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A luxury yacht with a shady past just visited Dunedin on its way to Stewart Island.The 58m Dancing Hare arrived in Akaroa from Sydney earlier this week were it was stated publicly it would dock at Victoria Wharf in Dunedin at 11.30am on the 23rd, according to the Port Otago website. The boat in fact arrived at 11 pm on the 22nd where it docked at a seclude part of the wharf, secured behind locked gates with a security detail then assigned to the boat. The security detail taking photographs of me after I asked them questions about the boat. Built in 1986, the yacht, we now know as the Dancing Hare, was bought from its original owner by British media mogul Robert Maxwell, who renamed it Lady Ghislaine after his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell the woman accused of being human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s pimp. 

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My photo up on my facebook page ahead of ODT Locked Gate Headline.

https://www.facebook.com/postmangazette/videos/2690306104338717/?lst=100000780600969%3A100000780600969%3A1579871657&subkey=manage -Two Min clip on Dancing Hare in Dunedin.

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It was originally built for Emad Khashoggi a Saudi property developments and nephew of arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.

In 2019 Epstein was identified as a “bounty hunter” for Adnan Kashoggi hiding and retrieving stolen loot from African and Arab dictators. Kashoggi is the glue that ties Epstein not just to Clinton but to Donald Trump as will.

The Trump Epstein connections which begins in the 1980s, when Trump and Robert Maxwell owner of London’s Daily Mirror tabloid, rubbed shoulders on the high-flying Manhattan party circuit and Trump came in contact with Ghislaine Maxwell Jefrrey Epstein’s future girl friend and partner in crime.

Crimes laundered through Deutsch Bank New York and JP Morgan the New York banks also used by Trump the Clintons. .

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In 1989 Trump and the Maxwells were photographed at a party aboard Robert Maxwell’s, yacht the Lady Ghislaine (Now known as the Dancing Hare) where Trump brought up the subject of his own yacht the Trump Princess (Photo below). A luxury vessel previously purchased from major Iran-Contra player Adnan Khashoggi with Epstein as the broker for Kashoggi. That three years before Trump claims he first met Epstein when he tried to buy a magazine in New York where the same year he is first filmed with Epstein directly. It was Maxwell who introduced Trump to Epstein his future neighbour in Florida.

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More recently in July 2019: Hong Kong minister Dr Patrick Ho Chi-ping was indicted and sentenced for UN bribery. The 32-page show Ho not only brokered “arms transactions” using stolen UN money Africa but he was singing like a canary regarding how he did it. Ho-ping had a track record of doing business involving military transactions and oil rights, in Middle East Africa and Asia, in return for favourable terms for CEFC China Energy business interests in the region. CEFC was seeking to advance China’s geopolitical strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative, in these regions.

Image result for africa Patrick Ho Chi-ping

For this purpose CEFC used accounts to manage bribes and kick backs in several bank accounts including those held at Deutsche Bank USA New York.

The same banks also favoured by the Clinton’s Trump Epstein as well as Mexican and Russian mobsters who it turns also have Australia New Zealand links. Links which investigators only first became aware of in 2009 but are now beginning to surface in mainstream news. In no small part to as a result of the Five Eyes Fall out which alleges New Zealand has being deeply compromised by corruption to it core. Its a story which has National and Labour both running scared this election.

Its a model of laundering, stolen UN aid, charity and criminal contra funds, which replicate the model Epstein’s JP Morgan and Bear Stearn used to move funds, into the USA, Liquid Funding Ltd was Bear Sterns Bank Plc in Dublin, Ireland, a wholly owned subsidiary via Bear Stearns Ireland Limited an off shore Irish subsidiary of Stearns which was absorbed in 2010 when the bank was brought by JP Morgan and bailed out by the Federal Reserve in New York

