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Will The Real Agents of Hydra 2030 Stand Up

As questions mount around Advance New Zealand Public Party (ANZPP) we sought an interview with its leader Seven Day Adventist preacher, musician and entrepreneur, Billy Te Kahika.

Three month later I now have twenty questions and issues concerning ANZPP they are as follows;

Baptism - New Zealand - Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement of ...

Rev Billy says for a bit of gold you can drink my Kool Aid

1. I have now asked three time for an interview to address these questions, in an uncontrolled environment. Despite telling others he was keen to do this interview Billy has not replied once.

Which is when I began to dig.

He did however go on the Vinny Eastwood Show where Vinny had to admit when I confronted him about it that ANZPP were paying the bill.

Vinny thus gives the illusion of journalism. When in fact Billy had literally brought his platform. And thus guaranteed himself a friendly interview would take place when he had to come clean. This is not journalism its paid for public relations.

Sounds like a legit start to a public campaign said no one ever.

2. Billy addressing the ‘issues’, relating to apparent contradiction in Billy’s talk verse his walk, always come AFTER THE FACTS NEVER BEFORE. In politics this is called damage control not ‘disclosure’ which should take place BEFORE discovery not AFTER your hand has being caught firmly plunged into the cookie jar.

3. Billy down played his involvement in Agenda 2030 development program, an organisation he was affiliated with for OVER six years.

That is hardly a fly by fleeting association. Rather it is long term immersion in the gravy train. There are many many questions to be asked on this part of Billy’s life that Billy has not addressed but simply glossed over (courtesy of Vinny Eastwood).

Billy sings for Helen’s Agenda 2030. His LinkedIn profile high light his links to Agenda 2030’s UNDP as 2016 to the “present” day

4. Billy down played his role in the Agenda 2030 UN Development Program indigenous festival supported by Helen Clark Agenda 2030. He was not just involved but was the festival director and it was his idea.

Billy’s own Linkedin page confirms the festival ties to UNDP Agenda 2030 which is listed as a “present” position. Meaning he still retains connection to the very organisation he claims to oppose.

“Responsibilities and achievements:
– High level engagement with domestic and International Government agencies and Global
– Fundraising and budget build
– Private Sector Corporate Engagement
– International Donor Relationship Development – World Bank, SNC Lavalin, NGO’s and United Nations Development Program
– Project planning, business plans and report writing
– Arrange investment showcases for New Zealand based options
– Report writing to International board”

2016 – Present


CIRA and AFIO 40th Anniversary

AFIO = CIA & Has done so for over 40 years.

The AFIO 40 Years of Pacific Destabilisation & Boogaloo (Guns God & The CIA).

5. Billy has not addressed his 2IC American Michael Stace’s membership of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) .

The AFIO is an American organisation set up by the CIA as a propaganda arm led by key players in coup attempts in Italy, France, Brazil, Chile. Namely Texas Christian University educated David Atlee Phillips a key suspect in the Kennedy assassinations and head of the Phoenix assassination program in Vietnam. Phillips used the AFIO to support regime change in Vanuatu, Tonga, Fiji & PNG.

Here is a ‘quick’ list of Christian fundamentalism AFIO and the US far right role in Pacific Politics from 1970’S. WARNING: Its a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list but worth reviewing.

Or you can skip along to Part Three which concludes at the end of this italic chronology dated 1972 -2020

Minerva an AFIO dream of land where you could launder trafficking and arms dealing dollars money and make porno films with out harassment God bless America.

Tonga 1972 The Phoneix Foundation attempt to establish the Republic of Minerva by invading a small Island in Tonga called Minerva. The architect of this US sovereignty movement was Las Vegas real estate millionaire money launder and libertarian political activist and CIA asset. The Foundation had considerable finances for the project and was backed by ex-CIA, OSS, SAS and FBI agents, soldiers of fortune, tax-dodge lawyers and tax-haven specialists, arms dealers, child traffickers, drug traffickers, mafiosi and straight-out hustlers.

The Foundation anticipated a libertarian society based on laissez faire capitalism “no taxation, welfare, subsidies, or any form of economic interventionism. The ‘President of Minerva,’ Morris Davis, declared at the time: “People will be free to do as they damn well please. Nothing will be illegal so long it does not infringe on the rights of others. If a citizen wishes to open a tavern, set up gambling or make pornographic films, the government will not interfere”.

Vanuatu's 1980 Santo Rebellion: International Responses to a ...

Right wing American driven Cargo Cultism is no stranger to the mineral rich Pacific .

CIA (Phoenix Foundation) backed Jimmy Santos told his followers if they believed in God they will receive goods & money from the USA.

1980 Vanautu Santos Cargo Cult led by Pentecostal church leader Jimmy Stevens was backed by Phoenix Foundation and former US Special Forces and CIA officers devotees of Lassez faire economics attempt a coup. The government of Vanuatu appealed for aid from Papua New Guinea, which sent a battalion of soldiers to stop the rebellion.

1984 New Zealand. Australia Prime and fundamentalist Christian Malcolm Fraser & National MP met with CIA head of western hemisphere operations, Skull & Bones member, Vernon Walters. TVNZ Eye Witness expose the meeting also involving National party MPs as part of a far right wing plot called Project Democracy (National Endowment for Democracy). Project Democracy as part of an American covert foreign policy helped raise funds and support for guerrilla fighting US opponents in South America and Afghanistan CIA Director (former AFIO chairman) Walter Casey.

Project Democracy is outed as a front for an Illegal CIA operation which went down in history as the Iran Contra Affair or the CIA’s biggest public scandal. It was literally the CIA’s plan for a secret government who would run a violent right wing foreign policy covertly behind the scenes an hidden from the public.

Project Democracy the 'Parallel Government' Behind the Iran-Contra Affair:  Zoakos, Criton Et Al: Books

“I am trusting in the Lord & a good lawyer”
Colonel Oliver North Iran Contra hearings

Iran Contra affair also involved a founding member of the AFIO mercenary czar Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub, U.S. Army (Ret.), a former OSS officer and one of the founding officers of the AFIO head of the notorious “Phoenix Program and the CIA’s death squads in Indochina. Singlaub’s regularly recruited far right and Neo Nazis for his so called anti communist ventures.

In NZ Project Democracy included Minister of Foreign Affairs for National Hugh Templeto. Templeton was also a director in SM Andrews (an arms firm linked to CIA operation in Indochina) and its subsidiary firm Minerva Security which was base in Dunedin and Chch and recruited former South African and Rhodesian special forces for mining security operations and destabilisation campaign in mineral rich Africa.

The Enemy Within the Gates: A brief History of the Iran-Contra and ...

