europe. These would rise up and fight the USSR in the event of WWIII (while other Nazis were dispatched as intelligence advisers to anti Jewish regimes in South America or Middle Eastern nations. Initially the USA and the CIA (itself based on the model of the Gestapo) looked upon the newly born state of Israel with suspicion due to the high number of Jewish socialist leaning refugees (victims of the Holocaust). My ‘neighbour’ Walter James McIntosh*1 a ‘former’ CIA officer who to day runs the Light House Bluff B&B (who disagrees with everything I have to say about P2 – me and Mac have a complicated relationship) speaks of this by recalling a common joke told by the CIA’ in their early years (prior to the right taking domination with Israel’s military and intelligence services) “when shaking hands with a Mossad agent always check afterwards to make sure you still have your rings and watches”. Early anti-Semitism with the American intelligence services was based part in raw bigotry and in part from fear Israel with its high Eastern European population could pose as a fifth column sent to undermining the West within.

*Since setting up shop in Bluff Mac has brought in a steady stream of reformed CIA officers preaching apparent liberal doctrines which the ever affable and highly likeable Mac has into introduced to journalists in New Zealand. This includes Glen Carle (Author of the Interrogator) who I interviewed on several occasion and came away feeling that once you looked past the surface dressing Glenn was in reality not liberal but a neoliberal.

A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favour of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. Gladio was to be Kissinger’s, the former Counter Intelligence officer, response to an imagined Soviet fifth column which failed to ever emerge assuming it ever existed at all. The history of Gladio and the Cold war paranoia of the fifth column I believe lies at the root of the paradox of why I keep finding on so many occasions Jews with far right ideologies working with the far right time and time again.

Ukrainian Israeli Simon Spitz who set up shop in Lugano using Antonovs to supply arms to both African warlords and Islamic militants before he set up shop in NZ (where he became the Star of my book State Secrets) after Russia exposed his operations not long after the existence of P2 the Gladio splinter cell was exposed in 1990. In New Zealand he ran guns into UN Embargo nations, while under contract to the UN, the NZDF and Saudi Arabia before being cited in a TVNZ Eyewitness program and named as a CIA asset by the head of New Zealand’s Serious Fraud Office Charles Sturt.

Another down under connection as reported in The European, November 21-27, 1996’Spectre’ reports taht Southern Italian magistrates, who are investigating a cast of suspects headed by the Archbishop of Barcelona,Richard Carles, and Russian nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovski for alleged involvement in an international arms trafficking and money laundering ring which even involved former Serb leader Radovan Karadzic attempting to secure WMD.

Nicholas Oman who in Australia is known for his paedophilia
but oddly not his role in arms network involving super villains and nuclear weapons.

Swiss federal investigators allege payment was made earlier into the account of Banco del Gottardo in Lugano in the name of a company called Sarmos Establishment by an Italian arms dealer, Lorenzo Mazzega. “Witnesses have told investigators that the payment was partial reimbursement for a $6 million down payment made by Karadzic for a $60 million arms contract placed with Australian Slovenian arms dealer and convicted paedophile Nicholas Oman” During the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Nicholas Oman claims to have met P2 leader Gelli as part of an effort to raise investments into the small Pacific state of Tonga on behalf of its government. He believed that Gelli might be interested in such investment as the government of Tonga offered diplomatic recognition, and thus immunity, to major investors. The contract was allegedly for Russian-made missiles and bombs that would have strengthened the Serbs’ hand at the negotiating table, but the arms were never delivered. Investigators say the money was passed through an account in Mazzega’s name at the Banca di Roma in Mestre, northeast Italy. In July investigators seized a sample of osmium, a substance used in the manufacture of nuclear detonators, in a safety deposit box held at the same bank by Mazzega.

Nicholas Oman is believed to have made a fortune from arms dealing during the Balkan war and buying weapons for the war-ravaged west African nation Liberia. Arms trafficking, nuclear trafficking and money laundering are the three main threads of the investigation an international crime network “likened to James Bond’s antagonist, Spectre”.

was not only a Neo Nazi who had converted to Islam and was a fan of Osama Bin Laden but his friend and personal mentor had being Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies, or HSA. An outspoken admirer of Ayatollah Khomeini, Huber declared the Iranian leader to be the “living continuation of Adolf Hitler” as part of his attempts to link the European far right to radical Islamism. His mentor and close friend François Genoud (26 October 1915 – 30 May 1996) was a noted Swiss financier and a principal benefactor of the Nazi diaspora through the ODESSA Neo Nazi network and supporter of Islamic militant groups during the post-World War II 20th century. In 1992, Genoud told a London newspaper “My views have not changed since I was a young man. Hitler was a great leader, and if he had won the war the world would be a better place today.” (Source: Wyden, Peter (2001) The Hitler Virus: The Insidious Legacy of Adolf Hitler. Arcade Publishing  ISBN 1-55970-532-9ISBN 978-1-55970-532-5) Having forged links with the Muslim Brotherhood, Huber became involved in the Al Taqwa Bank in Switzerland In this role he was listed by United States intelligence as a funder of terrorism in November 2001 after the bank was identified as a conduit for the attackon the twin Towers with the 9/11 terrorist financed bymoney laundered via the Swiss Nazi bank with fund link to Pakistan heavily compromised intelligence the service the ISI some time jokingly referred to as BCCI ISI . (Edward F. Mickolus, Susan L. Simmons, The Terrorist List, ABC-CLIO// George MichaelThe Enemy of My Enemy: The Alarming Convergence of Militant Islam and the Extreme Right, Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2006. ISBN 0-7006-1444-3)t

Lugano is also the base of operation for Altaqwa wose CEO Ahmed Huber the Islamic Nazi bank Al Taqwa whose director Abdul Rahman Hayel Saeed Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies, or HSA was the parent firm for more than 23 shell firms who imported New Zealand diary good and Australian wheat into Iraq transfer from in New Zealand cases third party companies including Saudi New Zealand Milk Company and Vina Milk Vietnam (The firm which involved the New Zealand Ministry Foreign Affairs and Trade working with Russian Mobster and ex KGB officers).

Less than two weeks after the attacks of 9/11, U.S. President George W. Bush issued Executive Order 13224, “Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions With Person Who
Commit, Threaten to Commit or Support Terrorism.” 
A lengthy list of companies and individuals was included in the order, and prominent among those individuals on Altaqwa’s board of directors was Youssef Ahmed Idris Nasreddin, avowed members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nasreddin founded MIGA, the Malaysian Swiss Gulf and African Chamber, in 1984. MIGA was established to promote business relationships between the Gulf States and Asia, Europe and Africa. It later would be considered an organization involved in the financing of terrorist activities:

The United Nations Security Council issued a notice on May 15, 2007 listing both MIGA and Nasreddin as “belonging to or associated with the Al-Qaida organization,” and listing Ahmed Nasreddin as the “president of this entity. In an interesting side note, MIGA was suspected by some of being connected to the UN oil-for-food scandal.