Epstein banked with Deutsche after JP Morgan, also heavily under Federal investigation, became suspicious of their former employees activities and account transactions and asked him to take his service else where (but apparently they chose not to alert authorities about their suspicions). This was in relation to transactions from a firm Epstein used to move funds, into the USA, Liquid Funding Ltd was Bear Sterns Bank Plc in Dublin, Ireland, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bear Stearns Ireland Limited an off shore Irish subsidiary of Stearns which was absorbed in 2010 when the bank was brought by JP Morgan and bailed out by the Federal Reserve in New York.
The closure of Bear Stearn taking place just as the Sinaloa cartel established a new encrypted banking network which would also included Ireland and a similar shelf structure to Epstine’s network of shelf companies that brought money into the USA based banks. As can be confirmed by the laundering journey of the 2009 Russian Antonov & North Korean Arms SP Trading Ltd (NZ) Wachovian banking scandal in New Zealand. A model of transactions replicated in the recent case of New Zealander Andrew Pearse’s Credit Suisse aid development fraud which also connects to the SP Affair via VTB Bank Moscow to the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan. An affair at the heart of the Cameron Ortis spy scandal that has Five Eyes partners fuming at New Zealand.

Ortis working on the investigation into Lawyer Sergei Magnitsky who died in a Russian jail in 2009 following wide level exposure of New Zealand role in major international money laundering. “The money was funnelled through accounts at Citibank, JPMorgan Chase and Credit Suisse via a series of shell companies” as the International Centre for Investigative Journalism reports.


https://postmanproductions.wordpress.com/2019/07/27/epstein-attacked-cocaine-paradise-papers-timeline/ (FROM MIDDLE EARTH & MOSCOW TO MOMBASSA MIAMI NEW YORK USA)

It the model duplicated by the Clinton Foundation money laundering network which Epstein himself had created for the Clinton’s before his public disgrace.

Epstein having once sat in the heart of power including holding a chair of the prestigious Trilateral Commission along side former New Zealand Prime Minister Mike Moore, a UN Global Migration Envoy and Chairman of the Gibraltar registered Paradise Papers (tax evasion money laundering data base) listed Altimo Foundation run by Russian oil and telecommunication tycoon Mikhail Friedman


Ho- ping has links to Epstein via his girl friend Ghislaine Maxwell (Robert Maxwell daughter) who ran the “Environmental” charity TerraMar Project, which was shut down right after Epstein was arrested in July 2019. In 2015, the Daily Mail reported that TerraMar organisation was listed as a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative in the UN Sustainable Oceans Alliance.

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In 2017 Dr. Chi Ping Patrick Ho UN ambassador of China’s Blue (Ocean) Silk Road can be seen posing in a photo with the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres special envoy Peter Thomson of Fiji for the UN’s Sustainable Oceans Alliance (photo above) which included the Clinton Foundation and Maxwell’s The TerraMar Project. In 2015 Ho Ping donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation which as stated Epstein had designed for the Clinton’s as mean of financing their political ambitions.

The Marching Hare also visited Fiji twice five days in July and and two days in June. Once can go on about Fiji and it ties to NZ dodgey yacht including Michael Swan the man who stole over 16 million from Dunedin hospital which was spent on super cars and a fleet of Luxury yachts but will save that story of kiwi gluttony for another day.

DENARAU2019-07-29 15:092019-08-03 17:485 d
SUVA2019-06-25 09:422019-06-27 12:222 d
Danicng Hare port calls.

The reality behind the Fiji photo op with Sustainable Oceans Alliance big wigs is Patrick Ho like Epstein like to get into the highest of circles so he could bribe and seduced officials. Including those at the highest levels of the African government in Chad and Uganda as he pursued lucrative oil deals and other business opportunities. All the while using U.S.-based NGO’s and Charities to conceal his money laundering and kickbacks. Using such tactics Dr. Chi Ping Patrick Ho emerged as the mastermind behind two African bribery schemes undertaken for CEFC China. The kind of thing Kashoggi is said to have hire Epstein to sniff out.

Image result for "patrick ho chi ping" ocean

Methods which also have a lot of similarity to New Zealand money laundering cases that have emerged recently in Christchurch’s property market sourced from stolen aid money, or dubious oil deals as Ben’s World has documented for the past twelve months.

Allegations which have being vindicated time and time again by events that confirm my articles after they are written as correct. Not withstanding the New Zealand government is on record as having donated more than 25 million to the Clinton Foundation as well. While Africa’s leading smart city ‘green technology’ developer Kiwi Stephen Jennings global banker and former New Zealand Treasury analyst also has direct link to the Clinton Foundation as will.