Guns God & Project Democracy: ” I must confess to you that I thought using the ayatollah’s money to support the Nicaraguan resistance was a right idea … I still do”. Colonel Oliver North on CIA money laundering Iran Contra Hearings.

1987 New Zealand Maori Loans I &II affair fake loans linked to CIA money lawyer Ron Renwald Hawaii Tainui iwi and IT computer specialist Rocky Cribbs. [Sources: Disavow CIA Saga of Betrayal Ronald Stick Thomas Conan Russell Hallmark Books 1995 based on the OIA documents (see Appendix A) from the Department of Maori Affairs — NZ Pacific Monthly Review 1988, Dominion Times). 1989 September 13th & 14th.]

NZ Business Round table Fay Richwhite and alleged paedophile Ron Brierly Investment and the US State Department decide to fund Pacific based sovereignty movements in an attempt to control them or use them as leverage.

1987: Fiji coup CIA backed Taukrei chiefs led by Methodist preacher Svetti Rabuka,

malaitan-eagle-force « Themes | Wakaphotos

Fiji Coup 1987 (Above) Malaita Eagle Militia 2000 (Bottom) God is common theme of right wing CIA/AFIO backed violent uprising in the Pacific mineral rich region.

a graduate Victoria University New Zealand (where he wrote his thesis on bloodless coups) armed by Saudi Adnan Kashoggi (who also had interest in Vanuatu) Canadian gold mining partner Peter Monk’s Emperor Mining. Kasshoggi was a participant in Project Democracy Iran Contra scandal 1987.

CBS reported 11 CIA agents (though a more accurate title would be CIA-affiliated contractors) including Walters & several AFIO officers being present in Fiji at the right-wing PDU conference held on the day of the coup.

Coup backers are interested primarily in timber and mining rights.

Indians from the "People for Democracy in Fiji" protest outside ...

(Source: Wellington Peace Report, April 1988 pg 2 Wellington Peace Report, August 1987 pg 3 Sydney Morning Herald, 18 May, 1987).

1987 New Zealand Operation Golden Fleece the fictional US designed war game, held in the forest rich Taupo volcanic plateau, involving members of Black Power and Mongrel Mob invited to participate to play R.O.G.U.Es (Racially Orientated Groups of Unemployed).

R.O.G.U.Es is phase borrowed from the 1987 US think tank Frost & Sullivan who identified gangs as the number one threat to New Zealand political stability. It forms the back bone of my best seller book State Secrets. and the follow up book State Secrets II which confirms a long held suspicion that my original army intelligence sources of the 1990’s had being over selling the gang threat to encourage greater spending on defence and security by Wellington on behalf of the USA.

Cartoon of the Day by BoomSlang | The BFD

1991 New Zealand Peace Link report that Project Democracy, the AFIO led political action block, has shipped Chinese made automatic weapons to the Contras in Nicaragua. That this was done with the help of Pentecostal church member David Tipple of Gun City .


Gun City also helped provide arms to mass shooter David Gray, equipment for Operation 8 members, supplier of weapons to the Head Hunters King Cobra and Killer Bee Gangs, Australian gang members and March 15th shooter self confessed Freemason Brenton Tarrant.

Ross Meurant a former cop turned arms dealer, turned mercenary recruiter turned National MP turned Russian mafia banker turned Winston Peter’s bag man turned sovereignty preacher and gang converter.

1995 Right of Centre founder former riot officer and arms dealer, mercenary recruiter, Ross Meuant, NZ First’s donation bagman and all round rent a spook, attempts to procure second NZ army weapons using parliamentary letter head.

Meurant fails in his bid. The weapons are instead brought by Dince Hill and Century Arms which end up in the hands of UK street gangs, bikers and Islamic and and Neo Nazi militia fighting in Bosnia.

In the same time frame Meurant is director in a Russian tax haven Prok based in Vanuatu run by former Russian intelligence and mafia members and suspected of arms trafficking by New Zealand Custom intelligence.

2020 Meurant lectured 250 Head Hunters gangstas on their need to become more political. Allegedly Meurant has become a new age and American styled sovereign convert and preacher.

PNG Students in Auckland: The story behind the Sandline story

Colonel Tim Spicer ex SAS & a few other familiar names from the 1987 Coup have their eye on the Pacific & Africa’s Mineral riches.

1998 PNG Sandline Mercenary affair tied to Peter Monk’s Emperor Mining Bougainvillea mining interest. Colonel Tim Spicer. Spicer attempts to recruit former British & South African intelligence officers and special force types for operations in Bouganville.

Malcolm Fraser: A Passionate Humanitarian - CARE Australia - Malcolm Fraser:  A passionate humanitarian

God faring Malcolm Fraser, a Project Democracy participant get in bed with UN backed Christian charity to deliver spies, aid and weapons, to terrorist using Russian sky bandits based in little old innocent NZ.

Express has being just one several NZ based or registered firms that began during the Project Democracy era that have operate from 1980s to the present day.

Kashoggi (Monk business partner) & Spicer also found shipping weapons to Africa. During this period weapons destine for Africa and the Balkans where carried on Russian Antonov planes, under guise of being charity or UN sanctioned operation. The planes are registered to Auckland based Pacific Express the airline owned by known arms trafficker Shimon Lahav.

Lahav operated inclued UN relief operation to Somalia on behalf of the the Christian based charity CARE Australia whose chairman was former Australian PM Malcolm Fraser. Fraser was also a member of Project Democracy and present at the meeting with Walters & National MP’s expose by TVNZ,

Television New Zealand (TVNZ) Front Line also made a 1998 documentary that tells the story of how Lahav (Simon Spitz), who was accused of fraud in Munich, was wanted by New Zealand and Australia authorities for multi million dollar fraud.

In 1989 Lahav founded Metro Cargo Airlines. The magazine Covert Action claims Metro Cargo was also involved in arms shipments.  In an interview with HTV Bristol in April 1998, Lahav himself admitted that a British company based at London’s Gatwick Airport had leased his aircraft, back in 1995, to transport weapons to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lahav is currently a partner in Fly Armenia Airways and Skytrain a UN Pentagon contractor. The former head of New Zealand Serious Fraud Office called Lahav a “CIA asset”

Kelvyn Alp in his Armed Intervention Force uniform.

2000: New Zealand Future Ournz founder and Freemason Kelvyn Alp appears in Investigate magazine boasting he had done mercenary work for far right types in the Pacific. That he led a ring of former police and special forces willing to bring down the government with forces called the Armed Intervention Force. He appears on Sixty Minutes with a coffee table of weapons.

Alp goes onto attract further controversy with his gold mine Phoenix Mining interest in the Solomon where on line he boasts of his friendship with CIA analyst and AFIO member Leonce Kelly.