A co-founder of MIGA was Abdul Rahman Hayel Saeed, an Arab businessman born into a wealthy Yemeni family that owns the Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies, or HSA. Saeed serves in a leadership position for HSA, operating in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As one of the four co-founders of MIGA, Saeed granted power-of-attorney to Nasreddin to run MIGA. HSA, “boasts a far-flung business empire, including a Yemen-based Islamic bank, and a host of business subsidiaries, affiliates and regional trading offices in places ranging from the United Kingdom to Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and China.” The conglomerate sold $400M worth of goods to Saddam Hussein between 1996 and 2003 under Iraq’s monitored oil-for-food program, with a large percentage of those sales originating in the Pacific Interlink division of HAS. Pacific Interlink sold $20M worth of palm oil to Saddam in 2001. (Source A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of San Diego State University In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Science in Homeland Security by Jason Jonathan Vaught Summer 2011).

Swiss authorities arrest Lugano citizen Alessandro Monti during raids on far-right extremist groups in northern Italy which saw police seize a French air-to-air missile that appeared in Italian police pictures with “State of Qatar” stamped on it. In a statement to Reuters, Qatar said the missile was one part of a larger weapons sale to a “friendly” nation 25 years ago. The nation was not identified. Qatar was reported as working Italian authorities as to how a missile sold 25 years ago ended up in the hands of a third non-state party.

Italian media first claimed the raids were part of an investigation into Italian far-right help for Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine. VIDEO FOOTAGE

Also arrested Fabio Del Bergiolo, 50, an Italian ex-customs officer and far-right Forza Nuova party activist; 42, a Swiss national; and Fabio Bernardi, 51, also Italian. The story of course ignores the widely In 2000 Swiss security forces reported fact that bulk of Neo Nazis fighting in the Ukraine are backed by Israel and West forces (such as the Azov paramilitary forces whose dog tags the Christchurch shooter wore and to whom the would be assassins and arms dealer appear connected to according to Russian media sources).

The investigation began in July 2019 according to western media sources “when a former KGB agent”, tipped off authorities about Ukrainian nationalists seeking to assassinate ‘right wing’ Italian politician Matteo Salvini who was seen as a “friend of Putin”. Salvini has been critical of Iranian policy towards Israel .Salvini is known for his strong pro-Russian positions.


The New Zealand link to Pandora focuses on Moldavia and highlight another Swiss connection Vladimir Plahotniuc who had 180 million in assets using a New Zealand trust *1 The Pandora Papers show Plahotniuc created the Otiv Trust in 2011 with Asiaciti's New Zealand office based in Auckland, while others show his wife Oxana Childescu repeatedly requesting tens of millions of dollars be sent to her in Switzerland over multiple years. In 2011 a due diligence report carried out for the financial sector warned that there were many serious allegations against Plahotniuc including "corruption, manipulation of the judiciary system, of money laundering, participation in arms trafficking and attacks on the Moldovan financial sector".

*1Outside of the Pandora Paper we do know he survived an assassination in 2017 investigators found the assassins had links to Russian Federation special force. He however is also banned from entering the USA. He is alleged to be involved in several frauds including the "Theft of the Century" in which a billion dollars was taken from three banks in 2014. 

Yet the heat on Plahotniuc began will before the Pandora Papers targeted Vladimir Plahotniuc in 2019 Moldovas esnt a request to the Swiss authorities for mutual legal assistance in connection with an investigation against the country’s richest oligarch, Vlad Plahotniuc. Switzerland’s Federal Office of Justice received the request to investigate the deposits of the former Democratic Party leader from the Moldovan authorities on August 26. On August 5, 2019, Moscow’s Tverskoy court issued an arrest warrant for Vlad Plahotniuc as well, after accusing him in absentia of organizing a criminal group. The prosecutor has requested his extradition to the Russian Federation. The General Prosecutor’s Office in Moldova announced on Monday evening that it plans to seize overseas property belonging to Vlad Plahotniuc. The General Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement saying, “This is about the accused’s villas in Switzerland, France and Romania, and five cars and a boat (registered in Switzerland). Also, nine apartments registered in the name of his wife, as well as four vehicles in Moldova, are to be seized”.

2014: Russian prosecutors have accused the ex-leader of the former ruling party in Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, of drug trafficking. The Russian prosecutors say Plahotniuc was part of a group of 60 people who organized the smuggling of large quantities of narcotics from the North African kingdom to Russia and its surroundings via the Europe. The investigation follows the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project into an operation known as “The Russian Laundromat,” where billions of dollars were moved from Russia, into and through the 112 bank accounts that comprised the system in eastern Europe, then into banks around the world. Much of the money ultimately found its way to Russian businessmen who own groups of companies involved in construction, engineering, information technology, banking and other forms of critical infrastructure. HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Bank of China, Bank of America, Danske Bank, and Emirates NBD .Organizers created a core of 21 companies based in the United Kingdom (UK), Cyprus and New Zealand and run by hidden owners.

OCCRP journalists supplied the Naked Capitalism (which includes veteran journalist involved in the original Wine Box case and who appear exclude from thee Pandora data files) blog with PDF documents which appear to suggest a company named Chester (NZ) Limited laundered almost 25 billion roubles. Chester (NZ)’s sole director is Leah Toureleo, who worked for the infamous Vanuatu-based GT Group, tied to the Wachovia wire transfers (Magnitsky Papers) and the North Korean arms shipment conducted under the names of corporations owned by VicAm (Auckland) Ltd who also appear in transaction relating to the sales by the state oil company of Azerbaijan.

2014: John Key’s personal lawyer, Ken Whitney and Asiaciti Trust New Zealand (The stars of the Pandora Papers) led lobbying efforts to head off an embryonic bid by the Inland Revenue Department to crack down on the sector.

22 February 2016: The soon to be murdered Caruana Galizia’s Running Commentary blog reports that Maltese government minister Konrad Mizzi had connections with Panama and New Zealand. This compelled the minister to reveal the existence of a New Zealand-registered trust two days later, which he claimed was set up to manage his family’s assets. 