Money launders who can be linked to Christchurch firms affiliated with London based charities run by known high society tax evaders such as Lee Robinson Christchurch Law firm SBR (who also handled Catholic church sex abuse hush money pay out for over thirty years). In 2007 Lee Robinson of Akaroa, whose on the board of several children based charities, hosted the UK based charity The Global Party for an Akaroa Health Hub invite-only VIP fund raiser.

The event was held at the New Zealand Akaroa Winery and MC by former Tory treasurer, political party fund raiser and hedge-fund king Stanley Fink and his business partner, entrepreneur David Johnstone. The UK duo told kiwis it UK Global Parties aimed to host lavish parties for the rich while simultaneously raising millions for charities world wide.

Finks controversial New Forests Company, is among the largest forestry businesses in Africa operating in Uganda, Tanzania and is the beneficiary of UN Climate Change grants. Prior to the Epstein scandal Prince Andrew drew criticism over his role as the UK’s roving business ambassador. A role he said to have used to his friend advantage including his criticised relationship with Tory treasure Hedge and Paradise papers tax evader hedge fund king Lord Stanley Fink.

Before arriving in Dunedin the Dancing Hare made a stop in Akaroa and its ship to shore vessel Heavenly Blue made a trip ashore were its passengers are believed to have visited local wineries.


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In 2019 Paola Tholstrup, a model who had been friendly with Maxwell in the 1990s met her at a funeral, Thoslstrup notes “She hadn’t changed exactly, but she was hyper, and talking very fast,” says Tholstrup. “All she seemed to want to talk about was the ocean and the charity she was involved in”.

Maxwell had hoped to use the public’s concern about the ocean and climate change to re-brand her image after Epstein first arrest while using it as chance to rub shoulders with the folks happy to use that concern to further their own political agendas. Branding and a chance to feather her pockets along the way.

Image result for terraMar maxwell

To achieve this Maxwell launched the ocean conservation charity TerraMar Project in 2012 at the Blue Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Conference in Monterey, California in the United States. The film festival, which today is patroned by Prince Albert II of Monaco, list its goals as promoting environmental based nonprofit organisations who are focused on ocean protection and ocean research. A separate ocean conservation charity, TerraMar (UK), was incorporated in 2013 by Maxwell in Salisbury, United Kingdom in 2013. TerraMar (USA) however announced closure on their website and Twitter on July 12, 2019, a week after charges were brought by New York federal prosecutors against Jeffrey Epstein. However, the UK company continued to exist with Maxwell listed as a director until it was officially dissolved on December 3, 2019. Documents for USA organisation the TerraMar Project list Ghislaine Maxwell as the organisation’s President. Its board members included Amir Dossal and the film producer Steven Haft.

The New York Times reported that TerraMar gave out no money in grants between 2012 and 2017 and that it was described as “having unusually high accounting and legal fees for an organisation of its size“.

Article Continues on after Ben’s World advert….

Bens World Internet.png

Amir A. Dossal is a British chartered accountant, chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum (GPF), an international platform which address economic and social challenges, through “innovative partnerships”. Amir is also Commissioner of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development. In December 2010, Prince Albert II of Monaco appointed Dossal as an Ambassador for Peace and Sport.

Steven Haft film producer and advisory Board Member of the Global Partnerships Forum, a member of the Motion Picture Academy In 2007 he partnered with Burson-Marsteller, to under take digital marketing. Birson is one of the world’s largest public-relations consultancies, its CEO Mark Penn served as political adviser to Bill Clinton on Mr. Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and throughout the second term of the administration he served as strategic adviser to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2000 elections.

Image result for conservation international clinton

Ghislaine Maxwell TerraMar could also be found to be “raising money”for four other groups: Central Park Conservancy, Conservation International, Natural Resource Defense Council and Oceana.All of which can be linked to the Clinton Foundation (whose accounting system was designed by money launder Jeffrey Epstein)

Sea Shepherds Captain Paul Watson reported of Temara association with Oceana Ghislaine “A few years ago I was invited through a friend to meet with a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell at her townhouse on East 65th Street in NYC. In 2012, she founded TerraMar, a nonprofit organization that advocated protecting ocean waters. I had not heard of this group before but I knew that Maxwell was wealthy and well-connected and she suggested that TerraMar could partner with Sea Shepherd to protect the Ocean. So I met with her and explained what Sea Shepherd does. She listened and seemed to be supportive and said she would be in touch with me. That never happened. I never heard from her again – fortunately. I was told that she had decided to partner with Oceana. With the recent controversy and scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein and herself and allegations of child rape and inappropriate behavior involving numerous celebrities and politicians I was reminded of that meeting and I sent a message to the person who had introduced me to her.I asked if he could remember that meeting and if he knew why she never followed up with me after the meeting. He laughed, “she told me that she was concerned about your image. He added that she thought I was too controversial and much too radical to work with. Ahh, the irony”.