Malaita Province (Solomon Islands)
Malaita logo an Eagle/Phoenix on a red background

2000 Solomon’s: Weapons are stolen from a police lock up by so called ethnic separatist cargo cultist and Christian Fundamentalist Malaita Eagle Force 

They include arms shipped into Solomon by Century Arms with NZ and US approval. This is despite a plea not to send the weapons made by the Solomon government at the time. Real motive control of Solomon’s timber and mineral resources.

Fiji Coupfourpointfive: Fiji's first dark day .... 24 years ago

DEJAVU: The Face of Fiji 2000 the preacher the dictator and the American backed businessmen

2000: 2/3rd Fiji coups are led by seventh day Adventist Jimmy Speights linked to Rabuka and US right wing businessmen and Fiji timber and mining industry interest.

2008: American pass port holder John Key TPPA front man becomes PM backed by big business after winning an election campaign that was advised by former National Security Adviser and Project Democracy bag man Richard V Allen who lives in Queenstown NZ (where several Five Eyes meetings have being held) part time.

Key changes NZ donation laws so instead of max $5000 donation with a 2.5 tax rebate donors can now donate 33% on an unlimited donation level.

2009:The vehicle of David Jerrold Theobald “a disgruntled tax worker has left the Inland Revenue in no doubt about his feelings towards them after driving his car through the front door of their Christchurch building. David Jerrold Theobald (photo below), 47, appeared in Christchurch District Court on Tuesday charged with intentional damage and reckless driving, after driving into the building at 6.30am on Saturday”. Not the actually the full story by any means. The quote above and below are from the website of Christchurch punk band the AX Men, of which Mr Theobald is a member, it demonstrates a few key points of why Theobald acted as he did that were omitted from the MSM reporting of events.

The website states; “Allegations of slanting of news stories on the state-owned television network to minimise damage to government infrastructure and make DJT look like a fruitcake by editing interview footage and moving the focus onto the damage to the building, and DJTs mental health rather than focusing on his reasoning for feeling that after 3 years of unresolved disputes he had exhausted all other avenues and had no choice but to take drastic action. Allegations of a culture of wastefulness and excess in management at IRD. Lack of accountability and public scrutiny of affairs in Inland Revenue”

What DJT had in fact blown the whistle on, when this author spoke to him directly, was a series of large donations made from several Christchurch trusts all managed by the same parties who were donating to a offshore charity tied to “prominent American political personalities”. Charities all benefiting of John Key’s new charity laws.

2009: Vanuatu New Zealand former US Special Force Pentecostal devotee Thomas Bayer named as Vanuatu based partner to New Zealand banker and Libertarian Geoffrey Taylor . Taylor’s net work of nominee companies are found laundering billions of dollars for organised crime cartels found operating in NZ & Australia. This follows the discovery of a NZ registered Russian Antonov aircraft load with arms from North Korea heading for Iran. Vidgen’s 1990’s ‘conspiracy theory’ of New Zealand white collar businessmen laundering arms deals shady Russian mob dollars, shipped in Russian Antonovs, in the 1990’s has become a world wide head line story.


God faring Libertarians Geoffrey Taylor & former US Special Forces Thomas Bayer get in bed with Russian bandits. Gangsters linked to little old innocent NZ who can be found delivering weapon to terrorist and Iran using giant Russian aircraft registered to NZ. Basically doing what NZ media denied was taking place when I broke the same story twenty years earlier

This network of New Zealand white collar based transactions is central to the murder of Sergei Manistky a Russian whistle blower who sits at the centre of centre of the current Cameron Ortis Five Eyes spy scandal .

Ortis is the Canadian intelligence analyst who is in charge of the NZ based money laundering investigation of Russian mob and drug cartel money laundering who is found leaking details to drug arms and assassination cartels. Cartels who in turn were being used by state actors. Spyware linked to these cartels and the murder of activist and informants recently surfaced during the trial of Comanchero drug dealers linked to a half billion dollar shipment of meth found at 90 mile beach.

Pacific Reset God Bless America

2011-2020: Becara (written by US Imperial war college 1998) Pacific Reset military exercises begin between USA & NZ in Aoteroa.

The Becara series of war games are based upon the need of Pacific nations to call in the USA military for assistance to quell violence led by criminal gangs anti mining activist and sovereignty groups.

Rhys Jones NZ own Oliver North
& US Passport Holder John Key

2012: U.S. Pacific Command PACOM CC Adm. Samuel J Locklear signs the ACSA [memoranum of understanding]at the CHOD Conference Sydney, Australia with then NZ Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant General Rhys Jones, Nov. 06, 2012.

Chris Trotter point out Rhys Jones is among the tight body of right wing “FREE THINKERS” brought in by Key to help him identify the potential security risks confronting New Zealand.

Jones is later disgraced following the expose by investigative journalist Nicky Hager & Jon Stephson into NZ role in war crimes in Afghanistan.

John Key & National ram through TPPA minus any real scrutiny | The Daily  Blog
TEAM AMERICA ‘Project Democracy 2’ : Staring John Key as the banker Jacinda Adern as the ‘Hero’ BILLY T as the likeable rogue with god on his side. Coming to a Pacific theatre Soon!! Produced by the TPPA directed by the Pentagon.

2014: Future cyber czar John Key mets Obama for Golf, at the home of the same US marines in Haiwaii. The same marine brigade have being arriving in NZ for “training” since 2011 and for whom permanent housing (sufficient to accommodate 500 marines) has being built at Waiouru according to my source. A further example of the close military links which have built up between Key administration and the Pentagon.

Secret informer links Victoria's most powerful bikie boss Amad 'Jay'  Malkoun with suspected firearms traffickers | Herald Sun
Money Guns Drug & Russian Mexican Money Laundering = Regional Destabilisation the ‘Sicaro’ Factor

2015: Nearly 3000 Australian gang members convicted of violent offences are deported back to NZ by 2015. A move which fuels a serious market for black market weapons on top of a socially destabilising meth trade. One which surged in early 2000’s financed by white collar criminals

2016 Whanganui Mana Labour Gangs Anti meth hui = P rehabilitation funds (aka money for gang pads) in return for votes

2016: New Zealand 60,000 gang members enrol to vote. encouraged by Brian Tamaki & Mana Internet Kim Dot Com (Free Mason John Bank’s former election donor) Labour. Mana was to get the Northland party vote, Brian lucrative prison rehabilitation contracts. Labour reneged took the party vote and once elected blocked Brian from prisons.

2017: 25,000 rounds, hands guns and other weapons stolen from an unlocked safe of the Dunedin pistol club (which is affiliated to the rifle club Brenton Tarrant belonged to) by bikers with white supremacist ties.

