DOORS & CORNERS – The return of the Dancing Hare.

“Four days were spent in thinking what name to give him, because (as he said to himself) it was not right that a horse belonging to a knight so famous, and one with such merits of his own, should be without some distinctive name, and he strove to adapt it so as to indicate what he had been before belonging to a knight-errant, and what he then was” The naming of Don Quioxte steed Rocinante

“The system isn’t ready for what’s coming its way”. The Expanse Amazon Prime.


Jeff Bezos's Master Plan - The Atlantic

So the Dancing Hare the ‘Epstein’ boat back in New Zealand. West Haven Auckland to be precise.

A few others snoops are looking at boat first hand. However as these folks talk of law enforcement “Marshalls”* turning up ( and New Zealand does not actually have marshals) and their social media profile has them linked to two known shysters. So I am going to pass on reporting on what these guy found when they allegedly went through the trash of the Dancing Hare. The Hare being the kind of boat owned by people so wealthy you would expect even their trash to have body guards, or at less a document shredder. Perhaps I am being unfair or paranoid but I am deciding to listen to my good mate ‘detective Miller’ and not rush in and report their material. In fact I wont be going near those corners with a ten foot pole.

*The Marshall in this context are the ‘United Nation’ a pseudo sovereignty group with US Hawaiian Tongan gang links. Have ties to the Head Hunters hitman Wayne ‘Choc’ Doyne.

Madena Pedofski follower of defamed writer Greg Hallett reports – one problem I wrote the story Pedofski has misquoted from and that is not what I reported when I wrote in January of how I had traced the boat back to Monarco where Maxwell was last seen.

In this age of fake news if it all seems a bit too good to be true (but each to their own) it probably is because it is too good to be true.


Yet one thing I did spot worth reporting (which was familiar with and knew I could rely on), is that their is another boat parked by the Dancing Hare, a boat called the Rocinante. The other Luxury superyacht Senses present at the marina right now is owned by Google co-founder Larry Page who is back in Auckland.  Page as my previous reports highlight has partnered up with NZ government to launch a drone based air taxi service.

Its not just parked at the West Haven port in Auckland, but parked in the VIP section of the Silo Mariner development, which is also a part of West Haven.

This is where the America’s cup yachts will be held this December. The billionaires advance parties and general fixers are already arriving in Auckland (ahead of the biggest collection of super yachts to be found outside the Cannes Film Festival in Monaco). It is also where the Dancing Hare was docked last time.


Back then my post spoke of New Zealand’s role as a bolt hole for the billionaire tech heads and Saudi weapons and biotech program Vision 2030.

That three part report stirred up a bit of interest on my LinkedIn profile from biotech, the Epstein funded Harvard Medical School and related industries. So I figured I got someones attention.

However what I failed to mention then, as for some reason my brain did not put the connections together (even though it was right in front of me) was the Rocinante.

And I should have known better. But I will get to that shortly.

New Zealand media has faithfully reported the Wikipedia entry that this boat, which docked in Auckland in January 2020 (ahead of the Dancing Hare), belongs to Emilio Fernando Azcárraga Jean III, the Mexican TV mogul. Which is weird and not actually true as a quick look else shows Azcarraga had sold the boat by then when it was named TV. Duthie Lidgard, managing director of Superyacht Support in Auckland also believed Wikipedia had not correctly identified the owner of Rocinante.

So who does own it?


Will one clue is that the Rocinante is built by German shipbuilder Lürssen.

The Expanse (TV) | The Expanse Wiki | Fandom

Lurssen is also the builder of Jef Bezos super yatch Flying Fox.

In 2019 Bezos purchased and rescued his favourite TV series The Expanse from production company Syfy and Amazon Prime brought it after Syfy announced plans to dump the program. The Expanse, which is also one of my favourite programs (and why I kick myself now), looks at humanities expansion into space. How this is not just a journey of physical exploration but spiritual evolutionary and multi dimensional awareness.