25 February 2016, Caruana Galizia revealed that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat‘s chief of staff Keith Schembri owned a similar trust in New Zealand, which in turn held a Panama company. Butterfield Trust can be identified as having being run by an Auckland director, Matthew James Butterfield. Buttefield was banned from operating in the tax haven of Guernsey in 2010, five years shortly before he started work as a trust and company lawyer in New Zealand. Butterfield appeared in a Colorado deposition hearing as part of a US court battle over a separate case involving alleged fraud, theft, money-laundering, tax evasion, assassination and Azerbaijan oil & gas. The Colorado case includes an alleged plot to misappropriate $US74 million held in trust for “super rich” Russians. One Russian described as a billionaire politician had placed assets in a New Zealand trust set up in his son’s name.Fmoldova

The email from Mr Whitney – and reports from Inland Revenue officials from the time arguing the review should be kept on the table as quirks of our foreign trust regime raised reputation risks which “can only get worse” – were obtained by the Green Party under the Official Information Act. “The fact remains, IRD wanted to clean up the foreign trusts industry until the Prime Minister’s lawyer claimed John Key had promised him nothing was going to change,” Green Party co-leader James Shaw (A former spin-doctor for PWC who seem conspicuously absent from all the leaks of the century)said.

May 2016: Key was forced to put that review back on the table following a furore over the discovery of John Key’s lawyers Ken Whitney’s connection to the Panama Papers and his role in trying to kill an inquiry. This followed an Official Information Act requests from the Green Party led by the former Public Relation Specialist for Bayer Pharmaceutical and Price Water House Cooper James Shaw. Asiaciti Trust New Zealand (The stars of the Pandora Papers)

PWC of course are one of the Big Four who bar the Epstein ICIJ company profile have remained largely out of sight in all these scandals and are so far not mentioned, as Mike West points out, by the Pandora Papers team.

Which of course for New Zealand includes Nicky Hager (not a personal dig at Nicky — who has always being very generous when it comes to me in terms making time to answer my questions — Nicky chooses to work within the system. On the belief he can get more done inside the castle walls than being on the outside with us exiled heathen brigands hiding out in the forest of Sherwood)

The Greens OIA would focus on an uncovered Whitney’s email to the Revenue Minister.

Whitney put it in that email, foreign trust providers were keen to protect “an industry which has been painstakingly built up over the last 25 years or so”. Whitney was one of a handful of small firms and barristers, along with Cone Marshall, John W. Hart, OliverShaw, Anchor Trustees and Asiaciti Trust New Zealand (The stars of the Pandora Papers), who subsequently met with the then Revenue Minister Todd McClay on December 18, 2014 seven years before the release of the Pandora Papers.

July 2016: The Panama Papers show that the Stati family of Moldova has juggled more than 50 offshore companies in the international oil industry, most registered in the tax havens of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Gibraltar, Belize and Luxembourg. Oil tycoon Anatolie Stati used tax schemes to create his oil business. The documents show employees of companies affiliated to the Ascom Group, the largest oil and gas company in Moldova which is controlled by the Stati family, talking openly about bribing officials in Africa and asking the company’s management to send them money to pay the bribes.

May 7th 2016 the anonymous leaker of the Panama Papers – John Doe – targets John Key.

Key is unique in that he is the only politician the leaker John Doe will name in person and it gives us the real key to unlocking the motives behind such leaks. But Mr Key responded saying the anonymous leaker was confused about the New Zealand Prime Minister’s responsibilities.

The 1800 word statement titled The Revolution Will Be Digitized, begins with the words Income equality is one of the defining issues of our time.” The language used brings flash back of the Christchurch shooter emphasis for a Great Reset’

The leaker, who calls him-or herself John Doe, says Mr Key has been curiously quiet about New Zealand’s role in enabling what the statement calls the financial fraud mecca of the Cook Islands.

Mr Key said he had no responsibilities for tax jurisdiction in the Cook Islands.I have as much responsibility for tax in the Cook Islands as I do for Russia,” said Mr Key

Key of course ignore the role that New Zealand banks have played in the Wine Box Papers inquiry and its link to shady Russian and their shady western oligarchs using such banks to avoid taxes and launder the money they have made from selling off the family silver (to who is the real question here) to the point the system will need to be allowed to crash and reset to year zero. Key respond’s New Zealand’s involvement in the Panama Papers “was barely a footnote”.

May 8th 2016: New Zealand is identified by the Naked Capitalist more than 60,000 (the day after Key said New Zealand was not a tax haven) in the Panama Papers which labelled New Zealand as a tax haven – – a leak of over than 11 million documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca – showed the use of numerous structures to hide cash from authorities. New Zealand-based foreign trusts, including the Rotorua Trust and the Haast Trust

SP Trading incident also linked the state oil company of Azerbaijan Sumato Energy Group Ltd, to VicAm a New Zealand corporation with Moldavian arms ties that in turn link it to the Magnitsky Papers, Victor Bout and his buddies in western Israeli intelligence and the battle of the Oligarchs in the race to see which side can screw the people the fastest. As both side plan to sell critical infrastructure to even bigger crooks whose own confidential records are never released by the gate keepers of the ICIJ who use their data to selectively paint the picture they want the public to see as we edge towards the great reset.

April 2016 Panama Papers leak confirm that Mizzi owned the Panama company Hearnville Inc., and that Mizzi and Schembri had also started another company, Tillgate Inc. The companies were co-owned by the Orion Trust New Zealand Limited, the same trustees of Mizzi and Schembri’s New Zealand trusts, Rotorua and Haast respectively

May 2016 John Key now claims his lawyer had misrepresented him when lobbying the Revenue Minister “not to change the rules governing foreign-owned trusts”. Mr Key was adamant he told one of his ministers that a man he was referring on to him with queries about trust rules was his own personal lawyer.

On 11 April 2016, Mr Key said that the government was likely to appoint an “independent expert” to review New Zealand’s foreign trust laws.

On 12 April 2016 “independent” tax specialist John Shewan was appointed to conduct the review. Labour’s then leader Andrew Little claims Mr Shewan could be found telling Bahama officials to preserve its status as a tax haven. Mr Shewan rejected the allegations. The government was also warned that quick fixes to the foreign trust regime would not be enough to restore the country’s reputation. (In Part Two will look at the curious connection of Ross Adern to Paradise Papers and Andrew Little Reluctance to discuss this or it role in his down fall as leader of Labour).

Stuffs Neil Chenoweth wrote prior to the selective release of the Pandora Papers (about 1% of the data) in article titled John Key Keeps Lid on Hidden Billions “Within days of the release of the Panama Papers in April, the major players behind New Zealand’s embattled foreign trust sector began a lobbying campaign that has helped to minimise changes that would identify their secret clients. Within days of the release of the Panama Papers in April, the major players behind New Zealand’s embattled foreign trust sector began a lobbying campaign that has helped to minimise changes that would identify their secret clients. The disclosure bill, which is now under review by select committee, has the singular feature that it arguably does not increase disclosure…industry submissions challenge the amendments virtually clause by clause…At least the government will not be caught flatfooted again, unable to respond to leaks like the Panama Papers”. Tax haven advocates say anonymity is vital to protect their lives.