In just two and a half hours, almost... - New Zealand Labour Party |  Facebook

Vote for Labour – Stop the TPPA How did that turn out Possums?

2017: Jacinda Adern President of the youth arm ISO daughter of Freemason Cop and Mormon elder become PM signs the TPPA.

This is after Labour told voters to back Labour and they would stop the TPPA. People like Billy often call Jacinda a communist becuase of her role at the USA based ISO. One problem the ISO was outed as a Project Democracy’s fake socialist group backed by the CIA. Neoliberal right wing wolves playing at being left wing sheep.

2017: Intellectual Property Rights and data ownership are deemed critical to the TPPA goals of corporate monopoly. Overall, the TPP’s provisions that recognise the rights of the public are non-binding, whereas almost everything that benefits rights-holders is binding.

United States Government plane lands in Queenstown ahead of secret spy  conference - NZ Herald

2017 Queenstown Five Eyes Millbrook tech spying meeting.

2017: Flight 5730 arrived in NZ with the head of CIA & FBI just a head the Five Eyes meeting in Queenstown.

A similar spy chief meeting was held in Queenstown in March 2002, attended by the heads of the Five Eyes senior intelligence services. Plus the intelligence boss of six Asian states including Indonesia, Malaysia,Singapore, Thailand, South Korea.

The 2017 meeting is believed to have focused on tech based spying, social media surveillance and digital information manipulation using software like Washington insider Peter Theil‘s (another Queenstown American resident) Palantir Software.

Both meeting were hosted by private catering firm CIA- G whose director included US citizen Mike Stone. Stones partner in another venture Gibston Valley Wineries includes neo-conservative Richard V Allen a former National Security Adviser to Ronald Reagan who also participate in the Iran Contra’s Project Democracy.

Stone, Allen and former White House electronic surveillance specialist James Covert represent an established clique of former American intelligence officers and politically connected Americans who have lived in Queenstown since the mid 1990’s and have close ties to the National Party. Their close ties to the luxury resort Mill-brook has the lodge some times branded CIA South by locals.

2018: A group called ‘The Kingdom’ is Christianity is identified as stirring up pro sovereignty violence. The Solomon Star newspaper reports local Christian associations do not recognise the movement with one local pastor describing it as a cargo-cult because it reportedly tells members “they will receive goods and money from the USA”.

Inside the life of New Zealand's worst ever terrorist | Daily Mail Online

Far Rightwing ‘Crusader’ Freemason Tarrant’s backpack and ‘DOG TAGS’

2019: New Zealand self titled Freemason and white supremacist Brenton Tarrant kills 51 people using guns provided by Gun City owned by David Tipple accused of past involvement with Project Democracy in the 1990’s. New laws are passed which crack down on civil liberty, internet freedoms, and the New Zealand Defence budget doubles. Media present this as the first case of far right violence in the Pacific . Something which this time line shows is simply not accurate.

In the aftermath of Christchurch more than six Australian Neo Nazi and Biker gangs are found fighting in the Ukraine (where Tarrant had visited) on the side of Pentagon backed Neo Nazi militia the Agov.

Agov’s black sun symbol can be found on the backpack and dog tags belonging to Tarrant and worn by other Aussie Neo Nazi mercenaries found to be fighting in the Balkans in the USA’s Iran Contra style proxy war with Russia.

Freemason paedophilia • Bruce On Politics
Anders Breivik Far Right Freemason ‘Crusader’.

Comparison are made of Tarrant to self acknowledged Free Mason and white supremacist mass shooters Anders Brevik.

Brevik himself appear to be a model of the far right Propaganda Due a cold war relic who used Freemason lodges as a conduit for Pentagon far right Neo Nazi financed activities. P2 whose activities were exposed during the Italian corruption trials of the late 1980’s was in bed with Project Democracy & CIA offshoots like the AFIO.

2019; John Podesta, former US White House staff chief, arrives in NZ pre Chch attack predicting a cyber attack during the 2020 election.

2020: John Key now a cyber security czar for Palo Alto predicts a cyber attacks on NZ during the 2020 election.

2020: USA sovereignty movement ‘activists’ ‘storm’ the yacht Dancing Hare (to quell media interest in US/Saudi tech investment firms interest in NZ). The group is led by convicted meth dealer Kim Sharna Butcher, & Head Hunter gang members calling themselves UN Marshals.

2020: Billy Bullshitter & AFIO Freemason Michael Stace run for parliament American style pseudo sovereignty Q Anon style cargo cultism has come to NZ praise the lord pass the ammo.

Spies Lies & Right Wing Hippy Pie (5.2)

Billy’s own role in a indigenous based Agenda 2030 sovereignty festival draw close parrels to the Outdoor Party‘s own proposed festival against ecocide involving the highly dubious International Tribunal Natural Justice and supported by the US based Church of Scientology. The latter has thrown it weight behind NZPP after first courting the Outdoors Party and giving it co-leader Sue Grey an ‘activism award’. The ITNJ comes out of the Canadian USA American One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) sovereign movement which has made its present felt here since 2015. It is an attempt to under mine the legitimacy of the indigenous 1835 sovereignty movement via sewing pseudo political idea of the concept of freeman and sovereignty.

In contrast the 1835 sovereignty is based on legitimate indigenous concerns over the Treaty of Waitangi legitimacy and the statures of Common Law, which is a target of globalist who seek to undermine the constitutional power of the sovereignty of the Westminister based system, built on the Magna Carta charter. One which for exampled helped in Canada the First Nations indigenous people weaken (but not stop) the TPPA and serves as the founding parent of US & Commonwealth democracy. Another example of this Common Law subversion is the Ngai Tahu stacked Constitutional Review panel (which concluded by not mentioning the Magna Carta article 29 the basis in NZ of habeus corpus [justice for all] even once) / Flag Panel which included Rod Dury of Xeros (an employee of Michael Stace), the O’regan whanau and various well known National party associated lobbyist.

Top 10 Pixar Shorts - YouTube

The ITNJ also includes yet another former CIA agent Robert David Steel who like Michael Stace is an AFIO member whose book On Intelligence: Spies and Secrecy gets a review by the AFIO.

The AFIO however make no mention of Steel’s other claims of kidnapped children being keeped on Mars and like Billy’s movement seek to make those who critic 1080, Big Pharma, or the very real issue of Agenda 2030 an sovereignty look like morons of the highest degree.

It offers Jimmy Santos styled -Q Anon cargo cult sovereignty in the form of a powerless tribunal an un-deliverable promises.It has no authority, no status and to date has not freed one child. Though its members like Billy have done nicely out of rattling the donation tin in front of the extremely gullible and naive.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4.png

The ITNJ can also be linked to an interest in conflict metals (which lie at the source of the US led Pacific Reset).

