The 456 Are Coming For Your Children; They Will Go Door to Door Four By Four.

The 456: You have one day to deliver ten percent of the children of this world.
Frobisher: And if we refuse?
The 456: We will wipe out your entire species”

Children of the Earth….TorchWood TV sci fi series

My OIA was at less acknowledged, after a phone call to the PM Office’s NEMA team., due to the magic power of my general bad mood having decided to stop smoking two days before hand.

Why have I decide to stop smoking in these stressful times?

I figure the best form of defence I can muster to is stop giving my money and energy to those who mean us no good. If you give your money and power to tyrants and billionaires then don’t complain. Because your part of the problem as your empowering the ‘456’ and giving them permission to abuse you.

It is time to take the power back and to stop playing victim. It ain’t easy to say no to the 456 but the time has come to put away childish toys. We owe it to our children. We owe it to ourselves.

NEMA have now become part of the PM office.

Another tool in the PM’s growing tool box. As the PM’s Office now runs ‘Civil Defence’ New Zealand’s once a politically neutral and un-bias emergency office. One which had its own unique set of powers. The switch to being a quasi military agency, operating under the PM , took place just BEFORE Covid (Just another one of those “coincidence” that keep happening). Just another thing giving Wellington another set of powers. As meanwhile you and I have less say over our own lives each day. It is like some horrible sci fi TV program involving evil aliens ,coming to take our children from our homes, has come to actual life.

We keep pinching our selves. Hoping to wake up and find every thing gone back to normal but it ain’t and we all know normal not coming back..

But hey you gotta love the fact the NEMA OIA gets answered by Ministerial Coordinator Ministerial and Business $ervice$ $trategy, Governance and Engagement Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Yup everything in government seems about BU$$INE$$ these days.

Even a global crisis involving our very nature and definition of what it means to be people. As opposed to being tradeable cattle that is just a commodity to be branded, sold and traded. It is insane what is the point we ask. -The 456 are coming for your children. They are going door to door four by four – Kaching Kaching.

Dear Sir Madam can you inform me of all planned exercise for November December including proposed weapons proliferation, biological, biosecurity , misinformation prevention, earthquakes, deemed tier level 3 or greater. A prompt reply would be appreciated to this OIA.Yours Sincerely Ben Vidgen

I actually already know part of the answer, having got it through the UK Ministry of Defence, the day before.

I just wanted to watch the bastards squirm. See how they react. The titanic might be sinking, the ‘alien’ invasion (if at less metaphorically speaking) is getting realer by the second. But have a little fun I say and who says I cant stick my middle finger in the air and go ‘fuck ya you slimy green fuckers’ as the soldiers leave their barracks and get ready to follow inhuman orders that would have them going door to door four by four.

Don’t believe this will happen?

Cue 21 with all the bills and whistle to find you in your home as the 456 come for your children door to door going four by four

UK Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl) conducted an urban military experiment, known as the Contested Urban Environment exercise (CUE2021). The event partnered with industry & academia, & its Five Eyes allied nations namely, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK & the US. The exercise was part of The Technical Cooperation Programme (TTCP). CUE 2021 took place on the streets of Portsmouth, some time between 27th September and 15th October 2021.

CUE21 Turning Soldiers into Nazi Robot Goons Look out here come the 456 coming for your children as they go door to door four by four.

During the exercise UK & other international scientists & engineers evaluated new technologies which can help forces in finding “enemy troops” in urban environments.


Oh yean and Nazi style digital passport are just wild conspiracy theory too – you keep believing that tinker bell as the 456 come for your children, as they go door to door four by four.

Below is a picture of the brutal French Foreign Legion rehearsing going Door to Door four by four in Bluff Southland New Zealand in 2013. The platoon squads are typically comprised of two four man section.

One section of four covers the house, providing back up, as the other section of four clear the house of occupants room by room – a technique some times known as going four by four.

This was all part of Five Eyes Military Exercise Southern Katipo counter insurgency and crowd control exercise. Just one of several crowd control exercises involving foreign military forces targeting civilians that have taken place since 2011.