16 October 2017, Investigative journalist Daphane Caruana Galizia is driving home when a bomb placed in her car exploded killing her instantly. The blast left the vehicle scattered in several pieces across nearby fields. Caruana Galizia was in the driver’s seat at the time, though her bodily remains were found by her son Matthew, 80 metres away from the blast site. He would post on Facebook, “I looked down and there were my mother’s body parts all around me”.

2018: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) post John Key confirms the continued donating of government funds to the discredited Clinton founded charities. Nearly six million had being donated to a spin-off of the Clinton Foundation to Hillary Clinton’s, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a non-profit organisation created from the Clinton Foundation with the stated goal to reduce HIV/AIDs in Africa. Since the 1990’s NZ and Australian Authorities have donated more than 400 million in charity to CARE Australia, AusAid and The Clinton Foundation. None of those charities feature in my books in a flattering manner.

2018/2019: Inland Revenue being investigating 13.4 million documents the Paradise Papers from an offshore law firm and a trust company in Singapore which revealed where the super-rich keep their money. Among public figures linked to the documents is the Queen’s private estate which has millions of pounds invested in the tax havens, the BBC reported. Around GBP10 million ($NZ22m) of the Queen’s private cash is said to have been tied up in offshore portfolios, the BBC reports. The cache of documents also includes half a million records from Asiaciti Trust, one of the firm John Key’s lawyer worked with to try and shut down an investigation of New Zealand as money laundering gangsters paradise, the firm based in Singapore specialises in off-shore services for clients.

Feb 2019: Lawyers in Mozambique Africa sue Stephen Jennings old work place Credit Suisse (Jennings old bosses), alleging fraudulent loans. with $200 million of billion in bribes and kickbacks, also involving Russian bank VTB Group, passed through the bank according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

CBC Director Jenny Shipley former Prime Minister of New Zealand. & A New Zealand Privy Councillor The summary of the profile of New Zealand politicians who end up in firms associated with corruption seems to be consortiums where less front firms own less than 5% and form collaboration with Eastern Oligarchs (whose loyalty is fleeting at base) and then finally Chinese state backed multinationals/

*1 The main shareholder of VTB is the Russian government who own 60% remaining share holding Qatar Holding LLC and the State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) and commercial bank China Construction Bank (Director include former New Zealand PM Jenny Shipley) also hold shares. (Author’s Note (AN) 1).

It also featured Christchurch New Zealand investment banker Andrew Pearse which the “The Paradise Papers” show was a shareholder of and Palomar Energy Holdings, both registered to tax haven the British Virgin Islands. Officially involved in a UN tuna-fishing project and coastal erosion protection system and oh yeah unofficially was into arms deals, who was formally charged on July 22nd 2019 for his part of the Panama Paradise Papers ongoing investigation into white-collar crime. Debt cancellation activists welcomed the arrests, but criticised authorities for not taking a leading role against fraudulent loans they are aimed at exploiting developing world. 

The US charges focus on deals from several years ago that allowed Mozambique to borrow US$2b for maritime projects and coastline protection, similar to those conducted by Lebanese Nigerian Chagoury Group who would pledge $1 billion in coastal erosion projects in Africa to the Clinton Global Initiative according to CF own website. The indictment said at least US$200m of the UN funds were diverted for Food For Oil styled bribes and kickbacks, prosecutors said.

Pearse, who is from Christchurch New Zealand, was the head of Credit Suisse’s Global Financing Group until about September 2013. Four months earlier around April 2013 Pearse started setting up subsidiaries with international naval construction firm Privinvest Group. A firm owned by arms delaer Lebanon-born French billionaire Iskandar Safa (photo below) who builds war ships and submarines for Israel.

From 1978 to 1981, Iskandar Safa claims to have managed the construction of a military airport in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). This is not strictly an accurate statement: during this period, and a bit later, he was working as a site engineer for INECC at the King Abdulaziz Military Academy project in Salbukh, near Riyadh.In 2007, Iskandar Safa took part in the creation of the Abu Dhabi Mar naval construction site with Al Aïn International and became executive director. In 2011, Privinvest purchased Al Aïn International’s shares. Today Safa is the wealthiest person in Lebanon, a person saturated in the intrigues of the Middle East and French politics, a modern day Adnan Kashoggi.

United Kingdom companies records show Andrew James Pearse of New Zealand is 49 years old and had appointments at three companies while living in the UK. He was appointed director of Meadowmead in 2013 and resigned in 2014. The company went into liquidation in 2016. In 2015 he was appointed director of Discovery Capital, now dissolved, and he is still a director of BFP Properties. The Christchurch Press report shows he has two Christchurch Church properties are now co-owned by a company with the same initials as Pearse, called AJP Trustee Services.

The Press says the properties are co-owned by an individual named Nicola Frances Bell. Bell is sole shareholder of AJP Trustee Services and her registered address is the Merivale property. Bell is also a director of AJP Trustee Services with Anna Fox. AJP Trustee Services has a registered address at Christchurch law firm Saunders Robinson Brown (SBR), where Fox works as managing partner. She is a busy ladyher company directorships take about six pag on the company offices website.

Anna previously spent three years in London, working in the finance department of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, as well as in the in-house legal teams for Enron and its successor in the energy market, American Electric Power.

Enron Corporation was an American energy, commodities, and services company based in Houston, Texas. Its entered into bankruptcy and the west slang meaning fraud on a massive scale on December 3, 2001 due to massive mismanagement, fraud and inside trading.

SBR in turn are affiliated with numerous charities part of burgeoning charity industry orientated around John key changes to charity tax laws which permit unlimited donation and rose the rebate from 2.5% to 33%. SBR is located at 130 Kilmore St, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch. SBR one of Christchurch oldest legal partnerships handling legal affairs for the Catholic Church including property deals and the pay out of Catholic church hush money to abuse victims in return for their silence which did for the church for over thirty years.

Robinson was critical in getting victims to sign non disclosure agreements that help maintain a cover up on widespread institutionalised sexual abuse for twenty years. In 2003 Lee Robinson was one of the negotiating lawyers involved when Sister’s of Nazareth (who also do a sig line in looking after ) brokered a deal with 17 people alleging abuse at its Christchurch orphanages, men and women who complained to the Sisters of Nazareth about their time at Nazareth House and St Joseph’s Home between the 1930s and 1960s who were violently and sexually preyed upon. The Catholic church apologised to the alleged victims and gave away thousands of dollars in “gifts” to the victims: but did not go so far as issuing an apology. Lee Robinson told the press the beneficiary if the ‘gifts’ were in the care of the church for several years., were they’ve een “disenfranchised” and “compromised” as a result of all sorts of things including “they say” their time at Nazareth House which has also cared for dying Christchurch leaders including prominent Christchurch politician Jim Anderson Bob Parker in their final days.