While the predecessor to the ANZPP Our NZ, in terms of offering a so called people constitution, was founded by Solomon’s Islands Phoenix Mines CEO, mercenary Freemason, gang leader and far right activist Kelvyn Alp.

Alp maintain links to far right white supremacist groups in the US UK & Europe via his international masonic and gang ties. This is in addition to his associates including known former CIA officer and believed AFIO member Leonce Kelly (Photo above Kelly is in the back seat Alp in the front).

Transparency NZ: Kelvyn Alp - how a REAL politician gets results ...

The author had his own dealing with Ournz in 2011-12 before realising Alp claims he had left his far right days behind him were simply not true.

I Am An Original American OPPT Gansta (5.3).

Many have commented on the subversion of the legitimate indigenous 1835 Maori sovereignty movement to the 2013 Max Igan David Ike promoted American One People’s Public Trust (OPPT). A trust started by Heather Anne Tucci Jarraf, who ended up in jail for money laundering.

The libertarian based OPPT like the libertarian ITNJ promised free energy but never delivered as it rode the wave of popularity and donations wrapped in K-Mart knock off of indigenous art culture and new age spiritualism.

OPPT was packaged for white middle class wanna be hippies who wanted a short cut to enlightenment and riches. An idea which reached its zenith with the pseudo-indigenous Inter-Tribal Council of California who saw another casino opportunity in which to package their internet based ‘cargo cult’scam.


In NZ a variant of this get rich quick ‘awoke’ movement were quickly embraced by New Zealand “gansta culture” A culture that was simultaneously being targeted by USA meth dealers who were operating out of the Pacific and began developing their distribution and money laundering net working first in Tonga and the American Samoa.

These new age gangstas dressed in Versace and gold coast GC bling then paved the way for the Hawaiian King sovereign movement who turned up at Waitangi in 2016. The ‘King’ came with a security detail consisting of United Nation Marshals” ,led by convicted murder Graham “Choc” Te Awa (the Head Hunters Sergeant of Arms). The King is affiliated to the United Allied States another pseudo sovereignty group. While in NZ The Hawaiian ‘king’ would be wine and dined by elders of the Ratna Church.

The Marshal’s also attached themselves to several protest movements at Waitangi and made out as if they were the protest leaders to the annoyance of actual activist organisers. In 2016 there was in fact also a genuine United Nations (as opposed United Nation with no s) presence via two Hawaiian wakas cruising around NZ. At least one, was crewed by young Atooi folk, called Hokule’a. They were promoting Agenda 2030 sustainability via the same indigenous UNDP fund that Billy drew from. The link of this seemingly genuine UN sanctioned group to the latter is unknown.

United Allied States – Welcome to the website of the United Allied ...


The UN Marshall’s – what we shall call the right wing ‘Yankee sovereign’ or ‘OPPT gangsta movement’ – popped up again in 2020. This was just before UN indigenous festival director Billy entrance into politics.

They claimed (made with zero evidence) Maxwell Ghislaine
, girl friend to the late paedophile and money launder Jeffrey Epstein was onboard the super yacht Dancing Hare with actual paedophiles and children. The group would be led by convicted meth dealer sovereign Kim Sharna Butcher. Two days later (while Murdoch press began pushing the story of ‘where is Epstein exactly’? heavily – even offering a 10,000 reward for information) Maxwell is arrested on the other side of the world.

The protest was also noted to attract the attention of born again newager Mille Holmes who also held meth convictions and was the former partner of the late Connor Morris, a patched member of the Head Hunters

Superyacht with Epstein connection docks in Wellington |

Dancing Hare ‘The Epstein’ boat Auckland Viaduc 2020 – actual owner unknown

Kim Butcher’s ‘UN Marshal’ protest, which included Te Awa whanau, seemed focused on steering attention away from not just the Dancing Hare but several other boats (and VIP luxury jet lock down flights) I had being reporting on since January.

A story where slowly I was beginning to succeed in getting mainstream media attention on this issue of the cyber billionaire collective business interest in NZ.

The boat did have one solid Epstein connection (and had come from a port where Maxwell was last seen), namely the firm who managed it Rivergate Marina & Shipyard had links to several charity which had being affiliated to the the Clinton/Epstein Agenda 2030 Ocean charities . And my own investigation of the boat exposed issues related to widespread abuse of climate based charities linked to NZ firms for laundering and taxation purposes.

More Jaw Dropping Celebrity Private Jets & Yachts – Page 9 – History A2Z

But more importantly The Auckland viaduct included not just the DANCING HARE (PHOTO ABOVE) but a fleet of boats. Many apparently pre-docking for the 2021 America Cup, who had all entered just before Covid 19 lockdown and included;

i) SENSES owned by Googles Larry Page whose partnered with NZ Government in a drone taxi scheme Kitty Hawk)

ii) ROCINANTE (owned by Jeff Bezo of Amazon who is courting NZ for numerous ventures). Bezos own visit to NZ was well documented by the MSM.

Feadship Samaya ready to explore the world's oceans | Marine Scene ...

iii) SAMAYA (photo above): designed for “scientists and media to be used as a platform to create material which will not only educate future generations about marine life but also protect the endangered creatures that live in our oceans”.

Samya is believed to be owned by the Murdoch family who run the publishing empire built up by Robert Maxwell’s former rival Rupert Murdoch. Senior Murdoch represents the conservative pro Donald Trump face of Murdoch publishing behemoth. While his son and their wives are usually associated with the pro Clinton and represent the, Third Culture/Third Way (neoliberal with a dash of progressive liberal window dressing) vision of globalism face of Murdoch media Empire.

An empire that with help of NZ Australian and American politician seeks to create a media monopoly in the Pacific. In return the Muroch empire will promote the brand of the Pacific Reset with steady chant of the mantra ‘Christian America good Commie China bad’ (of course the idea we have nothing to do with either super power is deemed a heresy)

IPIXUNA, Sailing vessel - Details and current position - MMSI ...

iv) IPIXUNA: Owned by Lachlan Murdoch’, the eldest son of Australian-born American media mogul Robert Murdoch, whose equal had once being Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father.

Lachlan sister in law sister Kathryn Murdoch sat on the board of the Agenda 2030/ Clinton Climate Initiative, part of the Clinton Foundation charity which Jeffrey Epstein had designed for the Clinton’s, in 2006. Between 2007-2011, Ms. Murdoch served as Director of Strategy & Communications for the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) where she also managed CCI ‘s partnership with Microsoft in the development of a global greenhouse gas emissions tracking software.


V) GAYLE FORCE owned by Texas oil billionaires Wayne and Gayle Laufer. 