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Dancing Hare Brisbane December 2019

In December 2019 The March Hare was reported as being in Brisbane December 2019 where Australian media made no mention of its ties to Maxwell and Epstein only it links to Tom Hill.

Tom Hill is the Director/owner of Rivergate Marina & Shipyard in Brisbane (non board director Adco Construction and director of Tropical fruit), who was instrumental in bringing Dancing Hare to Australia for “lucrative” maintenance and refit work at Rivergate, Brisbane. While its crew partied with the rich and famous over Christmas, before heading south to Sydney where (NZ PM Jacinda Adern incidentally was also on Holidaying and talking to those involved in water privatisation) the boat left for New Zealand in the New Year. Hill and other staff member can be seen on the March Hare during a video of it South Pacific travels in September where background of ports, hotels and land marks identify Blue Hare as having visited Fiji and French Polynesia.


HSH Albert II of Monaco greeting Tom Hill at the finish line in 2018.
Prince Albert II Monaco – Tony Hill whose firm maintains and crews the Dancing Hare.

In 2019 just before crewing the Dancing Hare Hill visited Monaco (a known tax haven) to attend HSH Prince Albert II – Monaco Yacht Show, also attended by the Hare’s Dutch builders, Amel Motors. Hill also participate in the 2019 Blue Marine Foundation’s “The London to Monaco Cycle Ride.

BMF patrons include Prince Albert II of Monaco’s one of Jeffrey Epstein former clients and strategic partner to the Monaco Yatch show and patron of the Blue Ocean Film Festival were Maxwell launched the TerraMar Project in 2012. Blue Ocean Film Festival like TerraMar are also a strategic partner to Oceana the charity which can also be linked to the Clinton Foundation.

The Dancing Hare is believed to have being moored over Europe’s 2019 summer, following its refit in Holland, in Monarco before it departed for the Pacific Australia and New Zealand.

Monaco is where Ghissane, pimp to human trafficker and [paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was seen in the background of photo taken of Paris Hilton taken at the ‘Yacht Club De Monaco’ in June 9th 2019 to celebrate the final stop on the all-female charity drive event Cash & Rocket. Maxwell was found to have earlier met Prince Andrew having being snapped in the background of a photo June 05, 2019 at the start of the London Cash & Rocket ralley. Cash and Rocket is a race to Monarco from London. It involves super cars and some of the world’s most “successful” people (e.g. those who are stinking rich).

It’s founder Julie Brangstrup, formerly of Morgan Stanely finances owns the rights to the world most expensive rally of super cars the famous Cannon Ball Run and the Cannon Ball Run film rights. Brangstrup founded Cash & Rocket in 2011 with a “vision to change the world through the creation of a platform that inspires, motivates and supports women from all walks of life”. That vision seems to involves getting spoilt super rich women, who once were hotties, to wear lots of red and drive fast cars (also coloured red) and party over Europe were they can then take selfies and tell themselves how awesome they are.

The charity official address is 20 Buckingham Street London. This is were Rocket to Cash began and were Ghissane was last seen before getting into the Car (Number 28). A car driven by Nettie Mason, the wife of Nick Mason the drummer for Pink Floyd the band famous for such album as Wish You Were Here and Darkside of the Moon. Tales that dwell on the isolation and paranoia that comes with life at the top and how such a ride can ultimately lead to insanity and an unfulfilled life.  Rather apt lyrics when you think of the whole sorry Epstein Ghisane saga.

Image result for pink floyd hare

Run, rabbit run.
Dig that hole, forget the sun,
And when at last the work is done
Don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one.