*1 It be interesting to see if Nazareth also cared for the husband of Christchurch Mayor Liane Dalziel Rob Davidson who became very sick and died not long after his own role in water corruption and election donation bribes was made public. Dalziel has also very publicly lobbied to see that concerns raised over lack of transparency of the Christchurch Foundation charity, which arose after this author pointed out issue of concern and potential conflicts of interest. Specifically surrounding the Christchurch charity The Christchurch Foundation by former patron saint of former apartheid South African mercenaries and CIA Helicopter pilots newspaper magnate and South Canterbury Finance director Humphrey Rolleston, having spoken first to IRD whistle blower Jarrod Theobald. Theobald having pointed out how John Keys new charity laws offered a new home (complete with tax rebates) to those seeking tax haven shelters following New Zealand’s alleged tightening up on company laws and disclosure.

That those taking advantage of it were Christchurch old boys and prominent Americans with major US political clout. Rob Davidson is a former abused Catholic borstal boy turned old school crook, turned Railways union boss, turned lawyer who back in the day included among his friends Ronald Jorgensen the Bassett St machine gun killer and rough as guts meat worker, union boss and future Prime Minister and UN Global Migration architect Mike Moore.

Interestingly the Pandora Papers show how the Roman Catholic order when caught up in an international paedophilia scandal squirrelled nearly $300 million in assets in secret New Zealand trusts with funds being pumped into New Zealand’s real estate market. A review of leaked documents by the ICIJ “shows deep connections to the Legion in all three trusts, which share the same New Zealand address and have the same trustees managing them”.

Outside of hob nobbing with royalty sponsoring charity for the lawyers who manage paedophile hush money. Fink also dabbled in being in making Africa green or at less making himself some green WWF style from Africa’s forced privatisation of its forestry using the same green wash used to clear indigenous people off lands rich in minerals or holding military strategic value. A process now taking place in New Zealand under the current government as we head towards the great reset. .

In schemes whose profits are then hidden in tax havens to maximise profits.

Fink, who is CEO of the New Forrest Company East Africa, has claimed the privatising of Uganda and Mozambiques forest and water is alleviating, poverty in its host nations and combating climate change. Prime Minister Ngabonziza, Director General of Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority says

We started privatising state-owned forests, our assessment revealed that forests can be well-managed and maintained if they are privatised,” 

However New Forest Company is accused separately by Oxfam of exploiting intimidating workers, displacing 22,000 indigenous tribes people and off scamming carbon credits in a virtual ponzi trade as they rort the carbon trading scheme and climate loans then get diverted to buy weapons.

Some thing to think about retrospectively as you think about the privatisation of New Zealand Forrest and learn that on Friday 22nd November, the New Zealand Institute of Forestry hosted a small “round-table’ meeting with The Prince of Wales in Christchurch to discuss “opportunities” and challenges facing the forestry sector in New Zealand.

Eleven forestry professionals; including the 2017, 2018 and 2019 recipients of The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry met Prince Charles.

July 2017:-2019: Paul Robert Mora (previously of Merrill Lynch), a former St Bedes (a Catholic School) alumni graduate who has being accused of involvement in billion dollar tax scam known as ex-cum in which tax is laundered through a 12 step process of share sharing that uses a chain of banks, lawyers, consultant. His current Wikipedia profile is blank. Numerous article on him have being delinked. The New Zealand banker wanted in Germany for his alleged part in defrauding taxpayers of millions maintains he did no more than exploit a loophole.

Withstanding the basics are an Ex-cum transactions creates the illusion of one pool of shares (which tax is based on) when in fact their are several. So through the process of a defacto shell game only a fraction of taxes on the full share worth is ever paid.

Mora invested heavily in the Christchurch real estate market and owns numerous properties including West Kilmore Precinct whose neighbour coincidentally include Christchurch law firm Saunders Robinson Brown (SBR), where Anna Fox the director of AJP Trustee Services used by Credit Suisse merchant banker to launder stolen aid money into New Zealand’s lucrative property market works as managing partner. Mora also owns property in Cramner Square where the re-elected mayor of Christchurch Lianne Dalziel has just moved into a new residence. Mora’s Christchurch property developer partners are also believed to have an interest in the burgeoning water market which Christchurch Mayor has her self had to admit failure (forgotten largely due to the tragedy of the Christchurch attacks), after not disclosing a family connection to water bottler Cloud Ocean Water, admitting there was a conflict of interest she “should have managed”. Dalziel husband Rob Davidson an ex Catholic naughty borstal boy turn lawyer (Laziel’s “diamond in the rough”) practice Davidson Legal, was representing Cloud Ocean and had offered to use “personal contacts to lobby politicians”. That offer has since been revoked so Dalziel maintains. Dalziel conceded there was a conflict of interest over her knowledge about her husband’s work, admitting she should have told colleagues. Dalziel however maintains she and her husband keep their work separate and had not planned to use her reputation to procure business. Davidson & Associates continued after that statement to advertise on the company’s own web site Rob is married to Lianne Dalziel, the mayor of Christchurch, who was a former member of Parliament for Christchurch East, and a former Minister of Immigration and Commerce”.

In future chapters will explore Naughty Rob, their role in privatising Christchurch’s water and critical infrastructure a bit deeper. For now its suffice to say of Dalziel “diamond in the rough” is the gateway to understanding not just Christchurch but what goes on behind the stage curtain and the façade of Canterbury old boy respectability. Naughty Rob passed away suddenly not long after public scrutiny began to fall on Dalziel and her partner approach to politics and business and Dalziel herself announced not long after wards she would not be standing for Mayor again and letting the curtain fall.

2019: The Hamilton City Council discharged 1.782 million litres of wastewater including human sewage into the Waikato River leading to it been convicted and fined $54,000.The ‘brown town’ discharge from its central city wastewater pumping station occurred over a 19-hour period on February 20, 2018.

According to the sentencing notes, an engineer discovered the wastewater was discharging into the Waikato River. Hamilton City Council waters manager Maire Porter said their investigation discovered the pump’s span setting – the sensor system used to measure wastewater levels in the underground holding wells – had been changed“. Turning off the wastewater station’s pumps “required access to its computer software”. This required a password” (but not a password that was user specific) meaning the change was deliberate.

Anyone with access to the computer terminals within the greater Hamilton city area that were connected with this software could have done this. The Council was unable to find out who changed that setting. 

Waikato’s Water Wars.

It turns out intrigue simply swirls around water ownership of the mighty Waikato. The river has being at the centre of attempt Chinese buy ups, serious lobbying by Coca-cola (see Cocacola Tricksters and Coke ‘exempt’ under Labour’s water bottling plan ) and shadowy Russian Oligarchs surrounded by former KGB types. Including those right inside the middle of NZ’s water governance and infrastructure planning and including names well known to the global press in relation to the world of money laundering and bribing politicians.

Blofeld`s cat a Persian

Que Monty Norman’s James Bond theme music and break out the fluffy white villain cats and bullet proof Aston Martins.