Wayne Laufer is CEO to Bois D’arc Energy who are water and energy resource magnates. In 2016 the Laufer’s donated $600,000 to the $900 million Freedom Partners Action Fund which help get Trump elected with help of old school AFIO types who lead the Trojan horse charge of the Q-Anon take over what was once left wing issues.

The FPAF is part of a cartel of energy firms headed by Koch Brothers who today are George Soros (Trump’s original financier) partners in global policy.

Gayle Force and Her Amazing Antarctic Journey - Megayacht News

Gayle Force surveys mineral rich Antarctica 2020

Bois d’Arc Energy discover and produces oil and natural gas resources in the Gulf of Mexico Shelf. 

The Company’s operations include the usage of seismic and drilling technology. Laufer had being sailing around the Chile sector of Antarctica (Chile) which is thought to be rich in minerals oil and gas reserves which the USA is keen to exploit.

Microsoft expands data centre region to New Zealand | ZDNet

These Yankee OPPT sovereigns were very keen to steer talk away from what these investors of silicon con valley and UAE/Saudi Vision tech lords were doing in NZ. And used their meth fulled nonsense was used to drown out any news on the governments own partnership and plans for AI, mass surveillance, 5G, drones and plans to create a big data knowledge monopoly data banks (such as the new NZ Microsoft data centre) in which people ideas literally became the property of pro TPPA corporations and allied power blocks.

Both groups e.g the Billy Bullshitter Brigade & The Yankee sovereign gangstas (which seem riddled with AFIO types) seem to determined to do damage and discredit the alternative media scene who seek to expose the plans of Pax America’s Pacific Reset and the TPPA backed dominance of corporations and tech firm by spreading disinformation campaign with a steady diet of 20% truth and 80% bullshit.

One used bibles or new age mysticism. The other uses P and some time its followers use both

Will The Real Kelvyn Alp Stand Up. (5.4)

DEJAVU: Kelvyn Alp Far Right Freemason ‘Crusader’
& some of his Yankee right wing Masonic mates.
Phoenix Lodge Arizona USA

Alp like ANZPP has donated to the anti Freemason Vinny Eastwood show which in turn has received the backing of ‘anti’ Free mason OPTT groupies David Icke & Max Igan affiliates of Eastwood since March 15th.

This is when I cease working with Vinny (as my social media pm records) will confirm due to my belief he was being backed by Alp.

Which Alp and Eastwood denied offering different explanation to me personally when confronted.

Eastwood original statement to me was ‘we would be met at the airport in Christchurch’ (perhaps one of the most heavily camera monitored sited in the country at this time) by Kelvyn Alp and ‘taken to a party where there would be cake’.

I chose not to met Alp (or have cake) and exited the airport pronto on touch down. When I later gave Vinny a hard time about the wisdom of having anything to do with Alp I became suspicion of how Vinny had so much cash to splash about and Vinny evasive of Alp support of his Chch trip. Vinny then told me on one account “it was a different Kelvyn Alp he had got confused” .

Vinnie Eastwood and the New Zealand Public Party - YouTube


Alp on Vinny’s page denied he had met with Vinny in Chch that he was in the North Island at the time an could prove it. Vinny however cleared up the confusion offering his readers yet a third account of what had happened.

Kelvyn Alp had being in contact with him (as Vinny first told me was the case before then claiming it was ‘another’ Kelyn Alp) and he arrange to met Kelvyn at Auckland airport on his return. Kelvyn never showed. Regardless this admission confirmed Vinny was planing to met with Kelvyn Alp (the neo nazi not the ‘other’ Kelvyn Alp). And reaffirmed my decsion to decline further invitations to be on Vinny’s show, as I felt I could no longer trust him, was the correct thing to do. As in the mean time I also turned down several offers to appear on Igan’s show and far right American TV channels after being approached by friends* of Kelvyn Alp which turned out to be financed by the far right.

*Kelvyn was unaware I knew of his personal connection to those who approached me.

For a Guy who claims to live to expose Freemason and the “illuminati” Vinny sure has a lot to do with them


Michael Stace - Licensed Private Investigator - Michael Stace Research and  Investigation | LinkedIn

Michael Stace AFIO FREEMASON & HELEN CLARK’s (Agenda 2030 Boss) P.I.

6. Billy down played Micheal State’s Free Mason connections. Again saying Stace quit because taking their cash for doing nothing was unethical. That it had being “just a job”.

Again let re-examine that claim more carefully.

Stace quit after taking their dosh for over three years. And Michael’s own Linkedin profile shows or claims his work went well beyond just maintaining the Freemason’s web pages. This was not “just a job” and the Free Masons famed for their nepotism tend to keep things in house.

But its quite simple really was/is Stace a Mason Billy: Yes or No?

Billy of course wont ask that question and instead simply dodges it.


And again it make no difference if you the reader see nothing wrong with such links.

The point is too Billy’s followers and those he has turned to for a pubic platform (like Vinny Eastwood) Free mason get the thumbs downs – Billy & Vinnyhave marketed themselves as fearless exposers of Freemason shenanigans. The Lodge (perhaps the ultimate bastion of misogynistic white supremacist colonialism) in Vinny’s world are the traditional agents of “satan” and the “illuminati” And yet in cases like Alp & ANZPP the two seem to make an exception as long as the donations keep pouring in.

Michael Stace aka Michael Leon listed in credit
as first a Brother Mason and later as a Master Mason

And this is true of firms like Xeros & Disney which lets not forget Stace also worked for.

Oh and as it turns out Stace also known as Michael Leon was a Free Mason.

So no it was not just a job as Billy and Vinny maintain BUSTED!

!– PS (Update): Freemason Honour Lanham (see document) is representing Billy & Michael in the High Court visa Advance NZ co-leaders Jami-Lee Ross and Billy Te Kahika challenge of MediaWorks’ decision not to include their party in its multi-party debate.

7. Billy has also not addressed that Stace worked for Helen Clark who introduced TPPA and Agenda 2030 to NZ. And explained what exactly was Stace a private investigator doing for Clark exactly? Why did the PM’s Office need a private snoop.

Recently ANZPP have updated their website (gee we wonder why) in relation to a carefully worded admission that yes Stace was mason. In the statement they try to laugh off the idea of masonic global domination, Withstanding this precisely is what Vinny & Billy have being preaching (see below ) on Vinny’s show. In the new documented change the official line has gone from it “was just a job” to “it was just job and yes (voice drops to a whisper) I was Lodge member”. As for my self do I think the Lodge is an arm of the ‘Illuminati’ NO but it is certainly a long established building block of colonial imperialism and right wing conservative patriarchal misogyny. And any one who joins it past or present by doing so is reflecting those outdated toxic values.