For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide

Cash and Rocket aim is to raise money for several charities but its star charity is The Helen Bamber Foundation (HBF), with a trustee list of whose who, which has drawn sponsors including Aston Martin, Bentley and BMW. HBF is a human rights charity based in London who states on its own website that its mission is to “work with the most vulnerable and marginalised people in society, those who are haunted by memories of entrapment, rape and torture. Some have been imprisoned or detained in the UK or in other countries, or are suffering continuing threats from traffickers.

It just seems bizarre that Ghissaine, the woman known as human trafficker Epstein pimp, should attend a high profile event like this. Its unclear how aware the organiser were that she was there having deleted her car off the official list on their website promos but the image of her at the start of the Ralley also exist (when she was last seen in London talking to Prince Andrew a regular guest of Epstein and the Royal at the centre of child rape allegations). What ever the circumstance the total amount of money raised by Maxwell herself for the human trafficking and human exploitation charity was zero.

No photo description available.

Pearl Island only has two claims to fame. One it the temporary home of Kakapo the endangered flightless bird and two centre of conservation pest eradication plan which has a strict quarantine conditions, the high tech GPS, ‘Million Dollar Mouse’ pesticide plan on Pearl Island is run by ‘Island Aerial Solutions’, formed by Tony Michelle and Graham Parker. They operate in New Zealand and French Polynesia.

Michelle owns Amuri Helicopters Ltd based in Hanmer Springs in the Central South Island of New Zealand. The firm specialise in ocean and land based conservation including Aquatic Weed Control, Pest Eradication and “Project Management” such as its role in helping fight fire in Australia. Tony Michelle is described as “actively participates in industry and stakeholder organisations and has been a driving force behind industry implementation of AIRCARE™ (a flight and environmental Safety Management System”.

Michelle is Chairman of the New Zealand Aerial Agricultural Association (NZAAA) and a councillor for the Aviation New Zealand governance council who serve the aerospace, defense, aviation and one of lobby groups setting out to privatise New Zealand air space for commercial aerospace and defence purposes as Five Eyes and US defence contractors see NZ as important pawn in the chess game with China and the race to mine space and achieve satellite based air superiority.

While at the same time conservation is being used as a ruse to privatise New Zealand’s water and natural resources.


Image result for amuri helicopters

ww.iasl.co.nz › benchpearl
Bench & Pearl Islands – Bench/Pearl – Island Aerial Solutions Ltd

On that note one final set of oddness surrounds Pearl Island. Namely its Google maps image compromise of a picture of the Island, a satellite, and Air-force One.

A closer look shows they were posted there by a

Keith Renata who is listed as an Independent Research in Waikato  I.R.D.No.91-050-471 who studied in the coromandel information gleaned off a raft of LinkedIn profiles all linked to one firm National Data Base Ltd.

Before I could get much further information off those pages the LinkedIn author wall went up and was blocked from further viewing, make of that what you will. A Facebook profile fitting that person, using same ird number, also surfaces but has little information and only a handful of seemingly unrelated photos. A minor but curious detail in my search.


Maxwell, who apparently staged an image of herself after being in hiding had her email address publicly revealed when documents relating to the billionaire pedophile's case was made public in August
Seen In L.A. August 2019 reading books about the history of the CIA and trys to convince other Epstein was involved with US intelligence doing “important work”.

Meanwhile Maxwell has other issue namely her phone was recently hacked.


The hack may have implications for Prince Andrew after it was revealed in December that the Duke of York exchanged emails with Maxwell in 2015 about Virginia Giuffre the women who alleges she was raped by Prince Andrew. Those emails, revealed on Panorama, show Maxwell and the British royal discussed Giuffre – despite denials from Prince Andrew that he had never met the then-teenager and that a photo of them together was a fake. Giuffre the billionaire paedophile trafficked her while she was underage, and abused her over the course of years.  Prince Andrew has denied the claims.

Im guessing right now Maxwell wishes she just wasn’t here, as the song goes

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from hell
Blue skies from pain
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?…

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year

Bens World Internet.png



  1. Amazing what an educated and inquisitive researcher can extrapolate from an innocuous yacht! A yacht with a crew history as grim and skulduggerous as any ship of pirate scallywags.
    Another amazing dot joiner and eye opener.
    The “hellhole of the Pacific” is alive and (unfortunately) well,it seems.


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