Will a Porsche any way which is what Waiwera Water owner Mikhail Khimich of Russia was driving when he blew nearly 1 and a half times after being pulled over for speeding on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, court papers show. Judge Pippa Sinclair however threw the case out after ruling police had failed to inform Khimich of his rights because of language difficulties.

Waiwera enigma: Slip sliding away - NZ Herald

Khimich, who turns out to be a powerful Russian oligarch with shady friends in low places, had invested in NZ water industry heavily with interest in Ordover Trust and subsidiaries Waiwera water, Waiwerea Thermal Resort Ltd, Waiwera Global, Waiwera Water Ltd, plus Waiwera Infinity Ltd, Robert Graham Institute Natural Waters which were listed to his home address or to 21 Waiwera Rd Waiwera Auckland. The crown of this liquid gold mine was the Waiwera water bottling company and water park north of Auckland, which has since been placed into liquidation in October 2019 and is subject to at less one investigation (from the NZ Companies Office) due to financial irregularities.

Whatever Happened to Our Billionaire Khimich? | Newsroom
Kimich Kimdotcom & the “Colonel”

Khimich initially enjoyed positive media moved in high-profile social circles with the likes of New Zealand politicians and Kim Dotcom. Dotcom being the German the hacker who got Auckland former mayor John Banks into hot water for dodgy election campaign donations and then had an almost personal feud with John Key the merchant banker who turned politicians shortly before scuttling back to banking. A decision made not long after the proverbial hit the fan leaving the usually timid press to ask was the former German hacker tuned cyber entrepreneur the Paradise Paper leaker? If he is Dotcoms not saying as he hunkers down with all the other Queenstown billionaires that both Labour and National have permitted to buy their way into New Zealand and set up places to hide their loot from such touted disasters as the recently and increasing idea out power lines might get taken out by cyber hacker or solar flare

Offshore the Russian specialised not in water and selfies but energy commodities co-owning – a major supplier of oil and gas to the Russian military NaftaSib.

Khimich is deemed a good friend of the pre Putin KGB old guard who seem to have aligned themselves with the western oligarchs who set out to pillage Russia at the start of Perestroika and in doing set the stage for renewed East West tensions including the Ukraine (which borders Moldava) where US and Israeli financed Neo Nazi paramilitary forces such as the Agov Battalion, whose dog tags the Christchurch wore (and had sewn on to his pack) are, faceoff against Russian back separatist and alternatively Democrat and Republican President have being accused of shady oil deals. A situation repeated in Syria and Iran where truth of claims withstanding the Pandora Papers news teams seems to have aligned themselves with the West and the 1% of the leaks shown to us to date fit closely with that specific narrative. .

Heist: Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, His Republican Allies, and the Buying  of Washington - Kindle edition by Stone, Peter H.. Politics & Social  Sciences Kindle eBooks @

Khimich’s friendship with the Russian military saw him caught up in a bipartisan US politician lobbyist bribing scandal known as ‘The Abramhoff affair’ in the 1990’s when post the White House Revolution in Moscow he paid a bribe to US Congressman that would allow the International Monetary Fund to bail out the failing Russian economy gutted ironically in no small part due to the rise of the Russian oligarch.

That scandal in many mirrors the present day Biden Trump Ukraine donation scandals – which illustrates if nothing else that just like the USA not all Russians come from one happy family. That just because some one was KGB it does automatically means they are now welcome at the Kremlin these days. The scandal regardless held up Khimich’s application to buy into Waiwera for two years. The Overseas Investment Office eventually deemed him of “good character”, an indication the West thought Khimich was the right kind of Russian.

Between 1999 and 2006, Khimich owned half of the Russian energy company Naftasib, with its other owner, Alexander Koulakovsky and vice-president Marina Nevskaya. Before that, he had acted as the company’s general manager. 

Naftasib became embroiled in a scandal after it was reported

Whatever happened to our 'billionaire' Khimich? | RNZ News

In New Zealand his Belarussian ‘model’ girlfriend Maria Dzidirava, who was with Khimich when his super yacht Thalia visited New Zealand in 2013, formed the headline ‘The spy who loved us’ after NaftaSib vice-president Marina Nevskaya told the journalists at a Team Emirates America’s Cup fund raiser (where Khimich donated $100,000) was a “former Russian intelligence”, which was at the time written off as a joke. Maria Dzidirava, is in a lieutenant colonel in the GRU (an abbreviation for the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation). Though much like the plethora of ‘former CIA’ types to be found hanging out in dubious bars in the Pacific the emphasis should be put on former. For post cold war spies on both side have found their is more of future to being a private ‘security consultants’, than being a lowly paid agents of the state. And some are even doing both. Spying in the 21st century is a complicated business in the sense “every ones at each other throats while every one simultaneously living in each other pockets”, to quote another fictional detective with however real world lesson’s for us all Fox Mulder of the X Files.

While in New Zealand Khimich’s former business associate, was New Zealand citizen Alexander Kirichuk – formerly of the Ukraine. The business relationship soured so Kirichuck says after a “Russian who moved in similar circles” attempted to “recruit” Kirichuck daughter Victoria Kirichuk, then a New Zealand police officer at the time. 

After declining the offer – which included payment “three times’” as much as her police salary to access the police database – a harassment campaign was waged against her and her family, which included multiple death threats and instances of intruders on their property during the night. The family has filed multiple reports about the attempt and subsequent incidents with police, SIS, the US consulate, and the IPCA. None of them want to investigate

Victoria Kirichuk offered payment “three times’” as much as her police salary to access the police database ,

Copies of these documents formed the basis of a RNZ investigation which documented how Kirichuck was forced out of the police and received death threats just as the Kirichucks claimed.  

Another of Khimich’s New Zealand associates was Dr Alexander Kouzminov who worked as Waikato’s Senior Policy Advisor for Water Policy, Science and Strategy at Waikato Regional Council. Kouzminov previously worked as a Russian KGB bio-warfare virologist who has defected to the private sector as a private/ government consultant.

I did say some time spies do both.

Kouzimnov journey to New Zealand water gold mines follows his alleged defection from the KGB where he was a biological weapons expert, during the Cold War of the 1980’s.

Big Barrel | Online Liquor Store NZ. KGB Lemon Ice 5% Vodka Premix 12pk  Bottles 275ml

Kouzminov however failed to secure similar postings in the US as the FBI agents vetting Kouzminov during his defection were not impressed by what he had to offer. They were not convinced after he failed to back up his claims that he had switched sides and or did not simply have his own self serving agenda.

Kuzminov has generally being regarded with distrust by the FBI ever since and The Ministry of Health claim they did not know his past when they hired him. In 2014 Kouzminov, who tested more than twice the legal drink-drive limit, was let off a drunk driving conviction. Like Khimich leniency had had being, on the grounds he would lose the right to travel overseas as a consultant for “several foreign intelligence agencies”.