This is withstanding Clark’s own ties to Jacinda whose masonic scholarship was a big deal when Vinny happily used my research (which were listed in the credits of ‘Adern Exposed in Seven Minutes’ until recently) to do a background piece on Adern on the last election.

It was Vinny’s most popular video clip and donation wise Vinny did very well out it.

Will yes Vinny & Bill I am guessing you would know a thing or two about the ‘funny hand shake brigade’, considering how many of them are your mates if we include Alp, Stace & Honour Lanham among the growing list of lodge brothers attached to Vinny & Billy.

But this time round now the ANZPP is paying the bills its never mind that inconvenient truth (or the association we used to tie Adern to Freemasonry are the very same methods I am now using in this report). Its now move along, nothing to see here. One rule then another rule now.

Ditto much has being made of Jacinda’s links to ‘communism’ by Billy.

Gray Zone versus the deep state, regime change, Trotskyite devils | Louis  Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Overlooked the fraction Adern belonged to, the youth arm of the USA based International Socialist Organisation, is in fact promoted by the CIA affiliated National Endowment for Democracy (aka Project Democracy) and used to promote regime change in South America, Europe and the Middle East. This fact is very well documented in actual socialist circles where Jacinda Adern’s names is generally mud as she seen as an agent of the USA led TPPA and no different from John Key.

Its only in right wing circles and Jacina’s own spin doctors that Adern called a socialist. Elsewhere its Adern the champion of the TPPA & Neo Liberal spin or The right-wing record of Jacinda Ardern’s government in New Zealand to quote two actual socialist based organisations and journalists.

Fact is Billy & Adern are symbiotic creatures who both steer the conversation away from America’s own ambition for the Pacific. Both parties cry ‘look out the Chinese are coming’ to cover up their own role in US driven capitalism and war mongering.

Billy’s bollocks lends credence to the myth of Adern’s liberalism. In return Billy get MSM oxygen (and donations) as the myth is built that if you oppose Adern you must be a right wing extremist.

STACE & HELEN CLARK (Agenda 2030 Boss)

8. Billy also down played his support of Chinese RECP, which again was tied to Agenda 2030.

I say was as following China’s refusal to let George Soros invest in China China is now viewed as the bad guy and Agenda 2030 is now becoming more a vehicles for the USA’s Pacific Reset.

Pacific Reset is the idea of renewed American colonial Imperialism.

One which will probably be used as the vehicle by which the USA also enter the TPPA (or more correctly TPP2). Where they will lead the charge to monopolise and license all knowledge via tight IP laws and ownership of data processing centres. Such as the Google data centre which plans to take over all of NZ government archiving and data storage. As our own Libraries, Museums, Art Galleries, get gutted and subject to revisionism.

Billy say he opposes the UN controlled Agenda 2030 as he simultaneously list a “present” association to the UN is just like how Jacinda, the Freemason daughter, once told us Labour would walk way from the TPPA if we voted Labour. How exactly did that promise turn out. (see also Billy’s Agenda 2030 Bollocks‘)

Billy’s own LinkedIn profile states “Expert Māori Member of the Oceania Silk Road Network China NZ Business Platform” 2017 to the “present“..

Again Billy explanation fails to account for why the word present not past appears on his own Linkedin profile.

I also advise viewers to watch the NCTV Chinese interview and judge themselves where Billy sits on the Belt Road really.

For example 2:24 min into that video Billy makes clear he spent years building up agreements to work specifically with Belt road (RECP).

Oh and if it seem odds that the organisation linked to a former CIA types seem to be also promoting China. Not really guys like Billy go where ever the gravy trough of the moment is to be found.

Chinese Mission to UN on Twitter: "High-level Symposium on Belt ...

BILLY & THE BELT ROAD Back in the days when China played nice with Soros & before she got replaced by Pacific Reset

9. Billy has not addressed that he called Ngai Tahu Mark Solomon his “mentor”. Solomon support both the RECP, TPPA, Agenda 2030.

Or his direct business ties to Mark Solomon of Ngai Tahu Holdings, a Celtic Maori tribe with paramount chief ambitions, led by a ‘Maori’ iwi headed by male chiefs typically bearing ‘good old boy’ colonial invader surnames of those who came with god & guns in search of gold. A land where at the top of the food chain those chief with old boy honkey masonic names and old school ties are very much part of the pakeha patriarchal, trinity Christian network and Christian Alliance (led today by largely US dominated churches). Organistion who are used regularly to assist the goals of white old boys brigade in the Pacific as the colonial ambition of guns gold and guns dominate their thinking.

As Ōtautahi. (Chch) Fletcher’s rebuild and Ihumatao Fletcher’s land rights debacle proves. As Iwi corporate over lords in old school ties use red tape and newly immigrant police officers with riot gear to undermine local hapu.

A further example of colonial bastardisation of Te Reo Māori is the USA’s Embassy Operation Wahine Toa One which seeks to groom female Maori leaders within corporate iwi or neoliberal iwinomics circles to be pro Pacific Reset. This is in my opinion one of the most unforgivable aspect of neo-liberalism and corporate cultural appropriation of indigenous values.

The Great Reset:

The proposed name change push for New Zealand to be called Aotearoa is backed by pro TPPA Corporation and Iwi. This would have massive legal and constitutional ramification. For in fact the legally recognise name of New Zealand is Nu Tiran (as used in Maori translation of the Treaty of Waitangi) or Na Nui Tirani as oppose to Aoteroa.

This seemingly liberal move (and on the surface what seems like a idea based in long over due respect) is in fact another neo-liberal trojan horse. One which like the omission of the Magna Carta Article 29 from the 2013 Constitutional review, the legal dubious switch from the Privy Council to the Supreme court, the de-minting of ‘Crown’ symbols off ‘state’ currency, official seals, documents and logos, plus the failed Flag referendum is move to steer NZ to a TPPA friendly version of Republicanism. A slightly more sophisticated version of the 1987/2000 Taukrei American backed Fijian coups.

Reset New Zealand Party


10. Billy has not addressed how Billy, Bill Kaitiana and Stace all draw from a set fraction located within the NZ Army.

One that specifically pro TPPA, pro Agenda 2030, pro Pacifc Reset. A fraction in the military which can be compared to Fiji’s Taukrei movement the USA used to gain control over Fiji in the 1980’s.

Minister Ron Mark in scuffle over stolen cowboy hat at Fleetwood Mac  tribute concert |

TEAM AMERICA PROJECT DEMOCRACY 2 Billy & Jamie Ross’s mate Cow Boy Ron Mark, all dressed in Red White Blue says the massive spend up on USA made war toys put “meat on the bone” of the Pacific Reset.