Scoop Media asked in 2017 Why Are Military Exercises involving foreign forces Being Held in Local Communities in New Zealand?

Scoop reprted “What worries some locals is that NZDF also say that the exercises could potentially be used ‘either in New Zealand or one of our Pacific neighbours’ and it’s the admission they could be enacted in New Zealand that gives cause for concern. For one thing, the description of Becara bears an uncanny resemblance to the southern West Coast of New Zealand, where the former government remains eager to implement ‘special economic zones’ which would allow them to bypass existing regulations in order to speed up the issuance of mining and oil exploration permits”,

Forest and Bird chief executive Kevin Hague, formerly of the Greens, said in July in 2017 that documents released under the Official Information Act indicated that ‘the scope of law and regulation that the government is proposing to suspend, to facilitate these developments, is breath-taking’.

The West Coast will be providing radioactive iron sands, to the proposed new Hydrogen plant at Tiwi opposite Bluff. This will not be used not service New Zealand’s energy need but the needs of an increasingly militarised space as seen by the expansion of Awarua tracking station also in Bluff.

The militarisation of our planet require docile people who will not resist the harmonic of hate.

What I like to call the ‘456’, in reference to the fictional creatures from the sci fi series Torchwood. The 456 are named after a frequency and are a dark energy beings who are addicted to the life force of children and their fear which they enjoy like a narcotic. The children is clearly a metaphor for the best hope our planet has of having a future. Yet it is also quite literal observation of how hate demand sacrifice of our planets greatest resource – our children. Our kids are our tomorrow and without them we are nothing.

Today, at the time of writing ,2000 marines have arrived in Australia, as battle lines are being drawn against China, as anti lockdown riots comprise of thousands of angry citizens emerge.

These are parentswho are no longer protesting about vaccine compliance (if they ever where) but are now angry as they see the bigger picture as they loose incomes, witness overt corruption, watch their lives and communities be destroyed (especially in lower socio economic areas) and are as parent forming a general solidarity against blatant democratic abuse and over reach by the government. Over reach which at its core is about empowering the military industrial complex to waste more resources this planet can not afford to loose.

They are the people daring to say no to the 456. Daring to say no hate. daring to say no to another cull of our best and brightest under the guise of another war of the superpowers. And more importantly they are getting off their collective assess to do it and are not just taking it lying down.

But as parents, workers, business owners, communities, rise up the government and the generals desperately seeks to place even stronger hand cuffs of control upon us and they are moving fast. We need to move even faster.

Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill
The closing date for submissions is 11.59pm on Thursday, 02 December 2021

“The bill seeks to create a secure and trusted environment for verifying a person’s identity online, by establishing common rules and a regulatory authority.
The policy objectives of the bill are to: help drive consistency, trust, and efficiency in the provision of digital identity services support the development of interoperable digital identity services provide people with more control over their personal information and how it is used, and enable the user-authorised sharing of personal and organisational information digitally to access public and private sector services.

The bill would affect digital identity service providers, and organisations which use digital identity services (such as government agencies, banks and utility providers), as well as individuals whose personal information is shared through digital identity services. The committee is looking forward to hearing from the public about these proposed changes to the digital landscape.”

Similar bills are going through the house in most Five Eyes nation including NZ (se above) Australia USA UK at the time of writing mostly under forms of urgency and appears to still be in the review phase in Canada

The NZ Bill states:

Meaning of digital identity service

(1) In this Act, digital identity service means a service or product that, either alone or together with 1 or more other digital identity services, enables a user to share personal or organisational information in digital form in a transaction with a relying party.
(2) Examples of digital identity services are services or products that–
(a) check the accuracy of personal or organisational information:
(b) check the connection of personal or organisational information to a particular individual or organisation:
(c) provide secure sharing of personal or organisational information between trust framework participants.
NZ Prime Minister John Key Retracts Vow to Resign if Mass Surveillance Is  Shown


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