As for his actual spy pedigree the Magazine Nature. (pg 628–629.Published online 2005 Aug 3. doi: 10.1038/436628a) review of Kouminov book Russia Secret Weapons (reviewed by Jens H. Kuhn,Milton Leitenberg, and Raymond A. Zilinskas) notes, “Kouzminov provides little information on the accomplishments of these and other agents in the biological field. Nor does he identify the Soviet research institutes with which the KGB allegedly collaborated in an effort to create more potent bioweapons, despite the fact that many of them are known today to Western security and academic communitiesKouzminov describes himself as a biophysicist with a microbiological background, so it is surprising how many technical mistakes he makes. For example, he misidentifies the bacteria Bacillus anthracis and rickettsiae as viruses, and misspells agents such as Francisella tularensis and Yersinia pestisAt best, Biological Espionage is the personal memoir of a former Soviet employee who writes about the practices of Soviet and Russian intelligence agencies in the biological field but provides little evidence of their accomplishments. Why was it written in the first place? If not to inform, then perhaps to misinform?

In short much of his public material on spying and the threats caused by biological warfare and man made virus is undocumented. It can not be substantiated else where and seems focused on telling what the hawks (and those who stand to profit) wish to hear and is not taken seriously by serious academics specialising in these issues.

Such glowing referee however did not prevent Kouzminov coming to work for the New Zealand government Senior Policy Adviser on Water policy for Ministry of Health in relation to writing policy on water quality. Today Kouminov, as stated previously, is employed as senior policy adviser to Waikato Regional Council on water policy specialising in water quality.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-32.png

Kouzminov’s publications include (but are not limited to); Waters of New Zealand: Inside the Bottle The state’s environmental politics in New Zealand, New Zealand risk management and regulatory approach for toxic cyanobacteria in drinking-water, Regulation and Management of Cyanobacteria Drinking-Water Standards for New Zealand 2005 (Revised 2008), New Zealand risk management approach for toxic cyanobacteria in drinking-water, Proposed Policy Mechanism for International Counter-bioterrorism and Bioweapons Non-proliferation, New Zealand risk management and regulatory approach for cyanobacterial bloom events, Drinking-Water Standards for New Zealand 2005New Zealand: Risk assessment, management and regulatory approach for cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins in drinking-water, Identifying the level of risks from genetically modified organisms development.

Kouzminov was also chief executive of the Robert Graham Institute, part of the Waiwera Group owned by Mikhail Khimich.

The Robert Graham Institute was named after Auckland merchant Robert Graham who in 1897 purchased 1897 ha at Wairakei in 1881 and erected a distinctive hotel to accommodate those taking the thermal waters of Taupo (also of interest to those interested in Taupo Lithium deposits).

Kouminov writes (‘Waters of New Zealand: Inside in The Bottle’) “that no inhabited country in the world possess ground water in greater numbers, variety and medicinal value than New Zealand“. That New Zealand’s water are ranked in quality term as in the world’s top three best and are worth 8 billion dollars. He has researched New Zealand water, their types, locations and quality extensively for his clients extensively. And yet offshore exploitation of our water, by exotics like Khimich, is not the worse threat out there when it comes to the vulnerability and exploitation of New Zealand’s core infrastructure.

April 2019 Palo Alto Networks the global cybersecurity giant announces the appointment of Lorraine Twohill, chief marketing officer at Google LLC (formerly Google Inc.), and the Right Honorable Sir John Key, former member of Parliament and prime minister of New Zealand, to the company’s board of directors. Key government has just signed off on $20 billion in defence spending much of which will focus on cyber security ‘Wellbeing Budget’, which had the Labour government funding a $100 million on keeping “New Zealanders cyber secure and building a secure digital nation.”

June 2020: I also reported (The Return of Inspector Bozo) how Key “who is now marketing himself as cyber security czar says State-based cyber attacks are not new, and people who do not take their cyber risks seriously could get an “awful surprise” . Key at the time was speaking at the launch of tech industry hub Umbrellar Connect 

July 2020  I report how the New Zealand cyber attacks tied to Russian hacking group Fancy Bear came only weeks after Russian IT expert Alexander Vinnik was arrested in Greece on an extradition order from the United States.

Prosecutors alleged Vinnik a bitcoin banker for Fancy Bears hacking group controlled a Bitcoin exchange which laundered billions of dollars for criminal networks. Vinnik denies the charges and fought the extradition for three years. In 2019 as part of the criminal proceedings The New Zealand police Asset Recovery Unit has announced it had frozen around $140 million controlled by a New Zealand company registered to Vinnik has been frozen in connection to the global investigation. While 412 Lake Road Takapuna Auckland, was also the address used by SWISS FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED which was subject in 2011 New Zealand Reserve Bank warning. (See Also Part Three) but no action was taken.

Company nameAppointed to roleCompany IncorporatedCompany Address
KAPITI CONSOLIDATED LIMITED28 Mar 200328 Mar 2003412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
ASPEN CONSOLIDATED LIMITED28 Mar 200328 Mar 2003121 Kawaha Point Road, Kawaha Point, Rotorua, 3010 NEW ZEALAND
TULLOCH CONCEPTS LIMITED13 Apr 200513 Apr 2005412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
ETERNAL DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED1 Aug 20051 Aug 2005412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
ATOR LIMITED22 May 2008 – 20 Feb 2012 (resigned)22 May 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
DELPHI FINANCIAL SERVICES NZ PTY LIMITED14 Jul 2010 – 14 Aug 2010 (resigned)27 May 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
TRADING AND SHIPPING TRUST COMPANY LIMITED31 Jul 2008 – 8 Mar 2012 (resigned)31 Jul 2008NZTCS, Level 2, 60 Grafton Road, Grafton, Auckland, 1010 NEW ZEALAND
PREMIUM NZ HOLDINGS LIMITED14 Aug 200814 Aug 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
BENJAMIN CHARLES LIMITED14 Aug 2008 – 4 Nov 2011 (resigned)14 Aug 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
GOLDWATER COMPANY LIMITED18 Jun 2009 – 8 Mar 2012 (resigned)18 Jun 2009c/- Margaret Moore, 7 Summer Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, 1011 NEW ZEALAND

This network of dubious Russians can also immediately be identified back to the 2009 Magnitsky Papers in which billions were laundered through New Zealand.



Vinnik demonstrates;

A) The impact such cowboys were having on genuine commerce.
B) How such forces were enhancing disability and impacting people and business in real time.
C) These crimes should of being stopped long before authorities stepped as their was not exactly a absence of clues or red flags.

D)Showed New Zealand was indeed a major cog in the global money laundering and black market arms trade as my own books would repeatedly document with the same volume of evidence your reading now but two decades earlier.