Amazon Studios' chief recounts Jeff Bezos' push to save 'The ...

Its themes borrows heavily from the so called globalist Third Culture favoured by both Bezos and Ghislaine Maxwell. Third culture ideology in turn borrows from the neo-liberal perception of the Forth Industrial revolution, a digital revolution which espouses a technological revolution. A period in which one or more technologies become replaced by another technology in a short amount of time. It is an era of accelerated technological progress characterised by new innovations whose rapid application and diffusion cause an abrupt change in society. Its an era were the line between machines and human begins to blur. The age of avatars and living in the net has arrived. Meet the new normal.


Outer space or via the inner space of Cyberspace. One way or another the Third Culture plans to leave this physical earth and expand.


Their vision includes a Blade Runner/Logan Runs/Cyber Punk like end of the middle class.

It marks a division between a technologically empowered corporate professional elite (the 5 percenters) who make up the minority and the impoverished non working mass. and those second tier citizens who will have to rely on the state for their very existence in a UN led “socialist” paradise .

Cut the bullshit description and the narcissistic new age enlightenment of these descriptions and your basically talking corporate feudalism lords and peasants. Haves and Have Nots.

Not socialism but fascism in its most pure form.

Remember The Cant! #SaveTheExpanse #ObtainPleaseAmazon : TheExpanse

Or to use the lexicon of the Expanse. In the future you will either be a wealthy “inner” big person or a working stiff “outer”, a “beltar”, little person. People will have to pay for their oxygen, water, food and fuel, just to survive no perks no extras. The elite well shrink into their bubble and become more and more like their beloved resource consuming machines.

No such thing as free in the new norm.

Science fiction aside its an idea taking place in the real world and in New Zealand. In terms of how big data, mass surveillance, coming water privatisation, carbon taxes AI & 5G is already post Covid 19 radically alter New Zealand are now part of our lives in ways few could imagine.

The Super Rich of Silicon Valley Have a Doomsday Escape Plan in ...

The Expanse is literally mirroring the goals of the anti social bubble bolt hold cyber billionaires who are flocking to New Zealand. Those who believe the earth is doomed. That the only way for mankind too survive is to go too the stars. or build bubbles.

A journey of escapism which will be done on the back of AI, biotech, rare conflict minerals, 5G and a corporate controlled global government. Ideas also shared by the military industrial complex such as former NATO General James Jones and his fascist loving boss Henry Kissinger who also has wacky idea about global governance in a post covid 19 world.

The Expanse is littered with references to Bezos such as for example one episode being based around a visit to a space station named Blue Origin. Which in real life is the private aerospace company founded by billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos wants to colonize the solar system, and ...

The heroes of the Expanse are the dysfunctional detective Miller, a rough diamond with a heroes heart and the plucky crew of space ship Rocinante.

The Expanse: Rocinante (Beratnas Gas) Space Engineers - YouTube

Rocín in Spanish means a work horse, but can also mean an illiterate or rough man. In the novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Rocinante is Don Quixote’s steed and faithful familiar.




  1. Great work as always Ben, good to see stories like this followed up. Shared at Uncensored with much thanks.


    • Cheers martin bit concerned another group out of shadow has made the story go viral.

      The video below critiques that. Bit what concern me is allegation made by this group such as Maxwell last seen on THIS boat (an exaggeration of what I reported five months ago) and Interpol is present. When confronted on this the group will not provide sources to back up their claims. I fear their version and the expectant backlash will underwrite not the story, not just this boat but the other boats present (Senses owned by Larry Page Google and Rocinante whose overlaps with Jeff Bezo I report in my update). This look at these big tech company ties to NZ and things like 5G, Big Data, weapons manufacturing. One has legs and can be substantiated the other is just muckraking. Not saying the Epstein links are not interesting but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and making claims you can not document is not it. I fear there will be mainstream backlash to this which is going to hurt our ability to report on rich and notorious.


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