Billy & Jame Lee Ross and their mates in NZ First, specifically Shane Jones & Defence minister Ron Mark, are all big fans of the Pacific Reset.

Stace’s own party (before merging with Stace) was even called New Zealand Reset and Stace lobbied for a “people constitution” – one removed of Westminster constitutional protections.

12. Billy has not disclosed whether BK is also a Freemason. Yes No will suffice.

WM (Bill) Karaitiana - Business Mentor - Numb3rs Talk Limited ...

13. Billy has not disclosed what BK stance on Agenda 2030 and TPPA RECP was when he was a National Candidate and as a Ngai Tahu elder for a iwi that pro TPPA RECP Agenda 2030. Now dubbed the Pacific Reset. Part of the USA plans to drag NZ into its ‘war’ with China.

14. Billy still has not disclosed where money for hall hiring pr and air time on shows like Vinny came from. A mystery in light he stated in late August the party has done no fund raising (their own records dispute that claim). Turns out one of his donors is a far right Australian businessman.

15. Billy has not addressed claims he has an alleged history of ripping musicians off. Claims made several times now. Pay the Band Billy.has become a catch cry Billy just can’t seem to shake.

16. Billy never addressed claims regarding his endorsement by fellow Pentecostal Brian Tamaki who turned out to the party official launch. Billy instead dodged questions on that relationship when it was put to him on News Talk. Tamaki was at the opening of the ANZPP. Or rumours that if the merger goes ahead Hannah Tamaki will be the co-leader and Maori spokesman. The relationship was the first sniff of how right wing this party who begun by marketing itself as moderate would become.

See 1.06 2:28-2:41 Endorsement of ANZPP by Tamaki

Seemorerocks: Why the armed police state in New Zealand is on its way

Brian Tamaki Come Join My Gang

17. Billy stated he was working with three parties to merge.

But would not name them. At the time of Billy’s statement the only party available on record, who had not turned him down, was Bishop Brian Tamaki Vision Party. Tamaki’s own record of far right ideology, sleaze and exploitation is legendary. The deal collapsed at the last moment when the Tamakis renege on who the new party leader would be – or that is how Billy spins it at less. ‘Pope’ Tamaki self agenda far right bigotry is legendary. This is typical of who Billy is willing to work with.

NZ Public Party leader Billy Te Kahika slams Jacinda Ardern, Dr Ashley  Bloomfield in latest speech | Newshub

18. Billy ends up with Jamie Lee Ross: a guy who had two affair simultaneously behind his wife back and is under SFO investigation for donation fraud. Ross’s right wing, self agenda and bigotry is legendary. This is typical of who Billy is willing to work with. Because such alliances just screams ethics and trust worthiness. So much for ‘thy shall not covet your neighbour’s wife’.

19. Billy’s mishandling of donation hit main-street press after his accounts are leaked. He is cleared on technically (ANZPP itself was not a registered party so avoided usual election rules) but Billy has to admit yes he has keeped cash donations under his bed and dipped into it as he likes and no he has not keeped the best accounts as he is “not really good with money” .

I had a killer time at the Jim Jones Kool Aid Festival Shirt | Etsy

20. Billy still has not addressed the question who is ANZPP advisory board is exactly?

Billy’s Modius operandi appears to be admit half the truth (but not all of it) when your hand gets caught in the cookie jar.

And their are plenty of other questions that Billy has not addressed.

Billy address issues on a platform like the Vinny Eastwood Show where he is surrounded by a paid for trained monkey. Thus he can get to call the shots as he is the organ grinder. Or alternatively he ‘fronts up’ where he can control the platform and never has to front up when challenged by some one who is not part of the cause or drinking the cargo cult Reverend Jone’s Kool Aid.

Come on Billy it really is time you paid the Band.



  1. I am in awe, Ben. I knew about Billy buying Vinnie, and Billy’s sudden U-Turn from 2030 Agenda frontman to supposed opposition, but this research digs deep. I wasn’t too sure where you were going with the last article on this subject, but you’ve nailed it. Very well done.


  2. Hi Ben, can certainly appreciate the amount of work you have put into the research for this article. I can see that you have wanted to be thorough. Just wondering if it would be possible to get someone else to check the grammar and spelling next time since the message is sometimes hard to understand or gets lost in the effort of trying to figure out what you meant due to the frequent errors and the effort you have put in deserves its full attention and understanding.

    I must say that I have heard Billy address the issue of band payment in one of his live talks and I totally understand it being a former musician. All of us bands that played the Bay of Islands music festivals would get accommodation and some vouchers provided in lieu of monetary payment and we were all fine with that, seeing it as a chance to get away in a relaxed environment. I also heard Billy talking about what the donations were being spent on which included hall hire, accommodation, airfares, printing etc.

    We live in interesting times and it is getting harder to know who to vote for and what everyone’s true motives are. Any suggestions on who you would consider as being the most ethical party who truly has the people’s interests at heart? Or is there even one on offer?


    • Hey mate you get what you pay for — but do feel free to proof it or pay for some one to sub edit this piece if it bugs you. If not then move along.

      The benefit of dyslexic is were great dot joiners but yes were crappy typists who cant see our own typos (looks fine to me said doofus). There a reason the page is called the dyslexic detective and frankly the benefit out way the cons. Even if the reader has to learn a bit of Benglish along the way. Works for me any way and at the end of the day that the only person I have to please.

      Visa your defence of his muso rep um… seriously if that the best you can do.
      Twenty point and you go for the parking ticket violation VS 40 years of CIA backed genocide. Er okay.

      I also heard Billy say Stace only worked for the Freemason (will that turned out to be a lie).
      Problem with a lot of Billy claims as said they are delivered in a friendly environment were no one challenges those claims, half truths, or question dodges — come on Billy come spend half an hour on my program…but we know that will never happen.

      Ethical party? There is not one (again read my do not donate page which makes clear I think all politicians suck).

      Any party willing to participate in a system where legislation that breeches our constitutional protection have being consistently and bipartisanship bypassed for the past thirty years (to quote former Attorney General Margaret Wilson) by lawyer politicians with great grammar is participating in a broken system and therefore part of the problem.

      Voting is one thing we do once every three years but it is not the only thing a person can do to bring about change or awareness as the great anarchist Noam Chomsky points out.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 2 years on, and I’m still watching The (“Ex Freemason”??) Kelvyn, and The German Hannah Speirer make thousands $$$$$ from unsuspecting Kiwis. While they Film their faces for the police to Facial recognition them, and consequentially send out fines, and arrest people for thinking differently.

    So many of us were aware of the “Freemason link” between them all!

    I don’t trust any of them. Especially The Tamakis

    Liked by 1 person

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