June 2021 Price Waterhouse Cooper plans to spend $12 billion and hire 100,000 new people in areas such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity by 2026, the latest move by a Big Four accounting firm to bet big on technology and cybersecurity.

November 11th 2021 Helen Clark joins Richard Edelman,  Professor Jonathan HaidtDr David SuzukiAmber Mac and Tony Fernandes as keynote speakers at the APEC2021 CEO summit. The state of the world with and post Covid: economic recovery, trade and protectionism. The Digital Disruption Opportunity: digital transformation, technology and innovation, and the importance of digital equity. The Primacy of Trust: ESG (environmental, social, governance) – the next focus for business, and business as a force for good. The Future of Energy: clean technology, renewable energy, and energy transition including hydrogen. The Sustainability Imperative: sustainable growth, climate change, food sustainability and provenance. The Summit is being supported by premier partners:  PwC (Knowledge Partner), Contact Energy, Fonterra, Microsoft, and Westpac NZ.

APEC website declares “As we stare down one of the biggest economic challenges of our generation, business has an opportunity to reset and do things differently. APEC 2021 LIVE with Business will bring together leading business figures and thought leaders as we navigate a recovery from COVID-19, and ask – where to from here? “This series will help set the business agenda for the big conversations at this year’s CEO Summit.” APEC 2021 effectively seems simply an extension of the World Economic Foru which Clark attended last year where according to Klaus Schwab the Founder and Executive Chairman of WEF: “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

The WEF suggests that the most urgent reason for a reset is the COVID-19 crisis which has serious long-term consequences for economic growth, public debt, employment, and human wellbeing. If left unaddressed some believe the world will be left less sustainable, less equal, and more fragile. The Great Reset agenda will have three main components. The first involves steering the market toward fairer outcomes, such as changes to wealth taxes and new rules governing intellectual property, trade and competition. Its proposed that governments will improve coordination in tax, regulatory and fiscal policy and create conditions for a ‘stakeholder economy’.  

The second component pursue alleged goal of equality and sustainability is established, for example, through large-scale spending programs to create a more resilient, equitable and sustainable system. Measures could include building green urban infrastructure. The final priority would be to harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, by specifically addressing health and social challenges in particular.1

Sounds okay in principal but as always the question needs to be asked who watches the watchman. Does it really make the worlds a fairer place with all the Naughty boys and girls from the B Team made an example of. Or does it just clean the decks for further centralisation of power and wealth by the A Team & Team America with continued dreams of American Century.

This is not so much a clean up but a consolidation of monopiles by the big boys.

Both my books were New Zealand best sellers (based on either volume of unit sold or via having made the Sunday Times and Whitcoulls best seller list[No #2 State Secrets]), both have stood the test of time and both were either ignored by the media itself or sneered at until it became political convenient to do so – though it was clear authorities were well aware and interested in what I was publishing.

The corporate media disinterest came despite the ground breaking work the books covered, well before the age of digital leaks and the New Zealand media had caught onto the story. Only after the very scenarios described and documented in my books (as I just gave an example of) would first be run by offshore media and one so in a highly selective manner. Scoop Media being the exception who would report how my book had being black listed (and chose to print my publishers letter)

They were vindicated by the subsequent events of both UN Food For Oil scandal, Wiki Leaks US New Zealand cables, the Collapse of South Canterbury Finance, my successful repelling of a threat of legal action by President Regan’s National Security Adviser Richard V Allen.

Allen being a share holder in Yukos Oil (Central to the Magnitsky Papers dispute), one of the men who help John Key elected with the financial backing of Stephen Jennings Renaissance bank Moscow and he was the defacto bagman for Project Democracy bagman and a key Iran Contra conspirator.

It was no less than Allen’s own word (which he would reveal in his own law suits threat to me) that Senator Tower Commission was chaired by the very party who had initiate the Iran Contra affair who chief villains and main bank BBCI can be leaked to directly to key actors in both the Santos Coup, the Nugan Hand Banking scandal, Ron Renwald’s Pacific island misadventures, the Wine Box scandal, New Zealand/Australia’s role in the UN’s Food For Oil/Guns For Butter/Weapons, the Magnitsky Papers. The Magnitsky Papers (The Das Spiegel version not the Bowder narrative) in turn having direct cross over to the Panama Paradise and Pandora Papers.


I wish just for once some in side the castle walls would listen and act on what I believe is a pending clear and present danger. As it clear the common actors to all these papers and documentation are also major player in both the proliferation of terrorism and weapon of mass destruction. Proponents of both an economic reset which only benefit the few (not the many) and are aligned with the war bent America for A New Century.


In the mean time the consequence of organised crime destabilises democracy. It destroys the very critical infrastructure society needs to functions and centralises both power and wealth to the point the system is buckling. And of course the winners of such reset would will be the hounds that do not barks as Sherlock Holmes would say.

Those who should be in the headlines but are not.

For the ICIJ for all its impressive content is not a leak in the true context that the largely forgotten Julian Assange Wikileaks were and doen without fear or favour.

Wikileaks was a data base available to all.

WHY WERE AMERICAN NEOCONS MEDIA MAGANTE MURDOCH (One of the Big American aligned media firms releasing Pandora & American Tech lords all meeting in New Zealand ahead of the America’s Cup.

The ICIJ however have increasingly and jealously guarded their data as they carefully and selective leak data in a manner that has other journalist (such as Michael West) questioning as to what their real motive is and how this fits with the original whistle blowers . Those who have clearly risked life and limb only to have a finger nail of that data made available to the public.

I don’t believe, knowing one of the ICIJ reporters Nicky Hager professionally over three decades (since I first interviewed him when he published Secret Powers), this is the fault, intention, or reflects a lack of integrity of any of the individual journalist involved, certainly not Nicky.

In fact I think, on a case by case basis, the Pandora papers alone demonstrate some of the most breath taking quality journalism I have seen in thirty years. Full credit goes to the individual journalist who make up consortium which began as both a tribute and promise to extract justice for Daphane Caruana Galizia. The death of any journalist in the line of fire is something which every journalist who comes to the profession as a calling (as opposed to a pay check) feels at deep and personal level. But yes ,at an editorial level at the very less, the Pandora Papers seems down right hinky (from the view of whose being named and whose not) considering the same news outlets, now leading the charge to reveal ‘all’ have being deafeningly silent in their defence of Julian Assange.

Only the naïve and gullible in a post Rupert Murdoch/ Robert Maxwell / BBC Jimmy Saville revelation’s world believes that editors in turn don’t answer to higher powers more interested in shareholders and pursuing agendas than the publics right to know. There is a partisan feel to the leaks and that alone should ring alarm bells as should the absence of explanation in terms of how these leaks impact us not just as individuals with personal stories that push emotional buttons in us but how the leaks impact and destabilise both economies and democracy as a whole.


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